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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

Section 3 will commence no earlier than 4:00pm AUSTRALIA | Other Pre-Decimals | Collections and Accumulations 1364 ** A 1940s to 1960s retired mail order dealer’s stock in glassines with description and price label. Ready for resale with marked retail in excess of $8,700. Inspection will reward, great value at estimate. (1,000s) 1365 **/*/U A Selection of Varieties comprising 4d Koala imprint block with colour spot below bottom frame right of ‘E’ of ‘POSTAGE (BW #198f), 1944 2d purple Flush perf imprint block of 16 (228b – two units creased), 1942 2½d imprint blocks of four (2, one thin paper – 230aa), unmounted mint, also 1956 registered cover with 1/- Lyrebird pronounced ‘aura’ around bird, apparently due to ink-stripping, (28 + cover). BW $560+. 1366 * A/B Variety in mixed condition comprising [1] seven WWII Concession covers, six to NSW and one to SA, all but one with RAAF PO cancels; [2] 1956 (Nov 22) Olympic Games set of 4 on commemorative to India with ‘Richmond Park Kiosk 1/ XVI Olympiad . .’ reg label and special cancel; [3] in mixed condition 1932 1/- Lyre (4 mint, 5 used) and 6d Kookaburra (2 mint, 4 used). (23) AUSTRALIA | Other Pre-Decimals | Proofs & Essays 1367P A 1936 Pictorials Essay 3d Surf Life Saving, large pencil design by James Berry, NZ’s most prolific stamp designer, with stamp-size photographic reproduction at base, endorsed “PIPI” in BLC. 1368P A - 2d Spirit of Progress (train) & wheat sheaf, large pencil design by James Berry, NZ’s most prolific stamp designer, endorsed “ADVANCE” in BLC. 1369P A - 100x85mm Photgraphic Essays by Berry of 3d, 4d, 6d, 8d, 2/-, 3/-, 5/- & 10/-, affixed to 2 sheets and entered under the title of ‘ENTERPRISE’. AUSTRALIA | Other Pre-Decimals 1370P ** A B1 1938-49 Coils vertical pairs Roo ½d, QM Die II 1d emerald (uniformly large holes BW #182bh) and 1d maroon, KGVI Die II 2d scarlet (very scarce), 2d violet; range, retail c$875. (5) 1371P ** A1927 Canberra plate ‘12’ (100%) block of 4, BW #132zk, Cat $500, couple of light crease, have little visual impact. 1372P *V B 1928 3d Kookaburra pair with exhibition cancel (Oct 30) both in red and blue, with red provisional registration label, tear at top of cover. A 3d Kookaburra (1929 Jan) use with ½d orange & 1d green KGV on air cover from Longreach to Rochester, white on red 1373 *F Western Queensland label. 1374P ** A A1 1928 3d Kookaburra Miniature Sheet BW #133MS, Cat $225, small paper inclusion. 1375P *F A 1929-38 3d Airmail Type B + KGV 1½d, both perf ‘OS’, tied by Sydney cds to 1929 (Dec 31) Official cover by airmail to Brisbane. 3d rare on cover. 1376P ** A B1 1929 WA Centenary plate number singles 2, 3, 4 (pair), 5, 6, 11, 12 all perf ‘OS’, a few hinged in margin only. Rare group. (7) 1377P **/* A/A- 1931 Kingsford Smith Overprinted ‘OS’ 2d & 3d in blocks of 4, top units of each block lightly hinged, rounded corner on one 3d, Ceremuga certificate. Blocks are quite scarce. 1378 V A B1 - 2d carmine-red, BW #141(OS), Cat $200, light machine cancel. 1379P ** A C1 - 3d Plate ‘1’ TLC block of 4, BW #142(OS)z, lightly hinged in selvedge only. Dunkerley certificate. Fine and fresh. An extremely rare item. 1380 **/* A A1 1931 Kingsford Smith 6d violet Ash imprint block of 8 with re-entry to T of AUSTRALIA etc, BW #143za, Cat $150. 1381 **/* A B2 1931-38 Kingsford Smith Airmail 6d brown Ash imprint block of 6 with four units ** BW #144zd. Some typical gum wrinkles and wooly perfs, very fresh. 1382 ** A/A- - Plate 2 sheet of 40 with re-entry of STRALIA and plane’s wing at right and Ash imprint, BW #144ze, retail $1,200, folded through central perfs and gum bend across row 4. Rare. A B1 1931-38 Kingsford Smith Airmail Overprinted ‘OS’ with uncatalogued bluish ‘OS’ plus 6d dull brown Kingsford Smith & 1383P *G 2d red KGV on Australia-England Special Christmas flight cover. A quite distinctive ink analagous to the catalogued 5d KGV bluish ‘OS’ ovpt. Cover is slightly tatty. 1384P ** A 1932-37 1/- Large Lyrebird both green & yellow-green shades, BW #145, (retail $235), MUH. (2)


1379 1384



$100 $1,000 $1,000 $1,100 $300 $240 $200 $100 $150 $500 $225 $2,200 $100 $5,000 $130 $100 $800 $80 $160

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1385P *F


1386P *V/F


1387P *F


1388P *F 1389 *


1390P 1391P 1392 1393P

** **/* ** F

A A C1 A B1 A B2

1394 1395P 1396P 1397P

V * V U

A B1 A A1 A B1 B B1

1398P 1399P 1400P 1401P

** U * *F

A B1 A/AA A1 A-







1404 **


1405 ** 1406P **/*

A A1 A

1407 1408 1409P 1410P 1411P

* **/* ** V *F

A A B1 A B1 A A1 A-

1412P ** 1413 **/*

A C1 A B1

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1932 Large Lyrebird Overprinted ‘OS’ pair tied by ‘PARCEL POST/8NO34/PERTH’ (B1) cds to parcel-wrapping from Mines Dept, Perth, ‘PARCELS POST’ label affixed, to J.T. Vinton-Smith MLA at Parliament House, Melbourne. 2/- is the 12lbs Scale 4 Parcel rate. Extremely rare franking. [Rod Perry has recorded only four commercial usages of this stamp. This is the only multiple franking.] 1935 3d Bright Blue Jubilee (‘experimental’ shade BW #167B); [1] solo franking tied by Portsea cds to 1935 (Jun 5) Official cover (with enclosure – flap torn in opening) to East Melbourne, rare on cover. [3d: 2d Letter rate + 1d Late fee]; [2] 1935 airmail cover bearing 2d and 3d normal dull blue shade. 1937 Hermes Thick Paper solo airmail franking selection to destinations of Aden, I.C.A.O. (International Civil Aviation Authority, Montreal, Canada), Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, GB, Palestine, Sarawak (scarce – short-lived rate), Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and USA, two censored, generally fine. (13) 1935 Silver Jubilee 2/- violet, BW #168, Cat $400, scarce solo franking on registered cover from Elizabeth St to England. 1938-66 ½d Orange Kangaroo Perf 14¾x14 No Wmk marginal corner block of 10 with top right unit showing variety ‘Foggy Hills’ retouch #180ga, BW #180. - offset, BW #180c, Cat $400. BW states “very scarce ... only a portion of one sheet was issued”. - mis-guillotined block of 4 showing part (90%) imprint at top left. 1938-66 ½d Orange Kangaroo No Wmk Perf 14¼x14 Authority gutter block of 4 with imprint partially printed. 1938-41 2d Red KGVI Die II coil strip of 3 with uniformly large holes, BW #188bh, Cat $600↕, cancelled with poor Carlton North of 24JE40. Ceremuga certificate. - Medallion flaw [Lr Sh R2/5] BW #188e, Cat $250 (current retail quite a bit less these days). 1937-41 3d Blue KGVI Die I White Wattles BW #190, very lightly hinged. - Ash gutter imprint block of 4, BW #190za, “per favour” cancel. 1937-41 3d Blue KGVI Die I Ash imprint block of 4, BW #191z, commercially used with some tone spotting. Rare used imprint. 1937-41 3d Blue KGVI Die IA BW #192, retail c$325; o/c slightly right, very fresh. - with bottom framed thinned under AU x3 with normal for comparison, BW #192d, Cat $600, average used copies. 1937-41 3d Blue KGVI Die I bottom frame thinned under AU. 1938 3d Blue KGVI Die II etc tied by Marrickville cds to 1938 (28 Feb) airmailed commercial cover (blemishes) to London. BW gives date of issue as ‘March 1938’, rendering this an FDC contender. 1940 3d Blue KGVI Die II use from Townsville on inward Tonga Tin Can Mail cover, masses of cachets on back and front. Terrific usage item. 1950 3d Brown KGVI BW #196 unofficial bisect on 1950 (Feb 11) window (damaged) envelope paying 1½d commercial papers rate, untaxed. Sender was Govt Insurance Office of NSW so this clearly NOT philatelic use. Remarkable rare usage. 1937-60 6d Kookaburra Wmk CofA Perf 14¾x14 top marginal block of 4 with part Authority imprint due to misguillotining. - no imprint gutter block of 8 with burnishing marks BW #203zl, rare. 1937-59 1/- Lyrebird Perf 13½x14 [1] left Ash imprint block of 4 perf ‘G/NSW’ sideways; [2] centre Ash imprint strip of 4 (**) perf ‘VG’ sideways reversed, BW #208zc,zd. 1941 1/- Lyrebird Wmk CofA Perf 14¾x14 vertical pair imperf at right due to skipped perfs, nice pair. - no imprint left corner block of 4, BW #209zh, Cat $100, one unit mounted. 1938-49 Robes Thick Paper set of 3, BW #212,214,216, Cat $140. - 10/- imprint pair, BW #214za, late commercial use. - £1 (3, including pair) and 10/-, etc, tied to 1943 parcel tag from Bendigo, franked both sides, which most likely conveyed a gold shipment. 1944-51 2d Purple KGVI Wmk CofA coil perf pair with large and small holes and selvedge join on bottom stamp. 1944-51 2d Purple KGVI No Wmk gutter block of 8 from lower plate, misguillotined so that a part imprint displays in top margin, 2 units hinged & vertical crease in gutter.

