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Catalogue Spring 09

File 2009 is brilliant - an ideal “ Fact companion to Essential Articles, which

is used daily in the Library here. Barbara Turner, Kings Langley School

accessible text and brilliant graphics “ Superb and the CD and online possibilities too -

worth its weight in gold!

Geoff Dubber, Chair, School Library Association • Now includes online access • FREE worksheets on web


See p3

Key Organisations

see p2

Essential Articles p5 Issues p2-4,10-11 Library Skills p6-8

Free digital guide to Fact File & Essential Articles on the web

Graphic novels p14

World issues posters p2


Order approval copies 01228 538928



World Issues Posters

Bullying dvd pack......16

• A monthly series of eye-catching A4 pdf posters

Classical Comics.........14

• Stunning photos highlighting key issues

Essential Articles ........5

• A personalised poster - you choose the wording!

Fact File 2009...............3

(The posters can be blown up to A3 size)

Food File .....................4 Food titles..........4,10,11


“Timely and full of impact” Joanna Godfree, Portsmouth Grammar School

Great Library Ideas......6 Issues.........2,3,4,5,10,11 Key Organisations.......2 Library posters.............7 Library skills..............6-8 LinksPlus Marc.............9 Maps..........................11 Online resources...2, 3,9

Reading Game.............8 Reading/library posters.. 7

ReadPlus......................9 Reference...................12 Shakespeare....12,14,15 Shorter Shakespeare...15 Study Skills.................13 WebLinks.....................9

A year’s subscription £19.95 + vat (12 posters + welcome poster) New poster emailed every month

Only £9.95 + vat for Fact File subscribers

Key Organisations 2009 Updated & reliable contacts guide – book, online & cd rom 3,000 organisations: pressure groups, charities & more. ‘One of the most useful resources in the library’ Penny Burton, Pudsey £35 or subscribe and save £10, Subscription only £25 (New edition on approval annually) Site licence only £9.95 + vat

FREE BOOK OFFER Try approval subscriptions to Essential Articles & Fact File: get free Key Organisations in the first year & then at the discounted price of £11.50 2

Sub s also cribers re fr ceive sing ee onlin le user e ac cess

Fact File 2009 includes online access

Fact File 2009 Essential statistics for today’s key issues • Full colour stunning presentation • Speedy & accessible • For use across the curriculum ‘Very impressive’ Jane Brooker, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls ‘Excellent resource’ Francis Coyne, Learning Resource Facilitator, Bexley College For age 14-18 Copiable 192 page book with online access (single user) & cd £49.95 or Subscribe and save £10 ONLY: £39.95 for subscribers. Site licence (includes home use): Schools £14.95 + vat Colleges per site £34.95 + vat Extra copy of the book £14.95

fr wor ee ksh on weeetS b

Online & Cd rom • All the pages from the book • Live links to key websites • Complete spreadsheet data to make your own charts instantly! • Archive from 2001 ‘Highly recommended’ The School Librarian ‘We very much value the online Fact File, which our students enjoy using.’ Jo Stroud, Library & Learning Resources Co-ordinator, Coleg Menai

Key issues: Britain & its citizens, environment, family, financial issues, food, health, internet, law & order, sport & leisure, wider world, work 3

Fantastic copiable book & cd

Food File

The facts, issues & controversies of food • Accessible facts & articles on key issues • Thought provoking & up-to-date • Readable & accessible

Reviews & comments ‘The breadth and range of the coverage is superb ... Invaluable and essential resource for all secondary libraries ... What I find constantly amazing with these publications is the editorial integrity and the authority with which the anthology is compiled. This is another example of a superb service to school libraries from a reliable source.’ The School Librarian, Summer 2008

‘Fantastic’ Susan Lewis, Biggar High School ‘Excellent - so topical, well designed and presented’ Geoff Dubber, Chair, School Library Association

