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Box Lot Auction #1402 Thursday 1st May 2014 at 3:00pm

Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Welcome to our second Box Lot Auction for 2014. Please note this auction will be held on THURSDAY 1st May! These auctions are held in our Auction Rooms at Level 2, 170 Queen Street Melbourne. Enter either lift in the foyer and go to Level 2. If when you are visiting and the lifts are secured, please press the buzzer outside the front door and we will send the lift down for you. This auction will be live on the net via our own auction systems. Just login as usual and then open the ‘Auction Progress’ window. This will then give you the ability to bid on each lot just as if you were in the room. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. This auction contains 219 Philatelic lots and has over 150 Collections and Miscellaneous lots from around the world from A - V. Those who participated in Auction 1401 will recall the interest this section enjoyed and this time we anticipate a similar response! We also have the Literature, Postage, Kiloware, FDCs, PNCs and other Accumulations from Australia and Australian Territories. All our standard auction procedures apply to these Auctions. You can bid in the room, by post, email or through the website. In fact you can bid exactly the same way you do with our normal public auctions. If you intend to bid live online please contact us if you have any queries as to how our online bidding operates. The majority of the lots contained here do require some consideration as to how they will be despatched to you, so please be aware of the weight and bulk of items if mail is your preferred method of despatch. We do welcome bids from all over, but please be aware as these postage costs are sometimes very prohibitive! We cannot emphasise this enough, that although we charge postage on parcels at cost, it can be extremely expensive. Check the Australia Post website for full details. Viewing will be held in our offices from Monday 28th April through to Thursday 1st May.

Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd · Auction Rooms: Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne. Australia. Postal Address: GPO Box 4346, Melbourne. Vic. 3001. Australia. · ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 · F: +61 3 8677 2858 · E:

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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014

Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings * 1918-1984 Diverse range incl [1] Australia 1984 Ausipex covers with GB & Austrian Framas, [2] 1815 part entire boxed 1 Kirkin/Tulloch to Leith, 1959 QANTAS Flight cover, [3] Mexico 1861 2r on part entire to Vera Cruz, [4] Tonga 1936-42 Tin Can Mail covers (3) with good array of cachets. [4] US 1942 Naval Censored cover from USS PC-591 to Michigan. Generally fine. (9) * 1931-47 Selection of mostly airmail covers incl [1] Australia 1931 (Nov) Aust-England Flight (2, one bearing 3d Airmail (4) 2 & 2d KGV), 1934 Aust-NZ 1st Flight, [2] GB 1934 1/3d cover to Australia, [3] France 1946-47 covers to Australia, [4] Straits Settlements 1935 Jubilee 25c on commercial cover to Australia, etc. Mixed condition. (8) * 1933-2000s First Flights with Hungary from 1933 Air short set Mi #502-7 WIPA cover Budapest-Vienna, later Air sets on 3 FDCs from 1960s (22); Netherlands 1980s duplicated KLM frst flights (26); Australia and odd PNG, NZ, Cocos (11 - not all flight related); oddments Scandinavia, Russia, Czech, Belarus (9). (68) 4 U Accumulation of packet material, etc, thematics incl world nudes, selection of GB, Australia incl 50+ Last Day Covers (12/2/66) for some pre-decimal issues, also Rhodesia 1970 Defins on unaddressed FDC. Duplication of some issues abounds. Mixed condition. (1,000s) 5 */**/U Accumulation Of [1] Central & South Americas with many countries represented, some pickings amongst the earlies possible in stockbook and album, [2] French Guinea on sheets, [3] Zanzibar few early Sultans plus 1957 Sultan 5c to 25c in sheets of 100. Mixed condition. (100s) 6 */**/U Album with Vario pages incl [1] Canal Zone, [2] Namibia/SWA, [3] New Caledonia range 1970s commems, [4] Norway 1860s-2001 incl few earlies, 1937-38 King Haakon 5k used, 1942 Quisling, 1955 Norwex opts, 1979-80 Stamp Exhibition M/Ss, 1986 Working Life M/S, 1987 Stamp Day M/S, 1992 Games M/S, 1994 Stamp Day M/S, 2001 Nobel Prize (8 plus M/S MUH), Officials, [5] Saudi Arabia. Mostly fine used or CTO. Panama, Condition of earlies is mixed. (100s) 7 */**/U Album with Vario pages [1] Paraguay 1900s-99 incl selection of issues that were ‘issued in excess of postal needs’, [2] Peru, [3] Philippines few earlies, 1948 FAO 40c Air (MLH), 1979 Birds (6), Cats & Dogs (6), (CTO), many commems, few ‘OB’ opts, [5] Portugal with 1898 Da Gama 75r & 150r (no gum), [5] few Colonies incl Azores 1990 Bird strip (MUH), Port. India, etc. Generally fine. (100s) 8 */**/U Asia in small stockbook incl [1] Ceylon QV to early QEII with many defins both mint and used, opts, [2] India with similar array plus Officials, [3] Indian States range both Convention & Feudatory also [4] few ‘India used abroad’ incl Aden (3), Rangoon, Zanzibar (2), some postmark interest, generally fine. (1,000+) 9 **/U Asia Array incl [1] Brunei 1947 Pict to $1 in MUH blocks of 4, [2] Burma 1947 Interim Gov’t Opts in CTO blocks of 4, [3] North Borneo 1954-59 Picts to 50c in MUH blocks of 4, [4] Sarawak 1947 Crown Colony opts (2 sets-one MLH, the other fine used). Cat approx £275. (170) 10 */U Asia Collection incl [1] Brunei, [2] Malaya with Straits Settlements selection of QV, FMS, Johore, Perak, Selangor, Trengganu 1917-18 Red Cross with misplaced opt reading ED CROSS R, also [3] North Borneo, [4] Philippines, [5] Singapore, [6] Thailand. Some postmark interest. Generally fine. (100s) 11 U Battered Kookaburra album with Canada, Ceylon, Germany, GB incl QV 5/-, KEVII 5/-, Hong Kong incl 1900-01 5c yellow block of 4 with HK GPO cds, Ireland few 1922 opts, India, Japan, Malayan States, Rhodesia 1909-12 £1 & £2 (fiscal use), USA incl pre-cancels, etc, few perfins both private & official throughout, some postmark interest. Mixed condition. (100s) 12 */**/U British Commonwealth Accumulation from Bahamas, Barbados, Burma, Caymans, Ceylon few Telegraph ‘halves’, Dominica, India few Revenues, States incl Travancore, Ireland, Jamaica, KUT 1954-59 65c & 1s.30 in MUH blocks of 6, Niue, Norfolk, Papua 1937 Coronation (20 sets, CTO, no gum), Samoa, Seychelles, S.Africa, SWA, Trinidad & Tobago. STC £750+. (100s) 13 */**/U British Commonwealth mixture incl [1] Bahamas 1861 1d, [2] Cape of Good Hope Triangle 1d brown-red, [3] Newfoundland 1910 1c green with variety similar to JAMRS variety, [4] New Guinea 1932-34 Undated Bird 5/-, all used, 1931 Dated Bird 1/- opt ‘OS’ (MH), [5] NSW, [6] New Zealand 1936-42 1d Kiwi marginal pane of 60 (MNH cat £240), 2002 NZ Life sheetlet of 10, from ‘special sheet stock’ which has plain backing paper (MUH), [7] PNG 1958-60 Cattle 1/7d, [8] South Georgia 1963 Pictorials to 5/- (VLM). Mixed condition. (90) 14 */**/U British Commonwealth with QV to early QEII, in stockbook with many useful defins, etc, from Br. Guiana, Dominica, Jamaica, Mauritius, Montserrat, Nigeria, Pitcairn Islands, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tonga, Turks & Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands. Postmark interest in the earlies. (1,000+) 15 S+R China 1998-99 special presentation folders (3) with REPRINTS of all the Cultural Revolution issues (ex 1969 8f Soldiers on Horseback & 1970 8f Jin Xunhau in Water) (79), 1970-73 Commem issues (85), and 1960-95 Flower issues (95). Ideal ‘Space-fillers’ (all with black bar across corner) for those of us that cannot afford the real thing. Some of the reprints leave a little to be desired. (3) 16 */**/U Collection in album on Vario pages incl Maldives many commems also 1975 Marine Life (8), Slovakia 1939-2004 with good selection of MUH 1990s issues onwards, many M/Ss, commems, etc, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Mixed condition. (100s) 17 */**/U Collection on Vario pages incl [1] Japan 1870s-2000s incl selection of 1940s imperf issues, many commems, few Revenues, perfins, range of Manchukuo, [2] Jordan, [3] Kazakhstan 1992-2004 few M/Ss, [4] Kyrgyzstan 1992-2004 range incl 2003 Tourism sheet, [5] Korea (South) & North 1950s-90s incl 1995 Designs block of 25 with ‘printed cancels’. Generally fine. (100s) 18 */**/U Collection in album on Vario pages incl [1] Kuwait, [2] Laos 1971 Wild Animals, 1974 Transport, [3] Lebanon, [4] Liechtenstein 1999 Walser, 2002 Orchid (MUH), [5] Luxembourg 1984 Paintings, Child Welfare, 1985 Europa, Child Welfare, 1986 & 1987 National Welfare, 1988 Juvalux M/S, [6] Nepal, [7] Netherlands 1860s-2000s incl various Wilhelmina to 5g, 1906 TB (5c+5c) Non-remainder cancel (fault), 1923 Culture Fund 10c, range of Child Welfare sets, many commems and [8] Neth. Antilles & Indies. Mixed condition. (100s) 19 */**/U Collection on Vario pages incl [1] Thailand few earlies, opts, 1989, 90 & 91 New Year Flowers (3 sets of each), 2000 Royal Wedding strip, [2] Ukraine with range of Trident opts (94, some imperf), selection of 1920 ‘prepared for use but not issued’ items, 1992-2006 selection of M/Ss, range of commems, [3] Uzbekistan 1990s-2002 incl 2002 Pre-human Ancestors sheet, Coins block of 6, Irises & M/S, [4] Vietnam South & North incl 1959 Peace Movement, 1970 Sea Shells, 1972 Dances, 1974 Chrysanthemums, 1975 Reptiles, etc, [7] Vatican few commems incl 2002 Silver Pope €2.58, [8] Venezuela. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) * 20 Covers and Coins two boxes of covers majority Australia but also GB, NZ (incl 1967 1st dec complete set FDC), various Europe. Two boxes of coins, one mostly loose copper, the other 1969-82 RAM sets in plastic folders. (100s) * 21 Covers Variety mostly modern commem and first day covers accumulation with most already priced (well over $1,100). Includes bundle of Fiji KGVI and early QEII Marks and Robley FDCs. Lots of Nauru, Pitcairn Is, PNG and other Pacific area, FDC and other covers from Netherlands, Germany and other Europe, plenty of thematic interest (eg WWF, 1976 Australia-Pacific-Australia Flight Anniversary, West Berlin 1970-71 Heinemann FDCs). Mainly fine. (100s) 22 ** Diverse Group incl [1] Australia 2000 Australian Gold Medallists 17 sheetlets in special album plus 2 sheetlets for 2002 Winter Olympics Winners, [2] NZ 1985 & 1986 complete Year Books, [3] Omnibus 1985 KA-BE Hingeless Souvenir album for Queen Mother’s 85th Birthday incl issues (123 stamps & 31 M/S) from 33 countries. (4 items).

