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APTA Auction House of the Year 2012

Box Lot Auction #1304 Friday 6th September, 2013 at 3:00pm Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Welcome to our latest Box Lot Auction. These auctions are held in our Auction Rooms at Level 2, 170 Queen Street Melbourne. Enter either lift in the foyer and go to Level 2. If when you are visiting and the lifts are secured, please press the buzzer outside the front door and we will send the lift down for you. This auction contains 254 lots and commences with a massive selection of 160 lots of established Collections from the four corners of the Globe. Africa, Balkans, Central America, Europe, Germany, Middle East, Mongolia, Russia, South East Asia, USA, Western Europe and much more. There is sure to be something of interest to Worldwide and Specialist collectors alike. We also have the usual Postage, Kiloware, Commemorative and FDCs and other Accumulations from Australia and Australian Territories, including a very good selection of Pictorial Postmarks on cover from the 70s, 80s and 90s. All our standard auction procedures apply to these Auctions. You can bid in the room, by post, email or through the website. In fact you can bid exactly the same way you do with our normal public auctions. If you intend to bid live online please contact us if you have any queries as to how our online bidding operates. The majority of the lots contained here do require some consideration as to how they will be despatched to you, so please be aware of the weight and bulk of items if mail is your preferred method of despatch. We do welcome bids from all over, but please be aware as these costs are sometimes very prohibitive! We cannot emphasise this enough, that although we charge postage on parcels at cost, it can be extremely expensive. Check the Australia Post website for full details. Viewing will be held in our offices from Monday 2nd through to Friday 6th September.

Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd 路 Auction Rooms: Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne. Australia. Postal Address: GPO Box 4346, Melbourne. Vic. 3001. Australia. 路 ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 路 F: +61 3 8677 2858 路 E:

Page 2 9001 * 9002 */**/U 9003 */**/U 9004 */**/U

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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 COLLECTIONS and MISCELLANEOUS GROUPINGS 1930s-40s Postal History good group from New Zealand, Gambia, KUT, India etc, few airmails, registereds and censored. (31) Accumulation in 8 sparsely filled albums incl Cyprus, Ghana incl 1967 Tourist Year M/S, Ireland, Jamaica, KUT 1954-59 QEII £1 corner unit MUH, Newfoundland 1937 Coronation Pictorials (11, MLH), Mauritius, North Borneo earlies few with actual cds, etc. Condition mixed. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Accumulation in 3 stockbooks plus 30+ Hagners with Angola, Benin, St.Thomas & Prince Islands, Tanzania, Tchad, Togo. Enormous thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) Accumulation in 10 sparsely filled stockbooks incl [1] Ceylon with range of QV-KGVI issues, [2] Christmas Is range incl 1970 Fish 15c & 30c (both MUH), few later issues, [3] Dominica, [4] Guernsey, [5] Maldives, [6] Pitcairn Is, [7] Solomon Is with 1987 special book for America’s Cup with 8 different strips of 5 in numbered packets, [8] South Africa with Transvaal incl opts plus 1901 2/6d x2, both optd ‘E.R.I./PASS/TWO/Shillings.’ (both with no stop after PASS), KEVII 2/-, few Revenues to 5/- (2), [9] Trinidad & Tobago. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Accumulations from [1] Cambodia, [2] North Korea, [3] Laos, [4] North & South Vietnam in 3 albums on 120+ Hagners with an enormous array of thematic topics, M/Ss, sheetlets, etc. Mixed condition. (1,000s) Africa in 3 stockbooks incl [1] Congo, [2] Liberia, [3] Mozambique selection of sheetlets/M/Ss for ‘Sydney 2000’ also small amount of [4] Georgia and Trieste. Enormous thematic interest, many sets. Mixed condition. (100s) Africa in 4 Chinese stockbooks & loose incl Bophuthatswana, Ghana, South Africa, SWA/Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, with many sets, opts, few Dues, M/Ss, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) Africa in 4 Chinese albums from [1] Burundi, [2] Equatorial Guinea, [3] Malagasy, [4] Rwanda, all with numerous thematic subjects, blocks, se-tenant strips, M/Ss, etc. Too many to mention and many CTO. Generally fine. (100s) Africa in 5 binders on Hagners including [1] Benin, [2] Burundi, [3] Central African Rep, [4] Cameroon, [5] Congo, [6] Equatorial Guinea, [7] Guinea Bisseau, [8] Malagasy, [9] Mauritania [10] Niger, [11] Rwanda, [12] Upper Volta, [13] Zaire, etc. Many thematics, generally fine. (1,000s) Africa incl Liberia few early issues, range of Officials; Malagasy Republic, few 1970s commems; Mozambique Company many pictorials & triangles; Nyassa many opts; also Rwanda, Togo. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) Africa in 7 Chinese stockbooks incl [1] Benin, [2] Burundi, [3] Central African Republic, [4] Dahomey, [5] Djibouti various issues to 2009, [6] Guinea Bisseau, [7] Ivory Coast, [8] Malawi range of issues to 2009, few have ‘CANCELLED’ handstamp obliterations, also several ‘illegal’ issues incl 2009 ‘Cats’ sheetlets. [9] Somalia, [10] Upper Volta, [11] Zaire, numerous M/Ss, se-tenant blocks, pairs or strips throughout, much thematic interest and many CTO. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) African States Accumulation in 4 albums with approx 150 Hagners including Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Liberia, Malagasy, Mozambique, Niger, Ruanda Urundi, Somalia, Tchad, Togo, some opts, various issues in blocks, few sheetlets or M/S, vast array of thematic subjects to choose from. Generally fine. (100s) Arab States Collection in 6 albums and on 100 Hagners+, etc, including Ajman, Bahrain, Dubai, Fujeira, Iran, Manama, Oman, Qatar incl 1966 1r on 1r scarlet, Ras Al Khaima, Sharjah, Syria range of ‘OMF’ opts, Umm Al Qiwan, Yemen, etc. Numerous jam labels abound. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s.) Asia QV to QEII collection in 4 Chinese stockbooks with [1] Ceylon used incl 1912-25 10r (2, both are faded & fiscal), 1935 Jubilee (2 sets), 1935-36 Picts, 1938-49 Picts, 1951-54 10r, 1964 Bird M/S, range opts, etc, [2] India with few useful earlies, many commems, defins, few Refugee Reliefs, Cinderellas, few ‘CEF’ or ‘IEF’ opts, [3] Indian States with Bhopal incl Official 1944-49 6a used, Charkari, Cochin, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Idar, Indore, Jind, Nabha, Patiala, Travancore, many with ‘Service’ opts. [4] Pakistan array, etc. Some postmark and thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) Asian Accumulation in 6 albums incl 50+ Hagners with Indonesia incl range of ‘unissued items’ with ‘Straatdruckerei Wien’ imprint at base, Japan, Korea (both North & South), many sets & M/Ss throughout. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) Assortment haphazardly presented on album page fragments & hagners mostly used including GB QV surface printed 1876 8d Plate 1 with 1877 ‘ST IVES/HUNTS’ cds, 1880-83 3d on 3d & KEVII 2/6d with 1902 ‘KENSINGTON/NAPIER ROAD’ cds, Ceylon KEVII Crown CA 2r25c, Hong Kong Crown CC 96c, India & States, Malta 1935 Silver Jubilee mint, Montserrat 1876 Opt on Antigua 6d, New Zealand Chalons with perforated 1/-, Saint Helena 1861 Large Star 6d blue Clean-cut Perf (minor blemishes, Cat £275), Straits Settlements KGV $5 postally used, also KGVI short sets mint, plus some foreign interlopers. Lots of other good pickings sighted but many are stuck-down. Very mixed condition so close inspection suggested. (100s) Assortment on Hagners with Canada QV-KGV with some highly catalogued stamps but mostly with small blemishes/faults or toning; Iran/Persia 1900s-30s mint & used, some pickings also some forgeries/reprints, condition is mixed. Balkans Collection untidly arranged in 4 albums on 110 Hagners including [1] Albania various to 1970s, [2] Bulgaria 1890s1970s, [3] Romania 1890s-1970s incl 1957 Satellite strips plus labels, [4] Yugoslavia 1920s-70s, few imperfs, Dues, Officials, many opts, etc, much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) Belgian Congo 1894-1950 collection with few useful issues, opts, 1947 Carvings (26), few ‘RUANDA/URUNDI’ opts, range later issues incl Congo also tatty 1905 Registered front to Belgium with values (9) to 1fr with mss “Via : Beni-Stanleyville...”. Mixed condition (approx 300). Belgium 1850s-1970 Accumulation incl many earlies, few imperfs, Sunday Delivery labels, all crammed onto pages, various Brussels Exhib, surcharges, defins, Railway stamps also a small Belgian Congo array. Postmark interest in earlies. Mixed condition. (1,000s) Benelux incl [1] Belgium 1937 Queen Astrid (7) few M/Ss, range of Railway stamps, many commems, [2] Belgian Congo incl 1956 Mozart (2), [3] Netherlands many commems, few Dues, [4] Dutch Colonies incl Antilles 1955 Child Welfare, Curaçao, Neth Indies. Generally fine. (100s) Benelux Collection in 3 albums on 110+ Hagners incl [1] Belgium 1860s-1990s range Sunday labels, 1929 10f block 4, Railways, Parcel Posts, few Congo, [2] Luxembourg, also few Liechtenstein, [3] Netherlands range of Child Welfare, M/Ss, plus selection of Netherlands Indies, Antilles, etc. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) British Africa QV-QEII in large 64 page stockbook incl [1] Kenya, [2] KUT, [3] Nigeria, [4] The Rhodesias (many), [5] Sierra Leone few QV, [6] Somaliland also [7] Sudan few Officials. Many defins/commems, opts, Officials, etc, scattered throughout. Mixed condition. British Commonwealth in 4 Chinese stockbooks include Aden with many defins also Seiyun 1950 Currency Opts (8), Ascension, Barbados 1882-86 4d brown, various 1938-47 to 2/6d (MLH) or used to 5/-, 1949 UPU, Basutoland, Bermuda, British Honduras 1968 $5 Puma, Gold Coast/Ghana, Maldives 1992 Mysteries of the Universe M/Ss (16), Nyasaland, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) British Commonwealth in 8 albums/stockbooks incl British Africa with Bophuthatswana, Kenya, Lagos, Nigeria, Rhodesias, Sierra Leone, Zambia, BAT, Canada incl 1942-48 War Effort 10c to $1 (MLH), few booklet panes, M/Ss, coils, phosphors, Officials, Falklands & Deps various QV-QEII, India, Newfoundland, Ross Deps. Much thematic interest, generally fine. (100s) British Commonwealth Collection in 6 albums/stockbooks on 70+ Hagners incl Canada, Ghana, Grenada also Grenadines, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaya & States, Malta, Natal, Pakistan, St. Helena, St. Vincent, Solomon Islands incl 1982 Sanford’s Eagle sheetlet, Swaziland 1938-54 KGVI to 5/-, Tanzania, Transvaal, Turks & Caicos, various Officials, Dues, M/Ss, Disney. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s,)