ex 1406

$6,000 $250 $135 $300 $50 $320 $90 $40 $360 $80 $125 $450 $90 $130 $135 $120 $135 $180 $300 $90 $180 $225 $125 $100 $100 $100 $400 $100


1411 1410



Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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1421 part 1415

1417 ex 1426 ex 1425 1424

1428 1427


1444 1439



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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1414P **

B C1

- block of 12 (6x2) with pre-printing creases affecting 9 units, unfortunately several units are affected by oil stains. Quite unusual. 1415P ** A C1 1951-62 2d Green QM coil perf left part pane of 60 (6x10) with Authority imprint, BW #248zd, Cat $330++. 1416 **/* A 1951 3d Scarlet KGVI coil perf strip of 6 (1 hinged) with red 960 starter, BW #251bc, superb example. 1417P ** A B1 1952 KGVI 6½d Brown seldom offered triple variety NE corner block of four from Sheet B with both thick left frame plus re-entry right frame, BW #255d x2 and 255e. Just off-centre low right, fresh. (4) 1418 **/* A A1 1949 1/6d Hermes Wmk CofA plate 1 (90%) left centre block of 4 with perf pip, BW #261ba,z, Cat $500 as mint, one unit lightly hinged. 1419 ** A- C1 1952-66 2/6d Aborigine Wmk CofA no imprint block of 4 with uncatalogued light but clear partial offset on top units, couple of toned perf tips. 1420 **/* A B1 1952-59 2/- Aboriginal Art 2 distinct shades in left corner no imprint blocks of 4, one block has very light part offset. (2 blks) 1421P ** A A1 1952-66 2/6d Aborigine No Wmk heavy 2nd retouch to retouch around O & TA of POSTAGE [ShA 12/8], BW #266db, Cat $150. 1422 ** A A1 1965 2/6d Aborigine Emergency Printing perf pip IV left block of 8, BW #267bb, Cat $200. 1423 **/* A A1 - Authority left corner imprint block of 4, BW #267z, Cat $300, lightly hinged in margin just touching top left unit. 1424P ** A B1 1949-61 5/- Arms Thin Paper marginal single, BW #268a, Cat $150. 1425P * A A1 1949-64 Arms set of 4, BW #268-71, (retail $120). 1426P * A B1 - set of 3 ovpt ‘SPECIMEN’, BW #269x-71x, (retail $100). A- 5/- and £1 etc on parcel tag from gold parcel to Harvey tied by Registered Perth cds of 1951 (Sep 18), a fine and scarce 1427P *F usage item. [PO regulations required that gold be sent at Letter rate. 26/0½d represented 3½d for 1st oz + 2½d per additional ozs x120 + 9d registration fee] 1428P ** A B1 1949-64 £2 Green Arms Authority imprint pair with roller flaw, BW #271zb, Cat $1,000 for block of 4. 1429 ** A 1954 Royal Visit 7½d violet complet sheet of 100. 1430 ** A B1 1959 3d Blue-Green QEII coil perf, Plate No ‘3’ no dashes with lines before in right marginal block of 4, BW #350zb, hinged in margin only. 1431 ** A A1 - coil perf, Plate No ‘3’ no dashes with lines before in right marginal block of 12, BW #350zb, prominent blob of colour around central perf pip. 1432 ** A A1 - coil perf, Plate No ‘3’ no dashes with lines before in right marginal block of 12, BW #350zb. 1433 ** A A1 - coil perf, Plate No ‘3’ dashes with lines after in left marginal block of 10, BW #350zc, small gum fault in margin. 1434 *V A 1963 11d Bandicoot Helecon Paper experimental printing, BW #362A, solo franking tied by Clifton cds to 1964 (Jul 24) commercial cover (270x215mm approx) to Brisbane. ACSC states “Used is best collected bearing dated postmark prior to the distribution of the later helecon printing (4 June 1965)”. Rare. [11d third weight step letter] 1435P ** A A1 1959-64 2/3d Wattle Yellow Paper first T of WATTLE - retouched State I, BW #368fa, Cat $200, perfect centring. 1436P ** A 1964 5/- Cattle White Paper BW #373C, Cat $125 just off-centre NW, slightly nibbed perf, light storage-related gum creases; PLUS 1963-66 Navigators basic set of 6 BW #404-9 well-centred. Good high values, current retail c$300. (7) 1437 ** A A1 1960 Guiding offset in BRC block of 4, BW #377c, Cat $300+. 1438 ** A A1 - offset in BRC block of 4, BW #377c, Cat $300+. 1439P ** A A1 - offset marginal single, BW #377c, Cat $75. 1440 V A A1 1963-65 5d QEII Green Booklet Stamps plate -2- (95%) block of 6, BW #400zb, Cat $100 as mint block of 6, very light cancel. 1441 ** A A1 1959-66 QEII Definitives 5d green, block of 18 with Plate 2 (dashes) and perf pip, BW #400zb, Cat $100, as block of 6. 1442 ** A A1 1963-65 Navigators set of 6 simplified, BW #404-9, Cat $213. 1443P ** A A1 1963-66 Navigators set of 8 (both papers), BW #404-9, Cat $323, 4/- has couple of light gum bends. AUSTRALIA | Other Pre-Decimals | Stamps on Cover A1931 6d Kingsford Smith Airmail Overprinted ‘OS’ tied by Toowoomba cds to 1932 (8 Feb) cover to US via Brisbane1444P *F Sydney domestic airmail, a little soiled on reverse. Rare solo commercial use for 3d Foreign letter + 3d Airmail surcharge. [This was the only “OS” optd stamp available for general use by the public.] A1931-38 6d Kingsford Smith Airmail Overprinted ‘OS’ specific uprate of KGV 2d Letter Card for domestic airmail 3d 1445P *F surcharge x2 Brisbane to Newcastle, the whole cancelled 1932 (Jan 29), minor opening faults, apparently contained an enclosure to Ship’s passenger. [This was the only Official stamp sold at POs to general public.] Scarce on ‘cover’. 1446P *F A1934 9d Macarthur & 1929 3d Airmail (Type A) x3 tied by Perth cds to 1934 (8 Dec) fashioned cover (note chamfered sides) to conform with second class mail provisions, endorsed ‘Card only’, small cover faults. Scarce franking and rate (9d Greetings card airmail rate to UK x2). 1447P * B - (2) tied by Katanning cds to 1934 (Nov 30) miniature mourning envelope to London, small faults although scarce and attractive franking. A/B 1/6d Hermes on airmail covers selection, solo, multiple or combination frankings, destinations including British Zone 1448P * Germany, Egypt, Italy, Holland, South Africa, etc, nine items censored including rare POW postcard at 3/- rate, odd fault, generally fine. (20) 1449P * A1936 SA Centenary 1/- (3) scarce franking for double airmail rate Melbourne to London, KGV 1d for Late fee, few perfs trimmed on 1/- upper left as consequence of opening at top, otherwise attractive.

