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Bollywood loses one of its greatest DEV ANAND’S SUDDEN death recently marked the end of an era of a Bollywood legend, in front and behind the camera. The actor/director/producer passed away after suffering a heart attack during a visit to London to check up on chest pains he was complaining about. Dubbed the ‘Adonis of Indian

Cinema’ for his good looks and romantic roles, he had appeared in countless films such as ‘Guide’, ‘Paying Guest’ and ‘Jewel Thief ’ during his 65 year career. In his career, Anand also managed to introduce some of the most now famous actresses to Bollywood, including Zeenat Aman. One of his proudest moments was winning

the Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2002, the highest honour anyone could achieve in Indian cinema. His most popular film will always be the RK Narayan adaptation ‘Guide’. He was 88 and is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.






Sir Albert Bore is looking to take Birmingham forward SIR ALBERT BORE has been at the forefront of politics in Birmingham for over 30 years and as a leader, visionary and most of all a very proud ‘son’ of the city, he’s been a major advocate in the remarkable transformation of the city’s skyline during his time here. As the elected Councilor for the Ladywood ward since 1980, Sir Albert, the current leader of the Labour Group of the City Council, has been a leading protagonist of devolution and localism agendas in local governance since entering politics and has published and lectured widely internationally on the subject of city building, urban renewal, devolution and local governance in 1974. The Auchenlech, Ayrshire-born Mr. Bore is a former university lecturer in nuclear reactor physics at Aston University and holds a PhD in nuclear reactor physics from the

University of Birmingham. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Aston. In his roles as chair of Economic Development and leader of Birmingham City Council, he was responsible for shaping the major social and economic regeneration of Birmingham during the 1980s and 1990s. This included the negotiation and delivery of one of the first public private partnerships in the UK with the then Conservative government and channelling-in European regional aid funding, providing the relevant infrastructure and partnerships that made him directly involved in the creation of the National Exhibition Centre, the International Convention Centre, the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Brindleyplace and the development of the Mailbox and redevelopment of the Bullring,

now one of the busiest shopping areas in the UK. Of this, he says: “The transformation of the city due to the regeneration is one of my proudest achievements. Birmingham has become a great place in which to live and work, but we have to look to the future and how we move this city on.” Sir Albert, who was knighted in 2002 for services to local government, will be leading Labour into next year’s vital local elections with top-class services in the city, like the severely cut young people’s careers advisory service provider, Pertemps, being privatized. For him though, he is well prepared, warning that: “The cupboard will be bare in the very near future so we will be running policies to benefit our communities today, for the benefit of our communities tomorrow. This city is built on its diversity, so

we have to do much more for the young. We have to try and preserve this within the budget cuts which will have a massive effect on the likes of the Handsworth Carnival,

St. Patrick’s Day, Vaisakhi, Eid Mela, plus others that will suffer.” Birmingham has become a great city where people who come here for whatever reasons, just can’t

leave the place. For Sir Albert Bore, a true ‘people’s person’, he’s at his happiest when serving his community.


The Frankfurt Christmas Market goes from strength to strength BIRMINGHAM’S WORLD FAMOUS Frankfurt Christmas Market is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the city and the huge favourite with both residents and visitors to the city is now one of the biggest of its kind in the country. It’s now seen as the centrepiece of the city’s annual Christmas events calendar with the city's own traders offering a selection of beautiful hand-crafted items at the Christmas Craft Fair created by local artisans as well as cultral arts and crafts imported from all over the world. Visitors can enjoy the delights of German mulled wine (Gluhwein), grilled sausages, vegetarian options, pretzels, German beer, and for those with a sweet tooth, gingerbread, crepes and marzipan sweets. Other traditional stalls offer the usual array of beautiful handmade toys, Christmas

decorations, original jewellery and craft goods as well as a carousel to keep younger visitors entertained. At the heart of the market is a traditional bandstand, where musicians perform every lunchtime and evening. Groups of local school children and carol singers also stage special performances throughout the festive period. The Frankfurt Christmas Market, with over 180 stalls, is celebrated by a range of economic, political and cultural events and exchange programmes involving local schools, businesses and community groups. It’s centrally located, covering Victoria Square and the length of New Street, and is a truly unique, international shopping experience. One of the regular stalls belongs to the ‘Original German Frankfurt Sausage’ with stallholder, Claudia, saying:

“The Market here in Birmingham is fantastic. It’s an opportunity to meet and speak to all the different communities here. Last year we came over and had 7 stalls. This year we have 8, which is all down to the great products that we provide.” For Council leader Mike Whitby, in continuing such great achievement for the city, it’s another proud moment in his tenure. He says: “We always expected this to be a fantastic 10th anniversary birthday party for our Frankfurt Christmas Market. Other cities have tried, understandably, to emulate Birmingham’s success, but none have been able to reproduce the size, scale, diversity and quality of our market.” He added that the benefits will continue to be felt around the city centre for some time to come.

