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Phoenix Rising  Fellowship  (SWC) Tuesday, June Volume 1, Issue 1

Warrior’s Womb

From the Editor... It is official!

Inside this issue: Or iginal Ar t w ork


Solst ice M edit ation


Seasonal Recipe


M other -Wife War r ior


Poetic L icense


Hum or H earth


Tool F orging


F ond M emor ies...


Pr oject M ont hly Ta r ot


Special points of interest:

It's Summer once again; the season for reaching out and connecting socially. Things heat up and connections happen in so many ways that it can be overwhelming at times trying to keep up with all of the changes in life. There is family, work, finances, unfinished or late projects, healt h, traffic, news of world events, government; ulti mately engaging the World itself. This season brings with it a senseof gett ing motivated towards getting healt hy, going to the beach, making vows of marriage or handfasting, and indulging in nature's nectar, ambrosia or aqua vitae. It is interesti ng to note that when Earth-centric practitioners talk about the next leg of our journey after this plane of existence, it is often fondly re- flected upon as the Summerland. Coincidence? I think not. In this issue, members have donated quick and fiery recipes, personal thoughts on the hastened pace of life itself, and a meditation to aid in bringing honored awareness for this cycle of the year. There is also an essay on the pros and cons of forging a personal connection with one's own tools, an astrological forecast, beautiful artwork expressive of the season, and many pictures from and of the Phoenix Rising Fellowship (SWC) at large. As the heat of the Sun rallies its children to passionate action. Take risks, take calculated risks, and have fun. Summer is the stuff that dreams are made of.


• Original Artwork:

Thanks goes out to the following members who submitted their original work: R achel L ich tenberg er

Will Mc Cole

Allison Redding

Shadow R avenwing

Te arie Swoboda (P RF M om) By PRF’s very own Teresa Wafford (Jinx) on page 2.

T err esa Wafford (Jinx)

Wit hout your contributions, this publication would not have happened. Thank you!

Your community is indebted to you.

Original  artwork by Teresa Wafford (Jinx)

P a g e  3

Warrior’s Womb

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e  1

Solstice Meditation By Te ar ie Sw oboda (PRF Mom) BreathHold up your head and feel the kiss of the sun- The warmth it gives your skin with its touchThe feeling of warm and comforting embrace. Float up to it…join the clouds dancing across the skies, blue and calm with puffy clouds…feel the sun warmer and let yourself soak up its energy Reach out your wings…let the sunbeams sparkle on them…and gather those sunbeams to hold within you. Soar and whirl; enjoy this frolic.

Tearie Swoboda  (PRF Mom)

Skim the treetops as they sway. They also reach for the sun harvesting its energy-feel the dappled light as you fly beneath the trees, how the sun sparkles through the leaves mak- ing them shimmer. Look at the berries and fruits growing getting fat from all the energies they absorb and see all the animals grazing on the plants gathering what has been infused by the sun. Land softly.. Feel the warmth of the grass in your toes and the dirt of Earth warmed and sometimes baked by the sun. Fold your wings and sit once again and feel the Earth where it takes longer to warm, feel its life and relax. Feel the energies collected and bring them home to you . Reach out with this collected energy to your community and weave within its tapestry like a basket of sundried grasses where all weaving of it makes it stronger.

“In everything natural there is  something  marvelous.” — 

Take some of that energy you gathered and use it here…direct it towards your prayer beads -charge them so all the individual beads may be energized from their use. BreathNow return to yourself. This time and place-gather up your energy and hold it and feel yourself sitting here. Join back to here and now and relax; one more breath and home.


South-West Seasoning by T ear ie Sw oboda(PRF Mom) Use on fresh or steamed vegetables, popcorn or other healthy Summer foods. 2 tbs cumin 2 tbs chili powder 1 tsp salt Mix together and sprinkle.

Warrior’s Womb 1

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e 

P a g e  4

Mother-Wife Warrior: In My Head By All ison Redding The world is spinning the same as it always has only I am beginning to see things in a different light. We as humans measure the linear and honestly think that we get our con- cept of time off a rotation that is not exactly linear. I see the events of this current time. Looking throughout history, although things now seem to be crazy and spiraling out of control, it is no different from any historic moment you may choose due to the repetition of historical events. I am overwhelmed by recent events regardless of how close I may be to the actual people or situation. I am no longer trying to make sense of the tragedies because "It just is." I offer my sympathy and I am saddened by recent events, but we must all cry our tears and move on. The world has yet to stop spinning and the beauty that was in our loved ones still remains in the world around us. Whether it be a star lit night, a full moon, a rainbow, or even something as simple as the cool breeze kissing the sweat on your face as it passes by. So take comfort in the cool mist or down poor of rain, the songs of spring, the cuddle of a loving pet or a nice ride on a motor bike. Take in the scenery and wonder of our Mother and give thanks.

