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Volume 9 • Fall 2018

WELCOME LETTER Daryl Layne, Board Member, Class of 1973

What is your WHY? A

question that has been asked of employees, entrepreneurs and others over the past few years. I am a graduate of PCHS from the great year of 1973. My wife, all of our siblings and our children have attended and graduated from PC. Over 20 years ago my wife Denise (1974) and I were asked to lead the band parent group. We became involved and have continued to be involved over the years. I am now serving my 18th year on the school board of directors. It has not always been easy, but we have always been confident that God has PC right where it is supposed to be. Now out of high school for 45 years and being miraculously healed from leukemia 40 years ago, I want to share a defining moment of our support of Phoenix Christian. In the backyard of a dear classmate’s home, we gathered for our 20th year reunion - great food, great fellowship, great memories. As most of the classmates shared their stories, a woman in her 30’s began to share her story. She thanked those who had invited her. She had not expected to be included because she did not graduate with us. She shared that during our senior year around Christmas her father had passed away. I am pretty sure that not one of us at the reunion knew this sad event had taken place.


to a public school. I don’t think there was a dry eye as she spoke. On the way home that night Denise and I talked and we made a commitment to ourselves that we would do everything possible for this to never happen to a PC student again. Our hearts were broken and yes, we cried on the way home as the burden stung deep. Within a very short time we began working on the annual auction. We asked that those dollars be used to help students in need of financial assistance. We served, lead, and worked many hours over the next years. Our WHY? To give our time and efforts to help with raising funds through the auction so we would never hear those word again - MY MOM COULD NOT AFFORD IT. Mr. Blake has asked me to help with the 2019 PC Auction coming up this March. Today I am asking each of you to consider where you might assist. There are lots of opportunities: serve on the committee, donate an item, help procure items or help in any way you can dream. There are students on this campus today that are in need of financial assistance. Contact Kim Wright or myself. We need everyone! Sincerely, Daryl “Bo” Layne Cougar Hi-Lites Sports Editor 1972-1973 (Yes, it has been a long time)

She went on to tell us that because of finances her mom could not afford for her to continue at PC so she quietly transferred


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New Administrators

From left to right: Lori Miller – Preschool Director, Lauren Scharnweber – Elementary Principal and Jeannine Graden - Middle/High School Principal

Jeannine Graden Middle/High School Principal


hat do you like most about your new role? When I have been asked by various friends if I like my new job, my response is that I love my new job. I truly count it a privilege to be a part of the Phoenix Christian family. The students, the faculty & staff, and the families have all been extremely inviting and welcoming. There is a refreshing sense of authenticity that I have experienced here at Phoenix Christian and have enjoyed immensely. How did God lead you to PC and this new position? In January of last year, I began to feel restless where I was currently serving. As I sought the Lord about where and what would I do next, there was no real clear direction given at that time. In late spring, I received a text from a friend asking if I had ever thought about going in to administration and that there was a potential opening at Phoenix Christian. As soon as I read the text, I had the

immediate thought of “oh, God, is this why I have been so restless?” From that point, I earnestly sought the Lord and asked Him to open or close the door as He saw fit. As I walked through door after door, I was drawn to the mission and vision of Phoenix Christian to serve and advance the Kingdom of God in the heart of Phoenix. Having previously served in a low socio-economic public school in Missouri, on the mission field in Mexico, and in a private Christian school, Phoenix Christian combined all of these experiences into one. What book/s are you reading? Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management and Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No What three things are you loving right now? Coffee, Elevation Worship and living life on a mission.