For age 14-18. 48pp, copiable. £14.95. 15+ copies £7.95 each. Cd £14.95 + vat. Licence £14.95 + vat Book & Cd with FREE site licence £24.95 OFFER: Buy Food File & 101 Facts you should know about food (p10) & save £1 off each 4

The vital resource for today’s issues

Essential Articles 11 Opinion, comment, opposing viewpoints • Powerful, relevant articles • Promotes informed discussion • Free promotional poster For age 14-18. Copiable 208 pages. £39.95 or Subscribe and save £10 ONLY: £29.95 for subscribers. Future volumes sent annually on approval Set of 9 vols in print (incl vol 11) £160. Save £14.55 or £150 for subscribers – save £24.95.

Free d ig guide ital Essen to Article tial s File on & Fact web

Reviews & comments ‘An ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT resource. Carel Press have excelled themselves again! Extremely well presented with the usual range of FASCINATING ARTICLES designed to help young people to think about KEY ISSUES that concern them. I LOVE IT!’ Geoff Dubber, Chair, School Library Association, September 2008 ‘Compelling articles that support focussed discussion, in contrast to ‘cut -and-paste’ internet research.’ Youth Work Now ‘Great new format – our pupils really appreciate it.’ Sue Bussey, Derby High School 5

Successful, easy to use, practical suggestions

Great Library Ideas Tried & tested tips & techniques Easy-to-use, an instant lift for your library/LRC • Brilliant ideas from practising librarians • Easily adapted to different abilities and ages • From one-off lessons to projects Age up to 14. Copiable 88pp. £29.95 including cd

ONLY £24.95 for subscribers to Essential Articles & Fact File.

Nikki Heath, SLA School Librarian of 2008, is a major contributor to Great Library Ideas.


Reviews & comments ‘Great Library Ideas provides a large part of the reason why reading still flourishes in the pressured lives of so many children ... a huge range of well tried and tested activities ... each idea is clearly described and resourced. The book is clear and brief, fun and enthusiasm easily brighten its pages.’ Speaking English magazine, Autumn 2008 ‘I love Great Library Ideas – a treasure chest of good ideas’ Geoff Dubber, chair, School Library Association ‘Absolutely wonderful’ Barbara Cronk, Bishop Bell School, Eastbourne ‘Fantastic and inspirational’ Ann Hannam, Sherburn High, Leeds

For more Library Skills see p8 Ideas include: • Best Borrowers • Desert Island Books • Non Fiction Detective • Guess the Genre • Murder in the Library • Web versus Books • Speed Dating • Blind Date Reads • 101 Reasons to Read a Book • Book Ends 6

Spread the word!

Reading & Library promotion posters An eyecatching series to promote your library • Stunning photos • New pdf poster emailed every month • Key messages • Your choice of terms: Library or LRC

F persoREE: n Welc alised poste ome your r for librar y

(The posters can be blown up to A3 size)

Reviews & comments ‘Excellent posters, real value for money. School librarians are always looking for attractive posters to promote reading, enliven their library and develop information skills. Great idea, great posters.’ Geoff Dubber, Chair, School Library Association ‘Fantastic’ Caitlin Jones, Oakham School ‘Certainly proving very popular here and have brightened the library up no end.’ Sara Turner, Poole

A year’s subscription £19.95 +vat. (12 posters + personalised poster)

Only £9.95 +vat for subscribers to both Essential Articles & Fact File

Library guidance posters Library Sign: see right Decoder Chart: 560 key terms with classification numbers. £1.95 + vat each 7

Develop skills in your library Quirky quizzes for lively libraries

Book Here!

The library book Introduces the library Lesson plans in the style of the National Literacy Strategy ‘Excellent. Very useful.’ Heather Handley, Brittons School Age 11-13 Copiable. £17.50

The hugely popular Reading Game

Lively library book

first edition sold out! Transform reluctant readers into borrowers in one lesson!

• 34 quizzes plus brain teasers and puzzles for age 11-13

• A sure-fire way to get 11-16 year olds reading

• Instant, copiable, no preparation needed!

