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Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

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Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

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Section 5 begins no earlier than 5:00pm AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | Postage 1691 ** A 1984-90s in blocks, gutter strips, part sheets and miniature sheets with FV c$1335. (100’s) 1692 ** A APO Gardens pack plus blocks of 4 $10 and $20, FV $137. (11) 1693 ** A/A- 1970s-90s untidy accumulation marginally improved by PO-fresh CPS button sets for ‘RX1’ and ‘MELB GPO’. Some tone in places, total FV c$215. (100’s) AUSTRALIA | Booklets 1694 ** A Modern Range of mostly overprinted types including 1995 Thinking of You 2k reprint for the Rotary Club of Boonah 1996 No. 00249 (two stamps have separated from the pane), two 1997 $4.50 Wetlands, one with 1k reprint in middle, one optd for Northern Beaches Stamp Expo. Couple with better General barcodes, one unofficial 2004 Sutherland Shire. High cat c$500, shame about the loose stamps. (12) 1695P V A1927 Canberra with panes cancelled with ‘CANBERRA/9MY27/F.C.T.’, BW #B38, Cat $150, small faults on face and typical rusted staple. 1696P ** A1930-35 3/- ‘AIRMAIL SAVES TIME’ complete, BW #B40, Cat $1500, very fine with just a light crease on the front cover. 1697P ** A1938 2/- (12 x 2d Scarlet Die II KGVI) pale green cover (light foxing) BW #B51 (Sel Pfeffer #B47Ba $850 for a complete booklet). Stamps variable centring with wmk inverted, one complete pane (retail $225), one pane two stamps only. 1698P ** A 1957-59 4/- QEII 4d claret with wax interleaving & ‘British Commonwealth’, BW #B60Bv. 1699 ** A 1962-64 5/- 5d blue edn 1/1963 NSW ovpt GEN in black ad seq 20,18a,44,36,15,6,19a,68,16c (not recorded by BW), BW #B66Jdw. 1700P ** A 1966-67 60c Booklet 4c Helecon ink ‘Registered Post. . .’ Edition DV8 BW #B71A, same Pfeffer cat $150, well-centred panes, near perfect. Plus 1972-3 $1.40 PM Editions N71/3 and V71/3 with normal inserts BW #B139A & B. (3) 1701P V A - 4c helecon ink ‘Post your Parcels...’, tropical interleaving, ed DS9, BW #B79Cdv, panes cancelled with ‘G.P.O. MELBOURNE - C.Q./20NO67’. 1702P V A - 4c helecon ink ‘Send Money Orders...’, tropical interleaving, ed DS9, BW #B79Cdv, panes cancelled with ‘G.P.O. MELBOURNE - C.Q./20NO67’. 1703 ** A - 4c helecon paper ‘Use Postal Orders. . .’ Edition V/67/1 BW #B99B, Cat $130. Usual off-centre guillotine, otherwise excellent condition. 1704P * A/B 1967-70 Selection [1] $1 5c on 4c tropical interleaving G67/3 x2 (‘Registered ...’ pen marks on face, ‘Post your Parcels...’ missing pane) [2] 50c 5c blue x2 (plain back & letterpress back) [3] $1 5c blue V67/3 [4] Vietnam 5c Thornbill from sheet of 100 attached by left margin white UV reaction [5] $1970 1.20 Famous Australians no ed number x3 (two blue stitching & one white stitching). (9) 1705 ** A1967-68 Australian Defence Forces 5c Thornbill from pane of 50 with red sheet number opposite RP 10/1, attached by left selvedge, BW #B128Aa, Cat $90, usual minor toning. 1706P ** A 1968 $1 Famous Australians Edition No. G68/3 wax interleaving BW #B130Cv, $100; 1971 $1.40 Prime Ministers Edition No. G71/3 wax interleaving BW #B139Cv $100. Well centred panes. (2) 1707 ** A 1970-71 $1.20 Famous Australians no edition number with wax interleaving, blue stitching, BW #B135dv, Cat $125. 1708 ** A 1989 $3.90 Fishing three reprints P14x14.4 on Harrison cream paper BW #B164, Cat $200 each. Comes with one original white paper same perfs BW #B163 for comparison. (4) AUSTRALIA | Postage Dues 1709 U 1920s-30s Bundleware 3rd wmk ½d x200, 2d x100, CofA Wmk 2d P14 x300, ½d P11 x40, 2d P11 x200, 4d x400, BW #D105,108,116,113,117,119 (SG #D91,94,102,105,107,109), Cat $5,060 (£7,320). Bundleware like this is rarely seen these days. (1,230) 1710P ** A A1 1902 Converted NSW Plates 1d emerald P11.8x11½ marginal block of 4, BW #D3, with top right unit showing unplated white flaws around first N of PENNY and bottom right unit with unplated white flaw on second N of PENNY. 1711P * A 1902-04 Design Completed Wmk Crown/NSW ½d to 20/- complete with NSW ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint for UPU, BW #D1651x, Cat $1,800 (SG #D13-44s, Cat £900), hinge remainders, fresh bright colours. Rare in such nice condition. (14) 1712 ** A/A- - ½d to 20/- (excl 5d, 10d, 1/- & 2/-) with NSW ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint for UPU, BW #D16-51x, Cat $1,400. MUH but a couple of tonespots and other minor faults. (10) 1713P V A/B 1909-10 Wmk Crown/Double LinedA Thick Paper ½d to £1 with Melbourne CTO of SE30/09, BW #D76-92w, Cat $1,050. Only 480 sets created - issued for the UPU. (11) 1714 *F A 1913-21 Wmk Crown/DoubleLinedAThinPaper 1d carmine & yellow-green P14 on cover with 1½d brown cancelled with light ‘TERANG/4OC20/VICTORIA’. [2d rate began on 1/10/20.] 1715 **/* A B1 1922-30 Wmk 3rdCrown/A 1½d carmine & bright yellow-green Mullett imprint block of 12, BW #D107za, Cat $150++, one unit only (top row) mtd. Nice block. 1716 *F A1953-59 New Value Plates For Shilling Values 1/- Die I block of 11 plus 4d, BW #D139, on 1955 Business Reply Post cover, apparently paying for 34 letters at 4d each. 1717 *F A- 1/- Die I x14, BW #D139, on 1956 Business Reply Post front. 1718 *F A- 5/- Die I x6 (one damaged), BW #D141, plus 1d, 4d x2 & 1/- on 1957 Business Reply Post front. [BW# does not provide a catalogue value for this stamp on cover.] 1719 ** A B1 1958-63 No Wmk ½d Die II large block of 30 (5x6), BW #D144c, Cat $240+ (Retail is $300+). 1720P ** A A1 - 5d Die II marginal unit BW #D151. AUSTRALIA | Revenues 1721 */U A/A- Miscellany: [1] Australia 19/- Tax Instalmant pair (**); [2] Tasmania Government Railway £1 (**); [3] Victoria Stamp Statute 1/- & 2/6d x3, Stamp Duty £5 bi-colour x4, £10 mauve x3, No Charge red on pink x2, blue on pink x2. (17) 1722 ** A/C War Savings: WWII period 6d deep blue Aeroplane, 16 unhinged examples in vertical SE corner block of 8, right marginal vertical pair, normal vertical block of 6 and a pair. Some tone spots, disturbed gum, creases. Good colour. (18) AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery 1723 * A/C 1916-76 Selection: in mixed mainly used condition from 1916 KGV 1d red ASC #E5 used Tambar Springs to Kensington NSW in 1918, includes four registered envs KGVI and QEII (3), three KGVI 2d Letter Cards P13½ ASC #L41 (back torn) & L42 (2) all used Fremantle to Sydney, couple decimal era (one pre-decimal with decimal uprating and registered from Parliament House). Also NSW used registered env 1897, Queensland 1d postcard used, Tasmania unused 1d + ½d postcard fresh unused. Cat for just the Commonwealth period c.$300, well worth a look. (16) 1724P **/U A/A- 1940s Military Stationery: Selection of various printings ‘Air Mail Letter Card’ comprising unused (4, one 1941-42 XmasNew Year type, blemishes although scarce unused), and used (censored) bearing 1d (4) or 3d (4), also ‘Active Service’ envelope unused (5) including ‘R.A.A.F.’ inscribed type, odd fault, generally good. (17)

