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The Phoenix – May 2016

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Culinary artist Kyle Gayle, inspired by late father, Glen


n the fast and creative world of food one young man is already making his undoubted mark in the furiously competitive field with a long-term view of making his a household name on high streets up and the country...and far beyond. At just 20-years-old, Kyle Gayle’s culinary artistry has already been likened to the very best seen on BBC’s hit ‘The Great British Bake-Off.’ And now, with his overwhelming skills, in the oven, is getting great reviews, on the stove he’s also receiving massive overtones of appreciation, from both young and old, those who can and those who can’t...cook themselves. Brimful of youthful vigour and a willingness to work all the hours given in any day, he’s already a force to be reckoned in a ‘minefield’ of over expectations and under achievement. A diploma in professional cookery level 1,2 and 3, enhanced his abilities which empowered him to turn his passion for food and creativity into a business. "From a very young age I always had a fascination about cooking," Kyle said. "Ever since I was a child I would be in the kitchen with my mother and would always want to contribute and learn about cooking from then." Creating his TwentyFourK Catering, chef and young entrepreneur, former University College Birmingham student, Kyle, has

harnessed his passion for food by making a variety of edible, artistic dishes; for himself, his family, friends, and now a long line of costumers, from near and far, curios to actually see his unique bespoke creations, but take the chance to taste culinary art at its finest. "At TwentyFourK Catering we aim to provide the highest quality product," he says. "We don’t just create edible arrangements, we l Glen Gayle live it." Some of his ‘edible works of art’ are spellbinding; like the laced training shoe, football jersey and 3D image of a children’s home which he was commissioned to do by the Birmingham Lord Mayor. These and other noted genius works done before he reached 20. With great support and encouragement from his mum, Elsa, and close friends who testify to his creative brilliance, Kyle is taking the culinary world by storm, with orders a plenty and praise overwhelming. Kyle’s skills can be traced back to his late father, Glen, who, although he wasn’t a noted chef, was always prepared to cook for friends and family at the drop of a hat. Known as Security Glen, he was a wellknown personality, in Birmingham, the wider UK and his beloved May Pen, in Jamaica, whose well-loved personality lives on in his son today; "Everything I do is in memory of my father," the young Gayle says. "He is my reason for being and I will always remember him."

l Kyle Gayle in the kitchen

We Dont Just Create Edible Arrangements - We Live It.

The young man has now also ventured into the world of Caribbean food where he is making some of regions best-known dishes - to order – at a price which is affordable, at a standard that is up there with the best of the already established eateries out there. "Not only am I aiming for the mass general market, but I am doing this to encourage my peers, of my generation, to eat more healthy, well-cooked food, instead of the fast-food processed stuff young people are going for today. In fact many young people I have cooked for say that since eating my food they look and feel far more healthier than they did for a long time." With no funding to date, Kyle Gayle is looking for help – from the like of the Prince’s Trust - to develop his business and move forward; for him, his mother and the memory of his late father. "I take full pride knowing that all of our food is made to order using the freshest ingredients from local suppliers," he says. "I invite you to become a part of the TwentyFourK catering family by experiencing the delicious journey of tastes from within the wide variety of my foods."

“We invite you to become a part of the TwentyFourK catering family by experiencing the delicious journey of tastes from within the wide variety of our foods”

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Twentyfour K Catering

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2016  

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2016

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