Overeating causes more deaths than starvation ONE OF THE more astounding revelations this Christmas is that more people in the world are dying from obesity than malnutrition according to certain official figures. Whilst some of the world’s most highlighted major hotspots are coveted for much-needed aid, especially by way of food and liquids, many areas throughout the world, including here on our doorstep, are experiencing the scandalous situation of men, women and children dying because of over-eating. According to the Red Cross, 15% of the world’s population

is suffering from unavoidable hunger, 20% are overweight. The figures show a gross ‘malfunction’, by way of the world’s food distribution has gone, as well as the steep rise in prices which has made it, in many quarters, unaffordable. What these figures show is that people are not dying because of a lack of food on the planet, but because of poor management by some of it. With every 1 in 11 deaths in Britain linked to obesity, a statistic which lends itself to the 1.5billion obesity-led deaths, worldwide 1billion people globally are dying through

malnutrition. A spokesperson from the HungerFree campaign at Action Aid said: “We’ve always known that hunger is a man-made tragedy and not a result of nature’s scarcity. Subsequently, the figures show that the major problem is inequality of distribution, as well as control of the natural products themselves.” Over-eating is said to be a major contributor to heart problems and diabetes. So, whilst you tuck into that ripe, juicy, plump turkey breast this Christmas, make sure you enjoy it to the full. Just know your limits.


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All a child wants for Christmas is you LOVE!

CHRISTMAS AS YOU know is all about families. So, as we fight over the last remnants of what used to be the plumpest, juiciest turkey ever, spare a thought for the thousands of children and young people who, like you and I, will be tucking into their Yule tide spread, but will be doing so in one of the many children’s homes and shelters, waiting for their turn to be fostered or adopted. For babies, the figure for them being taken in by families is even more lamentable. In 2010, only 60 new-borns were adopted in Great Britain, with one reason being, it’s said, the lengthy wait for potential families which is just under

2 years on average. With nearly 2,500 children placed for adoption, which is down on the previous year, the subsequent figure for children placed in care rose to 65.5 thousand, an increase of 2%. The coalition’s deep-cutting austerity measures is another major factor into why people are thinking twice about going ahead with fostering or adopting. Far less time spent on the decision process would be one particularly encouraging move to get more families on the waiting list, with an equally encouraging financial package being another. We also need to be mindful that there

are many groups of brothers and sisters who need to be adopted together. With African and Caribbean children waiting the longest for a new family, their overwhelming representation within the care system is of greater concern. There’s a huge wealth of families, up and down Birmingham and the West Midlands, who meet all the right criteria as well as the emotional and identity needs to help develop them into the ‘rounded’ human beings they already are. The only thing that the children and young people who are still waiting in care want this Christmas is love and be wanted.


It was ‘tache and go during Movember madness

ONE OF THE more astounding revelations this Christmas is that more people in the world are dying from obesity than malnutrition according to certain official figures. Whilst some of the world’s most highlighted major hotspots are coveted for much-needed aid, especially by way of food and liquids, many areas throughout the world, including here on our doorstep, are experiencing the scandalous situation of men, women and children dying because of overeating. According to the Red Cross, 15% of the world’s

population is suffering from unavoidable hunger, 20% are overweight. The figures show a gross ‘malfunction’, by way of the world’s food distribution has gone, as well as the steep rise in prices which has made it, in many quarters, unaffordable. What these figures show is that people are not dying because of a lack of food on the planet, but because of poor management by some of it. With every 1 in 11 deaths in Britain linked to obesity, a statistic which lends itself to the 1.5billion obesity-led deaths, worldwide 1billion people globally are dying through

malnutrition. A spokesperson from the HungerFree campaign at Action Aid said: “We’ve always known that hunger is a man-made tragedy and not a result of nature’s scarcity. Subsequently, the figures show that the major problem is inequality of distribution, as well as control of the natural products themselves.” Over-eating is said to be a major contributor to heart problems and diabetes. So, whilst you tuck into that ripe, juicy, plump turkey breast this Christmas, make sure you enjoy it to the full. Just know your limits. 5

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Six Ways Pizza serving freshest of chip-shop

IT’S NOT DIFFICULT to see why so many people are already creating a massive stir about Six Ways Pizza, a typical chippy in the original sense. Serving the freshest of chipshop fare, owner Sheikh Shazad knew exactly what to serve and

who their target market would be. After looking at the menu, service was brisk and efficient. Six Ways Pizza serves up a variety of styles of food to cater for so many individual tastes. From the already mentioned traditionally fried fish and fresh potato chips

menu, you can also order kebabs, curries, burgers, pakoras, masala fish, southern fried and tikka dishes and, of course, a variety of freshly made pizzas to order. The choice here is a great one. It’s an inviting spot, on the Birchfield Road just off Aston’s

Six Ways Island which, for the 28-year-old Mr Shazad, was an exciting venture and as such he made sure that everything, from kitchen to customer service, was of the highest standard. All staff members are always smiling a genuine smile, which

puts you at ease as it makes you feel you’ve known them all your life. Having only very recently opened, Sheikh and the other guys, Yassar and Hamza Zaman, Javed Hussein plus Sunny and Hamza Yousaf, invite you to try

the new eatery, if you can get past the already large queue which has made Six Ways Pizza the best place to eat in the area. 7

Queen Beverley returns home with a story to tell

EVERLEY KNIGHT RETURNED to her Wolverhampton home to perform at the Civic Hall recently and despite her excitement at appearing in front of a sell-out hometime crowd, her main focus during her visit was highlighting her unforgettable trip to Africa. She travelled to Malawi in the south of the continent where she works as an ambassador for the Christian Aid charity. In her role, she helped to both provide essential medicines to the impoverished nation and educate the local communities on how to both avoid and manage the threat of HIV and

AIDS. During her visit, the British Queen of Soul was struck by the spirit of the Malawi people despite many of them severely suffering from the deadly disease, a spirit of which she says: “I was taken aback by the incredible spirit of the Malawi people. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with singing and dancing by them all. It was as if they used music as a weapon against their personal sufferings. It was like a weapon of hope.” On her return to the UK, the multi-award winning songstress packed a lot of positivity into her luggage, from her experience in

Africa and will use it as material and inspiration whilst working on her latest album, as she explains: “My trip to Malawi was awesome, in many ways. I will definitely be taking a lot of African influences and use them in my next record and that will definitely from their spirit and their music.” Miss Knight is a relentless worker in educating people in the threat of HIV and AIDS and she’s equally tireless in maintaining her position as Britain’s No.1 soul singer. Either way, she aims to be at the front for some time to come.