$825 $85 $125

$200 $75 $1,400 $100 $150 $250 $100 $150 $150 $65

$200 $90 $85 $70 $250

$1,350 $200 $1,600 $500 $660 $90 $100 $200 $135 $135 $150 $100 $110 $100

$80 $150

Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

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1731 1730











Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1725P

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1929 & 1967: Two fresh unused with [1] c.1929 long OHMS envelope PTPO for the Education Department, Melbourne with KGV 2d red oval (as HG #KB25), scarce; [2] 1967 5c indigo aerogramme inscribed ‘DEFENCE FORCES/AIR LETTER...’, for use by Australian Forces in Vietnam HG, #IFG8. (2) A OHMS Returned Registered Letter: 1943 use from Dead Letter Office Melbourne addressed to Stamp Dealer Wm. 1726P *F Ackland, nice item. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards 1727P * A/A- 1911 1d Commemorative Coronation selection of 16 different cards (KGV x8, Queen Mary x4 & Prince of Wales x4) with 10 different frame & portrait combinations, range of shades, 8 with unsurfaced backs, ASC #P4 (HG #4). Generally fine condition. 1728P *** A 1911 Victorian Scenes 1d red, ASC #P5, with ‘SPRING ST MELB’ view, excellent condition. 1729P *** A1917-30 KGV Sideface 1½d green no footnote & ‘ONE/PENNY’ on 1½d brown no footnote, ASC #P20,24, minor stains. (2) A 1922-24 KGV ‘POST CARD’ Unshaded 2 cards with 1923 1d Surcharge, 1½d emerald without footnote (#P20) and 1½d 1730P *** emerald with footnote (#P21), ASC #P25,26. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards (Official) 1731P *** A 1928 ‘THREE/HALPENCE’ on Penny Solid ‘OS’ in Die on School Committee meeting card, HG #D16, scarce. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Letter Cards 1732P */** A 1911-12 KGV Fullface 1d deep blue, ASC #L1, with ‘THE GORGE/LAUNCESTON, TAS’ view, fine condition not stuck together. 1733P */** A - 1d brown, first line ends in ‘to’, ASC #L3, with ‘BLUE LAKE, MtGAMBIER, S.A.’ view, prime condition not stuck together. 1734 *** A- 1d black on white stock first line ends in ‘to’ with view ‘GLENELG, SOUTH AUST.’, ASC #L3, fold starting to separate. B - in green on greenish stock first line ends in ‘to’ with ‘GIANT RED GUM, VIC.’, ASC #L3a, some blemishes on face but 1735 *** view side is fine. 1736P *V A 1918-30 KGV Sideface 2d scarlet on grey with scene Gibberabong Creek NSW CTO JA 22 ASC L26, from Specimen set. A 1943-51 KGVI Sideface 2½d red, 127mm between perfs, ASC #L47, solid black 50x8mm ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint. 1737P *** 1738 * B 1960-65 QEII Facing Right 5d blue with commemorative overprint for ‘AUSTRALIA’S FIRST/AUTOMATIC POST OFFICE’ at the Royal Agricultural Show in Melbourne, ASC #L59a, Cat $250. Slight gum foxing and just the faintest hint of a stain bottom left removable with care. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes 1739 *V A 1916-20 KGV Embossed Octagon Without ‘Postage’ 1d red on cream, ASC #E5 uprated with Large Mult ½d green KGV, cancelled with ‘ANGASTON/A9-21AP20/STH AUST’ (time wheels inverted), attractive. 1740P *F A 1930 ‘TWO PENCE’ Surcharge on 1½d octagonal with blue inside, ASC #E19a, 1931 use with 3d KGV for use airmail from Perth to Carnarvon. A 1957-65 QEII Embossed Small Die 5d indigo on buff Overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ in red, ASC E37s. 1741P *** 1742 * A/B 1980s prepaid envelopes large accumulation Australia-wide addressed to Govt Dept in NSW, roughly opened to varying degrees, many with cds cancels (front and/or reverse), stated to comprise small format envelopes (c.650) and large format (c.130). Good quantity for research. (c.780) AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes (Official) 1743P * B 1915-20 2d Orange With ‘OS’ in Die HG #DB8, opened out OHMS window envelope of Commonwealth Treasury, Melbourne, with May 21, 1921 machine cancel. Rare. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Registration Envelopes 1744 * A 1913 Kangaroo & Map 4d orange 230x110mm, uprated with KGV 1d violet, unused with very light soiling and minor peripheral faults, scarce ASC #R3, Cat $350. 1745 *F/G A/A- 1915-25 KGV Sideface [1] 4½d violet with violet text ‘ENVELPE’ error, [2] 4½d violet with red text x2, ASC #R20a,21. (3) A 1938-51 KGVI Embossed Oval 1942 5½d brown/buff with printing in red & rounded flap at the right, ASC #R30, cancelled 1746P *V with light ‘MENANGLE/3AU42/N.S.W’ (B1-). Very rare. 1747P *** A - [1] 5½d brown, red text rounded flap x12, ASC #R33; [2] unused Australian Force Vietnam Airmail covers x19 with wrapper. (31) A 1953-65 QEII Embossed Circle 2/5d red on brown with 11 obliterating lines on back, used in Clifton Hill East in 1960, ASC 1748 *F #R41a. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes 1749 *** A 1952-60 Specimens 1952 ‘OHMS’ in dark blue and 1960 ‘Jet’ at upper right, both handstamped ‘SPECIMEN’, ASC OA3 and OA7. (2) AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wartime 1750P *** A 1916 Australian Imperial Force 1d red KGV Envelope with ‘A.I.F, ABROAD.’ at base, on white, ASC #X2.4, Cat $400, fine unused. 1751P *G A/B 1940 Australian Defence Canteens embossed 1d Envelopes in green (16) and brown (20), ASC #X1.5-6, Cat $840, good range of usages including Military and Field P.O.’s, variety of Censor markings, usual mixed condition for these. (36) 1752P * B 1941 Malaya & Johore Salvation Army/Red Shield War Services with printed d/ring ‘POSTAGE PAID/25 CENTS/MALAYA’ in red cancelled by indistinct s/ring Field PO cds dated ‘2DE41/No.18’, triangular crowned censor handstamp with signature, air mail etiquette, to Parramatta. Creased at left, few spots. AUSTRALIA | Telegram Forms 1753 * A 1943 use of red The Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Company Limited (associated with Cable and Wireless Limited) form, from a serviceman in Middle East sent as code numbers ‘6 87 35’ converted on arrival. Rubber handstamps of Cable & Wireless (Sydney) and ‘POST OFFICE/JAN/25/1943/RANDWICK, N.S.W.’. [Each code number represented a specific phrase enabling the messages to be sent cheaply.] AUSTRALIA | First Day Covers 1754P *F A 1928 3d Kookaburra bottom right corner single from exhibition miniature sheet tied to Whellams FDC by red Exhibition cds dated October 29,1928, hand-stamped ‘First Day of Issue’ in Gothic characters and endorsed on the back. Hinge remains, couple small bends and light soiling cleanable with care. Scarce early FDC. 1755P *U A/B 1930s-1990s including commemorative cancels, Hutt River, Paid At envelopes and some other oddments. Majority decimal period including booklet types/panes, odd Frama, 1971 Christmas blocks of 7 x3 (two different configurations), PSEs, maxicards. Pre-decimals mostly QEII period but among earlier noted env with 1932 3d Bridge tied Celebrations metered slogan, several 1936 Queensland Philatelic Society illustrated envelopes for their first exhibition, 1937 2d NSW on coloured illustrated ‘Northern’ Series envelope (cleanable soiling). Mainly fine. (100’s) 1756 *F A 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d and 6d tied to Registered cover by Melbourne cds 19MR31 and flown on first flight to Sydney. 1757 *F A 1935 Anzac 1/- black on registered cover to Buckland Hill, WA, cancelled with light Perth of 18MAR35, clear backstamp. Plus 2d red on commercial local Perth cover. *


$85 $125

$1,000 $120 $80 $150 $250 $120 $120 $100 $70 $225 $200 $70 $50 $90 $100 $140 $200 $110 $80 $400 $350 $100 $140 $170 $170 $85



$160 $125 $325

Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

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Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1758P *G


