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12 Hour photo Challenge is a fun event for everyone. Age doesn’t matter either does photography experience. You can enter by either Single entry or team entry (3-4 People). Each entrant is given the same equipment so anyone has a chance to win. Each Photo is set on a particular brief. Briefs are given on the day.

What is the 12 Hour Challenge? 12 Hour challenge is a competition that asks entrants to take 12 photos on a particular theme. The entrant is given a disposable camera in which they take 12 photos; each photo has a different brief, in the given time frame. Each photo has a different brief, a brief is what the pictures need to resemble. E.g. Happiness If the theme was happiness, you would go take a picture of an object or people that make you happy or where happiness is. For example you could take a picture of someone smiling or something that reminds you of your favourite activity which makes you happy. A disposable camera is given to each entrant to take 12 photos with. The camera can take 24 frames. Each brief can have two pictures only if you think the first photo did not work how you intended for it to be. The photo needs to be in brief orders.

Who can participate? The 12 hour challenge is based on an even level playing field. By giving everyone the same type of camera, the photos will be the same quality. It does not matter if your beginner or experienced photographer, the 12 hour challenge is a fun event for everyone. Single Entry: Single entry can take up to 12 photos with the given camera. Cost: $50.00 Each Team Entry: Each member on the Team takes 12 photos, the best 12 will be chosen for judging. E.g. A total of 48 pictures will be taken, only one picture from each brief will be chosen. Cost: 2 people - $50.00 each 3-4 people - $40.00 each (Save nearly $40.00) Prizes will be given to the best single entrant and team entrant photos.

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12 Hour Challenge  

Take 12 photos on a particular brief in 12 hours.

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