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National Exhibition 2020

From the organisers A year of many firsts that included a rethinking following the cancellation of the National Convention and the inability of not being able to show the Sony National Exhibition. This year was the first time the exhibition was organised by a Council appointed sub-committee rather than a club. Our thanks to Melanie Dick LPSNZ, Nicola Pye LPSNZ and David Steer APSNZ for their help in being the ‘sub-committee’ for 2020.You may recognise their names as they also brought you the Dunedin National Convention and National Exhibition in 2018, along with the Dunedin Festival of Photography in recent years. Council intends to continue using this format of an organising sub-committee concept in the future. Ideally we would like to appoint members for more than one year so the knowledge is retained and the wheel does not need to be reinvented each year. An advantage of being on this committee is that most of the work occurs for the few months leading up to the convention and a short time after, therefore does not entail a full 12 month’s work. For this format to work it requires people willing to put their hand up, so naturally I would be very happy to hear from any member that would like to be involved, regardless of where you live. The organising committee cannot do every aspect for the exhibition so a club, in the location of that year’s national convention will be called upon, when more people are required. This year thanks go to the members of the Dunedin Photographic Society for their help on selection day. If selection day is ever in your town I encourage you to accept the request to help and I guarantee you will learn a lot observing the process in action. Selection day would not be possible without the selectors who all traveled to Dunedin. At the start of the day the number of entries to get through seemed daunting. By the end of the day the selection had been made with every photograph looked at multiple times. I thank the selectors for their conscientious and good humoured effort. While we had all the judging talent in town we also asked them to judge the four PSNZ Interclub competitions. This was another first. An often unnoticed task is engraving and distributing the trophies and medals. Once again our super efficient Trophies and Medals Coordinator, Janice McKenna will be looking after this aspect, once we get to Level 2 and beyond. Thank you Janice! Our thanks must also go to the many entrants who submitted works, and also to those whose work was selected. We hope every one enjoys viewing the images in this first digital catalogue. Finally, our thanks to SONY for their first year in sponsoring the national exhibition. Kind regards, Craig McKenzie Councillor for National Competitions


Selectors Open Prints Lynn Clayton Hon PSNZ APSNZ EFIAP ESFIAP Don Kelly Hon PSNZ APSNZ Karen Lawton

Open Projected Images Annette Johnston APSNZ Jenefer Reeve APSNZ Judy Stokes APSNZ

Nature Prints and Projected Images John Reid APSNZ ANPSNZ AFIAP Roger Thwaites APSNZ Kevin Tyree APSNZ

President’s Welcome I am pleased to welcome you to the catalogue for the 2020 PSNZ SONY National Exhibition. As Craig has mentioned, this year’s exhibition was organised in a different format by an off Council sub committee and it was good to hear that this new style worked efficiently and smoothly. Another first for us, and purely due to the nation being catapulted into COVID-19 lock down is to bring you the catalogue in a digital format. Congratulations to every one who was involved in this year’s national exhibition: from the first ever sub-committee to the photographers who submitted their images; the skilled selectors; the volunteers from the Dunedin Photographic Society to Craig McKenzie for his guidance and to Paul Whitham LPSNZ for bringing parts of the exhibition alive here. When the selectors congregated in Dunedin on 13-14 March for the selection weekend who would have thought that our world as we knew it, would be turned upside down only 10 days later! When Council sadly made the decision to cancel the 2020 National Convention we knew there were many other annual highlights that would also be affected. Knowing that we would not get the chance for our members to see the outstanding, successful images in the national exhibition first hand, was also another blow we had to endure. Like we have all had to do during this unusual time, we look for alternative opportunities to solve a problem. I’m sure you will agree being able to look at the images from the trophy winners through to the honours ribbons is the next best thing, as well as being to scroll through those who received acceptances. We will be placing this link on to our website in the same way we post the link to CameraTalk, so please share the link with as many people as you can. And do take the time to congratulate your fellow members on their success. Lockdown has been an unusual time for all of us and I know while every one’s circumstances are very different, I hope that you have all coped well; made use of the quieter, unrestricted timeframe to indulge in some other personal interests and/or projects, and generally looked after yourself in your bubble. As we contemplate the move to Level 2 I’m sure that like me, you will all be eager to get out and about beyond the 20 minute drive limit, cameras in hand, and start photographing more of the objects, places and people we love to do.

