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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Saturday 28th - Section 4 will commence at 10:00am BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED 1568 A An Extraordinary Exhibition Quality Collection comprising rare and unique proofs and essays literature postal history, PPCs etc. A remarkable assembly honouring The Big Australian. If this lot is unsold then its many components will be offered in the following 36 lots. Do not miss out on this once-in-a lifetime opportunity. $50,000

BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED | Proofs & Essays 1569 A Engraver’s Pen and Ink Line Drawing of Newcastle Steelworks (203x255mm) in black on board (223x280mm) depicting an open hearth being charged with hot metal drawn by E R Murray Jones, an artist and engraver with the Note Printing Branch. Similar in design to the 3½d blue Newcastle 150th Anniversary issue of 8 September 1947 and identical to the Beecroft RP postcard offered in lot Lot 1603. Impressive and unique! [ACSC states at page 6/162 - “#243E(1) 3½d Un-denominated pen and ink engraver’s line drawing in BLACK on board similar to issued 3½ design...from the estate of ERM Jones, a former Note Printing Branch engraver. Further research has shown that it was copied from The BHP Review June 1935 Jubilee issue for it is identical to the picture on page 64 of that book. Jones had a drawing on display at the Victorian Artists Society in Albert Street entitled ‘Steel’ priced at 5 guineas but NFS (not for sale!)] $25,000

ex 1571

part 1572

1570 1570 1571 **




1946 Stamp Design Competiton denominated original watercolour artwork in carmine-lake and white on thin buff card (185x254mm) being an unsuccessful design submitted by J O Wyons for the 1946 Stamp Essay Competition depicting steelworks with trains taking delivery in the foreground, minor blemishes. Gorgeous! 1958 75th Anniversary of Broken Hill bromide essays of unissued designs (7, one design duplicated), plus block of 24 of issued stamp from the base of the sheet. (8 items) —- 4d die proof in sepia recessed in a presentation mount, CBA/Note Printing Branch cachet in violet on the reverse endorsed “24/6-8-58”, Cat $3000. Superb! [ACSC states that only 9 die proofs were distributed, one of which was given to the Queen and another is in the Australia Post archival collection. #26 was for MRC Stradwick (Director-General Designate of the PMG’s Department)]

$5,000 $80


Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

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1573 BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED | Postal Stationery 1573 * A 1887: (Sep 7) 1d Postal Card from Melbourne to Adelaide with unframed two-line ‘NOT KNOWN/BY LETTER CARRIERS’ plus double-lined oval ‘ADVERTISED UNCLAIMED/SE (?)/1887/ADELAIDE’ handstamp on face, fine ‘DEAD LETTER OFFICE/2/FE 14/88/MELBOURNE’ backstamp in violet, trivial age stain. [The card provides details of a dividend of ₤16,000 payable at branches of the Bank of Australasia after 21 September 1887] A1889: (Dec 5) use of NSW Size G 4d Registration Envelope H&G #2 uprated for interstate letter rate with 2d Emu tied by 1574 * Albury BN ‘50’ duplex, addressed to Company Secretary William Knox, Melbourne backstamp, some toning. A1890: (Dec 23) use of Victoria 1d brown Envelope H&G #5 to BHP, Melbourne, tied by fine ‘POST AND TELEGRAPH 1575 * OFFICE/COLAC/DE 23/1890’ belt & buckle cancel, Melbourne backstamp, torn flap, fine overall.

$150 $150 $200

ex 1576 1577


1579 1580 1576

1897: NSW 1d Shield ‘New Year Greetings’ and 1½d ‘Christmas Greetings’ unused postal cards H&G #19c & #23a both depicting the BHP silver mine site at Broken Hill, plus an unused GD&D Star Series divided-back coloured PPC showing the same scene. (3) A 1913: (Oct 7) OHMS Department of Mines OHMS card from Sydney to the Mine Managers Association in Broken Hill with 1577 * 1d Shield perf ‘OS/NSW’ Type A (10 holes in ‘S’) tied by Sydney Machine cancel, paying postcard rate. Rare. A 1915 KGV Sideface: 1d Die I P12½ off-white within ASC #L9, with ‘PORT PIRIE/STH AUSTRALIA’ illustration, unusually 1578 * fine. 1579 * B Governor of Victoria: 1891 (Oct 6) use of Die 6 free frank Envelope (crest on flap) tied by South Melbourne duplex, addressed to founding director W R Wilson at BHP’s Queen Street office, peripheral blemishes. BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED | Postal History 1580 * A1888 (Jan 19) advertising envelope from Chalmers & Fraser Corp, (Chicago) with 2c Washington & 10c Jefferson tied by Chicago duplex, ‘VIA SAN FRANCISCO, CAL’ handstamp in violet, with (Jan 24) San Francisco transit backstamp, 24 Jan addressed to company secretary William Knox (appointed September 1887), flap torn & repaired. *


$200 $150 $80 $100


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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012


1581 1581






1892 (Jan 28) registered cover from Mount Gambier to BHP Queen St Office with 5d Surcharge P10 + 4d paying registration and interstate letter rate x2, curved ‘REGISTERED/No’ handstamp, Melbourne backstamp, some age staining on flap. 1897 (May 2) OHMS free frank printed wrapper with circular ‘DEPARTMENT OF MINES/FRANK STAMP/swan/WESTERN AUSTRALIA” (Karman #W355-3) & triple-oval ‘DEPARTMENT OF MINES/21 May 1897/PERTH WA’ d/s both in blue, addressed to John Howell [General Manager] at BHP Broken Hill, some water staining.

1583 1583











ex 1585

—- (Jul 29) hand-written OHMS stampless local cover with double-ring oval ‘GOVT INSPECTOR OF MINES’ dated cachet in violet, Broken Hill BN ‘1331’ cancel, crest on flap. —- (Aug 13) Largs Bay (SA) On Public Service Only cover to Broken Hill with 2d optd ‘OS’ tied by Largs Bay Sq circle cds, Adelaide and Broken Hill backstamp, minor edge blemishes. 1915-33 KGV Selection comprising 1915 BHP Devonport (Tas) local cover with Smooth Paper 1d, 1918 with printed ‘From/JUNCTION NORTH BROKEN HILL MINE, NO-LIABILITY’ to Ballarat with Rough Paper 1d, 1933 Lysaght Bros 2d red covers x2 with ‘Rabbit Proof’ advertising crests on flaps, 1931 cover with 1d green, condition variable. (5)



$100 $80 $80

ex 1587 1588

1941 (Jun 11) inwards censored airmail cover from Bhuket, Thailand to Little Collins Street office with 15stg Chakri Palace plus 25stg & 50stg airmail paying correct 90stg rate, Melbourne censor tape & censor cachet in violet, trivial peripheral blemishes. BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED | OTHER COLLECTABLES 1587 A/B Haberdashery: with gentleman’s neckties x6 representing the Coal, Minerals, Northern Collieries, Steel, Transport & Utah divisions; also two pairs of cufflinks (one broken but repairable), key fob, Saxonvale coal cloth label, golf ball & circular Transport division shoulder patch, mostly fine. (12 items)




We DO NOT have ‘T’ lots, all lots are sold inclusive of GST. GST is only applicable to buyer’s commission and despatch costs.



Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

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ex 1590


BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED | LITERATURE 1588 L A ‘Australians in Company’: (1985) celebrating BHP’s 100th year of operation, with foreward by Sir James Balderstone, 216pp hardbound with d/j. 1589 L A ‘BHP 75 Years’: (1960) commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd and outlining the vast development and change that had occcured in the organisation over that period,192pp hardbound. 1590 L A ‘Minerals of Broken Hill’: published by Australian Mining & Smelting Ltd (1982), various authors, beautifully illustrated, 260pp hardbound with d/j; also ‘Discover Gold’ (1983) by Geoffrey Hindley 208pp hardbound with d/j. (2) 1591 L A ‘The BHP Review Jubilee Number’: (1935) celebrating the first 50 years of the iconic company, foreword by Essington Lewis, large format,168pp hardbound.

$100 $100 $80 $100

ex 1593 ex 1594 1592 L


1593 L


1594 L


1595 L


ex 1595

BHP Literature: comprising [1] BHP 1901 annual report; [2] ‘Port Pirie’ by Broken Hill Associated Smelters describing works and township c.1950s; [3] ‘BHP Journal’; [4] ‘BHP in Australia’; [4] ‘How it all Began: BHP in its 100th Year’; [5] 1982 Shareholders Report; [6] 1985 Personal Investment Magazine BHP special; [7] binder with BHP media releases, annual reports, newspaper clippings etc. Excellent research information, mostly fine. (8 items) Broken Hill: [1] ‘Interesting Facts...’ in connection with BHP Newcastle Steelworks (Aug 1925), ex archives, unique; [2] ‘The Broken Hill Mining Industry’ (c.1956) publisher unknown 55pp hardbound. (2) —- selection comprising [1] ‘Broken Hill: The Silver City’ (c.1949); [2] ‘The Broken Hill Mining Industry’ (c. 1956); [3] ‘The Fabulous Hill’ published Broken Hill Assoc Smelters, large folio format (1960); [4] ‘Barrier Daily Truth - Broken Hill Centenary 1883-1983’; [5] : ‘Broken Hill’s Eventful Century’ with contribution from Professor Geoffrey Blainey; [6] ‘The North Mine at Broken Hill - The first 100 Years; Supplement to the 1983 annual report of North Broken Hill Holdings Ltd’ [7] Diagrammatic flow sheet and outline of operation at the Broken Hill Associated Smelters P/L operations at Port Pirie; generally fine. (7) Mining & Steel Production: Selection of pamphlets comprising [1] ‘Mining and Geological Journal’ Sept 1948 ed by Government of Victoria, Department of Mines; [2] Queensland Department of Mines annual report 1983; [3] ‘Hot Rolled and Structural Steel Product’ 1984 ed; [4] ‘Australian Steel’ (1981); [5] ‘The Making of Iron and Steel’ (5th ed 1982); [6] ‘Understanding Steel’ (c.1996); [7] ‘BHP Saxonvale Coal (c.1983); generally fine. (7)

$100 $50



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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

ex 1596 1596 L

ex 1597

ex 1598


Trio of General Titles: comprising [1] ‘Coal in Queensland’ by R L Whitmore (1981 1st ed) 185pp hardbound with d/j; [2] ‘The Australian Iron and Steel Industry 1848-1962’ by Helen Hughes (1964 1st ed) 213pp hardbound; [3] ‘Australian Iron & Steel Ltd Port Kembla 1954’ pamphlet with company description of its plant and operations softbound; fine condition. (3) BROKEN HILL PROPRIETRY LIMITED | PICTURE POSTCARDS A Assortment: of mostly turn-of-the-century cards comprising ‘Port Kembla Industries’, ‘Refinery & Smelters of Pt Pirie’, RP 1597 * cards showing ‘Port Pirie Smelters’ (coloured), & Rose Series showing ‘Open Hearth BHP...Newcastle’; also postally used card sent from Broken Hill to UK showing ‘Camel Riding, Far North, South Aust’ and a mounted newspaper cutting showing launch of ‘Iron Yampi’ freighter; fine condition overall. (7) 1598 * A/A- Broken Hill: selection including ‘Central Mine’ (2, one used to Calcutta), ‘Open Cut’ (2), RP types showing ‘Block 10 Mill’ or ‘North Mine’; also town scenes with ‘Oxide St’ coloured showing Pitt & Sons (merchants), ‘Argent Street’ RP showing tram or ‘Post Office, Broken Hill’ plus two others; odd blemish mostly fine. (11)