$160 $80 $80

$80 $100 $80 $80 $80 $100 $80

$100 $100 $80

$100 $100

$300 $100 $100 $80 $80 $80 $80 $80

$120 $100


Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 9027 */**/U 9028 */U/C

9029 */**/U 9030 */**/U 9031 */**/U 9032 */**/U

9033 */**/U 9034 */**/U 9035 */U 9036

9037 */U

9038 */**/U

9039 */**/U

9040 */**/U

9041 */**/U 9042 * 9043 */U

9044 * 9045

9046 */**/U 9047 */**/U

9048 */U 9049 */**/U

British Commonwealth collection incl [1] Antigua, [2] Bahamas, [3] Bermuda KGVI 2/6d, [4] Barbados, [5] Br. Guiana, [6] Cook Isl, [7] Nigeria 1936 2/6d, [8] Niue, [9] Samoa WWI Lost Colonies label, 1935-42 Arms to 10/-, few M/S, [10] Tonga 1923-24 2d on 2/6d, 2d on 5/-, few Coasters incl 4/6d Airmail, etc. Much thematic interest, mixed condition. (100s) British Commonwealth Accumulation incl [1] Egypt 1937 Simon Arzt cover to Kenya, [2] GB KGV 1½d uprated stationery envelope to Kenya, redirected to Tanganyika with KUT KGV 20c added, KGV photogravure 1/- on large wrapper to Kenya, [3] KUT 1943-47 covers (4) all to Military Admin, Somalia, few receipts, etc, [4] NZ 1943 wrapper (slightly trimmed at left) to Kenya, redirected to Somalia with KGVI 10c pair added, also [5] 1950 KGVI Parcel label to Dunedin with 6d carmine (11) affixed, plus duplicated collection of mint & used Northern Rhodesia stamps incl KGV 1/- (12), few KGVI & QEII. STC £160+. Mixed condition. (15 items plus 200+ stamps). British Commonwealth Exchange Sheet accumulation incl [1] Canada 1930-31 $1 Mt. Cavell (4),1933 Grain Conference (4), 1935 Jubilee (6 sets), [2] Ceylon, [3] Grenada, [4] India, [5] New Hebrides (Fr), [6] New Guinea 1932-34 Undated Bird Airs 5/-, 10/-, £1 (2), [7] NZ, etc. Generally very fine. (100s) British Commonwealth Exchange Sheets with range of Diana 21st Birthday issues, GB/Channel Islands, Mauritius, NZ 1954 5/-, 10/-, 1967-70 $2, 1969 Cook M/Ss (2), (MUH), Solomons, many Tristan Da Cunha, Turks & Caicos, etc. Many M/Ss, complete sets, many items are unmounted. Very high selling price. (100s) British Commonwealth Exchange Sheets with vast array of issues (mostly QEII) from [1] Antigua, [2] Ascension, [3] Bahrain, [4] Bermuda, [5] Br. Virgins, [6] Gambia, [7] Gibraltar, [8] GB incl 1939-48 10/- dark blue, 1948 SW £1 used, [9] Morocco Agencies, [10] Tangier, [11] Turks & Caicos, etc. Many sets, M/Ss throughout, many unmounted. (100s) Canada 1859-1990s in Harris album to 1975 mostly used plus stockbook of later unmounted issues. Used include various Jubilees to 8c, 1898-1902 20c, 1908 Quebec to 20c, few coils, Special Deliveries, Dues, few ‘OHMS’ & ‘G’ opts, few Provinces incl Newfoundland. Unmounted incl M/Ss, sheetlets, se-tenant blocks, booklet panes, few higher values incl $1 (3), $1.25 (2), $2 (4), $5 (3), etc. Face value of MUH is Can$175+. Generally very fine. Central & South America collections in 5 albums and on 110+ Hagners incl Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico with several 1903 issues optd ‘SPECIMEN’, Nicaragua range earlies, opts, Paraguay (with some ‘issued in excess of P.O. needs’), etc, various M/Ss, Officials. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) Central America in 3 albums from [1] Honduras 2001 Banco Occcidente sheet of 20, [2] Mexico 1938 Town Planning Postage (6), [3] Panama 1938 Games M/S, 1948 Military Junta Airs (6), 1956 Pan-American Congress (24), many commems, Officials, Airmails, opts, etc, scattered throughout. Mixed condition. (100s) Central Asia incl [1] Persia/Iran with many earlies (some are reprints), many commems, range of opts, [2] Turkey incl 195860 Turkish Towns (134 MLH), many commems, opts, Officials, etc. Inspection recommended. Mixed condition. (100s) China in 3 stockbooks from earlies to c1950s with range of Imperial issues, numerous Junks & Sun Yat Sen issues (all periods) crammed onto pages, opts galore, red wax seal of ‘BRITISH CONSULATE GENERAL/(Arms)/TSINGTAO’ on small 1930s piece to New Guinea, range Provincial and Communist issues, few reprints, Revenues, etc, plus small range of Taiwan issues. Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. (1,000s) Collection in 2 ‘Devon’ Albums - early to 1970s including Australia Arms (3, optd ‘SPECIMEN’, 10/- & £1 no gum, £2 *), 1971 Christmas block 7(*), China 1959 10th Anniv 20f, Christmas Island, Gilbert & Ellis, GB 1948 £1 Wedding, Hong Kong, New Zealand 2/- Admiral, few Dues, Norfolk Island 1960-62 10/- Bird optd ‘SPECIMEN’, PNG 1963 10/- & £1 both optd ‘SPECIMEN, Singapore, USA few pre-cancels, numerous other countries. Useful lot. Generally fine. (100s) Collection in 2 albums with range of [1] China earlies to recent, some imperfs, reprints, many sets, M/Ss, few FDCs, etc, also selection of ‘spurious’ M/Ss incl Hong Kong ‘Diana’ (2), (many appear to be ‘attached to pages’); [2] Taiwan incl 1986 Coral Fish block of 10, [3] South Korea incl range of German 1988 illustrated covers with various Olympic issues cancelled by commem pmks (some signed by German team members). Mixed condition. (100s) Collections in albums incl [1] Costa Rica; [2] Cuba (4 albums alone); [3] Dominican Repub incl 1964 Birds (6) MUH; [4] Guatemala with 1932-33 Interior Airs (6), 1979 Arms Airs (23) plus M/S (MUH); [5] Haiti incl 1975 selection (79) of unauthorised Bird stamps, some MUH or CTO; [6] Nicaragua. Many early issues, opts, M/Ss, sets, etc, much thematic interest throughout. Generally fine. HEAVY LOT (1,000s) Collections in 7 albums incl Ceylon, Ciskei 1981-90 Birds (23), 1991 Solar System (2 sets), many other issues in blocks or sheetlets, Cyprus, Hong Kong KGV $2, India & States, Jamaica, Namibia, NZ 10 Kiwi, $4 Arms both used, St. Lucia 198589 Soldiers various incl $15 (4), $20 (4), St. Vincent and Islands (in profusion, with a few Elvis & Michael Jackson issues), South Africa 1992 Stamp Day sheet and many commems, SWA, Trinidad & Tobago few QV. Several ‘Official’ & ‘SPECIMEN’ opts, Disney issues, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Collections in 6 Chinese s/bks with Gambia, Gibraltar, Grenada & Grenadines, various QV issues, 1967 Statehood opts, various Disney issues, Jamaica QV-QE incl range QV to 1/- brown, few War Stamp opts, Judicials, St. Christopher, Nevis & Anguilla, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, numerous commems, defins throughout. Generally fine. (100s) Commercial Covers incoming to Australia from all over the world and mostly from 1990s also range of FDCs 1960s onwards, (some unaddressed) from the ‘Africas’, Canada, GB, NZ, PNG, Solomons, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) Consignment Remainders with Zanzibar 1895-96 Ovpts on India forgeries Zanzidar on ½a and on 2a used (genuine examples Cat £700 & £3,000) plus 1895-98 2½ on 1a forgery, plus 1904 2½ on 8a SG 209, also French Colonies 20c blue reprint pair & New Caledonia 1894-1900 ‘Timbre-Taxe’ overprints 5c to 30c used “as is”, plus Philippines 1881 Surcharge in black 1r on 2c SG 104 used “as is”, and two other items. (16) Covers Collection general accumulation with most periods and most areas represented, some strength in Australia noting 1920 (Sept 21) 4d PS Registered envelope with ½d uprating Leeton NSW to Caulfield, Vic, FDCs noting 1961 5/- Cattle, GB KEVII PPCs plus range inbound from mainly European countries. Lots to look at here. Good value at estimate. (100+) Diverse Array incl book ‘ROWLAND HILL & The Fight for the Penny Post, etc’ by Col. H.W. Hill, 1940, Australian States PPCs c1900s (50+) few actresses, scenes, (nice Foy & Gibson, Collingwood street scene also Main St, Katoomba), 1905 PPC to Austria with 1d Mt Wellington & 1½d on 5d tied by Ulverstone cds, etc, range of unused PPCs incl ‘The Royal Mint’ (London, c1910 Wrench Series 11 different), selection of world PPCs mostly GB, range 1985-86 STAMPEX-Adelaide items. Also Rhodesian 1965 Independence Medal in wooden box. Mixed condition. (100+ PPC, covers, etc). Eastern Europe in 4 albums on 200+ hagners incl [1] Bulgaria few earlies, 1921-23 King Boris III 10l maroon, range of later Stamp Exhibition sheetlets, [2] Montenegro, [3] Poland 1960 Birds (12), [4] Romania. Various imperfs, commems, sheetlets, opts, etc, throughout. Hours of fun. Great thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) Eastern Europe in 7 albums/stockbooks including [1] Bulgaria, [2] Estonia few defins incl 1936-40 3s orange, 30s blue, 60s magenta, [3] Romania many earlies, few POs Abroad, revenues, 1906 Welfare Fund (4), Postal Tax, [4] Slovakia 1939 unissued Gen Stefanik (4), [5] Slovenia, [6] Yugoslavia few Chainbreakers, 1990 imperf Chess M/S. Military Gov’t 1945-47 Selection incl opts. Many opts and se-tenants, etc, throughout. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) Eastern Europe in 5 Chinese stockbooks incl [1] Czechoslovakia early imperfs, Postage Dues, Newspaper stamps, [2] East Germany, [3] Hungary multitude of issues, numerous opts, Postage Dues, commems, defins, etc, throughout. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) Eastern Europe in 3 albums & 60+ Hagners with [1] Latvia few imperfs, [2] Lithuania incl 1919-20s Arms selection, 1923 Union of Memel, 1940 Vilnius M/S, opts various Polish Occupation, [3] Poland, [4] Romania 1957 25b & 3l.75 ultramarine strip with label CTO, etc. Much thematic interest, mixed condition. (100s)