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*/**/U Eastern Europe in 6 stockbooks incl [1] Bulgaria [2] Croatia 1941-42 Pictorials, [3] Estonia 1918-30s, [4] Latvia 1918-40, [5] Lithuania 1919-40s, [6] Montenegro, [7] Slovakia, many opts, triangles, imperfs, etc throughout. Condition mixed. (100s) */** Eastern Europe Collections from [1] Bohemia & Moravia, [2] Bosnia & Herzegovina, [3] Croatia 1942 Youth Fund, 1943 7th Century of Foundatin sheet of 8, 1944 War Invalids Fund in sheets of 8 plus label, Croat Youth Fund set in imperf sheets of 20, [4] Czechoslovakia range of sheetlets, M/Ss, [5] Montenegro, [6] Serbia, [7] Slovenia 1945 Opts on Murska Sobata issues (12), [8] Yugoslavia selection of ‘SHS’ opts with sideways, inverted, misplaced opts, etc. Generally fine with many issues MUH. (100s) */**/U Eastern Europe Collections in stockbook incl Albania few misplaced opts or perfs, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia 1943 Legion Relief M/Ss (both, MUH), Montenegro, Romania 1938 Grigorescu (4 sets MUH), Serbia, Yugoslavia, much thematic interest throughout, many opts. (750++) */U Europe incl [1] Belgium few imperfs, various Leopold II to 2f lilac, range of Railway stamps, Sunday Delivery issues, Postage Dues, Pre-cancels, [2] Belgian Congo various opts, [3] Denmark, [4] Finland, [5] Luxembourg, [6] Norway, [7] Sweden. Numerous defins throughout. Condition of earlies is very mixed. (1,350+) */**/U European selection incl [1] Greece few imperfs, 1938 Wedding (9 sets used), several opts, [2] unissued Epirus issues, [3] Turkey good selection of early issues, 1938 15th Anniv of Republic (6), many other issues, plus small group of [4] Cilicia incl various inverted opts. Generally fine. (100s) U Fujeira Accumulation of stamps in 2 albums, many have ‘been issued in excess of postal needs’, Great lot for thematic collector, all CTO. Generally fine. (100s plus approx 40+ M/S). * Interesting Range of World Covers incl 1953 Coronation Flight covers (10) to or from London, Angola 1923 registered cover Lobito (mss) on Benguela label to Germany, Burma 1935 Mission covers (2) with Indian adhesives, China 1941 registered Censored cover to NSW, Egypt 1925 tatty Official cover to US, Hong Kong 1937 Coronation registered illustrated FDC to Australia, Netherlands 1946 Soldier’s letter to Sydney, Neth. Indies 1902 5c Postal card WELTEVREDEN to BLITAR with MAOS transit cancel, 1931 Batavia to Perth Flight cover, 1941 Dual Censored cover to Australia, Newfoundland 1952 Special Delivery cover to US, NZ 1932 OHMS cover with 1d Admiral strip of 6 optd ‘OFFICIAL’, Nigeria 1943 Censored cover Port Harcourt to GB, Poland few 1920s-30s covers, Sarawak 1949 UPU FDC, etc. Condition mixed. (100+ items). U Kiloware over 4kgs majority Australia but USA, Singapore, Indonesia and others seen. Includes small bundle medical FDCs (Sigma etc) and other oddments. NO RESERVE. (1000s) Machine Cancels hundreds machine cancel cut-outs of the world (incl Australia), not much - if any - after 1950. Seems to be mostly 1930s and more Sweden than anywhere else, also Canada, USA, NZ, Germany, etc. (100s) Matchbox Labels from WA Match Co/Redheads incl 1959 Flags (64), 1962 Commonwealth Games (32), 1964 Greek & Roman Mythology (64), 1965 Decimal Currency (48), 1966 Vintage Cars (63-ex No 505 Minerva), 1968 Ancient Modes of Transport (64), etc, also imperf sheet of 16 different ‘1959 Queensland Centenary Year’ labels, most have the Excise mark ‘15/1’, and photocopy of A Catalogue of Matchbox issues by the WA Match Co. 1932-72 compiled by Henrick. Condition is mixed as is to be expected but generally fine. (100s) */**/U Middle East Collection from [1] Egypt, [2] Iran/Persia many earlies, opts, possible reprints, etc, (STC j80+), [3] Iraq many Official opts, [4] Jordan, [5] Lebanon, [6] Libya, [7] Palestine, [8] Syria. Generally fine. (700+) **/* Modern Era Variety incl New Zealand mint coll on 7-Seas hingeless pages 1953-81 with decimals mostly MUH and FV NZ$80+, USA range USPO year sets and the 1989 Baseball Legends with FV US$21+. Also Canada 1979 year collection, China 1993 and 1997 Hong Kong handover packs, other oddments from Denmark, Norway, GB, Liechtenstein, Malta first day folders. */**/U Pacific Collection incl [1] Cook Islands few earlies, opts, [2] New Zealand QV to QE with few imperf & perf Chalons (varying condition), range later QV incl Pictorials, KEVII, KGV 1926-34 Admiral 2/- used, many QE some MUH, few Officials incl KGV to 1/-, Special Delivery, Life Insurance, etc, [3] Niue few earlies, opts. Generally fine. (1400+) */**/U/C Pacific Collection on Vario sheets incl [1] New Caledonia 1978-82 FDC selection (10), [2] New Hebrides (Br.) incl Inter Island Cinderellas, 1925 5d, 6d & 1/- used, few Vanuatu, [3] Samoa 1880s-1990s with few Express reprints, 1989 Expo Pia Hurricane M/S, 1990 Treaty pair, 1991 Parrots (4), [4] Tonga 1890s-2000 incl 1999 Early Explorers, New Millennium strip, Olympics strip, few FDCs also battered 1938 Tin Can Mail cover. Generally fine. (100s & 21 covers). * Pacific Islands Accumulation of FDCs in 12 albums from 1940s-2000 incl [1] Aitutaki, [2] Cook Isl 1970s, few OHMS issues, [3] Cocos 1990 $3 Booklet pane (MUH), NZ M/S FDC, [4] Fiji 1940s-90s, [5] Norfolk Island 1980s-90s incl 1987 Parrot strip FDC, [6] PNG few 1970-80s FDCs, commem pmks, range of Annual Packs, [7] Penrhyn, [8] Samoa 1983-84 Fruit to $5 on 3 FDCs, etc, few packs and stationery items throughout, also the thick & heavy 1978 Fédération Aéronautique Internationale album of flight related issues. Mostly unaddressed and very fine. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Revenues World Range Including [1] Game Duty Licenses for 1828 & 1831, both issued to the same person for £3/13/6d each with the ‘OFFICE FOR TAXES/Crown’ handstamp, also 1870 Game Keeper’s Licence issued to “the assessed servant of The Duke of Buccleuch of Branxholm” with impressed ‘GAME LICENCE/Crown/1870’ seal, [2] 1880 Mortgage Debenture for £20, with impressed seals. [3] Australia : Tasmania Duty stamps on cheques/receipts incl Platypus 1d, 2d (8), 5d, 1/- (3), 3c (31, incl strip of 6 & 2 pairs), [4] few Victoria. Generally fine. Interesting lot. (13 items) */U Stanley Gibbons IDEAL Albums both sparsely filled, [1] Vol II Foreign Countries 1915-30 (almost empty), Vol III Foreign Countries from 1931 incl Monaco 1933-39 5fr Church (perf ‘BB’), 1937-38 Dues 2f25 on 2f, 1946-49 300f Air (perf ‘BB’), few others. Mostly used, generally fine. **/*/U Variety mainly fine on Hagners and leaves with [1] Europe mixture with better West Germany with Berlin incl earlier postWWII, Danzig incl 1937 DAPOSTA miniature sheets, Netherlands, Rumania, Spain not the worst by any means incl 53x MUH traditional dresses; [2] Asia similar with mint Ceylon from KGV WAR STAMP opts, Maldives, Indonesia, Neth. Indies; [3] Pacifics on stock pages with mint Gilberts with a few Tuvalu, used Solomon Is.; [4] United Nations various mint on three pages plus 14 FDCs incl Sc #1-11 on two Art Craft unaddressed. Catalogue in the high £hundreds, well worth a look. (100s) Variety oddly presented stockbook assemblies (five large, one small) with quantity Australia, GB incl some mint decimals, Germany, Switzerland and other Europe, USA, etc. Plus another less heavy range much the same in small old-time albums, on leaves, etc. (100s) Variety three s/books haphazard presentations mixed used material [1] Spain from 1850s to modern Frama-type issues; [2] E. Europe with assorted Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Jugoslavia mostly post-WWII with fair thematic content; [3] Australia mostly decimals incl dollar values, other countries mixed in! Who knows? Inspection needed. (100s) Variety mostly Australia, includes dealer’s incoming covers noting $20 Gardens, Hagners with Tasmania lower value pictorials and other odds (110+), hagners with on/off paper KGV mostly 1½d and 2d reds with postmark possibilities (200+), bundle modern Aerogramme FDCs. Also stockbook mint Great Britain mostly MUH incl £1 SW, no wmk £sd Castles corner Plate No pairs, decimals FV £43+, also some Falkland Is oddments. Other bric-a-brac (you can’t tell with these). (100s) **/*/U Variety with used Italy in Chinese s/book; GB QEII mostly decimal era on Hagners, some MUH but mostly used; folder with quantity of covers mostly Br Commonwealth modern incl FDC’s (GB, etc); used Gibraltar QEII on Hagners; various Central and South America. Inspection needed, likely to reward. (100s)

