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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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1651 1646



1659 1655




1662 1671


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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Section 4 will commence no earlier than 4:00pm AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | Collections and Accumulations 1629 F 1,400 - All Different fine used, a great starter collection. 1630 F 1,500 - All Different fine used, including some internationals, good value at estimate. 1631 F 1,600 - All Different fine used, including some internationals and earlier issues. 1632 F 1,650 - All Different fine used, including some internationals and earlier issues. An opportunity to fill some of those gaps? 1633 F 1,700 - All Different fine used, including some Internationals, earlier and some scarcer issues. 1634 F 1,800 - All Different fine used, including some internationals, earlier and some scarcer issues. 1635 F 2,000 - All Different fine used, including internationals, earlier commemorativies and some of the scarcer issues. (How many stamps has Australia issued in 45 years?) 1636 U 1.5Kg Bundleware of mainly modern decimals, small quantity pre-decimals and other odds ‘n’ sods not included in weight. (1000s) 1637 ** A 1966-70 appears complete SG #382-482 with local retail well over $200 with better noting $1 Flinders perf variety, Flight block of 9 as well as strip of 3, Floral coil paper varieties, booklet stamps, Cook MS. (c120) 1638 */U A/B 1966-85 duplicated range of mostly used, but includes quantities of higher values of commemorative sets which are very hard to come by used. These higher values command a large premium over the more common issues. (1000s) 1639 ** A/A- 1966-2008 Collection on Seven Seas h/less pages with optional extras, includes framas, counter-printed stamps, booklet panes and some booklets, MSs, self-adhesives ex booklets and coils. Some used mostly earlier and Specimen sets not counted in FV c$2,350. (100s) 1640 V A 1990s-2000s fresh CTO og, includes se-tenant pairs and strips, AFL sheetlet of 16, Joan Sutherland sheetlet of 10. (800+) 1641 ** A 2000-2006 Games Collections winners sheetlets 2000 Olympics set of 16, 2004 Olympics set of 17, 2006 Commonwealth Games quantity sheetlets of 10 and 5 plus odds - all in special folders and FV c$224. 1642 ** A Training School 1960s definitives handstamped in violet or carmine ‘CANCELLED’ and ‘SPECIMEN ONLY’ - one type of the latter have ‘W’ inverted for ‘M’ in ‘SPECIMEN’ and ‘Q’ for ‘O’ and ‘7’ inverted for ‘L’ in ‘ONLY’. (37) 1643 **/U A Year Albums 1981, 1983-88 plus other APO products and FV c$185. Also range Adelaide Grand Prix (motor racing) covers, mostly 1980s FDCs, other oddments. (qty) AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues 1644 DF A Varieties [1] $1 Magpie block of 4 with pale black; [2] 50c Baubles imperf at top; [3] 55c Corrugated Landscapes x4 different all imperf at top on one piece. 1645 */U A - [1] 10c Pioneer pair with weak black printing; [2] 18c Flower missing black, torn; [3] 45c Champagne Roses imperf booklet pair; [4] $1 Fun Run mis-perfed, used. 1646P ** A 1993 Unissued Candlesticks trial counter printed stamps set of 3, no value, 45c & $1. 1647 ADecimal Currency Changeover Letter dated 8/1/66, sent to companies that sell current stamps, explaining how the change to decimal currency will affect them and how to purchase new stamps and exchange old stamps. A fascinating insight. 1648P ** A B1 1970-73 6c QEII lower marginal vertical block of 6 variety non-helecon paper which may also be uncoated and therefore BW #446ad, Cat $600. [BW #446ac is recorded used only.] (6) 1649 ** A 1970-73 6c Orange marginal block of 4 with strong offset, BW #446c, Cat $400+. 1650 ** A A1 1971-73 7c Purple marginal block of 20 where the printing is misaligned to the right by 1 stamp width, resulting in the first column being blank and the last column being partly printed off the sheet. Very dramatic. 1651P ** A - marginal block of 6 (3x2) with jumped perfs at left, BW #447bd. 1652 ** A - right marginal block of 10 (5x2) with both right units double perf, BW #447be. 1653P ** A A1 1966-68 20c Golden Whistler Missing Grey BW #456ca. Only 20 thought to exist. 1654 ** A B1 1966-72 50c Dampier marginal block of 12 with Plate 1, BW #461z, Cat $275 as block of 4. 1655P ** A B1 - Plate -2- right block of 8, BW #461zb, Cat $275. 1656 ** A/A- 1966-74 Navigators ‘SPECIMEN’ set of 4, 75c & $1 both have the 15mm ovpt, Cat $230, very light tone spots on 75c. 1657 ** A 1966-74 75c Cook vertical Gutter Strip of 10 BW #462ca, folded along gutter as usual. Very rare. 1658 ** A 1966-74 $1 Flinders P14.4x14 varieties in positional multiples comprising [1] SE interpanneau horiz block of 6 including left frame missing at base - retouched top left corner from Sheet A R9/3 BW #463ea; [2] similar but strip of 3 only with left frame missing at top - retouched Type III Sheet A R10/3 BW #463fc; [3] two SE corner marginal blocks of 4 (different shades) each with extensive recut between sails and eye Sheet B L10/1 BW #463h (17) 1659P ** A A1 1966-74 $1 Flinders marginal single with extensive recut between sails & eye, BW #463h (SG #401a). 1660 ** A+ 1970 Australian Definitive Stamp Series Pack No. PO7 Issued 7 September 1970, some stamps slightly displaced, retail $375. 1661 ** A 1966-67 3c Coil in complete roll of 1000 with starter strip, BW #467ca. 1662P ** A 1969 5c Christmas Yellow Partly Missing in top 2 units of vertical strip of 4, BW #507cd(var). Ceremuga certificate. 1663 * A 1975 10c Coil variety black colour (‘AUSTRALIA’, ‘10’ and ‘STURT’S DESERT PEA’) offset reversed lightly impressed variety of BW #537 on APO cover with Sydney special FDI cancel. This offset does NOT fit those described at Note 3 in BW. [With normal for comparison.] (2) 1664 ** A/A- 1972 Olympics study of 7c values BW #601-3 minor listed and unlisted varieties most in positional blocks, plus Autotron and Sheet No blocks, with just listed items Cat c$140 (in 2002). Odd bit of tone in places, mainly fine and fresh unhinged. (87) 1665 ** A A1 - 7c Rowing upper pane NW corner horizontal block of 6 utilising first black cylinder with two major varieties retouch to ‘Munich 1972’ and retouch to ‘tral’ of ‘Australia’ BW #602d & f, Cat $600 (in 2002). Comes with same positional block from second black cylinder which does not show the varieties. (12) 1666 ** A A1 - 7c Rowing lower pane SE corner horizontal block of 10 with major variety retouch in right of aqua band BW #602g, Cat $300 (in 2002). (10) 1667P V A B1 1972 7c Christmas Missing Brown BW #620c. 1668P V A A1 1973 1c Shrimp Missing Black block of 4, BW #635c. 1669P ** A A1 1973-80 8c Opal Missing Ultramarine with normal for comparison, BW #644cd. BW states “examples are rare”. 1670 ** A1974-78 Marsupial Definitives 30c Possum block of 8 with red doctor blade flaw through head of possums in top row, a little soiled. 1671P W A C1 1974 7c Golf Missing Black marginal single, BW #671c, no gum.

$50 $75 $100 $125 $150 $200 $250 $80 $80 $280 $1,400 $80 $150 $150 $90 $100 $60 $340 $75 $300 $180 $300 $340 $200 $1,250 $200 $300 $100 $1,000

$125 $150 $120 $60 $1,500 $100 $100 $400 $200 $1,250 $1,000 $700 $70 $2,250

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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1684 1683 ex 1675



1707 1690

1713 1704


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1672 **


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1975 18c Wildflower right marginal vertical strip of 3, top unit with missing black and middle unit with partly missing black, BW #725c. 1673 ** A A1 1975 45c Wildflower BRC block of 6 with dull yellow-green partially ommited from top 4 units. 1674P ** A A1 1976 75th Anniversary of Nationhood Missing Gold Die 2 TLC block of 3, BW #733c, mild gum disturbance, MUH. 1675P ** A 1977 Silver Jubilee Plate Proof imperforate set of 2 in gutter pair blocks with colour control bars, BW #766PP(1) for 45c, 18c not catalogued. 1676 ** A1977 Silver Jubilee 18c imperforate block of 4 BW #765b, Cat $400; natural inclusion upper left unit and small handling imperfections noted for accuracy. 1677 ** A - 18c with strong blue & black offset, BW #765c, Cat $250. 1678 ** A 1977 Cricket gutter strip of 5 with red doctor blade flaw in 2nd column. 1679 ** A 18c Hinkler Top Unit Imperf in TRC block of 4 (2 vertical pairs), BW #791ba, Cat $2,000+. [Only 20 believed to exist.] 1680 ** A 1978-84 Birds 45c Masked Woodswallow P14x14½, complete sheet of 100, BW #819, Cat $200. 1681 ** A 1978 Horseracing marginal block of 10 with paper join affecting 4 units, BW #829a, Cat $200+. 1682 ** A 1979 National Parks block of 8 (4x2) with se-tenant pair imperforate except at left x2, BW #843b, Cat $2,500+. 1683 ** A - Girraween & Mt Field left marginal se-tenant pair completely imperforate, uncatalogued, similar to BW #843b. 1684P ** A 1979 Steam Locomotives Essay undenominated design similar to 35c Puffing Billy. Not recorded by BW. 1685 ** A A1 1979 Fishing in Australia 20c marginal block of 10 with reversed multi-colour offset in margin at right. 1686 ** A 1981 International Year of the Disabled Person Imperforate Plate Proof block of 4, will be listed in next edition of BW. Only 1 sheet known. Very fine MUH. 1687 ** A A1 1982 60c Whale Essay marginal single, BW #930E(1) (SG #841a), Cat $350. 1688 ** A A1 - BRC block of 4, BW #930E(1) (SG #841a). 1689 ** A A1 1983 Australia Day printed on gum (black doubly printed) in BLC single, BW #988cc, Cat $400 as pair. 1690P ** A 1983 27c Ulysses Butterfly Imperforate Pair BW #1001b. 1691P F A 1984 55c Bennett’s Nudibranch Missing Cyan on Maxicard cancelled on first day, BW #1053c. About 10 copies recorded, all on these Maxicards. 1692 ** A 1986 Christmas 36c with misplaced perforations in vertical strip of 5, BW #1178bb. Only 20 strips of 5 are known. 1693 ** A A1 1987-88 37c Fauna marginal strip of 10 with ‘MODULE 6’, BW #1218za, Cat $150 as strip of 20. 1694 ** A 1991-1992 Australia Postage Paid Issues 1991 Across Town Sydney (3), Across Town Perth (3), 1992 Box Link (4); plus 1993 $10 Ducks (2). (12) 1695 F A 1992 Imperforate 45c Threatened Species with wide margins all round, tied by ‘POSTAL SERVICES/OFFICE/No.2/30 JUL 1993/AUSTRALIA SQUARE/N.S.W./2000’ handstamp to neat, unopened philatelic cover. A similar commercial cover sold in our July 2010 auction for $1,900. 1696 ** A 1992 Threatened Species sheetlet of 5 original printing variety all-over helecon with the helecon more strongly seen over the lower half, BW #1567c. 1697 ** A 1994 International Year of the Family $1 horizontal strip of 5 with misplaced perforations - the most dramatic being 4mm up and 2mm to the right, BW #1716b. 1698 ** A 1994-97 Kangaroos & Koalas Roll Stamps imperforate block of 8, ‘LEIGH-MARDON’ on back. Of unknown status and uncatalogued, presumably some form of proof or trial printing as no issued roll-stamps have ‘LEIGH-MARDON’ on back. 1699P ** A - die-cut unseparated block of 8 in unissued colours (much bluer than the issued stamps), ‘LEIGH-MARDON’ on back. Of unknown status and uncatalogued, presumably some form of proof or trial printing as no issued roll-stamps have ‘LEIGHMARDON’ on back. 1700 ** A1994-97 Kangaroos & Koalas Booklet 6th reprint (one Kangaroo & one Koala) completely imperforate, BW #1750(2)b, Cat $600, fold through top of booklet. 1701 W A 1994 Aviation Feats Black Proof Sheet without Aeropex overprint and numbering, Cat $400. Very few examples exist. 1702 ** A 1995 National Trust Plate Proofs $1 in deep olive-green with selvedge, BW #1841PP(1). 1703 ** A 1995 Medical Science both errors of layout Type 1 & Type 2 in sheet C gutter blocks of 10, BW #1881ze,zh, Cat $2000. It is estimated that only 25 gutter blocks exist. 1704P W A1996 Queen’s Birthday Essay top left imperf block of 4, just showing the background design without the head and 45c (which was printed separately at the Note Printing Branch). Top 2 units creased. Ex Sleigh estate. [A pair realised $3,400 in #8.] 1705 ** A 1996 AFL Centenary APO pack of 16 $4.50 booklets, two sheetlets of 16, set of 16 maxicards. Strong thematic. (34) 1706 ** A1997-99 45c Wetland Birds unseparated block of 8 (4x2) from Roll stamps, only issued in single strips, bottom edge creased. 1707P ** A 1997-99 Wetland Birds Booklet completely imperforate, like BW #1960(1)b, Cat $750, but with 1 koala reprint at base of top 2nd Little Kingfisher. 1708 * A1996 45c Children’s Book Council Animalia & Who Sank The Boat imperf gutter block of 4 with gutter illustrations, BW #1977b,1979b, odd small fault. 1709 ** A - unseparated block of 8 (4x2) from Roll stamps, only issued in single strips. 1710P ** A 1998 45c Roses Greetings Booklet completely imperforate, BW #2085Ab. BW “approx one dozen imperforate booklets have been recorded”. 1711 ** A+ 2001 Wild Babies and Opening of Parliament Minisheets the former with gold ‘ANDA’ Melbourne Stamp Show overprints (4 of each sheet) and the latter with ‘Ringwood & Districts Philatelic Society 50th Anniversary’ overprints (10). (18) 1712 ** A 1999 Australia 99 both hand-perforated m/s with perforations inverted, BW #2178b,2180b. Unusual. (2) 1713P F B 2008 Christmas 50c Baubles self-adhesive three roughly separated used examples part imperforate (x2) or completely imperforate still attached to small piece, bends/creases. SG #3097 variety. (3) 1714 ** A - self-adhesive part imperforate booklet pane of 20, top row of four imperforate at top. 1715 *F A - self-adhesive part imperforate on commercial cover with 10c Butterfly. 1716P W A2009 Australia Post 200 Years 55c Home Delivery Imperforate se-tenant strip of 5 on wmk 200 paper, a few mild wrinkles. AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | Stamps on Cover 1717 * A/C 1960s-2000s mainly overseas destinations majority GB with lots to Social Security Dept, just the odd philatelically inspired (even one to Falkland Islands!). Lots of special rates with higher value frankings, for example on 1990s Security Post to UK eg two with $10 Gardens (one only a front), $4 King and 2x $4 Painting; more useful solo frankings include Air Mails with 30c Royal Visit (1970), 35c Olympics and 35c Beef (1972). (100s) 1718 *F A1966 Navigators 40c & 50c, unusual use on 1971 registered air letter to Czechoslovakia.

