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Proudly Supporting Australia 2013 APTA Auction House of the Year 2012

Box Lot Auction #1301 Friday 8th February, 2013 at 4:00pm Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Welcome to the first of our BOX LOT Auctions of 2013. These auctions are held in our Auction Rooms at Level 2, 170 Queen Street Melbourne. Enter either lift in the foyer and go to Level 2. If when you are visiting and the lifts are secured, please press the buzzer outside the front door and we will send the lift down for you. This auction contains 172 lots commencing with a few Thematics including Birds, Cricket, Olympics etc. The Literature section has 43 lots, mostly from Australia covering place from Birdsville to Woodend and with an average estimate of less than $15, there’s some good reading opportunities to be had here! Then there’s the usual Picture Postcards and Collections/Accumulations from the British Commonwealth, Rest of the World, New Zealand and Australia and a small selection of lots contain Australian Postage. All our standard auction procedures apply to these Auctions. You can bid in the room, by post, email or through the website. In fact you can bid exactly the same way you do with our normal public auctions. If you intend to bid live online please contact us if you have any queries as to how our online bidding operates. The majority of the lots contained here do require some consideration as to how they will be despatched to you, so please be aware of the weight and bulk of items if mail is your preferred method of despatch. We do welcome bids from all over, but please be aware as these costs are sometimes very prohibitive! We cannot emphasise this enough, that although we charge international postage on parcels at cost, it can be extremely expensive. Check the Australia Post website for full details. Viewing will be held in our offices from Saturday 2nd through to Friday 8th February.

We trust you will find something of interest in this Auction and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in 2012 and look forward to your continued participation in 2013.

Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd · Auction Rooms: Level 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne. Australia. Postal Address: GPO Box 4346, Melbourne. Vic. 3001. Australia. · ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 · F: +61 3 8677 2858 · E:

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Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1301 - Friday 8th February 2013 Commemorative Covers 1975 Concorde Trial & Demonstration Flights two illustrated envelopes commemorating [1] British Airways Concorde 01 ‘G-AXDN’ trial flights over Kenya (Feb 26-Mar 12); [2] Air France Concorde 02 ‘F-WTSA’ Ottawa-Montreal (Oct 4) for the official opening of Montreal’s Mirabel airport with demo flights the next day. Both addressed Monsieur G. MEYER c/o Air France at Nairobi and Montreal respectively. Very fine. (2) OMNIBUS ISSUES 1945-47 Victory: duplicated accumulation of issues including Aden Kathiri & Qu’aiti (23 sets each), Burma (12 sets), Hong Kong (26 sets), many other issues have at least 3 strips of 3 of each issue, (no Aust, GB or NZ). Very high catalogue value. (100s) VST 32 Page Stockbook (Almost New): with range of [1] 1945-46 Victory (87) and [2] 1949 UPU (274) including Falklands & Deps, Hong Kong, Malayan States, Pitcairn, Singapore, etc. Generally fine. (360+) THEMATICS & TOPICALS Birds: of all kinds on pages and loose in envelopes including Austria 1950-53 2s, 10s (crease), 20s (6), Hong Kong 1969 $1.30 Cockerel pair, Japan 1949 Postal Week 8y, 1950-51 Airs 16y, 34y, Mauritius 1965 10r, Middle East, Monaco 1955-57 P13 100f Bird, Persia, South & Central Americas, etc. Too many countries to mention. High catalogue value. Generally very fine. (100s) Cricket - Australia: mostly cancelled at Manly (NSW), each optd with ‘Early Cricketers’ alongsigside illustration of players from various teams including [1] England 1897, 1903, various counties 1906-08, 1924, [2] Australia 1903, 1905, 1910, various States 1907, 1934, [3] South Africa 1910, all unaddressed (52) also small range (31) duplicated covers. (84) Lighthouse 60 Page Stockbook With: Birds, Christmas, Diana, Fish, Flowers, Masks, Olympics, Paintings, Royalty, Space, Sport, Transport, etc, from Belgian Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Libya, Ruanda Urundi, Tunisia. Generally very fine. (100s) Olympics - Russia: 1977-80 Tourism & The Golden Ring ‘Olympic’ issues (8 series) complete in sheets of 16 in special album Cat £1,800+. also similar style of presentation for the 1977-80 ‘Olympic Sports’ (8 series) plus 1980 (Jan) Winter Olympics in sheets of 20. Cat £500+. Both boxed. Total Cat £2,300+. (100s) World: on 37 pages including many sets with animals, birds, flowers, painting, pottery, shells, ships, space, sport, transport, etc. (100s) ALBUMS & ACCESSORIES Two heavy cartons including uncounted Hawid and other mounts, hagners and other stock pages, empty albums noting five KaBe 16-ring albums incl some pages, magazines, various SG and Seven Seas pages for various Aust Territories and New Zealand, sheet folders, oddments. Box with plastic album page protectors, few Hagner or similar type sheets, plastic stockcards, cover pages, etc. VERY HEAVY Twelve ring folders with no contents but incl two full size KaBe 4-ring in very good condition containing 18 6-strip and 16 other size doublesided pages respectively, a c5 size KaBe for postcard with 18 clear pages (for 36 postcards). Also c50 hagner “one’s” in three (of 5) Sydney 2000 special folders. Others incl 7-Seas with decimal hingeless pages 1965-78. Quality Euro stockbooks in very good condition with Lighthouse 2x 48 page and KaBe 2x 64 page (all padded deluxe types), Prinz 48 page, a nameless 60 page (Lighthouse look-alike). (6) c300 hagners various sizes in 6 APO 4-ring binders, all in good to very good condition. (300) Large carton containg slip cases (7), few sheet albums, a 100 page postcard album, binders incl 2 ring (2), 3 ring, 4 ring (6), few mounts, other odds & ends, etc. VERY HEAVY. COINS & BANKNOTES Coins Loose Accumulation: roughly 8kgs of general World “holiday money”, some silver seen, some oddments (eg weights, magnets, tokens). (100s) DOCUMENTS & EPHEMERA Australia & Pacific Islands Maps: extracted from 1940 Philips’ International Atlas, comprising [1] Commonwealth of Australia; [2] NSW, Victoria & South Australia; [3] Queensland; [4] Western Australia; [5] Northern Territory, Tasmania, New Guinea & New Zealand; [6] New Zealand - North Island & South Island; fine condition. (6) Australian Colonies: Selection of maps including Victoria Railway map, political or geographical maps of Victoria, New South Wales & Victoria and Australia, some with repairable splitting. (6) Eclectic Assembly: including some well-connected items to do with Miss Ariel Rogers a teacher who went to the UK in 1952 with an introductory reference with facsimile signature of Robert Menzies and which she also signed. Not a shy person was Miss Rogers, apparently she sent a birthday card to Winston Churchill in 1953 to which she received a facsimile handwritten and signed reply. Also some other documents including artwork assignments for the Armorial Ensigns and Supporters for the Commonwealth of Australia, performing arts related bric-a-brac, congratulatory letters, a marriage certificate, some oddments. (qty) Last Will and Testament: of John Lyon of Ivy Row, Withernsea, Yorkshire and probate documents of His Majesty’s High Court of Justice on November 24 1902, complete with Court Seal. In excellent condition. OTHER COLLECTABLES Railway Tickets: serious quantity of Melbourne METCARDS many commemorative types and stated to have NO generics. (1,000s) LITERATURE Australia: [1] ACCC Bulletins 2000 (Dec) to 2012 (March), looks complete with supplements; [2] Philately from Australia 2002 (Dec) to 2012 (March) almost complete; [3] Australian Journal of Philately 2007 (June) to 2011 (June) nearly complete. Generally very fine condition. (qty) —- Six Stamp Please - A tableau of Australian post offices by Marc Fiddian published by Pakenham Gazette in 1989, 84pp, softbound, very good condition. Australia - Local History: Life on the Australian Goldfields by Stone & Mackinnon published by Reed, French’s Forest in 1982, 224pp, numerous black & white photos, dust jacket. —- Private Lives - Public Heritage - Family Snapshots as History. by Bate, McGillivray & Nickson published by Hutchinson, Hawthorn in 1986, 152pp, numerous black & white photos, paperback. Australia - Queensland: Atlas of Queensland and Northern Territory Pastoral Stations etc; Plus the Companion Index by Terrance & Rosemary Alick in 2000, 147pp PLUS 21pp supplementpp, softbound, very fine condition. Original retail $54.95+. (2) Australia - Queensland - Local History: Old Mining Towns of North Queensland by Frank Dempsey published by Rigby in 1980, 157pp, softbound, fine condition. —- From the Frontier - A Pictorial History of Queensland by Waterson & French published by Uni of Qld, St. Lucia in 1987, 360pp, numerous black & white photos, slight discolouration on dust jacket, otherwise fine. Book weighs 1.7kg. —- Birdsville by FG McGinn published by Cantell, Rushcutters Bay, in 1977, 158pp, numerous colour and black & white photos/paintings. No dust jacket. —- Blenheim State School Centenary - 1879-1979, 116pp, softbound, fine condition. —- Caboolture Country - Stories of the Area Once Controlled by the Caboolture Divisional Board. by S. Tutt published by Caboolture Historical Society in 1973, 66pp, many black & white photos, paperback. —- [1] The Last Frontier - Cape York Peninsula Wilderness by Glenville Pike published by Pinevale Publications in 1983, 164pp + plates, softbound, fine condition. [2] Cape York Peninsula Overlanders Guide published about 1984, 16pp, good condition —- Chillagoe by L. Hardaker, revised edition, 32pp, black & white photos plus drawings by A. Hardaker, paperback. —- Cunnamulla 1879-1979 - A Cenenary of Local Government by TW Blake published by Paroo Shire Council, 64pp, softbound, good condition.