1599 1599

















ex 1603

$100 $180


—- Real-photo type depicting mounted police riding through Broken Hill during the 1909 strike, some spotting on reverse, unused. Scarce. —- Selection mostly turn-of-the-century era including ‘Open Cut, Proprietary Mine’, ‘Sulphide Street Station’, Middleton Series RP types ‘Surface Buildings, Zinc Corporation’ & ‘South Mine Offices & New Shaft’, Argent Series ‘Underground, South Mine’, 1909 use of coloured card showing ‘Crushing and Amalgamating Pens’, others showing buildings or water supply plus a couple of 1960s cards, mostly fine. Difficult group to replicate. (13) —- 1909 F W Niven coloured PPC depicting ‘Trades Hall Broken Hill’ sent from Broken Hill to Boulder City (WA), the message stating “These cards are been [sic] sold here in aid of the lock out fund”. Very scarce.

ex 1602 1602

ex 1600



$260 $150

ex 1604

—- J.Brokenshire black and white selection with Proprietary Mine scenes comprising ‘Underground’ x2 (different scenes), ‘Open Cut’, plus a surface view of the site; also ‘Block 10 Mine’, ‘Central Mine’ (used stampless to Moonta, SA with ‘MORE TO PAY’ handstamp) & RP type ‘Sulphide St Station’; some with peripheral blemishes. Scarce group. (7) Newcastle: Selection including coloured ‘The Harbour, Newcastle’ showing sailing ships, ‘Scott St Railway Yards Newcastle’ & ‘Railway Station Newcastle’, Beecroft RP type #5 ‘Open Hearth Dept’ identical to the ERM Jones drawing (see lot Lot 1569 in this sale) and very similar to the 1947 3½d Newcastle commemorative issue, 1950s RP types showing BHP ships ‘Iron King’ in dry dock at Melbourne or ‘Iron Baron’ unloading at Port Kembla wharf, plus 5 other items including Rose Series x3, odd blemish but generally fine. A highly desirable group. (11) Port Pirie: selection including Le Cornu Series 1 ‘Smelting Works’ & Series 3 ‘Loading Concentrates’, two undivided back cards showing ‘Interior BHP Co’s Refinery’ or ‘BHP’s Wharf’, Donald Taylor collotypes showing ‘Company Smelters’ or ‘Exporting Silver and Lead’ (dock scene), TR Taylor card showing ‘Harbour View’ of sailing ships, plus three other items, odd blemish, generally fine. Scarce group. (10)




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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

AUSTRALIA | Collections & Accumulations 1605 */V A/A- ‘OS’ Perfin Collection including KGV commem issues (8, with both 3d Airs) all CTO, range of mint issues incl Roos SM wmk 1/- (faults, *) and 3d Air Type B (*), KGV Heads (6) incl SM Wmk 3d Die 2 (*), 4d & 5d CTO, generally fine (19). 1606 **/*/U A/B 1913-38 remaindered mainly fine but disorganised collection in Chinese stockbook. Includes large and small ‘OS’ perfins and odd opt with 50+ all wmks Roos used lower value to 2/- brown small ‘OS’ and 2/- maroon, similar KGV odd listed variety seen incl 1d red shades x40 smooth paper (perf ‘OS’ x7) and 20 rough (perf ‘OS’ x12), 4d orange shades x11 (one ‘OS’), rejoined 4d pale milky blue pair with variety at 1R11, plenty more to 1/4d (3 used - s/wmk x2, CofA). Plus mixed mint and used range lower value KGV period special issues. very high retail, well worth a look. 1607 U A/D 1913-40s accumulation including Roos with mixed wmks 6d chestnut (13), 9d (9), 1/- (11), 2/- brown (4), 5/- CofA wmk (5), KGV Heads including 1d violet ‘Secret mark’, 1d red Die II, 4d olive (21), 4½d (2), 5d (18), 1/4d Single wmk (3), CofA (13), later issues include 1934 Vic Centenary (3 sets plus 6 extra 1/-), Macarthur, 1935 ANZAC (2 sets), Jubilee (2 sets), 1937 NSW Sesqui (11 sets), etc. Several ‘OS’ opts noted plus range of ‘OS’, ‘OS/NSW’, ‘VG’, perfins. Many of the commems must be regarded as spacefillers only as condition is very mixed. Inspection recommended. (550+) 1608 */**U A/B 1913-65 Patchy Collection in ledger album with used Roos to 2/- including 1st Wmk 4d yellow-orange, KGV to Single Wmk 1/4d perf ‘OS’ CTO and mint to 5d including Single Wmk 1½d red Mullett imprint pair (**) & Cooke 4d blue perf ‘OS’ (Cat $150) and CofA optd ‘OS’ to 5d, commemoratives with mint 1/- Large Lyrebird (**), 6d Large Kooka, Macarthur, NSW Anniversary, AIF (**), Arms £2 used, later issues including blocks of 4 */** to 3/- Flower and heavily duplicated used issues, also BCOF to 2/- * and Postage Dues, condition variable. Variety and postmark potential. (100s) 1609 U A/B 1913-92 collection on 7-Seas hingeless pages, earlier £sd in very mixed condition with Roos all wmks including 1st wmk to 2/-, 2nd 2d and 1/-, 3rd to 5/- x2 and 10/- (one CTO) plus a faulty £1 grey, SM 6d and 1/-, CofA to 5/-. KGV nearly complete per pages missing 1st wmk 3d and 4d violet, SM wmk without 1/4d, otherwise complete per pages incl surcharges and OS opts. KGV period special issues nearly complete from a nice 6d engraved Kookaburra and includes OS optd KS pair CTO, KGVI without the higher ticket items, QEII much the same. Decimals almost complete per pages with many per favour cancels. AAT with pre-dec set of 7 and most decimals for the period. (100s) 1610 U A/B 1913-1980s Collection with Roos to 2/- & Perf ‘OS’ to 2/-, KGV to CofA 1/4d, 6d Engraved Kooka, 1934 1/- Victoria Centenary both perfs, Silver Jubilee set, Arms to £2, Navigators to £1 (2), decimals reasonably complete to mid-1980s with some MSs & booklet panes; also a stockbook with 1980s issues with lots of blocks of 4 & other multiples. (100s) 1611 */U A/B 1914-65 Collection (no Roos) with KGV mint to 2d * and used to 5d (2, optd ‘OS’ & perf ‘OS/NSW’) with ‘OS’ perfins to 4½d, Engraved Kooka 6d * & used (thin), 6d Airmail optd ‘OS’ **, Large Kooka 6d & Large Lyrebird 1/- (2, one optd ‘OS’), 1/6d Hermes P11 **, Victoria Centenary P10½ set *, Macarthur (including 3d imprint pair), ANZAC, Jubilee (2/- **) & NSW sets mint, Robes £1 Thick Paper ** & Thin Paper lightly mounted, Arms set *, Navigators set mint (£2 **), condition mixed in places including some of the described items. (100s) 1612 U/* A/B 1929-1969 Collection mostly used with Kingsford Smith 6d optd ‘OS’, 2d & 3d Bridge optd ‘OS’, Macarthur, ANZAC, Jubilee & AIF sets, Thick Paper Robes trio, Arms & Navigators (+ White Papers) sets, condition variable. Handy starter collection. (few 100s) 1613 ** A 1940s-60s Accumulation in album on 22 Hagners including 2/- (33 incl 1956 2/- Olympic block of 16), 2/3d (14 including AAT 2/3d), Navs 4/- (2), 10/- cream, numerous blocks of low value (3½d) issues, all unmounted. (100s) 1614 U A/C Assortment [1] all wmks (ex 2nd) used ex noted in very mixed poor to fine condition with best being 1st wmk ½d and 1d Die IIA in * blocks of four, SM wmk with 9d x4 cds - just these Retail c$300.; [2] variable centring otherwise mainly fine with [3] lightly hinged with engraved 1d KGV and 6d Kooka, 2½d Roo 3rd wmk; [4] cds Roos with SM wmk 1/- x2 and 2/, CofA wmk 6d machine cancel. Retail $500+. 1615 **/U A/A- Diverse Accumulation including Roo 6d SM wmk perf ‘OS’ rejoined block of 8 (Goulburn 1931 cds), range of KGV Heads to 3d with duplication, few perf ‘OS’ all used, 1971 Christmas 7c block of 7 plus small array of ** including few later booklets with face value of $75+, also Royal Flying Doctor Stamps Sheets (4) with total face value of $160. Range of Stamp News Unadopted Essays Sheetlets, etc. Interesting lot. (100s) 1616 ** A/A- Diverse Array Including Roos 3rd wmk 6d chestnut, CofA wmk 10/- grey & (very faded) pink, KGV Single wmk 4½d violet, 1935 Jubilee set, plus New Guinea NWPI opt 3d Die I the odd minor blemish (9). 1617 U A A- KGV Perf ‘OS’ issues including perf ‘G/NSW’, ‘OS/NSW’, ‘T’, ‘VG’, a few private perfins incl ‘CMF’(2), ‘DC/& Co’, ‘DWM/ LTD’, ‘ET’, ‘J.K/S’ (5), ‘K’, ‘PL/&B’, ‘SH/& Co’ with ‘LOOSE/SHIP/LETTER’ cancel. etc. (450+) 1618 */U A/D KGV to 1965 Issues in 7 Seas Album with most issues represented including 1928 Kooka MS (**) from top left corner of sheet, (ex Kingsford Smith Officials, 5/- Bridge). KGV Heads appear to be all wmks and perfs, condition of many better commems or defins values leaves a lot to be desired. 1619 U Mostly in Packets with lots of KGV Heads to 5d with a smattering of private & official perfins, also Roos to 5/- with 2d multiples including strips of five & six, plus a lesser range of other pre-decimals. Could be a goldmine with variety and postmark potential. (many 100s). 1620 U A/B Pre-Decimal & Decimal ‘VG’ Perfins packed into a shoebox. A cursory glance revealed a number of multiples and heavy duplication of letter-rate issues. Should enthrall the specialist! (100s) 1621 */U A/B Roos & KGV Heads mostly used with Roos to CofA 5/- including 1st Wmk to 5d, 9d & 1/-, 2nd Wmk 1/- & 3rd Wmk to 2/plus a few perf ‘OS’ issues; KGV to CofA 1/4d (2, one toned) & perf ‘OS’ to 3d & 5d, plus a few mint low values; some postmark interest including part ‘BETHANGA LOWER’ cds on 9d Roo & ‘NYABING’ (WA) on KGV 4½d, unchecked for varieties, mixed condition. (few 100s)

Phoenix Auctions is very pleased to announce that we have been appointed the auctioneers for the legendary ‘Stuart Hardy Commonwealth of Australia Collection’, If you would like to receive the catalogues, please let us know.





$240 $150

$500 $120 $80


$100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $80


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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

AUSTRALIA | Proofs & Essays 1622 **/W A 1911 Stamp Design Competition entry by Grant of Wonthaggi being a unusual group of composite ‘miniature sheets’ showing his five designs comprising the Cohen 1972 offset print in six colours on matt paper including shades for four of the colours; also the higher quality letterpress 1998 reprints by Brusden-White in six colours on glazed card, sequentially numbered #81 on reverse (only 100 sets were produced); plus proofs in black (2, one uncut 210x145mm), and copy of letter from Australia Post acknowledging donation of original Grant letterpress block after the reprints were made (see ACSC Kangaroos 1/393), some minor staining on Cohen prints, fine overall. (19 items)




AUSTRALIA | State/Roo Combination Covers A New South Wales: Foreign Commercial Papers Rate 1913 (Apr 2) cover Sydney to USA bearing Kangaroo 2d and 1d 1623 *F and NSW ½d blue-green, tied by ‘SYDNEY/22’ cds. A rare rate. [3½d: For article weighing up to 4ozs: 3d up to 2ozs, ½d each additional 2ozs (up to 10ozs)] A New South Wales: Foreign Letter Rate 1913 (May 30) cover Goulburn to Canal Zone, Panama Republic, bearing 1624 *F Kangaroo ½d and NSW 1d Arms pair tied by Goulburn cds, backstamped Empire C.Z. Extraordinary origin/destination.

