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Conceptual artists have paved a new era of digital art to lead creative teams and inspire the next generation of artists. Thoughtful and contemplative, viewing Gus artworks is like a meditation. Gus is a Fine Art Photographer from a small village in the north of Spain. The most unique aspect of his work is the variety. His artworks depict subjects that feel like they are fading in front of the viewer’s eye. The surreal quality of his work augments his technical ability and leads the viewers to a new appreciation of a place that might not exist. This imaginative world stood with equal weight as a reality – with its endless mystery and revelation. Gus compassionate artworks are inspired by ideas he carries in his mind. He captures the essence of the transient nature of life. Most of Gus' works carry soft touches of color that give his creations a dreamlike quality. Combining a variety of photographic techniques, especially multiple and long exposure, the artist takes us into a magical journey into the depths of his imagination. Using an age-old natural technique, mixed with nowadays photographs, his images are multi-layered, simply executed, and visually delightful. Soft touches of color give his creations a dreamlike atmosphere. He often incorporates people into his works, since he considers that human beings are a fundamental part of our environment. These ethereal subjects seem to fade into thin air in front of the viewer’s eye. Endowed with a thoughtful and contemplative aura, standing in from of his photographs is like a meditation. Gus started sharing his photographs in 2018. Since then, he has been on a steeply rising trajectory and has received worldwide recognition and international awards. He has been published in several magazines, also been invited to several international exhibitions.


The Shadows ► © Gus

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Photographize Magazine 10th Anniversary | Issue 43 | January 2020