As a leading light, Carmen is the perfect inspiration

CARMEN WRIGHT HAS a wealth of experience that anyone, in any of our vast communities, will do well to feed off in their own search for inspiration and success. A highly respected theatre technician, she has worked on some of the biggest venues and with some of the world’s leading businesses and individuals which she now uses to inspire a new generation of young people, especially women, to choose a path which perhaps has never been in their career plans. The Birmingham-based Ms. Wright has been a leading light in the industry for many years and, up to date, is always called upon when a major event is happening either here or in many other major towns and cities throughout the world. She’s accumulated great experience as a lighting designer which allowed her the knowledge to work with stars like Steve Windwood, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare as well as the pioneers of afro-pop, Soul-2-Soul, her first job. Carmen gained valuable experience whilst working for record label mogul Chris Blackwell and his Crysalis organization. It was whilst there that she got her big break with Jazzy-B and the guys, playing a valued part in the production of their hit: “Keep On Moving”. It was during that most exciting period in her life in London where she studied for the Association of British Theatre Technician, gaining a very hard earned Distinction.

Her time in London also saw the young Ms. Wright play an integral part in the ‘birth’ of the rave scene, directing and setting the whole technical part of the rigging at the often secretive venues. She says of that time: “It was, for me, one of the most exciting periods in my life. To be a part of the rave scene back then was fantastic and then to work with Soul-2-Soul was the best, especially working with singer, Wummi, their lead singer in Japan.” Carmen loves light and with a Post Grad. (MA) in Advanced Theatre Practice and work with over 92 theatre and dance companies, including Birmingham’s own The Drum Arts Theatre, already under her belt, she’s proving to be the ‘first name’ to contact whenever the big shows come to town. In addition, she’s also successfully ventured into music management, by way of managing reggae super-star, Skibu, in addition to one of the biggest D’n’B DJs and her own son, Anthony. “Its hard work what I do,” says the amiable Carmen, but, as she continues: “it’s very rewarding. That’s one of the things I would tell young people, especially women. I want them (young women) especially to show an interest in the technical side of things.” Under demand, Carmen Wright is all the inspiration you need when looking for a leading light.

About Asian Football Awards A number of exceptional UK Asians from the world of football will be honoured at the first ever Asian Football Awards. The event will take place at the home of English football, Wembley Stadium on January 21st 2012. The high profile event is expected to attract an exceptional list of guests to support and celebrate UK Asians in football. The AFA is set to become a momentous event in the awareness and development of Asians in Football. The AFA is a great opportunity to bring together decision makers and the people who we expect to make an impact in football, further complimenting this ever popular sport within the UK. The AFA will be aired in the UK and exposed worldwide via the net and press, and will play host to both professional and amateur football players, as well as sports, business and media celebrities. The promotion and marketing activities will take place from October 2011 to January 2012. This high profile awards ceremony will ensure that it has a national feel to the marketing and promotion campaign. The Asian Football Awards is set to become another significant event in the development and growth of Asians in Football. We believe your organisation and brand can significantly benefit from this high profile event and all the associated marketing and sponsorship benefits on offer.

Aims of Asian Football Awards



- Build an Outstanding Event - Contribute to Growth of Asians in Football - Increase Asian Participation Levels - Strengthen Community Links - Increase Awareness of Asians in Football - Build Sporting Personalities - Encourage Sporting Investment - Support AFA Foundation - Create Awareness of Sponsors - Build Short & Long Term Benefits for Sponsors

- 4 Months Marketing Campaign - TV and Media Program - Grass Roots Campaign - Digital Campaign - Community Partnership - Celebrity Endorsement - Champagne Reception - Awards Ceremony - Dinner - Private Exhibition

- Title Rights - Premium Sponsorship - Award Sponsorship - AFA Partner - Product Program - Community Partnerships - Advertising Brochure - Media Partnership - VIP Reception Sponsor - Foundation Partner

Asian Football Awards is owned and operated by Asian Football Awards Ltd. Company No 0523425

for table bookings and media: for sponsorship and partnerships: 9

The Drum

The Drum is the UK’s premier Black-led arts centre dedicated to the development, celebration and presentation of African, Asian and Caribbean arts and cultural activities, for the benefit of all.

