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Endangered Species in the Etwinning countries

Work made by Alpha Males: Gonçalo Alves nº6 Mauro Caiado nº12 Ricardo Oliveira nº16 Ricardo Almeida nº17 Ricardo Machado nº18 11ªC

What do you mean for endangered species?

Fin Whale


Fin Whale • Common name: Fin Whale; • Scientific name: Balaenoptera physalus; • Distribution: Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic, North Pacific, Bering and Chukchi Seas Indian and Artic Oceans; • Weight and Size: 70 tonnes and 19 to 27 meters long; • Diet: Herring, squid, shrimp and crustaceans; • Gestation period: 11 months, every 2 to 3 years; • Life expectancy: 85 to 90 years; • Population: Approximately 30.000 individuals.

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Grey Seal


Grey Seal • • • • • • • •

Common name: Grey Seal; Scientific name: Halichoerus grypus; Distribution: North Atantic and Baltic Sea; Weight and Size: 230Kg to 350Kg and 2.1 to 3.3 meters; Diet: Specially meat; Gestation period: 240 days; Life expectancy: 45 years; Population: Approximately 22.000 individuals in the Baltic Sea.

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Imperial Eagle


Imperial Eagle • • • • • • • •

Common name: Imperial Eagle; Scientific name: Aquila adalberti; Distribution: Western Mediterranean; Weight and Size: Length: 78-82 cm, Wingspan: 180-210 cm, Weight: 2. 5Kg to 3.5 Kg; Diet: Susliks, rodents, martens, dogs and other birds; Gestation period: March or April are laid 2 to 3 eggs and after 45 days this eggs hatch; Life expectancy: Maximum 40 years in captivity; Population: 2-5 couples.

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Eurasian Lynx


Eurasian Lynx • Common name: Eurasian Lynx; • Scientific name: Lynx lynx; • Distribution: Northeast ad Southeast Poland, Central Asia, Tibetan plateau, boreal forests of Russian and Sacandinavia; • Weight and Size: Weight: 15-28kg, Length: 90110cm, Height: 60cm; • Diet: Small ungulates, hares and rodents; • Gestation period: 67 to 74 days; • Life expectancy: Up to 21 years; • Population: Approximately 200 individuals.

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Iberian Lynx


Iberian Lynx • • • • • • • •

Common name: Iberian Lynx; Scientific name: Lynx pardinus; Distribution: Iberian Peninsula; Weight and Size: Weight: 10-13kg, Height: 88-100cm Diet: Rabbits, deers, mice, ducks, partridges and lizards; Gestation period: after 63 to 74 days 1 to 4 pups are born; Life expectancy: Up to 13 years; Population: Approximately 100 individuals.

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Saker Falcon

Czech Republic

Saker Falcon • Common name: Saker Falcon; • Scientific name: Falco cherrug; • Distribution: Eastern Europe and over the steeps of China and Mongolia • Weight and Size: Males 700-900 g, Females 970-1.300 g. Wingspan: 110-126 cm; • Diet: Small mammals and birds, specially hamsters and pigeons; • Gestation period: 36 to 38 days and the young falcons need about 50 days to fledge; • Life expectancy: Approximately 23 years in captivity; • Population: 15 to 16 pairs.

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Short-beaked common dolphin


Short-beaked common dolphin • Common name: Short-beaked common dolphin; • Scientific name: Delphinus delphis; • Distribution: Black Sea, U.S.A West and East Coast, Mediterranean Sea, Oceania; • Weight and Size: 235Kg and 2.7 meters long; • Diet: Fish and squid; • Gestation period: 10 to 11 months; • Life expectancy: 15 to 30 years; • Population: Approximately 20.000 individuals at the Black Sea.

Final Conclusions

Alphamales endangered species in the etwinning countries  
Alphamales endangered species in the etwinning countries  

Endangered Species, a presentation by a group of students form class 11thC for "For Earth Sake" activity