$1,500 $750

1626 1625 1625






New South Wales: Lettercard 1913 (May 8) use of 1d Letter Card uprated with Kangaroo ½d, Sydney to Austria, the whole cancelled by Sydney repeater machine cancel, underpaying the 2½d foreign letter rate and taxed accordingly in NSW, Austrian postage due 10h pair affixed in taxing. Rare usage. [Realised $2,860 at Melbourne auction in 2003.] New South Wales: Official Mail 1919 (May 16) O.H.M.S. cover with embossed insignia of The Australian Museum, Sydney, to Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, bearing perf ‘OS/NSW’ NSW ½d blue-green and Kangaroo 2d (1st wmk), tied by Sydney repeater machine cancel, paying 2½d Foreign letter (but not ½d War tax). Official use of State/Kangaroo combinations is rare. [The late use of the NSW stamp, and this wmk 2d, indicates demand for these denominations by this Institution was low, and stocks lasted a considerable period]



Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 154


ex 1627 1627









New South Wales: Registered Mail 1913 (Jun 30) cover Forbes to USA bearing Kangaroo 2d (deep shade), 1d (2), ½d, and NSW 1d Arms, tied by ‘FORBES/NSW’ cds, early red and black Forbes registration label, backstamped Forbes, Sydney and in USA (2). —- 1913 (Apr 5) cover Balranald to Melbourne bearing NSW 1d Arms strip of three and Kangaroo 1d, tied by ‘BALRANALD/NSW’ cds, rare early orange and black Balranald provisional registration label, backstamped Balranald x3. Unusual combination of the two available 1d’s, the Kangaroo apparently affixed at Paika Station (Balranald), note “Registered/H Smith/Paika” lower left, and the NSW stamps added for registration at Balranald. [4d: 1d Letter rate + 3d registration]


New South Wales: Registration Envelope 1913 (Jan 20) use of 3d Registered Envelope with Kangaroo 2d, Sydney to Adelaide, cancelled by ‘REGISTERED/SYDNEY. N.S.W’ cds, orange and black registration label, paying double letter rate and registration, fine and very early use of the 2d. [The Kangaroo 2d was first dispatched to Sydney on 11 Jan 1913, and First Day Covers are known (there are three) cancelled 15 Jan. This item may be the earliest commercial use of a 2d on cover.]


1630 1630








—- 1913 (Oct 11) use of 4d Registered Envelope (a little aged) with Kangaroo 5d, Wellington to Honolulu, cancelled by ‘WELLINGTON/N.S.W’ cds, Wellington red and black registration label, backstamped Wellington, Sydney, Honolulu. The Kangaroo 5d is rare on combination covers. [The 5d paid double Foreign letter rate, the registration fee was 3d only; Wellington must have carried residual stock of the by then obsolete 4d Registered envelope.] —- 1913 (Mar 18) rare use of long 3d Registered Envelope with Kangaroo 1d pair, Sydney to UK cancelled by ‘REGISTERED/SYDNEY. N.S.W’ cds, orange and black registration label, paying double British Empire rate and registration, London transit, Salisbury backstamp.

$1,000 $1,500

Page 155

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012


1632 1632






—- 1914 (Feb 10) use of 3d Registered Envelope with Kangaroo ½d and 2d (deep shade), New Angledool to Switzerland, cancelled by ‘NEW ANGLEDOOL/N.S.W’ cds, mss. Registration details lower left, backstamped New Angledool, Sydney, Weggis. Queensland: Foreign Letter Rate 1913 (Oct 9) cover Thursday Island to USA bearing Kangaroo 2½d and Queensland 5d sepia for 7½d triple rate, tied by ‘THURSDAY ISLAND/QUEENSLAND’ cds, backstamped Singapore. Very few recorded combination covers emanating from T.I.


1634 1634

















—- 1913 (May 15) advertising cover for Imperial Hotel, Pittsworth, to USA bearing Kangaroo ½d and Queensland 2d bright blue, tied by ‘PITTSWORTH/QUEENSLAND’ cds, USA pointing hand ‘PLEASE RETURN THIS/ENVELOPE TO POST/ OFFICE’ lower left, backstamped with Brisbane repeater machine of 17JAN13 —- 1913 (Mar 10) cover Townsville to unusual destination of Hungary, bearing Kangaroo 1d pair and Queensland ½d ‘Widow’s weeds’ for the 2½d rate, tied by Townsville repeater machine cancel South Australia: Foreign Letter Rate 1913 (Aug 8) cover Booleroo Centre to USA bearing SA ½d Adelaide GPO and Kangaroo 1d pair, tied by bold strikes of BOOLEROO CENTRE/S_A’ squared-circle, endorsed “Urgent”.



$1,500 $500 $800


South Australia: Official Mail 1913 (Nov 12) printed envelope for returns Adelaide to USA, creased where originally folded for enclosure, bearing perfed ‘SA’ ½d Adelaide GPO and large ‘OS’ Kangaroo 1d (2), cancelled by Adelaide repeater machine cancel, a 1d beyond reach of cancel and invalidated by indelible pencil, the article taxed in USA as apparently above ½oz. threshold for 2½d rate. Tasmania: Foreign Letter Rate 1913 (Mar 7) advertising cover for Standard Mills Launceston to USA bearing ½d Pictorial and Kangaroo 1d (2) for the 2½d rate, tied by Launceston repeater machine cancel, backstamped Winchendon.

‘My Auction Bidsheet’ on our website always shows you the current status of your bids.

$800 $750

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 156

1639 1639










—- 1914 (Mar 12) cover Allonah to USA bearing ½d Pictorial and Kangaroo 2d, tied by ‘ALLONAH/TASMANIA’ cds, tear at right not unduly detracting. [The second consignment of ½d Kangaroos was not dispatched to Tasmania until 22 May 1914, suggesting large stocks lingered of the ½d Pictorial.] Tasmania: Foreign Postcard Rate 1913 (Jun 9) PPC (‘Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania’) Hobart to Egypt bearing ½d Pictorial and Kangaroo 1d, tied by Hobart cds, the repeater machine cancel and Ismailia arrival on reverse. —- 1913 (Sep 20) 1d red combination with Tasmania ½d Pictorial for Foreign postcard rate neat commercial use from Hobart to USA, Esperanto message. Annotated page.


1642 1642














$600 $250 $250


Tasmania: Official Mail 1913 (Sep 1) cover Hobart to USA bearing perf ‘T’ Kangaroo 1d and 2d Pictorial, tied by Hobart repeater machine cancel. Tasmania Official combination covers rare. Tasmania: Registered Mail 1913 (Jun 10) cover St.Marys to N.Z. bearing Kangaroo 1d and 2d Pictorial (2), tied by ‘ST MARYS/TASMANIA’ cds, rare early St.Mary’s blue and black registration label, backstamped Dunedin. —- 1913 (Jul 24) cover Wynyard to USA bearing Kangaroo 3d, 1d (2) and ½d Pictorial, tied by ‘WYNYARD/TASMANIA’ cds, rare early Wynyard blue and black registration label, backstamped San Francisco and NY. Very attractive and rare franking.

1645 1645


$800 $1,000 $2,000


—- 1913 (Nov 18) cover Launceston to Denmark bearing Kangaroo 3d and 2½d Tablet (rare on combination covers), tied by Launceston cds, blue and black registration label, cover roughly opened at top. Victoria: British Empire Rate 1913 (Jul 11) cover Melbourne to NZ bearing extraordinary franking of coil vending machine dispensed Victoria 1d rose-red and Kangaroo 1d, the characteristic ‘knife’ mechanism separations clearly evident in both instances, tied by ‘LATE/FEE/STOCK EXCHANGE/VIC’ duplex. Extremely rare combination franking, important also for the Coil specialist. [The Victoria stamp is positioned slightly over left side of Kangaroo, suggesting it was affixed subsequently, to address the late posting.]



Page 157

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012


1647 1647






Victoria: Foreign Letter Rate 1914 (Jan 8) advertising cover (small portion of flap missing) for Alfred Adams & Co, Melbourne, to France bearing Kangaroo ½d and 3d and Victoria 4d yellow-olive, tied by late ‘emergency’ use of ‘ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O.’ duplex, an unusual composition for triple rate, backstamped Paris. [Alfred Adams & Co maintained a working stock of postage stamps, from which the Victoria 4d was sourced.] Victoria: PTPO Envelope 1915 (Oct 18) late although clearly commercial use of Gargoyle PTPO 2d Envelope for Vacuum Oil Co, Melbourne, uprated with perfin ‘VO/Cº’ Kangaroo ½d, to USA, the whole cancelled by Melbourne repeater machine cancel, small blemishes, a very rare combination.

1649 1649












Victoria: Registered Mail 1913 (Nov 15) cover Melbourne to USA bearing Kangaroo 3d and Victoria 2½d deep dull blue, tied by ‘REGISTERED/1/MELBOURNE’ cds, G.P.O. Melbourne red registration label, reverse with Denyer Brothers circular seal, and four various USA postal markings. Attractive. Victoria: Stationery Envelope 1913 (Aug 5) use of 1d Envelope uprated with Kangaroo ½d x3, Benalla to Germany, the whole cancelled by ‘BENALLA/VICTORIA’ cds, an attractive make-up for Foreign letter rate. Western Australia: British Empire Rate 1913 (Dec 29) pen and ink addressed cover (achieved by applying Indian ink to entire cover surface, save the crucial elements – flap removed) Newcarnie to UK, bearing WA ½d green (2) flanking Kangaroo 1d, tied by ‘NEWCARNIE/WESTN AUST’ cds, paying double rate. Striking.



$1,000 $1,000 $1,000

1654 1653










Western Australia: Registered Mail 1913 (Mar 31) cover Perth to Belgium bearing WA 5d olive-green and Kangaroo ½d, tied by oval ‘REGISTERED/PERTH, W.A’ datestamp, red registration label, two Belgian backstamps. Attractive and rare combination. —- 1913 (Feb 25) use of WA Avis de Réception form bearing WA 2d yellow and Kangaroo ½d (early use in WA) tied by oval ‘REGISTERED/PERTH, W.A’ datestamp, ‘BARTON/WESTN AUST.’ delivery cds. The finer of two recorded combination usages on an AR item. Western Australia: Registration Envelope 1913 (Dec 8) use 3d Registered envelope (opened three sides) with Kangaroo 1d x2, Irwin to Perth, cancelled by ‘IRWIN/WESTN AUST’ cds, Irwin red registration label, Perth backstamp. A very rare combination.