$80 $650 $1,500 $1,150 $120 $150 $70 $1,350 $100 $150 $1,800 $875 $200 $675 $1,250 $325 $1,400 $125 $625 $1,500 $675 $100 $60 $750 $160 $600 $500 $500 $300 $300 $475 $1,575 $4,000 $80 $160 $500 $200 $160 $500 $60 $80 $70 $125 $100 $500

$250 $160

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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ex 1746 1742 ex 1750

ex 1751

ex 1754

ex 1755



ex 1766

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1719P *F


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1971 20c Australia Asia scarce solo franking tied by Perth slogan cancel to 30 Jun 1971 airmail cover to Hong Kong. [Zone 3 ½oz Airmail rate.] 1720P *F A1977 25c Primary Industries very scarce solo franking tied by Sydney slogan cancel to 8 Aug 1972 airmail cover to Japan. [Zone 3 ½oz Airmail rate.] AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | Postage 1721 ** A in stockbook, packs, few booklets and loose with FV c$225. (100s) 1722 ** A APO Year Albums 1981-92 plus Bi-centennial Coll, FV c$370. (13) 1723 ** A APO Year Albums 1981-1994 (ex 1985, ‘87, ‘90), FV c$320. (11) 1724 ** A to early 1990s somewhat fragmentary with little duplication and including Frama sets on hagners and 7-Seas pages - total FV c$260. (100s) 1725 ** A mostly APO products (eg Heritage Collection, Links, etc) with FV c$290. (100s) 1726 ** A 1982-90 & 1992 Year Albums, FV $$258. (10) 1727 ** A most periods partially sorted, includes Colour My Day P-Stamps pack (FV $77), special gutter strips, blocks and other multiples some still in original APO hang-sell packs, Internationals, P&S, AAT and other Aust admin territories. Total FV c$530. (100s) 1728 ** A/A- partially sorted with many blocks, gutters, large multiples, se-tenant strips, etc. Light gum tone creeping in here and there - block of 20 $5 optd SPECIMEN not counted in FV c$2,075. (100s) 1729 ** A includes joint issues, P-Stamps, Across Town labels (Perth, Sydney), Heritage Collection with extras, oddments include limited edition (3409 of 5000) £2 Roo silver ingot pack FV over $160. 1730 ** A/A- APO packs in mixed condition including two fine 1971 Xmas blocks of 7 and 1981 Wedding (FV c$100) plus loose giving total FV c$155. (100s) AUSTRALIA | Booklets 1731 ** A 1992-2000s 45c, 50c, and 55c basic rate period unduplicated run, no reprints seen but includes odd rates (eg 49c, International, booklets of 20). Majority P&S types with complete sets (eg Zodiac, Caravans, Motoring), total FV c$810. (qty) 1732 ** A 1998-08 Prestige Booklets selection with 1998 $9.80 Teapot of Truth, 2002 $9 Weddings 2005 $10 Carlton, 2007 $9.77 Cricket, 2007-8 $10 Signs of the Zodiac set of 12. Plus 1989 $4.10 Melbourne Trams (arguably the first Prestige type) and $3 (FV $2.87) Urban, 1990 $4.10 Thinking of You and $4.30 Skateboarding, 1991 $4.30 Thinking of You and $2 Wetlands, 1995 $2 Endeavour, 1996 $2 Arts Councils. Good clean lot FV c$175. (24) 1733 ** A 2005 Overprinted Issues [1] ‘Legends’ with Rotary International tsunami appeal (3), [2] ‘Legends’ APTA Melbourne and APTA/ANDA Sydney, both barcodes (4), [3] ‘Wildflowers’ APTA Melbourne, Queensland and Northern Beaches with both barcodes (6), [4] ‘Down on the Farm’ ANDA/APTA Melbourne with both barcodes (2) [5] Others include; Australian Wine, Christmas. (See website for full list which includes all catalogue Nos) STC $433. (20) 1734 ** A 1974-91 Unofficial Booklets with left & right staples where issued as such, from UPU Centenary pair and including 1981 Royal Wedding blue and purple covers, all 1981 Ausipex types; ends with 1987 and 1991 South-Pex folders. Good clean lot Pfeffer #UB01a to UB14-91 range c$400. (18) 1735P ** B 1930-35 3/- ‘AIRMAIL SAVES TIME’ just two stamps and 2 etiquette labels left, BW #B40, Cat $1,500, odd tonespot on covers. 1736P ** A 1966-67 60c Helecon Ink ‘9 x 4 in ...’ slogan with ed DV8 and ad seq ‘68,18b,66,64,65,6,19b,52,16e’, BW #B76Ae, Cat $130. 1737 ** A 1978-79 80c Rockdale Little Grebe and Yellow Robin contents Pfeffer #B143 & B143a $430. (2) 1738 ** A 1989 $3.90 Fishing three reprints P14x14.4 on Harrison cream paper BW #B164, Cat $200 each. Comes with one original white paper same perfs BW #B163 for comparison. (4) 1739 ** A 1996 AFL Centenary scarce general barcode ‘. . 273729’ set of 16 booklets, Pfeffer #B187A-202A $1220. (16) AUSTRALIA | Postage Dues 1740 ** A 1938-63 Substantial Accumulation in folio comprising 1938 ½d (216), 1946-56 ½d (96), 1d (8), 2d (13), 3d (1), 7d (7), 1958-60 No Wmk ½d (562), 1d (20), 3d (18), 4d (22), 5d (30, six being Die II), 6d (120), 8d sheet of 120, etc, many blocks, strips, singles, etc, odd fault, otherwise generally fine and fresh unmounted. Current retail $12,000+. Unchecked for varieties. (c1230) 1741P * A B1 1902 Converted NSW Plates 6d emerald wmk inverted with SW of NSW not fully removed [R8/3], BW #D13e, Cat $500. [Clearly under-catalogued. A recent auction realised $1,035 for a similar item.] 1742P F A/B 1906-09 Issues 1d, 2d, 4d & 6d, SG #D46-7 & #49-50, 1/- and 5/- with stroke SG #D58-9, Cat £115 (local retail c$180). All have Perth cancels with registered oval (5/-), Poste Restante cds (4d), others registered cds. (6) 1743 ** A B2 1922-30 Wmk 3rd Crown/A 1½d carmine and yellow-green frame plate 2 part sheet of 103, BW #D107C, Cat $618, includes variety k but imprint block of 8 has been removed. Retail c$1500. 1744 ** A B1 1931-37 Wmk CofA marginal block of 12, BW #D117, Cat $150, small pen mark in margin. 1745 **/* A 1938-63 New Frame Plates ½d and 4d Authority (no dot) imprint blocks of four, ½d ** and 4d lower units **, BW #D122za & zb, Cat $135. (2) 1746P ** A/A 1958-63 No Wmk 5d Dies I & II, each in marginal block of 4. Fresh. Retail $500. (2) 1747 ** A/A- - 8d Plate ‘-2-’ block of 8, BW #D153za, Cat $400, one unit has small rust stain. Quite rare. AUSTRALIA | Revenues ACustoms Duty: ½d London tied by single line ‘15JULY1929’ in violet to long envelope of Gollin & Co franked GB KGV ½d 1748 * PUC and addressed to NSW where undeliverable and with violet handstamps applied boxed ‘POST TOWN/NOT KNOWN/N.S.W.’ and ‘DEAD LETTER OFFICE/23/AUG/1929/SYDNEY, N.S.W. Redirected. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery A/C KGV - QEII: variety including KGV postal cards perf ‘OS/NSW’, mixed range OHMS and PTPO types, aerogrammes used 1749 * & unused. Of particular note a 1938 PTPO KGV 2d air mail env Brisbane to Evandale SA uprated by KGVI 3d blue Die 1a. Destinations include GB, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Poland. (c95) A Mixed Group: comprising Lettercards 1d Full Face ‘Mt Lofty Ranges’ (stuck), Adelaide Savings Bank (cnr faults) and optd 1750P * or handstamped ‘SPECIMEN’ Envelopes KGVI 3d green, 3½d red (scuffed), Registered Envelope 2/5d & OHMS Airletter. (6) 1751P * A/B Roos Selection: 1913 range comprising Postal Card 1d Die II white front and buff back H&G #6a used Melbourne to London, entire ½d wrapper H&G #1 Broken Hill to Sydney (scarce as such), 4d Registered Env H&G #3 uprated 1d Die I used Brisbane to London backstamp registered hooded circle in red (quite scarce). (4)