ex 1448


$65 $200 $230 $65 $200 $120 $110 $90 $170 $300 $90 $90 $80 $400 $425 $90 $80 $225 $110 $225 $200 $65 $120 $250 $250 $65 $70 $90 $110 $225

$350 $180 $270 $180 $180 $250

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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ex 1450



ex 1456



ex 1463





ex 1481 1493



Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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1450P *F/G A/B

1937-38 Zoologicals Perf 13½x14 selection comprising ½d (12) with rare solo, ‘ASH’ imprint pair, blocks of four (3), six (2) and 10, 4d (7), 5d (13) with solo frankings (7) including scarcer airmails to Papua, N.Z. and UK (‘all-up’), and surface 2nd weight step to USA, pair for 10d airmail to DEI, 5d + 1d rare airmail to Malta (air within Australia and Italy-Malta), 6d (8) with solo frankings (4) including scarcer triple letter rate and registered Merchandise rate, strip of three and block of four, 9d (8) with scarce solo registered airmail to UK, and 1/- (9) with scarce solo on Parcels Post label, another punctured ‘VG’ on label with 3d, some nice airmail rates throughout, including to India (2, one registered) and Czechoslovakia, some censored, advertising covers, etc, odd fault, generally fine. (57) A1937 KGVI 3d Blue KGVI Die I White Wattles in combination franking for airmail to Canada via UK and US, early use 1451 * day after issue (Aug 3) from Brisbane. Very scarce on cover. 1452P *F A1937 3d Blue KGVI Die Ia with 1/6d Hermes on 25JA38 air cover from Mosman to France, minor faults. A10/- Robes Thick Paper Cat $350, plus 4d Koala & 1/4d magenta on double weight air cover to Scotland via New Zealand, 1453P *F cancelled with Sydney machine of 15MAY/1941, straight-line ‘CALIFORNIA/CLIPPER’ on face, red on white censor label at left tied by violet ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/S.81’. A1942 1½d Green QE Ash imprint strip of 3 on 29NO43 Air Letter to South Australia, tied by light FPO ‘159’ (Buna Papua) 1454 *F cancel, censor cachet in purple. AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues | Collections and Accumulations 1455 FU A/B 1970-2000: retired dealer’s stock sorted in glassines and labelled for retail sale. FU/GU/CTO condition throughout and ideal for market trader or eBay. Has been priced for retail sale in excess of $2,200. Great opportunity! (1000s) AUSTRALIA | Decimal Issues 1456P ** A A1 1966-73 1c Brown marginal block of 4 with strong offset, BW #436c, Cat $240+. 1457 ** A A1 - marginal block of 4 with good offset, BW #436c, Cat $240+. 1458 ** A B1 - plate ‘4’ bottom right block of 4 (light hinge in margin only) & top right block of 4, BW #436z,za, Cat $310. 1459 **/* A B1 - plate ‘4’ bottom right block of 4, BW #436za, Cat $250, 1 unit lightly mtd. 1460 ** A B1 1966 4c Red QEII plate ‘17’ in lower perf pip block of 20, BW #440zba. Rare. 1461 **/* A/A- 1966-67 QEII 4c Red Booklet Panes set of 6 (3 helecon ink & 3 helecon paper), mostly unmounted, centring mixed. 1462 ** A A1 1967-71 5c Blue marginal block of 4 with very strong offset, BW #444c, Cat $300+. 1463P ** A 1970-73 6c Orange marginal block of 4 with very strong offset, BW #446c, Cat $400+. 1464 ** A 1971-73 7c Purple two marginal blocks of 20, one with Plate ‘-14-’ (100%) at base, the other with Plate ‘-14-’ (90%) at top, BW #447(2)ze,zh. 1465P ** A A1 1966-67 5c Thornbill marginal block of 4 with wide bottom margin showing inverted multi-coloured offset. 1466P ** A 1966-74 $1 Flinders Navigators gutter single with jumped perforations at left, BW #463bc. 1467 ** A A1 - plate 1 bottom gutter block of 4, BW #463z, Cat $400. 1468P ** A 1966-74 Navigators $1 Flinders P14.4x14 Plate No. 3 block of 4 top centre BW #463za and single. PLUS variety P14.78x14.1 BW #464 just o/c, fresh. (3) 1469 ** A+ 1970 Australian Definitive Stamp Series Pack No. PO7 Issued 7 September 1970, some stamps slightly displaced (as usual), retail $375. 1470 ** A 1966-67 3c Coil strips of 3 of ACSC varieties (six of the nine listed) centrally positioned, 100 of each as follows [1] White spot right of ‘L’; [2] White spot in front of ‘3c’; [3] Pale shading on lips; [4] White spot in last ‘A’; [5] Retouch in background under chin and [6] Retouch in background over right shoulder. BW #467d, e, f, g, h and l, Cat $6,000 + normals. (1800) 1471P *F A 1968 Famous Australians 5c David Booklet pane tied by Riverton cds to 1968 (Dec 6) airmail cover to US, correct 25c ½oz airmail rate. Very fine and scarce. 1472 **/* A 1971 Christmas bottom half-pane of 25, SG #498-504, Cat £45, some toning on reverse. 1473 *F A 1969 Primary Industry 25c Wool rare solo franking for registration on Business Reply Post cover, tied by Croydon Park cds of 1969 (Oct 31), blue registration label. A 1969 Prime Ministers 5c Deakin Booklet pane tied by Melbourne Captain Cook slogan and cds (where slogan did not 1474P *F extend) to airmail cover to US, correct 25c ½oz airmail rate, scarce frankings. 1475 ** A 1970-71 6c Coil in complete roll of 1000, BW #534c, no starter. 1476P ** A 1971-74 7c Sturt’s Desert Pea Coil strip of 4 with buff misplaced. 1477P ** A A1 - strip of 4 all with buff omitted & misplaced green, BW #535ce, Cat $1,200+, Dunkerley Certificate. 1478 ** A/A- 1971 Christmas 7c mauve, green & blue in gutter pairs (only 2 gutter pairs per sheet of 100), BW #578, Cat $800+, odd minor gum defect. (50) 1479 ** A/A- - 7c mauve, green & blue (only 8 stamps per sheet of 100) x48, BW #578, Cat $800+, odd minor gum defect. (48) 1480 F A/A- 1972 Olympics 7c Rowing selection of the scarce 1st black cylinder varieties retouch to ‘Munich 1972’, retouch to ‘tral’ of ‘Australia’, and retouch in right of aqua band, BW #602d,f,g, blunted perfs in two, otherwise sound, also cover with ‘Munich 1972’ thin. (4) 1481P ** A 1973 2c Fiddler Crab Missing Reddish Brown corner block of four with previously unrecorded reddish brown omitted affecting all units, colour omitted (a) from below eyes between antenna, (b) from right side of joint to large claw, and (c) from top left segment of large claw, with colour bar block of ten for comparison. 1482 ** A A1 1973 Opera House part pane of 25 with “ink stripping” of light blue cause major stippling effect, addidtionally the light blue goes further out of register across the pane. Nice item. 1483 ** A A1 - light blue misplaced 1mm to right similar to BW #653cb, Cat $100, with normal for comparison. 1484 *F A1974 UPU 30c tied by Melbourne slogan to 1974 (Oct 18) commercial airmail cover to US, one of the scarcest solo frankings of the early Decimal era. 1485 ** A B1 1974 Christmas 35c plate ‘2’ right block of 4, BW #681za, Cat $150. 1486 ** A 1975 18c Wildflower BLC strip of 5 top two rows with missing black and 3rd row with partly missing black, BW #725c. 1487 * A 1975 45c Wildflower vertical strip of 5 with dull yellow-green partially ommited from rows 7 & 8, BW #727cf, Cat $400. [Only 40 pairs believed to exist with this variety.] 1488 ** B 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee imperforate block of 4, BW #765b, Cat $400+ as two pairs, usual creases. 1489 ** A 1978-79 20c Little Grebe BRC block of 4 with green doctor blade flaw in last column. 1490P V A A1 - marginal single with yellow (beak and eye) omitted, BW #805cb, Cat $250, “per favour” cancel, with normal for comparison. 1491 ** A A1 1978 15c Christmas vertical strip of 5, central unit has magenta partly missing, BW #825ca, Cat $1000. 1492 ** A 1980 Aircraft 22c Wackett with left perfs misplaced 3mm to the right, not the catalogued variety, but still very desirable. 1493P ** A A1 1982 60c Whale Essay marginal single, BW #930E(1), Cat $350.