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$120 $80 $80 $400 $60

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$60 $100

$110 $65 $80 $100 $10 $15 $15 $30 $10 $20 $15 $10 $15 $10 $15 $10

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1301 - Friday 8th February 2013 9034 9035 9036 9037 9038 9039 9040 9041 9042 9043 9044 9045 9046 9047 9048 9049 9050 9051 9052 9053 9054 9055 9056 9057 9058 9059 9060 9061 9062 9063 9064 9065 *

9066 * 9067 * 9068 * 9069 * 9070 * 9071 *

9072 9073 *

—- The Darling Downs-A Pictorial History 1850-1950 by French & Waterson published by Darling Downs Institute Press, Toowoomba in 1982, 280pp, 600+ black & white photos, dust jacket. Book weighs 1.4kg. —- An Australian Post Office History - Darra published by Australia Post, 22pp, hardbound, fine condition. —- Gregory Downs Hotel Centenary 1977 published by Gregory Branch QCWA, 64pp, softbound, fine condition. —- A Pictorial History of Mareeba by Mary Thompson & Lorraine Townsend published by St Thomas’s School in 1981, 66pp, softbound, good condition with some minor foxing. —- Mooloolaba Post Office published by Australia Post in 1981, 12pp, softbound, fine condition. —- A Pictorial History of the Mulgrave Shire 1880-1980 published by Mulgrave Shire Council in 1980, 64pp, softbound, fine condition. —- Into a Golden Light or Ravenswood Revisited by John Keeble Winn published by Press Etching in 1977, 40pp, softbound, fine condition. —- Ravenswood published by Ravenswood Church Restoration Committee in 1977 - 2nd edition, 44pp, softbound, very good condition. —- Thornton - Townson Centenary Reunion ... published in 1981, 96pp, softbound, fine condition. Australia - Queensland - Railways: Yarraman 75 Years of Rail 1913-1988 by Elaine Hughes, 70pp, softbound, good condition, signed by author. Australia - Victoria - Local History: Old Gold Towns of Victoria by Darbyshire & Sayers published by Rigby in 1970, 32pp, 34 colour illustrations, dustjacket. —- Allan’s Ford 1855-1981 published by Allansford 125th Anniversary Committee, 116pp, sofbound, fine condition. —- Background to Beechworth from 1852 by Compiled by the late Roy C. Harvey published by Beechworth Progress Association in 1972 July, 64pp, minor cover blemishes, paperback. —- The Good Country-Cranbourne Shire by N. Gunson in 1982 2nd reprint and updated appendices, 310pp, 16 sepia photo plates, dustjacket. —- Dunolly-Story of an Old Gold-Diggings by J. Flett published by Poppet Head Press, Melburne in 1980, 3rd Printing, 216pp, minor foxing on several pages, paperback. —- East Gippsland-Past & Present. by A. Salierno (Editor) published by Amendola, Victoria in 1987, 16 colour plates, maps and numerous black & white photos. 204pp, taped in Certificate stating ‘1 of 5,000 copies’, paperback. —- A Valley of Glens The People and Places of the Upper Macalister River by Barraclough & Higgins published by Kapana Press, Bairnsdale in 1988 2nd revised edition, 177pp, numerous black & white photos, paperback. —- Gobur and the Golden Gate. A History of the Township and Parish of Gobur in the Shire of Alexandra by J. Waghorn published by J. Waghorn in 1982, 168pp, many black & white photos, paperback. —- Happy-Go-Lucky A Gippsland Gold Town 1863-1917 by D & M Morgan published by Acacia Press, Blackburn in 1987, 85pp, 28 black & white photos including maps, paperback. —- Gold for the Finding - A Pictorial History of Gippsland’s Jordan Goldfield. by Tomlin, Bosa & Chamberlain published by Hill of Content, Melbourne in 1979, 158pp, numerous black & white photos. Dust jacket. —- Kow Plains and Beyond 1849-1988 by Compiled by Lindner et al published by Cowangie, Tutye, Boinka Back-to Committee in 1988, 160pp, numerous black & white photos, paperback. —- A pictorial History of Linton 1839-1989 published by Linton & District Historical Society, 64pp, soft bound, fine condition. —- Narbethong Post Office Centenary 1883-1983. by J. Waghorn published by Waghorn, Thomastown in 1983, 56pp, signed copy, paperback. —- Pioneers of Nathalia & District pre 1900 - Book 3 compiled by Nathalia Group of the Genealogical Society of Victoria in 1988, 72pp, many black & white photos, paperback. —- The Forgotten Goldfield-Snake Valley by J. Wilson in 1983, 84pp, numerous black & white photos plus drawings by the author. This edition is signed by the author. —- Tatura and the Shire of Rodney by W. H. Bossence published by The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne in 1969, 334pp, 8 black & white plates, dj, minor blemishes. —- The Thoona School 2056 and District Story 1878-1978 Bungeet-Bungeet West, Makoan West, Chesney Vale-Mt. Bruno by Thoona Centenary Committee published by Thoona Centenary Committee in 1978, 92pp, many black & white photos, paperback. —- Big Camp Wahgunyah History of the Rutherglen District by M. McGivern published by Spectrum Publications, Melbourne in 1983, 281pp, map, many black & white photos, paperback. —- Walhalla Heyday by James & Lee published by Graham Publications, Ringwood. in 1975 Reprint, 144pp, dust jacket. —- Woodend - On the Five Mile Creek by BJ Barned published by BJ Barned in c1983, 174pp, 16 black & white plates, paperback. Australia - Victoria - Railways: From The Archives published by Australian Railway Historical Society in 1980, 60pp, soft-bound, fine condition. Historical pictures of trains and railway yards from around Victoria. PICTURE POSTCARDS Actresses: Mostly early 1900s post cards with many famous fillies incl Tittell Brune (2), Billie Burke (3), Phyllis Dare (4), Zena Dare (6), Marie Lloyd, Mabel Love (6), Carrie Moore (5), Gabrielle Ray (6), Nina Sevening (2, with facsimile signatures), Marie Studholme (13), etc, also several with Cats (7), Children (26), Dogs (7), Scenes (11), all used mostly from Sth. Australia, Tasmania or Victoria and few with ‘glitter’. Mixed condition. (approx 150). Australia - New South Wales: Kerry & Co selection including early colour tinted cards (6), black and white and colour printings. Scenes include: ‘River steamers at Bourke’, ‘King St at George St’, ‘Circular Quay’, ‘Pitt Street’, ‘George St at Cathedral’, ‘A Glimpse of Sydney from Neutral Bay’ and ‘The Equitable Buildings’. An insight into Sydney’s past. (12) Australia - New South Wales - Jenolan Caves: collection of 17 different PPCs, 10 unused, 3 used at Jenolan caves and 4 used at other places. Nice group. Mostly Melbourne Views: including turn-of-the-century animated scenes of Bourke Street (2, different views), Cathedral (prior to spire) & Swanston Street and coloured scenes of Collins Street and Swanston Street; also Wilmots Mia-Mia (Warrnanbool) featuring Aboriginal elder, Graceburn Creek (Healesville), RP type of Gardens Portland, plus three other items. Mixed condition. (11) NSW Post Offices: mostly early 20th century black and white cards including views of Annandale, Goulburn, Inverell (with coach & horses in foreground), Lismore, Parkes, Singleton, Tenterfield (with marching band in foreground), also early coloured cards showing Sydney or Tamworth; cards are a mix of postally used & unused, mostly fine. (13) Shoebox Accumulation: majority unused Australia post-WWII era with most States represented incl few concertina types, also fair quantity KEVII period GB from couple used to Australia. Plus FDC oddments PNG, unused APO Postal Stationery incl 18c PPC’s (c35) and handful Aerogrammes 65c and 70c rate, some other countries. (100s) South Australia: turn-of-the-century array with overseas destinations including 1907 to HMS Astrea, China Station (Victoria Hong Kong arrival datestamp), 1911 to Italy re-directed with Monteleone & Rombiolo datestamps, Belgium x5, Germany x2, India x2 & South Africa; also inwards 1897 from Germany to Broken Hill via Adelaide & 1902 from Italy (panoramic view of Genoa Harbour); view side depictions including Adelaide street scene & buildings, condition generally fine. (33) Variety: huge accumulation mostly modern strongly thematic types with many avantcard types. Majority appear unused. (100s) World in 1913: souvenir collection nearly all in colour most with fancy handstamp ‘Souvenir of Trip/J. PRITCHARD/SANS SOUCI/to USA 1913’. Majority USA scenes (eg Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit), hotels, restaurants, trains, ships, bridges, etc. Also Canada, Japan and elsewhere. None have been through the post and one (in San Francisco) is a photo of the tour group, J. Pritchard no doubt among them. Some obvious later additions (eg post-WWII military parade in San Francisco). (200+)