Join The Drum as we celebrate a new season and a new year this spring. 2012 is an important year for the UK, as host nation for the Olympic Games, and also for Birmingham in that our city will house two of the world’s most accomplished track and field teams: Jamaica and Team USA. As the city’s premier Black-led arts organisation, The Drum will be hanging our flags out early, with advance activities and events building up towards our very special summer season. However, we are putting together our artistic programme in a period of unprecedented public sector cuts and widespread austerity and widening inequality. Nevertheless, we continue to thrive and play a key strategic role in the creative sector nationally and regionally. In real terms, this value of arts to the city and the region is actualised through our programming. The Drum is committed to a genuine, deep-rooted model of diversity, providing opportunities for artists, communities and audiences that do not exist elsewhere. With almost 60 different events gracing our stages this spring there

really is something for everyone. Over the next few months The Drum will play host to a variety of top music events, national and international theatre productions, witty and stylish comedy sets, thought-provoking literature sessions and awe-inspiring films & exhibitions. This spring we really have searched the four corners of the earth to bring you something new and vibrant. You can also get involved in a wide range of workshops and educational projects though our arts development initiatives, whilst our vibrant young people’s department, Young Gifted Brum, are planning to tour their recent stage production of Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman to a few more venues nationally. We look forward to seeing you in Aston this Spring! Theatre Our theatre strand promises to be thrilling. Uprising is the one man show written Alex Wheatle MBE which chronicles his life from the brutality of children’s homes to award winning author. Mummy Mafia pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of motherhood in a postcode war with a hilarious twist. From side-splitting writer and director Ricky Rowe comes Jamaican comedy play Dutty Money featuring favourites such as Charles Tomlin, Olive Miller, Ricky Rowe and Lovena Brown. A Moment of Mishearing is dynamic

combination of music and drama by acclaimed Indian writer Amit Chaudhuri. Chaudhuri will also be interviewed for an ‘In Conversation’ event as part of our literature season. Music When it comes to music we have something for everyone. You will be captivated by the likes of renowned Sufi singer Qari Waheed Chisti. We also have David Rodigan and DJ Mistri as well as John Holt headlining the Valentine’s weekend dance. For young people YGB are introducing a safe club night for 13-18 year olds. Especially for the ladies we have US R&B sensations Tyrese and Tank with the opportunity to meet them (and their abs) up close and personal. Nu Century Arts returns with the regular Live Box series with an extensive set of performers covering jazz, soul, gospel, dub poetry and hip hop. We are excited to continue to host legend Andy Hamilton for his monthly Sunday lunchtime free family jazz sessions. New this season: Cobweb Collective brings us fresh jazz every month. Comedy To kick off the season local girl done good, Annette Fagon, will be presenting her first solo show in a double-bill with comedian Kwaku, who you may have seen in the sold out film screenings of the documentary-film The Story

of Lover’s Rock. To celebrate International Women’s Month we have an all-female show featuring host ‘big sister’ Donna Spence, award winning comedienne Glenda Jaxson, razor sharp circuit veteran Susan Murray and making her Drum stage debut Kayleigh Lewis. The final Upfront Comedy performance in April will be headlined by ‘the don’ Curtis Walker along with the very silly humour of ex-champion boxer, Glazz Campbell and south London’s Nigerian wit Victor Daniel. Film Our upcoming films deal with hard-hitting issues. The Nine Muses is a history of mass migration to post-war Britain told in the style of an epic poem. The Interrupters is based on a true story of three young people who work to ‘interrupt’ the spread

of violence on the streets of Chicago. One Way is a story if four young men on a journey from recklessness to the straight and narrow path. Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin is a documentary about an American Civil Rights leader. He stood next to Dr Martin Luther King Jr but his work was largely ignored due to a prejudice of another kind. The Real Film Season is a series of topical features from India and Pakistan which cover clashes of culture, class and gender. And don’t forget our extensive workshops and classes, as well as exhibitions, and literature events! So don’t delay, check our brochure or website for more information on our events and with tickets already on sale, early booking is recommended. Don’t miss out; to book call our Box Office or visit our website to book online.

0121 333 2444 We also have lots of exciting offers and discounts at The Drum. We offer a concessionary rate on most performances, you can find this in brackets following our standard ticket price. Concessions are available to senior citizens, registered unemployed, registered disabled and under 18s. Students are entitled to a 10% discount on standard tickets for the majority of our events. Have a look at our upcoming calendar of events on page 9. You can also keep updated with our events, by joining our Facebook page: http:// TheDrumBirmingham and our Twitter feed: The_Drum Looking forward to seeing you at The Drum soon...

off m* Dru e h t T ENIX a s et : PHO k c i t te quo


film music dancee theatr y comedtions exhibi arts

spring 2012 January

Every Thu from Jan 5 Vocal Training Every Sun from 8 Jan Identity Drama School Mon 9 Jan-Wed 29 Feb, Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm Exhibition - Per Forms

Wed 25 Jan, 4pm Kalaboration - Launch Fri 27 Jan, 7.30pm The Nubian Readers’ Book Club Sun 29 Jan, 1pm The Andy Hamilton Sessions


Every Sat from 14 Jan Capoeira classes

Thu 2 Feb, 8pm Word Up!

Sat 14 Jan, 5pm A Celebration in Honour of Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Fri 3 Feb, 7pm Upfront Comedy - Annette Fagon & Kwaku

Sun 15 Jan, 1pm Bangla Food Journeys

Fri 3 Feb, 10pm Reggaebaby Lounge

Sat 21 Jan, 7pm Qari Waheed Chisti Qawwal & Party

Sat 4 Feb, 10pm Inna Big Tunes Style – Feat David Rodigan & DJ Mistri

Sun 5 Feb, 1pm Love to Dance - Dancehall Rebellion

Sun 19 Feb, 7:30pm (Town Hall) Roy G Hemmings’s Motown & Philadelphia on Tour

Mon 6 Feb, 6.00pm – 7.30pm Revival: West African Drumming for Dance Classes

Thu 23 Feb, 6pm The Interrupters

Fri 10 Feb, 8pm Kobo Town Tue 14 Feb, 6- 10pm Club 13-18 - Valentines Edition Wed 15 Feb, 7pm Nine Muses Every Thu from 16 Feb, 6.30pm West African Drumming Fri 17 Feb Cobweb Collective Greyish Quartet Sat 2nd Mar, 10pm The Valentines Reggae Showcase