Lauren Scharnweber Elementary Principal, Class of 2006


hat do you like most about your new role? I love interacting with all of our students. From getting big hugs every day to having one-on-one times of prayer with students in my office... it is such a joy to be a piece of each child’s education. How did God lead you to PC and this new position? I am a 2006 PC alumnus. After teaching in a public school, I came back to PC in 2013 to teach 3rd grade. I just loved the vision and mission of Phoenix Christian. When I moved into the role as the Reading Specialist and Foster Program Coordinator, I was able to be a little more involved in some of the “big picture” vision at PC. When I was presented with the opportunity to move into the role as the Elementary Principal, I was amazed at how the Lord was working in my life and guiding my steps. It was a very unexpected transition, but looking back, it is so evident how God was preparing me for this new role!


What book/s are you reading? I’m currently rereading “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom. I am also reading through the book of Judges. What three things are you loving right now? I am a mom of 4. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. Two of our kids are in Elementary School and I love that I get to see them every day on our campus! My oldest is in 6th grade. I love watching her play volleyball! My youngest is 1½. I love watching him grow into a little toddler!

Lori Miller Preschool Director

hat do you like most about your new role? In my new role I get to spend more time with all of the children and have more exposure to their parents. It is a problem-solving job; I like the challenge and I love finishing puzzles. How did God lead you to PC and this new position? God has a plan for all of us and His hand is on everything we do. He has used an amazing woman (Jeanne Bookhout) as a magnet to pull a group of women who love children to this Preschool, and that is how I came to work for her. Then she convinced me I have what it takes to do this job. Only with our Lord’s help and an amazing staff will I be able to get this job done!


What book/s are you reading? I really enjoy reading British detective novels like Deborah Crombie and Elly Griffiths. My son has also challenge me to go back and read the old testament and rediscover the beautiful truths and I so love Psalms and Proverbs. What three things are you loving right now? I’m loving being around our beautiful and incredible children and getting to know their very special parents.  I love the closeness and camaraderie of my staff with God’s Spirit showing in their lives along with the joy and love in the children’s lives.  

New Faces


Atlantis Jamerson Junior

tlantis attended Westview High School for 9th and 10th grade and through a series of unexpected events, she transferred to PC this year. Atlantis met Coach Terry along with several of PC’s volleyball players through her club team. She experienced something so unique and different with this group of people. Although they were every bit as focused and determined as other competitive teams, they were loving, kind and most unique, they loved Christ! Although Atlantis went to church as a little girl, she really did not understand what it meant to be a Christ follower. And this team seemed to know. Her heart kept on directing her to apply to Phoenix Christian and the rest is history. She reflects, “Now I have the opportunity to really live out my faith and learn what it means to be a

Christian.” When asked if she has a favorite teacher, she laughed and said she loves all of her teachers. When Atlantis shared a little about her mom’s involvement, she teared up. Her mom works hard – all of the time! She’s currently back in school and working a full-time job. Atlantis reflects that even though life has not always been easy for her mom, she always has a smile on her face. And she’s never missed a game! Atlantis smiled as we concluded our interview. She remarked how strange it is for PC alumni to come back to eat lunch or go to a game and then concluded, “no wonder they come back, it’s just like home.”

Rhynard Family


Back row, left to right: Levi, Easton, Mason, Frank. Front row, left to right: Ruby, Zig, Autumn and Trinity


eckey Rhynard, 1st wife to Les and “Mom Up In Heaven” to the kids, went to be with Jesus in August of 2012. Les was left with ten children ages 2-17. Grandma Gracie, Les’ mom stepped in to help with laundry and meals. Ruby has described the house as “silent” after their mom passed, and Les was keenly aware of the need for mombalance. Beckey’s aunt, Juanita, met Charity May (Rhynard) at church in Yuma and had no trouble striking up conversation. Juanita said, “Charity, tell me about you!” Charity answered, “Well, about two weeks ago I joined eHarmony, but I hate it!” Juanita said, “Well, I do have a nephew!” Charity internally cringed due to having been set up by many elderly friends, but outwardly replied, “OO-OO-OO!” in an excited tone. Juanita said, “But he has ten kids!” Charity responded with, “Well, as long as he is willing to have two more, we are going to be very happy together!” Les texted Charity early Monday morning with two pictures of the entire family, and two respectful texts of introduction. They married on March 27, 2015. You can ask Charity in person for the rest of their love story! God worked beautifully to bring them together and is continuing His work in their family. While on their honeymoon, Charity talked to Les about the possibility of enrolling the kids in a Christian school. The kids attended a local Christian school for three years. It was a healing place for many of the children due to the compassion of amazing, “all-in” kind of Jesus-loving veteran teachers and staff who

