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Wedding Photography – Before or After

the Ceremony? You might be pretty familiar with some superstitions related with the wedding day. Like, bride throwing the bouquet over her head, groom not seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony and all. Many of us follow it and many don’t. However, the debate point is that will you break the not seeing each other tradition for the sake of getting some set of unique photographs?

These days, most of the couple opt for the pre-ceremony photos so that they could spend some moments together before the special moment. A skilled wedding photographer in Melbourne can surely make the best out of such unique meetings and personalise it through some breathtaking pictures. Whether you should violate the tradition and click the photos before the ceremony? Arguments in favour and against this non-traditional concept are many. The betrothed couple who believe seeing each other before the ceremony can bring bad luck can pose for some pre wedding shots with your family and bridesmaids.

Ask your wedding photographer to capture the beauty of your white gown, emotional moments with family or laughter with your friends. On the other flip of the coin, if you wish to share a quiet moment with your soul mate before the ceremony, then that would be the most beautiful moments captured by the wedding photography professional.

It is completely up to you and your groom to decide whether you should follow it or not. Either you can decide to see your bride in all of her radiant glory while she walks down the aisle or you can let the tradition go for the sake of other wedding photography bonuses. Whatsoever may be your decision, your wedding photographer would be always there to capture your romance and amazement.

Wedding photography – before or after the ceremony