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Angela West’s Revival Group 2011-2012

Angela West (a.k.a. Momma Fire) United Kingdom

Jeff Brown 4th year volunteer USA

Julie Brown 4th year volunteer USA

Nick Moon

Bre Patterson

3rd year intern

3rd year intern



Ashley Van Winkle

Cecie Wilson

4th year volunteer

3rd year intern USA England

Judy Arnold

Nancy Foreit

Diamond Fellowship volunteer

Diamond Fellowship volunteer



Thank you all!

Phoenix Bartlett America

Elizabeth Konijn (Bashor) The Netherlands (America)

Nicko (Nicolรกs) Benalcรกzar Ecuador

Lindsay Bowen America

Trevor Boyd America

Susana Braga Brazil

Francesca Brown-Haysom New Zealand

Cherish Brunner America

Wanda Bryant America

Michael Butler Australia

Rene Cruz III America

Sandy Hawk America

Abby Heywood England

Sulamith Hossmann Switzerland

Ben Jennings America

Karoline Jessen Denmark

Joe Jones America

Sharon Jones America

Susan Joutsij채rvi Finland

Austin Juneau America

Simon Jutsum England

Susanne Kapstad Norway

Matt Kerley America

Lena Kofanova Ukraine

Amanda Kowalski America

Jennifer Kuruthukulam (Anthony) Singapore

Deb Mackay Australia

Robb Mackay Australia

Laurel Manion America

Lauren Marcy America

Jo Ann Mast America

Jennifer McRae America

Mason Medina America

Hannah Messick America

Vince Miller America

Greg Mitchell America

Eric Mooney America

Erin Mosher America

Sam Mutch Canada

Jorgen Myre Norway

Cheralyn Neuman Canada

Hannah O’Mainnian America

Bianca Pegg America

Sarah Poon Hong Kong

Luke Randolph America

James Schoensiegel America

Abby Staley America

Jeremy Surls America

Judy Thompson America

Michelle Thompson America

Mason Thomson Australia

Jody Trott America

Michele Viliunas America

Lily Viramontes America

Tim Weber Australia (Germany)

Emma West England

Ben Wilson Australia

Florrie Wilson New Zealand (England)

Roswitha Zschunke Germany

Steve Zschunke Germany

Extended Family

Anthony West United Kingdom

Sarah Olivera

Jessica Oddo



Small Groups

Group #1

Group #2

Group #3

Group #4

Group #5

Group #6

Group #7

Group #10

Group #8

Group #9

Group #11

Group #12 ?

Group #13

Family Album

Mostly likely to‌

- Lead a healing crusade 1. Vince 2. Sarah 3. Austin

- Walk to heaven 1. Susana 2. Vince 3. Florrie

- Work in Hollywood 1. Bianca 2. Rene III 3. Trevor

- Release an album 1. James 2. Rene III 3. Matt K.

- Next mother Theresa 1. Hannah O. 2. Laurel 3. Phoenix

- Next Reinhard Bonke 1. Steve 2. Vince 3. Ben W.

- Publish a book 1. Eric 2. Hannah M. 3. Phoenix

- Mother/Father a nation 1. Ben W. 2. Simon 3. Michael

- Raise the dead 1. Vince 2. Greg 3. Ben W.

- Walk on water 1. James 2. Luke 3. Vince

Words of the Saints

My activation is Sidewalk Sunday School and one time we were in the middle of a lesson and one of the ladies living in the apartment complex came up to me and asked if she could speak with me. She was holding her little 2 year old girl and she started to cry and said her little girl was really sick and could barely breathe and she didn’t know what to do. She asked me to pray for her. I said a really short prayer for healing and she thanked me and left. A few weeks later, I was told that the woman had told her neighbor that her child was completely healed that day and she kept saying : “Thank you Jesus. You healed my little girl!” - Erin One of the greatest elements in this family is that every person is confident in who they are and what the Lord has called them too. - James Our revival group is the strongest, because of our leaders. There’s no self-promotion, they let the Holy Spirit lead. - Matt

After 7 years of trying to get here, she finally made it! - Michelle T. When people say “You’re amazing!” I can now say “Yes, I know!” God is the reality I’m walking in. – Sulamith

There’s a freedom and peace here. And I feel more freedom and more fulfilled here than I’ve ever felt. - Wanda

Angela West's Revival Group Yearbook 2011-2012  
Angela West's Revival Group Yearbook 2011-2012  

The yearbook