poured into the Rhynard children. The drive to and from the school, and the wait in between two drop off and pick up times was grueling for Charity, but she was thankful for a good school. After experiencing a few changes at the school, Les knew that the Rhynard family would not return fall of 2018. The important search began! Les suggested they visit in person all the possibilities to be sure they knew what was available. Phoenix Christian was the furthest and most expensive option, but they both believed God was moving their family to PC. For Charity, the question remained: “Dear God, how can I possibly survive more driving, and less time in between drop off and pick up? I only have five hours as it is!”

They decided to have the kids shadow at two schools. With each encounter at PC, Les and Charity believed more strongly that PC was the right fit for their family. Mrs. Calderon reached Les with a specific statement she made about children with special needs not being “disabled, but being differently abled”! After their shadow day at PC, Gretchen Janes handed Charity a large stack of papers. As Les drove, Charity slowly read through the stack. She wrestled with how in the world could she do anymore? At the bottom of the stack was a paper including the West Valley bus schedule... she couldn’t believe it! It was as if God said, “I just wanted to see if you were willing.” The bus option gives Charity about three hours of additional uninterrupted time, and saves hundreds in fuel costs. What a blessing!

New Classes


ince adding the distinctive diploma program called Concentrations, PC attempts to build each Concentration by offering a wide variety of Concentration classes. These unique courses will challenge and enhance each student’s unique gifts and abilities. This year we added five new classes. • Robotics and Computer Science/Coding to enhance our existing robust STEM program • Much requested Sign Language course to grow our Humanities program and add another option for the foreign language requirements • Debate and Spiritual Formation that will challenge our Spiritual and Leadership Formation students to go deeper and encourage spiritual discourse

Mr. Kelby Milgrim Robotics

Class of 1988


ur teams have already built two challenges in less than two months and created the code for it to move! Phoenix Christian will be competing in the VEX robotics challenge this year and the BEST robotics challenge in New Mexico the first part of November. September 22nd, the specifications for the new challenge were released and we will be competing for an opportunity to go to nationals in December in Dallas, Texas. Check out this video to better understand our challenge this year for BEST!

Mr. Jason Sicliano

Class of 2000


Computer Science and Coding

n Introduction to Computer Science and Coding, we learn about how computers and networks represent and communicate information.  We also learn the basics of making and controlling applications via a programming language.


Mr. Gus Chaydez

Debate and Spiritual Formation


e are starting out in building our theology about how the Fall has impacted our desires and the way we think. This will make us aware of the need for the Holy Spirit’s illumination and renewal and will shed insight into the nature of unbelief. From here we will explore the most impactful debates that took place in church history, so that we are better grounded in our purpose for debate: the defense of the truth that is within us. Students are enjoying the classroom seminars as we work through these deep things of God.

Mrs. Brooke Holterman

Sign Language

The Spiritual Formation class is structured much like a discipleship group. We pray for each other and study the Word together. We’ve covered topics ranging from the personhood of the Holy Spirit, the Divinity of Christ, the reality of spiritual warfare, and other topics! It’s been a very intimate and enjoyable time together in the Lord.  


hoenix Christian is excited to expand the foreign language department and is now offering American Sign Language, ASL, as a 2nd language. This year the first level is offered, next year we will offer level one and two. This year the level one students are working on fluency, speed, and recognition of ASL. The class is full of freshmen all the way up to seniors who are eager to learn a new way to communicate with the hearing impaired community! The students will experience interactions inside and outside the classroom with activities and field trips with local hearing impaired groups in our community.