PRINTS Trophy recipients


Silver Medals


Bronze Medals


Honours ribbons


Ron Willems Medallion




Best regards, Moira Blincoe LPSNZ President, Photographic Society of New Zealand

PROJECTED Trophy recipients


Silver Medals


Bronze Medals


Honours ribbons


Ron Willems Medallion





Designed to endure With a robust, lightweight magnesium alloy body, you can persevere in all conditions.

Photographer: Jason Charles Hill Location: Mitre Peak, New Zealand 4

Camera: Alpha 7R III Lens: SONY FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Settings: ISO 100 / F5 / 1/1600s



Best Colour Print, George Chance Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Print Michael Boyd-Clark APSNZ Irreconcilable!


Best Monochrome Print, Maadi Challenge Cup and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Print Michael Venz Cathedral Steps


Best Photojournalism Print, Shirley Peverill Memorial Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Print Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ Reach


Best Landscape Print, H S James Award and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Print Stuart Clook Kaikoura Coast (platinum)


Best Portrait Print PSNZ Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Allan Fleischmann Toothless Smile


Best Print Illustrating NZ Wildlife, William C Davies Memorial Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Nature Print Gary McClintock LPSNZ Royal Spoonbill - Kotuku ngutupapa


Best Maritime Print or Projected Image, Richard Ratcliff Marine Award and PSNZ Gold Medal Tom Wilkinson APSNZ Stranded


PSNZ Silver Medal Nature Prints Rebecca Bowater FPSNZ AFIAP Leptinella atrata in Scree


PSNZ Silver Medal Nature Prints Bevan Tulett FPSNZ Mycena sp. on fallen Beech tree


PSNZ Silver Medal Open Prints Julia De Cleene LPSNZ Ancient Dahlia


PSNZ Silver Medal Open Prints Kirsteen Redshaw APSNZ Contemplative In A Rushing World


PSNZ Bronze Medal Nature Prints Helen McLeod FPSNZ ARPS GPSA Devil’s Fingers Fungus Emerging


PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Prints Stuart Clook Kiokio fern (platinum)


PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Prints James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP Key Summit


PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Prints Philippa Wood Alien


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Nature Prints Don Pittham FPSNZ ANPSNZ Strigula lichen species on stone


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Nature Prints Kirsteen Redshaw APSNZ African Leopard


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Open Prints Jay Drew APSNZ Free Spirit


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Open Prints Dawn Kirk LPSNZ AFIAP Window on the World


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Open Prints Helen Wilkin FPSNZ MNZIPP Little Dancer


Ron Willems Medallion for Best Overall Photographer in Prints Stuart Clook

Kaikoura Coast (platinum) - Best Landscape Print, H S James Award and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Print


Kiokio fern (platinum) - PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Print

Nature Print Acceptances Vivianne Baldwin APSNZ - North American brown bear. Rhonda Billington - Anax papuensis - Dabchicks - Welcome Swallow Rebecca Bowater FPSNZ AFIAP - Euphrasia revoluta - Leptinella dendyi - Peziza species Fungi Michael Boyd-Clark APSNZ - Warthog:Victoria Falls Gillian Clover LPSNZ ANPSNZ - Asian Elephant Gathering - Bush-Stone Curlew - Tufted Grey Langur monkeys Allan Fleischmann - Favolaschia Calocera James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP - Nesting Chroicocephalus bulleri Don Hadden FPSNZ - Black-fronted Dotterels mating