Page 3 $20 $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $15 $15 $20 $12 $15 $20 $15 $25 $20 $10 $15 $20 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $20

$80 $200 $125 $100 $140 $100

$160 $130


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9086 */**/U 9087 */U 9088 9089 9090 */**

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9095 *

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1301 - Friday 8th February 2013 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH Collections and Accumulations 1865-93 Selections mostly fine total Cat £275+, used ex noted comprising [1] Bermuda 1865 1d and 2d SG #1 & 3, P14x12½ 1881 3d yellow-buff (Cat £60) and 1903 6d bright mauve mint SG #10 & 10a, 1898 2d brown-purple SG #26a mint; [2] Br Honduras mint 1865 1d pale blue shades x2 SG #1 Cat £65 each (one has rounded corner), an obviously bogus 1872 3d red-brown perhaps by Spiro and aspiring to be SG #7 but not even close, 1884 1d rose SG #18, one mint (disturbed gum) and one used Cat £36. (10) 1900s-60s Collection with strength in Sth Africa, many joined pairs with values to 2/6d including 1/- pair (almost separated) with variety twisted horn (Cat £375), some singles to 5/- (2), 10/-, few ‘Bantams’ in strips or blocks, few better commems noted, also few Canada, GB, NZ, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) 1930s-60s mostly KGVI to early QEII incl Ascension, Bahamas KGVI to 1/-, Barbados, Br. Solomons KGVI 2/6d, few Dues, Cook Isl, Falklands & Deps, Grenada 1898 Discovery 2½d, New Hebrides Locals 1d (strip 3), 2d (2), Niue, Pitcairn, Rhodesia 1965 Independence 2/6d Mardon imprint block of 36, 1966-70 1d coil strip of 51 with joins, St. Helena 1938-44 2/6d, Samoa, Sth Rhodesia 1964 ½d & 1d coil strips of 51 with joins, moderate duplication at places. Generally fine. (1,000s) British Southern Africa QV period old display pages with mainly used (ex noted) in mixed condition poor to good with Cat well over £225, comprises Cape of Good Hope incl 1864 6d SG #25a (3); Natal with opts (5); Zululand mint SG #2 & 22; British Bechuanaland opts on GB revenue types (3); N. Rhodesia KGV pictorials 1/- to 2/6d mint SG 10-12 Cat £52 plus odds. (14) British West Indies QV period old display pages with mainly used (ex noted) in mixed condition poor to good with Cat well over £700 with Antigua incl 1864 1d dull rose x3 SG #6 Cat £55 each and three mint noting 1884 6d green SG #29 Cat £60, cancels incl ‘A18’ (English Harbour) and ‘A02’ (St Johns); Dominica four used incl very nice ½d SG #4 Cat £60; Grenada three early Chalons incl 1881 2½d surch; Jamaica quite useful incl 1900s shilling values, total Cat over £170; St Christopher 1875-6 (3) and St Lucia 1864-76 (3); Turks Islands with 1867 1/- dull blue SG #3 and 1873 1d lake SG #4 total Cat £110. Some difficult stamps here. (35) Carton containing large modern range of 1960s-90s Territories & Pacific Island material in stockbooks, nearly all commemorative sets and M/Ss, including Christmas & Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Nauru, Norfolk Island, PNG, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, etc, few oddments used, otherwise MNH. High retail amd much tematic material included. (1,000s) Great Britain 1971-2000 Machins with duplication and values to £5, includes small and large types (latter with 1980s odd values), regionals, NVIs, booklet issues incl some complete panes, blocks and other multiples, few postage dues to £5, couple FPO pmks on piece, phos bands and AOP types, many printers represented incl Harrison, Questa, Walsall, Enschede (1999 high vals noting £5 x10). Fantastic value at estimate. (1,400+) KGV-QEII Selection of sets, part sets and singles majority MLH with [1] Aden appear all MLH from 1937 Coronation and 1937-48 pictorials SG #13-27, 1953-62 QEII incl scarce 10s and 20s SG #70 & 72 to Seiyun and Shirr and Mukalla 1942 sets of 11 each SG #1-11 (73 different); [2] Cyprus MLH from low value KGV 1924-8 defins (6) and 1928 Anniv (4), 1938-51 KGVI 15 values to 45pi SG #151-161 range, some later odds to 1966 (45); [3] Malta similar from 1937 Coronation to 1975 Europa pair, in between 1973 set of 15 SG #486-500 and others MUH (82); [4] Morocco Agencies mostly Tangier opts on GB QEII period total Cat c£38 (43); [5] PNG 1961-77 poss all MUH with pre-decimal odds incl 1963 set of 4 SG #42-5 (130+); [6] Italian Colonies hinged and used selection Eritrea and Jubaland (39 different Cat c£85). Overall min Cat £300↕. (410+) —- of sets, part sets and singles majority MLH with [1] Bahamas 1917-65 SG #90-260 range from six War Tax, both 1917-18 Special Delivery and incl QEII 1954-63 pictorial set of 16 SG #201-206 with several incl top two values MUH (64 different); [2] Bermuda from 193647 KGV SG #98-106 to 1981 Duke of Edinburgh Award set of 4 incl QEII 1953-62 pictorials basic set of 18 SG #135-150 mostly VLH (68); [3] Fiji from 1946 Victory pair, 1948 SW and 1949 UPU sets fresh