Page 3 $80

$80 $100 $100 $100

$100 $80 $80 $80





$100 $80 $100

$75 $150

$80 $80

$80 $80 $80

Page 4 9050 */**/U

9051 */U

9052 */U 9053 */**/U

9054 */U

9055 */**/U 9056 U

9057 */**/U

9058 */U 9059 */**/U 9060 */**/U

9061 */**/U 9062 *

9063 U 9064 */U 9065 */U

9066 **/U 9067 */**/U

9068 U 9069 ** 9070 **/*/U

9071 *

9072 *

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 Eastern Europe Collection in 3 albums on 100+ Hagners from [1] Czechoslovakia 1919-92 incl 1950 Philatelic Exhib M/S, 1978 & Praga M/Ss, [2] East Germany 1950s-80s with range of M/Ss or sheetlets, commems, [3] Hungary 1900s-90s incl few imperfs, 1945 Postage Due 1p on 10f misplaced opt, few M/S incl 1986 Challenger, etc. Condition generally fine. Much thematic interest. (1,000s) Europe in 9 sparsely filled albums including [1] Albania few ‘suspect’ earlies, [2] Bulgaria, [3] Italy many Parcel Post stamps, Postage Dues, Revenues, few Occupied Territories incl 1930 Ferrucci issues optd Nisiro, Lero, Calchi, etc, Rhodes 1944 War Victims’ Relief (6), 1945 Red Cross, [4] Latvia, [5] Lithuania, [6] Luxembourg, [7] Serbia, etc. Few Officials, opts throughout. Very mixed condition. (100s) Europe in 8 stockbooks incl Estonia, Germany range of inflation issues, WWII issues, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands duplicated earlies with some postmark interest, Vatican, West Germany. Condition poor to fine. HEAVY LOT. Europe Collection in 5 stockbooks incl [1] Finland; [2] Italy with 1923 Mazzoni to 50c (MLH),1941 Italo-German Friendship, 1949 UPU, 1952 1st Stamp, Military Posts, few Polish Resettlement issues; [3] Portugal useful earlies, 1952 Coaches, 1980 London M/S, 1993-95 2 blank Klussendorf ‘Ship’ labels; [4] Portuguese Cols incl Angola, Azores 1981 Europa M/S, Cape Verde, Lourenço Marques, Macau 1936 Airs, Mozambique, St. Thomas & Prince Islands, Portuguese India, etc; [5] Switzerland few seated Helvetias, many Pro Juventute, Pro Patria. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) European Accumulation in 7 albums/stockbooks incl [1] Austria Newspaper stamps, Postage Dues, Cinderellas, [2] Austria-Hungary Military Posts, [3] K.u.K. issues, [4] Austrian POs in Turkish Empire, [5] Bosnia & Herzegovina [6] Croatia 1943 Legion Relief imperf M/S, [7] Hungary few early imperf, numerous Postage Dues incl 1922-24 200K on 4½k misplaced opt, [8] Poland range of earlies, 1944 Monte Cassino opts (4, MLH), 1945 Westerplatte (no gum), few better early post war issues, many later commems, [9] Romania 1907 Welfare Fund, etc, numerous commems & defins throughout. Condition mixed. HEAVY LOT. (100s) European Collection on 30+ Hagners & several pages including Azerbaijan, Batum few sheetlets with misplaced perfs, Belarus, Chechnia, Crete, Georgia, Greece, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, etc, few earlies although strength is in Eastern Europe and the more recent colourful issue. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) European Collection incl Austria few earlies,1948 Salzburg Cathederal, Croatia, on 50 Hagners plus many that have been stuck onto album pages from Bulgaria, Czechoslavakia, Denmark, Finland, France & few Territories, Germany West & East, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland values to £5, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal & Cols, Romania, Spain & few Colonies, Yugoslavia, various imperf, few Dues, opts, etc. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (1,000s) Exchange Sheet selection (some sheets have not yet been offered through the club) incl Aden, Ascension 1963 Birds 7d to £1, Bahrain, Barbados, Basutoland, KGVI 5/-, Falkland Isl 1938-50 Penguins 2/6d, & Deps incl maps, Hong Kong, Jamaica 5/- (2), New Hebrides (Br & Fr) with opts, Pahang 1948 Wedding $5 (MUH), Palestine, Penrhyn KEVII 6d (2), 1/-, etc. Much thematic interest. Unmounted issues. (100s) Exchange Sheet remainder selection of Foreign countries incl Belgium, various Eastern Europe, France & Cols, Germany, Poland, Spain, Viet Nam, Yemen, etc. Much thematic interest. (100s) Foreign incl Arab States on 100+ Hagners with Ajman range of Officials, commems, etc; Dubai, Fujeira, Manama, Qatar 1961 1r-10r (MUH); 2 albums of Lebanon few earlies, many opts, Dues, etc; Liberia with numerous triangles, opts, ‘OS’, etc; Mongolia on 60 Hagners with enormous thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) Foreign Accumulation in 5 albums/stockbooks on 55+ Hagners incl [1] Afghanistan 1964 Wild Life, [2] Ajman 1965 Olympic Games, [3] Bangladesh, [4] Indonesia, [5] Iraq with Official opts, [6] Kampuchea 1983 Raphael M/S, 1984 Space M/S, [7] Manama, [8] Philippines, [9] Sahara Occ, [10] Thailand 2003 150th King Chulalongkorn Birthday, etc. Many opts, commems. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) Foreign Accumulation incl Ajman 1966 Churchill, 1967 (Apr) Airs (5), Jordan, Khmer Republic, Nepal 1954 Maps (12), Ryukus, Sudan, Tannu Tuva with range of ‘diamonds ‘or ‘triangles’, Thailand good range of pre-1935 issues, USA few MUH incl 1998 $3.80 Mississippi sheetlet. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Foreign Commercial Covers 1950s Onwards to various countries from Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Dahomey, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Korea, Indonesia, Lebanon (many to Iraq), Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Peru, Syria, Tunisia, Uruguay, etc. Several are registered or Express. Mixed condition. Interesting lot. (130+) France 1850s-1960s accumulation with good selection of Napoleons & Ceres, Peace & Commerce to 2f, Mouchon to 5f, Sowers galore crammed into one of 2 stockbooks, etc. Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. (1,000s) French Colonies Accumulation in 7 sparsely filled albums incl Algeria, Cameroun, Chad 1925-27 Opts (MLH [1f25 on 50c used]), Indo-China, Madagascar, Mauritania, New Caledonia, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) French Colonies Collection on 70+ hagners with Algeria, Andorra, Cameroun, Comoros, Fr. Guinea, Fr. Guyana, Fr. Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Indo China, Madagascar, Martinique, Mauritania, New Caledonia, Niger, Reunion, St. Pierre, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Wallis & Futuna. Earlies to c1970s with various opts incl ‘FRANCE LIBRE’, Postage Dues, Officials, few Vichy issues. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) German Accumulation in envelopes with vendor counts, all periods including Bavaria and Danzig. Majority post-WWII West Germany (oddments DDR mixed in), plus Italy (c300) and Czechoslovakia (c500). Packetmakers. (c2,650) German Accumulation in 3 binders on 135+ hagners including MUH range of 1960s commems with [1] West Germany 1963 Fish in blocks of 10 plus additional 40pf (15), 1979 FDI Cards Nos 1-27 complete, numerous used issues, [2] West Berlin oddments, [3] East Germany issues galore many MUH incl 1979 Meissen 5pf-20pf sheet of 16, 1986 Postal Uniforms Litho sheet of 40, many M/Ss both MUH or CTO. Hours of fun. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) German Pre-WWII accumulation in 5 stockbooks with many 1875-87 Pfennig/e issues, Shields, Germania, few Weimar, many Inflation period plus selection of Danzig & Bohemia. Postmark interest. Mixed condition. (100s) German Revenues 1906 15pf Bill of Lading freight stamp (Frachtstempel) in 20 complete sheets, 11 sheets with full selvedge. Various numbers at sides. Some faults. (1,000) Germany 1900s-2000s on 65 hagners incl [1] few earlies, Officials, Inflation period, 1934 Count Zeppelin 2m, [2] WWII issues incl 1944 Armed Forces (13, MUH), Zones, range ‘General Gouvernement’, [3] numerous later commems to 2000s, [4] West Berlin incl 1951-52 Bell Clapper to the right 20pf, 30pf & 40pf, 1953 Church 20pf +10pf, 1952-53 Famous Berliners (10), [5] Saar. Generally very fine. (100s) Great Britain 1960s-80s FDCs Range incl 1963 Red Cross (ord), Benham Silks (21 - 5 different sets), Post Office x4 with Royalty related cachets incl ‘THE ROYAL STUDS/5 JUL1978/SANDRINGHAM’, or ‘ESTATE OFFICE’, etc, Hawkwood Covers (11) 1980-84 range (Cat £200+) with special cancels and numbered on reverse incl one signed by ‘T.J.Dyke, Series Designer’, Royal Engineer Series (2), Stuart (some with additional cachets), Tate Gallery, etc. Also small selection of mostly unused PHQ cards (40+). Many FDCs are unaddressed. (130+) Great Britain Covers with FDCs (some plain) incl 1957 Scouts, 1958 Games, 1960 Letter Office, Europa, POSB, and others, range later issues, also range of commem pmks incl Royal Visits, 3 different 1971 PO Strike covers, various Regionals, few Channel Islands plus selection of Br. Commonwealth Charles & Di Wedding covers. Mixed condition. (100s)


$100 $80


$80 $80


$120 $80 $120

$100 $80

$100 $80 $80

$100 $40

$100 $60 $60


$100 $100

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 9073 */**/U

9074 U/** 9075 U 9076 U 9077 */**/U 9078 */**/U

9079 ** 9080 ** 9081 */**/U 9082 */**/U 9083 U 9084 U 9085 */**/U 9086 9087 */**

9088 */**/U 9089 */**/U 9090 */**/U 9091 U 9092 */ **/U 9093 */U

9094 U

9095 */**/U 9096 9097 */**/U

9098 */**/U

9099 */**/U

Great Britain Exchange Sheets QV-QEII issues with good selection of 1d red imperfs (3 MC with Nos ‘2’, ‘8’ & ‘10’ - no margins), 1d stars & 1d red Plate Numbers, surface-printed array incl 1873-78 4d vermilion Plate 15 (Cat £500), 8d orange (4, Cat £350 each), QV 2/6d (2), 10/-, KEVII 5/-, few Seahorses, ‘graphite’ issues, various wmk varieties, unmounted incl QE booklet pane selection of Wildings & Machins. Inspection will repay. Mixed condition. (100s) Great Britain KGVI-QEII Accumulation including Wilding Castles (2 sets), 1977-87 Machin £5 (10), 1992-95 Castles £5 (12) also complete 1982 Stanley Gibbons booklet. STC £260+. ( 370+) Great Britain Postage Dues 1914-82 accumulation incl pre-decimal values to 2/6d (12), 5/-; decimals include 1970 £1 (46), £5 (20, incl block of 12), 1982 £1 (9), £2 (7), £5 (3), with many high values in blocks. (750+) Great Britain QEII 50 packets of 73 all different GB commems off paper with 25%+ stated to be pre-decimal. (3,650) Great Britain QV-QEII Accumulation in 5 Chinese stockbooks incl 1867-80 1/-, 1873-80 8d orange, 1880-83 6d on 6d, later 2/6d (2), 5/-, range Jubilees, KEVII 2/6d (3), KGV, KGVI High values 10/- dark blue, QE issues in profusion. Few Cinderellas. Condition is very mixed. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Great Britain Regionals [1] Alderney, [2] Guernsey 1974-78 special ‘Soldier’ booklet sheet of 80 (see SG 99a/b), similar for 1979-83 ‘Coin’ sheets, range of unused maximum cards adhering to pages, few booklets, [3] Isle of Man many FU & CTO, [4] Jersey few booklets/panes, 1976-80 Picts to £2, 1971-75 Dues, 1978 Dues. Also selection of Irish issues mostly used, incl values to £5. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) Guernsey Europa 1983-84, 1986-87 Issues in complete sheets of 20. Cat £150+. Plus 4 sheets of ‘Coins’ stamps. (395) Hong Kong 1999-2006 Accumulation including 1999 Landmarks set (21) plus additional $10, $20 & $50, 2001 Hong Kong Stamp Exhibition special folder with $50 Snake & $50 Dragon MS, range of issues with many in strips or blocks, 2006 Birds (2 sets of 16 plus Kao’s MS) few ‘Premium Booklets’ including 2000 Nature, Wetlands, 2002 Cyber. Cat £375+. (100s) Hong Kong QV-QE Collection include various MLH defins, selection of commems, range of M/S incl few Olympics, HK Classics Nos 7 & 9 M/Ss, few Dues, used incl few New Year issues, QEII $50 (6) etc, selection of Contract Notes to $200, few China. Generally fine. (100s) Hungary 1880s-1980s 2 volume collection on 110+ hagners including 1950 5-Year Plan (Shield wmk), etc, many sets, commems, Officials, Dues, opts, few 3-hole Triangular perfs, much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) In Envelopes (many low values) sorted into denomination order incl Canada, GB few low value QV Officials, Seahorses 2/6d (4, one perfin), Castles £5 (14), £10 Britannia, Hungary, India QV-QE, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand various Birds to $5, Arms $6, Papua New Guinea, Spain, South Africa. All off paper and generally fine. (1,000s) India QV-QE Accumulation in 2 stockbooks good range of issues, mostly earlies, selection with ‘On/H. M./S.’ or ‘Service’ issues, some optd, few Cinderella incl QV 5R optd ‘POSTAL/SERVICE’, also album of Pakistan. Condition very mixed. (1,000s) Island Collection incl [1] Anguila, [2] Belize 1980 Bird set of 6 plus sheetlet of 6, [3] Cayes of Belize, [4] Br. Virgins incl 1970-74 Ships, [5] Redonda, [6] St. Vincent, etc, few Disney issues. Much thematic interest. (100s) Italy 1860s-1970s with useful commems incl 1948 St. Catherine 100l, 1950 Radio 55l, 1951 1st Tuscan stamp 55l, Montecassino 55l, few Express stamps, few States (possibly reprints), revenues. etc. Cat approx 560+. Mixed condition. (700) Middle East in stockbook with [1] Iran incl 1948-50 Avicennas Tomb (the 4 sets), 1950 Economic Congress, Shah’s 31st Birthday MLH, 1952 Saadi, [2] Iraq 1918-21 various opts to 12a in pairs, 1941-47 various incl 10f yellow-buff Plate No block of 4, 100f P12½x13 corner block of 4, 1949 Air M/s (MUH, but unfortunately it has been folded in 4, not affecting the stamps). Generally fine and many MUH. Cat approx £350. (200+ & M/S). Middle East selection in 4 albums incl [1] Egypt/UAR 1934 Congress 200m, few Officials, [2] Israel few with tabs, also 1979 Airs (9-MUH), [3] Libya 1962 Scout set & M/S, few sheetlets of birds, animals, flowers, [4] Palestine few opts, [5] Tunisia, etc. Many commems/defins throughout, few M/Ss, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) Middle East Accumulation in 11 albums incl Aden & States, Afghanistan few earlies plus selection of ‘issued in excess of Postal needs’ issues, Iraq 1923-25 2r (no gum), 1949 UPU, range of Official opts, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Persia/Iran many earlies, some reprints, Syria. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Middle East/Arab States Collection on 170+ Hagners in albums incl Ajman, Dhufar, Iraq, Manama, Oman, Ras Al Khiama, Sharjah, Yemen 1937 Arab Alliance, various imperfs, issues in blocks, se-tenant pairs, M/Ss, sheetlets, etc. Also few Nagaland. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) Miniature Sheet collection of fine used sheets 1960s-2012 incl Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia 1954 Zápotocký M/S,1985 Vega M/S, 1980 Essen M/S, Finland, France, Germany 2011 Saxon Steamship Co., Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, etc. Cat £200+. (approx 80). Mongolia in 3 Chinese stockbooks, North Korea in 2 stockbooks, numerous sets, M/Ss, many CTO. Much thematic interest. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) New Zealand KEVII to Recent in 9 Chinese stockbooks incl 1913 Auckland Exhib, 1925 Dunedin Exhib, 1958 2d on 1½d Stars (forgery?), plus (in many cases) a duplicated range of 1d Universals galore, commems and defins incl 1975 Shells $1 & $2 in blocks of six, Health issues incl 1931 Smiling Boys, numerous single values of later Health issues and few M/Ss, many Christmas issues, Life Insurance, Dues, QV Fiscals to 30/-, used Arms to £1 plus MUH Arms $6, $8 & $10 in pairs, opts, airs, Officials, range of Registration labels, few Cinderellas. Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) New Zealand QV Issues incl imperf 2d, 6d (3), 1/- all with margins ‘at places’, perf Chalons incl 2d blue (2), orange, 3d lilac (2), 4d yellow (fiscal), 6d (3), Newspaper stamps, 2nd Sideface issues in profusion incl 1d pink with Ellipse flaw (3, incl 2 singles [one mss] & one in pair with normal), few ‘Ads On’ (3), later QV picts to 2/- (3), 5/- (fiscal), many 1d Universals, many have been sorted into perf types, much postmark interest. Condition is very mixed. (100s) New Zealand QV-QEII in 3 Chinese stockbooks & 15 Hagners incl range of earlies, 1913 Auckland Exhibition ½d, 1926 Admirals 2/-, 3/- (fault), many later including 1969 Cook, 2003 Military Uniforms sheet, many Health issues plus M/Ss, Officials, Arms various to £1 and $6, also 1948 Tourist labels in complete sheet. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) New Zealand Year Collections Year Books 1985 (2), 1986, 1988 (2), 1990 (2), 1998, 1990. Face value approx NZ $350. HEAVY LOT. (9) Pacific Islands collection on 60+ Hagners incl Gilbert & Ellice Is 1975 Cowries M/S, Gilberts, Kiribati, Tuvalu few Dues, Officials, Vanuatu 1980 Defins (both types), plus 6 stockbooks with Fiji, Nauru, New Hebrides, PNG, Penrhyn, Pitcairn, Samoa 1991 Birds, Tonga few ‘coasters’, peel & sticks, etc. Many blocks, se-tenant issues, M/Ss throughout. Much thematic interest. (100s) Pacific Islands with some Australian Territories and others in 7 stockbooks (some sparsely filled) incl [1] Fiji KGVI 5d Blue Cane, QE 10/- Tree, [2] Nauru few ships, [3] Norfolk Is 1953 Picts (MH), range of later issues (some hinged), 1980-81 Planes (16, MUH), [4] PNG incl 1952-58 £1 Fisherman, 1963 £1 QEII (2, MUH), [5] Solomon Is, also few [6] Cocos. Numerous other commems & defins throughout the lot, some MUH. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Pacific Islands in 7 stockbooks incl Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Niue, Solomons 1913-80s incl 1935 Jubilee, 1986 America’s Cup set in 10 strips of 5, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, etc, many opts, M/Ss and sets throughout. Mixed condition. (100s)