$450 $350 $135 $300 $40 $600 $170 $135 $160 $160 $135 $55 $145 $200 $70 $135 $270 $400 $60 $80 $450 $200 $40 $150 $200 $60 $135 $270 $100 $80 $135 $900 $320 $65 $150 $110 $80 $360 $100 $70 $140 $450 $180 $300

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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1503 1505


ex 1506



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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1494P**


1495 1496P 1497 1498P 1499 1500P

A A1 A A A A A

** ** ** ** ** **

1501 **


1502P **


1503P **


1504 ** 1505P W

A A-

1506P **


1507P ** 1508 ** 1509P *

A A A-

1510 ** 1511 ** 1512 **


1513 1514P 1515 1516 1517

** ** ** ** **


1518 **


1519 ** 1520P **


1521 **


1522P ** 1523P *


1524P **


1982 Commonwealth Games Miniature Sheet three plated sets of 25 by The Australian Stamp Promotion Council for National Stamp Week 1982 (cat $50 each), five optd ANPEX 82 consecutive numbers (cat $4.50 each), five sets of the five different AUSIPEX 84 overprints (cat $90 for set of 5), BW #971, Cat $622.50 - bargain at less than a quarter. (105) 1987-88 37c Fauna Definitives marginal strip of 10 with ‘MODULE 6’, BW #1218za as strip of 20. 1992-94 Threatened Species Sheetlet with punch hole at bottom through Dusky Hopping Mouse, BW #1567b, Cat $200. - Sheetlet with all-over helecon, BW #1567c. 1994 International Year of the Family $1 vertical pair with misplaced perforations - 4mm up, BW #1716b. 1994-97 Kangaroos & Koalas imperforate strip of 6, ‘LEIGH-MARDON’ on the back. - strip of 6 completely imperforate, SNP Cambec logo with four Koala symbols on back of each unit. Possibly no helecon, BW #1737Eba, Cat $750. - photo-litho with 4 koala symbols and SNP CAMBEC logo on back, strip of 6 with Koala on ground at left, completely imperforate, appears without helecon, BW #1742Eba, Cat $750. 1994-97 Kangaroos & Koalas Booklet 6th reprint (one Kangaroo & one Koala) completely imperforate, BW #1750(2)b, Cat $600. 1995 National Trust Plate Proofs $1 & $2 in deep olive-green with selvedge, BW #1841-2PP(1), Cat $800, both units with wrinkles. - $2 in deep olive-green with selvedge, BW #1842PP(1). 1996 Queen’s Birthday Essay top right imperf block of 4, just showing the background design without the head and 45c (which was printed separately at the Note Printing Branch). Top 2 units creased. Ex Sleigh estate. [A pair realised $3,400 in #8.] 1997-99 Wetland Birds Booklet completely imperforate, like BW #1960(1)b, Cat $750, but with 1 koala reprint at base of top 2nd Little Kingfisher. 1997-2001 $10 Wetland Pacific 1997 Ovpt x5, BW #1972c, retail $220. 1997-2001 $10 Wetland Italia 1998 Ovpt x5, BW #1972ca, retail $165. 1996 45c Children’s Book Council imperforate se-tenant block of 4, BW #1980bc, Cat $2000, small faults and adhesions on back. - unseparated block of 8 (4x2) from Roll stamps, only issued in single strips, adhesive borders removed. - PnS roll stamps strip of 4 in horizontal format, issued in vertical format. The status of this item is unknown. - unseparated block of 20 (5x4) including central ‘ONLY 10 stamps LEFT’ labels, from Roll stamps, only issued in single strips. 1996 Atlanta to Sydney Sheetlet APO pack with felt-pen signature of Cathy Freeman; some surface scuffs. 1997 the Dreaming 45c imperforate BLC block of 4, BW #2043b. - 45c imperforate marginal block of 6, BW #2043b. - 45c imperforate BLC block of 4, BW #2043b, small crease in bottom margin. 1998 45c Roses Greetings Booklet part pane of six completely imperforate being part BW #2085Ab. BW “approx one dozen imperforate booklets have been recorded”. - horizontal pair from base of pane completely imperforate with the instructional panel below, part BW #2085Ab. BW “approx one dozen imperforate booklets have been recorded”. - completely imperforate, BW #2085Ab. BW states “approx one dozen imperforate booklets have been recorded”. 2002-2009 APTA Overprints Selecton on various products with; Feb 2002 Melbourne on Australian Legends sheetlet; Oct 2002 Brisbane on Magic Rainforest MS & Booklet; Aug 2003 on Coronation Jubilee M/S; Oct 2003 Melbourne on Bugs & Butterflies M/S; Aug 2004 on Eureka M/S; Sep 2004 Convention on Lord of the Rings SES sheet; Aug 2008 on Flight M/S; 2009 Congratulations on Home Delivery sheetlet & booklet. (10) 2007 $4.45 Australian Architecture Limited Edition imperforate sheet of 12 with Certificate of Authenticity No 0463 of 2000; one unit with small adhesion away from design, current retail c.$600. 2008 Christmas 50c Baubles in $10 PnS booklet with top row completely imperforate and 2nd row imperforate at top. 2008 the Rocks Sydney 55c Self Adhesive Completely Imperforate on 2010 commercial envelope Mill Park Melbourne likely from top of booklet pane (wide top margin). Yet to be catalogued anywhere. 2008 Christmas 50c Baubles in $10 PnS sheetlet with top row completely imperforate and 2nd row imperforate at top.

ex 1520

1523 ex 1522


$80 $100 $160 $180 $400 $300 $300 $200 $300 $500 $475 $4,000 $500 $100 $70 $800 $80 $160 $600 $80 $700 $750 $600 $350 $100 $500

