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October 2015 Hello readers, Welcome to the October issue of No Boundaries for Us. Leaves are starting to turn, and walnuts are falling all over our grove. If that wasn’t messy enough, the squirrels are having a ball digging up the grass and trying to hide them. Everyday we go out to harvest and try to get the walnuts before the squirrels have at them. It’s an annual fall battle. Other than that, fall is my favorite time of year. I’d be happy to have it every month if that was possible. We’ve got a burning bush that is aflame right now, and it already looks like a colorful autumn is almost upon us. I spent the week up in Erie, PA and what a fantastic time it was to travel. Presque Isle State Park, which we last visited on Labor Day, was as clear of humanity as I’ve ever seen it. We went riding Segways on the sandy beaches and there wasn’t a soul in sight. Riding bikes later, we saw a few more fellow outdoorsmen, but the trails were very clear. What a great time to be outside. With the holidays coming, if you are looking for a get-a-way idea, we’re featuring two - our southern neighbor Mexico and our first state - Delaware. With the Day of the Dead celebration coming up in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, it’s a magical time to be in Mexico. Delaware is already prepping for the holidays as well. Their foodie scene and their wineries are reason enough to head east. Continue to keep in touch and let us know what you think of the editorial coverage. Have a great month - and get up and go somewhere! 2


In This Issue: Delaware Southern Delaware (adv.) Greater Dover/Kent County, DE (adv.) Greater Wilmington, DE (adv.) Betabrand Red-Eye Wrap Booking hotels direct for benefits Getting more for your money Making travel fantasies come true Mexico - Riviera Maya Gas prices How do people injure themselves? Wanna go to Cuba? The Great Pumpkin Patch Express Camera MX - v3 of this great app Time to update your GPS and maps ShaveTech USB razor Goal Zero Flip 20 charger CaseLogic Pro DSLR Kontrast Backpack Inateck AL4001 Four port charger Capti - v2.0 now available Kickstarters with potential Travel Jacket Liberty Trike - an electric bike Pearbuds Allen Band - health/security bracelet

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Delaw Biking on the boardwalk is the favorite morning sport of many vacationers in Rehoboth Beach. With waves to your east and morning coffee shops to your west, what better way to start the day? Atlantic Cycle offers a great selection of beach cruisers, hybrids, kid’s bikes, tandems and surreys.

Looking to satisfy your epicurean desires? Take a foodie tour and sample the area’s best restaurants and bars. >>> 4

Delaware shores are as well as seniors. L explore and they stre forever.


As the country’s first state, Delaware is full of historical sites. This is just one of many restored homes e perfect for families featured by the Lewes Historical Lots of beaches to Society. etch out seemingly

Taxi anyone? Water taxis are popular and you’ll see plenty of water birds as you cruise along. 5

If you’ve never tried s something you might rent a boat, just borro ware Seashore State the edge of the water.

If you want to experience what life was like 100 years ago at the beach, be sure to see Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach. Antiques fill the rooms and the lobby is just gorgeous. Adirondack chairs on the roof give a paroramic view of the beach and are the perfect place to relax. 6

surf-casting, that’s enjoy. No need to ow a rod from DelaPark and walk out to .

Looking for handicapped accessible locations? Cape Henlopen has got you covered with their 30-foot long Mobi-Mats, enabling wheel chairs to be rolled out onto the beach.

Check out the northernmost cypress swamp at Trap Pond. And keep your eyes open for wildlife all across DE. 7

And they are spectacular! Our 5 Star Beaches were named #1 in water quality among 30 coastal states in 2014 for the 4th year in a row by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Renowned for generations as a summertime beach destination, Southern Delaware has evolved into a year-round destination for travelers from across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Here are a few reasons why‌

Tax Free Shopping


Arts & Entertainment

Charming Towns

Outdoor Adventure




Stunning Scenery

Culinary Coast

Native American Culture


Contact Us! Tina Coleman, Media Relations Manager, Southern Delaware Tourism 302-856-1818, 8