Fri 24 Feb, 10pm Sound System Fridays Fri 24 Feb, 7.30pm The Nubian Readers’ Book Club Fri 24 Feb, 7.30pm Uprising Sat 25 Feb, 7pm One Way Sat 25 Feb, 7pm Dutty Money Sun 26 Feb, 1pm The Andy Hamilton Sessions Wed 29 Feb, 7pm Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin


Thu 1 Mar, 7.30pm (Town Hall) Sierra Maestra Thu 1 Mar, 8pm Word Up! Fri 2 Mar, 7pm Upfront Comedy – Sisters wid Gags Fri 2 Mar, 7pm (Birmingham Ballroom) Tyrese & Tank Fri 2 Mar, 10pm Reggaebaby Lounge Sat 3 Mar Live Box - Zara Mcfarlane Sun 4 Mar, 12pm Brit Idol 2012 Box Office 0121 333 2444 The Drum | 144 Potters Lane | Aston | Birmingham | B6 4UU Sun 4 Mar, 4pm Spring Sabha

Sat 17 Mar, 5pm & 8.30pm Single Mother

Sun 4 March, 1pm – 4pm Love to Dance - Salsa & Merengue Mash Up

Sat 17 Mar, 7.30pm A Moment of Mishearing

Mon 5 March – Sat 5 May Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm Exhibition - 16 Cowries – Erindinlogun Fri 9 Mar, 8pm Cobweb Collective Matt Ratcliffe Trio Fri 9 Mar, 7.30pm Mummy Mafia Thu 15 Mar, 7pm Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of God) Sat 17 Mar, 2pm (Library Theatre) Amit Chaudhuri - In Conversation with Siddhartha Bose

Sat 17 Mar, 7.45pm Live Box - Cameron Pierre Tue 20 Mar, 8pm (Town Hall) Kulvinder Ghir Sat 24 Mar, 7pm Bol (Speak) Sun 25 Mar, 1pm The Andy Hamilton Sessions

Sat 31 Mar, 6.30pm ACE Dance and Music - Easter Gala Performance

April Sun 1 Apr, 7.30pm (Town Hall) Roberto Fonseca & Ayanna Thu 5 Apr, 8pm Word Up! Fri 6 Apr, 7pm Upfront Comedy – Curtis Walker + guests

Sun 25 Mar, 7pm Anhey Ghorhey da Daan (Alms of the Blind Horse)

Fri 6 Apr, 10pm Reggaebaby Lounge Sat 7 Apr, 7.45pm Live Box -Yazz Ahmed

Fri 30 Mar, 7.30pm The Nubian Readers’ Book Club

Sat 7 Apr, 9pm 70s Retro Night

Fri 30 Mar, 10pm Sound System Fridays

Sun 8 April, 1pm – 4pm Love to Dance - African Beats

Fri 13 Apr, 6.30pm Make it a Date, Lucky for Some Sat 21 Apr, 7.45pm Live Box - Stuart McCallum Fri 27 April, 7.30pm The Nubian Readers’ Book Club Fri 27 Apr, 10pm Sound System Fridays

May Wed 2 May, 6pm Raising Lazarus Thu 3 May, 8pm Word Up!


10% offer must be booked in advance, before January 31, standard tickets only, not valid on tickets for ‘Valentine’s Reggae Special’ or ‘TnT Dynamite Tour: Tyrese & Tank, discount on a maximum of 5 standard tickets.


G o v e r n m e n t A step in the right direction, says Chamber low interest rates are Chancellor to take such a package of needs to be more BUSINESS LEADERS also important for immediate action to measures would WELCOLMED exporters. reduce red tape and provide a desperately creative says Chamber the drop in inflation With poor to consider tax cuts, needed boost for figures to 5% and say it is a step in the right direction. Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group says that in the face of faltering growth,

Michael Ward Mike Ashton

THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS to be more creative to encourage businesses to take on apprentices which will be a timely intervention to reduce the region’s unemployment, which has risen by 10,000 to 234,000 say West Midlands business leaders. Michael Ward, president of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, said the Government

employment figures anticipated this week, all eyes are on the Autumn Statement. The Chamber is supporting businesses by urging the

including the 50p income tax rate. Michael Ward, president of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, said: “If introduced,

the UK economy. Investment will help create jobs if we can unlock burdensome regulations and an uncompetitive tax system.”

must look at making it easier for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) to take on 16 to 24 year olds by introducing more tax breaks and giving golden handshakes. He said: “Businesses also need to be convinced of the benefits of taking on apprentices who will usually work harder and stay longer. Unemployment could well be long-lasting and youth unemploy-

ment, which represents 50% of today’s unemployment figures, needs addressing. Job Seekers Allowance claimant levels in the West Midlands are 1% above the national average and for every vacancy on their books, there are 7.1 applicants. The Coalition (Government) needs to make it easier for companies to employ apprentices who will play a critical role in

tackling unemployment.” Mike Ashton, spokesman for West Midlands Chamber of Commerce, said: “In the West Midlands the IT sector is the fastest growing, with BT’s £2.5billion roll-out of super-fast broadband. This is the sector which should receive more encouragement to invest in apprenticeships for 16 to 24 year olds.” 11