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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014


Variety wiith better [1] New Zealand modern range with strong AUPEX 1997 and other Exhibition flavours, booklets, miniature sheets incl “Best of 1996”, peel’n stick strips, covers with odd flown types - MUH FV c$125; [2] Australia used in two good condition Lighthouse stockbooks from KGV oddments to 4d (c25 stamps) to 1980s. (100s) 46 */U Well-Filled ‘Strand’ Album with handy pickings including Australia 6d Engraved Kooka CTO, KGV to 1/4d x2 (one perf ‘OS’) CTO, Australian Colonies, GB, Belgium imperf 10c & 20c, China with 1897 2c on 2ca & 5c on 5ca, Germany, Japan with early issues “as is”, New Zealand with perforated 1d, 6d & 1/- Chalons, USA, etc. Worthy of close inspection. (1000s) 47 */**/U Western Europe incl [1] Netherlands & few Colonies, [2] Portugal incl range of Ceres to 3$20, & Cols incl Cape Verde, Macau, Mozambique, [3] Spain & Cols incl Cuba 1878 25c (17), 1879 25c (30), 1890 5c (34), 1896-97 10c (34). Many MUH. Generally fine. (1,200+) 48 World in large carton incl Arab States, African countries, Australia with small amount of Decimal bundleware, 1982 (3), 1983 (2), 1984 (3), 1985 (2) & 1986 (2) Year books ALL WITH NO STAMPS!, Bahawalpur c1960s small Presentation Booklet with values (6) to 10r, Haiti selection of Birds, India, few QV-KGVI, Malta, etc. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) 49 */**/O World incl Canada few 1960s Packs, Cook Islands, Guyana few 1980s opts, Mauritania 1906-07 Postage Dues, New Caledonia 1905-07 Defins (both 5f), Niue 1932-36 1d Captain Cook (42 in MUH blocks), Vanuatu 1980 Defins (English & French sets). (250++) 50 **/C World incl Christmas Isl 1972-73 Ships Pack, Fiji 1985 Birds FDC (2), Fr. Polynesia 1985 Old Tahiti set on 3 FDCs, GB, Nauru 1981 Local Gov’t Packs (10), Norfolk 1966 Chistmas sheet of 50, 1967 Lions pane of 50, PNG 1970s-80s FDC (50+) many unaddressed, some do have tone spots. (Approx 180 stamps & 90 covers). 51 */U World in cigarette tins, chocolate boxes, biscuit tins in LARGE box. Few Cinderellas, etc. Hours of fun for the winter months ahead. LARGE/HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) 52 */U World Accumulation incl largely mint Romania 1930s to early 1940s, Australian Roos & KGV, mainly 1d values, early Austria and a few early Denmark, plus many other bits and pieces. (100s) * World Covers Potpourri in mixed condition with GB incl 1823 Bath to Edinburgh, 1902-3 KEVII long wrapper London to 53 Moscow with 2x impressed ½d grey, three later unused PS; Newfoundland QV PSE 3c purple unused; 1890 1pi blue PSE Cairo to Alexandria; 1945 US Navy use of 6c Airmail PSE with contents; commercial env Oct 1941 Brussels to Chicago; 1917 Romania to Switzerland postal card; unused Belgian Congo postal card optd for Belgian occupn German E. Africa. (11) 54 */U World Incl [1] Falkland Islands, [2] Fiji few earlies, 1903 KEVII 1/-. KGVI 10/- Paw-Paw Tree, QE 1954-59 £1 Policeman, range later commems, [3] Fed. Malay States, [4] Finland incl 1950 300m Air, [5] Finnish Occup of Russia 1941 Arms set opts (8), [6] Fiume, [7] Fujeira few ‘issued in excess of Postal needs’, [8] Zululand 1888-93 Opts on GB 1d, 2½d, 3d, 4d, 1894 1d, 2½d, 6d. Mixed condition. (100s) 55 U World Kiloware 750g on modern on close-cut piece, wide range of countries, includes a few parcel pieces with higher values and multiple. Good value at estimate. * World Range mostly Australia with few unused Stationery items incl aerogrammes (also few unused Territory 56 aerogrammes), GB 1841 entire Northampton to Warwick with ‘P.1D.’ in red, 1964 Daily Mail newspaper wrapper for Forth Bridge Celebrations, India States, Travancore 1896 ½ch wrapper, used, Norfolk Island 1925 cover to Samoa, few foreign banknotes. Mixed condition. (100+ items). 57 **/C World Wildlife Fund Collection from 1986-2009 with many issues in 8 special boxed WWF albums with numerous sets, FDCs (unaddressed) and illustrated infomation about the various animals, birds, etc. HEAVY LOT. (100s) 58 **/U World Wildlife Fund issues in 64 page VST stockbook with many countries represented incl Batum, Belize, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Malta, Pitcairn, Samoa, topics include animals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles, etc, in singles, blocks, se-tenant pairs, strips, M/Ss. (100s) OMNIBUS ISSUES 59 **/U 1937 Coronation: lightly duplicated range of issues (256) from various British Africas, Cyprus, NZ, St. Helena, Seychelles, Straits Settlements, etc, Cat £90+ also 1945-46 Victory issues (186) incl Cyprus (8 sets), Hong Kong (8 sets), Malta (12 sets), etc, some in blocks, Cat £160+. THEMATICS & TOPICALS 60 */**/U Assortment: in three volumes with Amimals, Birds, Butterflies, Cars, Dogs, Flowers, Ships, Sport, a few M/Ss sighted, Laos & Cambodia particularly well represented. 61 */**U Trains: Collection in two binders mostly mint/MUH with Australia FDCs & commemorative covers plus Cinderellas with M/Ss for Don River, Pichi Richi, Puffing Billy, Thirlmere Railways and the Australian Local Railway plus Belgium railway stamps, se-tenant issues from Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & Tuvalu and assorted worldwide issues including M/Ss. Visually appealing. (100) ALBUMS & ACCESSORIES 62 PW Stamp Pack albums with labelled pages P01 to P0481, plus 10 extra pages. In ‘as new’ condition. VERY HEAVY LOT. (8 albums) 63 Twelve ring folders with no contents but incl two full size KaBe 4-ring in very good condition containing 18 6-strip and 16 other size double-sided pages respectively, a c5 size KaBe for postcard with 18 clear pages (for 36 postcards). Also c50 Hagner “one’s” in three (of 5) Sydney 2000 special folders. Others incl 7-Seas with decimal hingeless pages 1966-78. 64 Lighthouse stockbooks 64 pages x2, 48 pages x1. ‘As new’. (3) 65 Pre-loved stockbooks with Chinese-made x6 and European-made x11 in various sizes. 66 Album pages in packets by Lighthouse GB 1995, Schaubek Australia 1980-89, 2008 & 2010 and SG x13 various. Plus four empty springback albums, reference oddments, bag of used stamps, few Great Britain decimal packs, 1898 USA change Draft. Priced to sell at over $600. 67 Seven Seas Hingeless Australian album 1913-2000 Christmas (3 volumes). Good condition. (3) OTHER COLLECTABLES 68 Cigarette Cards: variety of part sets with Wills incl New Zealand Footballers, Life in the Treetops, Riders of the World, War Incidents; John Player incl Football Caricatures by ‘Mac’, Cricketers 1934; Godfrey Philips Aircraft; Churchman Story of Navigation, Howlers. Lots more (incl old Galway tram ticket), inspection recommended. (100s) 69 Cigarette Cards: “Three Castles” album with variety including Cavanders Ltd River Valleys, Beauty Spots and Camera Studies; WD & HO Wills British Royal and Ancient Buildings (NZ production), De Reszke Real Photographs various series numbers - sets don’t look complete; some oddments. PLUS John Player Animals of the Countryside and Birds & Their Young almost complete sets, Brooke Bond British Costume incomplete. PLUS six boxed sets various, none complete. Bargain. (100s) LITERATURE 70 1899 “Through The Dark Continent” Vol I: by Henry M. Stanley, he of “Doctor Livingstone, I presume”. With map and illustrations, the reprint of the original 1878 edition with a new preface by the author. Hardback rebound, the new covers not related to the contents which are in fine but typically aged condition. Not much to do with stamps. Rare book, offered for a lot more on eBay.