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- 2d and 1/- lightly foxed and tied to registered envelope by Hamilton, NSW cds with registration label, to Merewether, NSW, backstamp include Newcastle transit. Removable hinge remains and stains cleanable with care. Scarce FDC. 1759P *F A 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set of 3 on scarce illustrated Standard Stamp Co FDC tied by North Strathfield NSW cds and registered to Wellington, New Zealand, backstamp, ASC $450+. [Michael Moore’s 6th monograph suggests this may have been only the second produced by this company whose founder - L. Maurice Wagner - conducted Brisbane’s first ever stamp auction!] 1760P *F A 1937 KGVI & QE Maximum Card (portrait of KGVI) for Die I 1d Queen and 2d KGVI, sent airmail from Melbourne to England at correct 9d postcard rate. 1761 *F A 1937 3d Blue WhiteWattles tied to plain FDC, by ‘GPO.MELBOURNE/2AU37/VIC-AUST’, unusual in that most FDCs seen were serviced in Queensland. [BW states ‘… distribution of the ‘white wattles’ variety seems to have been largely restricted to Queensland …’.] A 1937 NSW Sesquicentenary tied to Northern Stamp Company illustrated multi-coloured FDC by two strikes Brisbane 1762P * registered cds and addressed to The Standard Stamp Co in Brisbane. Comes with two APO special envs with 1940 AIF set affixed, one cancelled on first day, other uncancelled, plus illustrated 1946 FDC Mitchell Exploration set with Sydney cds (probably Royal Geographic type). Very nice. (4) 1763 *F A 1955 3½d American Friendship tied to multicoloured Postcard by Aberdare of 4MY55, rare early Maximum card. 1764 *F A/A- 1960s-2000s Decimals Range with duplication and probably as many commemorative types (huge thematic content) as first days; includes framas with some complete sets (eg Festive first day and last day) and esoteric varieties (eg WA private perfins), booklet panes and singles, APO and other cachet makers, some earlies addressed mostly typed. Some evidence of less than ideal storage but majority fine, bargain. (100’s) 1765 * A 1968-70 Excelsior Original Artwork for 1968 World Weather Watch, 1969 Primary Industries, 1969 Primary Industries Royal Agricultural Show and 1970 Grasslands. (4 pkts) A 1969 Flight Anniversary strips of 3, tied to long APO FDC, by Russell Street FDI, addressed. Grey-blue cachet x21 & 1766 *V grey-green cachet x4. (25) 1767 *F A 1970s-2000s including AAT with some base cancels, from WCS 1972 Cook’s Circumnavigation to APO 1987-92 sets, booklet stamps, joint issues, commemorative covers for a range of events noting a couple with private perfins, exhibition optd MSs, odd Norfolk Island and pre-decimal. Also New Zealand commercial envelopes, glassines with used decimals, s/cards with few ** including $5 Beehive x2 plus toned 1930s Airs. (100’s) A 1970-1992 Collection appears complete from Mar 1970 to Oct 1992, in 3 albums with odd earlier. (100s) 1768 *F 1769 *F A/A- 1970s-80s Decimals Range heavily duplicated stock majority PS envelopes, includes commemorative types (eg 22c Sir Francis Chichester 50th Anniv uprated 22c Norfolk Island stamps, Norfolk and Thursday Is special cancels - prob over 150 of them!). Signs of dampness intruding at some time in their lives but majority fine. (100’s) 1770P *V A 1970 Expo 5c and 20c blocks of 4 on matching APO generic covers in red-brown, Wollongong FDI cancel, clean unaddressed. Far rarer than APO specific cachet for this issue. (2) A 1988-90 Booklet Panes slightly duplicated range often two or more of each panes of 10 from 1988 (July 1) $3.70 Living 1771P *F Together LM & CPE to 1990 Bush Nativity, includes 1988 (Sept 28) Australian Crafts 80c and $2 panes on one FDC, 1990 (Sept 18) $4.10 Thinking of You 1K reprint x2 (light foxing) with Royal Botanic Gardens special cancel which may (or may not) be day of issue (which is not in catalogues). High catalogue over $500 (ex the last noted); specialised lot. (28) AUSTRALIA | Commemorative Covers 1772 *F A 1928 International Philatelic Exhibition in red dated 30OC28, on 3d Kookaburra from m/s. 1773P *F A 1933 Royal Hobart Show double-circle relief ‘ROYAL SHOW HOBART/OC25/33/TAS’ (B1) in violet on ½d orange KGV pair on plain unaddressed cover. [ex Perry sale July 1995 - very rare] 1774P * A1935 Brisbane Royal Diamond Jubilee Show ‘EXHIBITION/22AU35/QUEENSLAND’ (B2 - partly enhanced) on 2d Jubilee on hand drawn cover to South Brisbane. [ex Perry sale July 1995 – a rare postmark.] 1775 * A A1 1938 Commonwealth Relations Conference cut-down ‘ LE /7SE38/N.S.W.’ on 1d QE & 4d Koala on Jamieson cover with blue provisional “Lapstone/Hotel” label. AField PO No 2 1½d maroon KGVI cancelled with ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/NO 2/29SE38/VIC-AUST’ on First Field Post 1776 *F Office PPC, signed by the PM, slight crease. A A1- 1945 UN Relief & Rehabilitation Administration Conference cut-down ‘ EY /15FE45/N.S.W.’ (open day) on 2d mauve 1777P * & 3½d blue KGVI on Swanston cover with blue provisional “Lapstone Hotel” label. 1778 *F A 1947 Brisbane Exhibition ‘BRISBANE EXHIBITION N.I/9AU47/QLD AUST’ (B1) on 2d on 1½d red KGV on special SetMaker cover to Mystic Park Vic. [ex Perry sale July 1995 - a rare postmark.] 1779 *F A 1959 ECAFE Conference Broadbeach 37mm ‘BROADBEACH/E.C.A.F.E./CONFERENCE/9MAR59/1/QLD-AUST’ on; [1] 4d lake QEII on DL-size special illustrated Lennon’s Hotel cover; [2] cancellor No. 3 dated 21MAR59 with blue provisional registration label on Lennon’s special cover; [3] cancellor No. 4 dated 9MAR59 on Lennon’s special cover addressed to “CW Davidson Postmaster General Canberra”. 1780P *F A - 27mm ‘BROADBEACH/E.C.A.F.E./CONFERENCE/8MAR59/3/QLD-AUST’ on 4d lake QEII on UN ECAFE conference DL-size envelope addressed to “C W Davidson Postmaster-General Canberra”, includes unused 15th session conference letterhead. (2) 1781P *F A 1962 ECAFE Railway Sub-Committee neat registered plain cover to Campbell ACT with temporary registration label, 2/5d Banksia cancelled with 38mm commemorative postmark. [Only 44 items registered - ex Perry sale July 1995] 1782P *F A 1962 World Poultry Congress and ECAFE Railway Sub-Committee, both addressed & registered (67 & 44 made respectively). Plus Poultry Congress cinderella. (3) 1783 *F A 1964 Crystalographic Meeting cover with provisional registration label 035, 2d brown QEII, 1/6d Galah and 5d Churchill and Hargrave to Roseville NSW, plus stampless PMG envelope with special pmk together with registration receipt also with special pmk. (3) 1784P * A/B 1965-69 Pictorial Postmarks almost all decimal complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, some with unrelated adhesives, some better coloured strikes (eg 1967 Cartographic APM #2340), others more useful include 1968 Trade Fair APM #2560, 1969 Ports & Harbours FDC APM #2700. Some earlier oddments, and bits of toning in places, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1650. (c55) 1785 *F A 1969 Asian Development Bank small plain neat addressed registered cover, 30c Waratah with blue provisional registration label #003, handstamp immediately above label. [Only 54 items registered - ex Perry July 1995] 1786P *F A - small plain typed addressed registered cover, 5c coil x3 & 15c Blue Gum with blue provisional registration label #029, handstamp immediately above label. [Only 54 items registered] 1787 * A/B 1970-71 Pictorial Postmarks all decimal complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, some sets with unrelated adhesives (eg 1970 Royal Visit pmks complete but only 5c value NOT all Royal Visit stamp, 1970 Cook celebrations missing Point Hicks 5c only NOT Cook stamps), some better coloured strikes (eg 1970 Overland Telegraph APM #4100). Some storage related toning in places, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1350. (c155)


$225 $100 $190

$100 $100

$120 $70 $50

$85 $85 $100 $150

$110 $60 $350 $200 $180 $90 $180 $220

$175 $65 $120 $160 $160

$180 $85 $85


Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

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ex 1788

1790 1789

ex 1793 ex 1796 ex 1794

ex 1802 1805 1806

1807 ex 1810 ex 1809


1813 1817


Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1788P

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1972 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, none particularly scarce nor unusual, some better (eg Nov 22 Hobart PO Museum APM #4870 x2 illustrated, one plain). Some storage related toning in places, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1475. (c75) A/A- 1973-74 Pictorial Postmarks more than 60 each year, all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, 1789P * just the odd better (eg 1974 Jenolan Caves x2 APM #5220 one a WCS illustrated), minor imperfections, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$2000. (c125) 1790P *V A1 1973 Birdsville Hospital 50th Anniversary ‘A.I.M. HOSPITAL/24SEP1973/BIRDSVILLE/QLD 4482/50TH ANNIVERSARY’ on 7c, 15c & 35c on Brown cover with blue ‘BIRDSVILLE’ registration label. [Only 18 registered covers sent.] A/A- 1975-76 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, none particularly scarce 1791 * nor unusual, some better - eg 1976 (May 13) Toastmasters APM #5750. Some storage related toning in places, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1400. (c55) A/A- 1977 Pictorial Postmarks more than 60 each year, all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, 1792 * just the odd better (eg 2x Sept 10 World Underwater Congress APM #6170 APO generic souvenir envs). Minor imperfections, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1500. (75+) 1793P * A/B 1978 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, many are stained on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated, still a number of better illustrated types - eg July 14 GPO Hobart Philatelic Sales FDU x2 APM #6600, Geelong Trade Fair x4 APM #6780, two FDU Sept 7 and two with late Sept 10 date, cat $100 each! Other than gum problems already noted, and some further minor defects, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$3400. (c125) 1794P * A/B 1979 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, many are stained on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated (sadly these include Sep 24 ITU and Oct 1 Music Week which otherwise cat $375); still a number of better illustrated types - eg April 5 Engineers Conference x2 AMP #7280, Dec 20 Radio Australia FDU x2 APM #8140. Other than gum problems already noted, some further minor defects, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$2000. (c100) 1795 * A - on first day APO wildlife souvenir envelopes [1] (Jan 8) National Christian Youth Convention with special ‘direcTions’ cancel APM #7090 $100; [2] (Feb 22) Norman Lindsey special cancel in purple APM #7210 $150. (2) A/B 1979 Blood Donors Service PSE No. 014 with Billy Blood Drop red ink machine cancel; two plain envelopes with hand 1796P * cancels, one red and one black, each envelope sadly with deteriorated self-stick gum and foxing around adhesive. Each cancelled on first day 13 Nov 1979 APM #8020 group. (3) A/B 1980-81 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, many are stained on 1797 * self-adhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated, still a number of better illustrated types - eg two sets of 7 1981 (Jan 1) Western Plains Zoo AMP #9210 (one hand-cancelled). Other than gum problems already noted, some further minor defects, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1400. (c125) 1798 * A/A- 1981-87 Pictorial Postmarks complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, some stains on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated; some light duplication seen, contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some further minor defects, majority fine, high catalogue. (800+) 1799 * A/A- 1987-91 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, some stains on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated; some light duplication seen, contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some further minor defects, majority fine, high catalogue. (c875) A/A- 1991-92 Pictorial Postmarks complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, all are on APO souvenir 1800 * envelopes and includes FDCs of stamps issued for the period; some light duplication seen and contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some minor defects, majority fine, very high catalogue. (800+) 1801 * A/A- 1993-4 Pictorial Postmarks complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, some PSE’s but most on APO souvenir envelopes and includes FDCs of stamps issued for the period and some older types; some light duplication seen and contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some minor defects, majority fine, very high catalogue. (800+) A 2010 60c Mary MacKillop tied to PPC of watercolour by Lois Hodge depicting the Woods-Mackillop Schoolhouse by 1802P * special Penola SA pictorial cds; plus six strikes the same pmk tying $6 sheetlet of 10 Mary MacKillop stamps affixed to Annette Balnaves of Coonawarra Photocard of related stained glass window by John Orval at St. Joseph’s Convent in Penola. (2) AUSTRALIA | Postal History 1803 *F B 1912 use of SA 1d on invitation-size cover with royal coat of arms on flap (SA Governor or Governor-General), overweight so taxed 2d, 1d Pdue thick pair (one damaged) on face, top torn while opening. *