$200 $250 $140 $190 $170 $160 $180 $150 $320 $1,300 $100 $100 $550


$200 $110 $100 $90 $125 $200 $400

$750 $900 $60 $220 $80 $125 $200 $300


$160 $200 $110

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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ex 1752 - see page 162 for a further selection

ex 1772

ex 1776







ex 1781



Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1752P

This Intact Exceptional Postal Stationery Collection: is housed in 22 cover albums. Basically arranged in Australasian Stamp Catalogue listings order it comprises; [1] Postal Cards unused (48), including P16 with albino Tasmania machine cancel (?Proof status), and used (71, four CTO); [2] Letter Cards unused (96, one ‘SPECIMEN ONLY’ handstamp) and used (128, one registered, eight CTO) with L59a; [3] Envelopes (Post Office) unused (99, one ‘CANCELLED’ handstamp, another ‘albino’ impression) and used (249, six CTO), degree of original research into settings of flap types and inscriptions; [4] Envelopes (PTPO) unused (55) and used (266, four CTO), includes KGV 1d Sideface Die II, Oval 2d on 1½d (2), many attractive illustrated/inscribed types; [5] Envelopes (Local Govt, Victoria) (139, one rare unused), excellent selection, mostly KGV from Shire of Rochester inwards find; [6] Other PTPO including Postal cards unused (13) and used (18, ten CTO), and Wrappers (17, one rare unused); [7] Wartime Issues unused (7) and used (28), latter including rare KGVI 1d Defence Canteens map of Australia omitted, also unlisted formular Air Mail Letter Cards (16, six unused) and envelopes (23, mostly unused), and others (7) including scarce unused Airgraph Service form; [8] Registration Envelopes unused (33) and used (60, one CTO), with scarcer printings of QEII 2/5d inscriptions and Helecon ink (R44); [9] Letter Sheets unused (5, one ‘SPECIMEN’ opt) and used (8, two CTO, and rare Official usages one obliterated); [10] Wrappers unused (27) and used (53, one registered, four CTO); [11] Aerogrammes (Post Office) unused (54, one Official, common issues largely excluded), including ‘SPECIMEN’ (3, two Officials), ‘CANCELLED’ and ‘TEST MAIL’ handstamps, 1952 10d on 7d Surcharge omitted (used but uncancelled - listed Higgins & Gage), CTO (91) and used (145, one registered, one Official), rare A36 (3) comprised of unused (uprated to 12c) and used (2, one uprate), also scarce parcel packing labels (4) [12] Aerogrammes (Permit), exceptional group unused (96, one ‘SPECIMEN’ opt) and used (50, one registered, four CTO), includes attractive pictorial types, ‘illegal’ overweight issues (with unfolded pack of six designs); [13] Officials with Envelopes unused (5, two ‘OS’ in die) and used (63, 21 ‘OS’ in die), latter with 1918 ½d + 1d Die I (Menuz PE24A), ‘Penalty’ envelopes (5, two unused), ‘Returned Letter’ (9), 1942 5d Registered envelope uprated ½d in cash, Postal cards with ‘OS’ in die unused (2), various used (4), and perf ‘OS/NSW’ used (2, one rare KGVI 1½d), and Letter cards (3, one unused). The CTO are mostly First Day cancels. Included are many uprated items, to recognize a rate rise, or reflect additional service provided (eg. airmail, registration), and items which are seldom encountered postally used (though may be common unused). Little if any duplication in the arrangement, generally very good exhibition quality throughout. A wonderful opportunity to acquire a strategic collection ahead of the soon to be published BW Postal Stationery catalogue. (c.2,000) $40,000 A/B Variety: comprising [1] 1894 Frank stamp ‘MINISTER OF HEALTH’ to Ballarat, 1923 ‘MINISTER OF PUBLIC 1753 * INSTRUCTION’ to Ballarat with weak unframed ‘GLENDOWER/MY24/VICTORIA’ cds; [2] 1900 (May 18) c5 size OHMS Return Letter envelope Sydney use; [3] bundle used and unused QEII envelopes and letter cards 1954 to 20c decimal rate. Mainly fine. (33) $140 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Letter Cards 1754P * B/C 1911-15 small used collection illustrated types with variety of scenes and comprising [1] 1d Roo Die II x3, ASC #L6, one grey and two purple-brown (one has filing punches); [2] 1911 KGV 1d x6, various colours, five on thick white and one on thick greenish stock ASC #3 & 3a (4 have filing punches); [3] 1915 KGV 1d Die I P12½ ASC #L9; [4] KGVI 1949 2½d and 1951 3d ASC #47a & 48. Faults, Cat c$550. (12) $140 A 1911-12 KGV Fullface 1d+1d violet, ASC #L4 (HG A4) ‘Hobart from the bay (warship) / Viaduct (Steam train)’, both halves 1755P *** cto’d with ‘MELBOURNE/NO11/13’. $450 A- 1d+1d violet, ASC #L4 (HG A4) ‘Hobart from the bay (warship)/Viaduct (Steam train)’, light sunlight toning on face. $300 1756 *** 1757 *** A - 1d+1d green, ASC #L4 (HG A4) ‘Hobart from the bay (warship)/Viaduct (Steam train)’, both halves cto’d with ‘MELBOURNE/NO11/13’, reply half partly detached. $450 A 1917 Full Face Reply Card With REPLY Overstruck 1d+1d olive-brown P12½ inner half, ASC #L14, ‘VIADUCT/NEAR 1758 *** ADELAIDE S.A.’’ $270 A 1925 1½d Red KGV P12½ with ‘TO OPEN...’ at base, ASC #L33, uprated with 1½d red KGV, philatelic use to France, 1759P *V opened carefully so that selvedge is intact, fresh. $70 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Letter Sheets (Formular) 1760 * 1932 Captain Cook and Sydney Harbour Bridge Letterette uncut sheet of 2 very scarce pair. A terrific and colourful thematic item. $150 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes A1916-20 KGV Embossed Octagon Without ‘POSTAGE’ 1½d black brown with additional ½d KGV green tied by 1761P *F Mundubbera cds 22NO 20 used to Sydney ASC E7. $100 1916-66 Range of Used Stationery envelopes including KGV 1½d (without ‘POSTAGE’), 2d (with ‘POSTAGE’, both 1762 * fronts), KGVI 2½d, 3½d (registered to England), QEII 3½d (5), 4d (3, all to England), 1966 Registered envelopes (2 both with £50 in text), generally fine (15 items) $100 1763 * A Postage Paid c1990 four different APO card stock window envelopes designed for delivery of greeting Lettergrams and Faxgrams; each have artwork outside and within. Not often offered. (4) $100 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes (Official) A1929-31 KGV Embossed Oval With ‘OS’ in Die Two Pence on 1½d red OHMS long envelope for Education Department 1764 *F Melbourne used in 1948, HG #DB22, some faults but very scarce Official envelope. $100 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes (PTPO) A 1916 Octagonal KGV 1½d chocolate-brown Die II, WM #PE20A, cancelled with poor Batlow, NSW, to Kent Town, SA. $180 1765 * 1766P * B 1923 KGV 1½d Green on white (blue inside) as ASC #E15a (WM #PE33), for Queensland Pastoral Supplies, Brisbane slogan machine cancel May 4, 1924. Some spots and small peripheral imperfections, very attractive. $120 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes F-G KGVI-QEII Accumulation with many useful noted, some folded, some FDI cancels, also later ‘Postage Paid’ and 1767 * ‘International’ issues, range of formular issues, mixed condition. (200++). $100 A 1944 ‘AIR LETTER’ 7d blue on yellow, ASC #A1, fresh. $150 1768 *** 1769P *** A 1953 10d Plane on Globe optd ‘SPECIMEN’, ASC #A6s. $100 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes (Official) A 1960 ASC #OA7, with violet diagonal ‘SPECIMEN’. $75 1770 *** AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wrappers 1913 Kangaroo & Map 1d green mint & used on manilla and used on laid manilla; 1d red Die II mint, ASC #W1-2, some 1771 **/U A/B creasing. (4) $100 1772P **/U A/A- 1915-18 KGV Sideface No Text [1] ½d green mint, addressed and uncancelled & used front; [2] 1d red Die I mint on horizontal laid manilla plus PTPO front from Hobart; [3] 1d green Die I PTPO used 1925 Sydney to Melbourne, ASC #W3,6. (6) $100 1773 **/U C 1917-22 KGV Sideface ‘NEWSPAPER ONLY’ [1] ½d + ½d Doubleton uprated with ½d KGV Used 1921 to London; [2] 1d violet, ASC #W5,8, both repaired. $80 *


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ex 1800

ex 1799



ex 1811

ex 1807

ex 1806

ex 1815

ex 1813


ex 1816

ex 1821

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1774


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1927-31 KGV Sideface Selection [1] 1d green Die III with ‘recognized’ in first instruction line, uprated with 1d used to England; [2] 1d green Die I additional postage box to South Aust plus two used fronts to Thailand & North Fitzroy [3] 1½d green KGVI width 160mm uprated with 1d for use to USA, ASC #W11a,14,18. (5) AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wrappers (PTPO) 1775 ** A 1940s 1½d Green KGVI on OHMS Commercial Papers wrapper front for Education Department Melbourne. Rare. A1940s 2½d Red KGVI [1] on manilla, 1948 to USA; [2] on cream 1949 use to USA, uprated with 1d Princess, reduced 1776P *F slightly at left. Both rare. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wartime A1916 Australian Imperial Force Military Envelope 1d red KGV with ‘A.I.F, ABROAD.’ at base, on white, ASC #X2.4. 1777P *** AUSTRALIA | First Day Covers 1778 * A/A- 1980s-90s Range mostly with some duplication and including PSEs and odd Frama. Includes a bundle of more useful predecimals with some special cancels (not all FDCs) and first decimals on six WCS covers, odd territories, small group GB modern FDCs. [Heavy to be picked up.] (100s) A 1970-90 Official Australia Post unaddressed FDCs inclusive as per and housed in 3 PW illustrated albums, included is the 1779 * elusive 1970 30c small Cook cover, all very fine and way under face value. A 1970s-90s Range with duplication and noting high values to $20 Gardens, Framas, booklet panes, lots of ‘Australia 99’ 1780 * including miniature sheets. [Heavy to be picked up] (100s) A/B 1937-70s accumulation plain and illustrated with many different cachet makers, from 1937 Coronation to just a handful of 1781P * first decimals. Several more useful include 1940 AIF, 1954 and 1955 Olympics propaganda, 1961 5/- Cattle, 1964 7/6d Cook. Most are neatly addressed. (c185) 1782 * A/A- Modern Range in three albums and loose including Postal Stationery plus USA oddments; also two bags loose used including other countries. You never know with these. (100s) F-G 1940s to 80s Accumulation including PSEs in 2 shoeboxes, also some pictorial cancels, plus few Norfolk or PNG issues, 1783 * toning a little bit of a problem (approx 500). A 1999-2000 all 1999 issues ex one, heavily duplicated stock eg Australia 99 (March 19) 15 sets of 2 MS’s; Rugby (June 8) 1784 * c25 each set of 5 and self-adhesive pair; With Love set (Sept 1) c20; Sydney 2000 (Sept 14, 1999) c240; Small Pond (Oct 1) over 70 self-adhesive pair, c20 the set, 7x MS; Faces of Australia (Jan 1, 2000) c32 sets of 5. Masses of Coastal Flowers, Perth Mint, Snowy Mountains, Design etc. Must be close to 1,000 FDCs here with many already priced, likely to suit EBay trader or other on-seller (Olympic Games coming up next year). (100s) 1785P *F A3d Engraved Kookaburra on tied with ‘ROCHE[STER]/-2NO28/VIC.’ to sepia PPC of Moore St, Rochester’, to Elsternwick. Cat $2,000. A 1937 3d Blue KGVI Die I 6d Kookaburra and 1/- Lyrebird combination on Small Crown illustrated FDC registered airmail 1786 *F to Limerick, Ireland. A1938 Robes long registered envelope with 5/- & 10/- Robes (thick paper) tied by fine Fivedock cds of 1AP38 being first 1787P * day of issue of 5/- & 10/-, small corner fault but very scarce First Day Cover. 1788P *V A 1951 7½d Blue KGVI tied to hand-illustrated Ogden FDC, by ‘COBURG.N.13 No.1/31OC51/VIC-AUST’. Unique item and most attractive. A 1951 3½d Brown KGVI imprint block of 4, cancelled with ‘G.P.O.SYDNEY 130/4-P28NO51/N.S.W-AUST’ on unaddressed 1789 *V OHMS Deputy Director G.P.O. Sydney cover. Rare. A 1956-58 Easther Group 3½d Responsible Government, 7d Flying Doctor block, 7½d purple QEII, 1958 2/- QANTAS, 5½d 1790 * Memorial pair, 8d Kingsford-Smith block, 4d Broken Hill, with matching type-written address and odd fault. (8) 1791 *F A 1957 Colinridge Rivette covers addressed to LG Clissold, all with A.F.D.C. Baulkham Hills handstamp - 1957 Rouse Hill Postal Service Centenary, 1957 Little Hartley Postal Service Centenary, 1957 Merimbula Postal Service Centenary. A 1957-64 Easther Group of Christmas issues (ex 1963) with matching type-written address and odd fault. (7) 1792 * A1959 Colinridge Rivette 3½d Christmas & ½d roo pair cancelled with ‘NTH PARRAMATTA/9JA59/N.S.W-AUST’ on larger 1793 *F cover illustrated with photo of The King’s School Parramatta, addressed to LG Clissold, edges a little worn. 1794P * A 1959 Easther Group QEII 1d + 4d, 4d Post Office, QEII 3d, 4d Post Office and 1/- Platypus + 2/3d Flower, with matching type-written address and odd blemish. (5) A 1959 1d & 4d QEII Max Easther cacheted cover cancelled with ‘LAUNCESTON/630P 2FE59/TAS-AUST’, neat address 1795 *F A1959 Colinridge Rivette 3½d QEII x3 cancelled with messy ‘NTH PARRAMATTA/18MAR59/N.S.W-AUST’ on larger cover 1796 *G illustrated with photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge, addressed to LG Clissold. 1797P *F A - Randwick Postal Services Centenary - hand coloured, limited edition of 80, addressed to LG Clissold. A 1959 9d Kangaroo tied to coloured MaxiCard of Kangaroos by Philatelic Bureau FDI. Very scarce MaxiCard FDC 1798P *V combination. A 1961-65 Easther Group 1/- Colombo Plan, 5d Melba, 1962 QEII 2d + 1/2d Tasmania Tiger, 5d C.W.A. and six 1799P * miscellaneous WCS covers, with matching type-written address and odd fault. (10) 1800P * A - 8d Tiger Cat, 5d Guides, 5d NT, 6d Bandicoot, 5d Melbourne Cup and 5d Queensland Stamp Centenary, odd blemish, with matching type-written address and odd fault. (6) A 1962 Commonwealth Games set of 25 different cancels on separate APO Hermes covers to England, each with 5d & 1801 *F 2/3d, neat printed label addresses. A 1963 Easther Group Royal Visit 5d and 2/3d, 5d Red Cross, 5d Blue Mountains, 5d Export, with matching type-written 1802 * address and odd fault. (4) 1803P * A1963 4/- Abel Tasman tied cds ‘BRUNSWICK N.10/-9OC63/VIC-AUST’ to long EW Ogden hand-illustrated FDC. Minor peripheral imperfections and small spot. All Ogden covers are scarce. A 1965 Easther Group 5d Churchill, 5d Monash, QEII 5d red, 5d Hargraves and 2/3d ICY, with matching type-written 1804P * address and odd blemish. (5) 1805 * F-G 1967-73 Comprehensive Range of Sigma Covers moderate duplication, mostly larger size, as usual, only low values, odd trivial tone spot (approx 120). 1806P *F A 1970 APO Covers [1] Expo 70 pair, neat typed address; [2] Royal Visit pair, neat typed address plus 5c unaddressed; [3] Grasslands 5c pair, unaddressed. 1807P *V A 1970 Cook three different 5c horizontal pairs on three small APO unaddressed covers, all cancelled with Perth FDI of 20AP70, unusual. 1808 * A 1970 30c Cook Bicentenary tied to APO small envelope by Wangaratta FDI cds - still a seriously scarce FDC. 1809 * A 1978-80s Range in six cover albums with some light duplication, many with special pictorial first day cancels. Includes odd commemorative type (eg 1986 Papal Visit). (550+) 1810 *F A 1984-99 Framas sets and singles collection on APO FDCs, from 30c Barred Edge types to 1999 Tiwi (general distribution), high catalogue in excess of $230. (175)