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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014 71

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98 99 100

Accumulation: of stamp related books incl British Postage Stamps by Johnson, Reginald Phillips Collection of British Postage Stamps, How to Arrange and Write-up a Stamp Collection by Phillips & Rang, Stamp Collectors’ Who’s Who by Bateman, Penny Post Centenary by Graveson, Boy Scout & Girl Scout Stamps of the World by Entwhistle, Norfolk Island Stamps 1947-91, etc. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (34 items) Auction Catalogue : Canada: New Brunswick & Nova Scotia-The Wilkinson Collections and Canada - The Joseph Hackmey Collection published by Feldman USA, New York in 2011 (Mar 4), 280pp, gold edged pages with burgundy ‘velvet’ cover. Auction Catalogue United States of America: Perry B. Hansen United States Postage Stamps & Covers published by Siegel, New York in 2008 (28-30 October), 312pp, hard cover, dust jacket, 1.66kg. Auction Catalogues Australasia: Range incl [1] Phoenix ‘Stuart Hardy, Part 1 2012 ‘, [2] Prestige Kevin Nelson Collection Commonwealth of Australia Postal History, 1901-1941, [3] Les Molnar Collection of Victoria 2012, [4] Trevor Hiscock Collection of Western Australia, 2013, [5] Cecil Walkley Postal History of Western Australia 2010, also [6] Mark Benvie New Zealand Mail To Overseas Destinations 2011. (6 catalogues). (3.25kg). Auction Catalogues Austria: [1] Österreich with Wyler Grand Prix, Schindler & Capellaro Collections 2010 (Mar 45), [2] Österreich Lombardo-Veneto & Ungarn with Wyler & Capellaro Collections, 2010 (Dec 2-3), [3] Österreich with Wyler Part 3, and specialised Italia, 2011 (Sep 8), all published by Corinphila Zurich, 700+pp, all hardbound with dustjackets. (2.83kg). Auction Catalogues Brazil: [1] Dr. Hugo Goeggel Collections (Part 1) with Brazil Bull’s Eyes, Colombia & Airmails, Ecuador, [2] The Luis Alemany Indarte Collection of Brazil Bull’s Eyes 1843-1854. published by Corinphila Zurich in 2013 (Feb 27 & Jun 13), 300+pp, both hardbound with dustjackets. English text. (1.5kg). Auction Catalogues Europe: Range incl [1] Königreich Saschen Knapp Coll Part 1 & 2, [2] Robert Schuman ‘Europa CEPT’, [3] ‘Miene Schönsten Puppen’, Dr. Heinz Jaeger Collection, [4] Deutsche Markenbriefe ins Ausland bis 1875, Wyler Collection Part 1, published by Heinrich Köhler Wiesbaden in 2011-13, 480+pp, also [5] Feldman Geneva ‘Kristall & Gute Collections of Sweden in 2008 (Oct 7), blue ‘velvet’ covered catalogue. English, French or German text. (6 catalogues). (3.41kg). Auction Catalogues France: Masterpieces of French Philately (Pieces Maitresses de la Philatelie Française) featuring the issues of 1849-75 both on & off cover, published by Ivy & Maider, New Jersey in Association with AFINSA in 1998 (Nov 21), 316pp, boxed, English & French text. (27x28cm) (2.42kg). Auction Catalogues French Colonies: The Rolfe E. Wyer Collection of French Colonies published by Spink Shreve New York in 2011 (May 25-26), 280pp, hardbound.(1.19kg). Auction Catalogues Hawaii: David Golden Collection of Hawaiian Stamps & Postal History published by Siegel in 2011 (May 24-26), 351pp, hardbound, dj. (1.9kg). Auction Catalogues Palestine: Palestine Mandate (1917-1948) The Drs Avo Kaplanian Collection published by KöhlerAuction, Weisbaden in 2013 (Mar 19), 64pp, hardback. Auction Catalogues Romania: Classic Romania : The ‘Moldau’ Grand Prix International Collection Parts1-3, also 2007 Classic Romania ‘Corinelia’ Collection Part 2 with Constantinople & specialised Duloz issues of Turkey published by Corinphila Zurich in 2010 (Dec 3), 2011 (Sep 9), 2013 (Feb 28). 300+pp, all hardbound with dj. (2.05kg). (4) Auction Catalogues Switzerland: Klassick Schweiz Grand Prix ‘Seebub Collection’, Vol 1 & 2, published by Corinphila Zurich in 2011 (Apr 28), 2011 (Sep 10), 200+pp, hardbound with dust jackets. (1,14kg). Auction Catalogues Togo: Togo: The Anglo-French Occupation 1914-15 The Dr Burghard Wollenhaupt Collection published by Corinphila, Zurich in 2010 (Mar 3), 58pp, hardbound, dj. Auction Catalogues United States of America: William H. Gross Collection of United States 1847 and 1851-1856 Issues, Shreve & Siegel New York, 2013 (Apr 9), 240pp, hardbound also The 1851 Half-Cent Bisect offered on behalf of Roland H. Cipolla II, Siegel New York, 2013 (Mar 26), 16pp. paperback. (2 items). (1.58kg). Auction Catalogues United States of America: Raymond Vogel Collection Part 1 US 12c & 15c, Covers Addressed to Famous Americans, Fr. Cols Eagle Issue Covers, Samoa Mixed Frankings, Part 2 US One-Cent 1851-56 Imperforate & 1857 Perforated Plate One Late Issues published by Siegal New York in 2010 (Oct 19-20 & Dec 10), 383pp. (2.34kg). (2) Auction Catalogues United States of America: The Frelinghuysen Collection Part 1 US Postmasters’ Provisionals, Part 2 United States Stamps, published by Siegel, New York, in 2012 (Mar 28-29), 320pp, hardbound (1.99kg). Auction Catalogues USA: The Wagshal Collection of Classic United States Stamps Part 2 One-Cent 1851-56 Imperforate, Part 3 Three-Cent 1851-57 Issues, Part 4 One-Cent 1857-61 Perforated, published by Siegel, New York in 2010 (Sep 30 & Oct 1, Oct 21), 2011 (March 2-3), 490+pp, 3 volumes, hardbound (3.12kg). Auction House Catalogues: mostly Australian with Millennium x3, Phoenix x3, Prestige x4 including Eighth International Rarities (2010); also Sotheby’s 2011 sales of Lord Steinberg’s amazing “British Empire Mint Multiples” (Sep 6-8) & “Great Britain Mint Multiples” (Sep 21). (12) Australia: 50 Years of Australian Air Mails & R.Graham Carey Pioneer Airman both by Nelson Eustis in 1964 & 1967, 16 pages each. (2) Australia: ‘The 1913 Penny Kangaroo of Australia’ by Dormer Legge, published by Stanley Gibbons (1980), 46pp, softbound, fine condition. Australia: the Australian Cover Society’s 2009 publication compiled/written by Michael Moorer, Colleen Wooley and Frank Pauer. A very desirable reference now out of print. Australia: Australian First Day Covers published by the Australian Cover Society Inc., Melbourne 2009. Immaculate “as new” condition. Australia - Queensland - Postmarks: 2004 supplement to Queensland Datestamps by Cowan & Dell. Australia - Victoria: The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria - A History and Catalogue by Kellow & Turner 1996. Hard bound in slip case. Subscribers edition #35 of 75 and signed by both authors. British Commonwealth: ‘Commonwealh & British Empire Stamps 1840-1952’ 2006 edition, published by Stanley Gibbons, 392pp, hardbound, fine pre-loved condition. British Commonwealth: Modern Great Britain & Commonwealth Missing Colour Errors - 1952 to Date by Tom Pierron (2008), 794pp softbound. Excellent reference. Canada: Sixteenth Biennial Convention Book for the Federated Association of Letter Carriers published in 1914, 78pp. A fascinating hardbound book with photos of the Vancouver letter carriers and other postal officials, histories of the Post office, postal rates and a mass of advertising. Covers faulty, contents in good condition. Fascinating. Coin Book Accumulation Incl: European Crowns & Talers Since 1800 & European Crowns Since 1800, both by Davenport/Spink 1964, Greek Coins & Their Values 2nd Edition, Seaby 1966, The Silver Coinage of Imperial Russia 1682-1917 by Severin 1965 (ex Library) and 7 smaller coin/medal publications. Generally fine. (12 items). Collection: of British Commonwealth catalogues incl GB Phillips Air Mail Magazine 1939 Nos 1-6, SG Great Britain Concise 1995, Urch Harris QE Cat 1973, Bridger & Kay KGVI Catalogue 1983, other catalogues from Canada, Hong Kong, NZ Pim’s Stamps of NZ 1961, Stapleton NZ Airmail Catalogue, 2009, Pitcairn Isl (2), etc. Mixed Condition. HEAVY LOT. (33 items)

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$10 $15 $25


$30 $20

$20 $30 $20 $20 $20 $30 $20 $20 $20

$20 $20 $30 $10 $15 $10 $50 $100 $10 $60 $20 $75 $40 $65


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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014