Page 5

$100 $40 $80 $60 $80

$80 $40 $140 $80 $100 $120 $80 $80 $80

$80 $80 $80 $100 $100 $80


$100 $80 $100


$80 $80

Page 6 9100 **/V

9101 */U

9102 U 9103 U 9104 */**/U 9105 */U

9106 */**/U 9107 */U 9108 */**/U 9109 */**/U

9110 **

9111 */**/U 9112 */U

9113 */**/U

9114 */**/U 9115 */**/U 9116 */**/U

9117 */U 9118 */**/U

9119 */**/U

9120 U 9121 */**/U

9122 */U

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 Packet Mix consisting of over 800 different packets, some with 200 stamps per packet, spread across 100 themes or countries such as Australia, Falklands, Germany, Guernsey, Pacific/Asia, etc, Thematics include Balloons, Christmas, Dogs, Flags, Ships. Mostly unmounted with a small amount of CTO or used issues. A fine trading opportunity at a most attractive estimate. Not to be missed. (10s of 1,000s). Poland 1920s-1960s Accumulation including 1920 Official 5f sheet of 100, plus numerous issues loose in envelopes with strength in earlier and 1940s imperf issues, range of covers (80, mostly 1950s-60s FDCs), also 2 books [1] ‘Polskie Znaki Pocztowe Tom II’ (1960) and ‘Ilustrowany Katalog Znaczków Polskich 1860-1956’ (1957) [slight spine damage] (2,500+, 80 covers, 2 books). Private Perfins from Denmark, France, Germany, GB (many), Hong Kong, India, Straights Settlements, Russia, USA, etc, Many QV issues noted. Condition mixed as is usual for these items. (100s) Private Perfins World with strength in GB incl QV 1873-80 2½d rosy-mauve plate 10 (2), plate 16, 2½d blue pl 17, 1883-84 5/- (N.Z.L.), 1884 1/- (W D/& B), KEVII (7), KGV (9), KGVI (41), QEII Wildings (58), pre-decimal Machins (17), decimal (21). Also Germany, Netherlands, USA, etc. Interesting lot. Mixed condition as usual. (230) QV-QEII Range in 4 Chinese stockbooks incl Barbuda, BIOT incl 1971 Aldabra, Brunei, Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius many earlies, Montserrat 1965 Fruit, Morocco Ags, ORC, Seychelles, Venda, Zimbabwe, etc, many sets, some postmark interest. Good thematic lot. (100s) Russia 1880s-1980s Accumulation in five stockbooks incl range of Imperial issues, some postmark interest, later issues include 1937 Airs, 1945 Aviation Day Airs, few imperf issues, special album with various 1980 Olympics Tourism issues, selection of Russian Refugee Post, also Ukraine with many opts and range of unissued items, and few Regensburg Camp Post issues. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) Russia Early to Recent in 3 albums on 175 Hagners with imperfs, M/Ss, se-tenant strips, commem sets, etc, plus small binder with many M/S. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1000s) Scandinavia Accumulation in 4 stockbooks incl [1] Denmark few earlies, 1929 Cancer Research (3), [2] Finland 1866-67 8k, [3] Norway, few earlies, Officials, Postage Dues, [4] Sweden few earlies, many coil issues, various wmks, also few ISÖ issues. Mixed condition. (100s) Scandinavia Collection on 60+ Hagners of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Includes commems, coils, booklet issues plus few booklets and booklet panes, few ISÖ locals, range of earlies, few opts. (100s) Scandinavia Collection in five Chinese s/books with [1] Denmark with Faröes incl 1984 Fairy Tales Booklet pane, 1999 Christmas Booklets (both); [2] Finland various Red Cross issues, 1993 Water Birds booklet; [3] Norway few Officials; [4] Sweden few booklet panes, even a few ISÖ issues. Numerous commems & defins throughout with much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) Selection useful assembly with [1] Bahamas KGVI 1938-52 eight defins ½d to 1/- appear to be later printings SG #149-155 range and 1938 pictorials SG #158-60, QEII 1959 Centenary set and 1966 first dec ten values 1c to 15c; [2] Tristan da Cunha QEII Marine Life set of 14 SG #28-41 ** plus ½d to 1/- extras (17) with odd VLH; [3] QEII oddments Barbados and Guyana Independence opts. Clean lot. (71) Selection with [1] Greece incl good selection of 1911-23 issues, 1918 Red Cross 5l (3), many later defins & commems to 2000s, few Epirus, [2] Hungary 1924 Airs, few se-tenant strips, M/Ss incl 1969 Man on the Moon, Postage Dues, [3] Poland on 60+ hagners incl 1960 Wood Carving M/S, many commems, M/Ss, etc. Much thematic interest. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) Selection incl [1] Albania; [2] Armenia; [3] Austria incl Newspaper stamps, Dues, etc; [4] Azerbaijan imperfs; [5] Croatia, [6] Czechoslavakia (on 60+ hagners), commems galore; [7] German States incl Bavaria, opts, Officials, imperfs, [8] Montenegro incl Italian Occupn 1943 Poem commems (10), many Prince Nicholas, 1905 Constitution opts, few varieties, [9] Serbia, etc. Numerous commems throughout. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. HEAVY LOT (1000s) South America in 6 sparsely filled Chinese stockbooks incl [1] Argentina duplicated array incl 1917-21 San Martin issues optd ‘MEUSTRA’ (Specimen) (16), plus album of Departmental opts, [2] Bolivia, [3] Brazil few earlies, 1898 1000 on 700r pale violet-blue, 1900 Discovery to 500r, 1917 Pernambuco, few Revenues, Postage Dues, etc, [4] Chile, [5] Colombia many earlies, some imperf, 1959 (5 Dec) Extra Rapido Stamp M/S, selection of ‘Private Air’ issues, etc, Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. (100s) South America in 4 albums incl [1] Argentina 1946 Postal Service M/S (smaller one) 1956 Stamp Centenary M/S, various Official opts, [2] Paraguay, [3] Peru, few Officials, numerous defins & commems throughout. Mixed condition. (100s) South America Collections in 4 stockbooks with [1] Brazil 1935 & 1939 Child Welfare, 1984 Games set; [2] Chile; [3] Columbia 1944 Cundinamarca set, 1959 Stamp Centenary M/S. Many Airs, opts, commems, M/Ss, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) South America Collections in 4 stockbooks with [1] Antioquia; [2] Argentina with 1969 Scientists Sheet of 100 with first 2 columns FD cancels rest MUH, 1980 400th Anniv of Buenos Aires sheet, range of Departmentals, Officials, [3] Ecuador opts, Telegraph stamps, [4] Uruguay, [5] Venezuala 1939 Mendoza (7, used), 1986 Vargas Bi-centy M/S, 1991 Children’s Foundation, 1992 Seville sheetlet, 1993 Orchid sheetlet & M/S, Railway Congress sheetlet, Amerindians & M/S, Christmas Sheetlet, MUH, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) South and Central America in 7 sparsely filled stockbooks incl Colombia with States selection, few Cundinamarca, Santander, Tolima, Costa Rica, Cuba range of earlies, many 1960s-70s commems, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, few opts & Officials throughout. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) South-East Asia in 4 albums incl [1] Kampuchea, [2] Philippines 1957 imperf 5c Liberation Commemoration block of 4,1968 various Kennedy issues & M/Ss (unissued in the Philippines), 1994 Aseanpex bird block & M/S, many ‘O.B.’ opts or handstamps, [3] Thailand 1979 Fruit, few M/Ss incl 1975 Orchids, many commems throughout. Much thematic interest. (100s) South-East Asia in 5 Chinese stockbooks including [1] Burma/Myanmar, [2] Cambodia 1991 Airplanes, 1997 Public Gardens, 1999 PhilexFrance M/S, [3] Malaysia & States, [4] North Borneo, [5] Singapore with many commems, defins, M/Ss, etc. Also small selection of [6] Surinam 1945 Pictorials (7), 1961 Buildings, [7] Tristan Da Cunha. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) South-East Asia in Small Stockbook including [1] Brunei 1947-51 $10, 1952-58 $5, [2] Labuan, [3] Malaya & States incl Straits Settlements, FMS $1 & $2 with Fiscal cancels, [4] Malaysia 1965 Birds, [5] North Borneo, [6] Sarawak, [7] Singapore, etc. Generally fine. (350+) Spain & Portugal early to recent accumulation in 4 stockbooks with [1] Spain many commems, defins, few Telegraphs, Officials, Civil war issues, 1907 Madrid Exhibition reprints (2 sets), range of Anti-TB issues, various airmails, few Colonies, also [2] Portugal collection with 1946 St. Mary, 1957 Garrett, many ‘REPUBLICA’ opts, few Colonies incl Angola, Cape Verde, Macau, Nyassa, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) Spain Chaos at a bargain basement price, most periods early Isabella to fairly modern thematically oriented issues. On leaves, in small stockbook, on variety of album pages, loose. You never know with these! (100s)