Jeanette Nee APSNZ

- Centrochelys sulcata mating

- NZ Falcon

- Iguana iguana

- Swamp Hawk with Rabbit

- Petroica longipes Toya Heatley APSNZ - Adult black-billed gull with chick Carolyn Hope FPSNZ - Edelweiss (Leucogenes grandiceps) - Forktail dragonfly Macrogomphus sp - Tufted Grey Langur infant Dawn Kirk LPSNZ AFIAP - Silver Orb Spider - Variable Oystercatchers mating Caroline Ludford LPSNZ LRPS - NZ Bellbird - Anthornis melanura Jan Macpherson - Australasian Crested Grebe family - Hoiho preening Alistair McAuslan APSNZ AV-AAPS - Calcite Cloak and Stalactites - New Zealand Dotterel - Tuturiwhatu Helen McLeod FPSNZ ARPS GPSA - Limpet Laying Eggs Carol Molineux APSNZ - Royal Spoonbill’s catch - Whie-faced Heron’s catch

Dave O’Leary - Eastern Rosella in Urban Garden Don Pittham FPSNZ ANPSNZ - Dactylorhiza fuchsii - Dendrobium cunninghamii Glenda Rees - Black Stilts Mating - Yellowhead (Mohua ochrocephala) Roger Shearer - Resting Dragonfly Jennifer Simone LPSNZ - African Crocodile - Violet Breasted Roller Anne Thornton - Royal Spoonbill Bevan Tulett FPSNZ - Gliophorus lilacipes struggling Helen Wilkin FPSNZ MNZIPP - Gannets Feeding Ilan Wittenberg FPSNZ FNZIPP - Golden Monkey Cercopithecus kandti - Olive Baboon (Papio anubis) Philippa Wood - Juvenile Coragyps atratus - Myceteria americana 27

Open Print Acceptances Margaret Bake HonFPSNZ FPSNZ FRPS - Faded Dreams - Heading Home Roger Ball - At the Reading Room - The Last Man Eunice Belk LPSNZ - Pansies Posing Michael Boyd-Clark APSNZ - First Light Adam Buckle FPSNZ GMNZIPP AAIPP - Lady of the Lake - The Landing Zone Kate Burton - Interloper - Mosque Dome - Queuing for the Taj - Zebra Foal Jacqueline Challis - Into the light: Patuna Chasm Karin Charteris APSNZ AFIAP - Face of Rebellion - Life on Street - Essaouira Morocco - Memory Keepers


Janice Chen LPSNZ

Margaret Irving APSNZ

- Mountain and Horses

- Abandoned

- Mysterious Woods

- Hi Spy View

Jo Curtis LPSNZ - Gentle Awakening Ita Daniels LPSNZ

- Old Man of the Sea - Web of Intrigue Christine Jacobson LPSNZ

- Reflecting, China Inside Out series

- Bleak House

- Late Day Burn Off

- Drear House, Detail

Julia De Cleene LPSNZ - Sky Scraping Jay Drew APSNZ - Season Brian Eastwood - Mist over Weiti Carolyn Elcock ANPSNZ QPSA FAPS EFIAP - Trio in Mono Brett Fordyce - Glowing Bride Iain Galloway LPSNZ - Solitude James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP - Tekapo Tranquility Liz Hardley FPSNZ EFIAP/b LRPS - Focussed - One Man and his Dog - The Glassblower

Annette Johnston APSNZ - Looking up, Guggenheim Museum - Water-drop Ballet Dawn Kirk LPSNZ AFIAP - Autumn Berries - Blue Poppy Splendour Rosalie Lindsay - Fungi Meg Lipscombe FPSNZ - Calm - Hooked - Renaissance Roses Caroline Ludford LPSNZ LRPS - Delicate Lily - Doris Butterfly Rebecca MacDonald APSNZ - Berber and his Bendir Denise Manning LPSNZ - Virus