$130 $250 $225 $260 $225

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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ex 1535











ex 1546



ex 1552 ex 1549

ex 1550

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1525 ** 1526P *


Page 129

2008 Qantas Airbus A320 Limited Edition Imperf Sheets both left & right panes with certificates and folders. 2009 Corrugated Landscapes 55c Self Adhesive Completely Imperforate variety on 2010 commercial envelope to Melbourne. Yet to be catalogued anywhere. 1527 ** A 2009 Stargazing Limited Edition Imperf Sheet of 16 MSs with certificate in its original Australia Post storage and wrapping. 1528 ** A - with certificate in original Australia Post tube. 1529P DV A 2010 60c Spotted Sweetlips With Misplaced Perfs 6mm to the left so that the wrong fish name is on the stamp, on small piece. The only example we have seen. 1530 F/G A 2011 Famous Women & Australian Flowers 100 sets of sheet stamps on close-cut single paper. Very difficult to assemble as only 2% of the total issued quantity was in sheet format, 98% was in PnS format. (900) AUSTRALIA | Booklets 1531 ** A 1992-3 Overprinted Issues [1] ‘Threatened Species’ 1K with Orange Blossom ‘92 and 2k & 3K with ‘93 ovpt, [2] ‘Thinking of You’ Boonah Rotary, [3] ‘Roos & Koalas’ SCDAA Petersham, [4] ‘Endeavour’ with Illawarra PS, [5] Others include: Xmas ‘93 Perf & Imperf, Xmas ‘92, Trains (3), Dinosaurs. (see website for full list which includes all catalogue Nos), STC $557. (20) 1532 ** A Modern Range of mostly optd types including two 1997 $4.50 Wetlands, one with 1k reprint in middle, one optd for Northern Beaches Stamp Expo. Couple with better General barcodes, one unofficial 2004 Sutherland Shire. High cat. (12) 1533P ** A1930-35 3/- ‘AIRMAIL SAVES TIME’ complete, BW #B40, Cat $1500, very fine with just a light crease on the front cover. 1534P ** A 1942-49 KGVI 2/6d Black on Fawn Cover both panes wmk upright, BW #B53B (Pfeffer Cat $300). First pane has trimmed top perfs and both panes off-centre slightly. Appears to have been mis-stapled (near base) by PO and then re-stapled. 1535P ** A- two expolded booklets on annotated pages, one set of panes wmk inverted and the other wmk upright, BW #B53B (Pfeffer Cat $600), a few trimmed perfs, otherwise fine. 1536P ** A1942-49 2/6d (12 x 2½d Scarlet KGVI) two wax interleaves and wmk inverted BW #B54a, Cat $500; perfs slightly trimed at top, very fresh (current retail c$525) and as fine as we’ve seen. 1537 ** A1949 2/6d New Format 2½d red KGVI with wmk inverted, BW #B55, Cat $75. fresh, but some perfs trimmed off. 1538P ** B 1953-57 3/6d with 3½d red QEII no wmk, stapled remake with wax interleaving, BW #B58v, both panes have trimmed off perfs. 1539P ** A - 2½d red QEII no wmk waxed interleaving (stapled), BW #B58v, Cat $150. 1540P ** A 1957-59 4/- QEII 4d claret with wax interleaving & ‘British Commonwealth’, BW #B60Bv, fine. 1541P ** A- 4d claret with wax interleaving & ‘British Commonwealth’, stapled remake with thick staple, BW #B60Bwv (Pfeffer B60BSTa, Cat $280), cover a little faded but rare combination. 1542P ** A 1962-64 5/- 5d blue edn 1/11963 NSW ovpt GEN in black ad seq 20,18a,44,36,15,6,19a,68,16c (not recorded by BW), BW #B66Jdw, Cat $250. 1543P ** A - 5d blue edn 1/1963 NSW ovpt GEN in black ad seq 20,18a,44,36,15,6,19a,68,16c (not recorded by BW), BW #B66Jdw. 1544P ** A 1964-65 5/- 5d green edn G1 ad seq 20,18a,44,53,60,6,19a,52b,16c, BW #B67Ce. The Directories Australia ad on the inside front is an undescribed sub-type with both 14,000,000 and Pty Ltd. Very fine. 1545P ** A 1965-66 5/- 5d red edn S4, no ads, BW #B70C. The first pane only has a bright white uneven fluoresence under UV. 1546P ** A 1966-67 60c QEII helecon in ink set of six slogans BW #B71-76, Cat $780 (Pfeffer $900), one white stitching (“Send Money. . .” edition ‘DG9’), others pink various ‘D’ edition numbers. (6) 1547P V A 1966-67 60c Booklet 4c helecon ink ‘Post your Parcels...’, tropical interleaving, ed DS9, BW #B79Cdv, panes cancelled with ‘G.P.O. MELBOURNE - C.Q./20NO67’. 1548P V A - 4c helecon ink ‘Send Money Orders...’, tropical interleaving, ed DS9, BW #B79Cdv, panes cancelled with ‘G.P.O. MELBOURNE - C.Q./20NO67’. 1549P ** A 1967-68 QEII provisional covers 50c and $1, permanent cover $1 sets of six slogans, QEII 5c blue in 50c BW #125 & 126d, in $1 BW # B127B & 127CT waxed interleaves, range BW #B101-B127, Cat $668 (Pfeffer $800+), all white stitching, edition ‘G67/3’. (22) 1550P * A/B 1967-70 Selection [1] $1 5c on 4c tropical interleaving G67/3 x2 (‘Registered ...’ pen marks on face, ‘Post your Parcels...’ missing pane) [2] 50c 5c blue x2 (plain back & letterpress back) [3] $1 5c blue V67/3 [4] Vietnam 5c Thornbill from sheet of 100 attached by left margin white UV reaction [5] 1970 $1.20 Famous Australians no edition number x3 (two blue stitching & one white stitching). (9) 1551 ** A1967-68 Australian Defence Forces 5c Thornbill from pane of 50 with red sheet number opposite RP 10/1, attached by left selvedge, BW #B128Aa, Cat $90, usual minor toning. 1552P ** A 1968-72 stitched range various editions FA and PM BW #B130-9 (Pfeffer same), includes four with wax interleaves ($1 FA edn G68/3, $1 PM G69/3, $1.20 FA no edn, $1.40 PM G71/3), otherwise contents unchecked, min Pfeffer $600. (13) 1553 ** A 1969-70 Prime Ministers edition G69/3 with Wax Interleaving x2, BW #B132Cv, Cat $230. 1554P ** A 1972-73 $1.40 Prime Ministers ed G71/3 with wax interleaving, white stitching, BW #B139Cev, Cat $100. 1555P ** A 1979-2005 extensive collection in three Lighthouse special booklet albums (slipcases, Optima pages) from 60c and 80c Test folders to 2005 Christmas. Includes extensive reprints, perf and imperf selvedge varieties, exhibition overprints, printer (SNP, Pemara) and paper (cream/white) varieties, good coverage security tabs and foil strips various sizes, better barcode types, etc. Pfeffer #B140-287 range with no duplication and monster catalogue in excess of $6,800 (FV c$1,350 not really the point here). (c295)

1554 ex 1555

$275 $260 $130 $150 $125 $100

$330 $100 $1,300 $135 $270 $225 $50 $135 $100 $100 $180 $225 $225 $135 $135 $300 $135 $135 $200

$180 $80 $180 $150 $60


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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ex 1565