$50 $80 $75 $100

$80 $100 $80 $80


$85 $100


$80 $80 $80

$100 $50


$80 $70

$120 $50

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 9123 *

9124 **/U 9125 U 9126 */**/U

9127 U

9128 *

9129 */U

9130 **/*/U

9131 */**/U 9132 */**/U

9133 */**/U

9134 */U

9135 */**/U

9136 */U 9137 */**/U

9138 */**/U 9139 */**/U 9140 */U 9141 */**/U 9142 * 9143 */**/U

Switzerland inwards covers, mostly post war from Argentina, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Germany (East & West), GB, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uruguay, etc, also 1944 Censored Sweden-Switzerland cover, 1946-47 Censored Austria-Switzerland covers (14), range of ‘Express’ covers (20+), Postage Due covers (6), SwitzerlandNZ 1958-61 covers (2), both with ‘WAIRAKEI WORKS CAMP/NZ’ cds on reverse, Austria 1963 wrapper to NSW with 2 different ‘DEAD LETTER OFFICE’ cachets, Flight covers include QANTAS 1952 (Sep) Australia-South Africa (5 different), Balloon posts (2), Macau 1954 40 avos aerogrammes to Switzerland both with boxed ‘PAR AVION/VIA HONGKONG’ cachets in blue, etc. few slogans, registereds, FDCs, postal stationery items, etc. Generally fine. (approx 400+). Two Lighthouse 60 Page Stockbooks including [1] Poland galore, few imperfs, range pre-war issues, later commems, [2] Turkey few earlies, opts, etc, [3] USA few earlies, coils, perfins, pre-cancels, peel & stick, commems, etc. Also 2007 Star Wars M/S. Much thematic interest throughout. Generally fine. (1,000s) Two Lighthouse 60 Page Stockbooks including [1] Germany with Reich, West (some fluorescent issues) & East, few inflation period, opts, revenues, etc. [2] Hungary accumulation, range of earlies, opts, many commems. Generally fine. Much thematic interest throughout. (1,000s) USA 1850s-1990s Minkus album collection mostly used plus a stock book of MUH. Used incl selection of earlies, many commems, few imperfs, Dues, coils, pre-cancels & perfins, MUH range 1970s-90s include 1976 US Revolution Bicentennial set of 4 sheets, 1982 State Birds/Flowers sheet, 1991 $14 Bald Eagle ‘Express’ stamp, 1992 World Columbian Expo ‘92 M/Ss (set of 6), 1994 Legends of the West sheet, 1998 Mississippi Sheets (2), many se-tenant blocks, strips and sheets. Much thematic interest. Face value of MUH is approx US$275+. (100s) USA 1880s-1970s accumulation in 3 Chinese stockbooks incl few earlies, range of Columban issues with 15c & 30c, 1898 Trans-Mississippi 10c, many Franklins to $1 (5), other defins in profusion, numerous commems, Postage Dues, Parcel stamps, Pre-cancels, Cinderellas, Revenues, few postal stationery cutouts. Some postmark interest . Condition poor to fine. (1,000s) Variety esoteric assembly including [1] two ring binders modern Australia booklet covers (no stamps!); [2], small photo album with PS from Tobago with seven unused Postal Cards noting surcharge ‘HALF-PENNY’ x3 and ‘ONE PENNY’ x2 on 1½d H&G #3&4a and c30 from St Kitts-Nevis also (St Christopher and Nevis on their own) incl couple overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’, some other oddments; [3] five PPCs to Germany, three from India, two from Cape Town; [4] 1947 registered env Dominica to BMA Eritrea bizarre franking four each 1946 Victory 1d and 3½d; [5] 1909 battered OHMS env of WA Office of Titles Perth to NSW, registered with 5d Swan perf OS, undelivered, returned, over a dozen postal markings incl mss, DLO, etc. Whew! Variety with Australia few Postal Stationery items, range 1934 Vic Centenary 2d (various perfs) on opened-out covers (100+) for Herald Football competition (mostly slogan cancels), Canada duplicated array, few earlies many KGVI & QEII, few Officials, GB QV-QEII many earlies, incl few Officials & Regionals plus album of used Machins, Gibraltar, Hong Kong QVQEII, some postmark interest in earlies, Tonga on 7 Seas Pages incl various 1897 issues to 5/-, 1923-24 ‘TWO PENCE’ opts to 5/- (MLH), 1942-49 2/6, 5/-, Condition very mixed. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) Variety staggeringly untidy mass of Australia (incl 100s mint £sd) and Territories loose stamps and covers incl Norfolk Is (may be best), PNG, New Zealand (could impress) and territories with Tokelau, Fiji, Samoa. Also noting New Hebrides incl FDCs, six small albums and stockbooks with mixed world (incl USA, GB and other BComm). Uncounted ‘heaven knows what’ in DIY packets and old match boxes. Good value buried here, must be seen to be believed. (1000s) West Indies Selection incl [1] Cayman Islands QV, KEVII to 6d, KGV 1912-20 to 3/-, few War Stamps, 1921-26 Mult Crown 4d, 5/-, Script to 6d, few later commems, [2] Jamaica few QV, KGV incl 1919 ‘WAR STAMP’ on ½d green, complete half pane of 50 with Plate ‘1’, few commems, officials. Generally very fine. (250++). Western Europe in 2 albums plus 100+ Hagners incl [1] Greece 1964 King Paul (10-MUH), [2] Italy & Cols, [3] San Marino, [4] Spain 1928 Cathedral both 15c & 25c, 1930-31 Alfonso XIII 15c, 20c (MLH), 1998 Quixote Sheetlets (2-MUH) numerous commems many MUH, few Civil War issues, Cinderellas, etc. [5] Sweden, [6] Switzerland [7] Vatican, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) Western Europe in 5 albums with many commems throughout incl [1] France few Red Cross, range of booklet panes (covers removed), several Vichy issues, Fr Cols; [2] Liechtenstein 1949 UPU, 1969-71 Arms, 1978 Paintings sheetlets (3), range of Officials, M/Ss; [3] Monaco 1962 Birds (10), 1984-86 Bygone Monaco (17); [4] Netherlands incl 1946 5g, 10g (fault), few M/Ss; [5] Vatican City. Mixed condition. (100s) Western Europe in 4 large Chinese stockbooks incl [1] Bavaria, plus few Revenues to 5M, [2] Portugal 1870s onwards incl Charities, Postage Dues, [3] San Marino many commems, Postage Dues, [4] Spain in profusion with many earlies, few Civil War issues, few Cinderellas incl 1907 Madrid Exhib reprints set (6) with extra values incl 50c imperf between horizontal pair, [5] Switzerland with many ‘Seated’ & ‘Standing’ Helvetias, Tell’s Son, Postage Dues, etc. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s) World in 6 Chinese stockbooks incl Ascension, Azerbaijan few imperfs, Bahawalpur, Batum ‘as is’, Basutoland KGVI 1d Tower flaw, Br. Levant, Burundi, Cape of Good Hope (many crammed onto page) to 5/- (2), French Colonies, German States, few Indian States & Officials, Orange Free State, Palestine, Portuguese Cols, Russian POs in China & Turkey, Sarawak, Saudi Arabia, etc. Much thematic and some postmark interest. Mixed Condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World in 8 sparsely filled Chinese stockbooks incl [1] Egypt/UAR, [2] Lebanon, [3] Tunisia, [4] Turkey many opts incl Officials, Obligatory Tax, [5] Umm Al Qiwan, [6] Yugoslavia incl 1919 Dues (set of 8, 12f no gum), 1915 Serbian Insurrection (2 sets, both used), etc. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. World in 8 albums/stockbooks incl Bahamas 1882-98 1/- green, 1884-90 5/- (fiscal cancel), Bequia, Dominica, Leeward Islands, USA on 70+ Hagners with many low value Plate blocks, few coils, pre-cancels, Dues, etc, range of mostly sheetlets commemorating events of WWII from Marshall Islands, Palau, Solomons, The Gambia, Uganda, etc, various UN issues. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) World in 7 albums on 130+ Hagners and pages including Albania, Austria, Belgium incl range of ‘Sunday tabs’, Railways, Cambodia, Canada few peel & sticks, Dues, M/Ss, Egypt, GB few unmounted decimal issues, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, San Marino, Thailand, Vatican, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) World in 5 albums with 75 Hagners plus many album pages with Angola, Arab States, Argentina, Belgium, Burma, Burundi, Cuba, Haiti, Hungary, India & States, Italy, Spain, Syria, Tchad, Turkey, USA, etc. Blocks, Dues, Express, opts, se-tenant strips, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) World in 5 albums incl Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nth Korea, Panama, Paraguay, PNG, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Togo, etc. Many appear to have been stuck to the page. Much thematic interest. Generaly fine. (1,000s) World in 6 sparsely filled stockbooks incl Gilbert & Ellice, Gold Coast, Libya, Liechtenstein, Macau, Malaya range of Tigers to 50c, 1916 Red Cross label, Mali 1960 200f Bird, Malta 1948-53 5/-, Manama, Martinique, Memel and few Lithuanian Occupation issues, Montenegro, Montserrat. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World cover range in 6 albums mostly 1950s onwards, FDCs (many unaddressed) from Cambodia, China 1980s-90s, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Israel some with tabs, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Nepal, Poland, UAR, USA (also commem postmark selection), Vatican, West Germany. Few 1st Flight covers. Mixed condition. (100s) World (mostly off paper) in large plastic tub with 7kgs of stamps, mostly from 1950s with much thematic interest, few M/Ss, etc. (1000s)