1804P *G



1913 (May 1) use of 1st wmk 2d Roo and Victoria 3d combination for 5d double Foreign letter rate on attractive advertising front Melbourne to USA, restored tear clear of stamps, a $1000+ item were it a complete cover.

$160 $225 $90 $160 $170


$220 $80 $80

$125 $400 $400 $400


$100 $70


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1823 1825




ex 1841









Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1805P















1810P *U


1811P *F





1813P *F





1815P *F





1817P *G


1818P *F





1820P *F


1821P *F 1822 *F


1823P *F 1824 *F


1825P *F


1826P *F





1828P *F


1829P *F





1831P *F





Page 151

1914 envelope (light spots) to Germany franked by Roos 1d Die IIA and three ½d tied three strikes ‘ROCKDALE/4P22JL14/N.S.W’, with (probably) British ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ in violet and poorly struck blue double-boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/MAY 11 1915/II. M. D.’ (initialled at right). Backstamp Sydney DLO of Jun 3 1915 in red. Tidily opened, peripheral faults, vertical fold. - envelope to Germany franked by ½d and pair 1d Die II Roos (faults) tied machine cancel ‘SYDNEY/5/JY28—130P/N.S.W - 1914’, with (probably) British ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ and ‘UNDELIVERABLE/L.P.S.’ both in violet and blue double-boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/APR 15 1915/II. M. D.’ (initialled at right). Backstamp Sydney DLO of APR 22 1915 in red. Back flap sealed with ‘G. [crown] R.OFFICIALLY SEALED IN THE/RETURNED LETTER SECTION/LONDON POSTAL SERVICE.’ label. Tidily opened, small peripheral defects, vertical fold. - (Jul 1) damaged envelope registered to Ireland with 1st wmk ½d, 1d Die IIA pair and toned 3d Die I plus red ‘HAMBLEDON JUNC.’ registration label (possible unique usage), each tied Edmonton datestamps with another alongside, backstamps transit Brisbane registered in blue, London oval, ‘CLONES/20AU14’ arr. 1916-35 Georgian Heads on Cover with 1d red perf ‘OS’ with blue Hobart machine cancel, 1d green perf ‘T’ on 1929 Registrar of Births wrapper, 1½d brown x3 (including deep red-brown shade), 2d red Die I pair on cover to USA (1922 4d rate), 2d red Die III on attractive P&O SS Balranald illustrated letter card, 2d red Die II pair on 1930 registered commercial papers cover, 3d Die II perf ‘OS’ (damaged) with 1½d red perf ‘OS’ on unclaimed registered Titles Office cover from Perth, 4d olive on 1931 registered commercial papers cover, several advertising covers. (10) 1916-62 variety with four bearing KGV from 1916 1d red with Hobart machine cancel in blue and including 1937 to Buenos Aires, 1938 registered Air to Prague with 2/- maroon Roo Cof A, 1940 censor resealed air Melbourne to London with 1/6d Hermes no wmk, Melbourne to Perth AMP Society envelope indistinct date with 3d Air Mail Type A and 2d KS, 1962 DIY wrapper with 5d Stuart. (8) 1919-30 Georgian Heads on Cover with ½d green x3, 1½d brown Die I x3, 1½d red Die II on French PPC with Port Said Paquebot cds, 2d orange on PPC of SS Largs Bay with Port Said Paquebot cds, 3d blue Die II on cover to USA, 3d Die II perf ‘OS’ with 1½d red perf ‘OS’ on unclaimed registered Titles Office cover from Perth, several advertising covers. (8) 1922 (Jun 22) 5d brown comb perf BW #123 paying internal air mail letter rate Broome to Perth. Stains lower right corner front and back may be removable with care. 1928 (Nov 28) commercial cover Sydney to Mass, USA endorsed “R.M.S. Tahiti/Aerial Mail from San Francisco”, redirected to Philadelphia, franked 7d including 3d Kookaburra pair (one damaged), despite small concealed faults, an exceptional usage and jusqu’a airmail rate item. 1929 (Mar 18) use of ½d orange KGV (creased) and WA 1d red Stamp Duty on cover from Perth to London. Cancelled in Perth but 2d Postage Due applied in London. Quite unusual. 1930s-50s KGVI covers accumulation, appear largely commercial, good range of stamp issues noted, mixed condition. (c.600) 1931 (April) use of Kingsford Smith set of 3 plus 3d Air pair cancelled with light Brock’s Creek, NT, on air cover to Switzerland, endorsed “By Airmail/to Sydney”. [Rate = 9d+3d+4d for 2-3oz rate, overpaid by 1d.] 1931-32 long OHMS envelopes KGV official frankings with [1] SM wmk P13½x12½ perf ‘OS’, three with 1d green BW #81ba cat $20 each and four (one ordinary envelope) with 2d red BW #102ba cat $30 each; [2] CofA wmk optd ‘OS’, two with 1d green BW #82(OS) cat $80 each and one with 2d red BW #103(OS) cat $60. Most with machine/slogan cancels, peripheral and other imperfections, total cat $400. (10) 1932 use of 1d green KGV (faults) on long attractive illustrated cover for The Melbourne Technical Correspondence School, opened roughly at right, but still very desirable. 1933 (Jan 18) use of 3d KGV (2d + 1d Late Fee) on cover to Canada, boxed ‘LATE FEE’ on face, cancelled with ‘LATE FEE/445P18JA33/SPENCER ST/VIC’ (A1). - (Jun 15) commercial cover (opened at left) Sydney to Germany bearing 6d Kookaburra pair, sent airmail via Australian and Karachi services, scarce early jusqu’a item to foreign destination [3d Foreign letter + 3d internal airmail + 6d Karachi service] 1934 Thursday Island inscribed envelope ‘Tiny Island in Pacific Has All Ac-/tivities of Large City.’ bearing 1d green KGV pair tied by two of three ‘THURSDAY ISLAND/1/9-A-3AP34/QUEENSLAND’ cds, flap sealed by Vic Centenary Lyrebird label. 1936 (Oct 19) use of 3d Air Mail on cover to Puerto Rico, minor toning. Unusual destination. - use of stampless local Sydney cover, red boxed ‘TAX/4D/NO3 SYDNEY’ (A2) in TLC, magenta double-circle ‘DEAD LETTER OFFICE/16/DEC/1936/SYDNEY, N.S.W.’ (B1) in BRC, large straight-line magenta ‘DEAD LETTER OFFICE/ G.P.O. SYDNEY/REFUSED/TO PAY/TAX’ (A2) on back, a bit spotty. 1937 use of 4d olive KGV x2 & 2/- roo x2 on air cover to USA via Hong Kong. 1938 cover carried on Australia-New Guinea first flight, intended to then be forwarded to US. The Australian adhesives cancelled at Launceston but New Guinea stamp uncancelled and rare P.M.G.’s dept label ‘It is regretted that the provisions of the/Postal Convention do not permit of the/desired indirect routing of this article.’. Fine. - (Aug 8) use of 5d KGV on air cover from Sydney to London. GB 1d applied and then redirected to “SS Orcades c/General Steam Navigation Hamburg”. [The Orcades was on the GB-Australia route so its presence at Hamburg is puzzling.] 1939 (May) use of 5d KGV & 1/- Lyrebird x3 on double-weight air cover to France and then surface to Holland. Addressed to Bulb Growers in Sassenheim. - use of 3d blue KGVI & 9d Roo vertical pair [3L18,24] (unit 18 with prominent broken shading lines above ‘I’ of ‘ALIA’ etc) on air cover to France. 1940 use of 6d, 1/- pair & 1/6d on air cover to USA, ‘CALIFORNIA/CLIPPER’ (A1) in face, red on white ‘OPENED BY CENSOR/..’ tape at right sealed by violet ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/S.49’ handstamp. - (Dec 4) use on 5d Ram pair & 5/- Robes on censored Clipper cover from Melbourne to London, endorsed “Per AUSTRALIA-N.Z.-U.K. AIR MAIL”. 1943 use of 2½d pair on cover to New Caledonia, twice censored with black on green New Caledonia tape over red on white Melbourne tape, Melbourne censor tape tied by boxed ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR/?86....’ and New Caledonia tape tied by triple-circle ‘CENSURE ALLIEE/8/NOUVELLE CALEDONIE’. - (Feb 3) use of 3½d Surcharge on Union Bank of Australia Perth cover to Croker First National Bank of San Francisco with red ‘DUPLICATE’ handstamp, boxed violet ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR 1’ (#H5-2) on face. Violet straight-line ‘SUPPOSED TO CONTAIN MATTER/SUBJECT TO THE PROVISIONS OF/EXECUTIVE ORDER 8389 AS AMENDED’ applied by US PO. [EO 8389 restricted funds being transferred to German-occupied countries.] 1943(C.) use of 2½d red KGVI on cover from Melbourne to Australian Ore & Metal London. The stamp is uncancelled since it was sent via diplomatic diplomatic courier, violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/24 1’ and ‘?r (OVERSEAS)/WAR OFFICE’ both on face. Envelope was placed in the mail at London and registered.