Seaside sparkle, savings and savory delights Holiday season in Southern Delaware. Treat yourself to our seasonal getaway packages and enjoy old-fashioned Christmas parades, festive entertainment, events and holiday house tours. Dine in renowned Culinary Coast™ restaurants. And shop TAX-FREE in our small town boutiques and outlet centers. For more about all the holiday fun, visit


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   

    

  



 ♦  ♦   ♦  ♦  ♦  

 ♦  ♦  ♦   ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  

 ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦ 

 ♦♦ 11

Greater Wilmington, Delaware Update Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway is a 98-mile corridor of modern roads that approximates the pathways followed by freedom seekers as they moved through Delaware towards sanctuary in Pennsylvania and beyond. The freedom seekers traveled at great risk on what became known as the Underground Railroad. In fact, it was neither underground nor a railroad. Activities associated with the Underground Railroad were carried out in great secrecy and terms like conductor, station master, lines, packages and freight were used to describe the network participants.

The Byway is a tribute to Harriet Tubman. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped to freedom and subsequently chose to make 13 documented missions into Maryland over a 10 year period to rescue her family. By her own account, she successfully led 70 people out of bondage and gave aid and instruction to about 50 others. Designated National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Sites in New Castle County include: Corbit-Sharp House and Appoquinimink Friends Meeting in Historic Odessa, New Castle Court House Museum, Thomas Garrett Home Site, Wilmington Friends Meeting, Delaware Historical Society Library, Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park and Market Street Bridge. Delaware’s National Historical Park Delaware now boasts a National Historical Park 12

and it’s quite unique. The First State National Historical Park encompasses seven distinct locations and all three counties are represented.

These sites document the state’s heritage and the crucial role that Delaware played in the country’s founding, from the first settlement in Lewes to the ratification of the Constitution in December, 1787. Locations in New Castle County include the 1,100-acre Woodlawn property near Brandywine Creek State Park, Fort Christina, Old Swedes Historic Site and the Historic New Castle Court House Complex and Green. Kent County is represented by the Dover Green and the John Dickinson Plantation. Sussex County features the Ryves Holt House, built by the Dutch in Lewes in 1665. Sip Your Way Through the Vintage Atlantic Wine Region Did you know that Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Eastern Maryland and Southern New Jersey share the same latitude as California’s Napa Valley? Location has been a prime factor behind the area’s success in producing fine wines. Now 60+ wineries in this four state area have combined to form the Vintage Atlantic Wine Region, the East Coast’s first multi-state wine region. Although the wineries continue to operate independently, the Vintage Atlantic Wine Region’s mission is to heighten awareness about existing wineries and wine trails that share a common geography, climate and growing conditions disregarding state borders. Its goal is to benefit all the wineries and wine trails by collectively promoting

them and leveraging the region’s wealth of historical and tourism assets. The Home of Tax-Free Shopping Just Got Better Delaware is the home of tax-free shopping and more than 17 million bargain hunters visit the Christiana Mall every year to take advantage of stores like Nordstrom, Apple and Cabella’s. Now the brand new Christiana Fashion Center is scheduled to make its debut in the Fall and will be anchored by Nordstrom Rack and REI. But the big surprise is Greater Wilmington’s museum shops—some of which rival small department stores. Brandywine River Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Delaware Museum of Natural History, Hagley Museum & Library, Longwood Gardens and Winterthur have wonderful shops filled with unusual items that make memorable gifts and wonderful keepsakes. Celebrate the Holiday Season in Greater Wilmington Beautiful throughout the year, the du Pont mansions are spectacular during the holidays. Longwood Gardens mounts incredible displays inside its four-acre Conservatory while more

than 500,000 LED bulbs twinkle outside. All the du Pont mansions including Hagley, Winterthur and Nemours are dressed for the season start-

ing in mid- to late-November through December. The Delaware Art Museum organizes an annual Holiday House Tour. Thousands of whimsical, hand-crafted “critter” ornaments on live fir trees, a huge O-gauge railroad and an elaborate Victorian dollhouse collection are on display at the Brandywine River Museum of Art. Meanwhile, Christmas in Odessa on the first Saturday in December and the Spirit of Christmas in Historic New Castle on the second Saturday in December are time-honored traditions. Click here for more info on Greater Wilmington