$1,500 $2,500 $2,500

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 158

AUSTRALIA | Kangaroo & Map Issues | Collections and Accumulations 1655 U A/D Roo collection including [1] 1st wmk to 5/- (2/- perf small ‘OS’), [2] 2nd wmk to 1/-, [3] 3rd wmk includes 2/- brown (2, one perf small ‘OS’), 5/- (2), 10/- (repaired Telegraph puncture), £1 grey, [4] SM wmk to 10/-, [5] CofA incl 2/- brown (2, one perf small ‘OS’), £1 grey (a real shocker). Many of the higher values would make ideal space fillers. (46) 1656 U A/B 3d Olive in Stock Book mixed wmks including 24 in pairs or blocks, 12 perf ‘OS/NSW’ & 5 perf ‘OS’. BW cat $2,500+. A quick glance noted Die II x6. Odd fault, but seriously damaged not counted. (210+) 1657 U A/B 9d Violet in Stock Book mixed wmks including 64 in pairs & blocks. BW cat $2,100+. Odd fault, but seriously damaged not counted. (210+) 1658 **/* A/A- 1913-45 mostly * range on leaves with [1] 1st Wmk including 1d Die IIA strip of 3 **, 2d, 3d Die I and 4d; [2] 3rd Wmk 2½d, 3d Die I and 6d chestnut (part imprint); [3] CofA Wmk 6d x2, 9d and re-engraved 2/- x2 (one **). Some variable centring and woolly perfs, strong fresh colours, Retail c$740. Good value. (16) 1659 **/* A/B 1913-45 Selection mainly fine and fresh * (ex noted) all wmks represented and current Retail c$1,150 [1] 1st wmk x4 ½d to 6d (1d damaged); [2] 2nd wmk 9d fresh Retail c$275 (small perf faults); [3] 3rd wmk x5 with 3d and 9d Die IIB, 6d chestnut x2 well-centred **; [4] SM wmk 6d 1/- and 2/- very fresh well-centred; [5] CofA wmk 6d *, both 2/- **. Small perf and gum imperfections, good value. (16) 1660 */U A/B Mint and Used on album pages including 1st wmk 3d Die II *, 9d CTO, 3rd wmk 2/- brown vertical pair unusually with telegraph punctures, £2 optd ‘SPECIMEN’ type B, CofA 10/- (faded) used & optd ‘SPECIMEN’ trio (£1 soiled); perf ‘OS’ including 3rd wmk 5/- with parcels cancel & sm mult 5/- CTO, also CofA Die II 2/- maroon with reversed ‘VG’ perfin; mixed condition including some of the described items. (76) 1661 1 A/B Mint Selection Comprising 1st wmk ½d & 1d plus perf large ‘OS’ ½d; 3rd wmk 2d Die I, 2½d, 3d Die I (2, tonespots or even toning), 6d blue Die II, 9d Die II; sm mult 1/- perf ‘OS’; CofA 6d & 2/- redrawn (2 **, one with part imprint); centring variable, Cat $640. (13) 1662 **/* A/B Perf ‘OS’ variety mostly * (ex noted) with strong fresh colours, current Retail c$650 comprising [1] 1st wmk large ‘OS’ 1d Die I (hinge thin) and 2d (two holes of the ‘S’ touching); [2] 3rd wmk 2d and 3d Die I ** (both with slight gum discolouration), 9d Die II; [3] SM wmk 6d chestnut x2 (one well-centred **); [4] CofA wmk optd ‘OS’ ** very fresh well-centred. (8) 1663 **/* A/B —- variety in mixed fair to fine condition, current Retail c$900 as fine. Comprises [1] 1st wmk large ‘OS’ x7 includes three 1d, 4d orange (hinge thin), 6d; [2] 1st wmk small ‘OS’ x5 noting 4d orange with neat Perth registered oval and 2d perf ‘OS/ NSW’; [3] 3rd wmk x13 includes 3d olive Die II (small nick), 6d and 9d Dies II & IIB, both 2/-; [4] SM wmk 6d to 2/- shades x2, corner CTO on 6d, 1/- and one 2/-. (30) 1664 U A/C Perf ‘OS’ Remainders with 1st wmk ½d pair, 1d x3, 1/- x2 plus faulty 2/- not ‘OS’; 3rd wmk all but five of the rest with 6d blue shades x22 dies not checked (two are with a KGV value on small piece), 6d chestnut x29, 2/- maroon x4; CoA wmk ordinary 9d and 2/- x4. Condition the problem here. (71) 1665 * A/A- Selected Issues mainly well centred and fresh with Retail c$630 comprising [1] 1st wmk ½d and 1/- (small perf jump); [2] 2d grey bottom marginal; [3] 2d grey Die I, 6d ultra (light stain probably removable) and 1/- both Die IIB. Minor perf and gum imperfections, hinge remains. (6) 1666 */U A/D Selection Including [1] 1st wmk various including 5/- perf large ‘OS’, 10/- optd ‘Specimen’, [2] 2nd wmk 2d grey perf ‘OS’ with ‘scratch from 1st ‘E’ of ‘PENCE’ to map, [3] SM wmk 5/-, [4] CofA wmk 5/- CTO, 10/- to £2 optd ‘SPECIMEN’. Condition is very mixed. (41) 1667 U A/B Stockbook Accumulation with Roos 1st Wmk to 1/- (perf small ‘OS’) including ½d perf small ‘OS’ pair with Mypolonga (SA) cds,1d x200+ including a block of 6 & perf small ‘OS’ 3d strip of 3, 3rd Wmk to 2/- brown (2) & 2/- maroon, multiple wmks to 2/-. Mixed condition. (350 appr) 1668 U A/B Third Wmk 2d Grey Perf ‘OS’ x100, all with cds cancels, BW cat $3,000. Generally fine. (100) 1669 U A/A- ½d to 5/- Variety cds ex noted mostly 1st wmk with ½d x5 (three machine cancels), 1d Die II, 2d, 3d Die II (woolly perfs) Retail c$275, 4d orange, 6d blue x3 distinctly different shades, 9d x2, 1/- x3, 2/-; also 3rd wmk 3d Die I (stains), 6d chestnut CTO og, 9d Die IIB, 5/- commercial cancel (tone spots), SM wmk 1/-, CofA wmk 2/- Die I (light stains). Some variable centring, faulty items not in current Retail c$875. (24) AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - First Watermark | Collections and Accumulations 1670 F A/A- ½d to 2/- cds ex 5d (Perth registered oval) with 2d, 3d Die I and 9d CTO; 1d is Die I, 6d with blue Brisbane cds and light red crayon mark. Minor imperfections, good colours, current Retail $350. (11) 1671 U A/A- 1d Red Accumulation stated to be either Die I or Die II only BW #2 & 3 (45 of each on cards), the rest in glassines described only as SG #2. Lots of cds so pmk interest, min Retail $700. (c350) 1672 A/C ½d to 1/- Selection cds ex noted including 2 each ½d (one thinned), 1d Die I (meter cancels), 3d (both Die I) and 9d; no 2d; 4d x4 (paler shades x2 - one may be scarce yellow-orange BW #15C); 5d to 1/-, latter with TPO cds (6d tone); PLUS 2nd wmk 2½d. Condition varies, retail as fine c$350 (all 4d as least expensive). (17)

ex 1673


ex 1675

$200 $400 $400 $150


$350 $150 $150

$180 $100 $180 $250 $80 $300

$220 $150 $150 $125


AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - First Watermark 1673 W A CTO Group comprising 1d, 2d, 4d, 5d & wmk inverted 1/- all with Melbourne DE/13 cds, the three higher values with excellent centring, without gum, Cat $285. (5) 1674 U A½d Green perf large ‘OS’, with AUSTBALIA, ACSC #1o, rounded bottom lefthand corner, Cat $1,000. Very rare. 1675 * A/A- Selection comprising [1] ½d green pair on 1913 underpaid cover from Claremont (WA) to USA with WA and US handstruck tax markings; [2] ½d + 1d pair 1913 cover Melbourne to Germany; [3] 1913-14 ½d + 1d postcards x2 to Germany or France; odd blemish, generally fine. (4) 1676 *F A ½d Green neat solo franking tied by Waverley cds to 1914 (Aug 2) unsealed Printed matter rate cover to Binda.

$120 $250 $150 $110

Page 159

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012




1678 DF











1d Red Die I (2) tied by Launceston repeater cancel to locally addressed double rate illustrated advertising cover for Thomson, Davies & Co, Melbourne, possibly cancelled upon arrival, minor blemishes. —- bisect on piece cancelled with ‘PETERSHAM/26JL21/N.S.W’; plus Samoa 1/- rose-carmine Palm Tree bisected on piece cancelled with double-circle ‘APIA/JUN/20/95/SAMOA’ (per favour). (2) 2d Deep Grey Perf ‘OS/NSW’ solo franking tied by Orange cds paying double letter rate on NSW 1916 (Nov 17) Land Board Office official cover to Sally’s Flat, arrival cds on face, trivial blemishes.








1684 **


1685 **





$100 $60 $300


2d Deep Grey late solo use tied by Brisbane machine cancel to 1915 (Jan 23) cover to Canada paying double the British Empire rate, superb strike of Brisbane ‘PASSED BY CENSOR’ handstamp on reverse. 2d Grey Perf Small ‘OS’ vertical pair ( the upper unit has double perfs with Post Office repair underneath) on 1915 (Aug 20) Perth registered official cover addresssed to Subiaco (where unclaimed). Superb item for Kangaroo collector particularly those specialising in varieties on cover. [This may be a 2nd Wmk pair as if falls into the correct usage period, however we have been unable to detemine the wmk type as the laid paper envelope hinders positive indentification] (C)




ex 1682



ex 1678




1d Red [1] with NSW ½d green on PPC to Bohemia (Czechoslovakia), both stamps folded around the edge of the PPC; [2] Die I in combination with ½d roo on PPC to Germany. ½d x5 comprising strip of 3 and a pair affixed upside down on 1914 envelope to Germany all tied machine cancel ‘SYDNEY/5/JY22—1-30P/N.S.W/1914’ with alongside violet ‘RETURN TO SENDER’, blue boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/ MAY19.1915/II.M.D.’ and mss ‘L’ in blue; on the back partial red cds of Sydney DLO on June 3, 1915. Central fold & some trivial blemishes 1913 2/- Booklet complete with ½d roo x12 & 1d roo Die II x18, BW #B7A for just the covers without stamps, some rusting of staple as would be expected. Cat $3,000. The stamps and covers are in very fine and fresh condition. —- with ½d roo x2, BW #B7A for just the covers with any number of stamps, minor rusting of staple as would be expected. The stamps and covers are in very fine condition. ½d Green & 1d Red Die I on 1913 (July 3) PPC real photograph of ‘Lands Office, Rockhampton’ to France, both tied Rockhampton machine cancel. Small peripheral faults and minor repair at left, written in Esperanto. Good thematic.


$90 $1,600 $400 $90

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 160



1690 1689

1687 1687 1688 1689 1690

** G F V

A B1 A B2 A/AA B1







1693 1693 * 1694 * 1695 F 1696 *

2½d Indigo marginal vertical pair, ACSC #9, Cat $120, one unit slight gum adhesion. —- perf large ‘OS’, ACSC #9ba, Retail $275. —- perf small ‘OS’, ACSC #9bb, Cat $225, few nibbled perfs. —- block of 4 with two neat strikes ‘MELBOURNE/DE/3/13’ CTO cds. Fresh unhinged original gum. [There is some evidence to suggest that the CTOs on Roos were actually made some time later than the cds date.] —- envelope to Germany with 1st wmk 2½d Roo tied machine ‘SYDNEY/5/JY14 - 2.30P/N.S.W/1914’ alongside violet ‘RETURN TO SENDER’, boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/MAY 19 1915/II. M.D’ and crayon ‘L’ both in blue; on the back weakly struck Sydney DLO cds on May 26, 1915. Central fold, small peripheral faults. —- (shades) unusual group of censored solo franking items, comprising Brisbane (2 types), Adelaide, Hobart (2 types, one rare tape, other unusually a postcard), Melbourne, and Perth, odd small fault, very good strikes of respective handstamps. (7)

1694 A A1 A B1 A C1 A-



1698 * 1699 * 1700 **

B C2 A B1 B C2

1701 F

A C2


$200 $120 $120 $100 $90 $220


3d Olive Die I BW #12. —- ACSC #12. 3d Olive Die II [1L55], ACSC #12B, Cat $175, centred left, fine Dargo cds of 24SEP15. 3d Die II perf small ‘OS’ tied by Perth machine cancel on 1916 (Jan 21) OHMS cover used Perth from to US, doubleframed ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR’ in violet, minor blemishes.

1697 1697

ex 1692



$125 $90 $90 $300


4d Yellow-Orange perf large ‘OS’ tied by Registered Perth cds to locally addressed 1915 (24 Nov) registered Official cover, unclaimed and D.L.O. markings. This shade rare on cover. [Unpriced as such in ACSC.] 4d Orange ACSC #15, Cat $150. Light vertical crease, centred to left, small perf defects. —- ACSC #15, Cat $150, centred high, fresh MVLH. 4d Yellow-Orange the scarce shade ACSC #15C, POR in most retail lists ($750 as hinged). Small perf imperfections and minor gum bends, off centre right. —- perf ‘OS/NSW’.