Page 7

$200 $120 $120





$200 $100




$100 $80

$80 $80 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100

Page 8 9144 */**/U

9145 */U

9146 */U

9147 * 9148 */U

9149 **/*/U 9150 */U

9151 */U

9152 */U

9153 **/*/U

9154 */**/U

9155 * 9156 *

9157 * 9158 */**/U

9159 **/U

9160 **/U/B


9162 * 9163 */**/U

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 World in 6 sparsely filled Chinese stockbooks incl Curacao, Czech Army in Siberia, Dubai, East Silesia (various Czech & Polish optd issues), Egypt, Epirus, Falklands 1989 Ships to £3 (MUH), France few Revenues, Fr. Cols (Fezzan 1946 Picts, Fr. Eq. Africa), Fujeira, Georgia, Hamburg Charles van Diemen locals, Hawaii, Heligoland, Indian Forces in Korea, few ‘CEF’ & ‘IEF’ opts, States (incl Dhar, Indore, Jaipur, Jind), Italian Colonies, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World range incl [1] Germany some Inflation issues, duplicated range of Allied Occupation issues, American, British & Soviet issues, few modern ‘INSELPOST’ (various types) reprints, few ‘Lothringen’ opts, Colonies issues incl China, German POs in Turkish Empire, [2] Greece few earlies, 1926 Aespresso Airmails (4, MLH), few Lesvos, Limnos, Ikaria, few Crete, Ital Occup of Cephalonia & Itica 1941 opt on 10l horizontal pair, [3] Italy numerous issues to 1950s, [4] small box of world off-paper loose. Mixed condition. (100s) World in 10 sparsely filled albums of varying sizes incl [1] Bhutan, [2] Equatorial Guinea, [3] Ethiopia, [4] Indonesia incl 2 ‘Sumatra locals’, [5] Mongolia, [6] Nepal, [7] Netherlands Indies few earlies plus several straight line cancels on stamps incl ‘DOBO’, [8] Philippines with range of issues optd or handstamped ‘O.B.’, [9] Spain with few Civil War and local issues, [10] UN. Thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) World covers, mostly FDC in 7 albums incl Australia, Canada, Fiji, GB, Guernsey, India, IOM, Jamaica 1964 10/-, NZ range Health covers ‘Camp’ pmks and 2000 Threatened Birds, Malaysia, Malta, Niue, Norfolk PSEs, PNG, Samoa, Singapore, Solomons, South Africa, etc. Mixed Condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World in 5 Chinese stockbooks incl [1] Congo, [2] Indian States incl Cochin, Nabha, Sirmoor, Soruth, also [3] Morocco Agencies, [4] Natal, [5] New Hebrides Port Vila locals 1d, 2d (2), [6] Russia various opts, [7] Senegal, [8] Seychelles, [9] Sharjah, [10] Sierra Leone, [11] Somalia 1934 Exhibition Airs (6), [12] Spanish Morocco, [13] Tierra del Fuego, [14] Trieste, [15] Trinidad, [16] Tuvalu few ‘OFFICIAL’ opts, booklets, [17] Uganda, [18] Upper Volta. Much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (100s) World variety in six Chinese stockbooks, with [1] British Guiana/Guyana, few earlies, [2] Equatorial Guinea & Guinea with 1993 Dinosaur sheet of 16 & Souvenir sheet, Diana; [3] Guyana; [4] Malagasy; [5] Mali; [6] Sudan; [7] Tchad. Much thematic interest and many CTO. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World in 19 mostly sparsely filled stockbooks incl Austria good range of earlier issues with some postmark interest, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia locals include 1949 UPU M/S (2, one imperf), Japan, Korea, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Thailand, USA Minkus album C1974 plus album heavily duplicated low value defins, Uruguay, etc, small Scout selection, various Officials, Obligatory Tax, opts/surcharges, Telegraphs, revenues, etc, throughout. Albums alone must be worth estimate. Mixed condition. VERY HEAVY LOT. (100s) World Accumulation in 5 large sparsely filled stockbooks incl [1] Ajman, [2] Armenia few imperfs plus a selection of unissed items, [3] Malaysian States, [4] Porto Rico, [5] Ras Al Khiama, [6] Reunion, [7] Rhodesia incl range of Double Heads (14) to 1/-, few opts, [8] Ruanda-Urundi, [9] Singapore, [10] Southern Rhodesia duplicated Admirals to 1/-, [11] 1940 Rhodes 3d Cave flaw (unused), [12] Spanish Colonies, [13] Straits Settlements, [14] Sudan incl few Officials, [15] Swaziland, [16] Tanzania with ‘N.F.’ opt on KGV ½d to 3d, etc. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World Accumulation on leaves and in springback album with Br Commonwealth incl QV selection from Canada, various to 15c (2), Ceylon few Telegraph halves, Fiji, Hong Kong, India few Revenues, few States, Mauritius range opts. Foreign incl Azerbaijan imperfs, few Central/South Americas, Fr. Cols, Hungary, Italy, Japan few earlies, 1949 Postal Week Birds (MLH), Mozambique, Poland, Romania, etc. Few perfins, some postmark interest. Mixed condition. World Accumulation with GB with QV Surface Printed in mixed condition, Austria mint & used, Peru older collection with pickings, Sarre, Spain & Spanish Morocco ‘MUESTRA’, ‘Muestra’ or ‘Capo Juby/Muestra’ overprints MUH, Upper Silesia with 1921 Plebiscite overprints set mint (Cat £160), also stamps in envelopes, on & off paper mixture in box, couple of schoolboy collections, and a few cover/cards including Australia 1934 flight cover & WWI AIF Egypt postcards to South Australia. Interesting lot. (100s) World Accumulation incl [1] Cambodia range of commems, M/Ss, [2] Indonesia 1962 Asian Games (24), [3] Japan with 3 Chinese stockbooks with numerous defins & commems, few earlies also 1959 Sport 5y pair (MUH) with opt on front and ‘OZAKI’ handstamp twice on reverse, [4] Laos, [5] Nepal, [6] Suriname, etc. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World Cover selection 1960s-80s with covers, mostly FDCs from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Gabon, Hungary, Israel, Mali 1972 Munich, Peru, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Tristan Da Cunha 1965-67 5/- Ship, USA 1940s-60s incl few 1st Flights (14), 1984 Olympics, Vatican, etc, some registered. Mixed condition. (170+) World Covers including GB 1783 pre-stamp to Hoxton London with ‘26 WEL/WYN’ handstamp, 1884-1908 covers x12 mostly 2½d rate to Germany x7 or Australia x4 (one at 5d double rate), Egypt 1908 to Germany with 5m x2, India 1933 cover to UK returned to sender, Russia 1934 Stationery Envelope to England, Mexico 1936 airmail window envelope at 80c rate, Japan 1953(?) Hachinohe registered to Burns Philp Sydney, Hong Kong 1954 local cover sent at 5c unsealed rate, Israel 1959 1180pr registered to UK, Tonga Tin Can Mail Covers x4, New Zealand Health FDCs etc; also GB 1836 & 1863 marriage cerificates, 1899 Temperance Society member’s certificate, mixed condition. Diverse amd interesting lot. (50+) World Covers in 5 albums (mostly FDCs) from Australia 1930s-70s with range of A. Post, Mappin & Currran, Royal, Wesley, etc. incl 1977 $10 Painting, few P.Stat items, NZ, many Namibia/SWA and South Africa, also few instructional markings on covers. Condition throughout is very mixed. Albums are in good condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) World Incl [1] Br. Occup of Ital. Cols 1948 ‘B.M.A./TRIPOLITANIA’ opts MLH set (13), [2] Cyprus few QV-KGV, many commems, [3] Kuwait, [4] Levant, [5] Malta incl opts, many commems, [6] Tangier (Br) 1935 Jubilee, (Spanish) few Telegraph stamps, [7] Zanzibar 1926-27 Sultan 25c, 75c, 1964 (Jan) ‘JAMHURI 1964’ opts (20), Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (100s) World Miniature Sheet or sheetlet range 1950s-2010s incl Benin, China, Czechoslovakia 1983 5th Anniv of Space Flight, 1985 imperf M/S with ‘Finlandia 88’, ‘Praga 88’ and number at base, Denmark, France, Hungary, Iceland (22) with a range of MUH better M/Ss, Israel, Italy, GB 1999 Solar Eclipse, 2010 Festival M/S, Netherlands 2006 Going for Gold, Poland, Portugal, Rhodesia, Romania, Russia 2002 Royal Carriages with gold opt & Certificate (!), Slovenia, etc. Much thematic interest. (approx 120) World Miniature Sheet 1970s-2000s including Argentina, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Myanmar, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Surinam, Sweden, etc. (54 items), plus small booklet range (22) from Argentina ‘Alemania 2006’, 2009 RASPÁ $10 booklet, Germany few Castles, Iceland, Malaysia, Sweden, etc. THEMATICS & TOPICALS Art: 1981-85 artist signed PSEs with [1] ‘Brushmen of the Bush’ series commemorating 1981-85 St Patrick’s Race Club Annual Meetings illustrated with artwork by Eric Minchin (6), Hugh Schulz (6), Jack Absalom (4), Pro Hart (2) or John Pickup (3); [2] ‘Glimpses of Goondiwindi’ a series of commemorative PSEs featuring designs by Winifred Ash and signed by her; fine condition. Vendor says SELL. (28) Great Britain - Trains: 1969-74 hand-painted covers by W. Bowden (British illustrator) of Famous Trains, ‘Mallard’, ‘The Rocket’, ‘Fleetwood’, ‘Brighton Belle’ (3 different), ‘City of Truro’ (2 different), several ‘Opening’ of lines, etc. (13) World: in 15+ albums incl Aeroplanes, Butterflies, Cars, Cats, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Fish, Fruit, Horses, Insects, Maps, Reptiles, Royalty, Scouts, Shells, Ships, Sport, Trains, Triangles, Women, etc. Many appear to have been stuck to pages and most countries are represented throughout. Generally fine. HEAVY LOT. (1,000s)



$80 $100

$100 $80





$80 $80

$150 $100


$120 $100

$60 $100 $100

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 9164 9165 9166 9167 U

9168 */U

9169 9170 * 9171 * 9172


9174 9175 9176

9177 9178 9179 9180 9181 9182 9183 9184

9185 **

ALBUMS & ACCESSORIES Twelve ring folders with no contents but incl two full size KaBe 4-ring in very good condition containing 18 6-strip and 16 other size double-sided pages respectively, a c5 size KaBe for postcard with 18 clear pages (for 36 postcards). Also c50 hagner “one’s” in three (of 5) Sydney 2000 special folders. Others incl 7-Seas with decimal hingeless pages 1965-78. SG Imperial Album issues from mid-1928 Volume II, sparsely filled incl Malta 1935 Silver Jubilee, many low values throughout, all issues seem to be adhering to pages owing to dampness. Album is an ideal ‘space-filler’. 4 cartons of various size binders incl 3-ring (19), 4-ring (9), some with a few plastic pages, 6 slip cases and 2 small FDC albums. BUYER TO REMOVE. CINDERELLAS Railway: [1] NSW used Decimal Parcel stamp issues incl $1 (4), $2 (10), $3 (3), $4 (6), $5 (13, incl one with ‘RYDAL IERE’ error, & block of 4 used from Narromine), $10, [2] QLD incl $1, $2 (4), $10, [3] SA Rail ‘Large Package, left 24 hours./2d.’ label in red. [4] Vic $1 (7), $2 (5), with different wmk/no wmk varieties, few later also range of tickets incl ‘Vic & NSW Railways Southern Aurora Luggage Check’, ‘VR Dining Car Service MEAL TICKET’ handstamped ‘Specimen’, ‘PERISHABLE PARCELS’ label, various ‘VR Motor Coach Tickets’ to Sandringham, few ‘SMR/NSWGR’ tickets, etc. Much fun for the rail enthusiast. (220 rail related items). World Selection: in two stockbooks with Australia WWII ‘Northcote Patriotic Society’ Savings Book with special 6d green ‘flags’ Savings stamps (23 affixed), GB Locals incl Eynhallow, Staffa, Isle of Stroma, NSW, Qld & Vict Railway stamps, various TB seals, NZ 1907 Interntional Exhibition Christchurch (2), Poland, few locals plus range of Zarki issues, 1921 ‘T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K.’ issues (5), 1944 Italian Campaign issues, etc, Scandinavia many Christmas, range air mail labels, stickers, Anti TB stamps, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) COINS & BANKNOTES Coins World-Wide Miscellany: incl China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, GB, Hungary, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia, plus selection of Eastern European issues. Generally fine. (150+) DOCUMENTS & EPHEMERA Australia & Pacific Islands Maps: extracted from 1940 Philips’ International Atlas, comprising [1] Commonwealth of Australia; [2] NSW, Victoria & South Australia; [3] Queensland; [4] Western Australia; [5] Northern Territory, Tasmania, New Guinea & New Zealand; [6] New Zealand - North Island & South Island; fine condition. (6) Australian Colonies: Selection of maps including Victoria Railway map, political or geographical maps of Victoria, New South Wales & Victoria and Australia, some with repairable splitting. (6) Australian Colonies - South Australia: 1852-1930s Range of used legal documents including ‘Assignments’, ‘Bill of Sales’ (4), ‘Conveyence’ dated 1852, ‘Deed of Dissolution’, ‘Declaration by Seller’, ‘Fire Policy’, ‘Grant of Easement’, ‘Mortgage’, ‘Power of Attorney’, ‘Probate’, ‘Release’ form with KEVII £1 Impressed Duty (Walker 44a, on entire [Rated 3]), several ‘Wills’, etc, some of these documents are on vellum and would possibly be suitable for framing. Two forms have ‘SUPREME COURT’ seals. Also 1901 bank book from Union Bank of Australia, 1904 Index to ‘ACTS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA from 1837 to 1921 to the end of the Parliamentary Session of 1903-04, 1921 SA Tax Assessment Notice, 1942 ‘Broadcast Listener’s Licence’, and 1931 share application prospectus for Bouganville Gold Options Co. Interesting social history items. Mixed condition. (42 items) Eclectic Assembly: You pays your money, you takes your choice. [1] Tasmania Motor Spirit Ration tickets 1, 2 and 5 gallon values in fresh sheets of 10; [2] Stereoscopic View Cards 28 different by George Rose of Melbourne, publisher (viewing glasses missing); [3] Old Freestone Hotel signed publicity card (Sonoma County, USA); [4] Greetings Card 12 printers proofs 1889-90 Xmas and New Years - extremely colourful; [5] Personal Documentation of one John Charles William THROWER, one time merchant seaman, regimental parachutist, Home Guardsman, etc. Not much stamp-related here. (qty) Last Will and Testament: of John Lyon of Ivy Row, Withernsea, Yorkshire and probate documents of His Majesty’s High Court of Justice on November 24 1902, complete with Court Seal. In excellent condition. OTHER COLLECTABLES Railway Tickets: serious quantity of Melbourne METCARDS many commemorative types and stated to have NO generics. (1,000s) LITERATURE Australia: Victoria : A series of Seven Short Studies (Postal Stationery) by JRW Purves (no date) 8pp, The Line Engraved Issues of 1914 by Dormer Legge (no date) 125pp, 50 Years of Australian Airmails by N Eustis 1964 16pp, also 1978 (March) Philatelic Bulletin and commem cover both signed by “Charles A Kingsford Smith” & Smithpex souvenir leaflet. (6 items) Australia - Queensland: Atlas of Queensland and Northern Territory Pastoral Stations etc; Plus the Companion Index by Terrance & Rosemary Alick in 2000, 147pp PLUS 21pp supplement, softbound, very fine condition. Original retail $54.95+. (2) Australia - Queensland - Local History: Gregory Downs Hotel Centenary 1977 published by Gregory Branch QCWA, 64pp, softbound, fine condition. Australia - Victoria: The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria - A History and Catalogue by Kellow & Turner 1996. Hard bound in slip case. Subscribers edition #35 of 75 and signed by both authors. Australia - Victoria - Local History: The Thoona School 2056 and District Story 1878-1978 Bungeet-Bungeet West, Makoan West, Chesney Vale-Mt. Bruno by Thoona Centenary Committee published by Thoona Centenary Committee in 1978, 92pp, many black & white photos, paperback. Coin Book Accumulation Incl: European Crowns & Talers Since 1800 & European Crowns Since 1800, both by Davenport/Spink 1964, Greek Coins & Their Values 2nd Edition, Seaby 1966, The Silver Coinage of Imperial Russia 1682-1917 by Severin 1965 (ex Library) and 7 smaller coin/medal publications. Generally fine. (12 items). Thailand - Auction Catalogues: Walter Pears Thailand Harmer’s London 1979 (p/r), Charles Stewart Siam Christie’s/R.Lowe Zurich 1984, Prakaipet Indhusophon Collection of Stamps & Covers Christie’s Singapore 1993 (p/r), Rare Stamp & Postal History Feldman Singapore 1995 (p/r), Thailand Leski Melbourne 2005. (5) The Empire in Africa: Volume II by Robson Lowe in 1949 1st Edition, 448pp incl Addenda & Corrigenda, no dust jacket. PICTURE POSTCARDS Variety: huge accumulation mostly modern strongly thematic types with many avantcard types. Majority appear unused. (100s) CANADA Postage sorted into glassines by value with majority in multiples including imprints and high values, stated FV approx C$925, plus group of booklets FV C$570 approx (total FV C$1,500+ = approx A$1,600). (100s)