Betabrand’s New Red-Eye Wrap Replaces Awful Airline Blankets Okay, so maybe this online clothier can’t say with absolute confidence that off-putting airline blankets are the ultimate bugaboo of civil aviation. But come on, those things are pretty bad. How often are they washed? Upon whom have they previously been draped? With what have they been soiled? These are questions you’d rather not ask. Nor should you have to. Enter Betabrand’s new Red-Eye Wrap, a soft, snuggly alternative to those wretched communial coverings, most of which have made the rounds like whiskey bottles passed between thirsty hobos. Like a finely woven firewall against the indignities of air travel, this wrap-cardigan hybrid also features a built-in eye mask that deploys in a flash, so that its owner may turn a blind eye to all the horrors afoot in the fuselage: slobbering snoozers, pablum-puking infants, the latest episode of Dancing With The Duggars, and so on. Yes, the Red-Eye Wrap is engineered to shroud you in stylish serenity when you need it most. But it’s not just for the wild blue yonder: In the tradition of Betabrand’s travel-friendly Dress Pant Sweatpants and Dress Pant Yoga Pants, it has an everyday elegance that also makes it a natural for business meetings, brunches, and nights on the town. After only a few days, the Red-Eye Wrap has more than quadrupled its crowdfunding goal, and it’s well on its way to being Betabrand’s biggest hit of the year. Find out more here: crowdfunding/womens-redeye-travel-wrap-blanket. html 14

New advantages for booking direct Have you seen an advertisement like this in your inbox recently?

Getting more for your money With roughly one-third of Americans planning to take advantage of the strong dollar with an international vacation this year, the leading credit card comparison website CardHub today released its annual Currency Exchange Study in order to help folks determine the easiest and most affordable ways to convert currency when traveling abroad. CardHub’s editors also selected 2015’s Best Credit Cards & Checking Accounts for International Spending and provide a number of helpful Money-Saving Travel Tips! A few highlights of the study can be found below.

The key wording in this ad is contained in the last four words... ”when you book direct.” There appears to be a new effort by the major hotel chains to force consumers to use their own booking sites. Hilton is now offering free Wi-Fi ( a customer favorite and “must-have” service) only to those who use the Hilton site to book their reservation. Book with, or your local travel agent - whoops, no free Wi-Fi for you. That’s not to say you won’t get it free, but you’ll want to check those booking packages more carefully if you are used to using other booking sites for your reservations. Expect to see similar tactics from the other majors, not just Hilton Hotels. For a great summary of hotel Wi-Fi programs, check out this article from

A no foreign transaction fee credit card on the Visa or MasterCard network is the cheapest currency conversion mechanism available to consumers. The average bank and Travelex location charge 5.88% and 9.05% more, respectively. CardHub surveyed 35 of the 50 largest credit unions, and only four offer currency conversion services. Consumers receive 22.39% more euros per dollar this year relative to 2014, thanks to the dollar’s recent strength. Read more here. 15

Making travel fantasies come true Yes – it’s possible Last month, we discussed a number of different issues facing inexperienced travelers, especially seniors. There are many people out there with travel fantasies, but there are just as many people who find it difficult to make those fantasies come true. We talked about Shirley from Colorado, who would love to go to Orlando. She’d love to spend some time in the bungalows at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. And since it’s a fantasy, she’d like to have “Prince Charming knock on my room door, take me to dinner at Cinderella’s castle (Magic Kingdom) and watch the fireworks from the best place in the park (which would have to be shared by a cast member.)” Peter Lombard, Founder/CEO of Insouciance Abroad, also has a travel fantasy, “My dream has always been to have the freedom and resources to walk through an airport and pick whatever destination piqued my fancy, board, and go! I once spent time wandering through DFW terminal D with a crush, talking about exactly that, where we would, and why.” This month, we’ve got a number of tips from travel

professionals that should make that trip not only doable; but, safer, easier and more affordable. Always asking for a discount is Sean Graw from Brad’s Deals best tip. “A big part of travel stigma for seniors can be the cost associated with it, especially for those living on a fixed income. One thing I would suggest for inexperience senior travelers is to ALWAYS ask for a 16

discount, whether it’s on a plane ticket, hotel room, restaurant, or other attraction. Many businesses have senior discounts of up to 25% that exist despite being under-publicized. Brad’s Deals actually has a huge senior discount list with plenty of travel discounts on it - here it is: senior-discounts”