France - Paris International Exposition 1937: the ALBUM OFFICIEL of Photographies en Couleur. Some cover faults but the contents of 32 full colour photographs (approx 245x165mm each) of the various stands in generally excellent condition. Very attractive indeed. 102 Great Britain: for your library [1] SG Commonwealth & British Empire Stamps 1840-1952 (Part 1) 2004 edn; [2] The SG Book of Stamps and Stamp Collecting 1990 - looks terrific on the coffee table; [3] Captain Cook newsletter of Christchurch (NZ) Phil Soc, 1996-99 complete run, a bit grubby (44); [4] Scott 2008 Volume 1 for USA, UN, World A-B - as new except broken spine. (47) 103 Kangaroos: - The Arthur W. Gray Large Gold Medal Collection of Australia Kangaroo and Map Series Postage Stamps, the Shreves 2007 New York auction catalogue, hardbound, with prices realised. 104 Papua: Stamps of Papua by A. A. Rosenblum, OBE, BSc, published by Horticultural Press, Carlton South, n.d., 55pp, minor spotting on covers. 105 L Papua New Guinea: ‘Franklin’s Guide to the Stamps of Papua & New Guinea’ (1970), 152pp hardbound. 106 Stanley Gibbons: British Commonwealth Catalogues incl Priced Catalogue of the Stamps of the British Empire 1914-15, (one volume), Postage Stamp Cat Part 1 1941, 1947, 1955, 1960, 1964,1968, 1969, 1971, 1980, Simplified 1956, 1958,1968, 2003 Vol1, 3-4, Elizabethan 1968, 1982, & 1964 Two Reigns. Mixed condition. VERY HEAVY LOT. (19 items) 107 Stanley Gibbons: Foreign catalogues incl 1917 Priced Catalogue of Stamps of Foreign Countries & 1932, 1950 Part VII European Colonies & POs (excluding French), range of later incl Overseas 1, 3 & 4, Europe several single country catalogues also France Part 6 2006. Mixed condition. (22 items) 108 United States of America: United States Classic Covers 1847-57 formed by Joseph Hackmey RDP, FRPSL, published by Feldman Great Philatelic Collections, Geneva, Switzerland in 2010, 136pp, with CD and gold edged pages, limited edition one of 250 with deep blue ‘velvet’ cover. (When purchased this cost approx A$110) (960gr). 109 United States of America: The D.K. Collection of Southern Postmasters’ Provisionals of the American Civil War. published by Siegal, New York in 2012 (28 March), 200pp, bumped corners, otherwise fine. (1.18kg). 110 Variety: catalogues incl Higgins & Gage Ausipex 84, couple SG, Volumes 3 & 4 published “MONOGRAFIE CESKOSLOVENSKYCH ZNAMEK” 1979 & 1986, several handbooks and other oddments, not all philatelic. MUST FIND A NEW HOME! PICTURE POSTCARDS 1900s-50s: selection incl Hildesheimer, Tuck ‘Oilette’ & ‘Rapholette’ types, with many pre WWI cards from Australia, 111 * France incl 2 ‘Le Havrve’ booklets, and views of Paris, GB undated real photo ‘Mauretania’ at Landing Stage, Liverpool also Norwich Floods, 1911 Taxed PPC to NSW with 1d Due affixed, 1911-12 Photo PCs of Scottish National Exhibition (2), 1912 PPC to NSW with nice boxed ‘LATE FEE/PAID’ handstamp, several Isle of Wight, Hawaii, NZ, Spain, etc. Several real photo types. Condition is very mixed with most cards unused. (400+) India C1950s TImes of India: [1] set of 21 black & white postcards of the Ajanta Caves, [2] c1960s Oxford University 112 * Press set of 12 coloured postcards of the Ajanta & Elura Caves, both issued on behalf of the Archaeological Department, Hyderabad, plus booklet of (19 of 20) Jaipur coloured postcards and 1954 Souvenir album from Indian Posts & Telegraphs Dept with printed ‘simplified’ colour illustrations of Indian postage stamps (ex Officials, Telegraphs) issued since 1854. All cards are unused. (52) Mostly 1960s-80s: world accumulation of used & unused PPCs (100s), with selection of foldout booklets, also range of 113 * tourist brochures e.g. The Tower of London, York Minster, etc, plus photo album (with many items stuck down-could be removed with care) incl selection of WWI Hunt’s ANZAC PPCs (5) fold out souvenir of the Visit of the Duke & Duchess of York. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT (100s) World Accumulation: from early 20th cent Edwardian period with approx half used. Of those used, about 50 have either 114 * no stamps or have had the stamps removed (somewhat crudely in places). Colourful variety. (240) World Postcards: mostly 1950s onwards, some fold out types (European), some used, also c1930s postcard album of 115 * Chinese scenes, mostly Peking, plus few matchbox labels. Postcards generally fine but labels have seen better days. HEAVY LOT. (100s) ARGENTINA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 116 */U 1860s-1960s on printed pages incl few earlies, surcharges, 1935 ‘FIBA’ M/S, 1939 UPU (8), Recorded Message (3), 1944 Postmen’s Fund (5), 1948 Postal Service M/Ss (2), 1950 Phil Exhib set & M/S, 1951 Eva Peron Fund, 1952-53 Eva Peron (8), 1961-69 Litho 12p, 22p, 1965 Independence sheet, many M/Ss, few later issues, good selection of Departmentals and Officials. Generally very fine. (100s & M/Ss). BULGARIA 117 */U 1880s-1960s Collection in boxed Scott album with range of earlies, 1902 Shipka Pass (3 sets, 2 used), 1925 Sunday Delivery (9),1936 Congress, 1937 Accession M/S, many opts, sets, airmail issues, Dues, Officials, parcel posts, few imperfs, etc. Generally fine. (100s) CANADA | Postage 118 ** Sorted into glassines by value with majority in multiples including imprints and high values, stated FV approx C$925, plus group of booklets FV C$570 approx (total FV C$1,500+ = approx A$1,600). (100s) CHINA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 119 */U 1880s-1906 Collection with few 1885-88 Dragons to 5c, few 1897 Surcharges used, 1897 Revenue 1c on 3c Surcharge (no gum), 1900-06 30c, 50c & $1 plus 1905-10 16c mint. Condition is very mixed. (27) 120 */U 1912-66 Collection incl on leaves with good selection of Dr Sun Yat-sen issues & opts, few early 1950s issues are reprints, range later issues mainly CTO incl 1960 Goldfish (12), 1963 Karl Marx (3), 1964 15th Anniv strip, etc. Also few Provincial issues. Generally fine. (100s) DENMARK | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 121 ** 1970s-90s Issues in Multiples with MUH multiples mostly being ‘L #’ numbered corner blocks of 4 including Numerals to 300ö and Arms to 25kr, 1982 Margrethe to 4.40kr, 1990 Margrethe to 5.50kr, plus various commemorative issues including 1988 10k Paintings, also M/Ss including 1975 Hafnia x2 and a few booklets. Fine and fresh. (100s) GERMANY | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 122 */**/U 1890s-1946 Collection incl selection of Inflation issues, commems, few French Zone issues, Railway stamps, few perfins, Officials, various German States incl Bavaria some imperf issues, Württemburg, Occupation issues, German Colonies incl Togo 1900-19 Yachts to 3m, etc. Generally fine. (100s) 123 */U 1910s-90s Range also few States & East Germany. STC £290+. (230) 124 */**/U Accumulation in stockbook & loose incl few States, inflation period, Officials, Opts, East Germany, Saar, Allied Zone, British, French & US Zones, Heligoland, (includes £100+ of MUH stamps on stockcards) plus few Russia. Generally fine. (1880+) 125 BCU Eclectic Group with 1923 Berlin registered front to South Africa multi-franked during inflation period, circulated notgeld/ banknotes x4, 1935 Hindenburg 5mk coin, and book “The Scourge of the Swastika - a Short History of Nazi War Crimes” by Lord Russell of Liverpool (1954), plus a few stamps.


