Issuu on Google+ Discusses Benefits and Advantages of Solar Chargers Life is becoming continuously dependent on technologically advanced smartphones, for big and small jobs alike. Whether we’re looking up hotels or restaurants on Yelp, downloading the latest apps, or texting a picture of our cute dog to our parents, our smartphones are capable of endless tasks. But what is still frustrating is the low battery power of these cell phones. With a phone almost living up to the expectations of every little need, the regular functionality is yet questioned for its battery backups. is a device which strives to provide all the answers and solutions for a sustainable and reliable battery backup, all by promoting information on portable solar chargers. In one of its first articles about the importance of a portable solar charger, marketing manager and head of overseas business states, “Tech companies are working towards preserving energy. It is no longer just about designing devices and gadgets; it is also about the efficiency of those gadgets and devices. The most efficient energy resource is solar power. Apart from being the energy resource for nature, tapped solar energy can also be a great source of power for our gadgets and devices.” He thoroughly discusses the numerous benefits of a cell phone solar charger. One can take them anywhere even if there is no electrical plug, as long as there is sunlight exposure. This enables a person to stay outdoors without being worried. They help to maximize battery life and require low maintenance. They are also quiet, safe, reliable, and easy to use. There could be rise in demand for solar chargers for phones, starting with leading companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and others. Things are already processing with the new iPhone solar charger available in the market that has been bought for its exceptional functionality and cost effective qualities. “Smart phones also have built-in solar cells that operate and run on these environmentally friendly devices,” quotes the manager. “These USB solar chargers allow smart phone users to roam freely, without the use of traditional batteries.” For more information, please visit Discusses Benefits and Advantages of Solar Chargers