$100 $110


$65 $150 $85 $150 $150 $200 $135

$110 $85 $85 $150 $150 $100 $70 $110 $190 $75 $90 $225 $70 $150 $110

$75 $75

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1848 1843


1851 ex 1850

ex 1852 1856

ex 1854



ex 1859



Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1833



1834P *F


1835P *F


1836P *F 1837P *G


1838P *F


1839P *F


Page 153

- use of 2½d red KGVI on cover sealed with three Broken Hill Associated Smelters P/L Melbourne stickers to Austral Development Ltd London. The stamp is uncancelled since it was sent via diplomatic courier. Two red printed ‘3 Opened BY CENSOR’ (#L3-8a) adhesive labels attached, one sealing envelope the other affixed on front endorsed “SAFE HAND – SECURITY”. Also purple rectangular rubber handstamp ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR/V”104”‘ (#h3-3A). Cover is further endorsed with blue pencil “35”, numbered ‘23099’ and large ‘DUPLICATE’. [Safe Hand items are very rare as they could only be used with Government permission.] 1944 (Dec 21) use of 3d & 5½d on registered Commonwealth Bank Perth cover to Barclays Bank, New York. Violet straight-line ‘SUPPOSED TO CONTAIN MATTER/SUBJECT TO THE PROVISIONS OF/EXECUTIVE ORDER 8389 AS AMENDED’ applied by US PO. [EO 8389 restricted funds being transferred to German-occupied countries.] 1945 (Aug 22) airmailed cover Sydney to Hawaiian Islands at the short-lived 2/7d ½oz. rate (at the time when rate to mainland USA was 4/-), small faults although rare and exhibitable. 1946 neat cover with 2/- roo marginal pair to USA. 1947 use of 1½d green QE (commercial papers rate) subsequently taxed 2d when found not to comply with regulations, large Perth? ‘T2D’-in-circle on face.

1948 Myer Food Parcel Label used with Myer’s 11FEB48 meter franking of 5/10d. This is the only example known where this rate of meter has been used for its intended purpose. Proof impressions dated 10DEC47 are recorded. Minor faults consistant with parcel use. Extremely scarce.

1950 use of 2/- Crocodile pair & 3½d UPU on 8½d Registration Envelope (triple weight = 4/6d + 6d registration) airmail from Adelaide to Frankfurt, Germany. An unusual rate. 1840P *F A 1953-55 Northern Territory illustrated airmail envelopes on annotated pages, both featuring aborigines and palm trees, one is humourous with poor ‘HMA SHIP’ handstamp on face. (2) A 1956 Olympic Torch Route WCS registered airmail cover with 2/- Olympics cancelled at Darwin and addressed to Cairns 1841 *F and then, as unclaimed, return to Gower at Largs North. On annotated page. 1842 * A1959 air mail envelope of HMAS Albatross franked 1959 QEII 4d Type BW #353B with indistinct NSW cds August 12, 1959 (probably ‘RANAS NOWRA’) alongside violet ‘NAVAL SERVICE’ handstamp. Some peripheral faults, good example of special rate. A 1970 registered cover (not FDC) to Israel bearing Cook minisheet and Post Office label inscribed ‘Inspected and Safe for 1843P *F Transmission’, tied by rare oval ‘POSTMASTER/2JUN1970/FAWKNER VIC. 3060’ datestamp and signed, accompanied by PO directive to Postmasters instructing ‘Following explosions in aircraft carrying mail to Israel security aspects of acceptance of airmail to that country are being strengthened…’, backstamped Jerusalem. Early and rare Terrorism precursor. A/B 1970s-80 ‘Greetings From’ Range mainly NSW and a few Queensland, mild duplication, attractive. (c.130) 1844 *U AUSTRALIA | Flight Covers 1845 * A/B 1929-64 Group 1929 (Apr 21) Charleville-Brisbane AAMC #133 Davis cover, 1929 (June 2) Adelaide-Perth AAMC #136, 1931 (Apr 23) creased Australia- England AAMC #188, then light duplication to 1964 (July 16) Melbourne-Sydney AAMC #1522. (17) 1846 *G A/B 1929-1980s in mixed condition from 1929 AAMC #136-7 x5 with majority 1930s to/from England, Papua, New Guinea, various intermediates, local flights, some registered, few later commemorative types, even a facsimile signed Kingsford Smith picture. Big variety with AAMC at least $1,500, good entree. (50+) 1847P * B 1930 Brunette Downs - Camooweal (Feb 21) intermediate cover, AAMC #152a, signed by pilot F.Neale, slight toning and a few small creases. 1848P * A 1930 Camooweal - Anthony’s Lagoon scarce intermediate cover, AAMC #152a. Signed by pilot F Neale. 1849P * A 1930 Anthony’s Lagoon - Camooweal (Feb 21) scarce intermediate cover, AAMC #152a, signed by pilot F.Neale 1850P * A/A- 1931-34 Range from two 1931 Australia-England AAMC #188 (different size special envelopes), two Hobart-Melbourne AAMC #197 (one registered), Australia-England AAMC #222 registered at Launceston (with supporting correspondence and newspaper report), 1934 Australia-Papua boomerang AAMC #393, Australia-England AAMC #470. Plus 1934 Exhibition registered envelope with 9d Macarthur tied special show pmk. Nice lot in generally very good condition. (8) 1851P * B 1931 Australia - England plain envelope with contents inscribed Experimental Flight and franked 1/11d by SM wmk Roos 9d and 1/- and KGV 2d red AAMC #188, Cat $50. Plus 1934 (April 10) Australia-New Zealand “Faith in Australia” AAMC #369 addressed to Dunedin, backstamp Christchurch. (2) 1852P * B 1931 Hobart - Melbourne (May 1) two AAMC #197 cat $60 each, both registered, one to South Australia; three Melbourne - Hobart sectors AAMC #198, one registered Orlo-Smith envelope trimmed at left; one registered to and one from Launceston (latter a Wm Ackland cover) AAMC #198a. Some small stains and peripheral faults, attractive covers. (7) 1853 *F A/A- 1931 Hobart - Melbourne - Hobart seven matching pairs of covers, one pair registered, one pair with 6d Kingsford Smith and 5 pairs with 2d Kingsford Smith & 3d Airmail, AAMC #197-8.