Many seniors have expressed an interest in traveling with others, but don’t have friends they can go with. Angela J. Rabatin, an authority on the 50-plus demographic, says that this is an important issue for seniors. “What would encourage age 60+ individuals to travel -- whether solo or with a spouse or companion -- is travel that encourages social interaction. This is not as apparent as it sounds. “While some alone time is desirable, meaningful social interaction enriches the travel experience and the person. And, as the saying goes, it is easier said than done. “It calls for more than the typical group tour of a museum or having communal meals -- categorized as mere social contact -- and requires a level of sophistication on the professional travel planner’s part. “Mere social contact puts us on the road to social interaction but social interaction is mutually oriented and can result in new friendships -- very important to this demographic. Think of it as a booster shot for happiness, and even health, for the age 60+ traveler (and the travel industry).”

Sandy Lipkowitz, Stitch’s Travel Expert, agrees that companionship can be key. Sandy is Stitch’s travel spokesperson and has organized a successful trip with Stitch members to Mexico and in November will take a number of Stitch members to Europe, and planning a possible trip to Cuba in 2016. “One size does not fit all,” says Lipkowitz. “That applies to Baby Boomer travel fantasies too. “Some boomers want to travel the USA and see all the National Parks. Some have Alaska on their ‘Bucket List’. Others are more adventurous; safari in Africa, sail to the Antarctic, see the polar bears in Svalbard, hike the Inca Trail. The “Old World’ charm of Europe calls to some; while the exotic Far East speaks to others. Memories of the Vietnam War have some wanting to see what South East Asia is like today. Who doesn’t want to see a kangaroo or a Koala in their natural habitat? And of course many dream of a trip to the Holy Land. “What Baby Boomers do share in common is a new lifestyle. The kids are out of college; gone are tuition payments. These “Empty Nesters” are still active. Many may be retired. They have sacrificed for family and work for decades. Now it is their time to take advantage of their health before the physical limitations set in. “For some Baby Boomers their travel companion is missing; divorce, death, never married. When asked what would they like to do most, but don’t have anyone to do it with, the answer is travel. “Stitch addresses that issue head on by creating wonderful escorted travel itineraries that Baby Boomers want. Suggesting roommates can avoid the single supplement that can range from 30-100%. Most important, providing a group of age appropriate individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of travel, with fun loving, like-minded individuals. People form deep emotional connections with each other when they travel together. Stitch can facilitate creating these experiences for single Boomers. That’s a travel fantasy come true.”

There are a number of books available to help the inexperienced traveler. Here’s one especially for women. “I work with Grand Circle Travel and Overseas Adventure Travel, sister companies that offer distinctive international vacations for travelers over 50,” says Joe Cohen. “The two companies work with senior travelers of all experience levels and have ushered a number of inexperienced senior travelers through far-reaching trips. “Additionally, Overseas Adventure Travel has recently authored an eBook that features 101 tips for women travelers, a helpful guide for women traveling alone or in groups and a good resource for inexperienced female travelers: “Grand Circle Travel was founded in 1958 by Ethel Andrus, the same year she founded the AARP. You can read more about Grand Circle as well as its charitable foundation which has donated more than $50M to educational, humanitarian and cultural organizations worldwide at Additional info on its sister company, Overseas Adventure Travel, is at” Summing it up, our recommendation is to reach out for help. Many travel agents and senior centers have experienced senior travelers who can offer dozens of tricks and tips to make your vacation a success. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re nervous – we all had to start somewhere. If you want to go, we’d love to help you get there. Drop us a note anytime with your travel concerns, and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction. Next month we’ll be focusing on the many options to protect yourself and your investment when you travel. 17


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Dia de los Muertos festivities typically take place on All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and All Souls Day (Nov. 2) but they can continue all week. Read more on our blog. 18

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S. tend to fear death and feel ves, Mexicans realize death is d celebrate it, even laughing skulls and face painting done

people as they enter the park parted loved ones.

