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A Photolink Creative Group Represented Photographer

A Photolink Creative Group Represented Photographer


got STYLE Oh, look at you me Ol’ mucker, lookin’ dapper in your best bib ’n’ tucker!

�rincess � e� �

The precious, Princess of petit proportions tossed and turned from dusk until dawn, unable to get cosy in her cumbersome cot. All night she longed, in a state of semi-slumber, for her knee-high Knight to remedy her distress. Amidst restless sprawling, and dreams of her Prince, there he appeared, at the foot of her bed; a vibrant, green pea in his chubby grip – her sweet remedy.

the holiday season School’s out; time for mischief and shout!

N TOY E BOX Little Drummer Boy beats out a playful tune, while tiny, tottering tinkers rattle and shake their accompaniment, as Jumping Jack prepares to make his springy surprise out from the dusty toy box. Drum roll please‌

ABC The alphabet seems infinite and words sound wrong; pencil lead snaps and pages tear. Books are heavy, riddled with dust and letters dance like the page is alight. Sentences squirm and numbers confuse, “is it 9, 10 or 3?” “Don’t ask me”, but looking this good is as easy as ABC.

Lttle n c e V e “Oh, this old thing? I picked it up in Little Venice, darling.�

Teddy and Tufts watched the girls guzzle and slurp their fizzy delights, munch their way through two tiers of crumbling cupcakes and huddle together, like penguins in Winter, to share stories and secrets and tales of adventure. Teddy and Tufts longed for the clock to strike Afternoon Snooze so they could spark into life, devour the sticky, sweet remains and assume their positions before the girls arose.

ANGELA’S PARTY Bedecked with pearls and ribbons too; even Kelly Marty, Angela sets down the plates for her springtime birthday party. Chocolate sponge, with a cherry on top; a bone for Scruffy Jake, A swing through the trees on our daisy trapeze – the icing on the cake!

L�ve Vint��e

Hidden tales of previous owners, inextricably woven in the matured fabric, only revealing their presence through the musty aroma of bygone eras that is so seemingly invincible against wash and wear.

little ladybird I can see her coming from miles away, a dainty currant on the surface of the biscuit-yellow sun. She’s zipping through the sky, every cloud a launching pad, somersaulting her way through the Summer breeze until she lands so delicately upon my nose. Oh, little ladybird won’t you stay for a bite to eat?

Here she comes, so elegant, all eyes on her, her decadent gown and her tumbling curls; sweet satin slippers and skin as soft as silk, with petals falling at her every tread. Gasps of delight and sighs of marvel breathed into the room, all attention on her as she floats down the aisle. Then follows the Bride, glowing and blithe but the eyes stayed on the Bridesmaid, never straying aside.

t L tle n c e V oy e b s “What, this shirt? She bought me it in Little Venice. I can’t remember where from, all I remember was

the fantastic canal and the best bag of chips I have ever had the fortune of eating!”

GONE FISHING With the ladies out shopping and gone for the day, boys will be boys and time is theirs for the day. Football, band practice or out ’n’ about? Today it’s the lake and today’s catch its trout.

stanley’s party

Mister Stanley, spruce and dapper, perched upon his throne, Little Misses swarm around to make Ol’ Stan their own. Petticoats and frocks galore, ribbons, frills and jewels, Who’s the fairest of them all? Who’s the Queen that rules? The birthday boy sits tall and proud; another year did pass,With his pick of all the best, who should be his lass? Daisy Rose or Molly-Ann, maybe Flo McGarty, Come along and join the games at Mister Stanley’s party!

this is stanley

A o sugar. . . A quick hair ruffle and a pinch of the nose, a slick of warm water across the brow, no, make that two for added effect, a downturned mouth and red-rubbed eyes, a steam-soaked thermometer and crayon-drawn pox. All are the steps to foolproof success and a day spent in bed with ice cream and jelly.

summer it me Returning home coated in sand, resembling more a sugar-rolled doughnut than when you first fled into the grasps of Summer, this morning can only mean one thing and one thing only – a day well spent at the beach, building sandcastles only to send them tumbling with a heated game of Beach Ball and a sickly sweet treat to tame the fiery flame.

Balloons escaping north, a dazzling spectrum of airborne bubbles raining over a humdrum world; up, up and away, punctuating a melancholy sky with a sea of dazzling daydreams.

up up & away

The great out doors If you peer closely enough; if you rummage deep enough beneath the tangle of shrubbery and forage most thoroughly through the

forest of floral bricolage, you might find yourself fortunate enough to spot yourself a tiny, little creature of the earth. You’ll spot them by their turf-tickled toes, tumbling tresses and feisty features.

So if you go down to the woods today, prepare for a great surprise.

TUG summer haze Warm, whipping breeze catching hairs, making them dance against the hazy light; an irridescent halo laced with the stifling yet sumptuous scents of Summer.

Ibiza Cornfield

She reached for the seashell she acquired along the road, held it closely against her ear and listened intently to the vibrating echoes of trance music, punctuated by screams and smashing bottles. Tossing the shell aside, she lay her head back in the cornfield, gazing at the beautifully carved object and being glad that they were both here, basking in the rays and not there.

PARTY TIME The velvet, the sleeveless, the red or the blue? Shall it be the zip-back, the ruffles or sleek, peplum skirt? Oh, but when you do choose, well, what about shoes! The T-bar, the peep toe or maybe a heel? Will a sandal look odd with a French plait and pearls? It’ll just have to be the polka dot frock, with a sparkling, white plimsoll and my smile to match.

Ibiza Stables

A lengthy slumber beneath the sunshine came to a close, as her eyes flickered open, becoming accustomed to the burnt-umber hue of the golden skies. She trod her way through the rows of swaying corn, mounted her horse and set off back along the road that had led her to such paradise.

IN STYLE Indestructible, indomitable, in demand, in style.

surf’s up

Here comes another, rolling in at such haste, advancing upon me like a bird of prey, swooping in with determination that will surely engulf me and my trusty board. It crashes so wildly, I struggle and ride, the salty sea warrior makes a valiant effort but I stand victorious, once again.

URBAN ST YLE The city’s our stage; our clothing the costume, the new generation’s the role we play.

The End The parties are over, the sun snoozing sound, Discarded cake wrappers, toys tossed on the ground. Canal boats afloat; an idle bob, Regaining their strength for the next mini mob. Tomorrow’ll be scorching, in ice cream, knee-deep, but for now rest your head; get some prime beauty sleep...

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