$80 $100 $150 $120

$125 $495 $140 $150 $100 $75

$200 $1,500 $250 $500 $480 $450 $400 $150 $300 $100 $250 $80 $100 $80 $125 $200 $300 $350 $200 $120 $250 $200 $110 $80 $160 $100 $80

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ex 1823 ex 1826

ex 1824



ex 1837

ex 1844


ex 1847

1849 1853

ex 1851


ex 1856

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | First Day Covers 1811P * A 2000 Australian Olympics Gold Medallists digital issue singles on IOC Limited Edition FDCs addressed to the gold medallist at the Olympic Village in Holmbush Bay, over 50 covers with some duplication but not complete. Plus two complete sets of 16 digitals on APO covers with one set each small and large cancels. Plus 2006 Commonwealth Games set of 20 Queen’s Baton Relay APO covers. Good condition throughout, min Cat $900, bargain. (c105) AUSTRALIA | Philatelic Numismatic Covers 1812 * A 1994-2010 Collection range with slight duplication, also medallion/FDCs (4) and embossed or badged FDCs (5). Retail over $1,400. (43) AUSTRALIA | Commemorative Covers A/A- 1956-84 from range 1956 Olympics 4d and 7½d single frankings, then decimals with several more useful noting two each 1813P * 1973 (Feb 12) Eucharistic Congress, 1974 (Apr 1) Jenolan Caves, 1984 (Dec 31) Asia-Pacific Jamboree, 1978 NSW x5 (two Sept 20). Includes some FDCs incl 1966 (Feb 14) long cover with first decimals complete (19 stamps) and 1971 Xmas Block of 7. Mostly very fine with minimum PictorMarks Cat $950. (c55) A/A- Pictorial Postmarks covers collection incl 1960 (Nov 7) ‘QUSCEX’ APM #1480.3, 1970 (Feb 27) ‘MOOMBA’ not 1814 * numbered in APM, 1970 Royal Visit complete set of 22 covers with 5c stamp Cat $120, 1972 (Nov 22) PO Museum, Hobart APM #4870 Cat $40, 1973 (Aug 30) Healesville pair APM #5000 Cat $90, 1980 (May 28) Melbourne City Square Opening x2 APM #8610 Cat $50 each, 1983 (Mar 19) Broken Hill Racing Jack Absalom signed Cat $40. Plenty more with only those $20 or more incl in total Cat c$530, fine to very fine. (c95) A/A- - covers collection from 1972 (Sept 19) Sovereign Hill APM #4800.2b and incl 1979 (Jan 19) Kiwana Post Office APM 1815P * #7100.1 Cat $150, 1979 (June 6) P & T Museum APM #7460.1 Cat $110, many others Cat in the $30-$50 range, total Cat c$1,500 and mainly fine to very fine throughout. (80+) 1816P * A/A- 1947-67 Pictorial Postmark Range including [1] ‘P.I.C.A.O./4FE47/MELBOURNE·AUST’ (A1 backstamp) on 2½d red embossed oval envelope, uprated with 3d brown, to NZ; [2] ‘BRITISH EXHIBITION 1964/25/SEPT/1964/SYDNEY-N·S·W · AUST.’ on cover to England; [3] ‘13th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE/OF/AGRICULTURAL/ECONOMISTS/ 21AUG1967/SYDNEY N.S.W. AUSTRALIA’ on 4c cover to England; [4] ‘6TH. WORLD POWER CONFERENCE/19/OCT/ [logo]/MELBOURNE 1962 - VIC. AUST’ (A1) on ½d Roo x8 on cover to England, with octagonal ‘T/”6”C’; [5] ‘EXHIBITION BUILDINGS/GRAND/EASTER/SHOW/23MAR64/MELBOURNE VIC AUST.’ (A1-) on ½d Roo x10 on cover to England, etc. (8) A A1- 1948 Pan-Pacific Scout Jamboree hexagonal ‘PAN-PACIFIC SCOUT JAMBOREE/VIC/28DE48/AUST/YARRA·BRAE’ 1817P * cancelling 2½d Jamboree pair & ½d roo, on Wide World FDC, with blue provisional R6 registration label. A 1997 Australian Legend Sir Donald Bradman 1997 (Jan 23) APO envelopes with singles (14) & se-tenant pairs (9) tied 1818 * GPO Adelaide oval plus 9 more pairs with Bowral ‘BM’ monogram special cancel. PLUS four sets of 5 covers with the pair specially cancelled each day of the 1997 Adelaide Test Match and 17 extras with just a single stamp cancelled first day of the match. PLUS 8 Maxicard sets and 5 extras (4 uncancelled). PLUS 2001 Memorial pair FDCs and Maxicards. PLUS a mass of other Bradmania from earlier periods (eg 1983 75th b/day, 1987 Lord’s Taverners match in Adelaide) and including over 45 Wisden Cricketers of the Century issue FDCs from Grenada issued Nov 2000. Very popular thematic. (150+) 1819 * A - two very limited edition covers comprising [1] Limited Editions No. 5 of 88 special envelope and insert with se-tenant pair BW #2013-4 tied Bowral special cricket ball cancel; [2] APO FDC BW #2014y Cootamundra FDI cancel, later serially numbered ‘039’ of only 45 produced and further franked memorial pair BW #2423c and Bowral first day cancel Mar 13, and again by Memorial Service cancel of St Peter’s Cathedral on Mar 25. Scarce duo. (2) AUSTRALIA | Postal History F 1914-70 Range of Fuel or Oil Related advertising envelopes incl PTPO range (14), 1d Roo to QEII 5c, includes ‘Postage 1820 * Paid’ pre-printed types (eg Caltex, Mobil, Shell), good range meters from early 1930s, etc (110). A/B Covers Variety in mixed condition comprising [1] seven inbound 1919-48 incl censored from Singapore and USA 1940s, 1821P * 1919 uprated PS env from Canada, registered from GB 1922 uprated KGV PS 3d env and 1948 philatelic with Channel Is Liberation frankings, 1948 Air Mail from Spanish Tangier; [2] 1946 outbound Air Mail env registered to Shanghai; [3] eight local used group incl 1925 env per Aerial Mail with KGV s/wmk 4½d violet Port Hedland to Melbourne (cat $60), three KGVI 5d PS registered envs (cat $50 ea) and two PTPO window envs. Some oddments. (17) 1822 *D A1871 & 1930 [1] Victoria 2d Bell cancelled with ‘712’ tied by poor unframed Nagambie of SE27/78 (day slugs inverted); [2] Sturt set on single piece cancelled with ‘PITCAIRN ISLAND/30NO32?/POSTAL AGENCY’. F-G 1884-1965 Range including 1951 Registered cover to Tasmania with ‘IVANHOE, NSW’ rubber cds (A-,1 back stamp in 1823P * purple) also Victoria 1951 Public Offices registered cover to England; South Australia 1952 Hindmarsh ‘PAID’ cds; Egypt 1949 Port Said ‘PAQUEBOT’ tying Australia 2½d Farrer on cover to England; etc. (10) A/B 1899-1968 Inwards Covers from interesting selection of origins, including 1935 Turkey, 1965 Sudan, 1947 Lebanon, 1920 1824P *F Bolivia, 1966 Federation of South Arabia, 1907 Mexico, 1935 Trinidad registered, 1951 Bahrain. (17) 1825 * F-G 1911-2009 Range of Covers from Australian Philatelic Societies, Clubs or Publishers incl 1911 Philatelic Society of Victoria cover with WA stamps, items from NSW Manly, Newcastle, Philas, SA, Tas, Vic Prahran, WA Rockingham, etc. (approx 100). A 1913-56 Solo Frankings paying single surface rate to British Empire countries, selection comprising 1913 1d Kangaroo 1826P * to UK (4, three being PPC), 192(2) KGV 2d orange to England, 1935 2d Macarthur to England, 1940 1d AIF to London, 1947 1½d QM to NZ, 1947 3½d Mitchell on ‘The Xmas 1946 Western Mail’ newspaper wrapper paying 1d per 4oz x3 + ½d war tax, 1956 4d Koala to Trinidad, mostly fine. (10) A 1914 envelope to Germany franked by five lightly foxed ½d Roos in horizontal strip of 3 and pair affixed upside down all 1827 *U tied machine cancel ‘SYDNEY/5/JY22—1-30P/N.S.W/1914’ with alongside violet ‘RETURN TO SENDER’, blue boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/MAY19.1915/II.M.D.’ and mss ‘L’ in blue; on the back partial red cds of Sydney DLO on June 3, 1915. Central fold and small peripheral faults. 1914-1960s Range small mounted display of base postal rate usages from 1d roo to 1942 2½d red KGVI plus 1959 5d 1828 **/U A blue. Each written-up page consists of 1 mint stamp and 1 cover showing single use, nice clean lot with nothing special, but 5d blue has 1962 commercial use from Cocos Islands to Perth. (11 pages) 1829 * F-G 1923- 2004 Range of Covers to or from Australian stamp dealers or auction houses including Wm. Ackland, Australian Stamp Auctions, Campe, Cohen, Goldberger, Harmer, Laker, Miller Bros, Neale, Orlo-Smith, Qld Stamp Mart, Seven Seas, F.Thornhill, Wheeler, etc, few certified or registered. Moderate duplication. Ideal starter collection. (c200) A1925 (Apr 25) use of 1½d red & 3d blue KGV on cover from Tambo, Qld to Sydney endorsed Per Air Mail/via Charleville’. 1830P *F 1831 * F-G 1925-2000s Range of Advertising Covers mostly illustrated types in large shoe box, numerous themes (eg sports, food, fruit, drink, education, primary industries, etc). Huge variety. (100s) 1832 * A/B 1930s 2d Red KGV accumulation of covers/postcards emanating from Victoria POs, wide range cds and slogan cancels, unchecked for varieties, noted advert covers, “unclaimeds”, appear mostly solo frankings on standard-sized covers, some mixed condition, would seem largely average commercial quality . (c.400)