$50 $50 $25 $25 $1 $10 $40 $15 $50



$250 $80 $100


$100 $600 $100 $120


$100 $80 $75 $40

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014 GERMANY - West | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 126 **/*/U 1973-91 mint and used accumulation generally fine to very fine in two stockbooks, strong thematic content, blocks, pairs incl booklet types, odd miniature sheet. Didn’t see a hinge anywhere. PLUS a 1960-67 DDR mint/used collection on SAFE hingeless pages (and some stock pages) - may not be any hinges here either. Bargain. (100s) GREAT BRITAIN | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 127 U 1840-1970s Collection on pages incl QV 1867-80 2/- blue wing margin, 1873-80 8d orange wing margin, 1/- pl 12, perfin ‘G.B.L/L’ (German Bank of London), 1883-84 2/6d to 10/-, Edwards incl 2/6d to 10/-, KGV Seahorses 2/6d to 10/-, KGVI High Values (6), range of QEII. A high catalogue value, condition throughout is very mixed. (400++) 128 1935-70 on hagners very fresh MUH from KGV SJ set, KEVIII set of 4 defins, then commems to 1970 Christmas (ex SJ and Festival hivals) on simplified basis (ie only the odd phosphor experimental period extra seen). PLUS four amazing facsimiles of QV £1 x2 types and £5, KGV £1 PUC. PLUS five 1984 Frama labels MUH. PLUS four ‘OFFICIAL PAID’ envs 1979-82 to The Motor Cycle Association of Great Britain, three long types with embossed seals on flap from respectively Minister of Transport, Parliament Secretary, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, the fourth smaller with HOUSE OF COMMONS on front. 129 U KGVI & QEII High Values duplicated accumulation with [1] 1939-48 Arms including 4x 10/- dark blue and 16x £1 (71); [2] 1951 Festivals incl 9x 10/- and 4x £1 (45); [3] QEII £sd Castles assorted printings with some certain DLR, otherwise unchecked with 23x 2/6d, 22x 5/-, 6x 10/-. Some cds but mostly commercial cancels - KGVI alone cat £870+, packetmakers delight, bargain. (167) 130 Postmarks Collection from the 1844 introduction of the many numeral and duplex types (incl Irish, Scottish) to post-WWII slogan and other types, with quantities of other types in between. For instance, a page of Hooded Circles includes QV 2d Jubilee with near complete (and scarce) ‘MANCHESTER STA/2.15PM/?? 01/LATE BOX’ (CBP cat £200 on cover), three pages of squared circles includes Rainham (Essex) and some London fancy types, newspaper types, etc. Huge variety of stamps, mixed condition majority fine, values to QV 2/6d and other shilling values with cat well in excess of £3,000. Several pages with carefully hand-drawn examples. Viewing an absolute must to appreciate full extent of this valuable presentation. (100s) GREAT BRITAIN | Postage 131 ** 2000-10 Pack selection (140+). Vendor states PO cost exceeds £500+ also few earlier issues. Tally includes 1st Class stamps (324), 2nd Class (46), ‘E’ stamps (24) plus £190 in normal stamps. GREAT BRITAIN | Postal History FDCs (some plain) incl 1957 Scouts, 1958 Games, 1960 Letter Office, Europa, POSB, and others, range later issues, also 132 * range of commem pmks incl Royal Visits, 3 different 1971 PO Strike covers, various Regionals, few Channel Islands plus selection of Br. Commonwealth Charles & Di Wedding covers. Mixed condition. (100s) HONG KONG | Booklets 133 B 1988-97 Selection 1988 Peak Tramway SG #SB21, 1996 $13 x10, $25 & $31 SG #40-42, 1997 Past & Present x5 SG #SB46. Plus ‘China 1999’ special pack with $10 Miniature Sheet SG #MS968. Good clean lot catalogue £180+. (18) HONG KONG | Postal History 1934-2005 Accumulation incl 1935 Jubilee 20c (faults) on cover to GB, 1941 British Occupation set on piece with FD 134 * cancels, 1950 cover originating at Catholic Mission, Fukien [China] with HK $1 & 50c adhesives to British Zone, Germany, 1949 covers (6) paying local Christmas card rate, few commercial covers, 1981 Express cover to Australia with ‘RELIEF/ 96’ cds on reverse, 1991 cover to Latvia, etc, Mixed condition. (50+ item) HUNGARY | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 135 F Post-WWII Accumulation in two stockbooks and on hagners. Three or four pages with earlier issues but generally appears mostly production-line CTO “cancels”. Phenomenal thematics. (100s) ICELAND | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 136 */**/U 1901-70s Accumulation incl range ‘I GILDI’ opts, various Christian IX & X issues, 1930 Celebrations to 35a, plus 10a airmail (3), range later commems, few Officials, etc. Generally fine. (500+ & 2 M/S). INDIA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 137 U 1854-1950 Collection in album incl 1854 2a, 1874 1r, 1876 6a, 12a, 1895 2r, 3r, KEVII various to 2r, KGV to 10r (wmk inv), 1929 Airs, 1935 Jubilee, few KGVI incl range of Dies, plus 25r, good range of QV-KGVI Officials, Service opts, 1925 ‘ONE RUPEE/SERVICE’ on 25r KGV, 1937 ‘SERVICE’ opt on 10r, few Asokan Capital issues. Mixed condition, generally fine. (approx 450). 138 U/C 1860s-1990s Heavily duplicated used accumulation in 4 small arch folders mostly sorted into pockets of 10, in envelopes or on approval sheet pages, vast range of issues from all periods, many defins, Service issues, few FDCs, small range of Revenue issues and Cinderellas. Mixed condition. (1,000s) 139 U 1947-96 Collection in Schaubek album with most issues (ex 1948 Gandhi 10r and all M/Ss) plus few ‘Service’ issues. Generally fine. (100s) 140 U QV-1970 Collection incl useful range of QV issues, few partial 1903 Durbar cancels, KGV to 5r, many commems, few ‘CEF’ & ‘IEF’ opts, ‘OHMS’ & ‘Service’ opts, etc. Generally fine. (100s) 141 U Shoebox with 260gr of ‘on paper’ issues, mostly KGVI and many Service (incl opts), plus another box containing 200gr of ‘off paper’ issues, again mostly KGVI with various Officials, etc, Values to 2r noted. Much duplication on some issues. Mixed condition. (1,000s) INDIA | Postal History 142 U QV-2001 Accumulation of covers, etc, with Postal Stationery items incl Postal Cards, some reply halfs, aerogrammes, inland letter cards, Telegram envelopes with enclosures, range of Officials, tax or instructional markings (‘LATE FEE.DETAINED/NOT PAID’ handstamp), etc, many items uprated for overseas destinations, advertising cards, few Court documents. Some duplication. Mixed condition. (100s) INDIAN STATES 143 */U 1800-1940s Collection: on annotated pages incl [1] Convention States, Chamba, Gwalior, Jind, Nabha, Patiala, [2] Feudatory States, Bhopal, Hyderabad 1931 Pictorials (8), 1937 Jubilee, (MLH), Indore, Jaipur, Kishangarh, Travancore. Many officials scattered throughout. (100s) JAPAN | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 144 */**/U 1870s-1950s Collection on leaves incl few Kobans, Chrysanthemums, 1915 Coronation, 1935 Manchukuo Visit, range later defins perf & imperf, 1947 Athletic Meeting (4), few National Parks, New Year issues, etc. also Ryukyu selection 194860 incl 1958 New Currency,1959 Air opts, etc. Generally fine. (360+) 145 */U 1870s-1970s on leaves incl Koban selection, 1884 Wedding pair, 1919 10s Peace Bird, National Parks incl 1938, 1939 (Apr), 1940 (Aug), 1941 Daiton M/S (faults), few imperf defins, 1950 Bird Air 103y, later commems. Cat £500++. Condition is mixed. (Approx 400 & M/S). 146 */**/U 1960-83 Collection in 2 padded Schaubek albums almost complete, some issues are unmounted, with many M/S, etc. Albums alone are worth the estimate. Generally fine. (100s) 147 **/*/U Accumulation mint in multiples in sheet folder 1960s to 1980s, on loose pages from 1910s with used earlier and majority MUH from 1950s. Plus hagners and an album page with various issues back to 19th century, quantity mint oddments in glassines. Value here but massively disorganised, inspection a must. (100s)

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$250 $500

$70 $50

$80 $120 $80

$80 $80 $100 $80 $80



$120 $100 $100 $150

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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014

*/**U Accumulation in Three Stockbooks mostly used with a smattering of earlies but main strength in 1950s-2000s issues including 1960s-70s large multiples, also some mint oddments. (100s) 149 */**/U Collection 1870s-1949 in large stockbook incl range of Koban issues unchecked for paper or perfs, 1884 Wedding 5s, many Chrysanthemums, 1915 Coronaton (4), various odd values of National Park, few later commems also selection of imperf defins. Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. (100s) 150 W/*/** Miniature Sheet accumulation incl 1948 Tokyo Communications green border (3), Fukushima turquoise border, 1947 Philatelic Week (all no gum as issued), 1949 Electrical Communications Week (MUH, gum bends), UPU (2), 1951 Postal Service, 1964 Olympics (set of 6 MUH), few later. Cat £345. Generally fine. (21 items) KENYA UGANDA & TANGANYIKA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 151 *UB Eclectic Assortment with 1942-43 covers x2 plus an uprated Postal Card all censored to South Africa, ‘The Trial of Jomo Kenyatta’ by Montagu Slater (non-philatelic), plus a few stamps; also South Africa 1938 & 1949 commemoratives covers, book ‘Paul Kruger His Life and Times’ by John Fisher (non philatelic), plus a few stamps. KUWAIT | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 152 **/U 1939-70s Collection incl 1939 KGVI 2r (11, incl 4 gutter pairs), 1978 Water Resources (32), range of 1970s commems, all MUH plus small selection of used issues. Cat £180+. (180) MOROCCO AGENCIES | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 153 */**/U Duplicated Array of Morocco Agencies & Tangier opts, few blocks, some used items incl QV 1898-1900 5c with inverted ‘V’ for ‘A’ and 1899 20c with flat top to ‘C’ in Centimos. Cat £330+. (300+) NETHERLANDS | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 154 **/*/U 1939-2000 on DAVO hingeless pages in four 2-post albums, some gaps, some mixed condition, includes miniatures sheets, charity issues, etc. PLUS 1983 Commonwealth Collection in flashy boxed special album. NEW ZEALAND | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 155 */** 1957-2008 Collection of Health M/Ss simplified in 32 page Lighthouse stockbook, also includes 1989, 93, 95 & 96 overseas Stamps Expos, (1976 & 81 MLH, 1980 cds) otherwise all MUH. Generally fine. (73 M/S) 156 **/*/F 1959-2000 Miniature Sheets comprising [1] Healths from 1959-1991 incomplete, with some duplication, several thru mid1970s with selvedge hinge rems, tone spots and tropicalised gum (may have lived in Queensland too long); [2] others from 1969 Cook x7 (4x MUH) to 2001 Invercargill incl show opts (eg CAPEX 87) and couple MUH stamp sets. Despite the imperfections in places, better early Health MSs MUH and MLH retail around $250, plus later FV cNZ$90. Worth a look. (96) 1980s-90s FDC unaddressed accumulation in 4 albums incl 1989 $10 Bird, many commems, large selection of Pictorial 157 * ‘Date-stamp’ Service cards 1984-91 35c-55c range incl 1984 (April 2-3) cards for Wellington- Apia or Papeete flight with boxed ‘SERVICE CANCELLED’ handstamp in violet (NZAC 720b), much thematic interest, also few M/Ss incl 1969 Cook, 1984-85 Year Books and few packs. HEAVY LOT. (100s) PITCAIRN ISLANDS | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 158 */**/U 1981-90 Collection on pages almost complete with 3 MUH sets of most issues, many in gutter pairs incl 1984 & 1988 Fish, 1988 Ships, 1990 $4.40 Booklet, etc. Retail $550+ (550 & 18 sheetlets or M/Ss) also 1990-2001 issues in 2 photo albums (some stamps have protective backing paper to stop adherence to page, some do not). Various issues from the early 90s have toning. (100s) POLAND | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 159 U 1920s To 1960s just the odd later mint (odd MUH) but mostly used with some CTO incl 1960s miniature sheets, some German General Govt, also noting 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games on 4 FDCs. Thematic interest, earlies may surprise. (100s) PORTUGAL | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 160 U 1870s-1984 mainly fine used collection on leaves (no 1953-71 pages). Pre-1900 quite sparse and some mint in the post1971 section incl miniature sheets and colourful thematics. Overall quite high catalogue with section thru 1952 alone c£500 (post-1971 cat £350+). Should reward at this estimate. (100s) ROMANIA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 161 */**/U 1860s-1990s Collection in album on Vario pages incl range of early issues 1906 40 Years Rule (10), 1956 Animals 2l, 4l25 Red Deer, 1957 Satellite Air 25l & 3l.75 ultramarine strip (with label), 1958 Brussels Exhib green strip (incl label) with opt inverted, few Surcharges, perfins, fiscals, Postal Tax, imperfs, few Cinderellas, many items are CTO. Generally fine. (100s) RUSSIA - Soviet Union (1923-1991) | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 162 */U 1937-60s small collection on hagners and leaves including miniature sheets (1955 MH Savitsky, Lomonosov University and Agricultural Exhibition, 1966 CTO Congress, Rustaveli and Sports Championships). 1930s and 1940s light representation with odd imperf, more 1950s and 1960s where majority CTO with no noticeable duplication and strong thematic content. (c150) SINGAPORE | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 163 ** 1983-2007 Pack Accumulation including 1989 Maps, Fishes, 1991 Monuments, 1998 Singapore Story M/S, 2007 Chinese sheet of 24, etc. Retail A$200+. (13 packs) SOLOMON ISLANDS | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 164 */**/U 1907-90s Accumulation incl Large Canoes to 5d (used), 1908-11 Small Canoes to 5/- (ex 2/- & 2/6d), various KGV Defins to 5/-, (mint), 1935 Jubilee (2 sets used), 1939-51 Picts plus additional 5/- (3), 10/- (4) and a used set, 1948 Wedding (4 sets), 1956-63 Picts to 10/- mint, (also 1/- with part strike of straight line (BA)RAKOMA AIRFIEL(D) handstamp), 1963-64 wmk changes, 1965 Picts, 1966-67 Picts wmk s/ways, range of later commems incl 1987 America’s Cup full sheet of 50. Condition of earlier issues a little mixed. (100s) SOMALIA (Independent) 165 * 1956-70 FDC Collection almost complete inc 1960 Opts (3), 1964 Airlines, 1968 Defins, etc, Cat as used stamps US $260+, mostly unaddressed and generally very fine. (63) SOUTH WEST AFRICA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 166 **/*/U 1923-90 Stock from various opts on South Africa with more useful bi-lingual pairs noting mint KGV 4d, 6d (x2) and 1/- SG #5-7 plus later 2d, 3d, 6d and 1/- SG #18, 19, 21 & 22; pictorial types include mint 1926-7 sets SG #41-3 & 45-7, VFU 3d and 1/- SG #50-1, 1931 long set unoverprinted pictorials include 2/6d and 20/- vert pairs SG #82 & 85. Then very good representation throughtout with many better sets including mint AND used War Effort bantam combinations, long definitives, odd variety noting 1949 UPU 3d with lake in East Africa in mint pair SG #140b, even some early Namibia. Mainly fine to very fine and very colourful from the 1960s. Mostly priced to sell (at a bit less than?) $2,600+. Sure-fire business opportunity. (100s) SWITZERLAND | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 167 */**/U 1860s-1990s on 4 Hagner sheets with Seated & Standing Helvetias, few Opts, Pro Juventute & Pro Patria issues, many commems & defins. Generally fine. STC £400+. (45+) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 168 */**/U 1860s-1980s Accumulation incl few earlies, many pre-cancels, coils, airmails, Dues, 1945 Postal Note stamps (18), small section of MUH commem issues, also box of used material in packets, few Cuba, Hawaii. Mixed condition. (1,000s)