Trish McAuslan APSNZ EFIAP FAPS - A Miner’s Cottage Alistair McAuslan APSNZ AV-AAPS - The Final Journey Helen McLeod FPSNZ ARPS GPSA - Power to the Masses John Miles LRPS - Lake of Wandering Spirits Karen Moffatt-McLeod LPSNZ - Georgia Alistair Phillips APSNZ - Guy on the Train Don Pittham FPSNZ ANPSNZ - The Barley Field Sue Riach APSNZ ARPS AFIAP - A Parting Of The Ways Louise Savage LPSNZ - The Kaiaua Beach Races Hugh Scott - Down in Evening’s Valley Bob Scott LPSNZ - Awakino Mist - Petone Dawn Gordon Speed - Wet Grass for Dinner David Steer APSNZ

Phil Thornton - Pine Straw through Sea Spray Anne Thornton - The Tarn - Three Little Maids Karl Tretheway LPSNZ - Waitanguru Falls Michael Venz - Stepping Stones Alison Viskovic FPSNZ - Isolation Alexander Waldron - Untitled 01 Brett Walter APSNZ EFIAP - Reflection Roger Wandless FPSNZ - Boy In Surf - River Of Gold - Subaqua Bus Stop Mike White

Maree Wills - A Man and His Cats - Girl with Brush and Shovel Paul Willyams MNZIPP LPSNZ AFIAP - Hydrangea - Otematata Wetlands Ilan Wittenberg FPSNZ FNZIPP - The Empire State - Embracing Daniel Wong APSNZ EFIAP - Chairlift study - Lost Philippa Wood - Amongst the mourners - Visit to the Gallery William Wright FPSNZ - Home Invasion Shelley Young LPSNZ - Hello Wyatt - Who Sat Here

- Frost, Lake Ruataniwha Helen Wilkin FPSNZ MNZIPP - A Boy’s Best Friend Tom Wilkinson APSNZ - Lost - Reflection

- A Close Shave - A Fish Tale 29



Best Landscape Projected Image, Eric Young Memorial Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Projected Image Jiongxin Peng PPSA Greensward in the Setting Sun


Best Photojournalism Projected Image, Brian Brake Memorial Award and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Projected Image Mandy Hague Mine!


Best Monochrome Projected Image, Arthur Bates Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Projected Image Scott Fowler FPSNZ GPSA EFIAP EPSA One Step at a Time


Best Projected Image Illustrating NZ wildlife, Geoff Moon Nature Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Nature Projected Image Glenda Rees Black Stilt courtship


Best Projected Image, Robinson Cup and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Projected Image Rob Weir LPSNZ Iceberg Serrations


Best Portrait Projected Image PSNZ Trophy and PSNZ Gold Medal Paul Willyams MNZIPP LPSNZ AFIAP Molly McGee


PSNZ Silver Medal Open Projected Deborah Martin Allegro Non Troppo


PSNZ Silver Medal Open Projected Margaret Bake HonFPSNZ FPSNZ FRPS Exit


PSNZ Silver Medal Nature Projected Adam Buckle FPSNZ GMNZIPP AAIPP Shag drying


PSNZ Silver Medals Nature Projected Noelle Bennett LPSNZ Velvet shank (flammulina velutipes)


PSNZ Bronze Medal Nature Projected Trish Brown APSNZ ANPSNZ Fiery-throated Hummingbirds


PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Projected Helen Howie Artist at Work


PSNZ Bronze Medal Open Projected Shelly Linehan LPSNZ Lake Ohau


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Nature Projected Mandy Hague NZ Dotterel drinking


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Nature Projected Kurien Yohannan New Zealand Falcon


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Open Projected Annemarie Clinton Be seated


PSNZ Honours Ribbons Open Projected Jean Moulin APSNZ EFIAP Headlands


Ron Willems Medallion for Best Overall Photographer in Projected Images

Mandy Hague

Mine! - Best Photojournalism Projected Image, Brian Brake Memorial Award and PSNZ Gold Medal Open Projected Image


