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Eli Rezhallah’s photography is wonderful to behold, the techniques that he uses to create his images show a brilliant understanding of colour theory, juxtaposition, lighting, and composition. They really do hit all the spots from an aesthetic point of view. While as pieces of advertising I have no doubt that they accomplish the goal that they set out to achieve as they fantastically highlight the product involved as well as a sense and sight of beauty, elegance and class. For me it is the essence of the artist that really comes through in his photography. We begin to see the images as a comment on the complex issues that Eli believes we must face, namely, how we see ourselves in connection to the world around us. Are we a part of it that can stand out and make a difference or shall we continue to hide behind consumer-based reality? “No matter how colorful and vibrant they would paint their world, they could never hide the sentiment of dread that they felt from living in an environment on the verge of destruction.” 93

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Photographize Magazine | Issue 41 | May 2019