• Gripping and highly motivating • For any number

• Extension activities: crosswords, word searches and more!

• Introduces genres


• Instantly adapted to any library / LRC

Sarah Weeks, Kingdown School

• Fiction & non fiction • A must for Reading Clubs The Reading Game introduces a wide range of books (you choose them!) in a fun and imaginative way. Children will be queuing up to borrow! For a film of the game see web. ‘Fantastic’ Margaret Drinkwater, School Library Service Manager, Leeds ‘Converted non-library users into users’ Lynn Barrett, Dixon’s CTC ‘Very popular, flexible and easy to run. An absolute hit!’ Liz Smith, Pembroke School £37.50 (2 for £67.50) + vat. 8

• Includes answers!

‘Brilliant’ Wendy Mann, The Stanway School, Colchester 2 books, 52pp each, £17.50, or both for £29.95 Sample pages on web.

Search and discover The copiable resource for developing active library/LRC skills • Links with key curriculum areas • Caters for different abilities As recommended in the DfES booklet Improve your Library

‘Invaluable’ The School Librarian

‘Brilliant!’ Anne Robinson Age 11-13. 120pp. £19.95

Curriculum linked library lessons Are your shelves full of the most fantastic books that students would love if only they would sample them? A school librarian tackles this problem in a practical and fun way. Covers poetry, maths, science ‘Excellent. It touches those parts that other publications don’t often reach! … It is very useful: we all know that poetry is an area often ignored - an excellent range of poets is included. I like the Scientist section too.’ Geoff Dubber, Chair: School Library Association ‘Just what we need.’ Lesley Lee, librarian, Harrow International School Age 11-13. 48pp + 5 full colour charts. £24.95. 2 copies £39.95 - save £9.95.

Quizzes and puzzles to practise library skills (with answers!) Age 11-13 Copiable. £17.50.

Exploring the library

Using reference books, reading techniques... Age 11-13 Copiable. £17.50

For more Library Skills See p6

OFFER: All 3 books above £48.50, save £4.

Offer: 5 copiable books & a game Great Library Ideas (p6), Book Here!, The Reading Game, Quirky Quizzes for Lively Libraries (2 books), Search and Discover for £115 – save £27.35

3 superb online resources – outstanding value!


The invaluable online fiction database – because even the best librarian can’t read everything! Search for books from a list of hundreds of themes eg fantasy, football, friendship.. • Recommended books & reviews • Free resources • Author profiles • ‘Read similar books’ bookmarks ‘A valuable tool for all school librarians. I wouldn’t be without it.’ Laura Taylor, Librarian, City of London Academy For age up to 18. Annual subscription £39.95 + vat (incl site licence). Firm order only. Personal subscription £29.95 + vat.

2 brilliant digital services for recommended, safe educational web sites Saves hours of teacher and student time. For 11-18. You want students to use the web but in a structured way, without the inappropriate sites that a search engine will find. Use our database of recommended sites and be reassured that your students are learning.

Weblinks Online • Searchable online database with thousands of recommended web sites • Makes web searching fast, focused and fruitful • Updated monthly with new, relevant web sites • Easy to search by key word, learning area and category Annual subscription £59.95 + vat with site licence allowing home use

LinksPlus MARC

All the recommended websites from Weblinks Online, above, in MARC format for your library computer catalogue.

‘I think it is of great value to schools.’ Christine McFarlane, School Library Adviser, Devon

Weblinks – for the best web sites that make learning successful!