$160 $600


$125 $300

$125 $90


$100 $100

$140 $70 $100 $550 $125


$140 $70 $200 $110 $200 $250

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ex 1861

ex 1865


1869 1870



1874 1875


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1833












1837P *F











1841 1842 1843 1844P

* * * *


1845P *F











1849P *F


1850 1851P







1853P *F 1854


A A-

1855P *F














1860P 1861P

* *


1862P *F





Page 149

- accumulation of covers/postcards emanating from South Australia (150), Tasmania (80), Western Australia (60) POs, wide range cds and slogan cancels, unchecked for varieties, noted advert covers, appear mostly solo frankings on standard-sized covers, the WA with a number of nice unclaimed Official covers, some mixed condition, would seem largely average commercial quality. (c.290) - accumulation of covers/postcards emanating from Queensland POs, wide range cds and slogan cancels, unchecked for varieties, noted advert covers, appear mostly solo frankings on standard-sized covers, some mixed condition, would seem largely average commercial quality (c.300) 1930s Masonic Lodge (Freemasons) Brisbane cover hoard in carton, appear to be entirely franked KGV 2d Head, with sprinkling 2d on 1½d Surcharge, wide range Queensland cds and slogan cancels befitting nature of correspondence (paying subs, etc), noted Booklet stamps, advert covers, etc, generally good quality. Opportunity for specialists. (c.1,500) 1930s Onwards - Shoebox With Diverse Range of covers from 1930s including Advertising, Commem postmarks with 1932 Philatelic Exhibition cancels (3), Paids, RTS, Shires, Taxed, TPO’s, few Registered Stationery envelopes incl KGVI 5½d (5), QEII 1/7d (10), etc . Interesting lot. (few 100). 1930s Selection [1] 1939 Coober Pedy undergound PO cover signed by PM, opened a little roughly at top; [2] 1938 Carpenter Airlines Sydney - Papua boomerang cover, posted in Melbourne; [3] two 1937 Tonga Tin Can Mail covers to Melbourne with the usual plethora of cachets. (4) 1930s-50s KGVI covers accumulation, appear largely commercial, good range of stamp issues noted, mixed condition. (c.600) 1930s-60s Large carton with untidy accumulation of covers/stationery KGV through to (mostly) decimals, plenty of cds cancels, mixed condition. (1,000s) 1930s-90s Collection Of transport carriers or contractors adverts on cover, many firms represented, few paid cancels, etc. (approx 130). 1930s-90s Motor Trade Related advertising envelopes including Bus, Motorcycles, Auto Clubs (all States), etc. (c150) 1932-90s Accumulation of Australian motor trade Garages, Service Stations, Spare parts dealers, panel beaters advertising envelopes, nice lot. (200+). - of Australian Motor Tyre manufacturers and distributors advertising envelopes, mostly illustrated. (approx 60). 1933-63 Solo Frankings on covers paying single surface letter rate to foreign countries, selection comprising 1933 6d Kookaburra on registered to Australia, 1942 3½d Surcharge to USA, 1948 3½d Newcastle to Germany (US Zone), 1954 7½d Royal Vist to USA, 8d Tiger 1961 to Holland, 1963 to Ecuador and 8d AAT 1960 to Ecuador, mixed condition. (7) 1934 (Jun 8) airmail cover to France endorsed “Via Adelaide-Perth/Via Karachi” franked KGV 1d and 1/- Large Lyrebird tied by ‘LATE FEE/SPENCER ST. VIC’ cds, representing 3d Foreign letter + 3d internal airmail + 6d Karachi airmail service + 1d late Fee. A scarce rate. 1934 6th Australian Philatelic Exhibition registered covers (3), two with black & white, other with provisional registration labels - this a 2d Envelope uprated by 1d+2d meter, used on 8th, 9th & 17th November. (3) 1936-65 Airmail Rates mainly to overseas countries with multiple frankings including Austria 1961 registered 2d + 2/6d, Germany 1964 2/2d, Great Britain (9, incl three PPCs) with 1935 1/6d x3, 1962 2/3d Games (2), Japan 1960 1/3d, South Africa 1947 registered, Switzerland 1946 1/8½d and 1956 2/-, USA 1958 2/- QANTAS (4), few others at surface rate with PPC bearing 1927 1½d Canberra + 9d Kangaroo, 1940 ½d pair to British Guiana, 1947 1/9d, etc, plus few inward from GB 1972 3p concession rate, mixed condition. (27) 1938-65 Selection of Covers Mostly airmail to overseas countries including Argentina, Burma, Denmark, GB, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Sarawak, Sweden, USA, etc with useful array of adhesives including many better or elusive commems, various instructional markings noted, few advertising covers, also RAAF 8d ‘Concessional Rate’ to UK, etc. Useful lot. (200+) 1940 (Jun 6) dual censored (Australia, Egypt) rare 1/11d full airmail service Sydney to Slano, Yugoslavia. An unusual destination in this era. 1940s Military Mail to around 1960, unchecked by us, condition varies. (c.300) Covers Collection ten WWII period censored envelopes various frankings (one from Norfolk Island) including a strip of 3 KGVI 3d blue Die III P14¾ indistinct pmk, a 1942 (Feb 14) envelope with contents stamped ‘H.M.A./SHIPS’ with KGVI 3d brown damaged tied boxed ‘PAQUEBOT’. Otherwise range official (eg ‘VG’ and ‘G/NSW’ perfin frankings), commercial, social and philatelic covers with thematic content including returned mail. (c40) 1940s-70s Accumulation Of OHMS small covers with numerous Government Departments represented, some with perf ‘G/NSW’. ‘T’, ‘VG’, few ‘Paid’ cancels, little duplication (100s). 1941 (Oct 3) censored airmail cover Melbourne to USA bearing 11/10d franking including Robes 10/-, unusually fine example of the triple “Clipper” rate. - (Apr 1) use of 2d, 9d, 2/- & 5/- thick paper on clipper cover to USA (double-weight rate of 7/11d), red on white Melbourne censor tape at left tied with violet boxed ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR/V105...’ (A1-). - (Nov 25) use of generic post card (little wrinkled) by POW at Tatura Camp No 2 (Victoria) to USA, bearing rare solo franking of 2/- Kangaroo tied by Melbourne Air Mail Section cds, card endorsed ‘By Clipper Air Mail’. [The concessional rate for POW airmail postcards was 2/- to October 1941, when the rate reduced to 1/6d.] 1942-52 Range of mostly censored covers to England (2), USA or internally (includes 5 to Tatts, Hobart), several ‘RAF’ or ‘R.A.A.F.’ or ‘Aust Military Forces’ type Censor markings, also cover from Morotai with ‘R.A.A.F. Censor/956’ cancel, [Rated 60 by Proud], 1948 ‘B.C.O.F.’ cover with ‘A.F.P.O. No. 30/R.A.A.F. JAPAN’ (Iwakuni, Japan) to Tas. [Rated 100 by Proud] mixed condition a useful lot. (13 items). 1946 (May 22) ‘PARCEL POST’ customs declaration label affixed to piece franked with 2/- Kangaroo + KGVI 3d and 1/4d cancelled at Brisbane for use to London. 1947-70s Selection of Covers With car manufacturers or dealership advertising envelopes, incl few meters, ‘Paids’, etc. (120+). 1950s-80s Tourist ‘GREETINGS FROM’ or Similar Envelopes many towns represented, slight toning problems. (few 100) 1950s-90s Accumulation of hotel or motel advertising envelopes, some very attractive issues, (few 100). 1951-65 Solo Frankings paying single airmail rate, comprising Austria 1961 2/3d cream Wattle, to Germany 1965 2/3d white Wattle, to India 1951 1/- Lyrebird, 1965 1/6d Galah, to New Zealand 1952 KGVI 6½d green, 1960 8d AAT, to UK, 1965 1/2d Tiger on PPC, 1953-57 four different 2/- values, 1960 2/- AAT and 1962 2/3d Games, plus concessionary rate to Ireland bearing 3½d with appropriate overseas staff in Australia (damaged corner), to USA 1951 1/6d Federation, mixed condition. (14) 1953 inwards of terrific Guinness self mailing booklet with 4-colour illustrated back & from showing beer bottle & Neptune, GB 1½d green KGVI for printed paper rate, ½d Australia - London Customs Duty stamp. Sent from Liverpool to Queenscliff. 1953-65’s Accumulation Of commercial covers mostly illustrated, few ‘Paid’ cancels. (approox 450).

$250 $200 $1,500 $100 $100 $200 $100 $100 $100 $150 $75 $200 $150 $125


$500 $250 $300

$100 $150 $400 $115 $220

$100 $150 $100 $100 $120

$300 $150 $150

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ex 1877


ex 1879

ex 1880


ex 1885



ex 1893



ex 1894

ex 1892


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1864P

1956 (Nov 30) airmail cover Lidcombe (NSW) to England franked with 2/- Olympic (9, incl block of six) paying either the 4-4½oz rate. A remarkable franking. 1865P * A 1956 Olympic illustrated covers (3), issued by VPA, each franked with 4d to 2/- Olympic set, tied by commemorative postmark, registration labels ‘Main Stadium (Press)’, ‘OLYPMPEX - Phialtelic Exhibition’ and ‘Richmond Park Kiosk 1’. Attractive trio. (3) F-G 1960s-80s Accumulation of advertising envelopes, mostly illustrated, all sorts of topics represented, generally fine. (600+) 1866 * F - of ‘OHMS’ envelopes, some are stampless others have stamps with some perfin ‘T’ or ‘VG’, many Departments 1867 * represented, few ‘PAID’ cancels, etc. Moderate duplication. (c600) 1868 * *F 1960s-90s Accumulation of Australian hotel or motel postcards, mostly unused, (150+). A 1962 airmail envelope Victoria to UK franked with QEII 3d paying ½oz concessionary rate for visiting overseas forces, 1869P * boxed ‘DEFENCE FORCES CONCESSION POSTAGE/2’ in violet. Scarce. A 1964 Stamps on Telegrams 3/- Waratah solo, cancelled with ‘NORTHGATE/14AP64/QLD-AUST’ (ERD) 1870P *F A 1965 Stamps on Telegrams 4/- Tasman solo. 1871P *F 1872P *F A - 6d Thornbill, 2/6d Robin & 5/- Dampier with telegraph puncture. A - 3/- Ibis solo. 1873 *F A 1965 cover Perth to India, franked with 1/6d Galah, paying ½oz rate. Very rare solo franking. 1874P * 1875P *F A1966 (Apr 22) use of 1c & 6d Bird on Navy concession air cover from Royal Navy serviceman serving on HMAS Melbourne to England, the odd small light tone patch detracts little. UK forces serving in Australia had a special rate of 6c per oz for air letters addressed to England. An extremely rare rate made doubly nice with the unusual decimal/pre-decimal combination. A - airmail cover Geranium (S.A.) to England franked with £sd stamps (7) totaling 1/6d=15c and decimals 1c, 2c and 7c, 1876P * paying the 25c ½oz rate. Scarce. A1966-83 Solo Frankings on postcards paying airmail to Great Britain comprising 1966 13c Avocet, 1970 15c Timber, 1971 1877P * 9c Crab, 1972 18c RSPCA, 1973 18c Rehabilitation, 1980 35c Bird and 1983 45c Bird, generally fine. (7) 1878 * F-G 1966-2000 Useful Selection of Airmail Covers to overseas destinations, many single frankings on cover including 50c Dampier double weight, 1968 15c Flower both to Czechoslovakia, 1968 Primary Industries 25c perf ‘VG’ (plus 5c) to USA, 1973 Nat. Mapping 20c to Tonga, etc, instructional markings include ‘DEMOLISHED’, ‘RETURN TO SENDER’, etc. generally fine (few 100). A 1967 30c Ibis (Jul 14) registered airmail use illustrated (both sides) ‘Greetings from Gold Coast’ envelope, Surfers 1879P * Paradise South to Cook Islands, various backstamps. B 1967-74 Airmail Envelopes used largely to GB including 1967 5c on 4c (5), 1968 25c Intelsat, 1970 10c Fish and 1971 1880P * 20c Aust/Asia to India, both endorsed “Card only”, 1973 13c Flower to India, 1973 6c Gemstone with ‘NAVAL POSTAGE/ CONCESSION RATE’ cachet in violet (torn), $1 Flinders + 1972 20c Fruit on registered at Concord Repat, 1974 18c Rehabilitation, 60c Pioneer Life, 7c Newspaper (7) + 6c orange endorsed ‘Printed papers only’, 30c Possum unusually cancelled at Durban, plus 1970 5c Cook (3) surface rate and 1974 7c agate with ‘Postage Deficiency adjustment’ cachet, & defaced taxed markings, and 12c Rehabilitation with ‘TPO/1 WEST’ cds, mixed condition. (13) 1881P * A 1969 (Jul 14) airmail cover Woomera to England franked with 6c Kangaroo Paw paying the concessional rate, circled ‘BRITISH DEFENCE FORCES MAIL’ cachet in red. Very scarce. F-G 1970s-90s Cover Range including ‘Return to Sender’ or instructional markings on meter covers, few ‘PAID’ cds’s, 1882 * advertising envelopes and Australia Post ‘OFFICIAL MAIL’ covers, many with cds, gen fine (approx 600). A/B 1970s-90s Victorian Advertising Covers for Victorian firms and institutions, standard-sized, diverse subject matter, noted 1883 * media/entertainment, sport, automotive/transport, political, community services, primary industry, health, domestic, mining, tourism, etc, graphically from the mundane to quite striking, good range of stamp issues. Nostalgia-a-plenty. (c.800) 1884P * A 1972-80 Solo Frankings of Christmas issues to Great Britain including 1972 35c, 1974 35c, 1977 45c, and 1978 25c unsealed for card, 55c, 1979 55c to Germany, fine group. (7) B 1974-98 Airmail Envelopes covers including multiple and solo frankings, including 18c Rehabilitation, 25c Aboriginal Art, 1885P * 20c and 40c Olympic – latter particularly scarce, 45c Cricket, 45c Jubilee, 1984 $10 Painting registered, 1988 Aboriginal Craft 37c (3) + 3c to Qatar, 45c Cricket, 1996 $4 Koala, 1998 $5 Cocos and others, used to England or Switzerland, some non-commercial, mixed condition. (22) F 1980s-2009 Accumulation Of commercial covers including advertising meters, ‘Paid’ indicias, PSEs, etc. (approx 500). 1886 * 1887 * AInward Covers to Australia largely modern including 1966 Norfolk Is 4c solo franking to Sydney, NZ cover addressed to Cocos, various Pacific, BWI, etc, variable condition. Excellent variety. (80) AUSTRALIA | Flight Covers A 1920 Herald Aerial Delivery violet on yellow label on Layton cover with Victoria ½d bantam strip of 3 cancelled at 1888P *F Traralgon on 30JL20, AAMC #47. Rare. A 1920 Herald Air Mail Vignette AAMC #48a, Cat $200, neat home-made hinge remainder. 1889P ** 1890P *F A 1922 Herald Weekly Times 1d red-purple KGV pair carried on Herald and Weekly Times experimental air mail flight Melbourne to Geelong, bearing alongside the indigo Herald Air Mail etiquette, mandatory addition for articles flown on the event, the whole cancelled on arrival (17 Apr 1922) by Geelong machine cancel. Paying regular 2d Letter rate for surface mail from Geelong to destination, minor blemishes, unusually fine for this iconic item. Outstanding for either first flight or KGV 1d usage collection. [ex Perry] B 1929 Brisbane-Charleville (April 17), AAMC #132a Cat $200. Plain envelope ‘decorated’ to appear as an Air Mail type, 1891P * handstamp ‘T’ applied (in error) and pencil-cancelled. Neatly backstamped ‘CHARLEVILLE/3.30P17AP29/ QUEENSLAND’, redirected (very likely in another cover) to England, slightly rough opening, attractive. A-/B 1929 Adelaide - Perth - Adelaide (June) fifteen covers in mixed condion with some more renowned makers including two 1892P * Davis types AAMC #137 with the ‘Earliest Delivery’ vignettes on the back, two registered Ackland one an intermediate Adelaide - Kalgoorlie, a good SE Whellams Kalgoorlie - Adelaide. In summary AAMC #136 x3, #137 x8, #137a x4, condition varies. (15) A-/B 1929 Sydney - Brisbane (Jan 1) group in somewhat aged condition comprising [1] AAMC #148 Cat $250 signed GU Allan 1893P * pilot and registered to Ipswich, centre fold beginning to separate, 10½d franking with 3d Air Mail, 3d Kooka and KGV 4½d SM wmk P14; [2] AAMC #149 Cat $225 (in fact a Crash cover - see 2008 AAMC p44) registered and addressed to JH Smyth Ltd, esoteric 7½d franking including Victoria ‘ONE PENNY’ on 2d, KGV single wmk ½d green, 1d red, 1½d blackbrown and SM wmk ½d orange, 1929 3d Air Mail; [3] comes with Sydney - Brisbane originated Hurstville NSW on Jan 3 so is not first flight despite being inscribed thus; 3d Air Mail and one in ½d orange strip of 3 with scissor cuts. (3) 1894P * A/B 1929-84 QANTAS from 1929 Perth - Adelaide AAMC #137 and including Sept 1952 Australia - South Africa AAMC #13078 group of 5 (cat $35 each), eleven 1953 Coronation AAMC #1317-18b including optd Aerogramme with two GB values, various oddments. Mainly very fine, Cat c$650. (33) *