$360 $40 $125 $250 $70

Page 161

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012


ex 1702

1704 1702 */F 1703 *


1704 * 1705 F 1706 *

AA B2 A A1





4d Orange perf large ‘OS’, Cat $410, off-centre to bottom right (*), and used orange-yellow, both with perf faults. (2) 4d Orange Perf Large ‘OS’ on 1916 (Jan 16) Perth registered official cover, unclaimed locally, being an attractive late use of this issue which had been replaced by KGV 4d a year earlier, minor blemishes. —- on 1915 (Apr 26) Perth registered official cover to North Perth where unclaimed, minor blemishes, attractive. 4d Orange perf small ‘OS’ ACSC #15bb, Cat $475. 5d Chestnut ACSC #16, Cat $125, Very fine.



$200 $200 $200 $80 $135


1712 1713 1707


1708 1709 1710 1711 1712 1713

* * F F **/* *

1714 * 1715 * 1716 *





5d Pale Chestnut Pair on triple-rate 1915 (Nov 8) Perth registered cover to Denmark, ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR’ doublelined rectangular handstamp, Copenhagen arrival backstamp, some trivial toning. Terrific rate/destination cover with 5d pairs being particularly elusive on cover. A A1 6d Blue BW #17. A B1 —- ACSC #17, fresh MVLH. A B1 —- wmk inverted, ACSC #17a, Cat $750. Rare. A B2 —- wmk inverted, ACSC #17a, Cat $750, Perth cds of 20AP15, few shortish perfs. Rare. A- C1 —- block of 4 perf large ‘OS’, ACSC #17bb, rounded TLC, slight aging, 2 unit MUH, Rare. A B3 6d Blue Die II Retouched 2nd ‘E’ of ‘PENCE’ ACSC #17e, few nibbled perfs detract little from this stamp. RPSL certificate. Cat $3,000. A C2 6d Blue perf small ‘OS’, ACSC #17bc, Retail $375. A B1 9d Violet superb single with wmk line at base, ACSC #24, Cat $125. A A1 1/- Emerald ACSC #30A, lovely stamp.

$1,000 $100 $100 $500 $400 $750 $1,200 $180 $90 $135

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 162




** F F * * *

A A2 A B3 A B1 A B1 A C1 A B1

1724 1724 * 1725 1726 1727 1728

* F F V

1730 1731 1732 1733

* * F *



1/- Blue-Green ACSC #30C, Cat $750, small closed tear at top. 1/- Emerald wmk inverted, ACSC #30a, few short perfs, Cat $400 for commercially used. —- wmk inverted, ACSC #30a, Cat $400 for commercially used. Very scarce postally used (most examples are CTO) 2/- Brown ACSC #35, Retail $325, centred low. —- ACSC #35, Cat $300. Centred to upper left, very lightly mounted. —- ACSC #35, Retail $375. PLUS similar condition 9d violet BW #24, Retail $140. (2)




A B2





ex 1723 $300 $280 $400 $240 $160 $200


A- B2 —- ACSC #35. Hinge remains, strong fresh colour with uneven inking giving a blotchy but still very attractive appearance, Retail $375. A/A- —- perf large ‘OS’, ACSC #35ba, Cat $700 few short perfs. A- A1 —- perf small ‘OS’, ACSC #35bb, small wrinkle at base, Retail $200. A B2 —- break in left frame near top, CTO, BW #35Amw, reasonable centring, single short perf, hinge remainder, Cat $300+. B C1 —- CTO ACSC #35w, Cat $150, rounded BLC.

1729 1729 *



1718 1718 1719 1720 1721 1722 1723

1/- Emerald (Aniline) plus 4d orange tied by Registered Melbourne cds to 1913 (Apr 11) registered Official cover to London, a rare franking (prior to receipt of ‘OS’ punctured stamps), minor cover faults not unduly detracting. [1/4d: 1/1d 66½ozs British Empire letter rate + 3d registration]

$160 $320 $110 $180 $60


5/- Grey & Chrome ACSC #42A. Small surface spot NW of Roo’s head, hinge remains, strong original colour, Retail c$575. A- B2 —- ACSC #42A, just o/c right, couple slightly nibbed perfs, lightly hinged, Retail c$575. A B2 —- ACSC #42A. Just o/c right, couple slightly nibbed perfs, lightly hinged with strong fresh colours, Retail c$575. A A3 5/- Grey & Yellow break on south coast line of Bonaparte Gulf etc [R9], ACSC #42B, with Telegraph Puncture. A5/- Grey & Chrome perf large ‘OS’, BW #42Aba. Few nibbed perfs, gum stain, good colours, Cat $1,000 (retail POR most lists).

$200 $225 $260 $70 $200

Page 163

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

1734 1734 * 1735 V 1736 * 1737 F 1738 *

* F V *

ex 1738

A- C2 —- perf large ‘OS’, BW #42Aba, with white flaw under U of AUST etc [R59], Cat $1,000 (retail POR most lists). Nibbed perfs and o/c low, good colours. A A1 5/- Grey & Yellow CTO, BW #42Bw, Retail $300+. Perfectly centred original gum with very light hinge, premium quality. B A2 10/- Slate & Pink ACSC #47A. Slightly o/c high, couple short perfs, horiz crease, lightly hinged with strong fresh colours, Retail $1,275. A C2 10/- Grey & Pink ACSC #47B, current Retail $975 minimum, slightly misplaced roo, couple of short perfs, good commercial cancel. A/A- 10/-, £1 & £2 Handstamped Specimen. ACSC #47x,51x,55x, Retail c$2,000. All a bit off centre, hinge remains, 10/- and £1 strong fresh colours, £2 [R11] slight aging and small spot at right. (3)

1739 1739 1740 1741 1742




A C1 A B1 A A1

1743 *


1744 G

B A2


A A1 A A2

1747 G

A B1



$350 $320 $750


£1 Brown & Blue ACSC #51, Cat $3,000. Fresh colour. —- ACSC #51, with blue dot after POSTAGE, fine postally used example. Rarely seen so fine. —- with telegraph puncture, repaired with piece from 5d chestnut. £1 Red-Brown & Blue ACSC #51B. Well-centred lower marginal, lightly hinged and fresh, a premium-quality stamp, Retail $3,750+. [A less well-centred non-marginal example sold for $2,213 in Sale 12.] —- perf large ‘OS’, BW #51Bb. Excellent colours, fairly heavy hinge remains, a few blunt perfs at base, Cat $6,500. Scarce stamp. —- ACSC #51B. Blunted SW corner, Retail c$3,000.

1745 1745 * 1746 *



$300 $200

$2,000 $2,200 $360 $2,400 $2,400 $925


£1 Brown & Blue broken coast in Bight [R53], ACSC #51(D)f. Superb. £2 Jet-Black & Rose ACSC #55B, Cat $7,000. with break at left in 5th shading line in Gulf of Carpentaira [L6], fresh with premium-quality centring. £2 Black & Rose ACSC #55A, with dent at top right outline of back [R53], a few perfs seem to have been tidied up, but fresh colours and nicely centre.

Current starting prices are updated online whenever a bid is placed. When you have your email address registered with us we will email you updates when the status of your bids change.

$3,600 $4,000 $2,100

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 164


ex 1749








1748 * A B1 £2 Jet-Black & Rose handstamped ‘Specimen’, BW #55Bx. Nice stamp. AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - Second Watermark | Collections and Accumulations 1749 U A/A- Stockcard with 2d x3, 2½d, 9d, 1/- x4, 5/- (few nibbled perfs), all cds cancels. (10) AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - Second Watermark 1750 * A C1 2d Grey ACSC #6, centred left, Retail $175. 1751 ** A- B1 —- scratch under ‘P’ of ‘POSTAGE’ in top marginal block of four [2R4-5,10-11], BW #6p. Hinge rems selvedge only and just a hint of gum aging, a scarce and attractive positional block with extrapolated retail (as singles) over $1,850. 1752 * A B1 2½d Indigo ACSC #10. 1753 ** A A1 6d Blue ACSC #18, small paper inclusion, well centred, fresh MUH. 1754 * A C1 —- ACSC #18, centred right, Retail $325. 1755 * A A1 —- ACSC #18, hinge remainder, well centred, fresh colour, Retail $325. 1756 * A- C1 —- perf ‘OS’, ACSC #18ba, Cat $375, high retail value.

1757 1757 1758 1759 1760 1761 1762 1763

* * * ** * * *

1758 B B2 A B1 A B1 A- B2 A C1 A C1 A B1

1764 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769

* F * F F F






$280 $80 $1,000 $70 $500 $180 $250 $110


—- perf ‘OS’, ACSC #18ba, Cat $375, light foxing around hinge remains, small perf faults. —- perf ‘OS’, ACSC #18ba, Cat $375, very lightly mounted marginal copy from right hand pane. —- perf ‘OS’, (Retail c$675). Scarce stamp. 9d Violet ACSC #25, fine appearence, centred to top, minor blemishes on gum. —- ACSC #25, Retail $275. 1/- Emerald ACSC #31, o/c high to right, very fresh, Retail $275. 1/- Bright Blue-Green BW #31B Retail $275. couple of light bends in BLC, good colour.

1765 A B1 A B1 A- B1 A B1 A B2 A B2



$80 $240 $250 $1,200 $180 $100 $140


1/- Deep Dull Green BW #31C, Cat $750. BRC unit. 1/- Emerald perf ‘OS’, ACSC #31ba, Cat $175. 2/- Brown ACSC #36, Retail $975, very slight toning of perf tips. —- ACSC #36, Cat $125, very presentable example with nice 1916 ‘Kilmore’ cds. —- perf ‘OS’, ACSC #36ba, weak corner perf and light staining, Retail $225. 5/- Deep Grey & Yellow unplated bottom righthand side of A of LIA broken & large break in shading line left of tip of Bonaparte Gulf, ACSC #43A, Cat $450, well centred, ‘SYDNEY’ cds, raggedy perfs as usual.

$140 $90 $420 $120 $80 $240

Page 165

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012



1770 F 1771 G 1772 V





A B2 5/- Deep Grey & Chrome ACSC #43B, woolly perfs. A A1 —- ACSC #43B, cds, well centred, Retail $525. A- B2 —- unplated break in left frame opposite top of F & break in bottom frame below N of INGS [left column unit], ACSC #43B, Cat $450, cds, reasonably well centred, minor blemish, few nibbled perfs do not detract. B B2 —- ACSC #43B. Small tone spot seen on back only, typical very woolly perfs, Retail c$575. B B2 —- unplated break in left frame opposite top of F & break in bottom frame below N of INGS [left column unit], ACSC #43B, several pulled perfs, Cat $450. B B2 —- ACSC #43B. Small red crayon (?) mark on back does not detract from sound reasonably well-centred example with part Melbourne Stock Exchange cds, Retail c$575.

1773 G 1774 F 1775 G




1776 *

A A2

1777 *


1778 F 1779 F

A A2 A A2

1780 F



$200 $160 $80 $220


—- wmk inverted, BW #42Ba. Very difficult stamp, well centred, just the odd slightly blunted perf, excellent colour, Cat $1,500 (retail POR most lists). —- wmk inverted with broken coast near Sydney and break in right frame 3½mm from top [L2], BW #43Aa(D)d. Just off centre with very woolly perfs, excellent colour, Cat $1,500 (retail POR most lists). —- retouch to left frame and WA coast, BW #43B(D)g, Cat $600, few nibbled perfs. —- perf ‘OS’ with Spencer’s Gulf elongated and curved, BW #43Bb(D)m, perfs a little woolly, but still a well-centred fine looking stamp with a light cds, Cat $450. —- perf ‘OS’ with broken tail on kangaroo [L9], ACSC #43(V)d, crease and a few woolly perfs, BW #43Bb(V)d.