MUH to early 1980s sets (94); [3] Seychelles from 1937 Coronation set MUH to 1981 pictorials (‘1980’ imprint dates) 15R & 20R SG #487-494 MUH (34). Overall fine and very fresh with min Cat £250↕. (c260) QV-QEII Variety on old display pages and Cat at least £450 with British PO in Siam ‘B’ opt on 2c rose SG #15 fresh MLH Cat £70; British Solomons ½d, 1d and 2d large canoes SG #1-3 plus 1975 $1 Triggerfish cream paper mint imprint block/4 three units MUH; Fiji KGV Mult Crown/CA wmk 19 values nearly all different ¼d to 5/- mint in SG #125-136 range and total Cat c£95; Gibraltar 1887 QV 2d optd ‘SPECIMEN’ SG #10s and KGV 2/6d MLH SG #104; Hong Kong 1966 $2 UNESCO SG #241 cds; New Guinea 1932 2/- Bird SG #186 VLH; Papua 1932 1/3d, 2/- & 2/6d SG #140-2 MLH; Straits Settlements 1883 ‘2/Cents’ on 4c SG #61 MH Cat £85. (35) Variety Selections mainly used QV period (ex noted) on old display pages mixed condition poor to good with Cat c£325, with India (3) incl 1865 2a SG #62 MLH Cat £90; Mauritius (6) incl 1860 2d blue SG #47 cancelled ‘B53’ Cat £55; Br Virgin Is (2) incl bogus SG #7; Heligoland “used” reprint; NSW 1897 5/- SG #297d light cds Cat £32 plus pair govt tramway tickets with red Cross/OS opt and couple more oddments; Guyana 1966 $1 QEII pictorial x2, one with last E of INDEPENDENCE in overprint omitted (not catalogued). (19) War Tax Collection on album pages mostly used with Bahamas including 1/- SG #104 mint, British Honduras complete, Canada 5c & 20c #225-26 unused (light aging), Jamaica 1916 ½d No stop after ‘STAMP’ #68b used, 3d white back & lemon back #69 & a, St Kitts 1½d #23 strip of 5 on cover, St Lucia 1d carmine-red #89b (Cat £55), St Vincent 1d #22, Virgin Islands 1d #78 & #78b, 3d #79a & b, Turks & Caicos complete including 3d opt in red #145 (Cat £50), others from Barbados, British Guiana, Dominica, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, etc, condition variable but mostly fine. (150+) WORLD Collections and Accumulations 1840s-1950s including Egypt, Ethiopia, GB few QV, Castles, etc, Gibraltar QE 5/-, France & Colonies, Morocco, Portuguese Colonies, Singapore $5, USA, etc, plus small bundleware array from India, Iran, Korea, Malaya, Pakistan, Spain, Taiwan, etc. Mixed condition. (1,000s) 1900s-60s A-U Countries on approx fifty A4 size stockcards. Mixed condition. (100s) 1930s-40s Postal History good group from New Zealand, Gambia, KUT, India etc, few airmails, registereds and censored. (31) 1950s-70s Covers Range mainly from New Zealand, GB & Australia, many FDCs but nothing significant, suit fossickers. (50+) Accumulation on Approx 100 Hagners With [1] Central & South Americas including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela, etc, [2] Germany Inflation period & Zones including 1946 US, Br & Soviet Numerals in marginal blocks of 4, Russian Zone Berlin Brandenburg 1945 Zigzag Roulette 5pf corner block of 40 (Cat £290-minor marginal faults), Saxony 1945 Arms in marginal blocks of 4, East Germany 1950 Skier (2), 1950 Leipzig Fair (2), few German Occupation issues incl Bohemia & Moravia, etc. [3] USA numerous 1940s-50s 3c commems, many in pairs or some in blocks of 4 with Plate numbers, few defins. Generally very fine. (1,000s) Archive Box Crammed full of stamps, some bundleware, some loose, with France, GB small selection of QV 1d red Stars, Guatamala (lots), India, Indonesia, Malaya good selection of early ‘Tigers’, Malaysia, Netherlands, Pakistan, USA, etc. Some postmark interest. Mixed condition. Hours of fun for the rummager. (1,000s) Assortment on Hagners with Canada QV-KGV with some highly catalogued stamps but mostly with small blemishes/faults or toning; Iran/ Persia 1900s-30s mint & used, some pickings also some forgeries/reprints, condition is mixed. Carton 1900s to Recent with Lighthouse 32 page album plus 2 stockbooks & 2 albums including GB, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Lebanon, Malaya, etc. Generally fine. (100s) Collection on Hagners (60+) including Belgium 1956 Europa (2), British Occ. Ital Cols 1943-47 5/-, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Lithuania 1919 30s block of 40 showing extra line of perfs through 8 values, New Zealand 1929 Health, 1931 Airs 3d & 4d, selection of Peace issues incl ½d with Printer’s mark in imprint blocks of 40 & 88, few Health M/Ss incl 1958 (2), 1965 (2), 1968 (4 sets), 1969 (2 sets), San Marino, Spain few Anti-TB, & Colonies, Ifni, Morocco, Sahara, etc, Switzerland, UN, Vatican, etc. Generally very fine with some duplication throughout. (1,000s) Covers higgledy-piggledy accumulation of mostly decimal era Australia FDCs (noting first decimals defins complete and 1970 Expo x2 on APO illust envs) and commemorative covers in box with general world commercial and social inbound from mostly European countries, some MUH modern loose and packs from PNG and other Aust Territories, some Australia £sd used loose in glassines. Pick the eyes out of this! (100s)