Cemeteries are decorated to honor those deceased and food is set out for past relatives to enjoy. Picnics are often held in cemeteries and Mexicans believe the spirits will join in their festivities, bringing the family back together. 19

Xcaret - Riviera Maya For seniors, this is a perfect vacation destination. The main park, simply called Xcaret (pronounced loosely like: esssssh-car’et), was the first in a now growing line of parks. No roller coasters, no death defying rides, just beautiful things to see and ways to relax. Read more about Xcaret on our blog. 20

Located in the Riviera Maya, Xcaret is an eco-archaological theme park that offers land and water attractions of interest to all ages. Jump in a raft and cruise the river that flows through the park or if you’re up for excitement, grab a rope zip line and sail over the lake. Explore architectural ruins found on the site or swim into one of many water-filled caves. More than 40 attractions will fill an entire day.

Xcaret is an all-inclusive park just 35 miles south of Cancun’s airport, and is a great place to both relax and soak up the Mayan culture.

Watch a video of the sights and sounds of Xcaret including many scenes from the nightly spectacular dinner show that tells the history of Mexico. 21

Grand Velas was named one of the 25 best all-inclusive resorts in the entire world by Trip Advisor. And you can tell you are in for a treat when you realize you are staying at the only AAA Five Diamond resort in the Caribbean. The water, the food and the service are unmatched. Read more about Grand Velas on our blog. 22

Grand Velas is located directly west of Cozumel. 23

Get on that pony and ride... In case you haven’t been off your couch for a while, you might not realize that gas prices were the lowest they’ve been in 10 years this past Labor Day. That means it’s a perfect time for a road trip.

Interested in going to Cuba?

All signs are pointing to that market opening up in 2016.

Is a roadtrip safer than staying home? There are any number of ways to injure yourself, but did you ever wonder what sends the majority of your friends to the emergency room? Here’s how it breaks down when you start breaking down.

The AP says unnamed sources suggest air service will begin then for US passengers and unnamed government sources claim a ferry service will begin operating then as well.

Already Verizon is poised to offer roaming wireless cellphone service there. So it all seems to be coming together.


All aboard the “It’s the Great Pumpkin Patch Express” Bardstown, KY

October 3 & 4, 2015

Where is the “pumpkin patch” the excursion takes guests to? The pumpkin patch is actually the New Haven City Park, located within minutes of the Kentucky Railway Museum; however, the excursion goes in the opposite direction to reach the park in order to give guests a full 45-minute train ride. After all the activities in the park, visitors board the train for a short ride back to the museum. Is there a fee for any of the activities at the pumpkin patch? The $20 ticket fee covers everything; there is no extra fee for the activities at the pumpkin patch. What type of PEANUTS merchandise is available in the KRM gift shop? A limited amount of PEANUTS-branded merchandise is available in the gift shop, including shirts, stuffed characters and music CDs. Do I need to make reservations for the Great Pumpkin Patch Express? Yes, advanced reservations are required. Will excursions be added if the Oct. 3 and 4 dates/times sell out? Unfortunately, no additional excursions will be added. ----------About the Kentucky Railway Museum Kentucky Railway Museum is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization located in New Haven, Ky., a short drive from historic Bardstown in Nelson County. It is the only train-related attraction in the state with both a model layout and train excursions. Visitors recapture the romance of a bygone era through exhibits and aboard a restored passenger train that links the past to the present and small-town America to the world on a 22-mile excursion through the Rolling Fork River Valley. The 5,000-square-foot museum is a replica of the original brick L&N New Haven depot and holds more than 70 pieces of rail equipment, plus dining car exhibit, ticket office and a display of steam locomotive whistles. Tracks display restored rolling stock. The museum hosts rail celebrities, including Thomas The Tank Engine™, and offers themed excursions: train robberies, mystery theatre, meals a la the Golden Era of Railroad Dining. The museum accommodates groups, reunions, field trips and birthday and anniversary celebrations.