Page 9

$80 $40 Offer




$50 $80


$150 $50 $60

$40 $20 $5 $70 $12 $80 $50 $50 $100


Page 10 9186 U

9187 U


9189 **/*/U 9190 *

9191 F/V 9192 **/*/U

9193 */**/U

9194 */U 9195 **

9196 U 9197 V 9198 ** 9199 ** 9200 ** 9201 9202 ** 9203 9204 ** 9205 ** 9206 ** 9207 **/U 9208 ** 9209 *

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 AUSTRALIA Collections & Accumulations 1913-73 used (ex noted) mixed poor to fine on SG illustrated pages from engraved 1d KGV and 6d Kooka, various wmks Roos to 5/- (CofA), KGV to 1/4d x3 different, commems include a faulty 5/- Bridge, 1/- ANZAC, ‘OS’ opts incl nice 6d Air Mail Service mint and Bridge pair. KGVI/QEII £sd periods incl Robes set (£1 heavy cancel), Arms to £1, Navigators ex £1 fair. Decimals incl $1 Flinders scarce perf. Just the better stamps retail over $500 but the chaff needs separating from the corn here, plus TLC, then there’ll be a reasonably good entree collection. 1913-80s accumulation [1] 5 albums/stockbooks pre-decimals mostly used with various Roos to 5/- (2), KGV Heads to 1/4d (3, one perf OS), range later to poor £2 King, incl commems; [2] two albums have many 1980-90s clean CTO issues with gum including se-tenant strips, blocks, pairs, Internationals, etc. Also [3] 4 editions of the now defunct ‘The Collector’ Vol 1 Nos 1-4. Condition of pre-decimal issues is not the best. (100s) 1930s-1980s hundreds of FDCs mostly addressed (typed) to same collector (usually in Ballarat), comprehensive and duplicated range from late 1930s to mid-period decimals (early 1980s), many sent from Canberra, lots of WCS and Royal types, shilling values. Also bundles first and commemorative flights and a large shoebox of envelopes crammed with used issues from the same period. Seek and ye shall find. (100s) 1937-50 Imprint and other positional blocks of 4 (some larger) mainly common lower values usually two units MUH, from 1937 1d QM & 2d KGVI Die I 23mm gutter blocks to 1950 Stamp Centenary, also some singles MUH or MLH, couple coils. Few booklets and panes to early dec $1 FA & PM and a range used singles. Worth a look. (58 blks+) 1960s-90s range in binders, etc, in large plastic tub with album of modern used Australia, plus FDCs many unaddressed, few se-tenant strips, etc, PSEs some unused, many with FDI cancels, commercial covers selection, range of commem cancels incl ‘Cup-pex ‘87’ set of 26 in special album, selection of Hutt River & Bumbunga locals, album of Tasmanian postmarks (mostly 1990s in horrible photo album) with some on unaddressed envelopes and many on piece. Mixed condition. HEAVY LOT. (100s) 1984-2000 almost complete and very neatly presented on leaves in SG Simplex springback album. Includes values to $20 Painting, lots of Peel &Stick including 1996 AFL centenary complete, se-tenant strips, etc. Good value. (100s) Assortment in Carton with Roos to 2/- used, KGV Heads to Single Wmk 1/4d perf ‘OS’ used including duplicated 1d reds, commemoratives with mint 1/- Large Lyrebird, 2d & 3d Bridge optd ‘OS’, and used SA Centenary 1/- ‘B/LTD’ perfin, mint decimals including stamp packs f/v $130+, late 1970s/early 1980s FDCs, also South Australia low values on piece, 1953 & 1958 editions of ACSC, etc. (100s) Disorganised Array on album leaves or Hagners with Roos to 5/- including First Wmk 2½d white scratch extending from Cape Leeuwin mint (toned), Third Wmk 2½d islands south of WA used, CofA 2/- Die I block of 8 MUH, KGV Heads mostly used to 1/4d plus NWPI overprints including 4d blue & 4d violet mint, commemoratives with a few mint multiples plus KGVIearly QEII sheets or part-sheets all with toning, plus a few foreign stragglers, etc, very mixed condition. Worth checking closely. (100s) Exchange Sheet remainders with range of NSW & Vic low values with postmark interest, good range of Roos to 2/-, KGV Heads to 5d (3), various wmks, 1934 Vic Centenary 1/- (9), 1935 Anzac 1/- (2), few multiples, coils, perfins, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) Pre-Decimals in sheets, ½-sheets and other large multiples with selvedge, imprints, etc. Includes 1945 Gloucester sheets of 60 x2 and ½-sheets of 30 x7 each value, 1950 8½d Aborigine sheet of 160 x4 plus part sheet of 50, 1951 Gold pair sheet of 160 x2, Stamp pair sheet of 160 x2 and ½-sheet x2, Foundation 3d sheet of 160 x2 and 5½d sheet of 84 x5 and 1/6d sheet of 84 x3, 1953 Tasmania 3½d pair sheet of 160 and 2/- pane of 40, 1965 complete sheets ITU, Churchill Helecon, Monash, Hargrave (x2), Xmas. PLUS KGVI 2½d scarlet part panes of 40 x200 (!!), 6½d brown and 7½d blue sheets of 160. Total FV £185+. Bargain. (100s) Decimal Issues Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 1970s-2001 fine used selection of issues in glassine bags, priced and ready to sell, including 1971 Christmas (singles), 1989 $10 Gardens (36), 1993 Dinosaurs (15 sets), 2000 Olympic Medals (8 sets), 2001 Fed. Parliament $2.45 (15), International stamps including 2001 $20 Uluru (11), etc, few se-tenant pairs or strips, some issues CTO. Priced to sell at $1,200+. (100s) 1974-81 Paintings $4 Shearing the Rams, BW #666, CTO with gum, mostly in blocks of 4. (200) Postage 1990s-2000s Accumulation of sheetlets, M/Ss, Packs, etc, with many se-tenant strips, blocks, etc, Face Val $470+. (100s) 1970s to 1990s on Hagners, mostly in blocks of four or larger, few miniature sheets, odd booklet pane, high values include $5 x13 & $10 x9. Rather whimsical presentation, mainly fine and fresh, total FV $1,085 approx (plus value in over 50 Hagners). (100s) Early to middle period decimals with duplication and some large multiples. Includes 1971 Christmas block of 7, total FV c$113. 2000s selection of sheetlets, strips, blocks, se-tenant issues, etc, mostly in packs, few joint issues. FV $300+. (84 items) 1960-90s accumulation on 33 hagners with FV c$350. Includes $1.20 (14), $2 (4), $2.50 (4), many gutter strips, sheetlets, also 1970 ANPEX M/S, selection of counter printed stamps for ‘AEROPEX’, ‘CAPEX 96’, ‘NPC’, few Framas, plus booklet selection (24) incl Prestige Leunig & Classic Cars & Norfolk $2 ‘Local Post Stamps’ booklet. (100s) 1990s Selection of Australia Post special issue books (9), all with stamps incl 1990-91 Collectors’ Year book, 2008 Year book - FV c$90. Plus 12 special books WITHOUT STAMPS. Also PNG 1986 & 1988 Year books with stamps. HEAVY LOT. (23 tems) 1980s 33c selection (395) in sheets (face value $130) plus 2000s-2013 range of sheetlets, etc, in packs incl Black Caviar, Nellie Melba, 1st Banknote, Kangaroo & Map $10 (2) plus perf M/S (2), imperf M/S, few booklets include $12 Melba and 2010 Melbourne Cup Prestige booklet, few AAT - total FV c$480. (100s) 32 page stock book with many sets in blocks, values incl $1 (84), $1.10 (20), $1.20 (18), few peel & sticks, booklet issues, etc. FV $500+. (1,000) 1995-98 Range of sheetlets, M/S, se-tenant blocks & strips, etc, incl $1 (25), $1.05 (9), $1.20 (22), $1.50 (2), $1.80 (4), $10 M/S (2), plus small array of booklets incl few early decimals, plus later $1 (2), $2 (2), $4.30 (2), $4.50 (10), $5.40. Total FV $480+. 1980s accumulation in 3 albums on 60 hagners with modest duplication, FV c$425. Plus selection of used issues mostly with cds. (100s) 2002-07 Prestige Booklet selection incl 2002 Lighthouses (2), 2003 Murray River (2), Rugby (2), 2004 Royal Tour, Eureka, 2005 Australia at War (2), 2007 Legends, etc. FV c$220. (23) Postal Stationery PSEs: 1979-2000s collection on plastic pages in 5 albums (mostly APW) and loose including some unused, many FDI mostly unaddressed, commem pmks incl Stamp shows, etc, few TPOs, many sets. Albums and pages must be worth the estimate alone. (100s)



