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GLIL is a collage and street artist living in London, UK, who is best known for the intricate reconstructions of famous images using thousands of pieces of paper. His works are fractals of the imagination, with surprises waiting to be discovered at every magnification scale. "What you see is NOT what you get. You look closer and it's always something else, always something new. It should give a strange feeling of a beautifully organized anarchy, like an imminent explosion." GLIL masterfully combines vibrant colors, shapes and textures to create images full of passion. GLIL is recomposing some of the most famous images and iconic portraits in our society with materials that lose their value and relevance very quickly, like newspapers, magazines and flyers. In his hands, the ephemeral morphs into the eternal. "You can almost call it alchemy when you are transforming one person's throwaways into other people's treasures." Transcending the traditional venues, GLIL’s has also taken his artistic expansive wave to the streets of London. 95

Bob Marley ► © Glil

Profile for Photographize Magazine

Photographize Magazine | Issue 41 | May 2019