1571 1575



1586 1594 1595



Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1556 ** 1557 **


Page 131

1978-79 80c Parramatta Little Grebe and Yellow Robin contents Pfeffer #B142 & B142a $440. (2) 1989 $3.90 Fishing four reprints P14x14.4 on Harrison cream paper BW #B164, Cat $200 each (two have covers with hand-writing impressions). Comes with one original white paper same perfs BW #B163 for comparison. (5) 1558 ** A 1979 Sydney Football 80c Rockdale with 20c Eastern Robin strip of 4. AUSTRALIA | Booklet | First Day Covers A 1988-90 Booklet Panes slightly duplicated range often two or more of each panes of 10 from 1988 (July 1) $3.70 Living 1559 *F Together LM & CPE to 1990 Bush Nativity, includes 1988 (Sept 28) Australian Crafts 80c and $2 panes on one FDC, 1990 (Sept 18) $4.10 Thinking of You 1K reprint x2 (light foxing) with Royal Botanic Gardens special cancel which may (or may not) be day of issue (which is not in catalogues). High catalogue over $500 (ex the last noted); specialised lot. (28) AUSTRALIA | Postage Dues 1560 U 1920s-30s Bundleware 3rd wmk ½d x200, 2d x100, CofA Wmk 2d P14 x300, ½d P11 x40, 2d P11 x200, 4d x400, BW #D105,108,116,113,117,119 (SG #D91,94,102,105,107,109), Cat $5,060 (£7,320). Bundleware like this is rarely seen these days. (1,230) 1561 ** A/A- 1902-04 Design Completed Wmk Crown/NSW ½d to 20/- (excl 5d, 10d, 1/- & 2/-) with NSW ‘SPECIMEN’ overprint for UPU, BW #D16-51x, Cat $1,400. MUH but a couple of tonespots and other minor faults. (10) 1562 F A- C1 - ½d P11, BW #D17, Cat $300, faint crease. 1563P * A A1 - 10/- dull green wmk upright ovpt ‘SPECIMEN’, BW #D50x, Cat $300. Fresh bright colours. 1564P G A B3 1906-08 Design Completed Wmk Crown/Single Lined A 3d light green, BW #D61, Cat $450, few perf faults, rare. 1565P V A 1909-10 Wmk Crown/Double Lined A Thick Paper ½d to 10/- with Melbourne CTO of SE30/09, BW #D76w-91w, Cat $750. Only 480 sets created for UPU. (10) 1566P * A- B1 - 5/- rose-red & green, BW #D90, Cat $125, gum aged. 1567P * A C2 - 10/- rose-red & green, BW #D91, Cat $425. 1568P * A- B1 1931-37 Wmk CofA 6d carmine- & yellow-green, BW #D120, Cat $400, light even gum toning. A1953-59 New Value Plates For Shilling Values 1/- Die I block of 11 plus 4d, BW #D139, on 1955 Business Reply Post 1569P *F cover, apparently paying for 34 letters at 4d each. 1570P *F A- 1/- Die I x14, BW #D139, on 1956 Business Reply Post front. A- 5/- Die I x6 (one damaged), BW #D141, plus 1d, 4d x2 & 1/- on 1957 Business Reply Post front. [BW# does not provide 1571P *F a catalogue value for this stamp on cover.] 1572 ** A B1 1958-63 No Wmk ½d Die II large block of 30 (5x6), BW #D144c, Cat $240+ (Retail is $300+). 1573 V A B1 - 1/- Die I marginal single with misplaced centre. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery 1574 * A/A+ 1929 & 1967: [1] c.1929 long OHMS envelope PTPO for the Education Department, Melbourne with KGV 2d red oval (as HG #KB25), scarce; [2] 1967 5c indigo aerogramme inscribed ‘DEFENCE FORCES/AIR LETTER...’, for use by Australian Forces in Vietnam, HG #IFG8. Both fresh unused. (2) A OHMS Returned Registered Letter: 1943 use from Dead Letter Office Melbourne addressed to Stamp Dealer Wm. 1575P *F Ackland, nice item. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards 1576 *** A 1911 KGV Fullface 1d red ‘The left half...’, ASC #P3. A 1915-16 KGV Sideface 1d red Die I on white, ASC #P8. 1577 *** A 1916 KGV Sideface 2 Line Admonition Added 1d red Die I on buff, ASC #P10. 1578 *** 1579 ***/F A/A- 1918-30 KGV Selection [1] 1918 ‘THREE/HALFPENCE’ surcharge on 1d red (#P14) [2] 1925 1d green single heading uprated with ½d orange used 1930 [3] 1925 1d green Die III single line heading [4] 1930 ‘THREE/HALFPENCE’ surcharge on 1d green Die II (#P31), ASC #P17,P30,P31,P33. A 1917-22 KGV Arms in Heading 1½d emerald without footnote, ASC #P20. 1580 *** A1917-30 KGV Sideface 1½d green no footnote & ‘ONE/PENNY’ on 1½d brown no footnote, ASC #P20,24, minor stains. 1581P *** (2) 1582 *** A 1922-24 KGV POST CARD Unshaded 1d violet, 2 cards on different buff stock, ASC #P27a. (2) A- 1d green Die III, ASC #P29. slight rust spots front and rear. 1583 *** AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Postal Cards (Official) A 1928 ‘THREE/HALPENCE’ on 1d Green With Solid ‘OS’ in Die on School Committee meeting card, HG #D16, scarce. 1584P * AUSRALIA | Postal Stationery - Letter Cards 1585P *** AGoodman’s Patent Letter Card with Reply, private formula purple on pink stock, Australian “coat of arms” in TLC, zigzag roulette, a fine unused example of this rare lettercard, considered by some to be the model for Australia’s 1912 Reply Letter Card. A 1917 Full Face Reply Card With REPLY Overstruck 1d+1d sepia zigzag perf outer half, ASC #L11, ‘GIANT REDGUM 1586P *** VIC’ A1918-30 KGV Sideface 2d red on grey, grey within P12½, ASC #L26, view ‘SYDNEY HARBOUR/N.S.W.’, selvedge partly 1587 ** stuck and small tear. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes A 1916-20 KGV Embossed Octagon Without ‘Postage’ 1d red on cream, ASC #E5 uprated with Large Mult ½d green KGV, 1588 *V cancelled with ‘ANGASTON/A9-21AP20/STH AUST’ (time wheels inverted), attractive. 1589 *** A 1920-24 KGV Embossed Octagon With ‘Postage’ 2d scarlet on cream paper, ASC #E11. A- ‘THREE/HALFPENCE’ on 2d scarlet on cream paper (#E11), ASC #E14, slight sun discolouration. 1590 *** A - 1½d red on white paper, blue within, ASC #E16a. 1591 *** 1592P *F A 1930 ‘TWO PENCE’ Surcharge on 1½d octagonal with blue inside, ASC #E19a, 1931 use with 3d KGV for use airmail from Perth to Carnarvon. A 1985 Bowls photographic proof by Lowanna Cummins, mounted on page, rare. 1593 ** AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Envelopes (PTPO) A1d Red Die II Roo envelope of Vacuum Oil Co (neat advert on flap) used 1913 (June 13) Melbourne to Coburg, machine 1594P * cancel. AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Registration Envelopes 1595P *F A 1913 Kangaroo & Map 4d orange, ASC #R2, late use uprated with KGV 1d red and used from Perth 1916 (1Jul), unusually fine. 1596P * A - 4d orange 230x110mm, uprated with KGV 1d violet, unused with very light soiling and minor peripheral faults, scarce ASC #R3, Cat $350. 1597P *V A 1938-51 KGVI Embossed Oval 1942 5½d brown/buff with printing in red & rounded flap at the right, ASC #R30, cancelled with light ‘MENANGLE/3AU42/N.S.W’ (B1-). Very rare.

