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Graphics Design

PORTFOLIO Phonphrom Ngamsompornpong

D e s i g n STATEMENT

Design is a part of our everyday life. It is everything around us, every objects, every shape. I believe graphic is everything in imagine and we can make it real. Something we can’t imagin to see how is it work but with graphic designer we can change people perspective mind to see how it is possible. As graphic designer I believe graphics can help you to decide something you never see before and they can help you how to change something is very simple look more interest. Graphic is a double edged sword if they use in a wrong side. I believe graphic is the beginning of almost thing in the world as a advertise, interior design, entertainment and etc.


I’m Phonphrom Ngamsompornpong, my friends call me Boom. My interest in computer graphics and multimedia came through playing video games. My inspiration is come from the graphics within these games.

My Profiencies 09/10






Maxon Cinema 4D Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point Final Cut Pro

Motorcycle gear oil package design Client : SBJ Motorsport

3D simulation of showcase of Yakultman to show how is it look if become real Client : Manager of Yakult(Thailand) Co., Ltd Ayutthaya

3D simulation of process display cabinet. Client : Manager of Yakult(Thailand) Co., Ltd Ayutthaya

3D simulation of the hall inside the Yakult factory. Client : Manager of Yakult(Thailand) Co., Ltd Ayutthaya.

Editing is the hardest part to get the inspiration. Editing can change the people perspective thinking about the film. Work: Mockumentary Inter view

The hockey mask is represent to the evil character from Friday the 13th series Concept: Disgusting

This photograph is about forgotten memories and nostalgia. Concept: Abandon Memories

Portfolio - Phonphrom  
Portfolio - Phonphrom