Simon Inprintz his mark on big business WIT VISION AND a dab hand, Simon is imprinting his name on big business. In a matter of 8 years, Simon Brade has managed to accumulate a customer database that would be the envy of many a multinational business. From his office/workshop in Birmingham, his company, Inprintz Silk Screen Printers, has been supplying logo emblazoned T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hi-vis jackets for some of the biggest companies and organisations in their respective fields. Using specially advanced silk screen machinery, he is able to produce top quality print; the likes of which you’d have to go some way to find an equal. With his immense depth of knowledge and versatility in the printing trade, he’s able to take on a vast number of orders, whether they be big, small, or anywhere in between. Since doing his first big order supplying T-shirts for Aston Pride, which was then one of the second rounds of New Deal for Partnerships, Inprintz has been the first port of call for an overwhelming number of people who, on reputation alone, know full well that there’s no better company to use. For Mr. Brade, his success to date is a culmination of incredible determination and a single-minded attitude towards providing the very best quality service time after time to keep his customers happy and willing to use him

again. He’s very much part of Birmingham’s Chamber of Commerce and as such, there alone he’s in regular, heavy demand. That, however, is just how he likes it. “I’m getting calls from a lot of big businesses and it has to be said, sometimes I might be already ‘snowed under’ with existing orders. That though doesn’t mean to say that I’m too busy to take on new work, far from it. I’m always willing to listen to company’s inquiries.” Inprintz’s customer file reads like a ‘who’s who’ in business, with the likes of Virgin, Cadburys, the BBC, Midland Heart, South Birmingham College, Sandwell Visually Impaired, Pathfinder, Birmingham City and Aston Villa football clubs, West Midlands Police Force, The Drum Arts Theatre, HRT Foundation, Tesco, Asda, Birmingham Sports, Radisson Hotel, The CBSO and that’s just to name a few. Simon is hugely proud of his achievement so far, but knows there’s much more to come, such as the recent order to supply T-shirts for this year’s X Factor finalists. He’s always willing to open his doors and help young people with there designs and give advice in showing them the best way forward for their own career in printing. The multi-award winning Inprintz Silk Screen Printers also does transfers, embroidery and design to order, so what are you waiting for?



Birmingham loses an ‘industrial hero’

David Grove

THE FORMER PESIDENT of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce passed away recently leaving the group paying tribute to one of the region’s ‘industrial heroes’. David Grove, who was 63, was president of the Chamber in 2003 and died suddenly last month at his Warwickshire home. Regarded as one of the UK’s most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, current BCCG president Michael Ward said: “We have lost one of our great industrial heroes. He famously led Hill & Smith to great success both in the UK and globally and his passing is a great loss to UK business. He has similarly led all the individual

manufacturing businesses that operate under the banner of Grove Industries to leadership in their sectors. David’s passing leaves a massive gap. His passion for manufacturing and his conviction about the rising potential of Midlands manufacturers was infectious. He leaves a legacy of achievement that Midlands manufacturers will benefit from for decades.” Jerry Blackett, Chief Executive of the Birmingham Chamber Group said: “David’s passion was his belief in the potential for local manufacturing businesses to never stop improving their productivity while at the same time improving quality.” As President of

Birmingham Chamber in 2003, Mr Grove spoke up tirelessly for manufacturing at a time when it was not fashionable to do so. He had the vision to realise that the UK would again appreciate the importance of making things and he made sure that governments understood this. In his year as Chamber President, he oversaw a number of significant achievements including promoting unity among Birmingham’s business community and leading on issues like transport. David ran Hill & Smith for more than 10 years from the late 1990s during which time the company saw its share price rise from about 40p to 356p. His reputation for turning around

businesses with his associates attracted Lord Digby Jones to the company two years ago. Mr. Grove was made an OBE for services to business in 2009 and was the current High Sheriff of the West Midlands. When he took office at the Chamber, Mr Gove returned to his passion for manufacturing. He said: “You wouldn’t expect me not to have a word to say about manufacturing as this year I am celebrating 30 years of working in the manufacturing sector. Despite some reports, manufacturing is still alive and innovating. It contributes £150 billion to the UK’s GDP and accounts for 60 % of all exports from the UK. Manufacturing is striving to

improve its products, processes and service to its customers, but we must continue to lobby hard alongside other business organisations against all legislation which makes UK industry less competitive and hands the benefit to our overseas competitors.” He was also dedicated to the well-being of Birmingham and in his speech to the Chamber banquet in front of the then Leader of the Opposition Michael Howard in 2004, he suggested that the challenge for the business sector, the public sector and indeed, the citizens of Birmingham is to secure Birmingham’s place as one of the top business destinations in Europe. A former winner

of the Birmingham Post’s Dealmaker of the Year award, David Grove was educated at Wolverhampton Grammar School and Nottingham University, where he obtained a 2nd Class Honours Degree in Economics. In 1973 he qualified as a chartered accountant following 3 years with Ernst & Young in Birmingham and launched his career in manufacturing by joining Johnson & Firth Brown PLC (now named Firth Rixson PLC), a steelrelated engineering conglomerate. Mr Grove leaves his wife Jane and two sons. 13

Silk Screen Printers Silk Screen Printers

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Fast & Efficient Services at Competitive Prices Fast & Efficient Services at Inprintz Competitive Prices Please contact: Silk Screen Printers Please contact:

Simon Brade Simon Brade 07818 070519 07818 070519

Silk Screen Printers 4 TameInprintz Road, Witton, Birmingham, B6 7DS 4 Tame Road, Witton, B6 1118 7DS Tel: 0121-327 1717 Birmingham, Fax: 0121-327 Tel: 0121-327 1717 Fax: 0121-327 1118