$140 $180 $80


$1,250 $450 $125 $280 $300 $480 $90 $220 $240 $180 $120 $120 $150 $80

$70 $125 $65 $100 $80 $80 $60 $65 $100 $45 $300

$400 $340 $120 $45 $60 $60 $60 $80 $250 $100 $110 $90 $400

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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ex 1603


1609 1610




1615 1616

1623 1617


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1598P ***

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- [1] 5½d brown, red text rounded flap x12, ASC #R33; [2] unused Australian Force Vietnam Airmail covers x19 with wrapper. (31) $320 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes (Formular) 1599 *** A/A- 1960s Selection Approval No 21 for Moomba, 3 different designs; Approval No 61, with coloured picture of Southgate Fountain, Melbourne; Approval No 54 for ES & A Bank x2. (6) $40 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes (Official) A/B 1944-81 Accumulation from two KGVI 7d ‘AIRLETTER’ diagonally optd ‘SPECIMEN’ one with Sydney CTO cds prob ASC 1600 * #A2 and including another optd ‘SPECIMEN’ (1960 formular type for ‘Moomba Art Festival’), also two more KGVI 7d types mint and used. Others include Christmas Island 33c and Norfolk Island 33c x10, unused wrappers with KGVI 1½d green and QEII 2½d brown x6, oddments. Although stored flat most have been folded. Big variety. (44) $95 AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wrappers A1922 KGV Sideface ‘NEWSPAPER ONLY’ 1d violet on buff laid paper, ASC #W8, minor creasing on flap. $40 1601 *** AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Wartime A WWI? Australian Commonwealth Military Forces envelope 118x94mm of Australian YMCA further inscribed at upper 1602P * right ‘ON/ACTIVE/SERVICE.’ Light peripheral foxing otherwise in excellent fresh unused condition. $80 1603P *G A/B 1940 Australian Defence Canteens embossed 1d Envelopes in green (16) and brown (20), ASC #X1.5-6, Cat $840, good range of usages including Military and Field P.O.’s, variety of Censor markings, usual mixed condition for these. (36) $150 B 1941 Malaya & Johore Salvation Army/Red Shield War Services with printed d/ring ‘POSTAGE PAID/25 CENTS/MALAYA’ 1604P * in red cancelled by indistinct s/ring Field PO cds dated ‘2DE41/No.18’, triangular crowned censor handstamp with signature, air mail etiquette, to Parramatta. Creased at left, few spots. $70 A- double-circle ‘POSTAGE PAID/12 CENTS/JOHORE’ on Air Mail Letter Card, ASC #X1.9, cancelled with ‘AUST BASE. 1605P *F P.O./20DE41/26’ (Johore Bahru), UK censor handstamp, minor blemishes, well above average quality. $600 1606 *** A1916 Australian Imperial Force 1d red KGV Sideface Die I Military Envelope with ‘AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE’ at base ‘Regimental’ 8mm below line, on white laid paper, ASC #X2.3A, a few tonespots. $80 A - 1d red KGV Envelope with ‘A.I.F., ABROAD.’ at base, on white, ASC #X2.4, Cat $400, fine unused. $150 1607P *** AUSTRALIA | Postal Stationery - Miscellaneous A1946 Food Parcel Labels cut-outs of 3/7d & 5/10d x2. $100 1608P *U AUSTRALIA | First Day Covers 1609P *F A3d Engraved Kookaburra on tied with ‘ROCHE[STER]/-2NO28/VIC.’ to sepia PPC of Moore St, Rochester’, to Elsternwick. Cat $2,000. $1,400 A 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d and 6d tied to Registered cover by Unley cds 19MR31, airmail to England. $125 1610P *F A+ 1932 ½d Orange KGV Overprinted ‘OS’ block of 4, plus 3d Air perf ‘OS’, tied to airmail cover to Brisbane by three light 1611P *V clear strikes of ‘AIR MAIL/2 3P 8JE32 2/SYDNEY NSW’, ‘BRISBANE/1P 9JE32/QLD’ backstamp. Exceptional quality. [BW records no FDCs. Colaco Belmonte was the Dutch consul in Sydney and he was an enthusiatic collecter who often selfaddressed his covers.] $11,000 1612P *F A 1935 Anzac 1/- black on registered cover to Buckland Hill, WA, cancelled with light Perth of 18MAR35, clear backstamp. Plus 2d red on commercial local Perth cover. $300 A- 2d and 1/- lightly foxed and tied to registered envelope by Hamilton, NSW cds with registration label, to Merewether, 1613 *G NSW, backstamp include Newcastle transit. Removable hinge remains and stains cleanable with care. Scarce FDC. $100 A 1936 SA Centenary set on 3 separate Gower illustrated ‘H.M.S. BUFFALO’ covers from Glenelg to Stawell, 1/- is 1614P * registered express, neat typed address. $120 1615P *F A 1937 KGVI & QE Maximum Card (portrait of KGVI) for Die I 1d Queen and 2d KGVI, sent airmail from Melbourne to England at correct 9d postcard rate. $90 A 1937 3d Blue KGVI Die I 6d Kookaburra and 1/- Lyrebird combination on plain FDC registered from Mannum to Scotland. $80 1616P *F A - 6d Kookaburra and 1/- Lyrebird combination on Small Crown illustrated FDC registered local use at Kooringa. $250 1617P *F 1618P *F A 1937 3d Blue White Wattles tied to plain FDC, by ‘GPO.MELBOURNE/2AU37/VIC-AUST’, unusual in that most FDCs seen were serviced in Queensland. [BW states ‘… distribution of the ‘white wattles’ variety seems to have been largely restricted to Queensland …’.] $170 A+ 1938 1½d Maroon KGVI [1] tied to Kufner green lyrebird FDC by ‘ALBURY/210P20AP38/N.S.W’, unaddressed.; plus [2] 1619 *V 1948 Mitchell tied to Bodin FDC, by ‘ALBURY/12JY48/N.S.W.-AUST’, unaddressed. $100 A+ 1953-64 Group [1] Tasmania Sesquicentenary set tied to Royal FDC, by ‘EPPING/23SE53/N.S.W AUST’, unaddressed.; 1620 *V [2] 3d green QEII pair, tied to APO FDC, by ‘SOUTH SINGLETON/20MY59/N.S.W-AUST’, unaddressed.; [3] 9d Kangaroos pair, tied to APO FDC, by ‘THOMASTOWN/21OC59/VIC’, unaddressed.; [4] 5d Christmas tied to APO FDC, by ‘BRUNSWICK SOUTH/4NO59/VIC-AUST’, unaddressed.; [5] 5/- Cattletied to APO FDC, by ‘PHILATELIC BUREAU MELBOURNE/FIRST DAY/OF/ISSUE/26JLY61/VIC-AUST’, unaddressed.; [6] 2/3d Wattle on white paper tied to grey APO $120 FDC, by ‘MALVERN S.E[4]./28OC64/VIC-AUST’, unaddressed. 1621 *V A+ 1954-56 Olympics Group [1] 2/- blue Publicity tied to AWCO? green and red FDC, by ‘MELBOURNE/330P1DE54/VICAUST’, erased pencil address.; [2] 2/- blue Publicity tied to Mappin & Curran FDC, by ‘CRIMEA/1DE54/VIC-AUST’, unaddressed.; [3] 2/- green Publicity tied to APO FDC, by ‘PHILATELIC BUREAU/30NO55/MELBOURNE-AUST’, unaddressed.; [4] 1956 set tied to Wide World FDC, by ‘MANIFOLD/31OC56/VIC.’, unaddressed.; [5] 1956 set tied to V.P.A. FDC, by ‘PHILATELIC BUREAU/31OC56/MELBOURNE-AUST’, unaddressed.; [6] 1956 set tied to APO FDC, by ‘PHILATELIC BUREAU/31OC56/MELBOURNE-AUST’, unaddressed. $125 A+ 1955-58 Guthrie Group [1] 3½d USA Memorial tied by ‘G.P.O. PERTH/4MY55/WEST-AUST’, unaddressed.; [2] 1957 1622 *V Christmas set tied by ‘G.P.O. PERTH/6NO57/WEST-AUST’, unaddressed.; [3] 2/- Air Service tied by ‘G.P.O. PERTH/ 6JA58/WEST.AUST’, unaddressed. $100 A 1955 3½d American Friendship tied to multicoloured Postcard by Aberdare of 4MY55, rare early Maximum card. 1623P *F $100 A 1966 Decimal Currency complete set 1c - $4 on 4 covers, tied to WCS FDC, by ‘ARARAT/14FE66/VIC-AUST’ 1624 *V unaddressed, [1] 1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c; [2] 9c, 10c, 13c, 15c, 20c, 24c; [3] 25c, 30c, 40c, 50c, 75c; [4] $1, $2, $4. $135 1625 *V A 1969 Flight Anniversary strips of 3, tied to long APO FDC, by Russell Street FDI, addressed. Grey-blue cachet x21 & grey-green cachet x4. (25) $40 1626 *V A 1970 Expo 5c and 20c blocks of 4 on matching APO generic covers in red-brown, Wollongong FDI cancel, clean unaddressed. Far rarer than APO specific cachet for this issue. (2) $135 1627 *V A+ 1970 5c Grassland Congress tied to brown APO FDC, by ‘MOSMANS BAY/13AP70/NSW-AUST’, unaddressed. $80

We DO NOT have ‘T’ lots, all lots are sold inclusive of GST. GST is only applicable to buyer’s commission and despatch costs.