£59.95 + vat annual subscription

Both Weblinks Online & LinksPlus MARC for £99.95 + vat. Save £19.95 9

Stimulate debate: Issues & controversies No-Nonsense guides

OFFER: 101 Facts You Should Know About Food & Food File (p4). Save £1 off each

Easy introductions to key subjects & global issues for age 16-18. Animal rights; Climate change; Conflict & peace; Democracy; Fair trade; Global media; Globalisation; HIV/AIDS; Human rights; International development; International migration; Islam; Science; Sexual diversity; Terrorism; Tourism; United Nations; Water; Women’s rights; World Food; World Health; World History; World Poverty. £6.99 each. ‘Guaranteed to spark debate’ TES OFFER: Any 6: £36. Any 12 £69.95

Foul Play: what’s wrong with sport?

101 facts you should know about food The contents of the average British shopping trolley travel 95,000 miles! An essential guide to the facts behind food – the world’s biggest business. For 14-18. £7.99.

50 Facts You Need to know: USA

Sport is bad for health, damaging to character, and the last refuge of sexism, racism, homophobia and animal cruelty! For age 16-18. £8.99

Do animals have rights?

• Football

Sport matters

‘I have just bought Football and already it is out and being asked for.’ Ruan Peat, Wick High School

All 3 £26.97. SAVE £3 10

50 facts you need to know: Europe Poverty to pop music. For age 16+. £9.99. OFFER: All 4 Facts books (World, Europe, USA, Food) £29.95 – save £7.01

• Diamonds • Kalashnikov AK47 • Mosquito

OFFER: All 6 for £26.94, save £3.

Funny Weather

50 facts that should change the world

• Cities • Climate Change • Women’s Rights 3 accessible introductions to global issues. Each provides an informative guide to current trends, and what needs to happen to end poverty and injustice. For age 14-18. £9.99 each

• T-shirt • Condom

For age 14-18. £4.99 each

For age 16-18 £9.99

Small Guides to Big Issues

Each of the 6 books in this highly readable series analyses a key object.

Fresh thinking on a bitter argument. ‘A useful resource.’ J Warwick, Librarian, Wokingham For age 16+. £7.99.

Everything from poverty, universities to guns.

Hard hitting facts. For age 16+. £8.99

Trigger Issues

Copiable articles & cartoons about sports issues: disability, drugs, race, women in sport. ‘Stimulating’ TES For age 14-18. £4.95, 15+ £1.95 each.

This wonderful comic book explains the science behind climate change. ‘Buy this book’ New Internationalist For age 13-18. £6.99

‘Invaluable’ atlases TES See sample pages of these amazing atlases on the web

Atlas of Food NEW edition: October 08 Maps every link of the food chain, from farming, production and retail to the food on our plates. £12.99

Stunning world maps Raise awareness of global issues with 3 eye opening World Maps Population Map Countries in proportion to population £19.95 ‘Splendid’ The School Librarian

Endangered species atlas New edition: Profiles species lost, threatened and surviving today. £12.99

State of the world atlas New edition: Key trends: globalisation, trade, military strength, world powers, biodiversity, sport and malnutrition. £12.99

Also: Atlas of Women (new edition), Water, Climate Change, Religion and many more...

What’s Up? South!

Buy both maps & save £2 on each

Beautiful upside down world map. £19.95 ‘Brilliant’ The School Librarian

Peters World Map Shows countries in proportion to size. £8.95.

Buy a n atlas y 5 save es & £1 o each ff

Arno Peters & his map: dvd

A remarkable 30 minute documentary about Peters and his revolutionary map.


This new dvd also includes 25 video resources, lesson plans, 150 Power Point images, MP3 audio files, recommended web links and much more. £14.95 + vat. Site licence £14.95 + vat

Peters World Map (Above) Shows countries in their correct proportions. Laminated, £8.95


Dvd & Peters World Map £18.95+vat on the dvd

Save £4.95

Free site licence for Fact File and Essential Articles subscribers 11

Reference – latest editions The Guardian university guide 2009

State of the world 2009

The accessible annual guide to progress towards a sustainable future.

The best and most up-to-date university guide.

From car-sharing and carbon taxes to fair trade and zero-waste cities.

• Find the best course • Invaluable advice on forms and interviews • The lowdown from students

Social trends 2008 £49.50 (£2 discount for Fact File subscribers).