$120 $135

$80 $110

$200 $400







$100 $65 $200 $50

$100 $100 $120 $125



Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1301 - Friday 8th February 2013 9096 **/*/U

9097 **/C 9098 **/*/U 9099 */U 9100 */**/U/C

9101 * 9102 */U 9103 U

9104 U 9105 */U 9106 */U 9107 */**/U

9108 */**/U 9109 U

9110 **/U

9111 */**/U

9112 * 9113 */U 9114 G 9115 *

9116 */**/U

9117 */U 9118 */U

9119 9120 **/U

Czechoslovakia Accumulation to 1980s parts of at least two collections in two stockbooks, two s/back albums and on cards or pages with some loose; most periods to 1980s with duplication, 1930s MUH blocks, WWII German occupation issues incl imperfs. Just smattering forerunner types but really starts with 1919 Independence Anniversary overprints with some strength to late 1930s. Duplication in places, bargain basement estimate, suit on-sellers. [Vendor orders - SELL!] (100s) Diverse Array including [1] Canada 1978 Year book, [2] Germany few MNH M/Ss, range cards/covers (11) with ‘DRUPA 86’ cancels, [3] Singapore 1971 Art (paintings) presentation pack, [4] Thailand 1983 Year Book, [5] UN (NY) 1980-84 Flags of Member Nations in 20 sheets of 16, (Cat £100+) [6] USA 1975 Apollo-Soyuz commem cover with Russian stamp and stirling silver medal in presentation folder. (100s) East Germany 1949-90 stockbook and hagners DDR collection with duplication in places from 1949 UPU fine used with just the odd earlier more useful. Strong thematic content, majority used seem to be the usual CTO cancels and full og, some roughly removed hinges but great majority fine to very fine. (100s) Eastern Europe 1880s-1960s on album pages in 2 large binders incl Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, much thematic interest. Mixed condition. (1,000s) Eleven Albums/Stockbooks with motley array Australian States, few Territories incl some AAT in 7 Seas hingeless boxed album, PNG, Canada, GB with mixed condition QV range incl 1867-83 wmk Maltese Cross 5/-, later 2/6d (3), 5/-, 10/- all with faults, range perfins, strength New Zealand 1850s to 1980s incl Imperf Chalons 2d (2), perf 1d (2), 2d (2), 6d, later QV to 2/-, KGV Admirals 2/- (2), some duplication of lower values, range of MUH issues in 1977-84 Year packs (7), FDC selection (39, plus thirty-eight 25c or 35c stationery postal cards with commem postmarks) of similar period also 1934 ‘FAITH IN AUSTRALIA’ cover to NZ, few Dues, Life Insurances, Railways, etc, various QV type Fiscals to £1, etc, USA few earlies. Very high catalogue value. Condition is very mixed. (100s) Europe Covers Collection PPCs and envelopes comprising Cyprus (85+ from KGVI with odd British Forces), Italy (195+ - just the odd pre-1950), Greece (c245 with 85+ PPCs and a packet of metered mail pieces). Majority post-WWII, many foreign destinations (GB, USA, Germany, Switzerland, etc), uprated PS, odd FDC otherwise little philatelic. (525+) Five Stockbooks incl Asia, Europe, GB, Japan, Middle East, etc. Mixed condition. (100s) France Lindner stockbook with collector’s 20th century used duplicates mainly fine to very fine (incl smattering Monaco and UN Geneva), more in a small older s/book with some mint, eight club circuit books appear all FU with some light duplication, bundles of FD and Commem covers noting 1992 (Feb 8) Albertville Winter Olympics FDC set of 18 in special folders. Also loose in envelopes with some foreign. Excellent value. (100s) In Envelopes (many low values) sorted into denomination order incl Canada, GB few low value QV Officials, Seahorses 2/6d (4, one perfin), Castles £5 (14), £10 Britannia, Hungary, India QV-QE, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand various Birds to $5, Arms $6, Papua New Guinea, Spain, South Africa. All off paper and generally fine. (1,000s) —- sorted into denomination order including France (many commems), Japan, Mauritius QV-QE incl 1937 Coronation 20c with Line by sceptre variety, (toned gum), many used QE issues, few used Dues incl 1933-54 50c, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, USA incl coils, few pre-cancels, etc, West Germany. Generally fine. (1,000s) —- with most countries represented (no Australia, Canada, GB, NZ) noted Central & Sth America, China, Pacifics, Europe, Indian States, Kenya, Malaya, Russia, Rwanda, etc. Too many to mention. Generally fine. (1,000s) In Tin including Cinderellas with WWI Lusitiania, Cavell, etc block of 4, WWII Lady Gowrie, few ANPEX 72 Souvenirs, 1984 Leigh-Mardon Cricket M/S (19), Australia with 1988 Mint set of coins x2 in special packs, postmark selection from most States, also Tasmania 4 imperf 1d (all pen cancels, one with “66”), few reg’n labels, Burma with KGV 2r (Cat £27), Fiji 1878-79 4d (6), 6d (18), Italy 1948 St. Catherine 200l, NZ includes few ‘Ads-on’, etc. Interesting lot. Mixed condition. (100s) Interesting Assortment with Australia 3d Bridge plate