Seb Coe in Sandwell to launch Olympic schools project LONDON 2012 IS coming upon us in weeks and in Sandwell, schools across the borough are in preparation by supporting a team from around the world. Seb Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, launched the initiative at Perryfields Primary School, Oldbury, to celebrate how sport can bring different nations together. The ‘Support a Team’ programme will give children the chance to learn about other countries whilst they cheer on Team GB and Paralympic GB. LOCOG is encouraging every school in Britain to become a supporter of at least one Olympic and Paralympic team from elsewhere in the world. Perryfields chose the Ethiopian Olympic Team and the Zambian Paralympic Team. In offering the opportunity for schools and colleges across the UK to join in its network, ‘Get Set’, the official London 2012 education programme, they will be able to gain lots of rewards and recognition. For schools and colleges who join the network before December 16, they will receive free tickets to the Olympic

and Paralympic Games for students aged 10-18. Perryfields Headteacher, Terry Jones, said: “We were incredibly honored for the school to be chosen to launch the ‘Support a Team’ intiative, with special activity already taking place. We already have links with a school in Zambia; we’re looking forward to celebrating our exsisting links, with Zambia, over the coming months and developing sporting opportunities for the school wherever possible.” LOCOG chair, Seb Coe said: “We’ve always said that we want every Olympic and Paralympic team to feel welcome on their arrival in the UK, while celebrating the multi-culturalism and diversity of the UK. This is a fantastic example of how we plan to do that. The ‘Get Set’ programme inspires and engages young people across the UK and I am delighted to think that through ‘Support a Team’, we gain a knowledgeable, interested and excited group of young supporters to welcome our athletes in 2012.” Ethiopian Olympic gold medal winning athlete, Haile Gebrselassie, said:

05603 118 160

“I‘m delighted to hear that young people will be learning about and supporting my fellow Ethiopian athletes in the lead-up to the London 2012 Games. Knowing that there are young people following your preparations and cheering you on is hugely motivational for an athlete. Thank you to the young people at Perryfields Primary School, and to all of the other young people planning to follow Ethiopia, for your support.” Councillor Bob Badham, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for children & families, said: “It’s wonderful to see Sandwell not only on the Olympic Torch route but also our schools taking such an active role. The Olympics is all about nations coming together.” ‘Get Set’ is a comprehensive learning resource that offers a range of opportunities to schools in the United Kingdom. Oldbury, West Bromwich and Smethwick in Sandwell would all be on the Olympic Torch Relay route on June 30 2012. 15

Pizza boss grabs large slice of IAB awards

A NORTHAMPTONBASED pizza entrepreneur has scooped two of the three awards up for grabs at this year’s Institute of Asian Businesses (IAB) annual dinner. Nadim Iftikar Choudary was named ‘Business Person of the Year’, and his company, Nas Manna Ltd, won ‘Business of the Year’. Nas Manna operates 11 Pizza Hut franchises in the Midlands, Nottingham and Greater Manchester, and employs 450 staff. The company began life when it opened its first franchise in 2005, in Stourbridge, when Nadim was just 18. Nas Manna’s real growth has come in the past year, during which time it has acquired 8 sites, with turnover rising from £1.4m to £4m in the same period. The third award winner, ‘International Trade’, was won by Walsall College, for its impressive efforts in building up

the number of overseas students it has attracted since 2006. Back then, it had 100 overseas students, compared to 322 in 2010/11. Runners up in the three categories were Sukhdev Bajwa and Anita Champaneri (‘Business Person of the Year’), Electro Centre and Chana Catering (‘Business of the Year’) and Perfection Foods Ltd and Firstpress Plastic Moulders Ltd (‘International Trade’). IAB president Nasir Awan said: “We had an overwhelming number of entries this year which we were quite surprised about – we were slightly disappointed that some potential winners didn’t give us sufficient data and proof to support their applications, but on the whole the quality of entrants was high. Nadim Iftikar Choudary was an inspiring winner in two categories – when you take on a franchise you still have to make

quite an outlay and franchisors can be quite demanding, and we were impressed by how he met those conditions. Walsall College made an impression on us because they have been prepared to look outside a small area of the West Midlands to attract students and they are an inspiration to other businesses to look outside their locality and country.” Guest speaker at the awards was leading City financial adviser Malik Karim. During his career, Mr Karim has advised leading financial institutions and governments on more than 50 transactions worth 40 billion US dollars. In 2004, he was appointed as independent investment banking corporate in relation to Ernst & Young’s successful defence of a £3.6 billion claim from Equitable Life. 17

Nicholas’ mission is to give people his all PEOPLE WITH BIG hearts will always be rewarded in big ways. For Nicholas Foster however, his reward is seeing people he helps get the due rewards for their endeavors with the blessings from God above. For over 50 years now Nicholas has been dedicating his life to setting people free from poverty and illness in places which otherwise would be desperately short. Since he was in his twenties, he has been making regular visits to Nigeria and Kenya in order to open schools and medical centres to give the very least fortunate the opportunity to educate and tend properly for themselves. A devout Christian, he has a missionary in Nigeria and has set up schools in some of the most remote parts of the country. Through sending fund raised money and equipment, he gave them

the best possible chance of learning and fending for themselves and their families. He sees this as an anointment by God to help the most deprived people in the world and give them the kind of head start which is afforded to people in the UK. It was as a 21-year-old that Foster found he had the ability to buy and sell jewellery throughout the country at a profit: “The Lord gave me the skill and the strength to make money that way.” he says. Foster originally set up a business consultancy for people with both business and financial problems, problems which he saw as a being due to a lack of vision and guidance. After a chance meeting with a Pastor Washington, he supplied him with books, equipment and money to open a computer school in Nairobi, Kenya. This subsequently ‘drove’ him to open a clothing