Page 151 $200 $250 $200 $200 $120 $200 $100 $150 $100 $100 $100

$200 $125 $150

$500 $150

$200 $150 $100 $500 $150

$250 $100 $200 $2,000 $125

$1,500 $100


$110 $100

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ex 1896 1897

ex 1899


ex 1901 1900

ex 1903 1902




Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1895P *F





1897P *F


1898P *F





1900P *F


1901P *F








1904P *F


1930 Camooweal - Daly Waters (Feb 19) KGV 1½d Envelope uprated 1929 3d Air each cancelled ‘CAMOOWEAL/ 19FE30/QUEENSLAND’ and backstamped Daly Waters following day. Very clean, AAMC #151. 1930 Daly Waters - Camooweal three folded and pilot-signed (FNeale) envelopes inscribed for intermediaries to Camooweal (from Newcastle Waters, Anthonys Lagoon and Brunette Downs) each addressed Adram Ersle in Perth and franked 1929 3d Airmail and 9d Roo SM wmk (cat $180 on cover), one additionally with KGV 4½d SM wmk P14. All stamps tied by Camooweal cds, two on Feb 21, one Feb 23; no backstamps but the pilot signature almost certainly shows they were among the 30 recorded as having been carried on these sectors. PLUS a long registered envelope inscribed as being for the first Camooweal - Daly Waters service but not in fact carried until July 30! (4) 1931 (Mar 31) Calcutta - Australia cover from The Aero Philatelic Club of Calcutta bearing various India Inauguration series, cancelled at Calcutta, addressed to “Messrs Fairbairn & Shenstone (Aviators en route to Australia)” c/o Dum Dum Aerodrome, backstamped Dum Dum (1 Apr). The larger dimensions and postage rate (5As) of the cover suggest it may have contained covers destined for the Darwin, Sydney and/or Singapore legs of the Fairbairn/Shenstone EnglandAustralia flights (see AAMC #177-9). 1931 Melbourne - Sydney registered cover with 2d & 6d Kingsford Smith (First Day of Issue) to ‘A. Rosenblum, Sydney’ signed by Kingsford Smith, AAMC #181, Cat $350, odd tonespot on face. 1931 Townsville - Brisbane three Les Wright hand-addressed envelopes inscribed Per Final Official Flight and carried by QANTAS on Sept 25, to himself c/o SH Sheard and one to Adelaide. Various etiquettes, two franked KGV 2d red and 3d Air Mail Type A, the third by Kingsford Smith 6d violet (cat $90 on cover). Light soiling, small peripheral faults, attractive items, may be scarcer than the first flights (which were AAMC #202 Cat $150 each). (3) 1934 Sydney - New Guinea - Sydney Harvey registered cover simply festooned with a wide array of stamps, includes 6d sepia Kingsford Smith, 3d KGV, 3d Airmail, AAMC #395. 1934 Sydney - Batavia airmail envelope (inscribed on reverse ‘BATAVIA . . . JAVA’) posted at Sydney for Batavia, where received 26 Nov 34, showing on reverse KLM ‘Uiver’ handstamp indicating its arrival in Melbourne 24 Oct 34, small blemishes, apparently associated with AAMC #457a,458. 1934 a long specially prepared (in Perth) envelope in connection with the VICVI Exhibition intended for 1934 (Nov 16) unofficial autogiro flight Melbourne-Portland (AAMC-461a Cat $450). Due late posting in Perth didn’t make it since no Air Mail Provided For, arrived at Portland 6 days later than the flight, date-stamped there and returned to sender in Perth. Technicolour franking, an attractive ‘hard luck’ story. 1935 Adelaide Airways Ltd (Nov 25-26) seven flights with Adelaide as the hub AAMC #558-563 range, Cat $305. Interesting makers include two John W. Gower or Gower’s Stamp Den, one each Ernie Crome and Nelson Eustis. Better postal markings include two with ‘UNCLAIMED AT/MELBOURNE’ alongside the ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ finger, oval rubber handstamp ‘DELIVERY WINDOW/27NOV1935/G.P.O.ADELAIDE’ x2. Good attractive lot. (7)

1942 Sydney - Penrhyn Island PanAm Survey Flight AAMC #947d, Cat $750, Crome cover from Enmore. Flown on Philippine Clipper.

1954 Belfast Crash Cover shows the red cachet ‘SALVAGED MAIL/AIRCRAFT CRASH/SINGAPORE 13.3.1954’, attractive with damage to three sides. (This 749A Constellation crashed short of runway killing all onboard.). AUSTRALIA | Military - World War I Period A1915 Gallipoli ‘1ST [AUS]T DIV. INF. BDE [FIE]LD P.O./5AU15’ (A2 - Lemnos) on OAS PPC with fine red ‘PASSED BY/ 1906P *F [crown]/NO2201/CENSOR’ on face, to Sydney. [Rated 200 by Proud] 1907P * A/B 1915-16 Egypt group of OAS covers; [1] with letter, cancelled with ‘7TH INF.BDE./28-JA-16/FIELD P.O.’ (A1 - Ismailia Ferry Post) to Walkerville, SA Rated 150; [2] cancelled with ‘BRITISH CAMP/P.O./21AU154-5PM/HELIOPOLIS’ to Westbourne Parks, SA; [3] cancelled with ‘AUSTRALIAN BASE/4—X-15/DETAILS P.O.’ (B1 - Tel el Kebir) to Prospect, SA; [4] cancelled with poor Heliopolois of 26.IX.15 in blue. A-/B 1915-16 YMCA [1] 1915 use of Egypt 5m cancelled with ‘MILITARY BASE/22MA154-5PM/AERODROME HELIOPOLIS’ 1908P *F on YMCA cover with soldier guarding camp to Adelaide; [2] stampless OAS endorsed primitive YMCA cover to Prospect SA, cancelled with poor AIF Inter Base PO Cairo of 22-MR-16, red triangle ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown]/NO 3267’ on face. A/B 1916 Egypt group of OAS PPCs and cover [1] PPC endorsed Zeitoun Camp to Tasmania, censored by writer; [2] PPC 1909 *G endorsed Tel el Kebir to Parkside SA, light magenta diamond censor; [3] PPC to London; [4] cover to Uraidla SA, mss censor. 1910P * A- (Feb 17) entire to a Staff Sergeant at the No 1 Australian General Hospital, Heliopolis (possibly a staff member, perhaps not an Australian). Franked Melbourne machine cancelled 1d scarlet-red (semi-surfaced paper, UV red to deep red). Letter is from a former patient. 1905P