Signing “Phoenix”

Signing “Christian” Signing “Cougars”


New Teachers

Joe Wiltz Middle School Bible, Science, Math, History Teacher


grew up in a Christian home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with parents that ensured we were in church every week. My family enrolled me in a small, private Christian school in Jr. High and it was there that I felt the sensation of a robust, caring community focused on God. Being around Christ-like people encouraged me to accept Jesus Christ as my savior and to embark on a journey of faith in education. This journey brought me to Phoenix and I am eager to see how God continues to use this city for the growth of His kingdom. I have been married to my kind, beautiful wife Courtney for almost two years. We met in college at Grand Canyon University, and we continue to grow in love every day. She is a teacher in the Washington Elementary District, so we spend our free weekends exploring Phoenix’ coffee shops and planning our next summer adventure.

The Lord divinely provided the opportunity to teach at Phoenix Christian this past summer at Bellevue Heights Church. My family was attending to hear my father-in-law (Rick Roth, class of 1977) guest preach, and it was on this occasion that I connected with Jeff Blake and his family. I was always familiar with Phoenix Christian, but I had no idea the great and powerful works God was doing until this point. I reached out to Mr. Blake to say I wanted to be part of this school’s mission. Surprisingly, a position in the middle school had just opened up! Through vigorous prayer and encouragement, Courtney and I decided to pursue what God was presenting. We have loved being a part of the Phoenix Christian family, and have faith in this school’s willingness to be the body of Christ!


Sara Stevens 3rd Grade Teacher

Jack Zeidman5th Grade Teacher

Elementary STEM Director


uring a Sunday lunch with family friends (Shout-out to the Duty Family!) they told me that I really needed to check out Phoenix Christian and apply to work there. This is my fourth year teaching third grade, and I decided after three years in public education I wanted to make a change. In February 2018, I contacted Mr. Blake and asked if I could tour the school, and potentially apply if there were openings. After stepping onto the campus, I realized that there was a sense of community that I had never felt before in a school. I applied in mid-February for any job opening that the middle school or elementary might have for the upcoming school year. A week after I applied, I took a leap of faith, putting all my trust in God, and decided to not sign my contract at the school I had been teaching for the upcoming school year. Over the following months, I waited to hear from Phoenix Christian, in hopes that I would be able to teach there. In May I got the call and was hired. After months of waiting, I was able to start calling PC my home. I am looking forward to creating an interactive, inquiry-based STEM curriculum to be used with Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. When I am not in the classroom, I am spending time with my husband, Caleb, or my family and friends. My husband and I were married last fall, after being together for almost 7 years. We love to travel and had the opportunity to travel to London and California this summer. Our next adventures are to New Zealand and Disneyland for Christmas. We both serve in our church, and have been serving with the middle school ministry for the past 6 years. I am so excited to be a part of the team here at Phoenix Christian!


was born in York Beach, Maine, not far from the ocean. When I was young, my family relocated to California. In my adult years I learned to love the sea! Living in such a beautiful place influenced my writing. I also began the development of my screenplay during my time there. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior around the time I began attending college. When I graduated with my Masters in Educational Psychology, I began teaching at a private junior/senior high school. I spent the next five to six years teaching at the secondary level until one day, I had the opportunity to interview for an elementary position. Since that time, most of my teaching experience has been at the elementary level. During those years I coauthored three of five books and I had some short stories/poems published.

” 11

Now, to a most wonderful, joyful part of my life (second only to my relationship with my Lord and Savior), the bond I have with my lovely wife Gladys. She is my soulmate, my friend and my prayer-partner. Her simple, trusting faith in Jesus is both inspiring and comforting. This year, God has blessed me with the wonderful privilege of being a teacher at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School, my new family. I strongly support their praise-worthy goals, and I am excited about being a part of what promises to be a great, glorious future for PCPS. To God be the glory. Amen!