Info France cd Indispensable facts about France, in French, in full colour

‘A must-have’ The School Librarian Cd £9.95 + vat. Site licence £9.95 + vat (free to Fact File subscribers)

£15.99, £2 discount off each extra copy.

For 16+. £14.99

New Internationalist Global development magazine. For 16+. Annual subscription £32.85 (with a free Peters World Map) Ask for a sample copy.

New Internationalist Cd 1981-2006 The complete archive. £12.76 + vat. Site licence £12.76 + vat.

Resources to bring learning ALIVE Shakespeare complete play posters! The whole text of a play in a superb and readable poster! Ideal for display. Immediately makes the plays seem more accessible! 8 posters:


Stunning, inflatable globes

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing ‘Absolutely brilliant!’ Alison Squibb, Librarian, Priestlands School, Lymington £19.95 + vat each. Firm order only. 67 x 100cm.



The world as it appears from space using NASA imagery • Cities glow at night! Offer one a : Buy nd anoth get half er at price !

• Free book of Earth facts, fun & games 40cm diameter, £11.91 + vat (2: £21.27 + vat, save £2.55). Firm order only

Essential Study & Exam Skills Strategies for studying

Learn to remember

Active Learning Skills post 16

A brilliant book revealing the role of memory in learning.

Proven techniques & exam strategies

For 16+. £10.99.

How to remember (almost) everything, ever!

‘Really useful. There’s so much in there. GREAT!’ Adele Abbot, Librarian, West Park School, Derby

Crammed with cool tricks, experiments and great mind games to help train your brain.

‘Packed with down-toearth advice.’ TES

£5.99. Age up to 12.

How to pass exams New edition A wide ranging guide for all ages & abilities.

Copiable 176pp ONLY £24.95 BULK DISCOUNT: 15+ £6.95 each, 50+ £5.95, 100+ £4.95, 150+ £4.50

£7.99, 15: £99.95: save £19.90

Each copy includes a free Study Planner Chart


100 Study Planner Charts 2008-09 & 100 Exam charts £55 + vat (that’s just 28p + vat each)

Size: 42 x 30cm

Exam countdown chart A personal revision framework Makes revision planning active! For ages 14-18

Charts are only £1.28 each BULK DISCOUNT: 10+ 68p; 50+ 43p; 100+ 38p, (all + vat)

Size: 63 x 45cm

Study planner chart 2008-09 BEST SELLER: 3 reprints last year! Help your students meet deadlines! Includes study guidance.


Classical Comics: Exciting graphic novels & plays Great novels... NEW For all ages. £9.99 10 or more £8.50 30 or more £6.95 100 or more £6.45 (can be a mix of titles) Teacher’s copiable books for each title: £19.99

• Great Expectations • Jane Eyre

2 separate editions of each novel Abridged original text

• Frankenstein • A Christmas Carol

Quick Text shortened modern English

Stunning illustrations turn classic literature into Classical Comics

...and Shakespeare

Reviews & comments ‘One of the most successful versions I have ever come across. Very impressive at a surprisingly reasonable price.’ The School Librarian ‘fun’ Ian McNeilly, director of NATE ‘The sixth formers think they are great’ Ms Breeze, Northamptonshire ‘Students who have found this vivid, mangainfluenced rendition fun will be encouraged to tackle the real thing.’ The Times ‘Superb’ Miss O’Leary, teacher, Cornwall

• Macbeth • Henry V

3 separate editions of each play Original text

Forthcoming: • Romeo and Juliet 14

Original text Modern English plain text Plain modern text Quick text

Shorter Shakespeare series – from £1.99 each Shortened, original language scripts with stunning photos

7 PLAYS: 2 now in full colour

Reviews & comments ‘These scripts make the plays accessible to students ... & should succeed in making Shakespeare fun.’ Peter Hollindale ‘Fabulous’ Jane Waters, KS3 Literacy Consultant, Redbridge ‘Fantastic. I couldn’t have a more perfect text or teacher resource. Our kids are really enjoying every moment of it - even the less able ones.’ Prue Greene ‘Absolutely brilliant.’ Ruth McFarlane, Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale

Scripts: £3.99. 15+ £2.99, 30+ £2.50, 50+ £2.25, 100: £1.99 each (can be a mix, plus free teacher’s book of your choice – see below). Teacher’s books: Brilliant ideas and copiable worksheets: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night. £24.95 each.