$360 $240

$1,000 $600 $240 $180 $160

ex 1782

1785 ex 1784


1781 * A B2 —- kangaroo’s foot broken and pointed tail [L52], BW #43B(V)i, short perf at left, Retail $1,375 as normal. AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - Third Watermark | Collections and Accumulations 1782 U A/B 2d to 10/- Selection cds including 3d Die I x2, 6d ultra and 9d Die II, 1/- Die IIB x2, 2/- x2 shades (heavy pmks, reddish brown damaged), 10/- grey and aniline pink well o/c right; PLUS changed colours 2/- maroon block of 4 with LATE FEE cds. Condition a bit variable, retail as fine c$1,375, TLC may help. (14) AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - Third Watermark 1783 W A Proof of Third wmk impression in a marginal block of 8 (4x2) on ungummed paper. 1784 V A/A- 6d Chestnut to 5/- perf small ‘OS’ CTO, 2/- is maroon & 9d & 1/- quite off-centre. Retail $180. (5) 1785 ** A- B1 2d Grey Die I Cooke printing, left marginal Jubilee line block of four wmk inverted [1L13-14,19-20] BW #7a. Strong colour and slightly yellowish aged gum, Retail c$900 (as four singles - blocks warrant a premium). 1786 * A B1 —- wmk inverted, ACSC #7a, Cat $75.


$200 $100 $120 $400 $60

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 166

1787 1787 F








1790 1790 * 1791 ** 1792 U 1793 U 1794 **/* 1795 *



2d Grey Die IIA substituted cliché BW #7ib with major frame-break opposite Broome being an advanced state additionally showing the inner frame before ‘AUSTRALIA’ deteriorated’, break in inner frame opposite Brisbane, break opposite Bass Strait extending through the outer frame, ‘2d’ deteriorated & ‘TWO PENCE’ deteriorated (see Pope at pages 40-42), typical centring for this variety, 1917 machine cancel partially impinges upon the major frame-break opposite Broome, a few trivial perf blemishes, Cat $1,250. 2d Grey Die I in combination with ½d green KGV for Foreign letter rate to USA, unusual parcel tag shaped cover from James Hardie & Co, jewellers. 2d Bluish Grey Die I tied by Perth British Empire Exhibition slogan cancel to 1923 (Apr 9) local cover, being an unusual late solo use for 2d letter rate, small repair & some toning.


ex 1792

ex 1793

ex 1794

2½d Indigo offset, ACSC #11c, Cat $400, much stronger than usual. 3d Olive Die I wmk inverted, ACSC #12a, Cat $275, few miniscule tone spots, very fresh looking. —- Perf ‘OS’ shades x48 plus wmk inverted x10, plus Die IIB x11, BW #13Ea,b,14b, Cat $2,100. Postmark interest. Some “seconds”, on-seller bargain at around 6%. (69) A- B2 3d Olive shades Perf ‘OS’: cds ex noted Die I, Die I wmk inverted (machine cancel), Die II and Die IIB, BW #13Ea,b,ba,14b with Retail c$330. Reasonable centring, some wooly perfs and other small imperfections. (4) A B1 3d Olive Die I right marginal BW #13 fresh ** (hinge rems on front of selvedge), plus the same wmk inverted BW #13a * very light. Nice duo, min current Retail $290. (2) A C1 3d Olive-Green Die I wmk inverted, ACSC #13a, Retail $200.

ex 1797

$60 $150





$360 $160 $140 $100 $140 $120

ex 1798

part 1799


1801 1796 F 1797 U 1798 F 1799


1800 * 1801 **

A- B1 3d Olive Die I wmk inverted, ACSC #13a, Cat $100, minor blemish. A- B2 3d Olive shades Perf ‘OS’: cds (one Railway Station) with Die I, Die I wmk inverted, Die II (heavy cancel) and Die IIB, BW #13Ea,b,ba and 14b with Retail c$330. Variable centring, some woolly perfs and small imperfections. (4) A B2 3d Olive Perf ‘OS’ shades Dies I, II and IIb x2 (second is perf ‘OS/NSW’) BW #13b & ba, 14b plus. Good lot not often offered as such, Retail $250+. (4) B 3d Olive Die I perf ‘OS’, Cat $150 with 2d orange KGV perf ‘OS’ on long registered unclaimed Office of Titles cover, 1921 local use in Perth, odd fault. A- A1 3d Olive Die II ‘CA’ monogram single, ACSC #13za, Cat $1,250, small thin. A B1 3d Olive Die IIB ACSC #14 left horizontal marginal pair (wmk frame line clearly seen from back), Retail $220 as two normal singles. Left unit with small inclusion and shows clear thickening of bottom frame similar to the listed variety at 3R60. Nice specialist positional pair, very fresh.

$60 $100 $100 $80 $500 $140

Page 167

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

ex 1802 1802 U


1803 U





1805 1805 ** 1806 * 1807 1808 1809 1810


3d Olive Postmarks Assembly Over 450 mostly neat cds examples on hagners believed probably Die I or Die IIB only BW #13 & 14 min Retail $5,500. Postmark interest mainly Victoria but also, Tasmania, NSW, SA. Some damaged stamps but great majority fine. Could be some Die II’s lurking - good hunting. (450+) —- neat cds examples on hagners believed probably Die I or Die IIB only BW #13 & 14 min Retail $1,100. Victoria postmark interest noting Almurta on Die IIB, Batesford full strike on Die I pair, Coalville on possible Die II, Moondara on IIB, Seaview on Die I, Wensleydale on Die IIB; elsewhere (NSW, Tasmania, etc) also possible. Some faulty stamps but mostly fine, min retail (least expensive Die & shade) $1,100+. (92) 3d Olive Die IIB plus KGV 4d blue (white spot under ‘D’ of ‘4D’ at right) tied by ‘REGISTERED ELIZABETH ST/2JA23/ MELBOURNE’ cds to a registered cover to Texas being the earliest recorded date of use for Die IIB by some nine days, red registration label, cover with minor blemishes.




1812 **



$200 $2,000




6d Blue Die II rounded top left corner but unmounted BW #19. —- very lightly hinged shade ACSC #19, Cat $150. Left marginal (wmk line visible from front) in very fresh ultramarine shade. A B1 —- wmk inverted, BW #19a. A- B1 —- wmk inverted, ACSC #19a, Cat $175, small corner crease. A C1 —- wmk inverted, BW #19Aa, Cat $175 centred left, heavy postmark. A A1 —- wmk inverted, BW #19a. Nice well centred example.

1811 1811


ex 1803

$200 $90 $150 $90 $100 $150



6d Milky Blue Die II x2 + KGV Single Wmk 2d orange x3 and LMult 1½d red-brown x2 tied by ‘REGISTERED ELIZABETH ST/MELBOURNE’ cds to 1921 (Apr 1) William Ackland registered advertising cover (details printed on flap side – an Ackland quirky habit!) to Finland, backstamped Elizabeth St, London, Helsinki, minor blemishes. Rare destination and franking [2½-3ozs = Foreign rate 2½d (+ ½d War Tax) per ½oz x6 + 3d registration] A- C2 6d Blue Die IIB double perf ‘OS’ vertical pair with normal, slight staining down right and lower unit creased. Ceremuga certificate states “possibly 12 exist”. A great rarity.

$400 $6,750

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

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1814 1813 U 1814 1815 1816 1817

—- Perf ‘OS’ shades, block of 6, four pairs, 75 singles on hagners in very mixed poor to good condition ACSC #20b, Retail $50 each. Postmark interest. Mostly “seconds”, on-seller bargain at less than 5%. (89) A C1 —- perf ‘OS’ with ‘broken leg on Kangaroo’, ACSC #20d, Cat $750. A- C1 —- ‘broken leg on Kangaroo’, ACSC #20d, Cat $750, rounded TRC. A C1 —- ‘broken leg on Kangaroo’, ACSC #20d, Cat $750, Brisbane cds just clear of variety. B C1 —- broken leg on Kangaroo, ACSC #20d, gum staining, Cat $2,750. A rare stamp mint.

G F G *

1818 1818 * 1819 *

A A1 A-

1820 * 1821 U

A B1 A/C

** ** ** F ** F


A C2 A- B1 A B1 A B1 A C1 A C1



$200 $450 $380 $550 $800

ex 1821


6d Pale Ultramarine Die IIB perf ‘OS’, ACSC #20Cb, (Retail $250). Lovely stamp. 6d Chestnut Die IIB BW #21 paying letter rate + registration on Ecklin South (Vic) cover to Austria, red registration label (torn), Terang, Melbourne & Perth backstamps, opened on three sides. 9d Violet Die II wmk inverted, ACSC #26a, Cat $500. 9d Violet Die IIB Perf ‘OS’ shades, two pairs and 52 singles on hagner in mixed poor to fine condition ACSC #27ba, Retail $35 each. Perforation and other faults, majority cds some quite heavily struck, postmark interest. (56)


1822 1822 1823 1824 1825 1826 1827



1815 A/C




$120 $225 $150


1/- Emerald Die II ACSC #32, one short perf, Retail $225. 1/- Emerald Die IIB ACSC #33. Just a hint of gum discolouration, Retail c$275. —- ACSC #33. Off centre to NE, very fresh, Retail c$275. —- wmk inverted, ACSC #33a, Retail $250. Scarce. —- wmk sideways Retail $250, usual poor centring, MUH. —- wmk sideways ACSC #33aa, Cat $1,000. Centred high, very scarce postal use with part of an Adelaide cds, from bottom row with part of the marginal wmk inscription, very fresh.

ex 1829


$110 $125 $125 $150 $150 $500


1830 1828 * 1829 U

A A1 A/C

1830 ** 1831 * 1832 *

A C1 A/AA B1

—- perf small ‘OS’, ACSC #33ba, Cat $75, very lightly, a lovely stamp. —- Perf ‘OS’ shades including two blocks of 4 and 16 others in multiples, 100 singles on hagners in very mixed poor to good condition ACSC #33ba. Centring varies, perforation and other faults, mainly cds some quite heavily struck, postmark interest. Mostly “seconds”, on-seller bargain at around 5%, Retail $2,480. (124) —- Ash Plate 3 imprint pair, ACSC #33zc, Cat $500 as mint block of 4. 2/- Brown perf small ‘OS’, ACSC #36ba centred to top, two perf blemishes. —- [R60], ACSC #37, Retail $375, very lightly mounted.

