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A Year of Recovery with Building Futures at HMP/YOI Holloway

Phoenix Futures provides the substance misuse service; Building Futures here at HMP/YOI Holloway. The Building Futures Service offers a range of one to one and group work interventions to address drug and alcohol use. The service works along side the Healthcare team and responds to client needs at all stages of treatment. The service is divided into three teams: • Case Management Team • Interventions Team • Family Support Service

Foreword Welcome to a Year of Recovery with Building Futures 2012/13 A Year of Recovery with Building Futures 2012/13 is the first printed celebration of the women in HMP/ YOI Holloway and their individual journeys towards a life free from drugs and/ or alcohol. Every page represents the desire, motivation and aspirations of the women in Holloway, as they face the challenges of recovery. This book offers a great insight into the world of substance use with the hope to show individuals that recovery is possible and encourage them to persevere on their recovery journey in custody and upon release into the community. It is a unique tribute to the women and all of the staff in HMP Holloway who make recovery possible. We hope the women’s willingness to share their own stories, experiences and goals in this book have laid the foundations to inspire another year of recovery in Holloway and beyond.

• Over the last year Building Futures has received on average 80 referrals per month • Building Futures average case load at any one time is about 200 women

Over the last year: • Heroin was the first substance of choice for 392 women • Crack Cocaine/Cocaine was the first substance of choice for 159 women • Cannabis was the first substance of choice for 35 women • Alcohol was the first substance of choice for 143 women

In March 2013 Building Futures implemented Peer Supporters to provide additional support to women in HMP Holloway with Drug and Alcohol issues. The scheme is a first for HMP Holloway and so far 11 Peer Supporters have been trained in Harm Minimisation, 12 Steps and specific substance awareness. They support the Building Futures team to deliver interventions across the establishment as well as provide advice and support on a one to one basis. Here is the story of Julie, one of our Peer Supporters:

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Through one to ones with her Case Manager, this woman learnt to manage her anger and other emotions through poetry

The Interventions Team deliver specific interventions looking at Building Confidence and Self Esteem.

Here are some thoughts that were provoked when producing handprints for this book

Family Support Service: Phoenix Futures Family Support Service provides advice, information and support to families or loved ones who have been affected by prisoners drug and/or alcohol misuse. This service offers a drop-in service at the visitor’s centre, telephone support, booked appointments before and after visits, drug and alcohol information, links to other services in the community local to the family and ongoing support after release. The Family Support Worker: • Has about 100 contacts with family members each month • Has a case load of about 25-30 family members

This entry was part of Phoenix’s Mother’s Day competition. The prisoner won a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates delivered to their mum on Mother’s Day.

On average there are: • 344 intervention completions per month • 318 one to ones per month

Phoenix House (operating as Phoenix Futures) is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 284880) and in Scotland (No. SC039008); Company Limited by Guarantee Number 1626869; Registered Housing Corporation Number H3795; National Housing Federation Member.

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