$125 $75 $150 $80 $100

$900 $80 $70 $70 $85

$200 $90

$110 $220 $180 $200 $200

$100 $60 $120 $120

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ex 1867 ex 1866


1871 1874


ex 1879 ex 1877 1881

ex 1884

ex 1885

ex 1886

1888 ex 1889

ex 1891

Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1854P

Page 155

1934 Adelaide - Cowell (Feb 23) MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Co AMC #362 plus three intermediates AAMC #363a, cat from $100 each and comprising Port Pirie - Adelaide and Port Pirie - Whyalla these two as well as AAMC #362 by and to Ernie Crome, the third Whyalla - Port Pirie for a Mr R. Simpson slightly disfigured by PO’s blue crayon pointing out the ‘return to sender’ instruction. All franked 5d each including 3d Air Mail Type A, the last appears to be booklet issue BW #136 (cat $125 on cover). (4) 1855 * A 1934 MacRobertson Air Race England - Australia (Oct 20) AAMC #434, Cat $100; an American-style envelope handstamp addressed to Col Roscoe Turner, Centenary Council, MELBOURNE (the London address crossed out), in addition handstamped Carried by us in MacRobertson . . ., unofficially flown in Boeing 247-D Warner Bros Comet NR-257Y, firstly franked in England with KGV ½d green cancelled on October 11 in London. In Australia KGV 1d green tied ‘MELBOURNE/1’ cds on October 29. Bend SW corner, otherwise excellent condition. 1856P * - a pre-printed light-weight envelope addressed to and signed by CE Kay (the address pencil altered with ‘Sydney’ added), unofficially flown in DH Dragon Rapide Tainui ZK-ACO, firstly franked in England with KGV 1½d brown cancelled on October 19 at Mildenhall. In Australia KGV 1d green tied cds ‘SYDNEY/8NO34/84’. 1857 * A - England - Australia (Oct 20) AAMC #438, Cat $150; a pre-printed light-weight envelope addressed to and signed by CE Kay (the address pencil altered with ‘Sydney’ added), unofficially flown in DH Dragon Rapide Tainui ZK-ACO, firstly franked in England with KGV 1½d brown cancelled on October 19 at Mildenhall. In Australia KGV 1d green tied cds ‘SYDNEY/8NO34/84’. A 1934 Italy - Bourke registered cover on first regular UK to Australia flight, AAMC #469a. 1858P *F B/C 1934 England - Australia six folded but remarkable serially numbered souvenir envelopes of Imperial/Qantas Airways 1859P * dispatched from Egypt on Dec 9 and postmarked with ABU SUWER bi-lingual cds, all inscribed Cairo - Brisbane from Flt. Lieut. R.R. Greenlaw, No 4 Flying Training School, ABU SUEIR, EGYPT, Cairo transit backstamps, various Australia arrival backstamps. Each is addressed to a notable person who has signed the envelope upon receipt - they are, in serial number order, The Lord Mayor of Melbourne (AS Wales ?), The Secretary of the Air Board Mr JE Murphy, Vice-Admiral Sir GF Hyde at Department of Defense, the Governor of Queensland Colonel The Rt Hon Sir Leslie O. Wilson, the Governor of Victoria Captain the Lord Huntingfield, the Minister of State for Defense Senator the Rt Hon Sir George F Pearce. Each contains an authenticating statement regarding the signatures. All are AAMC #469f each cat from $125. (6) A1935 Sweden - Sydney (Jan 24) airmail cover Sweden to Sydney carried by IAL Athena from Karachi, force landed at 1860P *F Surabaya D.E.I. 4 Feb owing to ruptured exhaust pipe, confirmed by Sydney backstamp 9 Feb 1935. Far rarer incident than that involving Athena on 29 Sep 1936 (AAMC #632). 1861 * A 1936 Hong Kong - Australia per Imperial Airways via Singapore, two flimsy Air Mail envelopes (one has small burn hole) addressed to Thos Cook & Son Ltd in Brisbane each with Imperial Airways violet boxed cachet ‘FIRST THROUGH FLIGHT. . . 27TH MARCH 1936’ and KGV 10c 20c & 50c tied 2x ‘HONG KONG/4-30/23MR/36/AIR MAIL’ d/ring cds. Plus a 1935 Hong Kong-Brisbane envelope inscribed ‘SINGAPORE-AUSTRALIAN AIR MAIL’ with four Hong Kong KGV SJ 10c & 20c and similar Hong Kong Air Mail cds. (3) 1862P *F A1937 McKay Aerial Reconnaisance Expedition AAMC #758, registered cover, 1½d Canberra, 1½d Sturt & 1d & 3d Kingsford Smith cancelled with ‘ALICE SPRINGS/23JL37/N.T.’ to Sydney, signed by “Lt. Bennett”, navigator, on annotated page. A rare item, only 57 covers carried. A1938 GB - Sydney (Jul 13) airmail cover G.B. to Sydney bearing Seahorse 2/6d solo, carried by IAL Corio (confirmed by 1863 *F London slogan cancel) which was involved in a collision with Cooee at Sharjah 16 Jul, and the mail load transferred to Circe. Cover tears (mostly reverse) do not unduly detract. Only four covers from this incident to Australia recorded, with added interest for Middle East aerophilatelists. C 1938 Calpurnia Crash Mail (Nov 27) envelope from Scotland to New Zealand with GB KGVI 1½d SG #464 recovered 1864P * from the crash at Lake Habbaniyah and handstamped ‘RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA’ AAMC #834 cat from $125. Condition as you’d expect. 1865 *F B 1939 Koranga crash cover, AAMC #843, Cat $600, with stamps soaked off with accompanying duplicated note stating that the item ‘... was salvaged from the Flying Boat “Koranga” ...’, usual faults. A/C 1940 Variety very mixed condition [1] 1940 Australia-NZ TEAL long illustrated envelope AAMC #900 registered at 1866P * Wollongong; [2] 1944 envelope to RAF Otu, Nassau, Bahamas franked late use pair Kingsford Smith 6d violet ACSC #143 (cat $90 on cover) with censor handstamp and red censor label; [3] 1947 long commercial envelope to Singapore franked 3 pairs 2/- Roo ACSC #41; [4] 1947 registered inbound to NSW from Barbados violet handstamps ‘A.V./2’ and ‘NORTH ATLANTIC SERVICE’; [5] 1939 highly philatelic long Air Mail envelope Toronto to Liverpool (UK) franked pairs 1938 6c Air and 1939 Royal Visit set SG #371-4, opened out. (5) AUSTRALIA | Military & Censor Mail 1867P * B 1940 Air Mail five censored envelopes same sender and addressee October (3) and November (2) 1940 franked 1/6d by various 1940 AIF values with either P13½x14 1/- Lyre or 1/4d KGVI, the first four addressed Abroad with large dot Brisbane reseal, the fifth England with scarcer plain Townsville reseal tied ‘1/2 PASSED BY CENSOR/1’. Nice group. (5) 1868 * A-/B 1941-42 commercial mail selection in mainly fine condition comprising [1] two 1941 inbound Air Mail to Cairns with Papua 5d frankings from Port Moresby and Samarai to Bank of New South Wales each with Cairns violet diamond ‘1/3 PASSED/BY/CENSOR/1’; [2] 1941 inbound Air Mail to Cairns with New Guinea 5d Bulolo from Salamaua to Howard Smith & Co with Townsville violet diamond ‘1/2 NOT/OPENED BY/CENSOR/1’; [3] four 1942 Brisbane to Howard Smith & Co in Cairns, various definitive frankings incl 1941 surcharges (three with Late Fee cds, one with ‘POSTED IN COUNTRY BOX’ wavy line), each with violet one line ‘DON’T DISCUSS SHIPPING MOVEMENTS’ handstamp. (7) 1869 * A-/B 1941-50 commercial, military and social mail selection in mixed condition including three probably philatelic 1945 USA franked self-censored by the writer from HQ FEASC, APO 323 to Brisbane (two also with Australia stamp); three 1945-7 ‘BMA MALAYA’ multiple low value frankings on two commercial envs to Brisbane and a registered Postal Card to India; 1944 (Apr 2) censored GB to Brisbane with KGVI 1/3d franking; 1941 Egypt-NZ censored Airmail env; a remarkable India uprated registered env to Cairns gloriously inscribed From: Namah son of Pohoo, Village Litter, P.O. Litter, Tahsil Nakodar, Distt Jullundur, Punjab (India) with variety of postal markings. Some other oddments. (13) AUSTRALIA | Military - World War I Period 1870P *F B 1914-15 Egypt Infantry Brigade 1914 (24 Dec) front with Egypt 1m (5) tied 1st Aust Div Field PO datestamps and Brisbane censor handstamp, 1915 (10 Jan) unusual Adelaide YMCA OAS envelope with 5m tied by 3rd Aust Inf Bde cds. (2) 1871P *F A 1915 Egypt (22 Jul) PPC to Pinnaroo, SA, showing fine cogwheel ‘27th. BATTALION A.I.F./7TH. INF. BGDE.’ cachet (Emery CA39) and maritime style ‘A.I.F./Passed by Censor....’ (CM15), poor Interbase Cairo cds. 1872 *F A - (7 Nov) PPC to Melbourne showing ‘ON ACTIVE SERVICE/....Lieut/O. C. “D” Company’ cachet in blue-green (Emery CA98B), fair Australian Base Details PO cds. 1873 *F A 1915 Egypt Hospitals PPC to Adelaide showing unusually fine double oval ‘FIRST AUSTRALIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL’ cachet (Emery CA 41) *