$80 $80 $80

$60 $100 $80 $140 $200







$80 $100

$120 $100

$300 $80 $60

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014 169

Mostly 19th Century accumulation on Hagners incl several 1860s-70s 12c (8), 15c (2), 24c (3), 1869 12c (3), 1894-1900 various to 90c, Columbians to 15c, 1894-95 Triangles to $1, 1898 Trans-Mississippi to 10c (2), 1902-08 $1, few Dues, Treasury, Special Delivery, etc, many have been repaired, some excellently plus sparsely filled Schaubek illustrated album incl few earlies with strength in the later 3c commems. Condition is very mixed. (100s) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA | Postal Stationery 170 */U Collection of Cut-Outs: mixed mint & used includes Officials, War Dept etc with good range with strength in pre-WWI, range of coloured papers and not much above 5c, quite disorganized, so plenty of fun here. (100s) VATICAN | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 171 */**/U 1929-80s Collection on 43 Hagners incl 1931 Parcel Post set & Express pair, 1933 Holy Year, Pictorials to 20l (ex 2l.75) plus Express pair, 1936 Catholic Press 25c, 75c, 1951 Gratian 500l, 1953 St. Clare 35l, numerous later sets, few Dues, se-tenant strips, etc. Generally fine. (100s & 6 M/S). AUSTRALIAN COLONIES - General 172 U with [1] NSW incl few Diadems, various 1888-89 issues, Dues, Officials optd ‘OS’ & perfin ‘OS/NSW’, Stamp Duty, etc. [2] Tasmania small range 1870s Sidefaces, 1d & 2d Pictorials. Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. (600+) 173 U with Tasmania CTO including 9d & 10d Sidefaces, 10d, 2/6d & 5/- Tablets & 1899 Pictorials set, part gum with paper adhesions or without gum; also Queensland CTO with Second Sidefaces Large Chalons 2/6d to £1 & 1897-08 values to 2/-, without gum; mixed condition. (31) 174 net 550g of Australia-wide stamps from all colonies with strength in Victoria. A quick check did not find anything noteworthy but there could be anything in here. NEW SOUTH WALES | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 175 ‘Sydney- General View’ black & white etching by Smyth framed under glass. (39.5x29cm). Appears to be from London Illustrated News. VICTORIA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 176 ‘A Back-Blocks Post Office’ print by W Macleod, framed under glass. (36x29.5cm). 177 ‘A Bush Post Office in Victoria’ (Seacombe). Enlarged sepia photograph of original postcard. Framed under glass. Minor scuffing on frame. (29x24cm). 178 ‘Ballaarat Post Office & Township, From Government Enclosure’ coloured print by S.T.Gill/J.Tingle. Published by Sands & Kenny, Melbourne & Sydney, 1857. Framed under glass. (43x36.5cm). Few minor age spots. 179 ‘Clearing Claim’ coloured framed coloured print under glass of Goldfields scene. Not signed. (34x27cm). 180 ‘GPO, Melbourne’ coloured print by S.T.Gill, published by Sands & Kenny, Melbourne & Sydney,1857. Framed under glass. (43x36.5cm). VICTORIA | Datestamps 181 S 1914-30s Collection: on KGV issues (no KGVI) from (A1) SETTLEMENT to YEA. Over 300 on KGV Heads and 200+ on 30s commems, few multiples noted. Quality of cancellations is from fair to fine. (500+) 182 D 1960s-80s: 2.5kgs approx on small piece close cut (odd parcel tag, odd red Paid type, pictorial types). Majority good clear apparently 100% Victoria only strikes. (1000s) 183 D 1960s-Modern: roughly 2.5kgs on small piece mostly 1960s-80s close cut (odd parcel tag, tax piece). Majority good clear apparently 100% Victoria only strikes. (1000s) AUSTRALIA | Collections & Miscellaneous Groupings Aerogrammes Assortment mostly unused with pre-decimal including 1956 Olympic Games,1960 Science Congress 184 * unused & used with commemorative cancel, 1963 Royal Visit, 1965 Law Conference; also decimals predominantly unused or with FDI cancels including 1968 ECAFE with commemorative cancel; also Territories plus PNG and Tristan Da Cunha 1976 5p unused and Used with FDI cancel; some duplication. (100+) 185 */U Box Containing accumulation of covers (100s) most with neat cds from all States, many 1980s-2000s with range of Doubleday covers, selection of ‘Return to Sender’ covers mostly from Qld, plus 500g+ in several plastic bags of pre decimal on paper mixture of cds postmarks. Mixed condition. (100s) 186 U/C CDS Collection with strength in postmarks of Victoria on 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d (16), 6d (36), 1932 1/- Lyre (33), 1934 Vic Centenary 2d (74), etc, few later issues incl 13 packets of ‘100 used’ decimal issues, box of 3,000 used predecimal off-paper issues, few registration labels, range of NSW (12) & Tasmanian (11) Railway stamps, collection of ‘VG’ & ‘G/ NSW’ perfins also selection of Victorian issues incl 1884 2d mauve (300+, many with MELBOURNE cds or low numbered numerals), small selection of Franks, 1987 America’s Cup Gift Pack, 1988 Expo Collection of Pavillion postmark covers (63). Mixed condition. (1,000s) Covers including territories. A bundle mostly modern range of first day and commem covers with lots of Scouts flavours, 187 * lots of Norfolk Island, incl flights noting 2003 centenary with front and back pictorial cancels (Dick Smith and Nancy Bird) plus Arthur Bergen signature on flap. Lots of variety, mainly fine, very good value. (100+) First Day Covers hundreds in a box with some duplication, mostly APO clean unaddressed with strong thematic content. 188 * Includes PSE’s some unused, Framas, small bundle 195os Canada, some GB and other Europe, fair number commem types incl a bundle of WWF, NZ oddments. Worth a look. (100s) 189 U Kiloware over 9½kgs on modern australia on close-cut piece, wide range, includes a few parcel pieces. Good value at estimate. 190 Kiloware On paper selection mostly from 1940s-50s parcels. Many Multiple combinations, few Kangaroos noted. Approx 240g. 191 U Kiloware Pre-decimal on paper mostly 1940-50s. Approx 4kg+. (1,000s) 192 D Kiloware approx 4.25kgs close cut, odd £sd (eg AIF set cds) but mostly decimals era. Popular. (1,000s) 193 U Kiloware well over 1.5kgs, some back to 1930s but majority decimal period incl dollar values. Inspect. (100s) 194 Modern Accumulation box with over 200 modern FDC’s and commem types with duplication. Many - but nowhere near all - priced to sell at well over $800 (includes lots of Olympics). Plus bundle APO packs incl large sheetlets of 10 types and FV $125+. (100s) 195 **/U/C Variety dealers incoming post (high values potential) and other miscellaneous covers, two Hagners with mint and used New Guinea low vals in blocks (cat c£140), nine more Hagners Bohemia & Moravia WWII occupation issues mostly MUH multiples or tabbed from fancy sheetlet layouts, many have the always modest Schickelgruber looking down (didn’t try to catalogue these). Must suit someone. (100s) 196 U Variety Postmarks incl used in PNG on piece, KGVI period military on piece, also bags with pre-Commonwealth common vals most states, quantity KGV lower values, bag of modern mainly Victoria RELIEF cds mostly decimals. Can’t tell with these. (1000+) AUSTRALIA | Kangaroo & Map Issues 197 U loose in envelopes, mixed condition. (Approx 300). AUSTRALIA | Georgian Head Issues 198 U KGV Off Paper sorted into envelopes incl [1] Single wmk 1½d brown (500), red (150), green (45), 2d red (250), 4d blue (150), [2] SM wmk 2d red (390), [3] CofA wmk 1d green (375), 2d red (380). Many shades, varieties, etc, must be present. (2,000+)