factory making T-shirts, from which the workers and their communities pay for their education and also maintain their local church. Now in his 70’s, Nicholas is nowhere near stopping his good work. In fact, he’s looking to spread his great deed for some time to come, as he says with great determination: “With no shortage of willing workers, I want to do the same in other African countries and, at the same time, spread the Word of God throughout the continent. Before too long, I want to set up base there and develop things for those wonderful people. I know that with the right people behind them, they’d have the right chance to benefit from the true richness of the continent they live in.” Nicholas himself knows that with the best will of God, his tireless work will be rewarded with blessings from Him and those he’s ‘touched’.

SPORTS Has The Sports Personality’ lost its direction? WITH NO WOMEN present in the shortlist for this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year, it’s difficult to understand exactly why. Considering that not all of the ten nominees have ‘set the world alight’ in 2011, you have to ask: “Was that a genuine mistake by the judging panel or is it time


m o c . k u y a l dp n a e m o c . www

for a new, equal, open-minded, male/female mix of judges for the 21st Century?” There was a marked absence of 2011 winners like Victoria Pendleton, Katherine Grainger, Sarah Stevenson, Kerri-Anne Payne, Shanaze Reade, Hayley Turner, Chrissie Wellington and Rebecca Adlington. Now there’s

a shortlist of sports personalities. Perhaps an alternative Sports Personality of the Year awards show could be in the offering there. And then we can see, by way of viewing figures, just who has the true personality.


A race (issue) with no end in sight Just how far have we really gone? RACE HAS REARED its ugly head both here at home and abroad these past few weeks which begs the question: Just how far have we really gone in eradicating racism from on and off the football field? You see, whilst the relevant people in the English game are making the right noises in their disgust at Sepp Blatter’s

‘frightening’ views on racism in the game, it’s interesting to see how reticent they are in their views on matters of race, here in our own country. Blatter, the president of FIFA, the world’s governing body of football, is rightfully vilified for his comment saying that racism isn’t a problem in football and if it was an issue in a game, the

person receiving the abuse should just shake the hands of the racist protagonist as it’s all in the game. In trying to clarify his position on the matter, he just dug the biggest hole for himself. To make matters worse, FIFA fined the Bulgarian FA a poultry £38,000 for their fans’ racist behaviour towards the black players who played for England

Asian Football Awards launched to celebrate Asians in Football THE ASIAN FOOTBALL Awards has been launched to recognise the outstanding contribution made by individuals and groups across the UK with South Asian heritage. The Awards (AFA) are to be held at the home of English football, Wembley Stadium, on the 24th January 2012 and is being supported by the FA and Kick It Out. A number of exceptional UK Asians and those from the South Asian Diaspora will be honoured at the first ever high profile event which is expected to attract an exceptional list of guests in support and celebration of Asians in football. The awards will ensure that those working or investing in the professional game or community sport have the opportunity to receive acclaim for their achievements in developing Asians in football. Initial nominations include Michael Chopra (Ipswich Town), Zesh Rehman (Muang Thong Utd), Anwar Uddin (Barnet FC), Dr Zaf Iqbal

(Liverpool FC), Rimla Akhtar (MWSF), Permi Jhooti (FIFA Ambassador), Lakshmi Mittal and Tony Fernandes (QPR FC). Imran Hassan, co-founder of the Asian Football Awards said: “We’ve seen positive moves within the development of Asians in the game and feel that recognition and acknowledgement of individuals and organisations is a fundamental part of developing more individuals on a professional level. I’m delighted to be involved in the Asian Football Awards and look forward to celebrating all aspects of the game from investors, players, coaches and those involved behind the scenes.” FA Equality Manager, Funke Awoderu, said: “The FA is delighted that the inaugural Asian Football Awards will be held at Wembley Stadium. We are committed to football for all and look forward to welcoming the Asian football community to one of the world’s most iconic stadi-

ums for an evening that will not only celebrate success and high achievement across all areas of the game but act as an inspiration to younger generations.” Danny Lynch, Head of Communications for ‘Kick It Out,’ says: “Initiatives like the Asian Football Awards encourage greater involvement from groups and individuals that have sometimes been marginalised from the game in the past. Kick It Out are proud supporters of the Asian Football Awards.” Baljit Rihal, co-founder (AFA) also said: “This promises to be a fantastic opportunity to network with influential personnel from the football industry. We are proud to be hosting this event and are sure that Asian participation in UK football will benefit its inception.” Nomination categories are open. To nominate a person, group or organisation for the Asian Football Awards or book your tickets simply visit

against them in a recent Euro 2012 qualifying match. Here of course, the FA showed their disgust with their wide condemnation of the beleaguered FIFA boss and went further in tackling the race issue by charging Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez, with racially abusing Manchester United’s French defender, Patrice Evra. England and Chelsea captain, John Terry, is being investigated by the police for racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand, a situation which saw him leading out his country at the home of English football (Wembley). The Kick It Out anti-racist campaign has done fantastic work in ridding our terraces of racist abuse towards blacks and other ethnic groups but just how far have we gone in ‘kicking it out’ on the pitch?

A Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers and a prosperous New Year to all!

Phoenix Newspaper December January 2012  

Phoenix Newspaper December January 2012