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Photography Society AGM Information and

Manifesto Pack

AGM INFORMATION HOW TO VOTE This information pack provides you with all the details you need to vote in the Photography Society AGM. The AGM is your chance to chose who, and how, the society is run in the next academic year (17/18). The following pages will provide you with the manifestos of each of the candidates, the role they are applying for and a photograph of them to help with recognition. You will need to chose the candidate you think will best fit the role, or if you do not believe there is one, you can vote for no suitable candidate (NSC). You will need to input your student number to confirm you are eligible to vote, but your vote remains anonymous. The Union will deal with all of the voting, so the current committee do not have access to the results. You must cast your vote by midday Tuesday 21st February 2017, by going to: e/1FAIpQLSfLSvACdDnSY1MalDFUFwALThiLSbRHB_GxIq_v499Ux8dHPA/ viewform


KATY COLES Hello, I'm Katy. You may know me as one of the loud annoying girls who's usually here somewhere. I'm a second year architecture student, like some of the other committee candidates. I'm kind of new to the photography society but I really enjoy it. I hope to continue the good work of our current committee and president to keep the society inclusive and an all round fun time. If successful I hope to continue to lead the meetings/tutorials to the high standard we are used to. I like to believe that I'm approachable and will try to help everyone in any way that I can.


NYDIA PAZ JARA I’m the American one from my friend group, or pretty much every place I go to. I study architecture and I’m in second year. My hobbies are snapchat, being an olympic Netflix watcher, and being basic. I have had a few experiences being part of a few committees back at home. I was VP and High school representative for my state's youth conference and national assembly. So I guess I'm what you call the life of the party. I guess I’m pretty good friends with Katy (the candidate for president) and we actively work together in a day-to-day bases since we spend like 80% of our life in studio. I love talking to new people, so welcoming new people into the society will be great for my social life. As I have made the move from the US alone I count myself very responsible, and since I usually don't have much going on I know I can give this society all I've got.


CHARLIE BRAWN I’m a 2nd year Geology student and wanting to get more involved in our Photography Society. I feel VP is the position for me. I’ve had lots of experience in a role where I have been relied upon to be organised and communicative; having worked in a law firm for 2 years while gaining my diploma in business and administration. I’ve spoken publicly and given presentations before and am confident to do so again. However I like to get creative too and share my enthusiasm for photography with all the wonderful people I have met so far, but in a more responsible role. My goal would be to work closely with my fellow students and committee members to meet and exceed the needs of the society. Additionally I would answer any queries when needed in a quickly and friendly manner, while supporting the President as much as possible.


LIDWINA HO I’m an ordinary 2nd year interior architecture and design student. I like to think that I am an easy going and chill person, who is able to fit in with any community of people. I am currently the charity manager of the Catholic Society, and I used to be a course rep last year, so I am used to the responsibility that a role in the committee requires. In addition to this, both my parents are accountants so I am good with money, I guess I got their genes for good calculations. I would like to be part of the committee because I have enjoyed taking photographs from a young age and would love to be more involved in the planning of the society. Thankyou! God Bless


IMGE AKYENER Hi, I'm Imge but no one calls me that. So it's usually ims or imgie. I am a second year architecture student. I am mostly found complaining about how much I miss my dog and working on projects either in Eldon or the library. I joined the society because it looked fun as well as my interest in photography. I really hope that next year my friends and I will be able to give that fun vibe in the same way.



I am a first year psychology student with a relatively new but growing interest in photography. Although I only wear black and may appear a bit gothic I am easily approachable and am not scary to talk to. I would be good for this role as I am organised as I have arranged events for the Girl Guide group I used to volunteer at. As an average teenager I keep up to date with social media so would have no trouble keeping the Facebook page updated with all the relevant information. Also I enjoy planning events to go out therefore would have lots of great ideas on social events such as a bowling social or local trips to photographic places (e.g. Netley Abbey Ruins) that could take place in the year. To ensure I am doing the role properly I would aim to reply to all emails promptly and upload photographs ASAP.


CONRAD BULLOWS WEEKS Hi I’m Conrad, a first year mechanical engineering student. I started photography recently and I’m loving it. I’ve been enjoying the society and this would be a great opportunity to contribute to it next year. Currently I am involved in the Formula student media team so have some experience with media and marketing. I already keep up with the events happening around Portsmouth, am organised and I would like to think approachable and so I am well equipped to fill the role of events manager. My aims would be to answer emails promptly, promote the Society’s event photography services and fairly provide members the chance to photograph events.

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