New Spaces


hoenix Christian Early Education Center opened this fall with our highest enrollment to date! Our students love their new space; especially the playground. Renovated classrooms sparkle with beautiful gray tile, new drywall, state of the art lighting, fresh paint and wonderful bright spring green accents. What’s next? Samson, a large desert tortoise will move to his new habitat right in between the classrooms in the beautiful grassy courtyard. Students of the month will take turns attending to the tortoise. What fun! After the elementary moved out of the 2nd floor of the two-storied building, middle school moved in this summer! Our sixth through eighth graders enjoy having a space exclusively for them. If you go upstairs after school, you will find students watching movies in Mr. de Laet’s room and playing spoons in Ms. Hunt’s room. Throughout the day students engage in vigorous debates in English class, creative and complicated science labs, opportunities for STEM challenges, rigorous math curriculum and plenty of wonderful fine arts classes like concert band, art, worship team, and choir. This environment stimulates a sense of community and inspired learning.

grant for the renovations. Monty Ortman, Pete Hamstra, Steve Woods, Daryl Layne, and some of the administrative team honored Robyn Lea-Amos from AZSTA at a football game earlier this month. Students are loving the beautiful new flooring, bleachers, scoreboards, weight room and locker rooms. As we continue to count our blessings and celebrate all things new, Bellevue Heights Church Foundation granted Phoenix Christian funding to enhance our transportation fleet. With this grant, along with some other funding, we purchased a newer 86 seat school bus, repainted large vans, purchased a 20 passenger mini bus, and purchased a newer large van. This is also the second year Bellevue Heights hosted a Back to School Sunday. They collected school supplies all summer and graciously dedicated a special Sunday where they gave the supplies to Phoenix Christian. This year Ruby Perez sang a beautiful solo and Brooklynne Blake accompanied her in the service. Our superintendent, Jeff Blake, had the honor of preaching. Students were thrilled to receive so many brand new school supplies including some really fun back packs. Thank you Bellevue Heights for such tremendous gifts.

Our athletic facilities had a remarkable facelift last year. We had the honor of celebrating with a representative from the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority (AZSTA) who bestowed the


AZSTA Special Presentation Robyn Lea-Amos (AZSTA) and Jeff Blake, Superintendent

Steve Woods

Jeannine Graden

– Board Member

Shane Sluga -Associate Athletic Director

Daryl Layne

– Board Member

Jeff Blake - Superintendent

– High School Principal

Robyn Lea -Amos – AZSTA

Pete Hamstra – Board Member

Monty Ortman – Board Member

Keith Baker

– Vice President of Athletics and Activities

New Middle School Home


Back to School at Bellevue Heights Church


Bellevue Heights Church


New Fall Season

Sports Phoenix Christian High School Athletics - Fall 2018



he Phoenix Christian Cougars opened the 2018 season having won back-to-back region championships. PC is in a restructured region this year but the goal is the same! For football, PC is now a part of the “Agua Fria” section. A couple of familiar names (Scottsdale Christian and Arizona Lutheran) are a part of the same section, but the grouping also includes ASU Prep, Santa Cruz Valley and AIA newcomer Heritage Academy (Laveen). PC is set to open region play on Sept. 28 at Santa Cruz Valley. ● Head Coach Brian Cole, in his second season at Phoenix Christian, earned his 125th career head coaching victory in a week three win over American Leadership AcademyIronwood at PC Stadium.


Volleyball ead Coach Terry Sutter is in his second season at PC.

● The Cougars won the “2018 Wolfpack Invitational” in Tucson on September 8th defeating host St. Augustine Catholic in straight sets, 25-21 and 25-23. ● In the AIA shuffle of 2A teams for 2018-19 and 2019-20, PC is in the “Valley Section” along with Chandler Prep, Leading Edge Academy (Gilbert), Gilbert Classical Academy, Antelope Union and Tempe Prep.