NZ Dotterel drinking - PSNZ Honours Ribbons Nature Projected

White Faced Heron - Accepted Nature Projected

Nature Projected Image Acceptances Vivianne Baldwin APSNZ - Australiasian Gannet Hatchling Geoff Beals APSNZ - Croaking Frog Rhonda Billington - Robber fly with Passionvine hopper - Ruffed Grouse - Bonasa umbellus Jo Broadhead - Saddleback eating seeds Trish Brown APSNZ ANPSNZ - Red-eyed stream frog Adam Buckle FPSNZ GMNZIPP AAIPP - Shag swallowing Irene Callaghan APSNZ - Cornu aspersum Karen Camp - Welcome Swallows Raewyne Cathie LPSNZ - Lioness Cleaning Cub. Serengeti - Wildebeest Crossing. Serengeti Gillian Clover LPSNZ ANPSNZ - Ceylon Spotted Deer& fawn

Sandra Fleet - Dolomedes minor

Bob McCree FPSNZ - Spider Web and Morning Dew

Allan Fleischmann

- Trametes Versicolor

- Apis Mellifera

Carol Molineux APSNZ

Jayne Francis - Sloth Bear and cub James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP - Spinner dolphin pod Mandy Hague - White-faced Heron Liz Hardley FPSNZ EFIAP/b LRPS - Crocodylus niloticus - Macaca fascicularis Toya Heatley APSNZ - Tui Graeme Henry LPSNZ - African Lioness Grooming - Red Damselflies Mating Christine Jacobson LPSNZ - Eurasian blackbirds Susan Kane LPSNZ - Brown bear Waverley Klein Ovink - New Zealand Dotterel with Polychaet Jan Macpherson

- Clavariaceae Family Cosima Ray LPSNZ - Female Monarch Butterfly Glenda Rees - Male Rifleman with nesting material - New Zealand Dotterel Noline Skeet - Bengal Tiger John Smart LPSNZ - Red-billed Gull approaching landing Gary Speer FPSNZ EFIAP MFIAP - Hooded Orchid Bevan Tulett FPSNZ - Black Stilt bathing - Schizophyllum commune under branch Helen Wilkin FPSNZ MNZIPP - Kaimanawa Quine Family Ilan Wittenberg FPSNZ FNZIPP - Lions Mating Kurien Yohannan - Welcome Swallow

- Malay Lacewing Butterflies

Bas Cuthbert LPSNZ - Variable Oystercatcher


Open Projected Image Acceptances

Jay Drew APSNZ - Before The Tourists

- Band of Gold

- Flap

- You’ll never walk alone

Carolyn Elcock ANPSNZ QPSA FAPS EFIAP Margaret Bake HonFPSNZ FPSNZ FRPS - Come Fly With Me Deborah Martin - Awkward Moment Geoff Beals APSNZ - Tui display Asse Bosch LPSNZ - The Observer - Into the Dark John Boyd HonFPSNZ HonPSNZ APSNZ - Glacial Sentinal Jacqueline Challis - Unworldly Vista with Sheep Karin Charteris APSNZ AFIAP - Innocence Jianhuai Chen - Man Janice Chen LPSNZ - Cowboy Natalie Chrystal - Merino Ram Jo Curtis LPSNZ - Clear Cut Concentration


Dianna Hambleton LPSNZ

- Breathe Constance Fein Harding - The Belfry Bats Drove Him Mad Moira Fergus - Pure Allan Fleischmann - Entranced - Iris unfurling Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ - Caught - Fisherman and Friends Scott Fowler FPSNZ GPSA EFIAP EPSA - Ice Princess

Barry Harcourt MNZM FPSNZ - Cold Comfort Farm Brian Harmer LPSNZ - Introspection John Hayes LPSNZ - Mr Saito, Ainu House Caretaker Toya Heatley APSNZ - Green Light Lynn Hedges LPSNZ - Please - The Silversmith Graeme Henry LPSNZ - Sand Dune Carolyn Hope FPSNZ

