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May 2012 ISSUE Nยบ 9



PhotoGraphize is an independent electronic magazine, downloadable for free, that involves any kind of art regardless of technique or period such as illustration, painting, digital art, photography, sculpture, graphics. Wants to be a virtual place based on the immediacy, where the images are presented in their pure beauty and have the ability to capture and captivate the viewer. Enjoy!



I was born in Czech Republic, town Dvůr Králové nad Labem in 24 th August 1981. I started photographing about ten years ago. When I was fifteen I started to draw acts. First I bought a camera to document the drawings. I was more and more interested in shooting and that´s the way how I got into the photography. I think that nudity is natural to every man. In shooting nude acts I prefere purity. Most of my photos are anonymous for models and without their head. Sometimes I try to give some space to a model for her relax. Model has the ability to create own pose and also I´m still watching. Finally I arrange the best pose. There is necesarry a very good communication in this approach between model and me. Sometimes I have got prepared my own idea of photo. I often draw poses and then I´m taking it to shooting. If you want to create a great photo, the equipment is not important. The photographer is the most important. I can say that my equipment is just a camera, interesting locality, great light and model who wants to cooperate. I have never cared about the work of other photographers. I photograph the best way I can.


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Benoit Courti

Daniele Cascone

Lee Jeffries

Roberto Kusterle

Peter Kemp

Tomas Rucker

Mike Weber


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Photographize Magazine | Issue 9 - May 2012  

In this Issue: Benoit Courti, Daniele Cascone, Lee Jeffries, Roberto Kusterle, Peter Kemp, Tomas Rucker, Mike Weber, N.A.M.