● Running back Malik Taylor continues to lead the PC offense. The 5’10”, 180 pound senior has climbed into the 5th place on the all-time PC rushing list with 2,538 yards. He should surpass Rocky Gingg (2004-06, 2,552 yards) this season for the fourth spot all-time on the PC list. ● Seniors Chris Aguilar and Ramon Castro are ranked 1 and 2 in Arizona High School football (all divisions) in interceptions through week six. Aguilar has six (including three returned for touchdowns) and Castro five!




hoenix Christian cheer has gone coed! This diversity on the team played a major role in the team winning a bid to Nationals from the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders organization while attending camp this summer in Fullerton, CA. The competition team will travel January 2-7 to Orlando, FL to participate in FCC Nationals in the coed division. â—? PC is also in its 4th season of Small Paws, a coed team of almost 30, kindergarten through 5th graders who manage a season of twice a week practices and a game schedule allowing them to cheer for high school and middle school football, HS and MS volleyball, and show off their skills at the homecoming game! â—? Our MS, JV and varsity teams work hard to decorate lockers, cheer for their classmates, maintain excellence in the classroom, and most importantly work to honor God in all they do. It is because of the gifts He has given that they are able to do what they love!



his year we have 10 students running cross country, representing several different countries including China and Vietnam. We are still building, but running around 15 miles a week. Near the end of the year, the students will run 20-25 miles a week.

Phoenix Christian Middle School Athletics



hoenix Christian Prep is a part of the Cactus Christian Schools League. There are 18 schools participating in the league and PC sponsors both A and B teams in the league for 2018. The A team is 1-3 through Sept 21 while the B team is 3-2.



he Cougars had a 24 player turnout for the 6th-8th grade version of Cougar football for 2018. Games are set to begin on Saturdays in October.

Featured Alumnus

We sat down with Dr. Richard Bergstrom, a Phoenix Christian graduate from the high school class of 1968. lb. How was it that you and your three Montana siblings ended up attending Phoenix Christian High School? rb. It was the year 1965, and we were living in the Flathead Valley of NW Montana. I was in the middle of my freshman year of high school. My older sister was a junior. My parents had a desire to send us to a Christian high school, but there weren’t any such options in those days in our area. They took a business trip in January of that year and visited schools in Seattle, L.A. and Phoenix. lb. How was it that they chose Phoenix? rb. Part of the equation was that my father would need to find a job in order for us to move. He walked into Barrows furniture on Camelback Road and they asked him, “Did you see our ad for a carpet manager?” He had not, but was immediately hired to manage their carpet department. That allowed us to make the move.

lb. How was that transition for you? rb. It was actually a somewhat difficult adjustment for me, and even more so for my sister who was in the 3rd year of her local high school. I had enjoyed all sorts of outdoor sports such as water skiing, snow skiing, and ice skating as a country boy on Flathead Lake in Montana. When we moved to Phoenix I was thrust into the world of competitive athletics and tried out for basketball, baseball, track, and football (for 1 day). I’ll never forget the day I was cut from the basketball team, failing to make varsity. Although I wasn’t finding my identity in school athletics, I was increasingly being affirmed in leadership. I was elected sophomore class v.p., student body v.p., and then student body president my senior year. I experienced similar affirmation amongst my peers at Bethany Bible Church where my family attended.

lb. What role did your local church play in shaping your life? rb. I was privileged to be under the ministry of Dr. John L. Mitchell, the first pastor of Bethany. He had a heart for developing emerging leaders for ministry. At the conclusion of a mission’s conference in 1967 I went forward to make a commitment to “full-time vocational Christian ministry.” I became a part of an identified group known as “Christian Service Students.” Dr. Mitchell and the elders shepherded us through our college and seminary years until ordination. lb. What part did Phoenix Christian play in your call to ministry? rb. I learned to view my life through the lens of Scripture and to seek God’s purposes for my life. All of us benefited from the godly faculty and staff that taught us and modeled for us the Christian life. I still recall being taught the model of Jesus, who increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. That speaks to me of the importance of developing intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially.