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$120 $50

$100 $80 $60 $100 $30 $30 $10 $30 $30 $40 $100 $100 $100

$80 $100

$100 $100 $130 $80 $60 $100 $120 $60 $150

$125 $120 $80


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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1402 - Thursday 1st May 2014

AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | Postage 199 ** APO Executive Edition Year Albums 2005-10 plus additional 2006 album. Also Collector’s Year Book 1990-91,1991-92 & 1992-93. Face Val $640. HEAVY. (10) 200 ** Ex-dealer’s stock 1966-74 on 55 Hagners incl 1966 Birds (4 sets), Navigators (3 sets), 1967 Cristmas (22 sets), 1968 WWW (17), Intelsat (20), Flowers (7 sets), Soil/Medical (19 gutter pairs mostly thick lines and unfolded, some blocks), 1970 Cook strip (12, one red mark on sail variety), 30c (15), M/S (9), 1971 Christmas 2 sets of 7 singles, 3 blocks of 7 (with 1 unit MLH) and pane of 25 of cream (one unit MLH) and white paper, 1972 Primary Industries (23 sets), Christmas (17 sets), etc, also AAT 1966-68 Defins. Well worth the estimate. (Approx 1,000). Face Val $200+ 201 **/U 1966-90s with Navigators plus additional $2 & $4, also 1971 Christmas pane of 50 (slight perf separation), block of 7, 1972 Christmas (5 sets), various 18c (190+), 22c (100+), also 1963-65 Navis 10/- & £1, AAT 1966-68 Picts and 2/3d commems (26, incl ANZAC (2), ICY (20)) all MUH and small selection of used overseas issues. Dec FV c$270. (100s) 202 ** including sheetlets in original packs, 2003 Year Album, Cocos MS’s, Impressionists book with values to $10. Few mint and used PSE’s not counted in total, Face Val $300+. 203 ** APO Executive Edition Year Albums 2005-10 plus additional 2006, Face Val $560. HEAVY. (7) AUSTRALIA | Booklets | Collections & Accumulations 204 ** 1969-72 Stitched Range comprising $1 FA x5 Ed G69/2, $1 PM x4 Ed G69/4, $1.20 FA x2 Ed G71/1, 70c PM x 2 different. Plus 1987 Aboriginal Crafts 80c and $2, 1988 Aust Crafts 80c and $2. Clean lot, retail $250+. (17) AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes 1962-94 Collection quite extensive with some duplication, handful with FDI cancels, mostly unused in ASC #A13-87 205 * range, plus unused 1994 with AEROPEX overprint ASC #120 x4. Some oddments including unused 3x PNG and 3x GB (one for HM Forces use only). Mainly fine, min cat $250. (c100) AUSTRALIA | First Day Covers QEII Pre-Decimals Accumulation mainly more common private brands (eg WCS, Royal) but also noting three Guthrie 206 * (1953-5 Produce Food, 2/- Olympics blue, Nursing), Haslem (1953 Coronation), David Fowler 1960 Queensland Exhib (not FDC), plus an attractive Florence Nightingale maxi-type card for 1955 Nursing - unknown maker. Many 1960s Small Animals and Flowers, 5/- Cattle, Airmail Anniv. Also some extras incl 1937 NSW sesqui and small group Norfolk Island 1960s incl 10/- Bird with Melbourne cancel on first day (!!). Ex-dealer stock already priced (well over $1,500), bargain. (c110) Accumulation roughly 200 mostly addressed FDCs QEII era majority pre-decimals incl odd AAT, some duplication. 207 * Includes the usual cachet makers (Royal, WCS, APO generic, etc) and also some we don’t see so often. Commem types too (eg Sovereign Hill Gold Mining). Mostly already priced to sell at well over $1,250. (c200) 208 1953-78 Collection in FDC album incl Excelsior, Parade, Royal, Wesley incl 1953 Tas Stamp Centenary, 1955 Nursing FD card & 1953 Aust-USA Friendship (2) all with LARGS NORTH cds, 1963 Cable 2/3d, 1968 Olympic Games on registered FDC, etc, mostly unaddressed. (60) 209 1945-81 Accumulation range incl Haslem, Mappin & Curran, PO generic, Royal, SCP, Smyth, Wesley, few commem pmks incl 1957 & 1958 Mt. Kosciusko, 1958 BESL, 1959 QUCEX, etc, also 1956 Olympics postmark set (51), (ex Equestrian pmk) plus several duplicates. Mostly fine and many items unaddressed. (130+) AUSTRALIA | Postal History 1929-98 Range of covers, mostly FDC incl 1947 Newcastle on registered Winslow FDC with no serifs on lower text, few 210 * other £sd FDCs, 1970s-80s lightly duplicated range, plus 1972 ‘5th World Conference of General Practice’ pict cds, also several ‘SHOWGROUNDS MELBOURNE’ cds, few NZ FDCs, etc. Mostly unaddressed. (130+) 1934-68 Flight related items incl Australia 1934 (Dec 21) Cootamundra-Melbourne flight signed “C. Arthur Butler/Pilot VH211 * URV”, 1937 ‘AIRMAIL EXHIBITION/MELBOURNE’ cds on special cover (both covers with faults), 1938 Aust-New Guinea and return cover, 1940 Qld ‘Miss PO’ cover, 1949 Aust-Canada Flight with cachet, 1959 ‘ECAFE/1’ illustrated cover, few later incl South Australia flights signed by “Pilot Captain Buckley”, or “P.S. Carey”, 1976 A.Post 18c Scenic Postcards (36) in red wallet. Mixed condition ( 17 items) AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES 212 */**/U Territories Accumulation in 2 sparsely filled stockbooks incl [1] Christmas Island incl 1958 Queens (2 sets MUH plus many odd values), 1963 Pictorials (6 sets, CTO), 1972-73 Ships (5 sets MUH), 1977-78 Visitors (4 sets), range of ‘Year of...’ M/Ss & Zodiac sheetlets, values to $4 (5), $5 (4), etc, [2] Cocos 1979-80 Fish (3 sets), 1990 $3 Booklet, mostly MNH, also selection of CTO issues. (100s) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 213 ** 1957-2010 Collection in boxed Seven Seas Hingeless album complete incl 1995 Singapore & Capex opt M/S, gutter pairs, se-tenant strips, etc. (220+ & 7 M/S). 1979-91 FDC Collection including 1979 Ships 1, 1982 Ships 3 all in blocks of 4 plus 1982 Mawson set on 4 covers, Ships 214 * 3 set of 6 on 4 separate FDCs all unaddressed with the 4 Base cancels, range of later issues with 1982 Wildlife strip (3), 1984-87 Scenes, etc, few Cinderella items incl Antarctic Scenes M/S (10 dfferent) by Jack Koch, Project Blizzard covers (2) etc. Retail stated to be approx $250. (90+ items). COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 215 **/U 1963-2010 Collection in Seven Seas hingeless album incl 1990-91 Provisional Opts (8), 1990, 1995 & 2004 Stamp Exhibition M/Ss, few early issues used. (400+, 18 M/S & 2 sheetlets). NAURU | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 216 ** 1935-2002 on Seven Seas hingeless pages. Appears fresh MUH and virtually complete from 1954 £sd defin set of 9 with just a handful earlier MLH or used. Also a CTO 1983 Seven Seas thematic collection of Birds and Flowers, Art and the Olympics, etc. (100s) 217 */** 1935-2010 Collection in 2 Seven Seas boxed hingeless albums with issues from 1970s MUH, most sets represented, much thematic interest. Retail is A$1,200++ (100s). NORFOLK ISLAND | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 218 */** 1947-2010 Collection in 2 Seven Seas boxed Hingeless albums almost complete with most issues since 1970 MUH includes 1995 ‘Singapore 95’, 1997 Cattle ‘Hong Kong’ M/S, 2004-05 ‘Special Edition’ opt Perfume M/S, (ex 2005 Flight/HK opt M/S, 2009 Parrots sheetlet). Generally fine. (100s) PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 219 **/*/U 1952-2000 mixed condition mint (some ng) and used stockbook collection with duplication from first pictorial defins to 10/Rabaul hinged and cds, end 2000 Silver Jubilee set and miniature sheets. In between many full sets but not complete, mid-period especially suffering to some degree from Queensland humidity. More useful noted incl four booklets 1970-73 50c SG #B2 and 70c SG #B3 & B5 (TAA and Olivetti adverts), 1960 postage due set of 8 MUH SG #D7-14. TLC can help. (100s)


$120 $150 $175 $280 $80


$125 $100 $50 $200



$100 $100

$100 $200

$125 $300



Phoenix Auctions BOX LOT AUCTION #1402  

This auction contains 219 Philatelic lots and has over 150 Collections and Miscellaneous lots from around the world from A - V. Those who pa...

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