$70 $125 $210 $280 $160

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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

ex 1833


1836 1835

1837 1833 U 1834 1835 1836 1837 1838

F ** * * *F

1839 1840 1841 1842

F * F *







—- Perf ‘OS’ shades in vert strip of 3, 11 pairs and 68 singles, very mixed poor to good condition BW #37ba. Centring varies, perforation and other faults, cds some quite heavy, machine and some heavy commercial cancels. Includes one 2d and 2½d x2. Lots of “seconds” (maybe even lower grades), bargain at around 5%, Cat $4,650. (96) A B1 —- perf ‘OS’ with wmk inverted, ACSC #37a, Cat $750. A- B2 2/- Maroon ACSC #38, Retail c$625. Top marginal o/c low left, strong fresh colour. A B2 —- ACSC #38, Cat $150, with damaged base of first A of AUSTRALIA & island below same A, a few woolly perfs. A B2 —- ACSC #38. Minor variety small retouch below ‘I’ of ‘ALIA’, not 2L49, fresh, Retail $225. A—- ACSC #38, Cat $400, plus No wmk 1/6d Hermes tied by Late Fee Melbourne cds to 1937 (29 Jan) air cover to Germany. Rare combination of 3/6d rate via Italy (1/9d 1st ½oz + 1/8d 2nd ½oz + 1d Late fee) and unusually late commercial use of this wmk printing [Replaced in 1929: The sender J.C. Williamson Ltd apparently maintained its own stock of postage stamps.] A B2 5/- Grey & Yellow ACSC #44, Retail $175. A- A1 5/- Grey-Black & Orange ACSC #44B, Cat $375, small crease not apparent from face. A B1 5/- Grey & Pale Yellow ACSC #44D, with nice offset of roo on back, 1922 cds. Unusual. A B2 5/- Grey & Deep Yellow coloured spot inland of curved Spencer’s Gulf [L36], BW #44C. Minor perf defects and small red spot, Cat $350

$225 $450 $100 $120 $110

$250 $80 $210 $110 $150

1845 1843

1844 1847 1843 *

A A1

1844 **

A C1

1845 * 1846 * 1847 *

A B2 A A1 A B2


5/- Grey-Black & Orange pale orange shade part Harrison imprint single [L60], ACSC #44B, slightly misplaced Roo, very well-centred and fresh, Cat $300. 5/- Grey & Pale Yellow perf ‘OS’ fresh unhinged top marginal horiz strip of 3 [L2-4]. All have varieties, - broken coast near Sydney, break in right frame [L2], white line at coast in Bight [L3], pointed right ear on Roo [L4], BW #44Db(D)d,e. Hinge traces in selvedge only, excellent positional, Cat $4,000. 5/- Grey & Yellow Spencer’s Gulf very short BW #44D(D)n, Cat $650. Very fresh, excellent variety. 5/- Grey & Pale Yellow broken tail on Roo in fresh well-centred block of 4 [R21-2,27-8],44D(V)d, Cat $1,200. 5/- Grey-Black & Chrome fresh lightly hinged well-centred horiz pair [L10-11] with ewe-faced roo and flaw front edge of grass, BW #44A(V)e,f, Retail c$760.

$160 $1,500 $350 $500 $320

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 170


1848 1848 1849 1850 1851 1852 1853

F ** * * * V

A B2 A B2 A B2 A- C1 A B2 A C1




10/- Grey & Deep Aniline Pink ACSC #48B, Cat $375. —- ACSC #48B, Cat $1,500, fresh and attractive. —- ACSC #48B, clipped tail on Roo, very slightly o/c right and as fresh as the day it was issued, Retail $850. 10/- Grey & Pale Aniline Pink ACSC #48C, light even gum toning, Retail $850. —- ACSC #48C, o/c SW, fresh, Retail $850. —- ACSC #48C, Cat $375, with nice double frame at left caused by kiss print, centred left, nice cds.


1856 * 1857 **/*


A B2 A B2

—- break in 5th shading line below OS of POST [L47], ACSC #48C, o/c SE, fresh, Retail $850. 10/- Grey & Deep Aniline Pink vertical pair [R33,39] both kiss print through middle with doubling of top of map, top of value circle etc, NWPI overprint (SG #117), usual rough perfs. Ceremuga certificate. A great variety for the Roo collector. A —- wmk inverted, BW #28Ba, Cat $3,000. Odd shortish perf, fresh and rare. A/B C2 10/- Grey & Pale Aniline Pink perf ‘OS’ very fresh right marginal block of 4 [R29-30,35-36] 2**/2* BW #Cba. Sadly a diagonal crease affects three units, the upper left unit **is unaffected, Cat $5,500 (retail POR most lists).


$250 $1,200 $350 $230 $350 $240


1855 1854 * 1855 *





$350 $3,000 $2,000 $1,250


1863 1858 G 1859 * 1860 1861 1862 1863

* * * **/*

A B1 A C3

—- perf ‘OS’ BW #48Cba, Cat $500, commercially used in Canberra. 10/- Grey & Deep Aniline Pink perf ‘OS’ CTO, BW #48Bwa, Cat $75, light pink horizontal line though top of Australia, rough perfs. Most unusual. A- B1 —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ type B, BW #48Bx, creased TRC. A- A2 —- overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type B, BW #48Bx, Cat $350. Woolly perfs, perfect centring. A A2 —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ type B, BW #48Bx, with white spot to left of P of POST etc [R16], short perf. A —- ‘SPECIMEN’ type B block of 4 [L15-16,21-22]. Unit 22 is actually an official substitution. Interestingly the substitution occured after the Specimen overprint was applied. Lower units MUH. Lovely and fresh a rare block and believed to be unique with the substituted unit.

$240 $135 $220 $180 $160 $7,500

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Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

1864 1864 F 1865 * 1866 1867 1868 1869


1871 * 1872 * 1873 * 1874 *


1876 1877 1878 1879

* * F *

1880 **







$750 $1,250 $1,600 $800 $240 $950



A- B1 —- ACSC #52D, with short tail clipped square [L1]. Toned perf and some evidence of cleaning which hardly detracts from neat example with part 1922 Sydney Registered cds, Retail $2,250 as least expensive shade. A- B1 £1 Chocolate & Dull Blue BW #52A with short Spencer’s Gulf [L8] just as short as the catalogued flaws! Roo slightly misplaced high, lightly hinged, some bleeding or smudging of the dull blue at lower right hardly detracts from a very attractive stamp, Cat $1,750). [In Sale 12 a similar, though unsmudged example, realised nearly $1,400.] A B3 £1 Light Brown & Pale Blue BW #52Df. Slightly o/c right, woolly perfs, gum bends and fairly heavy hinge remains, Cat $1,800 (retail POR most lists). A £1 Purple-Brown & Blue broken coast in Bight [R53], BW #52Cf. Fractionally o/c high and very lightly hinged, very fresh and very attractive, Cat $1,800. A quality stamp. A C2 £1 Light Brown & Pale Blue ovptd ‘SPECIMEN’ type B, BW #52Dx.

1876 1875 *


A- C1 £1 Chocolate & Dull Blue ACSC #52A. Couple small perf creases, Cat $1,750. A£1 Chestnut & Blue ACSC #52B. Centred a bit low and lightly hinged, small faint spot at right of value tablet, very fresh, very attractive, Cat $1,750 (retail POR most lists). [This shade has traditionally realised 30-40% more than all but one of the other listed shades.] A S2 —- ACSC #52B. Very good commercially used. A B2 £1 Purple-Brown & Blue ACSC #52C, a little off-centre and 1 short corner perf. Good value at estimate, Cat $1,750. A B1 —- ACSC #52C, 10mm telegraph puncture, centred lower right. ACSC #52, Cat $1,750. A- B2 £1 Light Brown & Pale Blue ACSC #52D, perf ‘OS/NSW’, couple of pulled perfs at left but very rare.


1870 G



$400 $1,100 $1,000 $1,400 $525


A- B2 £1 Olive-Brown & Pale Blue overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type B, BW #52Ex. Just o/c, hinge remains, light gum discolouration at left, PO repair tag NW corner, strong colours, Retail c$750. A C1 £1 Grey ACSC #53A, Cat $750, with small break in Bight, centred left. A B1 —- ACSC #53A, with break near top of left frame etc, light hinge traces, Retail c$875. Very fresh. A B2 £1 Deep Grey perf ‘G/NSW’, few nibbled perfs, very rare stamp. A- B2 £1 Grey optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C and D (with coloured flaw on top frame over second A of AUSTRALIA #53h) BW #53xa,xf, Cat $325. Both a bit o/c high with small imperfections, slightly different shades. (2) A- B1 £1 Deep Grey ‘SPECIMEN’ type C, BW #53Bxa, with break in left frame near top. Miniscule gum spot, Retail $275.

Phoenix Auctions is very pleased to announce that we have been appointed the auctioneers for the legendary

‘Stuart Hardy Commonwealth of Australia Collection’, If you would like to receive the catalogues, please let us know.

$300 $480 $500 $400 $130 $100

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 172

1881 1881 * 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886



1887 *

A B1

1888 *

A A1

1892 * 1893 **

1895 * 1896 * 1897 *





$4,300 $4,000


A- C2 £2 Grey-Black & Crimson ACSC #56B with long curve in Spencer’s Gulf, (column 6 copy), tiny blemish at top of ‘AUSTRALIA’, centred to top. A—- ACSC #56B, with colour flaw at extreme left of background etc [R11], centred to upper left, few nibbled perfs. A- A2 —- overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type B BW #56Bx, Cat $275. Just o/c, hinge remains, two PO repair tags at left, woolly perfs, tiny spot of ink (from opt) at top, strong colours. A- B2 —- overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type B Roo’s ear at left broken [R39], BW #56Bx, Cat $325↕. Just o/c, hinge remains, strong colours. A B2 £2 Purple-Black & Rose ovptd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C, BW #56Cxb, MUH with fluffy perfs.

1894 1894 *

£2 Black & Rose ACSC #56A, with unplated Shortish Spencer’s Gulf. Lovely fresh colours and very lightly hinged with excellent perfs. —- ACSC #56A. Very fresh well centred and lightly hinged. Premium quality, Cat $4,500.



$90 $170 $120 $150 $280 $250



1890 F 1891 *


A- A1 —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C, BW #53Bxa, with break in left frame near top, small thin, well-centred with good perfs, Cat $175. A B1 —- opt ‘SPECIMEN’ (Type C - shaved ‘P’), BW #53Bxe, with break in value circle at 5 o’clock, Cat $300. A—- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ (Type C - shaved ‘P’), short perf at base, very lightly mounted, BW #53Bxe, Cat $300. A- B1 —- ‘SPECIMEN’ type D, BW #53Bxf. Small faint pink stain at top probably removable with care, Retail $425. A —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type D, BW #53Bxf, Cat $350, few ragged perfs. Unmounted. A B1 —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type D, BW #53Bxf. It is thought that only 600 were issued.

* * ** ** *

1889 F



$1,600 $1,600 $125 $175 $450


A- B2 —- overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C BW #56Cxb, Cat $275. Well o/c high, hinge remains, woolly perfs at base, bare visible light horiz crease, strong colours. A- B2 £2 Grey-Black & Crimson overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C with broken tail on Roo BW #56C(V)d. Just o/c high, hinge remains, woolly perfs, strong colours, Cat $300↕. A- B2 £2 Purple-Black & Rose overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C with broken tail on Roo [L4] BW #56C(V)d, Cat $300↕. Offcentre to NW, hinge remains, woolly perfs, strong colours. A B1 —- ovptd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C, BW56Cxb, with shading line left of circle at 10 o’clock short at right, etc [L51], fresh with good perfs, only slightly off-centre. Very attractive.

$110 $140 $140 $250

Page 173

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012


ex 1901



1898 *

A- B2 —- overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C with break in west coast of Gulf of Carpentaria [R45 - #56(D)o] BW #56Cxb, Cat $275. Just o/c left, hinge remains, woolly perfs, strong colours. 1899 * A- B2 £2 Grey-Black & Crimson overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C with Roo’s left ear broken BW #56(V)q, Cat $300↕. Nicely centred, hinge remains, woolly perfs, strong colours. 1900 * A- B2 £2 Purple-Black & Rose opt ‘SPECIMEN’ (C1a), BW #56Cxe, Cat $475. Fluffy horizontal perfs with weak TLC. [A wellcentred example realised $580 in 2011] AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - Small Multiple Watermark 1901 * A6d to 2/- 1/- few short perfs, generally fine (4).








$140 $160 $320 $200

ex 1903

6d Chestnut solo franking tied by Millaa Millaa cds of 1930 (Jun 20) to traumatized cover to US showing ‘Received in bad condition at/QUINCY STATION’ handstamp, which ties one of a number of US ‘OFFICIALLY SEALED’ labels affixed. Dramatic item for an exhibit. —- (shades) selection of solo (2) and double (2) frankings, former comprising [1] Brisbane local 2-3ozs Letter rate, [2] Melbourne-Bonbeach Scale 1 Parcel rate to 1lb, [3] Sydney-Melbourne 9d 16-18ozs Merchandise, Patterns and Samples rate + 3d registration fee, [4] Mundabullangana-Perth 1/- 1-1½oz airmail rate, odd small fault, generally good, scarce rates.