Page 153 $240


$150 $160

$60 $60 $90



$650 $100 $100


$100 $80 $140

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ex 1908


ex 1919

ex 1924


ex 1916

ex 1920

ex 1925

ex 1929

ex 1930

ex 1932

ex 1936

ex 1912

ex 1918

ex 1921

ex 1928

ex 1931

ex 1937

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011 1911

Page 155

1916 Pass & 1917 Club Envelopes [1] on scrap of note paper issued to Bombadier Clark to leave the trenches at FleurBaise to go to Army HQ and then return. An extraordinary survivor.; [2] - 4 covers from AIF Camp 9, two with different printed YMCA cachets, one with violet ‘AUSTRALIAN/YMCA/WITH A.I.F’ in map of Australia handstamp applied to back, one with red ‘AUSTRALIAN/+’ on back flap. (5) 1912P *F A1917 (Jul 4) cover Russia to Sydney with Censor handstamp (Russian) and violet on white tape (Australian), backstamped Moscow and Sydney. A1917 On Active Service (Mar 21) ‘ON ACTIVE SERVICE’ envelope of Methodist Church of Australasia with 1d scarlet-red 1913P * BW #71G (semi-surfaced paper, UV bright red) tied neat clear cds ‘LIVERPOOL MILITARY CAMP/21MR17/N.S.W’ addressed to William Ackland Esq in Melbourne. Stain lower left corner, otherwise fine. A Collection of Ephemera mainly Australian, with ‘We Left Our Homes’ poem on Postcard; Silver Leaf postcard from South 1914 * Africa; YMCA writing pad cover; 1916 Christmas card with patriotic verse; Australian Engineers 1918 Christmas card & 1915 letter from Mex Camp, Alexandria. (7) AUSTRALIA | Military - World War II Period A Airgraphs 1943-44 Australian envelopes (5, different types) with messages from UK (ten forms), also three different 1915 *F Australian forms. 1916P *F/G A/B Egypt Selection mostly with Egyptian or Australian stamp frankings, a few stampless, originating at Cairo, Ikingi Meryut, Alexandria, Almirya, Burg el Arab, Mersa Matruh, El Alamein, Kantara, Tel el Kebir, Suez, etc, typically mixed quality for covers, generally fine strikes of datestamps with no duplication amongst cancellations, good range of censor handstamps. (21) A/B Middle East cover selection with different cancellations, generally good strikes, includes a number of formular stationery 1917 * with a scarce 1941-42 ‘Greetings’ Air Mail Letter card, wide variety of censor handstamps, odd fault. - Australian Forces in Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and Syria selection with different combinations of cancellations 1918P *F/G A/B and/or censor markings, mostly Australian or Egyptian frankings (one a mixed franking of both), typically varied quality for this material, generally good. (39) 1919P *F/G A/B Netherland Indies Australian Forces more comprehensive selection including ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O.’ 27, 28, 53, 54, ‘FIELD POST OFFICE’ 026, 034, 035, 036, 037, 073, ‘FIELD P.O.’ 073, 080, ‘AUST F.P.O.’ 168, 170, 174, 197, ‘AUST ARMY P.O.’ 207, 208, 240 (rare), 509, 514, ‘AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/439’, Base POs (4), ‘AIR FORCE P.O./No 73’, ‘AIR FORCE POST OFFICE’ 251 and 254, details of origins lightly penciled on reverse, condition of covers a little mixed, cancellation quality generally good with a number of scarce types, mostly censored. Useful lot. (28) - Australian Forces selection of various Army, Air Force and Base PO cancellations in use at Balikpapan, Tarakan and 1920P *F/G A/B Morotai, two with social letters included, quality of covers/cancellations typically varied, eight items censored. (11) New Guinea Madang areas (Alexishafen, Mililat Harbour) selection comprising ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/068’, ‘AUST F.P.O.’ 1921P *F/G A/B 156, 166, 209, 212, 213, ‘AUST UNIT POSTAL STN’ 388, 402, ‘AIR FORCE P.O./238’, and Base PO No 7/B, generally good quality for covers/cancellations, variety of censor handstamps. (10) 1922 *F/G A/B - Aitape/Wewak area registered selection comprising ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O.’ 21 and 24, ‘AUST F.P.O.’ 156 and 173 (curiously with ‘25’ in registration panel), ‘AUST ARMY P.O./217’ (unusually in violet), and ‘AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/360’, handstamped registration details, generally good quality for covers/cancels. Scarce group. (6) - Wewak/Wom area selection comprising ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O.’ 24, 25, ‘ARMY P.O./0111’, ‘AUST F.P.O./156’, ‘AUST ARMY 1923 *F/G A/B P.O./217’, and ‘AUST UNIT POSTAL STN/360’, generally good quality for covers/cancellations, mostly uncensored. (6) - Finschafen registered selection comprising ‘FIELD P.O./073’, ‘AUST F.P.O.’ 157, 180, and ‘AIR FORCE P.O./236’, various 1924P *F/G A/B types of handstamped registration details, generally good quality covers/cancellations, differing censor handstamps. (4) 1925P *F/G A/B New South Wales Selection of Military mail transmitted through regular POs, wide range 1940s (few 1950s) from mostly different Offices (noted TPO 2 North), many censored, variety of concessional rate handstamps and other interesting markings, odd fault, generally good (39, one registered, few fronts). Northern Territory Registered mail selection from different Field POs, comprising Air Force 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 1926 *F/G A/B Army 065, 072, 0103, 0117, 0126, and 230 (with ‘065’ registration label), handstamped registration details (3) or dedicated registration labels (10), odd fault, generally good. (13) - Military mail 1943-45 selection (26, two registered) from installations at Adelaide River, Katherine, Larrimah, Noonamah, 1927 *F/G A/B Batchelor, Gorrie, etc, good range of censor handstamps, two additionally with tape, covers typically varied condition, strikes of cancellations generally clear. (26) 1928P *F/G A/B Palestine 1941-42 Redirected mail Australia to Palestine (A.I.F. Field PO 6 or 11 backstamps), censored, typical multiple handling faults, and 1943 card from US to Victoria Barracks (F.P.O. 0131) redirected to Toowoomba, differing printed redirection labels. (3) Papua Buna/Dobudura area selection comprising ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O.’ 7, 8, 52, ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/034’, ‘FIELD P.O.’ 1929P *F/G A/B 077, 082 (Oro Bay), 0140, ‘AUST ARMY P.O.’ 208, 221, 222, generally good quality for covers/cancellations, variety of censor handstamps. (10) POW Mail Internment Camp 5 (Myrtleford, Victoria) 1945 rare trilingual ‘SERVICE OF PRISONERS OF WAR’ lettersheet 1930P *F/G A/B with Myrtleford cds and ‘APROVED FOR TRANSMISSION BY CAMP COMMANDANT/No.5 PW Camp Myrtleford’ handstamp at left, also 1944 Official envelope with very fine ‘MIL.P.O. MYRTLEFORD’ cds and ‘Pay Office’ handstamp (2) 1931P *F/G A/B - Australian POWs in Germany 1941-44 selection of postcards (7) and lettersheets (3), different printings or Camps, some dual censored, also ACF envelope to Australia with ‘kriegsgefangen-post’ handstamp, and Red Cross envelope via Melbourne to Australian POW re-addressed from Switzerland to Germany, odd fault, generally fine. Scarce group (12) - Loveday Internment Camp 14 (Barmera, SA) 1943-44 selection with small (violet) or large (black) circular datestamps, 1932P *F/G A/B and Official covers (2) with differing Pay Office handstamps. (4) - 1942 covers from Tatura Camp No 2, unusually to Chile (backstamped), one with Melbourne datestamp in purple, 1933 *F/G A/B censored Melbourne, small opening faults. (2) 1934 * A/B Selection of Covers in cover album mostly WWII but a few later little duplication. Noted ‘H.M.TRANSPORT’ on stampless cover to WA. nice ‘A.F.P.O. 28/1DE47/R.A.A.F-JAPAN’ (Bofu) on stampless cover to Sydney, 1952 cover from Warradale, SA with ‘26 CADET BN.’ handstamp on face incl letter from the cadet, 1944 registered cover from FPO 28. Good group. (c.100) 1935 *F/G A/B Syria 1941 Army Signals circular and rectangular datestamps on Official covers (2), one franked Syrian stamps, other unfranked and censored, full of character, very scarce. Ex Collas. 1936P * A/B Torres Strait, Thursday Is Regions cover selection comprising FPO 085, 094, 0101, 162 (2), 197, S57, VA52, Air Force PO 73 and 78, good range of censor handstamps, generally reasonable strikes, odd fault. Scarce group (10) 1937P *F/G A/B Victoria Selection of Military mail transmitted through regular POs, wide range 1940s (some 1950s) from mostly different Offices, many censored, variety of concessional rate handstamps, noted unusual Watsonia in violet (1947), odd fault, generally good. (31) *


$90 $150 $180 $80 $90

$140 $150 $250

$540 $180 $180 $220 $120 $130 $180 $220 $160 $130 $180 $180 $360 $110 $90

$170 $140 $200 $130

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ex 1952

ex 1945

ex 1951 part 1958

ex 1957


ex 1960






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AUSTRALIA | Postmarks 1938 * F-G 1940s to 60s Accumulation of CDS or Slogans: on cover, few ‘Paid’ cancels, registered envelopes KGVI 5d (9), QEII 1/7d (12), selection of embossed envelopes (150) many PTPO issues mostly pre-decimal, plus approx 1300 postmarks on piece. (1300 covers plus 1300 pieces). 1939 * F-G 1980s-90’s Accumulation Of: circular datestamps with many ‘rubber’ types, some purple cancels, few pictorial cancels, ‘Paid’ cancels, etc. (few 100) 1940 D A/B Datestamps: unsorted small accumulation in packets mostly cds types on piece from Victoria and NSW, latter including odds from other states; plus few parcel and other types. (100+) 1941 DC F-G KGV-QEII Bundleware: mostly on piece from Queensland, South Australia, (strength in) Victoria, Western Australia, few Colonial issues, etc, range ‘Return to Sender’ covers (approx 90), also world range of issues on piece. Total weight 4kg approx (1000s). F-G Shoebox Containing Range of Covers Postmarks on Piece (Mostly Australian): and postmarks on piece (strength in 1942 * Australia) also with selection of overseas covers to Australia, some Australia ‘Used in PNG’ including many ½d stamps, also Australia 1963-65 £1 (3, used), mixed condition. (100s) AUSTRALIA | Registration Labels 1943 A/B Accumulation: from all states including few reds, provisionals, Military, etc. plus small array of Certified mail labels. Generally fine (100s). AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES | Collections and Accumulations 1944 **/U A 1960s to 2000s retired dealer’s duplicated stock ** and used/CTO for PNG, Norfolk Island, Cocos Keeling Islands, Nauru, Christmas Island & AAT issues sorted in glassines, neatly labelled and priced for resale in excess of $1,800. Ideal for market trader or eBay. (100s) 1945P * A/A- KGVI & Early QEII nearly complete runs mainly very lightly hinged fine and fresh with [1] Christmas Is 1958-78 SG #166 incl Christmas MSs (72 stamps); [2] Cocos Is 1963-76 SG #1-31 (31); [3] Nauru 1937-73 SG #44-112 (69); [4] Norfolk Is 1947-76 with Ball Bay mostly ** including original white paper set of 4, also noting 1971 Birds complete in marginal blocks of 4 ** selvedge hinged, couple minor varieties and odd used/CTO seen (197); [5] Papua with PNG 1937 Coronation through 1973 pictorials SG #241-9 including first PNG set (£1 toned perfs). Includes 2 pages Australia lower values KGVI period only. (100s) 1946 ** A Retired Dealer’s Stock duplicated 1960s to 2000 issues sorted in glassines, with mix of Territories and themes including small quantities of better value definitives all MUH and labelled for retail sale. Better noted include ** two each AAT first decimal set of 11, Christmas Is 1968-70 Fish set of 12, Cocos Is 1963 defins set of 6. Ideal for market trader or eBay. Price at retail in excess of $1,500. (c1000) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY 1947 A Registration Labels labels in formes of 25 for Davis, Macquarie Island, Mawson and Wilkes, the latter two matching numbers, odd blemish otherwise fresh. (4 sheets) 1948 ** A 1966 Definitives presentation pack (2), one with Japanese text, the other English, also 1973 definitives (3), all packs unopened and in original condition. SG #8-18. (5) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY | Postal History 1949 * A/C 1950s-90s AAT Stamps Used in Australia Large and untidy cover accumulation in carton, from £sd-era (pre-1957 noted) to modern, appear mostly commercial covers, unsorted and awaiting patient collector’s attention. (c.1,250) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY | First Day Covers A 1953-54 [1] 1954 Kista Dan cover with Madagascar 10c green cancelled at Kerguelen & 3½d red QEII cancelled with 1950P *F ‘MAWSON/A.N.A.R.E./15FE54/AUST-ANTARCTICE T[ERR]’ (FDI) on cover to Perth, violet ‘MAWSON/AUST. ANTARCTIC TERR.’ & ‘AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTARCTIC/RESEARCH EXPEDITION’ handstamps both on face, cover illustrated with pen-drawing of seal transmitting message with morse code key; [2] use of 1952 Scout cancelled with ‘A.N.A.R.E. HEARD Is/25DE53/AUST’ on cover to Perth, ‘’HEARD ISLAND/AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTARCTIC/ RESEARCH EXPEDITION’ at base. A 1957-61 Easther Selection 1957 2/- Map, 1961 5d blue and 5d Mawson, with matching type-written address and odd fault. 1951P * (3) CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Collections and Accumulations 1952P ** A Christmas Island 1994-2007 almost complete Seven Seas hingeless pages collection including special gutter strips, MS’s, sheetlets, etc. Dazzling - FV c$190. (qty) 1953 ** A 1958-93 Collection in KA-BE hingeless album also including 1993 Taipei and INDOPEX optd M/S’s. Retail $300. NAURU

1954P *

A B1

1916-23 Seahorses DLR Printing 2/6d sepia-brown with double ovpt, one albino ovptd ‘SPECIMEN’, SG #19a as nonspecimen.

1955 W 1956 W 1957P **

A B1 A B1 A

1958P **

A A1

- 5/- bright carmine, SG #22, Cat £100, no gum. - 10/- deep bright blue, SG #23d, no gum. 1937-48 Ships Smooth Paper complete set of 14 imprint blocks of 8 (½d is P14), SG #26B-39B, very rarely seen and superb. 1935 Silver Jubilee 2d Imperf At Left in strip of 12 MUH. Very rare as only 10 can exist. Ceremuga certificate. A hinged strip of 3 with gum bends realised $4,100+.

