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How can we help your school? What is Questions for Change? Questions For Change is an online diagnostic tool which enables your school to gain valuable information about its community, providing a clear measurement of its democratic culture. It specifically looks at the voices of collaborative practice, taking on board the perspective of the different voices who make up the school: parents, teachers, governors and students. Through analyzing these four different stakeholder groups, you will be able to gain insight into what areas are working well and what isn’t. These results allow you to focus energy and resource into school improvement to create a more harmonious, co-operative community with the associated increased effectiveness in learning goals.

How can Questions for Change Benefit my School? Firstly, our bespoke service and experienced staff can help you identify ways to enhance the voices of students and create avenues to enhance collaboration between all key stakeholders. This can create a more harmonious school environment. Many of the solutions we provide have been developed in relation to Ofsted criteria, such as personal development of students, quality of teaching and responsiveness to students needs. Therefore, we believe Questions for Change cannot only enhance collaboration, but it can see a tangible improvement in the school’s attainment.

Who are the Phoenix Education Trust?

How much does it cost?

Phoenix Education Trust is a leading voice for the promotion of democratic education in the UK. We believe giving students a stronger voice in their education not only transforms their own lives but their school community and the society around them.

The cost of the service is £500 for a one year license including VAT. This not only gives you access to the online tool, but our team will provide a bespoke report for your school and be on hand for advice and support along the way.

Set up in 2001 by Lord Michael Young, we offer advice, training and research in how schools can create change through collaboration.

How does it work? Step 1 Let us know that you’re interested and what you hope to get out of Questions For Change. We’ll provide you with separate links for you to distribute questions amongst students, teachers, parents and governors.

Step 2 Share the link! The more people who share their thoughts, the better the diagnosis we can provide. We can help you think up ways to spread the word.

Step 3 When we’ve got sufficient data, we look at the results and provide you with a bespoke report with tips and advice for improving collaboration.

Step 4 Start your democratic journey: After the report we’ll be on hand to consult you every step of the way and help you solve problems that arise. We can also provide training to any and all of your stakeholders. With a one year license we offer, you could potentially also try it again when new cohorts join the school or to generally measure your progress

Questions for Change Information Leaflet  
Questions for Change Information Leaflet