$200 $120

$100 $50


$160 $100


$200 $60 $220 $600 $75 $150 $170 $50 $240 $250 $250 $200 $110


Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 9210 PS 9211 PS

9212 *

9213 *

9214 * 9215 *

9216 * 9217 * 9218 *

9219 * 9220 * 9221 *

9222 *

9223 * 9224 * 9225 * 9226 * 9227 *

9228 *

9229 *

9230 *

9231 *

Pre-Stamped Envelopes: 1978-2005 Collection in 2 VST special albums almost complete with unused and used (all unaddressed with FDI cancels and in several cases 2 examples of each), no ‘Billy Blooddrop’, although 1995 McKillop opt noted. Very fine. Face value of unused issues is approx $150. (100s) 1980s to Recent: accumulation of many unused aerogrammes from 33c to ‘Postage Paid’, range of more recent PSE issues, all sizes, plus similar lot of both all CTO with FDI cancels. Range of unused red (18c), blue (20c) postcard wallets, boxed brown (22c) and black (27c) postcard packs, few other oddments including ‘Aeropex 94’ Cinderella sheet of 36 signed by designer. Clean lot. (100s) First Day Covers 1981-2007 Collection all unaddressed on plastic pages in 7 FDC albums with values to $5 (3), $10 (4 incl Wetlands & Waratah M/Ss), 2007 Lifesaver $4.90 sheet, $20, some booklet panes, se-tenant strips, framas, blocks, peel & sticks, M/Ss, Internationals, various joint-issues, few AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, plus selection (16) of 1948-67 Scout covers mostly with appropriate postmarks. HEAVY LOT. (100s) 1937-80 Range in VST FDC album with various Aust Post, Challis, Excelsior, Guthrie, Royal, Wesley incl 1977 $10 on registered cover, many unaddressed, selection of covers with Rail/Tramways related themes incl Bay Silks (5, one signed by Fireman, Engine Driver & Loco Manager), also few used PTPO envelopes incl KGVI 1½d for Harris,Scarfe Limited, QEII 3½d red (3) for David Jones or Mantons, etc. Mixed condition. (150) 1901-2010 Range in VST FDC album of unaddressed covers incl 7 specially numbered covers with gold, silver, green or blue postmarks, commemorating Scouting, Working Dogs, Gould Bird League, Earth Hour, A letter to Mary, Trans-Australian Railway and Christmas plus many se-tenant blocks, strips, few Internationals, M/Ss, AAT, etc. (120) 1970s-2010 unaddressed collection in VST FDC album with 40 VST/Cumberland sparsely filled pages with [1] PNC range incl 1995 Weary Dunlop, 1998 Bass & Flinders, 1999 Year of Older Persons, 2000 The Last Anzacs, Victoria Cross, plus [2] selection of ‘Railway’ related covers with special cachets (one with ‘service terminated due to industrial dispute in Victoria’ !!), TPO pmks (7), ‘Flying Scotsman’ covers (5), also [3] few Framas fdcs (9), and [4] Cocos with many ‘Year of Snake, Horse, Goat, Tiger, Pig, Rat’, etc, covers with sets & M/S, (100 items). 1970s-90s accumulation of FDI (mostly unillustrated) postmarks on FDC envelopes or PSE’s, some AAT issues with Base cancels, few Postage Paid, etc, all unaddressed. (few 100) Commemorative Covers Lions 2002 Lions Convention Geelong with the incorrect dates of March 6th-9th. Australia Post requested that all these covers with the date error be returned!!. Normal issue dated May 6th-9th is provided for comparison. Vendor says SELL. (4) Football range mostly PSEs with additional printed text ‘VFL/Football Stars of the/Seventies & 80s’ with photos of players [some great names and Mulletts there], their name, club name & logo from: Footscray (23), Richmond (9), South Melbourne (19), St.Kilda (17), range of similar covers (27c PSEs unused, 36) with ‘Portraits/of Australian/Footballers’, mostly 1903-25 from Victorian clubs, plus few other ‘footy’ covers incl AFL, all unaddressed. (approx 150) Accumulation of covers and PSEs with commem/pictorial postmarks including 1982 ANPEX (several sets), 1987 Traralgon Centenary postmark with ‘Year’ date only (2), 1988 EXPO ‘88, etc, all unaddressed. (100+) 1970s-1990s Accumulation of PSEs With FDI cancels including 1979 Billy Blood Drop (2) in red or black, numerous others with values from 20c to 45c, few ‘POSTAGE PAID’ issues, plus small array of unused PSE envelopes selection of unused issues, unaddressed. Some duplication. (few 100) 1970-71 Pictorial Postmarks all decimal complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, some sets with unrelated adhesives (eg 1970 Royal Visit pmks complete but only 5c value NOT all Royal Visit stamp, 1970 Cook celebrations missing Point Hicks 5c only NOT Cook stamps), some better coloured strikes (eg 1970 Overland Telegraph APM #4100). Some storage related toning in places, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1,350. Vendor says SELL. (c155) 1972-87 Pictorial Postmarks on covers from 1972 (Sep 19) and 1976 (Apr 7) Sovereign Hill APM #4800(a) & (b) one with Cobb Coach cachet, also noted 1979 (Feb 5) Horsham Railway Centenary APM #7160, 1979 (Oct 14) Wireless Hill APM #7820, 1986 (Nov 24-30) Papal Visit set of 9 APM #17880-88. Also includes three from 1979 USA Apollo 11 Moon Landing 10th Anniv (Chicago Stamp Show). Nice clean lot, min cat $1,175 (c90) 1973-74 Pictorial Postmarks more than 60 each year, all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, just the odd better (eg 1974 Jenolan Caves x2 APM #5220 one a WCS illustrated), minor imperfections, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$2,000. Vendor says SELL. (c125) 1975-76 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, none particularly scarce nor unusual, some better - eg 1976 (May 13) Toastmasters APM #5750. Some storage related toning in places, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1,400. Vendor says SELL. (c55) 1977 Pictorial Postmarks more than 60 each year, all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, just the odd better (eg Sept 10 World Underwater Congress x2 APM #6170 APO generic souvenir envs). Minor imperfections, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1,500. Vendor says SELL. (75+) 1978-83 Accumulation of PSEs including ‘Billy Blood Drop’ in black with a mint and FDI of most covers, little duplication. All unaddressed. (approx 200). 1978 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, many are stained on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated, still a number of better illustrated types - eg July 14 GPO Hobart Philatelic Sales FDU x2 APM #6600, Geelong Trade Fair x4 APM #6780, two FDU Sept 7 and two with late Sept 10 date, cat $100 each! Other than gum problems already noted, and some further minor defects, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$3,400. Vendor says SELL. (c125) 1979 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, many are stained on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated (sadly these include Sep 24 ITU and Oct 1 Music Week which otherwise cat $375); still a number of better illustrated types - eg April 5 Engineers Conference x2 AMP #7280, Dec 20 Radio Australia FDU x2 APM #8140. Other than gum problems already noted, some further minor defects, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$2,000. Vendor says SELL. (c100) 1979 Blood Donors Service [1] PSE No. 014 with Billy Blood Drop red ink machine cancel; two plain envelopes with hand cancels, one red and one black, each envelope sadly with deteriorated self-stick gum and foxing around adhesive. Each cancelled on first day 13 Nov 1979 APM #8020 group; [2] on first day APO wildlife souvenir envelopes [3] (Jan 8) National Christian Youth Convention with special ‘direcTions’ cancel APM #7090 $100; [4] (Feb 22) Norman Lindsay special cancel in purple APM #7210 $150. Vendor says SELL. 1980-81 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM and PM numbers, many are stained on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated, still a number of better illustrated types - eg two sets of 7 1981 (Jan 1) Western Plains Zoo AMP #9210 (one hand-cancelled). Other than gum problems already noted, some further minor defects, majority fine with min PictorMarks c$1,400. Vendor says SELL. (c125) 1981-87 Pictorial Postmarks complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, some stains on self-adhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated; some light duplication seen, contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some further minor defects, majority fine, high catalogue. Vendor says SELL. (800+)

Page 11 $100



$80 $100

$150 $40 $60

$50 $50 $50


$60 $60 $40 $40 $50




$40 $100

Page 12 9232 * 9233 * 9234 * 9235 *

9236 * 9237 *


9239 **

9240 ** 9241 ** 9242 U 9243 ** 9244 **/U 9245 **/U

9246 ** 9247 **

9248 U 9249 ** 9250 **

9251 ** 9252 ** 9253 AA 9254 **

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1304 - Friday 6th September 2013 1987-91 Pictorial Postmarks all complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, some stains on selfadhesive envelopes on which the gum has deteriorated; some light duplication seen, contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some further minor defects, majority fine, high catalogue. Vendor says SELL. (c875) 1988 EXPO, Brisbane 2 sets in special album on Hagners, both missing only ‘Official Opening Day’ cancel. (126) 1991-92 Pictorial Postmarks complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, all are on APO souvenir envelopes and includes FDCs of stamps issued for the period; some light duplication seen and contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some minor defects, majority fine, very high catalogue. Vendor says SELL. (800+) 1993-94 Pictorial Postmarks complete strikes separately identified by APM & PMP numbers, some PSE’s but most on APO souvenir envelopes and includes FDCs of stamps issued for the period and some older types; some light duplication seen and contains a number of better illustrated types including full sets. Some minor defects, majority fine, very high catalogue. Vendor says SELL. (800+) 2000 Olympics cover range including Olympic Torch Relay set of 9, Olympic Pictograms set of 28 each cancelled 15 September, Centenary of Women in the Olympic Games cancels set of 17, Olympic Gold Medallists issues (16 different) 17th Sep to 1st October, etc. (80) Tennis : 2002-10 ‘Australian Open’ series with good range of A.Post illustrated, unaddressed covers with Philatelic Bureau or Temporary POs cancels on the days of the various games all identified by Australian Pictormarks numbers. Also noted 2004 ‘Open’ cancels on Aggessi/American Express postcards (14). Most covers have tennis related stamps. Vendor says SELL. (200) Postal History 1920s-2007 Cover accumulation incl 1934 (April) 1st Flight to NZ (3, one registered), 1944 registered Censored cover to US with ‘RTS’ markings, 1953 3d green PTPO cover for Farmer & Company, Limited, Sydney, 1956 covers (2), both with ‘OLYMPIC GAMES’ slogan cancels, 1963 Registered Perth Games cover to NSW with special ‘Village’ registration label, also small overseas array incl Czechoslovakia 1947 ‘motor’ advertising cover, Hong Kong registered Express cover to NSW, New Hebrides 1966 Churchill ‘amended date’ cover, etc. Mixed condition. (20 items) Decimal Issues 1990s range of opt M/S or booklets for Stamp Exhibitions in 1990 London, 1991 Tokyo, 1992 Chicago, 1993 Bangkok, 1994 Korea, Melbourne, 1995 Beijing, QLD, Singapore, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, 1996 Taipei, Swanpex, Capex, Sydney, 1997 Pacific 97, Shanghai, plus 2 unopened Cumberland plastic pages (10 in each) and priced to sell at $30. (24 item) AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 1994-2000 range of issues on 40 Hagners from [1] Christmas Is with few M/S optd for Stamp Exhibitions, few Cocos, Norfolk; [2] Australia 1990s-2000s ($120+ face value) selection of gutter strips, M/Ss incl 2 sets of ‘A99’ perfins, sheetlets, etc. (100s) Ex-Dealers Approval Selection in packets $30 x1, $60 x2, $100 x3, $150 x5, $200 x1, includes AAT $1, Christmas Island, Norfolk, PNG, etc. Marked retail $1,250. (few 100) Ex-Dealers Approval Selection of used issues priced on cards in packets of $90 x4, $100 x4, $150 x6, $200 x4 from AAT, Christmas Is, Cocos, Nauru, Norfolk, PNG. Priced to sell at $2,200. (100s) Accumulation mostly in sheets incl [1] Christmas Island 1958 QE $1, 1977 Christmas M/S (27), 1978 Christmas M/S (8), 1979 Rowland Hill (11 strips), 1983 Christmas (10 strips), 1996 Year of Rat (2 gutter strips of 10, ‘8 sheetlets’ pack x3), [2] Cocos (Keeling) Island 1980 25th Anniv (60 strips), 1981 Aircraft (10 strips). Retail approx $400. (100s) Duplicated Range from 1950s-90s all in glassines and priced to sell at $1,100. Includes [1] AAT ($255), [2] Christmas Is ($73), [3] Cocos ($519) incl 1963 Picts (10 sets), 1965 ANZAC (330, incl 200 MUH), [4] Nauru ($250) incl 1954 Picts (16 sets). Most issues are CTO. (100s) Small Selections with Christmas Island 1977 Christmas M/S no wmk (20), Cocos 1965 ANZAC (72, a sheet & a half), Norfolk Island range of MUH issues, many defins & opts, used/CTO range includes few AAT, Cocos 1963 Picts (3 sets), Norfolk 1962 Fish, 1966 Bird 10/-, etc. (250+) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 1957-2002 Collection almost complete. Retail $150+. (118) NAURU Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings Accumulation mostly in sheets including 1978 Surcharge set, 1979 Hill M/S (6), IYC (133 strips), 1980 London ‘80 M/S (10), UN Declaration (100 sets), 1982 Scouts M/S (10). Retail approx $400. (100s) NORFOLK ISLAND Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 1960-90 Heavily Duplicated (in some cases) accumulation incl 1960 Local Gov’t 2/8d, 1966-70 Christmas issues (25 sets), 1970 Cook Venus Transit (97), 1972 SPC (110), 1980 QM (47 sets), 1982 Military Uniforms (12 sets), etc. All identified and in glassine envelopes priced to sell at $600+. All CTO. (100s) 1966-80s Accumulation in 2 sheet file books, some earlier issues in sheets with many of the early 80s issues in blocks of 15. Retail approx A$600. (100s) 1979-90s Miniature Sheet accumulation on Hagners including 1981 Migration (15), 1986 Ameripex (6), 1990 Fragrance (10), 1992 QE Jubilee (4), 1998 Year of Tiger (9), Diana (5), 1999 IBRA Duck (4), also range of issues in sheetlets or blocks of 10 including 1982 Philip/Nepean Island (15 sets), 2002 Norfolk-New Caledonia Sperm Whale (50 sets in sheetlets), 2003 Lilies (10 blocks of 10), Personalised stamps (23 sets in sheets), etc. Retail A$1,600+. (100s) 1985 Whaling Ships (both series) in complete sheets of 50. Retail $370. (400) 1998-2009 Ex-Dealer’s Stock in Lighthouse 48 page stockbook with 1998 Fish (7 sets), 2003 Flowers (5 sets), Flight set & M/S (7 sets), many other issues with 5 or more sets of most issues.Many M/Ss incl few Stamp Exhibition M/Ss. Retail A$3,000+. (100s) 2004-05 Fragrance Prestige M/S optd ‘SPECIAL/EDITION’, SG MS887. Retail A$280. (8) PAPUA NEW GUINEA Collections and Miscellaneous Groupings 1968-69 Shells 13 sets (including blocks of 12 of all values). (195)

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$80 $50 $100

$100 $50




$100 $180 $240 $50 $110 $50 $40


$80 $120

$220 $80 $400 $50 $60

Box Lot Auction #1304  

To be held on 6th September 2013 commencing at 4:00pm in our auction rooms at Level 2, 170 Queen Street Melbourne.

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