$55 $120

$100 $110

$300 $475

$100 $350

$380 $70 $200





$130 $170 $140 $150

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ex 1893

ex 1895

ex 1896







ex 1912

1919 ex 1914

1920 1922

1921 1923

ex 1925

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Page 157

- (14 Sep) PPC to Melbourne showing cirular ‘FIRST AUSTRALIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL/FRANKED’ cachet (Emery CA 40). 1875 *G C 1915 Returned Mail OHMS Returned Letter envelope handstamped for Returned Letter Office, Base Records, Melbourne, addressed to Glenroy (Vic), opened and resealed twice with selvedge, and redirected to Glenroy, SA. 1876P *F A/B 1915-16 Egypt 1915 (Oct) - 1916 (Mar) PPCs (latter with pencil message and address rubbed out) showing fair circular ‘AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE/NO STAMPS AVAILABLE/1 A.A.P.C.’ (tear), ‘AIF/ON ACTIVE SERVICE/FRANKED’ or ‘8TH TRAINING BATTALION’, ‘PASSED BY CENSOR’ (Emery CA18, CA34, CA102 + CM18) (3) 1877P *G A/B 1915-19 Western Front 1916-18 group to Australia or AIF London with Army POs S1-S105, also SA1, R13 and R14 cds, one registered with generic blue label. (27) 1878 * A/C 1916 A.I.F. Inter Base P.O. [1] 8-MR-16 on PPC to Payneham SA, fine boxed ‘A.I.F./PASSED BY CENSOR’ on face; [2] 17-JA-16 on faulty cover to Hindmarsh, SA, light triple-oval ‘9TH LIGHT HORSE RGT./16JANV1916/A.I.F.’ (sic French JANV[IER]) on face; [3] 20-MR-16 on ‘REPLY LETTER CARD’ to Adelaide, contents include description of Xmas on Lemnos, red triangle ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown]/NO 3272’. 1879P * A/C - Australian Base Details P.O. [1] 13-I-16 on cover to Powlett River Vic, home-made censor label sealing top cancelled with over-lapping triple-oval ‘SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION/ZEITOUN’, and same on face with censors signature. Not recorded by Emery; [2] 25-V-16 on tatty cover to Mitcham Park, SA, triple-oval ‘3RD TRAINING BATTALION F.P.O/ 25MAY1916/A.I.F.’ on face. Only date recorded by Emery. A - (Aug 21) OAS cover to Elsternwick, Vic cancelled with ‘1ST L.H. BD[E]/21-AU-16/DETAILS F.P.[O.]’ (B2 - Moascar, Egypt 1880 * - rated 500 by Proud). [CJ Simpson Correspondence] 1881P *F A 1916 Egypt (1 Jan) PPC to Yuba, WA, showing fine unframed ‘ON ACTIVE SERVICE/...Lieut/4th TRNG. BATTALION’ cachet (Emery CA98) in violet and Australian Base Details PO cds. A- (14 Feb) OAS env + contents to Melbourne, above average oval ‘MILITARY RECREATION/FREE/E’ in red, Cairo cds. 1882 *F A1916 Egypt Hospitals AIF Parcel receipt form showing very fine oval ‘AUST. GENERAL HOSPITAL/P.O./12APR16/No.3’ 1883 *F cachet in purple with stars, Emery CA46A. 1884P * B/C 1916-18 inbound to NSW, all part of the same Sykes correspondence from various theatres with majority appearing to be Egypt. Condition varies poor to fair only, many have original correspondence, range of mainly British postal/censor markings with a number more useful seen eg ‘10.X’ and ‘11.X’ (Canadian), ‘2.Y’ (Mounted Brigade). Includes a couple later (WWII period) oddments. (20) A/C 1916-19 [1] 4th Australian Inf Bgde 4-IV-16 on Honour Envelope to Tel el Kebir; [2] 7th Inf Bde 28-JA-16 on OAS cover to 1885P * East Adelaide, SA, magenta boxed ‘PASS[ED] BY/[[crown]]/NO3062/CE[NS]OR’ on face; [3] Cairo 20-I-16 on PPC to Maryborough Qld, red ‘PASSED CENSOR/29FE16/BRISBANE’ on face; [4] British skeleton APO SZ 22 of 28JU/19 on OAS PPC to Rowella Tas. 1886P * A/C 1917-19 Re-Directed Mail covers showing Undeliverable or Not Traceable handstamp and returned, 1919 from WA to AAMC showing rare ‘Redirected by Army Base Post Office’ label, plus 1 piece, mixed condition. (4) 1887 D A/B 1917-21 WWI-Related Slogan Postmarks collection of generally large pieces on pages. Nice group with many near complete strikes, all Krags, a few catalogued flaws noted on several stamps, also one piece has the 1½d brown additionally cancelled with a nice SA numeral ‘81’. (27) 1888P * A1921? use of OHMS ‘PACKET POST/WAR MEDAL’ ‘BASE RECORDS, MELBOURNE’ envelope to Adelaide, type V2 ‘Bulk Regn. Melb’ registration label, poor ‘Registered/2/Paid Melbourne’ cds, on reverse ‘[Opene]d by authority of the/ [Po]stmaster General.’ handstamp. AUSTRALIA | Military - World War II Period 1889P * A/C 1916-70 Accumulation of military covers with small WWI group including AIF Camp 4, Egyptian PPC to New Zealand; WWII with odd registered, ‘AUS F.P.O. 34/19AU/42’ (Tripoli) on Marconi Radio telegraph form, ‘AUS F.P.O. [3]6/1 JU 41’ (Tobruk siege) on ‘TEA REVIVES YOU’ comic Letter Card, fourteen Airgraphs including 1943 Christmas from England, Vietnam Salvation Army OAS cover. (c.60) 1890 **/U A/B 1940s Selection of WWII-era and a few postwar covers with printed or handstamped inscriptions for various Military departments, including 1942 Dept of Defence cover with ‘Call up’ notification enclosed, etc, apparently all different, odd fault, mostly good, an interesting lot. (58) A/B 1940s-80s PMG Post Offices Selection of Army/RAAF/Naval P.O.’s on covers/stationery, WWII and postwar, all States 1891P *U (and A.C.T.) represented, apparently without duplication amongst datestamps, range of concessional postage markings, etc. Some faults, mostly reasonable strikes. (115) A/B 1941 Australian Comforts Fund inwards mail, most redirected with military or local Palestinian or Lebanese 1892 * backstampings, noted nice hexagonal ‘AL ARZ’ Arabic datestamp, one handstamped ‘SECRET’, another ‘IMMEDIATE’, good range Censor handstamps/tapes, etc, odd fault, interesting lot. (20) 1893P * A/B 1941-45 Mail to Servicemen abroad at concessional rates, including rare 5d airmail rate, one to US Forces at 1d rate, another stampless (free) endorsed ‘ISLAND MAIL’, good range Censor handstamps/tapes, typically mixed condition. (40) 1894 * B 1942-43 with one exception appears to be from a very mixed condition single correspondence Dvr AR Riley of the AIF to WRAN M. Cilin variously at OTC, Flinders Naval Depot in Melbourne, HMAS Penguin at Sydney, later demobilised, married to a Bill Brodie and at County Council in Sydney. Letter Cards, censor handstamps, variety of frankings including Negri Sembilan, KGVI 3d blue (x3 on one envelope). (18) 1895P *U A/B 1944-45 New Guinea registered selection from Bougainville, comprising FPO datestamp nos. 12, 13, 14, 158, 169 and 161, in use at Motupena Point, Toko, and Torokina, variety of handstamped registration details and Censors (in violet, black, red, green), generally good strikes, odd fault. (6) 1896P * B Borneo 1945 (Sep 19) Salvation Army/ACF/YMCA envelope to Bexley, NSW with ½d orange Roo block of 4 and QM 1d maroon cancelled ‘A.I.F FIELD P.O./19SE45/54.’ believed used at Borneo-Balikpapan (pencil notation on back). 1897P *F AEngland use of 4d Koala on cover to Longerenong College, Victoria, boxed ‘ON ACTI[VE SERVI]CE/ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE/CONCESSION POSTAL RATE’ (A2) & ‘R.A.A.F./BASE.P.O.NO4/23AP42/ENGLAND’ (B1) both on face but not cancelling stamp, triple-oval ‘Docum[?]g/23APR1942/No1 SIGNAL SCHOOL’ (A2) sealing flap. 1898P * A - Xmas card produced by 10 Squadron RAAF in Great Britain, mailed to Melton SA on 17OCT44, blue boxed ‘WRITTEN BY MEMBER OF/RAAF ON ACTIVE SERVICE’ on face of cover. 1899P * A Middle East impressive range of censor covers to Australia from varying locations including: Egypt, Palestine and Tobruk, good quality items on display sheets. (20) 1900 *F APOW - Thailand 1944 (Feb 17) Inward Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny endorsed “TAM” for Tamuang, notation reads “Received 23 Sep 44” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/103’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. 1901 *F A - 1944 (Apr 19) Australian POW stampless card cancelled ‘ST KILDA RAIL’, Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’, violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/326’, notation reads “Received 16/1/45”.