blocks of 4, British West Indies with mint multiples, France with imperfs, Portugal older collection with pickings, Thailand in stockbook with postmark interest including bamboo cancels, paquebots & used abroad; also Netherlands, Mexico & Russia. Suggest careful inspection. (100s) Lincoln Album C.1885 with 16 coloured maps and catalogue section with some great adverts. The album has been butchered over the years with most issues glued to the pages with Austria, Denmark few Cinderellas, France 1869 5f (spacefiller), Germany & States, Norway 1856-60 8sk, Sweden, Asia with China few early Candarins, Hong Kong, Japan, Straits Settlements, some Africas and Americas (no Australia, States or GB), etc. Few perfins, Postage Dues, postmark interest. Mixed condition. Closer inspection should repay. (100s) Middle East/Asia Diverse array, some KGVI or early QEII from Bahrain, many opts incl KGVI 1942-45 12a, Burma 1939 SERVICE opt on 2r, 1946 Victory set (in blocks of 12), Ceylon, China incl Wuhu 1894 Bird 1c (4), 40c, few Manchukuo, Taiwan, Sth Korea 1956 President’s Birthday, India, Laos, Malaya & States, Pakistan, Sth Vietnam 3rd Anniv Diem Gov’t in blocks of 4 etc. Generally fine mostly unmounted. (100s) Mostly on Leaves including Austria 1948-52 10s Lady (23), 1950-53 Birds 20s (20, with blocks, strips, etc), Belgian Congo (Cat approx £100), Canada 1953 $1 Totem Pole (46), few coils, Officials incl ‘OHMS’ perfins & opts, ‘G’ opts, etc, Cook Isl, Fiji, Germany & East with 1951 50pf Mao, Mauritius, Monaco, Netherlands 1946 Queen Wilhelmina 5g, NZ 1953 QE 10/- pair, PNG 1958-60 1/7d Cattle (7), Sth. Africa, Tonga, Turkey 1954 NATO pairs, also thematic array incl animals, Christmas, maps, sport incl Romania 1961 Olympic 4L M/S, etc. Fossickers delight. Generally very fine. (1,000s) Shoebox Full of Covers with Australian Colonies covers & stationery, modern Solomons with attractive pictorials some registered, meter covers, etc. (qty) South & Central Americas 1870s-1970s Extensive collection Argentina to Venezuala, all on old album pages. Mixed condition. (100s) Suitcase containing estate accumulation in packets, loose, on leaves, bags, etc, could contain anything. (1,000s) Switzerland mostly post war from Argentina, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Germany (East & West), GB, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uruguay, etc, also 1944 Censored Sweden-Switzerland cover, 1946-47 Censored Austria-Switzerland covers (14), range of ‘Express’ covers (20+), Postage Due covers (6), Switz-NZ 1958-61 covers (2), both with ‘WAIRAKEI WORKS CAMP/NZ’ cds on reverse, Austria 1963 wrapper to NSW with 2 different ‘DEAD LETTER OFFICE’ cachets, Flight covers include QANTAS 1952 Sep Australia-South Africa (5 different), Balloon posts (2), Macau 1954 40avos aerogrammes to Switzerland both with boxed ‘PAR AVION/VIA HONGKONG’ cachets in blue, etc. few slogans, registereds, FDCs, postal stationery items, etc. Generally fine. (approx 400+). Switzerland and Liechtenstein in Lighthouse 60 page stockbook with Switzerland range Seated Helvetias, Tell’s Son, various 1930s Airs, 1924-49 Shield (2 sets, one used), 1932 Disarmament set (used), 1941-48 Airs (10), 1945 Peace 10f, good selection of ‘Pro Juventute’, few Dues, many commems, range International Organizations, etc. Also small selection of Liechtenstein. Very high catalogue value. Inspection recommended. Generally fine. (100’s) Two Lighthouse 60 Page Stockbooks with [1] Belgium many Railway stamps, [2] China many opts, few reprints, [3] Japan some interesting earlies, [4] Malta, [5] Netherlands, [6] Russia, [7] Thailand. Much thematic interest and numerous commems throught. Generally fine. (1,000s) —- with [1] Andorra (French), [2] Comoro Islands, [3] France few earlies, range Sowers, Mariannes, commems galore to 2000s, [4] Luxembourg, [5] Madagascar/Malagasy commems plus few Vichy issues, [6] Mauritius few earlies, various KEVII to 1r MLH, KGV to 5r MLH plus 5r & 10r (fiscal cancels), 1937 Coronation 20c with Line by Sceptre variety (toned gum), 1948 Wedding, many later issues, 1933-72 Dues 2 sets, [7] Monaco, [8] Reunion with array of ‘CFA’ opts, [9] Seychelles. Generally fine. (1,000s) —- with [1] Cyprus, [2] Fiji, [3] Nauru range MNH commems, [4] New Zealand various Birds to $10, peel & sticks, some Officials, Arms $6 (2), $10, [5] PNG 1964-65 Birds 5/-, 10/-, [6] Tonga selection of peel & sticks, and Foreign including [7] Crete, [8] Czechoslovakia few early imperfs, many commems, [9] Greece, [1]0 Yugoslavia. Much thematic interest througout. Generally fine. —- including [1] Poland galore, few imperfs, range pre-war issues, later commems, [2] Turkey few earlies, opts, etc, [3] USA few earlies, coils, perfins, pre-cancels, peel & stick, commems, etc. Also 2007 Star Wars M/S. Much thematic interest throughout. Generally fine. (1,000s)

