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The Phoenix Flyer The weekly news source for Korea International School 20 January 2012 - Issue 18

Congratulations to the Round 2 winners of :

Battle of the Books! They will compete in front of the entire Middle School this Friday in the PAC - January 20th. It was a tight competition today in every room, but these 6 students have proven their exceptional knowledge of the books. Please give them a high five them when you see them! Kris Feller, Secondary Librarian

Jennifer Min and Haeley Ahn

Lina Lim and Amy Kang

Irene Lee and Yerin Kweon

Upcoming Dates to Note: Jaunary 23 & 24

Lunar New Year Holiday (설날) No School

January 25

Basketball @KIS vs. SIS 3:30 pm

January 27

Basketball @ KIS vs. SAHS 3:30pm

January 28


Think Green... If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year! Source:

From the Elementary School... Thanks to all for another great week in the elementary! Tropical day was quite fun and oddly enough we all felt a little warmer. We also had another day of EPPs and the students were engaged in fun activities. We like to remind all our families that flu season is HERE! At school, we are sanitizing tables, desks, doorknobs, water fountains, etc. But, we want to encourage healthy habits -- covering your cough, staying home when your child has a fever, and most importantly washing hands. Also, please feel free to send in hand sanitizer with your child. Enjoy the long weekend and we hope all our families have a great Lunar New Year holiday.

Gaepo Campus

Happy Lunar New Year. Monday January 23rd and 24th are school holidays! School will resume on Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Enjoy the holiday and we will see you al when we return. STUDENT BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT Teachers manage a majority of student discipline within their classroom everyday. A very important part, of children’s learning, is their social and emotional development as well as academic growth. All Gaepo staff serve as role models for children and we work collectively to teach children by example. When problems arise they are dealt with swiftly and on a case-bycase basis. Students are taught ways to modify their actions so that their choices do not negatively impact others. When dealing with individual student needs and behavior management we work with them on an individual basis. We kindly ask all families to allow the school to mange concerns and not contact fellow parents when they feel necessary to take situations into adult hands. We monitor student confidentiality closely too. If behaviors require adult intervention we will contact each child’s parent and share strategies that we can work on together. We will discuss student concerns with each student/s (who is/are involved in an incident or concern) directly. At NO time will we speak to another parent about your child! Please contact your child’s teacher first with any questions pertaining to their behavior, academic, social or emotional development. No questions are bad questions, so please ask. Should you require further assistance you can contact Mr. Rich after speaking with your child’s teacher. Thank you in advance for following our communication procedures. Please remember that Parent Teacher Conferences may be requested at any time! GAEPO WEDDING BELLS Raina is getting married and will be off campus for a week. She will be replaced with another nurse during her absence. Ms Park from PK will be getting married too. From all of us at Gaepo we wish them both the best on their magical day. CLASSROOM WIKIS Please review your child’s classroom wiki often. If you need a password and username please contact their teacher. Thank you in advance for monitoring wikis and our Gaepo website!

Roving Reporter...

Miss Evans’ class enjoying creative time with ipads.

School cafeteria is another classroom Lunch Card 1) Charging - 7:30am-4:30pm charging time - To charge when there is 5,000 won or less, students can charge during their break, lunch time, etc. " As of Dec 1, 2011 Minimum of 10,000 won per charge" 2) Lost card - actions to take when your card is lost: if you know that you lost your card, come to the cafeteria to report the card as lost, and to lock the card so that it can not be used by anyone else. If you can not come down, all you need to do is to call us with your name and ID number. - new card can be made in the business office ** If you do not make a temporary lock on your card when your card is lost/stolen, others can use your card** 3) Refund - if the card was charged more than the desired amount (in this case, an adjustment can be made on the spot) - if the student transfers or graduates - remaining balance can be paid back in cash (however, continuing students refunds are not allowed) 4) Returns - in case of items being overcharged, the card will be re-adjusted on the spot.

Phoenix Flyer 1-20-2012  
Phoenix Flyer 1-20-2012  

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