Dr. Richard Bergstrom Class of 1968

lb. Was there a particular teacher or coach who made an impact on you? rb. Mr. Hovda’s Bible classes, taught with authenticity from a godly life, taught me an appreciation for the depths of Scripture. Also Dr. Crenshaw’s leadership of the school modeled humility and commitment to the mission of Phoenix Christian. His optimistic outlook came from a deep faith and a commitment to the mission of Phoenix Christian. lb. What route did your ministry take you? rb. At Westmont College, I met and married my wife Leona, who has been a partner in ministry at every turn. Following a summer internship at Bethany, I served five years in youth ministry, and then ten years as a senior pastor. But at age 38, with an earned doctorate in ministry, I became disillusioned with pastoring the church I was in and discouraged with the process of seeking to find a new church to pastor. I had been in a troubled church full of internal politics and strife. At the end of four years there we left to join a para-church organization and raise our support in faith ministry, which we have now been doing for 30 years. Leona pursued a career in gerontology as well during those years and had a huge impact in our community.

lb. What does your ministry look like today?

lb. So what then…?

rb. In 1995 I formed a non-profit ministry organization called “ChurchHealth” to give expression to my calling and to allow us to be more independent and free to follow God’s leading. He has opened doors we couldn’t have imagined those 30 years ago.

rb. This year, our big goal was to take our material online in the form of a video based educational course that people could go through in their own place at their own pace. On September 1st we achieved that goal, and Re-Ignite U is now a reality. Our first course is “Re-Ignite Online: Discovering Your Third Calling. It captures the essence of our retreat and our book in a format that is cutting edge for today’s learner.

lb. What are you doing now? rb. For the past twenty years, Leona and I have focused much of our energy around the aging Boomer generation. After ten years serving our generation in a local church and simultaneously in our denomination, we launched our own initiative called “Re-Ignite” and developed a retreat around the topic of finding and following your calling in the thirdthird of life. We then concluded we needed to write a book around that topic. In 2016 we wrote and published our book Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? We found opportunities to take our message across the nation and around the world, visiting Sweden (3X), India, Australia and New Zealand. But even then we realized we could only reach so many people in a retreat or seminar setting.


lb. So when do you plan to retire? rb. We don’t! Although we’ve adjusted the pace of our life to be able to work independently and remotely. We want work these days to be meaningful and fun! lb. Where can we learn more about your ministry. rb. Just go to and you’ll find it all there. Or will take you to the same place. 

Some NEW & not so new Events Nathan and Toni Duty – PAWS and (Toni) First Christian Church Children’s Pastor

Pastor Appreciation Night


or the first time in Phoenix Christian’s history we hosted a Pastor Appreciation Night; it was a huge success!

On Friday, September 14th, Phoenix Christian Preparatory School graciously welcomed 15 Pastors from around the Valley representing 10 different churches, all united by one person, Jesus. Each weekend, Pastors reinforce what Phoenix Christian teaches during the week – The Love of God seen through Jesus. I used to think Pastors only worked on Sundays and whatever day during the week to write their sermon. I thought this way until I worked at a church. Pastors do so much more! Pastors listen to anyone in need. They tirelessly pray for those who are struggling. They visit hospitals when someone is sick or had surgery. They counsel according to the bible. They help friends move even if that means they will no longer attend their church. They send care packages to former students who are off to college. The list goes on forever! And sadly, it is often a thankless job.