Poetic License Note to Self——

"I f you look ar ound and t hink the worl d is mi ssing somet hing,

By E, Shadow R avenw ing I am the darknessthat lays in the night the hidden secrets that need no light For whispers speed me on my way as falling shadows dance and play And mocking laughter rings like bells on deaf ears that one cannot tell Of your sufferings and sins to bare for in truth for whom would care For only of yourself you must rely for it is better off live then to Die

For the truth is none too clear that it is all up to us to hold our self-Dear That no one’s opinion should rank above that we hold ourselves with Love And dance we with the Moon's cool light and rise above the world's cruel fight For in our heart love is enough to share to teach all to learn to grow and Care For as always one thing is true --- Alas it is always just up to –You

April, 2011

it is pr obabl y the gift you we r e supposed to be br inging." — J ulie Cuccia Watts

P a g e  5

N e w s l e t t e r  T i t l e

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e  1

Poetic License Hot Summer Nights by Rachel L icht enber ger

Earthly passion, hot summer nights, swaying palm tr ees, Coconuts with sweet milk, water, licking the sand, Scents of tropical flowers, the melodies on the breezes, Together we walk, sweat running down our bodies, As the fire sinks into the water, So our passions rise with the tide. Years from now, we return and remember hot summer nights.

Humor Hearth: Charge of the Credit Card Goddess “In the mid st of wi nt er , I finally

Listen to the words of the Great Mall Mother, who of old was called Bargain Basement Shopper, Flea Market Browser, and The Half-Off Sale Spotter:

learned t hat t here w as in me an inv incible summer .” — Albert Camus

Whenever you have need of anything, or simply have an irresisti ble urge to spend money, once a month, or more often if your credit limit permits, and better it be when your charge card isn't overextended, you shall assemble in a huge place called The Mall, to adore the Spirit of Spending, AKA The Great Mall Mother. You shall be free to charge as much as you want, and as a sign that you be free, you shall have Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Sears, and J.C. Penney cards at your fingertips. Charge pagan CD's, charge herbs, candles, and Tarot cards, charge chocolate, charge anything that shall bring you ecstasy of the spirit and make your life more joyous on earth. For my law is CHARGEEVERYTHING! The charge card is the secret that opens the doors of all the shops in the mall. The Cauldron of Credit is the Holy Grail of unlimited spending and high finance charges. It gives knowledge of eternal debt in exchange for the freedom to buy what you want even when you can't afford it. It brings reun- ion with all your friends and neighbors who've also come unto the mall to use their plastic. Nor do I demand aught of sacrifi ce, except that you shall deposit your entire paycheck in the bank to cover your credit card bills, for behold, I am the bringer of all material things, and my account number, expiration date, and credit limit are poured out to all who apply and are found to qualify.

P a g e  6

N e w s l e t t e r  T i t l e

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e  1

Forging: WhoseTools Are They Anyway By Will McCole I'd like you to take a moment and do something before you read the rest of this article. Find me any one of your ritual tools or items and hold it in your hands for a few mo- ments. Take some time to remember when and where you got it. Think of times when you have used it. Reminisce some. Now, try to remember what makes it YOUR tool. Did you make it? Did you bury it in moist soil under a full moon? Have you tempered it with each of the elements in turn, and invoked blessings of the God and Goddess over it? Or did you see it in a shop, liked how it looked, and never gave it a second thought? It's one of the things I find curious - people sometimes forget some of what I consider the basic principles of the Craft. I use the term Craft rather than any particular path, brand or flavor since most of what I know crossesover pretty well. However you approach things, there are some basics which hold true for pretty much everyone. 1) Tools are used to aid or enhance ritual. Symbolic or material, for some things they're essential. 2) The power for anything Magical comes from within (or at least, is channeled through the performer). 3) Items consecrated (or Bound) to you are more receptive to your power and so more effective for your work. We can explore these basic concepts individually. "The best and most beau t iful things in th e w orld can not be seen or even touched—th ey must be felt wi th the hear t." — Helen Keller

Firstly, tools are aids. They're not where the Magic comes from, they're not what makes a ritual work. Admitt edly there are times when they're essential to certain things - it's hard to read cards without cards! - but even then it's more a case of the interpretation rather than the cards themselves. My athame is no more or less powerful than your athame. My pretty mimosa wand is equally as uselessas your quartz point. My tarot deck is just as pretty as yours. In relative power terms, a wand is a wand is a wand. They're all just basi- cally pointy sticks. Which brings us to the second point - Magical power (basically) comes from within. It might be something you channel, it might be summoned. It might be invoked with style and grace, it might be a quick and dirty cantrip. However it is done, the power goes through you one way or another. You are the conduit, you are the transformer, and you are the one who directs that power. Then we come to the final point. Anything consecrated to you is more receptive to your power. Not really something that should come as a surprise, the act of binding an item makes it YOUR item. Whether you believe that you're imbuing the item with a litt le of yourself, or simply attuning it better to your energy and vibration, the outcome is the same - things bound to you work better for you. Hence the practice of not letting others touch your tools in casethey add their energy to it. Your tools are YOUR tools, they're bound to you, they should be extensions of yourself. Every tool should fit your hand, every divination item should speak happily to you, and so on and so forth. Yet that does- n't always seem to be the case. Cont. on page 7