Photos courtesy of the Kentucky Railway Museum


New version of the popular camera app, "Camera MX", released. Unique feature simplifies photographing hard-to-capture moments. Have you ever tried to capture a still photograph of a laughing child or take a photo of a large group without anyone blinking? These types of photographs are fairly difficult to take, and the perfect moment is usually over even before you manage to press the shutter release. NEW – The Shoot the Past feature Version 3 of the "Camera MX" photo app has been newly redesigned and now provides assistance for photographing hardto-capture moments. Shoot the Past mode grants users the ability to go back in time up to three seconds before the shutter release was pressed to select and save missed shots. Photos that depend on good timing (e.g. lightning, fireworks, group and baby photos) are now easier to make with Camera MX. Extensive but easy photo and video editing Camera MX contains plenty of new features and options for easy editing. The completely redesigned user interface helps users quickly and easily produce the photos of their dreams. Thanks to a wide range of photo editing options (brightness adjustment, photo rotation, contrast, saturation and color temperature) and many free Live Filters (HDR, Lomo, mirror, kaleidoscope, automatic optimization, overlays and textures), users can quickly and easily touch up selfies and other types of photos. Camera MX also allows users to easily and extensively edit videos and apply filters to them. Camera MX is available now for free in the Google Play store and is compatible with all versions of Android 2 .3 o r higher. Check it out on Google Play. 26

Planning to do some leaf peeping? Time to update your GPS and your maps

I got the email notice below from TomTom recently, and it’s a good reminder to update your mapping software if you’ll be doing a lot of driving this fall. It’s amazing to see how many roads change each year, and if you’re approaching one of those multiple option intersections, it sure is nice to have as much visual information as possible. If you are using one of the newer GPS units from TomTom, chances are that your new upgrade maps are free. Merely load the desktop app on your computer, connect your GPS, and the software will update itself. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, updating could possibly take quite some time. Plan don’t want to do it right before you jump in the car. One more hint, before you go off in search of fall colors, grab some Polaroid sunglasses. They’ll really make those colors pop. You might be surprised just how much better the trees look.

Pack these for your next roadtrip

Shavetech razor recharges with USB

Case Logic Pro DSLR Kontrast Backpack holds an incredible amount of camera gear, with two tripod holders as well.

Goal Zero Flip 20 is a pocketable power source to recharge your phone multiple times.

Inateck AL4001 gives you four full-power USB ports from your cigarette lighter. 27

Capti This app will read news stories, saved documents or even books while you drive, garden or exercise. After 8 months of work, Capti Narrator v2.0 for iOS has just been released. This free app makes listening to digital content even more convenient with new content sources, read-along view, enhanced navigation, new high quality voices, and premium plan subscription. New in this release: • Now you can read track content visually, and Capti will highlight every word it reads • You can use the table of content or navigate by page, sentence, paragraph, heading, etc. • With Capti extension, you can import content from Safari, Chrome, Opera and many other apps by using the Share button • You now have access to over 49,000 free books from Gutenberg • Import your documents from Microsoft’s OneDrive • Try our full-text search – pull down on the Playlist • Configure the speech rate for each language indi vidually • Capti is now fully compatible with the iPad – syn chronize with your iPhone playlist • Capti is also substantially more reliable • Free Voice Upgrade: the top quality voices are now even better • Try the new amazing high-quality voices: Sharon and kid Justin (U.S. English), Lisa (Australian En glish), Rhona (Welsh English), kids Jonas and Lea (German), kids Emilio and Valeria (U.S. Spanish and English), and Rodrigo (Spanish)

Watch a video


Kickstarters with potential


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