$100 $100 $60 $100 $100 $100



$360 $150 $60 $900

$100 $150 $125 $150

$1,600 $60 $480 $2,400 $4,800

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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NAURU | Postal History 1959 * A 1947 (Mar.23) OHMS airmail cover (roughly opened) to Lebanon franked with Ships 2½d, 6d & 1/- tied by individual strikes of ‘NAURU/CENTRAL PACIFIC’ datestamps, bilingual arrival backstamp. Exotic destination origin. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints 1960P **/* A 1915-16 KGV Single Wmk abc strips of 3, ½d green x3, 1d red x6 & 5d brown. (10) 1961P ** A C1 - 1d carmine-red merged Die II pair (c) [II/55, 56] 1962P **/* A C1 - 1d carmine-red Die II abc strip of 3, SG #67c, top unit mtd. 1963P * A C1 - 1d red (a) with Die II substituted cliché, SG #67ca. 1964P * A B1 - 4d yellow-orange (b), SG #70 with horned emu [2R17] (BW #110(2)j). 1965P * A C1 - 4d yellow-orange with line through FOUR PENCE [2R12], SG #70c. 1966 ** A/A- 1915-16 Kangaroos 1st Wmk 2½d indigo (a), 9d violet (c) & 1/- emerald (c), SG #74,79,81, gum on 1/- toned. (3) 1967P **/* A/A- - 3d yellow-olive Die I abc strip of 3, SG #76, top unit mounted, gum bend on central unit. 1968P * A B1 - 10/- grey & pink (a), SG #84. 1969P ** A C1 - 10/- grey & pink (c), SG #84. 1970P F A A1 - 10/- grey & pink (c), SG #84, cancelled with fine Rabaul of 5JL16. 1971P * A B1 - £1 brown & ultramarine (a), SG #85 (retail $850), superb. 1972P * A A2 - £1 brown & ultramarine (b), SG #85, one short perf otherwise attractive and very fine. 1973P **/* A/A- 1915-16 (abc) Strips 2nd Wmk 2d grey [2L38,44,50], 6d Ultramarine (toned gum) & 3rd Wmk 2d grey Unit 16 with hollow dots and unit 22 with white flaw at base of left leg of W. (3) 1974P * A B1 1915-16 Kangaroos 2nd Wmk 6d ultramarine (abc) strip of 3, SG #88, Cat £40. 1975P */** A B1 - 9d violet (abc) strip of 3, SG #89, central unit (**). 1976P * A A1 - 5/- grey & yellow (c), SG #92 1977P F A A2 - 5/- grey & yellow with purple-black overprint, SG #92, cancelled with part Radio Station Kieta 1978P * A A2 1915-16 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk £1 brown & blue (a), SG #99, retail $625+. One short perf. 1979P V A B1 - £1 brown & blue (b), SG #99, light 1917 Rabaul cancel 1980P * A B1 - £1 brown & blue (c), SG #99, retail $625. 1981 */** S 1918-23 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk blocks of 4, 2d Die I [2L1,2,7,8], 2½d Indigo [1L49,50,55,56], 2½d blue [1,2,7,8] 3d olive Die I [2L53,54,59,60] with retouch on 1st A of AUSTRALIA (BW #13i), 6d ultramarine Die II [53,54,59,60], SG #106-10. (20) 1982P * A/B - 2½d indigo, 3d greenish olive Die II SG #109a, 9d & 1/- both Die IIB latter off-centre with perforation faults, SG #107-113 range, retail c$275. (4) 1983P **/*/F A - mainly mint selection of 2½d indigo **, 2½d blue, 3d greenish olive **, single & pair (toned gum), 6d ultramarine **, 9d violet **, 1/- emerald ** x2 & used & 1/- pale blue-green used, SG #107-113a. (11) 1984P **/* A B1 - 3d olive Die I block of 4, SG #109, 3 units unmtd, fresh & well centred. 1985 ** AA - on 3d olive Kangaroo, block of six, SG 109. Fresh. Retail for MUH $300. 1986P ** A B1 - 3d olive Die II, SG #109a. 1987P W A B1 - 3d greenish olive Die II SG #109a current retail $225 (as *). Very fresh. 1988 * A B1 - 3d olive Die II, SG #109a (retail $175). 1989P ** A B1 - 3d olive Die II-I pair, SG #109ab. 1990P **/* A A1 - 1/- emerald block of 4, SG #113, 2 units unmtd, fresh & well centred. 1991P ** A B1 - 5/- grey & black, SG #116, with right end of shading line and section of inner frame missing opposite Sydney. 1992P * A B1 - 10/- grey & deep aniline pink, SG #117. 1993P ** A B1 - 10/- grey & deep aniline pink, SG #117 (retail $450). 1994P F A B1 - 10/- grey & deep aniline pink, SG #117 (retail $325), light 1921 Rabaul cds. 1995P ** A B1 1918-23 KGV Large Multi Wmk ½d green Cracked Electro through left wattles and kangaroo [5L46] (BW #65(5)ha). Rare. 1996 ** AA 1918-23 KGV Single Wmk 2d orange pair perf ‘OS’, right unit showing traces of orange colour outside design, SG #o18, Cat £240. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints | Official Stamps 1997P W A B1 1919-23 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk Perf ‘OS’ 1/- emerald, SG #O11.

1998P V 1999P F

A C1 A B2

1919-23 KGV Rough Paper Perf ‘OS’ 1d rosine pair, SG #O16, cancelled with light 1923 Rabaul. Very rare. - 1d rosine Die II, SG #O16b, cancelled with part Manus. Very rare.

2000P W A B1 1919-23 KGV New Colours Perf ‘OS’ 4d violet, SG #O20, unused. 2001P V A B1 - 4d ultramarine, SG #O21. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints | Postal History 2002P * A 1919 Namatanai to Switzerland registered cover with five strikes ‘NAMATANAI/5SE19/QUEENSLAND’ in violet on KGV ½d green, 1d red Die 1, plus Roos 2d grey Die 1, 2½d blue and 3d olive-green, German registered label ‘Namatanai/ (Deutsch-Neuguinea)/No 386’. Very clear examples of the incomplete removal of ‘Queensland’ from the rubber obliterator.

$200 $250 $180 $1,250 $1,125 $100 $750 $200 $150 $170 $220 $270 $650 $950 $180 $80 $130 $110 $150 $390 $600 $390 $360 $100 $225 $150 $125 $320 $90 $140 $540 $100 $140 $225 $360 $260 $1,100 $200 $180

$675 $1,575 $180 $160


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

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NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues 2003P */U A/C 1918-30s Collection with NWPI various values to 1/- (3 used, one perf OS), 1925 Huts to 2/- (*, minor thin), many Birds incl 1932 Undated Airs various to 5/- (2, one *), 1939 Airs to 1/- (2, used), etc, condition variable, Cat £700+. (102) 2004P * A A1 1925-30 Huts £1 olive-green, Panelli forgery. Scarce. 2005 ** A 1931 Hut Airs ½d orange, complete sheet of 30, SG #137, Cat £45, light transparent stain in right margin hardly detracts. 2006P W A C1 1932-34 Undated Birds £1 olive-grey, SG #189, Cat £120 for mint. 2007P * A A1 1935 Bulolo Airs £2 violet Panelli forgery. Very scarce. 2008 * A A1 - £2 bright violet, SG #204 (retail $350), trivial gum toning.

$120 $260 $80 $80 $350 $270

2009P * 2010P *

$480 $200

A B1 A A1

- £5 emerald-green, SG #205, (retail $875), trivial gum toning. 1939 Bulolo Airs £1 grey-green Panelli forgery. Scarce.

NORFOLK ISLAND | Collections and Accumulations 2011 **/* A 1947-65 Group on hangers including 1947 Ball Bay (9 sets, incl two sets of imprint blocks), 1956 white single set ½d to 2d plus ½d imprint blocks (2), 1956 Pitcairners, 1959 Post Office, 1962-63 Fishes, 1964 Views & others in blocks of four, few plate numbers, etc. Mostly fine unmounted. Retail $500+. (190) 2012 **/* A 1947-95 almost complete per KaBe pages (which do NOT include first white paper varieties). Predecimal fresh ** retail min $290, decimals FV c$300 with spot check revealing only one hinged stamp. Good clean lot in a pricey good quality album. (100s) NORFOLK ISLAND 2013P **/W A 1968 QEII 4c & 5c coil strips of 3 showing ‘Offset’ on gummed side. Very fine. (2) NORFOLK ISLAND | First Day Covers 2014P *F A1953 Pictorials set of 6 on plain cover to Hobart with provisional registration label, red on brown ‘THIS ARTICLE WAS/ NOT PACKED/SECURELY/.../RECONDITIONED BY ___G.P.O. HOBART’ (not recorded by Frazer & Occleshaw) sealing label at base. NORFOLK ISLAND | Postal History A 1964 (Nov 20) airmail cover to Germany bearing rare and correct solo franking of 2/3d Fish. Modern rarity. 2015P *V A 1965-80 commercial selection comprising [1] 1965 4d airmail postcard rate to NZ; [2] 1972 13c 2nd Class airmail to USA; 2016 *F [3] 1980 $2.30 registered airmail to NZ with franking including beautiful $2 Butterfly, which is rare on commercial cover. Nice trio. PAPUA 2017 **/F A 1929-30 Airmail Overprints [1] 3d Ash AIRMAIL (#114) TLC pair with rift flaw, pair with broken mast flaw & used single; [2] 6d Harrison (#116) plane BLC block of 6 (3x2) with imprint; [3] 3d Ash plane (#118) block of 4 with rift flaw, [4] 1/- Ash plane x8 incl imprint strip of 3. (23) 2018 ** A A1 1930 Airmails 1/- sepia & olive Harrison printing with deep carmine-lake overprint. Ceremuga certificate. Only a small portion of the first printing was in this dark shade. 2019 ** A A1 1932 Pictorials 2/- Papuan Art SG 141, marginal block of 4. PAPUA | Official Stamps 2020P * A/B 1930 Bi-Colour Lakatois Perf ‘OS’ ½d x3 (2 printings), 1d x3 (2 printings), 1½d to 1/-, SG #O46-53, Cat £330+, mounted on annotated page, a few gum toning problems. (12) PAPUA | Postal History 2021P *F A1906 (Sep 26) use of 2d BNG x2 on cover to ‘Mrs M.J.W. Mongan/Haselbury Bryan Rectory’, stamps cancelled with fine ‘BNG’ (A1+) tied with ‘SAMARAI/26SP06/BRITISH NEW GUINEA’. Nice cover with just a few rough edges. A 1935 (Nov 22) commercial airmail cover Samarai to UK bearing Air Mail opt 1/- and 6d for 1/6d oz airmail rate, 2022 *F backstamped Samarai, Brisbane. PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Collections and Accumulations 2023 F A/A- 1950s Onwards Bundleware c.130 bundles of 100 including, 1d native girl x2, 5d opt x3, 7d opt, 5d Health x3, 5d Cocao x3, 6½d Hut x2 & 7d Plymill x2. Great for packet makers. 2024P ** A 1966-93 Collection complete in KA-BE hingeless album. Album alone would originally have cost more than this. Way under retail. 2025P * A SPECIMEN Overprints 1952 10/- Map and £1 Fisherman, 1963 Rabaul and £1 QEII. Light single hinge traces, very fresh. (4) PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Booklets 2026 ** A 1973 70c Telecommunications with scarce Stamp Exhibition INTERPEX New York opt, SG #SB5a current retail c$250. PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Postal Stationery - Registration Envelopes 2027 *** A 1959 1/7d Red on Brown Kraft Paper ASC R4. PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Postmarks F/U 1960s-70s Official Post Offices: and Agency Offices postmarks from ‘ALOTAU’ to ‘WOITAPE’, some covers have 2028P * additional adhesives hinged to the front, few registered covers noted. Condition is mixed (122 items). PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Postal History A1947 (27 Mar) registered OAS Patriotic Fund cover to NZ bearing Australia 5½d tied by poor ‘BUKA PASSAGE/PAPUA 2029 *G NEW GUINEA’ cds (better strike reverse), Sohana registration label, reverse with fine strike of rare ‘PO RABAUL/1 APR 1947’ handstamp, cover reduced at top where adhesive tape stains are present. 2030 * A 1960 Postage Due Letter franked 2d blue, insufficient postage so stamped with violet ‘T6’ in circle, and 6d postage due applied. Rare on cover. SG D4, Cat $190.

$200 $180 $150

$130 $400 $125

$80 $250 $200 $200 $750 $150 $80 $275 $100 $160 $100 $125

$110 $105

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 27th August 2011

A further selection of items from lot 1752

A further selection of items from lot 1752

Auction 9 Sect 4  

Section 4 will start at 4:00pm with the Decimals including a wide variety of Missing Colours such as 20c Golden Whistler missing grey (#1653...