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CocoBeach Resort Island of Ambergris Caye San Pedro Town

Russ & Peachy Chappell Joe & Lenoir Randle

June 2018

Ambergris Caye (pronounced Am-BUR-gris or Am-BURgrease Key) is the largest of some 200 cayes that dot the coastline of Belize. Ambergris is 25 miles long and a little over a mile wide, in some places, and it is located in the clear shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea just off the tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. 1

Welcome to Our Vacation

Belize is a fairly young nation, having gained independence only in 1981. Even though the country is young, some of the symbols that represent the nation were developed even before Belize became a crown colony. The symbols represent a unified nation that the early nationalists carved out of various interest groups in the 1950s. This was the genius of early nationalists – they unified a highly stratified and divided society. The national symbols portray this goal as well as a respect for the natural environment.


If you are traveling to Belize in search of adventure, mystery or simply a quiet get-away, Maya Island Air can help you get to your destination in comfort with safety as our top priority. Our fleet is designed to carry three to twelve passengers comfortably and are equipped with storage bays for luggage. We had a fifteen minute flight to San Pedro Airport... then a fifteen minute drive to our Coco Beach Resort Penthouse Suite. Thanks to Ms Peachy for putting this awesome vacation together for us... Thanks...


Secret Beach

An awesome beach and very relaxing... crystal clear water... great food and even a foot massage...



Where Is Secret Beach? Heading north past the bridge, there is one road about a mile and half north of the bridge that will take you to the west side (or the back side) of the island. It takes your from the reef side to a limestone area with small trees and mangroves with an occasional off the grid house. You take that road about three miles until you hit "Secret Beach" on the west side (leeward) of the island.



Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley

Many say that snorkeling Hol Chan is as impressive as snorkeling the best spots in the world. Perhaps for this reason Hol Chan is considered the most popular snorkel site in Belize. Just about 4 miles south of San Pedro Town, or a short 15 minute boat ride, Hol Chan, Mayan for “little Channel” and “quebrado” in Spanish, is home to over 160 species of fish, along with nearly 40 species of corals, 5 sponges, 8 algaes, 2 seagrasses, 3 marine mammals and 3 species of sea turtle. Schools of jacks, groupers & snappers come to greet us... as we were guided and pulled by Peppa off to the channel’s edge where vibrant coral forms crevices and an overhang where green eels and lobsters dwell.


Our next adventure is at Shark Ray Alley, lying just 3 minutes from Hol Chan. Here, Nurse Sharks and Southern Stingrays politely greet you as you arrive to visit them. At Shark Ray Alley, not only did we feel the excitement and novelty of swimming with large numbers of nurse sharks and sting rays, we did swim with schools of fish that congregate there to feed.


CrocS Nothing like a beautiful Belize Sunset... great appetizers... and most of all... family friends to enjoy a wonderful evening in Belize...

Crocs Sunset Bar & Grill is a 5,500 Sq Ft, multi-level sports bar & grill on the water with amazing views. Starting at 15' off the ground and rising 50' in the air offers cool tropical breezes with no bugs or mosquitoes. Sports and more Sports with 15 big screen TV's and 360 degree views of Ambergris Caye.



Caramba Restaurant

Caramba Restaurant is a bar and grill that offers Caribbean and Mexican cuisines, as well as seafood. As far as service and setting, you can expect the formality to be informal. This dining option is on the table during both dinner and lunch, so make time to try it. You could discover flavors you've been missing all your life.



Photos San Pedro Town

The Belize City Swing Bridge is a swing bridge located in downtown Belize

City, Belize. It connects the north side of Belize City with the south side and spans Haulover Creek, a tributary of the Belize River.





Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Crooked Tree Wild Life Sanctuary (CTWS) is a protected area in Belize. It is recognized as a Wetland of International Importance. It was designated as a waterfowl habitat on April 22, 1998 under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. During Belize’s dry season many resident and migratory birds find refuge in the lagoons. The sanctuary contains 16,400 acres of lagoons, creeks, log wood swamps, broad leaf forest and pine savanna, home to hundreds of species of wildlife. The Sanctuary protects globally endangered species including the Central American River Turtle (locally known as Hicatee), Mexican Black Howler Monkey, and Yellow-headed Parrot.[3] The Jabiru stork (upper left photo) is Crooked Tree’s most famous resident. Belize has the largest nesting population of these great birds in all of Central America. Jabiru storks arrive in November to nest in the lowland pine savannas. Two pairs of Jabiru storks are known to nest within the Sanctuary. After the young fledge, in April and May, the birds from the northern and central parts of Belize congregate at Crooked Tree Lagoons. When the rains come, the birds leave to return again the following November.


Thanks to our guide for

showing us the Sanctuary... we enjoyed watching and photographing many birds in the Sanctuary... I will share a few of my favorite photos... and thanks to Russ for helping spot these birds...


Community Baboon Sanctuary

The Black Howler Monkey (called ‘baboon’ in the local Creole dialect), locally known as the baboon in English or the saraguate in Spanish, is the main species of interest in the reserve. A total of 28 troops were identified in the area in 1985. The Howler population has grown from 840 at this point to over 1000 by 1988. Territories are occupied by anything from a single animal to groups of 10. Before 1970, the Black Howler Monkey was thought to be a sub-species of A. palliata, which ranges throughout Central America. The Howler Monkeys are in their natural habitat. The search for the many Families of Monkeys in the Rainforest is both thrilling and educational. 20


Coco Beach Resort

This property is located 3.5 miles north of San Pedro on the coast of Ambergis Caye and offers guests 2 outdoor swimming pools, on-site restaurants and sports facilities. Each air-conditioned villa and suite at this luxurious resort comes with a spacious dining and living area, as well as a flatscreen TV, free toiletries and sea and pool views. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. The resort’s Cocoblanca restaurant serves international food and Caribbean dishes and it is open for lunch and dinner. The Coco CafÊ is open from 7:00 to 15:00 and serves pastries and breakfast snacks. Guests at Coco Beach Resort enjoy use of kayaks, bicycles and paddle boats for a fee, while Mexico Rocks snorkeling site is only 6 km from the property. San Pedro Airport is 550 metres from the property.








2018 Belize Vacation  

Randles & Chappels Vacation on Ambergris Caye...

2018 Belize Vacation  

Randles & Chappels Vacation on Ambergris Caye...