$120 $95 $190 $230


$100 $90 $120 $170 $120


$100 $110 $50 $140

$100 $230 $280 $280 $230

$100 $230 $110 $90 $100 $280 $150 $125

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ex 1927











1934 1941



Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011 1902


- 1944 (Jun 19) Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 16/1/45” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/398’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. 1903P *F A- 1944 (Jul 17) Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 24/8/45”, violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/44’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. 1904 *F A - 1944 (Aug 14) Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne with partial St Kilda Rail cds to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 24/8/45” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/376’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. 1905 *F A - 1944 (Nov 1) Outward Australian POW stampless card (13.5x8.2cm) from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 24/8/45” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/122’ but without Japanese censor markings (after surrender). 1906P *F A- 1945 (Jun 20) Outward Australian POW card (13.5x8.2cm) missing stamp but with printed ‘4d STAMP’, partial ‘SHIP MAIL ROOM/MELBOURNE’ cancellation, printed Air Mail cachet, to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand. Melbourne censor #195. Printed redirection sticker in black to St Kilda dated 10 November 1945. A/B - 1945 (Jun 28) two different design outward Australian POW cards (13.5x8.2cm) to de Crespigny from Melbourne (stamps 1907 *F removed); one addressed to him at Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion, Japan, printed Australian Prisoner of War, c/o Japanese Red Cross, Tokyo, Japan (some minor faults); the other to POW camp Thailand which has printed air mail etiquette, both with partial Australian censor marks - both redirection sticker in black to St Kilda dated 15 November 1945. A - 1945 (Aug 9) outward stampless Australian old design POW air mail card (14x8.5cm) provision for 4d stamp, to de 1908P *F Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand mc cancellation, violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/226’ on back mss in blue “Recd 24/8/45”, indicating that this went by airmail even though the airmail fee was not paid. AUSTRALIA | Postmarks 1909 DS A/B 1910s-90s Potpourri: from early Commonwealth period to modern including fairly simplified A-Z individual collections for each state/territory (plus similar for NZ and PNG), separate assemblies include Mail Centres of Victoria, machine/slogans, Melbourne numbered types. Also bundle modern FDCs and two bundles covers with commemorative pictorial postmarks. Huge variety, mixed condition, needs a general tidy-up. (100’s) 1910 DS A/B Datestamp Selection: on stamps or piece, with good selection of Northern Territory with lovely 1929 Barrow Creek, nice 1933 Quorn-Alice Springs TPO, selection of NSW & SA TPOs, also 1953 ACT West Ridge. (c.95) 1911 D A/B Machine Cancels: shoebox with early 60s cancels from Victoria organised alphabetically, a few cds noted. Plus many packets of cut-to-shape slogan cancels up to to 80s, must be 1000s. 1912P *DS A/C South Aust & West Aust Collection: in stockbook. [1] SA nice range with a few covers and fronts, 1880s to 1970s, good range of squared circles but no rarities noticed. Still a handy group (c. 400); [2] WA a few numerals, then useful range of datestamps from 1900s to 1970s, noted nice Beenup, Lake Darlot, Timber Mills Greenbushes, Westbrook (c.350); [3] small group of NSW & NT. (c.800) 1913 S A/B Starter Collection: for all States on KGV - QEII pre-decimals mostly more common values with few Roo 1d and KGV various including ‘OS’ opts, good range KGV-period commem types. Mostly on small piece but many off paper too, some machine cancels but majority clearly identifiable cds, mainly fine. (100’s) AUSTRALIA | Machine Cancellations incl Meters 1914P * A/A- NSW & Victoria British Empire Exhibition meter slogans comprising [1] Sydney 1923 ‘AUSTRALIA’S OPPORTUNITY’ x4, three different settings, all franked KGV 2d red Die I, one an env of The Queen’s Club; [2] Sydney 1924 ‘AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS’ two different settings each franked KGV 1½d red Die I; [3] Melbourne 1924 3x red ‘PAID AT/AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS’ on OHMS postcards from Closer Settlement Board, scarce slogans. (9) AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES | Collections and Accumulations 1915 ** A 1960s to 2000s PNG, Norfolk Island, Cocos Keeling Islands, Nauru, & AAT issues sorted in glassines, includes small quantities of higher value definitives, labelled and priced ready for resale! With retail value in excess of $2,100 this would be ideal for market trader or eBayer. Great buying at estimate. (1000s) 1916 ** A - PNG, Norfolk Island, Cocos Keeling Islands, Nauru, Christmas Island & AAT issues sorted in glassines, labelled and priced ready for resale! With retail value in excess of $1,700 this would be ideal for market trader or eBayer. Great buying at estimate. (1000s) 1917 Australian Islands 800g on small single paper from AAT, Cocos, Xmas Island & Norfolk Island. Rarely offered. AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY 1918 ** A 1966-70 Pictorial Definitives in 1970 APO presentation pack with Japanese language insert - unopened (but may not be the original cover). Some stamps not in original place. (11) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY | Postal History 1919P *F A 1954 (Feb 15) possibly commercial registered cover from Mawson to USA franked at correct 2/9d for registered airmail rate. 1920P *F A 1961 (Apr 13) commercial airmail cover to Indonesia bearing 1/- Map tied by Macquarie cds, rare correct rate and franking. COCOS ISLANDS 1921P ** A1990 Navigators 75c Beagle imperf bottom left corner vertical pair, minor gum adhestions. 1922P **/V A 1990-91 Provisionals complete set of 8, including $5 Airmail and Coconut official CTO, SG #230,234-9,O1. COCOS ISLANDS | Postal History 1923P * A 1955 (Nov 23) cover flown to Hobart on first airmail service with the ‘Inauguration of Domestic Postal Service’ in red. Only mail to Tasmania was cacheted in red and it is believed that less than 20 were carried. NAURU

1924P *


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A B1

1916-23 Waterlow Seahorses 10/- indigo-blue overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’, SG #18s, Cat £1000, very lightly hinged.

$125 $125 $125 $125 $100

$180 $100

$150 $120 $85

$300 $85


$625 $525 $100 $50 $100 $200 $200 $200 $250


Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

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ex 1945

ex 1946


ex 1953

ex 1947







ex 1958


1964 1960


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Phoenix Auctions - Friday 13th May 2011

1925P U AA 1937-48 Ships WhitePaper ½d to 10/- and ½d P14 (#26Bc), very fine used, SG #26B-39B, Cat £235. (15) 1926P V A B1 - 10/- yellow, SG #39B, Cat £100. 1927P ** A 1979 Rowland Hill Imperforate set in vertical strips of 3, SG #204-6a. (9) NEW GUINEA | ‘G.R.I.’ Overprints 1928P * A 1914-15 GRI on German New Guinea 3d on 30pf Black and orange/buff, SG #23, retail $325. 1929P * A 1914 8d on 80pf Black and Carmine-Rose surcharge 10th setting position 2, SG #26, retail $875. RPSV certificate stating “. . genuine, has been regummed”, . 1930P * A- B1 1915 1d on 2d on 10pf Marshall Islands with short 1, SG #63c, soiled perfs in TLC, a rare stamp. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints 1931P * A- A1 1915-16 KGV SingleWmk ½d bright green (acccbc) strip of 6, transfer error, perf separation between 2nd & 3rd and 3rd & 4th units protected with small hinges, light vertical crease on 1st unit. 1932P ** A A1 1915-16 Kangaroos 1stWmk 1/- green pair (aa), SG #81, curious light vertical band in righthand stamp. 1933P * A A1 - 10/- grey & pink (b), SG #84. 1934P **/* A/A- 1915-16 Roos 2ndWmk 9d & 1/- both in vertical (abc) strips, each with one unit mounted, bottom unit of 9d has light horizontal crease & top unit of 1/- has 3 tone perf tips. 1935P * A A1 1915-16 Kangaroos 2ndWmk 5/- grey & yellow with purple-black overprint, SG #92, with break in coast line east of Cape Londonderry [R58]. Exceptional quality.

1936P *

A A1

1937P F

A C1

1915-16 Kangaroos 3rdWmk £1 brown & blue (a) with white flaw on lower right of S of AUSTRALIA [R34] (BW #52(D)k), SG #99, retail $625+. A very fine stamp. - £1 brown & blue (a), SG #99, retail $675, light Madang CDS.

1938P F 1939P F 1940P **

A A1 1918 ‘One Penny’ Surcharges 1d on 5d brown KGV SG 100 with fine Rabaul cds. A - 1d on 5d & 1d on 1/-, SG #100-1. (2) A/A- B 1918-23 KGV Single Wmk in deep scarlet aniline shade (G18) variety of SG #103 (BW #71I), fresh nicely centred horizontal strip of 4 (one unit has light vertical crease). (4) 1941P W A A1 - 4d yellow-orange Line through FOUR PENCE, SG #104a, no gum. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints | Official Stamps 1942P F A A1 1919-23 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk Perf ‘OS’ 2d grey perf ‘OS’ SG O6. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints | Postal History 1943 *F A1917 use of ½d green & 1d red KGV pairs (a), cancelled with light clear ‘RABAUL/8JA17/.’ (A1-) on registered cover to England, fine ‘PASSED CENSOR/8JAN1917/RABAUL’ crowned oval (A1+) on face. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues

1944 1944P 1945P 1946P 1947P 1948P 1949P 1950P 1951

* * * * * F U **

A B2 A A A A A1 A A1 A B1 B/C


$200 $90 $300 $250 $170 $525 $475 $160 $300 $175 $220

$390 $520 $175 $300 $80 $625 $125 $325


1925-30 Huts £1 olive-green, Panelli forgery. Scarce. 1931 Huts Ovpt Airmail complete set of 13, SG #137-49, Cat £250, fresh mint. 1931 Dated Birds complete set of 13, SG #150-62, Cat £400. Fresh mint. 1931 Dated Birds Overprinted Airmail complete set of 14, SG #163-76, Cat £300. Fresh mint. 1935 Bulolo Airs £2 bright violet, SG #204. - £2 bright violet SG #204. 1935 £5 Bulolo PanelliForgery with equally bogus part cds, extremely scarce. 1937 KGVI Coronation 5d green, five ASH imprint large blocks of 15 from Plate 2a and each with variety Re-entry - design completely duplicated at R5/2 SG 210a cat £60 each, each more or less tropicalised gum. (5) 1952P * A A1 1939 Bulolo £1 grey-green, Panelli forgery. Scarce. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues | Official Stamps 1953P * A 1932 Undated Birds complete set of 13, SG #O42-54, Cat £250. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues | Stamps on Cover 1954P * A 1931 Dated Birds Overprinted OS 3d blue SG #O34 attractively tied to OHMS envelope by s/ring ‘MADANG/14AU31/ NEW GUINEA’ cds wirh another alongside, to Talasea with arrival cds August 29. Backstamps same.

$230 $330 $530 $330 $350 $150 $500 $85 $200 $300 $120

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Auction 8 - Sect 5  

Section 5 is scheduled to start at 5:00pm and continues with a few Booklets including 1930 2/- (#1696), 1948 5/10d meter on Myer parcel labe...