$200 $150

1905 1906

1904 1904 * 1905 ** 1906 *

A- B2 9d Violet Ash Plate 3 imprint pair part BW #28z. Both units hinged, usual gutter fold, very fresh. A A1 1/- Emerald perf ‘OS’, ACSC #34b. Fresh and well centred MUH. A B1 —- Ash Plate 3 imprint pair, ACSC #34z, Cat $500.

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$120 $120 $225

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 174





1907 1907 * 1908 ** 1909 * 1910 * 1911 * 1912 **

A- B2 1/- Blue-Green Ash imprint pair from Plate 4 part BW #34za. Better than average centring, both units hinged, right unit light bend, usual gutter fold, fresh appearance. A C2 2/- Maroon ACSC #39, Cat $350, centred low with a few nibbled perfs. A B1 —- ACSC #39, Cat $150. Very fresh. A A1 —- ACSC #39, Cat $150. Fresh well centred premium quality stamp. A 1932 2/- Maroon plus 3rd Wmk 9d & KGV 1½d & 1d tied by ‘LATE FEE/SPENCER ST VIC’ on 1929 (Nov 16) oversized (300x252mm) airmail cover to Foy & Gibson (Perth) paying correct rate for letter weighing up to 4½oz. [The rate was 7½d per oz x4 + 4½d for ½oz plus 1d late fee = 2/11½d] A- B2 5/- Grey & Yellow-Orange ACSC #45. Slightly yellowish gum, Retail c$875.

1913 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917

* * * * G

A A1 A C1 A A1 A B1 A



$140 $120 $110 $140 $360 $400



—- ACSC #45, with unplated white flaws on right side of roo’s tail. A very fine stamp, Retail $375++. —- ACSC #45, centred high, fresh colours, Retail $375. —- ACSC #45, Cat $300, well centred, fresh colours, MVLH. A premium stamp. —- ACSC #45. Very light hinge trace, fresh, Retail c$375. —- few short perfs, indistinct cds.

$340 $180 $400 $180 $100

1918 1919

1920 1921 1918 V 1919 * 1920 * 1921 ** 1922 G


A C1 5/- Grey & Yellow perf ‘OS’ CTO with short Spencer’s Gulf & short curly tail [R5], ACSC #45wa, Cat $150. A- B1 5/- Grey & Yellow-Orange Ash imprint pair including white flaw off NSW coast [R55], ACSC #45za. Stain left selvedge probably removable with care, fresh colours, Cat $1,250 (Retail c$1,550). [Estimate based on two * stamps.] A- B1 —- Ash two-line imprint pair unit R55 with white flaw off NSW coast ACSC #45za. Minor storage-related gum discolouration not seen from front and does not detract, Cat $1,250 (Retail c$1,500). A B1 —- part Ash imprint single with gutter and white flaw off NSW coast variety [R55] ACSC #45(D)p. Hinge trace selvedge only, very fresh, Retail c$875. A- C2 —- White collar on kangaroo and flaw at left edge of grass, ACSC #45(V)na, few nibbled perfs.

$70 $300 $650 $375 $100

Page 175

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

1923 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928

* * * * F F

1924 A C1 A B1 A B1 A C1 A A2 A- C2


* F ** * *


A A2 B B2 A C1 A A B1

B B2

1935 V 1936 G

A B2 B B2

1937 F

A B1

A B1 A B1







$430 $160 $540 $200 $260


£2 Grey & Rose-Crimson ACSC #57A, Cat $4,250. Professional repair at right near Brisbane, surface scuffs, regummed. As good looking a space-filler as we’ve seen. —- ACSC #57A, Cat $750, few nibbled perfs at right, very fine for this issue, cds. —- ACSC #57A. Part NSW registered cds, not entirely successful attempt made to remove red crayon mark. Well centred with good original colour, Retail c$875. —- top right marginal single with Jubilee lines, ACSC #57A, with indent on inside of frame below D [R6]. Well centred with good perfs, Retail c$875.

1938 1938 * 1939 *

$360 $480 $320 $300 $200 $200

—- ACSC #49, Cat $700, with end of roo’s tail white etc [L25], couple of shortish perfs, very well centred. —- ACSC #49, with broken coast in Bight [R40], short corner perf and a few surface abrasions, Cat $700. —- ovpt ‘SPECIMEN’ (Type C), ACSC #49x, Cat $375. Scarce only 1,920 printed. —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C, ACSC #49x, nibbed and short perfs, very fresh, Retail c$475. —- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type C, ACSC #49x, very fresh near premium quality stamp, Retail c$475.

1934 1934 *



10/- Grey & Pale Pink ACSC #49, Cat $700, centred to top. —- ACSC #49, Retail $750, well centred & good perfs. —- ACSC #49. Very light hinge trace, fresh, Retail c$750. —- ACSC #49. Light grey shade hinge trace, fresh, Retail c$750. —- ACSC #49, Cat $700, (current Retail $675), few nibbled perfs. —- ACSC #49, a few short/nibbled perfs, lightly cancelled, Cat $700.

1929 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933



$300 $360 $200 $725


—- optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type D BW #57Ax, Cat $500. Very fresh. —- ovptd ‘SPECIMEN’ type D, with short red line below Bonaparte Gulf [L42], BW #57Ax, also with roo misplaced 1mm into Bight. 1940 F A B2 —- broken value circle at right [L49], BW #57A(D)h. Couple slightly nibbed perfs, corner cds, Cat $850. AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - CofA Watermark 1941 F A B1 6d to 10/- ASC #45-50, Retail c$350. All cds and reasonably well centred, 2/- Die I, 5/- corner CTO ng, 10/- just o/c left with part 1938 ‘SHIP MAIL ROOM’ cds. (5)

$240 $500 $400 $175

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Page 176



1942 1942 **

A A1




1944 *

A B1

9d Violet right marginal block of four [3R35-36,41-42], ACSC #29. Premium quality well centred. Very attractive, Retail $560 as singles (blocks warrant a premium over 4 singles). 9d Purple solo franking tied by St. Peters (NSW) cds on 1936 (Nov 21) small cover to Penang paying the seldom-seen ½oz airmail rate to Malaya. 5/- Grey & Yellow BW #46B. Roo misplaced slightly low, Retail c$325.


$350 $180 $160

1946 1947

1945 F/G


1946 *

A B1




5/-, 10/- & £1 ACSC #46,50,54. 5/- CTO ng just o/c high, 10/- [R14] and £1 cds o/c just high, small thin at top, Retail c$700. (3) 5/- Grey & Yellow open-mouthed kangaroo [R55], ACSC #46(V)r, Cat $325. The rarest of the CofA flaws as only found in the last printing. —- x2 (one is L54) with 2d red KGV x3 (3-3½oz rate) on long 1935 air cover from Brisbane to England, minor faults.

1948 1948



1949 1950 1951 1952

F F F *

A C1 A B1 A B1 A B1




$180 $280 $500


—- plus 3d NSW Sesqui tied by Melbourne machine cancel on 1937 (Dec 1) Beaumont & Son (Melbourne) small cover to Rhode Island paying the 4/8d clipper rate via Hong Kong + 7d for airmail service within US, ‘VICTORIA/7DE/37/HONG KONG’ transit backstamp, a couple of repaired edge tears. [The 4/8d trans-Pacific clipper service via Hong Kong was introduced in 19/4/1937 at which time the additional fee for US internal airmail was reduced from 7d to 3d, this cover was apparently charged at the previous rate] 10/- Grey & Pink BW #50A, Retail $275, centred to upper left —- BW #50A, Retail $275, centred slightly to left. —- BW #50A, Retail $275. 10/- Grey & Aniline Pink with distinctive bright orange pink UV reaction ACSC #50C, Cat $1,000. Gorgeous and rare.

We DO NOT have ‘T’ lots, all lots are sold inclusive of GST. GST is only applicable to buyer’s commission and despatch costs.

$300 $160 $100 $120 $600

Page 177

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

1953 1953 *

A B1

1954 *

A B1

1955 *

A B1

1956 * 1957 F

A B1 A B2

ex 1954

1959 A B2

1959 1960 1961 1962 1963

A B2 A C1 A B1 A B2 A C1

* V F F V


ex 1956

10/- Dark Grey & Aniline Pink ACSC #50D with shading line below right tip of mouth of Spencer’s Gulf missing at right etc [R55], Cat $2,000. Very scarce stamp. 10/- Grey & Aniline Pink two fresh examples optd ‘SPECIMEN’ Type D, BW #50xe (one [L34] with less noticeable aniline reaction under UV light, the other is [R49]), Retail c$190. PLUS a fresh £1 grey BW #54x with colour flaw on top frame over last A of AUSTRALIA retouched #54ga, off-centre high with nibbed perfs upper left. (3) 10/-, £1 & £2 Overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type D ACSC #50xe,54x,57x. 10/- [R22] is more difficult grey & pink shade, £1 has bluish ovpt, £2 is grey-black and rose-crimson shade with tip of left toe broken off [R52], all a bit off-centre, very fresh, Retail c$180. (3) —- ACSC #50xe,54x,58x. 10/- with long white flaw on neck [L38]. Very fresh, Retail c$160. (3) 10/- Grey & Pink broken coast near Sydney, white flaw after ‘I’ of ‘AUSTRALIA’ [R43] BW #50A(D)g, couple short perfs, part Sydney Air Mail cds, Retail c$325.

1958 1958 *

ex 1955





$100 $100 $80 $160



—- muzzled kangaroo [R24] BW #50A(V)l. Some slightly nibbed perfs detract little from fresh attractive stamp, Retail c$1,000. £1 Grey BW #54. Couple very slightly short perfs, fairly heavily inked but still very attractive stamp, Retail $925. —- ACSC #54, off-centre to top right. —- ACSC #54, Retail $400. Centred a bit high otherwise very fine and fresh, part ‘AIR MAIL LATE FEE’ cds a bit smudged. —- ACSC #54. Just o/c right, part heavy registered cds, good colour, Retail $375. —- ACSC #54, centred low, light Kalgoorlie cds, Retail $375.



$330 $1,400 $325 $160 $100 $225

1967 1968

1969 1964 1965 1966 1967

V F F *

1968 * 1969 * 1970 U 1971 F

A B1 A B1 B B2 A A1



—- ACSC #54, Retail $375. —- ACSC #54, Retail $400. Part Sydney registered cds, strong colour. —- ACSC #54, Retail $400. Part heavy 1938 ‘LATE FEE’ cds, couple nibbed perfs, strong colour. £2 Grey-Black & Rose-Crimson overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ Type D, three fresh well-centred plate varieties [1] duty plate 3 nicks in bottom frame and shading lines above’ [R25] BW #58x(D)n; [2] two on the vignette plate, hunch backed Roo [L17] BW #58x(V)g [3] snout flaw [L8]. Near premium quality stamps, Retail c$100 each. A C1 —- marginal single, ACSC #58B, with break in coastline at top of Bight etc [L57], centred low. Ceremuga certificate. A- B2 —- BW #54B, with 2 hairlines below eye [R30], couple slightly nibbed perfs, small corner crease, very attractive, Retail c$4,750. A —- with white flaw under “P” of POSTAGE, [L37], centred to base. A B1 —- white collar on kangaroo and coloured flaw at left edge of grass [R36], ACSC #58(V)na, Retail c$800.

$210 $180 $140 $175 $1,950 $1,400 $350 $325

Page 178

Phoenix Auctions - Day 2 - Saturday 28th July 2012

Proudly Supporting Australia 2013

To be Auctioned 2nd November 2012

Georgian Heads and Commemorative Issues from the ‘Stuart Hardy Collection’.

Intensely Dark (Black) Brown

Cooke Harrison Imprint Block

Kookaburra Imperforate Minisheet

Line Through FOUR PENCE Wmk Inverted, Printed on Gum

Canberra Imperforate Between

To request a copy of the ‘Stuart Hardy Collection’ catalogues please contact us with your details.

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