Page 5

$200 $100 $50 $125

$100 $160 $100

$100 $170 $170 $170

$100 $100



$200 $80 $75 $150


$200 $160

$160 $160 $160

Page 6 9121 U 9122

9123 9124 9125

9126 9127 9128


9130 9131






9137 9138 9139 9140 9141

9142 9143

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1301 - Friday 8th February 2013

—- including [1] Germany with Reich, West (some fluorescent issues) & East, few inflation period, opts, revenues, etc. [2] Hungary accumulation, range of earlies, opts, many commems. Generally fine. Much thematic interest throughout. (1,000s) U —- with [1] Algeria, [2] Egypt, [3] strength in GB incl QV to 2/6d (2), KEVII to 1/-, KGV Seahorses incl 1913-19 5/- (2), 1934 2/6d, 10/-, numerous commems & Machins, Officials incl QV ‘GOVt/PARCELS’ on 1/- green, small perfin range incl QV 5d, KEVII 2/6d (2), 5/-, KGV various to 2/6d Seahorse incl 9d with ‘C/of/A’, etc, QV 2½d pl 23 ‘A25’ cancel, small selection of Channel Islands & IOM, [4] Mozambique, [5] South Africa, [6] Togo. Much thematic interest. Generally fine. (1,000s) */**/U —- including [1] Argentina, [2] Brazil, [3] Chile, [4] Colombia, [5] Nicaragua, [6] Portugal & Colonies, [7] Spain & Colonies. Numerous issues from these countries with much thematic interest throughout. Generally fine. (1,000s) */U —- with [1] Austria, [2] Bulgaria, [3] Croatia, [4] Italy, [5] Romania, [6] San Marino, [7] Vatican. Much thematic interest throughout. Generally fine. (1,000s) */U/C Two Stockbooks and album and loose including Australia few used, also 1976 Postal cards Series 1 18c (4 packs), Series 2 20c (4 packs), Series 3 22c, Series 4 27c one pack each, Tasmania 1d Chalon with ‘[COL]ONIAL TREASURY/JUL 2/1867/[TA]SMANIA’ cds, China incl 2005 Famous Cities sheetlet of 16 in special folder, GB 1987 ‘LONDON F.S./PAID/GT.BRITAIN’ boxed handstamp in red on cover to Aust, New Zealand 1882 Fiscal 2/- (2), also range of mostly NZ 1950s-60s FDCs, etc. Mixed condition. (100s & approx 80 covers/cards). **/*/U Variety [1] general world in battered c1960 DANSCO (California) illustrated pages album mostly used; [2] Australia with 1990s FDCs plus mint & used on 7-Seas hingeless pages, some stamp-related books and 1993 Albert Namatjira special presentation pack x2 (cost $24.50 ea); [3] NZ with 1971 collector pack x2. (100s) —- including special album FDC collections for Audubon ‘Birds of the World’ (1984-5) and QM 85th Birthday (1985), both by Fleetwood of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Also SG Stamps of the World in three volumes (1990), packet loose stamps and Australian FDCs, few oddments. Good luck! **/*/U West Germany 1946-70 including some post-WWII Allied Occupation issues and West Berlin. [1] strength in a DIY leaves s/back album mint and used collection 1951-69 with a number of more useful 1950s lightly hinged (ex noted) incl 1951 St Mary’s pair Mi #139-140 (20pf hinge thin), Stamp Exhib pair and Relief set very fresh Mi #141-6, 1952 Otto and more; [2] stockbook with used 1951-mid 60s includes Posthorn sets of 16 x4, with many lower value extras, also noting 1951 Rontgen, 1952 Heligoland, lots more here too (this book alone Cat over €625); [3] 1946-70 on leaves (some MUH), from various post-WWII occupations, then FU 1951-52 Posthorn set of 16, other defin sets complete, mostly MUH/MH from 1958; few pages MUH/MH West Berlin from 1959. Huge catalogue, suit on-seller. [Vendor says - SELL] (100s) */W/U West Germany 1946-90 Davo illustrated pages collection, includes post-WWII Allied Occupation (AMPost, Posthorn opts, etc) and West Berlin from low value black and red BERLIN opts. West majority used from 1949 Parliament pair Mi #111-2, also noting 1949 UPU, 195152 Posthorn set of 16 Mi 123-38, other better 1951 Rontgen, 1952 Otto, Nurnberg Madonna, 1953 Transport Exhibition, Liebig. Incomplete and some unused without gum, ends with last issues in 1990, mainly fine and conservatively catalogued over €1,600. Terrific value. (100s) ** West Germany 1954-2002 three deluxe Davo 2-post hingeless pages albums apparently complete per pages from 1954 Relief set Mi #2003 to end 2002 incl pages with almost all miniature sheets, plus sheetlets, machine labels and booklets. Spot check through the 1950’s - not a trace of a hinge, this period alone Cat c€550. Excellent value at estimate. (100s) ***/U/C 1900s-80s Covers Group including Canada 1c Postal Card used St Johns, NZ 1907 PPC of Prince of Wales’ dog Beauty; lots of Australia from KGV 1d commercial x3, 1d Roo on PPC Thursday Island to Townsville, bundle decimal FDCs 1978-86 mostly Queensland pmks (Townsville, Brisbane) plus couple earlier, some 1950s flight covers, 1965 set of 5 ANZAC territories FDCs. Also PNG MUH large blocks and an Arabian States ‘Stamp of the Month Club’ album. (100+) GREAT BRITAIN Postage ** 1970-2000 issues, many in blocks, gutter pairs, etc incl 1973 Sport (28 sets), 1980 Christmas (20 sets), 1982 Technology (19 sets), 1988 Lear M/S (8),1999 Timekeeper M/S, 2001 Weather M/S (4), several ‘1st Class’ issues including few booklets (16). etc. Retail A$1,000+ also few QEII £sd issues. (100s) Channel Islands - General Issues Postage */** Channel Islands accumulation including Guernsey £70+, Jersey £60+ with range of booklets, few Isle of Man for good measure. Mixed condition. (few 100) NEW ZEALAND Collections and Accumulations U 1891-2000s majority fine with probably thousands well jammed into two 64 split-page stockbooks. Comprises [1] Health from 1929 Nurse x4 SG #544, then 1935 Key x20 and 1936 Lifebuoy x18, lesser numbers to mid-1940s then heavy duplication (no miniature sheets) to 2002; [2] Christmas issues from 1960 to 2006 heavily duplicated, not all values seen but does include 6 CTO P&S booklets (one is not Xmas issue); Ross Dependency 1957-2002 from 1957 £sd set SG #1-4 x20 then representative decimals from 1982; Govt Life from some 189198 monograms then better representation from 1947 (noting 4d wmk sideways x3 SG #L47a Cat £14 each but machine cancels). Some Frama oddments. Suit on-sellers, packet makers. (100s) **/* 1938-2001 Stock duplicated Christmas from 1960 (incl ten 1990s booklets) and Health issues from 1938 (very heavy duplication 1940s & 1950s, no miniature sheets), plus Govt Life and Ross Dependency 1957-2001 (modern sets with duplication), plus two sets of 6 1985-9 Native Birds $1 to $10 optd ‘SPECIMEN’ in red. Some oddments, decimals FV $NZ170+ (modern Ross FV of c$220 not counted, nor Govt Life). Mainly very fine and fresh, high catalogue, bargain. (100s) U 1970-2000s five well stuffed 64-page stockbooks with mainly fine and heavily duplicated stock (no Health, no Christmas, no MS) from 197076 definitives including $1 x36+ and $2 x8 SG #933-4. Others worthy of a mention are late 1980s higher value Bird defins incl 45+ $4, 25+ $5 and $10 SG #1295-7; 1988-93 round $1 bronze-green x4, scarlet x20+ and blue x9 SG #1490 group; 1991-97 high value Butterflies $4 x45+ and $5 x16 various perfs/papers. Heavy thematic content, heavy box. (1,000s) AUSTRALIAN COLONIES - General Collections and Accumulations */U NSW - Accumulation on Album Pages & Stocksheets with imperf Laureates & Diadems, perforated issues with lots of perf changes, later values to 2/6d, officials with perfins, etc. Plenty to work through. (100s) */O South Australia - Accumulation on Album Pages & Stocksheets with imperfs & rouletted issues, surcharges, officials with perfins, etc, possible postmark interest. (100s) */U Tasmania - Accumulation on Album Pages & Stocksheets with imperf Chalons, plus lots of Sidefaces & Pictorials with some mint oddments. Worthy of close inspection. (100s) */U Unchecked Assortment predomimantly Queensland & Victoria. Good variety, mixed condition. Well worth checking. (100s) */U Victoria - Accumulation on Album Pages & Stocksheets with imperfs, varieties, shades, multiples & mint oddments, possible postmark interest. Lots to view! (100s) AUSTRALIA Collections & Accumulations * 1900s-2000s Covers aptly described by our vendor as “Australia Stuff”. Includes PPCs (noting small group unused Sydney scenes by H&B c1900s), few FDCs, modern maxicards (vals to $10 seen), PS incl aerogrammes, registereds, official mail, returned mail. Mostly fine. (325+) U 1929-40s accumulation of maybe 50,000+ (weight over 3.5kgs) mostly off paper low value commemorative and special issues from 1½d Canberra to 1940 AIF (all values of these). Macarthur includes 2d Dark Hills, others include some larger mutiples, totally unchecked for varieties, pmk interest a racing certainty (ex pmk collector). (1,000s)