Phoenix Christian is looking to be a beacon of light that sends the message of Jesus’ hope, peace, and joy to our surrounding community. My prayer is that Phoenix Christian did just that for the Pastors and their families who attended. I hope they felt encouraged and that they experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit on this campus. Maybe for a moment they could feel God’s arms wrapped around them and were reminded how much they are loved. -Kim Wright, Advancement Initiatives Coordinator

Holterman family with CCV Mid-Town pastors

Titus Lambert & Dr. Noe Garcia, Senior Pastor at North Phoenix Baptist

Denise Ebert, PC mom and Heart for the City volunteer and David Tomb, Association Pastor of Bellevue Heights Church


Pastor Tim Birdwell of Phoenix Bible Church, Jaya Birdwell, PC’s International Director and Donte Gilbert, senior at Monty and Anne Ortman Phoenix Christian (Class of 1967 and 1969)

Pastors, Board Members and administrators gather for a picture before the big game!



Homecoming Homecoming 2018 2018 Friday Friday

October5th 5th October For ForClass ClassReunion ReunionActivities, Activities, please pleaseemail


Class of 1958 – 60th Year

Contacts: Carol (Fogelson) Penberthy (carolpenberthy38@ and Lillian (Archibald) Booher (schillingranch@hotmail. com) Friday, October 5th - Homecoming activities and football game at PC Saturday, October 6th - Informal banquet and program, 4:0011:00pm, Residence Inn Marriott

Class of 1976

October 26-28, 2018 Location: Biltmore Hampton Contact: Sandy Carlisle,

Class of 1978 – 40th Year

Contact: Lois Klem,

Class of 1988 – 30th Year

Friday, October 5th - Homecoming Events at PC Saturday, October 6th 9:00 am - Meet at Panera (North Valley) for coffee and breakfast Location: 2370 W Happy Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85085 6:30 pm - Casual dinner at Nando’s Mexican Cafe. Patio reserved. Dinner to be ordered and purchased individually.

Savee h e t t PC Auction a D March 9th We are gathering a team of volunteers, parents, alumni and friends of PC. Contact Jeff Blake if you would like to serve!

How many OAWs would you like to purchase? OAW (One a Week) is a long standing Phoenix Christian tradition for alumni and friends to invest 1$/week or $52 in the life changing mission of Phoenix Christian. Friends of Phoenix Christian are already stepping up with matching gift opportunities! Our campaign will run November 26th-30th. If you are interested in providing matching gift opportunities, purchasing an early OAW, or being a part of our call-a-thon team, please contact Cassie Ronda at 602.265.4707 ext. 223 or

Fun Run and STEM

We are excited to announce a Fun Run and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) centered Spirit Week for our School! Students will be encouraged to seek sponsorship for a Fun Run on December 6. We are raising funds to enhance technology in the classrooms!


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Calendar of Events October 5 Homecoming Festivities begin at 4:30pm October 19 Last home football game & Senior Night 7:00pm October 22-23 College Lunch Fairs October 24 Freshmen STEM Fieldtrip, PSAT Testing AM, Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00-8:00pm November 7 Serve Day – ½ Day November 9 Veterans’ Day Chapel all welcome to attend November 12 Veterans’ Day Observed No school November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break – No school


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Letter from the Editor


nd he who sat upon the throne said, “Behold I make all things new.” Also he said, “Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Rev 21:5 Don’t you love new things? There’s nothing like putting on a pair of brand-new white socks, or for my kids, to put on their back-to-school sneakers. At PC, we’ve experienced a lot of new this year. Our kiddos have a new playground and classrooms! Our athletes have a new gym floor. Our middle schoolers have a new home. We have new teachers and new administrators. It’s almost heavenly. Wait? Heavenly? Isn’t that kind-of exaggerated? Don’t you think God allows us to experience the joy of “newness” to give us a taste of what’s to come?! John Piper furthers this idea, “It’s the assurance of the hope of heaven that releases the radical, risk-taking love that makes people look at your life (like Peter says) and “ask a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). Revelation 22:4 states, “They shall see his face and his name shall be on their foreheads.” Oh, to see His face; oh, to be created new again. Oh, how I love Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for a new year, for a new me and for a new PC. Lisa Blake, M.A.Ed.

School Counselor

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