Miriam Godfrey LPSNZ

- Wool on the Wires

- This is my home. India

Rachel Hume LPSNZ

Tony Gorham LPSNZ - Sadness Newell Grenfell HonPSNZ FPSNZ FNPSNZ - Billy Tanya Halliday - Arches - Hope Springs Eternal

- The Calm Before The Storm Jill Jackson LPSNZ - Computer Age Brett Jennings - Jonathan Susan Kane LPSNZ - Flying water Guanyin teahouse - Salt pans Maras

Greg Kane - Cormorant Fisherman - Famer and Wife China Don Kelly HonPSNZ APSNZ - Abandoned in Ireland Waverley Klein Ovink - Bull’s the boss Meg Lipscombe FPSNZ - Marsala Boat Rebecca MacDonald APSNZ - Our Three Musketeers Denise Manning LPSNZ - Wharf fishing Deborah Martin - Poised Paul Mason - Bar-tailed Godwits - NZ Falcon Bob McCree FPSNZ - Calendula Abstract Helen McLeod FPSNZ ARPS GPSA - Electifying - Poolburn in Winter Jean Moulin EFIAP APSNZ - Oblivious Kelly Munro APSNZ - Sunrise at Lake Matheson

Destina Munro LPSNZ - There’s no future here... Michael Parker - Dominance Elizabeth Passuello FPSNZ FNPSNZ FAPS EFIAP EPSA - Captivation Jiongxin Peng PPSA - Miao Old Man Breen Porter FPSNZ RPS LBIPP AFIAP - Holocaust memorial - I roll me own Kirsteen Redshaw APSNZ - The Intense Stare Glenda Rees - Graceful Flight John Reid APSNZ ANPSNZ AFIAP - Contemplation Liz Robertson LPSNZ - I spy with my little eye Ingrid Ronner - Taking a liberty Tracey Scott FPSNZ - Maori Maiden - Passing the time Hugh Scott - Len Lye Patterning

Robin Short APSNZ - Open Air Laundry Dohbi Khana - The shop keeper Jennifer Simone LPSNZ - Rock Pools Nola Sumner APSNZ AAPS - Take the Stairs - Tap Dance Anne Tate APSNZ - Swirl Anne Thornton - The Weaver Karl Tretheway LPSNZ - The falls Vipul Upadhyay - Bridge Club Lee Waddell - Dancing in the rain Keith Walter FPSNZ - Amelia Roger Wandless FPSNZ - Spirits of the Forest Rob Weir LPSNZ - Ice patterns Mike White - Aurora Australis, 5 August 2019 Tom Wilkinson APSNZ - Merzouga Dunes 51

Ron Willems HonPSNZ FPSNZ AFIAP ARPS FAPS - City Cyclists - Skye Evening Sheryl Williams APSNZ - A Bit of a Dagg - Perfectly Pink Ilan Wittenberg FPSNZ FNZIPP - Maasai Warrior - Mars Daniel Wong APSNZ EFIAP - Convergence - Slope


William Wright FPSNZ - The Last Tree

Overall Statistics

Yan Yuan - Happy Muddy Run - Jet Racing in Motion

Category Nature Print Open Print Nature Projected Open Projected

Entrants 52 93 147 223

Entered 173 315 483 794

Selected 54 106 47 108

Percent 31% 34% 10% 14%

Awards 6 14 6 11

Disqualified 0 0 0 1

Profile for Photographic Society of New Zealand

PSNZ Sony National Exhibition 2020  

The online catalog of the results of the 2020 PSNZ Sony National Exhibition. The publication showcases all of the images that received award...

PSNZ Sony National Exhibition 2020  

The online catalog of the results of the 2020 PSNZ Sony National Exhibition. The publication showcases all of the images that received award...

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