$160 $160 $160

$100 $80 $50


$160 $275







$100 $100 $100 $100 $100

$125 $150

Phoenix Auctions - BOX LOT AUCTION #1301 - Friday 8th February 2013 9144 U

9145 * 9146 9147 */U

9148 U/C

9149 U 9150 * 9151 U 9152 U 9153 U 9154 U/C


9156 9157 */U 9158 ** 9159 * 9160 **C 9161 ** 9162 ** 9163 ** 9164 ** 9165 ** 9166 **

9167 ** 9168 ** 9169 *F 9170 *F

9171 **

9172 *

1932-2000 heavyweight accumulation mixed mainly fine condition in five 64-split page stockbooks. KGV period mainly lower values (no Roos, no KGV, no Officials) but starts 1932 1/- Lyrebird x10; KGVI getting into serious duplication again mainly lower values but noting 3d blue Die II x4, lower value Robes and Arms, QEII £sd period much the same with Navigators to £1. Decimals even more duplication with self-adhesives, Internationals and odd booklet pane but no miniature sheets. Suit on-sellers, packet-makers. (1,000s) Australia Post Souvenir Envelopes & FDCs x480, undenominated so no postage value, value as stationery only, some with mild tonespotting. Best offer! (480) Accumulation of Federal and State Government logos, letterhead specimens, Acts, stationery cutouts, information kits and other publications. Also includes bundle of covers with perf ‘VG’ frankings. Big variety, well nigh impossible to give anything but a flavour in this description. (1,000s) Accumulation Including [1] Australia small collection including range Roos to 1/- (2), KGV Heads to 1/4d all used, 1928 Kooka M/S (faults), 1934 Vic Centenary 1/-, Robes £1, [2] 1982 Commonwealth Games set of 16 commem postmarks on M/Ss FDC, [3] WA 1979 set of 17 150th Anniv folders, [4] selection of A.Post publicity booklets (10) with no stamps, [5] small selection of Australian Colonial issues, [6] America’s Cup booklets (2) with stamps & M/S, [7] New Zealand 1984-86 Year books (3), [8] few ‘Images of Nature’ books, [9] 1996 set of 3 (individually numbered) Elvis sheetlets in ‘record sleeve’. Condition is generally fine. (Qty) Collections Variety [1] 1913-83 used Davo pages collection from 15 Roos to two 2/-, 21 KGV to 5d, odd more useful pre-decimals thereafter noting 1934 Macarthur 2d Dark Hills, 1949-50 Arms to £1, 1963-5 Navigators to £1, decimals the usual; [2] Prinz stockbook used decimals to 2000s some duplication plus folder with c30 dec FDCs and stockpages New Zealand £sd mint/used; also [3] GB SG QV Specialised catalogue 15th ed (2008), vg condition. (100s) Decimal Higher Values on and off paper accumulation of higher values including odd International and other dollar values from 1960s ($1 Navigator) with several $5 seen. Some parcel pieces, some clearly from philatelic mail, most look to have cds cancels so pmk interest likely. (100s) Inwards Covers Accumulation from all over the place mainly commercial large (and larger) sizes with many high value frankings, - eg, from GB a bundle auction cats from LJ Walker with Castles to £3 and hi-val Machins to £2, from USA with $ values incl USPS counter labels, heaps more including from Europe, NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore, other Asia. Must reward at this estimate. (100s) Large Carton with strength in Australia incl approx 4½ kg of on paper mostly decimal issues in envelopes, also range of world, in cigar tins, boxes, etc. Mixed condition. (1,000s) On & Off Paper Accumulation close to 5 kgs mostly off paper decimals with strong Victoria flavours and postmark potential. (1,000s) On Piece Accumulation close to 4½ kgs £sd (back to KGV) and decimals with strong Victoria flavours and postmark potential. (1,000s) Variety with folder of (mainly) SYDPEX 1988 material incl cover sets (framas, PSEs, Art of the Desert set, pmk pieces, etc); a folder described by vendor as “book of bits, letters etc” with some pre Commonwealth covers, covers with perf ‘VG’ frankings, PTPO PSEs, etc; stockbook perf ‘VG’ with over 50 £sd and decimals mint most unhinged, even more used noting high values (eg 5/- Cattle, decimal Paintings). (100s) Variety of Philatelic Material and bric-a-brac much too esoteric to describe other than to note that it is stated to contain postal labels and forms, etiquettes and cachet cut-outs, on piece security and other cancels, etc, etc. Not all Australian, weighs about 5½ kgs. Somebody will devour this before breakfast. (1,000s) Decimal Issues Collections and Accumulations APO Year Albums 1982-90 (two 1987) & 1992; 1992/1993 Collectors’ Yearbook; other contemporaneous APO products. Also Christmas Island 1958-86 special album - stamps not counted in FV $400 approx. Australia 1977-84 unaddressed FDCs and PSEs with FDI cancels, few AAT, few flight covers; plus packet of 10 3-strip cover sleeves and two small albums with very little included. (79 covers & 2 albums) Australia Post Books 1989-98 Range of profusely illustrated special edition books each with appropriate set of stamps in pack form including 1989 Gardens of Australia, 1996 Footballers (2 sets of 16 booklets, one set CTO!!). Face value $185. HEAVY LOT. (40 items) Maximum Cards & Postcards 1986-2005 Collection in seven albums (with many Hagners [200+ 2-strip]) and loose. All maximum cards with FDI cancels and also many issues reproduced on unused postcards. VERY HEAVY LOT. (100s) Postage 2008 Year book, Executive addition, plus 2 new Lighthouse albums with slipcases and few pages. Face Val $95. (3 items) Miniature Sheet accumulation including 1970 Cook (2), 1980 Nat Stamp Week (300), 1982 Games (19), 1984 Ausipex (50), 1986 Christmas (37). Face Val $380. (400+) APO packs and other products FV $260 approx; plus NOT incl in FV - small bundle unused PSEs incl Aerogrammes, few Christmas and Cocos Is packs. Face Val $260 1980s 22c issues mostly in complete sheets with many se-tenant strips noted. Face Val $1,292. (5,800+) 15c (1000), 18c (50), 20c (2450), 24c (450), 25c (925). All in sheets or half sheets plus 10 1979 National Parks packs. Face Val $1,000. (4,945) Range with 27c (1050), 28c (200), 30c (100), 33c (100), 35c (350), 36c (150), 40c (150), 45c (240), 50c (250), 55c (150), 65c (50), 70c (50), 85c (50), 90c (50), $1 (50), all in sheets or half sheets with many se-tenant strips noted. Face Val $1,160. (2,990) Booklet accumulation including 1968 $1 Famous Australians (2), Prime Mins 70c (2), $1.40 (3), Fam. Austs $1.20 (2), 1982 Flowers 60c (50), $1 (10), 1984 Galah $1 (20), 1986 Alpine 80c (20), $1 (20) also Flower coils 7c (250), 10c (100) in long strips, 1971 Christmas 7c odd values (48), several sheets of low value decimals incl sheet 12c Rehabilitation, plus 12 folded Soil/Medical gutter pairs, few packs. Face Val $160. (100s) late 1990s with preponderance 45c, Face Val $370. (100s) mostly early 1990s 45c rate period with quantity 45c incl self-adhesives, CPS and odd booklet pane - total Face Val $610+. (100s) First Day Covers 1970s-80s Decimals Range heavily duplicated stock majority PS envelopes, includes commemorative types (eg 22c Sir Francis Chichester 50th Anniv uprated 22c Norfolk Island stamps, Norfolk and Thursday Is special cancels - prob over 150 of them!). Signs of dampness intruding at some time in their lives but majority fine. (100s) 1984-99 Framas sets and singles collection on APO FDCs, from 30c Barred Edge types to 1999 Tiwi (general distribution), high catalogue in excess of $230. [No Reserve! Until someone bids, we won’t go on!] (175) AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY Collections and Accumulations 1979-83 Issues in complete sheets including 1st Flight set, 1979 Ships including 35c, 40c, 50c & $1, 1982 Mawson, 1983 Wildlife (5 sheets), 1983 Treaty set, face value $659. (100s) NORFOLK ISLAND First Day Covers 1947-80s Extensive accumulation including 1947-59 Ball Bay (3 sets), 3d green & 2/- blue (12 sets), 1953 Pictorials to 5/- (3 sets), 1956 Pitcairners (24 sets), 1959 Post Office (4), 1960 Surcharges (4 sets), numerous other pre-decimal issues including some registered. Decimals to approx mid 1980s with many commemorative and definitive sets noticed, range of first flight covers (some signed), condition in earlies is mixed and many covers are unaddressed. Retail approx $3,500. Suit re-seller. (100s)

Page 7

$150 $50 $135


$140 $95 $100 $80 $80 $110

$125 $100

$200 $50 $80 $350 $50 $190 $140 $650 $500 $550

$80 $190 $325

$50 $65



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00.3 '6'5''/ 42''4 '-$052/' 5342#-+# '-$052/' +% 5342#-+# : : 1*0'/+8 1*0'/+8#5%4+0/3 %0. #5

Box Lot Auction #1301  

This auction contains 172 lots commencing with a few Thematics including Birds, Cricket, Olympics etc. The Literature section has 43 lots, m...