P a g e  7

N e w s l e t t e r  T i t l e

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e  1

Forging: WhoseTools Are They Anyway By Will McCole

Cont. from page 6:

The best analogy I can come up with is that using a wand attuned to someone else would be like having that persons fingers on your hand. Still your hand and still your energy, but those fingers aren't quite right for you. They're not your fingerprints that you leave behind, things don't quite fit as well as they otherwise should, and so everything is that little bit harder than it should be. Take a more real world example. Part of my belief is that the best way to honor the Crea- tor is to emulate him and create. Therefore, as much as possible I create my own tools. I also create tools for others, which is where things get interesting. If I make an athame for myself, I constantly reinforce into it 'You are MY athame, you are MY athame'. Saying, whispering, focused thought, it all pours into that tool whenever I work on it. However, when I make tools for others (or 'blank' tools), I have to do the opposite. Whilst I can do the reinforcement 'You are an athame', I can't claim it because it won't be mine - my en- ergy would contaminate it. Instead, I can only imbue that it will be the best athame it can possibly be and trust that the eventual recipient will add their own energy to it.

"I wou ld r at her have a mind opened by w onder t han one closed by beli ef." — Ger ry Spence

Hopefully they do add their energy! Since I don't take the chance they don't, the worst case is that they have an athame which knows what it is, just not who it is for. I'm not advocating that everyone make their own tools, that would be an almost ridiculous con- cept these days. For most people, there is neither the time nor skill required to make even half the ritual tools they use. Even if there was, who has the patience to design and make their own tarot deck, or the equipment to protect the cards to any usable degree? There's nothing wrong with buying your tools, you just have to make sure they become YOUR tools once you own them. Think of it somewhat like a dog. Anyone can buy a dog, but there's a difference between having a dog and owning a dog. Your magical tools should be things you OWN, not just things you have. Which then ties back to the title. Whose tools are you using? Your nice tarot deck was designed by a talented artist, printed and packaged by machine, and been through countless hands before you picked it up. Did you cleanse it, did you consecrate it, did you sleep with it under your pillow or by your bed, do you know the cards by sight, and name, and feel? Or are you using a deck which still resonates of someone else? Take your nice athame... did you personalize it in any way? Did you carve runes, or shapes, or even your name into it? Did you add a thread down the handle, or anything at all? Did you pass it through a flame, wave it in the air, plunge it in the dirt and rinse it in a stream? Or are you using an athame which still has the lingering intent of whoever made it rather than your own? Of course, you don't really need to do the whole massive consecration ceremony for your tools unless your path demands it. Even simply talking with your tools once in a while does a marvelous job of helping you bond with them. A good craftsman knows his tools, and it's no different in our Craft. Take time to learn how your tools feel, and where possi- ble put a little energy and effort into making them your own. Wind a thread down your wand, carve a rune or two in your athame, make a pouch for your tarot deck. It all helps get you more acquainted, and helps you become more att uned to each other.

P a g e  8

N e w s l e t t e r  T i t l e

Fond Memories:

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e  1

N e w s l e t t e r  T i t l e 1

V o l u m e  1 ,  I s s u e 

P a g e  9

Projected Monthly Tarot Reading By Gr ey Sage (A.S.A.D .)

For the month ahead: It's all too easy to talk someone into doing exactly what you want them to do when this card appears. It's a given that you'll get exactly what you want from them - you're quite powerful now. The question, however, is this: Do you want what you want so much that you're willing to lose your principles to have it? Think that over before you begin manipulating someone whose respect you really cherish. When the card of Judgment appears in the arena of career, it's time for you to either start or end a new way of earning your daily bread. Either way, you won't mind - at least, not once it's begun. The only thing is, you'll need to be sure you're ready to start this entirely new beginning without any regrets. If you go into it without any reservations, you'll do fine. Magic is in the air, thanks to the appearance of The Star. Think of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, and apply her adventure to your own life. You're about to be touched by the exquisite hand of fate - the kind of fate that's on your side. Don't waste this wonderful gift. If you need something, ask the Universe for it - and do be specific.

“Nat ure br ings to every time and season some beauties of its ow n.” — Charles D ick ens

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