Free: Will Works copiable resource Buy 15 or more scripts & get free Will Works – an acclaimed book with practical ideas for introducing Shakespeare. (£9.95, see

eBooks £4.95: Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest are available as eBooks at £4.95 + vat each – see web.

Sampler pack: 7 scripts & 3 teacher’s books. £69.95. Save £32.83

Romeo and Juliet & The Tempest are in full colour with outstanding photos from modern productions


Great digital resources & PSHE dvds Nutter: antibullying dvd

World data at your fingertips cd • Data for 196 countries in spreadsheet form • 80 topics • Make impressive charts instantly ‘Very useful’ Dr Nick Weatherhogg, Downside School £9.95 + vat. Site licence: £9.95 + vat. SPECIAL OFFER: (Free site licence for subscribers to Essential Articles or Fact File!)

Powerful dvd tackling the issue of bullying. (6 mins) ‘I was bullied at school. I wish I’d had something like this back in those days’ Martin Newell, Sunday Express For age 12-18. dvd £15 +vat. Playscript also available: £6.99, 20 + £6.30 each

Kick It: binge drinking dvd The UK’s most successful alcohol awareness dvd. 9 mins. ‘Excellent’ Anne Lord, PSHE adviser, Kent For 12-18, £15 + vat

Kick It: smoking This best selling dvd uses the popularity of sport to appeal to both sexes. (5 mins.) For up to age 14. £15 + vat. OFFER: All 3 dvds above £42.50 + vat. Save £2.50.

Phone for approval copies. If our line is busy please leave a message or email. Carel Press, 4 Hewson St, Carlisle CA2 5AU Tel 01228 538928 p&p £1 (mainland UK), free on orders over £30 (elsewhere at cost). Please send on approval:


The A-Z of drugs and Quit (smoking) dvd

Channel 4 no-nonsense programmes. For 14-18, 8 programmes. £29 + vat

A-Z of love & sex A frank Channel 4 series. For age 14-18, 6 x 25 mins programmes, £25 + vat. OFFER: Buy both above dvds for £52 + vat Save £1 on each!

Bullying dvd pack Raises issues & focuses on solutions. For staff, pupils & parents.

Group games database A lifesaving cd for teachers, workshop leaders, trainers, librarians and anyone with a sense of fun! Over 300 games in a searchable database. • full instructions on each game • browse or search for a specific game • simple to use but with powerful results! ‘Brilliant. A must for every school library. ’ Geoff Dubber, Chair, SLA For all ages. £24.95 + vat. Site licence: £24.95 + vat. Sorry: Windows PC only.

Hard hitting, 12 minute dvd. Copiable INSET materials on Cd & a copy of the play Turning Blind Eyes. ‘Cannot be praised highly enough.’ The School Librarian For age 14+. £19.95 +vat.

STRIKING Posters for English A monthly series in A4 pdf format. Order now and receive a FREE personalised NEW version for your department • Great posters focussing on key topics: literacy, drama, poetry, grammar, spelling, media... • Make as many copies as you want!

............................................................................... ............................................................................... ............................................................................... Name...................................................................... Address.................................................................. .......................................................................... Lib Email (PLEASE PRINT)............................................ 16


A year’s subscription £19.95 + vat (12 posters plus department poster) (£9.95 + vat for Essential Articles subscribers)

Carel Press Catalogue 2009  

Full colour catalogue, Carel Press 2009

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