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APR 15 - JUL 15 · 2013


phc Fotografía: Raúl Díaz

RULES #STSTREET13 1 / INTRODUCING PHOTOCERTAMEN’S “SHOOT THE STREET 2013 #STSTREET13 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION Street photography deals with photographers capturing everyday situations in urban public places, such as street scenes, parks, rail stations, shopping centres, and so on. The urban photographer attempts to capture the soul of the city in each scene, portraying the interactions among its people as actors on the urban landscape. Of the interplay of positive and negative space, urban fixtures, traffic, the ambience enveloping the scene, pace, inhabitants and their customs, the photographer acts as witness: a reflection in a shop window, a shadow, a pedestrian lost in thought, birds, the nervous hands of an old lady, a smile. A kiss, a sleeping subway passenger, coffee at a sidewalk café, the patience of waiting at a bus stop, another shadow. Maybe you. Different scenes, different actors. Time transforms the scene, sometimes abruptly. Shoot first, ask questions later. Photocertamen is pleased to announce the "SHOOT THE STREET 2013 #STSTREET13" competition, open to all those lovers of photography who wish to test their talent by taking the pulse of the street.

3 / ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE COMPETITION #STSTREET13 3.1 / TARGET GROUP This announcement is public and is addressed to all amateur photographers and/or professionals over the age of 14 (fourteen.) The scope of this announcement is international, meaning that participants from any country may enter. The participation of any member of the jury, photocertamen Competition organizers, or of any persons that may directly or indirectly have any personal, professional or any other type of relationship with them, is expressly prohibited.

3.2 / PRIZES First prize Cash prize of €1,200 EUR* Public exposition in the Madrid Metro, in Madrid, Spain. Publication on the photocertamen web site. Publication in the digital magazine published by photocertamen. 9 Honourable Mentions Public exposition in the Madrid Metro, in Madrid, Spain. Publication on the photocertamen web site. Publication in the digital magazine published by photocertamen.

2 / PURPOSE OF THE COMPETITION #STSTREET13 It is a distinct pleasure for photocertamen to hereby invite you to participate in a Street Photography competition.

CATEGORY A single category has been set for this edition: URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY

The winning entry as well as the honourable mentions will form part of an exhibit dedicated exclusively to this contest, which will take place in the Madrid Metro, in Madrid, Spain, during the month of September 2013. (Note: Only one prize or honourable mention per participant may be awarded. In the event that two or more entries by the same author are selected for recognition, the one receiving the highest ranking from the jury will be chosen.) [*Approximately equivalent to $1,550 USD]

NUMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHS For this edition, a maximum of 3 (three) photographs per entry has been set. Each photograph must be susceptible to independent evaluation.



RULES #STSTREET13 3.3 / JURY The members of the 2013 jury shall be:

José Manuel Alorda

Maria Plòtnikova



Marcelo Caballero

Carlos Prieto



Luis Camacho

Domingo Venero


Photographer For this event, the jury will be made up by Jose Manuel Alorda, Marcelo Caballero, Luis Camacho, Carlos Prieto y Domingo Venero, five representatives from the highly regarded “Calle 35” urban photography group. Maria Plotnikova, member of the international “Street

Gonzalo Höhr

Photographers” group, will also be joining us on the jury.


Finally, also joining us will be documentary photographer Gonzalo Hohr, Director of “Al-liquindoi,” the international photography workshop platform. For more information concerning the jury, please consult our web site at The jury's decision shall be final and is not subject to appeal. The jury may not declare the competition null and void, meaning that payment of the prize is guaranteed under any event.



RULES #STSTREET13 3.4 / SCHEDULE The following schedule has been set for this edition:


Early registration period begins. Inquiry period begins


Early registration period ends


Regular registration period begins


Regular registration period ends Inquiry period ends Deadline for submitting entries


Publication deadline for the jury's decision


Submission deadline for files of the winning and/or mentioned entries





JULY 01 15 31


Fotografía: Raúl Díaz



RULES #STSTREET13 3.5 / SITE AND COMPETITION REGISTRATION Still not a photocertamen user? By filling out the registration form with your first and last name, country, e-mail and password, you will automatically

PREFERRED PAYMENT METHODS Pay-Pal You may pay the amount to the following Pay-Pal account:

create your user profile and receive a confirmation e-mail. This is a quick, simple, and safe on-line payment method.

Once registered, you may participate in any of the

PayPal protects you for the total amount of this purchase.

COMPETITIONS that we organize: upload entries, monitor all

Payment of the registration fee shall be valid immediately.

the contests in which you participate, verify the payment

No commissions apply for the use of this payment service.

status of your entries, and so on. Already a photocertamen user? Access your user account, entering your e-mail address and your password. You may now submit entries for the #STSTREET13 COMPETITION. Entries must be made through the website, during the time periods indicated in the schedule set for this edition, using any one of the payment forms indicated below:

Credit card The payment may be made via the virtual Point-of-Sale on the website. This is a quick, simple, and safe on-line payment method. Payment of the registration fee shall be valid immediately. No commissions apply for the use of this payment service.

ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT METHODS Bank transfer For payments made by BANK TRANSFER, the registration code must be expressly stated in order to guarantee proper

3.6 / FEES The following per-entry fees have been set for this edition: Entry fee for during early registration: €15 plus VAT* [approx. $19 USD, plus VAT] (15/04/2013 > 30/06/2013) Entry fee during regular registration: €18 plus VAT* [approx. $23 USD plus VAT] (01/07/2013 > 15/07/2013) *The VAT applicable as of today's date is 21%, making the total for Early €18.15; and for Regular €21.78 [Early approx. $23 USD; Regular approx. $27 USD]

registration of the contestant. A voucher of the transfer must also be sent by e-mail to the following address: Payments via bank transfer must be made to the following account: Bank: LaCaixa Account holder: CERTAMEN, ACADEMIC COMPETITIONS, S.L. Account number: 2100 8460 98 0200024216 Concept: <Indicate entry submission code> Example: STSTREET13-LKJW

IBAN: ES0721008460980200024216 SWIFT (BIC): CAIXESBBXXX Any commissions or expenses applicable to the use of this payment service are payable by the participant. It is a simple and safe payment method. Registration will be validated in approximately 72 hours, depending on the country of origin of the order issue. Commission or management fees applicable to the use of this service are payable by the participant. For all intents and purposes, the date of registration shall be the date on which payment of the registration is received, and not the date on which the transfer is issued. In this regard, an entry shall be considered correctly registered when payment is received within the scheduled period for this edition as indicated above. Entry fees are not refundable, except in the case of clerical error in payment amounts or duplicate payment.



RULES #STSTREET13 3.7 / ENTRY SUBMISSIONS Only images in digital format are admissible, either taken with a digital camera or converted from quality scans of

this competition. The winning and honourable-mention participants will be asked for image file copies at the maximum quality and size possible for exhibition and

negatives or slides.

published dissemination, as indicated in the "COPYRIGHTS"

The images can be uploaded directly by visiting the user's

scheduled period shall disqualify the entry.

section of these rules. Not submitting this file in the

area on the website, before midnight (24:00 hours GMT+1) on the date indicated in the schedule set for this edition as “Deadline for submitting entries.”

3.8 / EVALUATION CRITERIA The jury will evaluate the photographs entered using the

Once an entry has been uploaded to the photocertamen

following considerations, although not necessarily in this

web site, the images may only be replaced or deleted within


the entry submission period. Originality of the photograph. Uploaded entries must be in the JPEG file format, with a

Technical quality: sharpness, contrast, colours…

maximum resolution of 1,500 pixels on the longest side, a

Artistic quality: scenario, motive, frame…

maximum file size of 2 Mb, and containing no added legends, frames, or borders. The mandatory file nomenclature is based on the edition of the competition (STSTREET13), the entry code assigned to the submission, and a sequential image number, separated by hyphens. Example file names: STSTREET13-LKJW-01.jpeg, STSTREET13-LKJW-02.jpeg, STSTREET13-LKJW-03.jpeg.

FURTHER STIPULATIONS Regarding image processing, the typical adjustments of digital development are admissible: lighting adjustment, saturation, contrast levels, colour temperature, focus, and removal of dirt specks. Moderate image re-framing, straightening, and correction of

3.9 / VOTING METHODS The winning and honourable-mention participants will be selected anonymously as indicated in the "EVALUATION CRITERIA" section of these rules. The jury may reject those photographs that do not conform to the guidelines laid out by these rules.

3.10 / INQUIRIES During the inquiry period shown on the competition schedule, the following e-mail address will be the disposal of the participants, where they may send as many inquiries as they deem necessary.

distortion are allowed. (Alterations to and manipulations of the image, or parts of it, that result in the photograph reflecting a reality other than that photographed are not permitted.) Converting images into black and white is allowed. The jury may request clarifications that it considers advisable regarding any images from participants reaching the final phase of deliberations. The winning or honourable-mention participants may be requested to provide the original file from the camera capture (RAW or JPEG), or the original slide or negative, as the case may be. Submitted entries do not necessarily have to be unpublished prior to this competition. Preferably, submitted entries will not have received awards prior to

3.11 / COPYRIGHTS The participants must be the authors of each and every one of the photographs submitted, or if not, they must possess the corresponding intellectual property rights. Participants are fully responsible for there being no third-party rights legally pertaining to the images, nor any standing claims regarding image rights. The winning and honourable-mention participants confer, at no charge and in a NON-EXCLUSIVE manner, the public distribution rights of the submitted images on any medium to CERTAMEN, ACADEMIC COMPETITIONS, S.L, solely for their use in publications related to this competition and for the promotion of subsequent editions, in any of the contests organized by the company, without limitation of means, time or geographic space.



RULES #STSTREET13 In the event any of the images is employed for the purposes stated in the previous paragraph, the author’s name will be expressly indicated.

THANK YOU PHOTOCERTAMEN wishes to thank all of the companies, organizations, and professionals involved for their

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the authors of the photographs shall retain full rights over the images for any other future use.

dedication to and collaboration with this event, with special mention of the members of the jury, without whom this competition would not have been possible.

3.12 / OTHER CONSIDERATIONS The personal data provided by the contestants shall be processed according to the provisions of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal


Information, with their being able to exercise their rights of


access, correction and cancellation by contacting the website’s administrators. By the act of registering, the contestants authorize photocertamen to send them by e-mail information related


to this competition and to promotion of subsequent editions of any of the competitions organized by the company. The mere act of submitting an entry to this edition of the COMPETITION PHOTOCERTAMEN implies full acceptance of these rules. The organization reserves the right to resolve, according to

APR 15 - JUL 15 · 2013

its best judgment, any eventuality that might not be


considered herein, against which no appeal may be filed. The organization reserves the right to modify these rules, for the sole purpose of favouring enhancement of the competition. Any modification shall be communicated to all the participants at the e-mail addresses provided during the registration process. Payment of the cash prize shall be made in compliance with the tax regulations in effect in the recipient’s country of tax

Fotografía: Raúl Díaz



phc Fotografía: Fernando Alda




Photocertamen ststreet13 rules  

"Shoot the Street #STSTREET13" - Photography Competition - Rules

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