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ex 1635

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ex 1639



ex 1642

ex 1643

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

AUSTRALIA | Philatelic Numismatic Covers A 1994-2010 Collection range with slight duplication, also medallion/FDCs (4) and embossed or badged FDCs (5). Retail 1628P * over $1,400. (43) AUSTRALIA | Commemorative Covers 1629P *F A 1933 Royal Hobart Show double-circle relief ‘ROYAL SHOW HOBART/OC25/33/TAS’ (B1) in violet on ½d orange KGV pair on plain unaddressed cover. [ex Perry sale July 1995 - very rare] A1935 Brisbane Royal Diamond Jubilee Show ‘EXHIBITION/22AU35/QUEENSLAND’ (B2 - partly enhanced) on 2d 1630P * Jubilee on hand drawn cover to South Brisbane. [ex Perry sale July 1995 – a rare postmark.] A A1 1938 Commonwealth Relations Conference cut-down ‘ LE /7SE38/N.S.W.’ on 1d QE & 4d Koala on Jamieson cover 1631P * with blue provisional “Lapstone/Hotel” label. 1632P * A A1- 1945 UN Relief & Rehabilitation Administration Conference cut-down ‘ EY /15FE45/N.S.W.’ (open day) on 2d mauve & 3½d blue KGVI on Swanston cover with blue provisional “Lapstone Hotel” label. A 1946 Mitchell Centenary on range of all different issues with neat typed local address for R Lomas, most with ‘BACK TO 1633P *F ST. GEORGE’ labels on face. NIce group. (8) A 1950 Central Queensland Industries Fair of 27SE50 on 2½d Stamp Centenary pair (First Day) on 2½d red Letter Card. 1634 *F A 1959 ECAFE Conference Broadbeach 37mm ‘BROADBEACH/E.C.A.F.E./CONFERENCE/9MAR59/1/QLD-AUST’ on; 1635P *F [1] 4d lake QEII on DL-size special illustrated Lennon’s Hotel cover; [2] cancellor No. 3 dated 21MAR59 with blue provisional registration label on Lennon’s special cover; [3] cancellor No. 4 dated 9MAR59 on Lennon’s special cover addressed to “CW Davidson, Postmaster General, Canberra”. 1636P *F A - 27mm ‘BROADBEACH/E.C.A.F.E./CONFERENCE/8MAR59/3/QLD-AUST’ on 4d lake QEII on UN ECAFE conference DL-size envelope addressed to “C W Davidson, Postmaster-General, Canberra”, includes unused 15th session conference letterhead. (2) A 1962 ECAFE Railway Sub-Committee neat registered plain cover to Campbell ACT with temporary registration label, 1637P *F 2/5d Banksia cancelled with 38mm commemorative postmark. [Only 44 items registered - ex Perry sale July 1995] A 1962 World Poultry Congress and ECAFE Railway Sub-Committee, both addressed & registered (67 & 44 made 1638P *F respectively). Plus Poultry Congress cinderella. (3) 1639P *F A 1964 Crystalographic Meeting cover with provisional registration label 035, 2d brown QEII, 1/6d Galah and 5d Churchill and Hargrave to Roseville, NSW, plus stampless PMG envelope with special pmk together with registration receipt also with special pmk. (3) A 1969 Asian Development Bank small plain neat addressed registered cover, 30c Waratah with blue provisional 1640P *F registration label #003, handstamp immediately above label. [Only 54 items registered - ex Perry July 1995] A1 1973 Birdsville Hospital 50th Anniversary ‘A.I.M. HOSPITAL/24SEP1973/BIRDSVILLE/QLD 4482/50TH 1641P *V ANNIVERSARY’ on 7c, 15c & 35c on Brown cover with blue ‘BIRDSVILLE’ registration label. [Only 18 registered covers sent.] 1642P * A 1979 Pictorial Postmarks on first day APO wildlife souvenir envelopes [1] (Jan 8) National Christian Youth Convention with special ‘direcTions’ cancel APM #7090 $100; [2] (Feb 22) Norman Lindsay special cancel in purple APM #7210 $150. (2) A/B 1979 Blood Donors Service PSE No. 014 with Billy Blood Drop red ink machine cancel; two plain envelopes with hand 1643P * cancels, one red and one black, each envelope sadly with deteriorated self-stick gum and foxing around adhesive. Each cancelled on first day 13 Nov 1979 APM #8020 group. (3) A+ 1997 Arthur Streeton [1] Australian Impressionists - Our Heritage in Stamps book has a $5.00 McMahon’s Point 1644 * stamp affixed to the title page cancelled with the Olinda Pictorial Postmark + a clean strike of the postmark on 17 April 1997, which was the First Day of use of this postmark at the Olinda PO; [2] An Arthur Streeton print ‘Impression for Golden Summer’ + 41¢ stamp MUH; affixed to the print is a $5.00 McMahon’s Point stamp cancelled with the Olinda Pictorial Postmark on 17 April 1997; [3] A very fine cover with a cachet of Arthur Streeton’s House at Longacres + a $5.00 McMahon’s Point stamp cancelled with the Olinda Pictorial Postmark on 17 April 1997; [4] An Arthur Streeton Maximum Card with the 41¢ stamp cancelled with the FDI National postmark for that issue + a $5.00 McMahon’s Point stamp cancelled with the Olinda Pictorial Postmark on 17 April 1997; [5] An Australian Impressionists FDC (23 August 1989) with full set of stamps + a $5.00 McMahon’s Point stamp cancelled with the Olinda Pictorial Postmark on 17 April 1997; [6] A 1997 Lions cover and a 1997 Queens Birthday cover both cancelled with the Olinda Pictorial Postmark on 17 April 1997, which was the FDI of both of these two stamps. So a combined FDC and FDU of a pictorial postmark. [Sadly the current owners of the Olinda PO no longer have this postmark and neither does the Postmarking section of the Philatelic Bureau.] AUSTRALIA | Postal History C 1/6d Hermes no Wmk BW #161 with KGV 2d scarlet underpaying a 27AU37 overweight opened out airmail envelope to 1645P * England inscribed “please forward”, taxed with GB 2/8d p/dues affixed on back, “Refused” in mss with p/dues tied 2x rectangle ‘CHARGE NOT COLLECTED. . .’, on front in violet ‘UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER’. 1646P * A1911 registered envelope Hobart to Powlett River, Victoria with esoteric franking of six low values from Queensland (2), South Australia (2), Victoria and WA; backstamp Wonthaggi. B 1912 use of SA 1d on invitation-size cover with royal coat of arms on flap (SA Governor or Governor-General), overweight 1647P *F so taxed 2d, 1d Pdue thick pair (one damaged) on face, top torn while opening.

1646 1645


$500 $300 $160 $180 $180 $70 $60

$140 $50 $100 $140 $140 $70 $90 $65 $65


$100 $80 $60

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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ex 1654

ex 1655 1657


1659 1661

1662 1664

ex 1663


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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1648









1651P *V 1652


A A-

1653P *F


1654P *U


1655P *U





1657P *F


1658P *F








1661P *G


1662P *F





1664P *F 1665P *F 1666P *











1914 envelope to Germany franked damaged 1st wmk 2½d Roo light foxing tied machine cancel ‘THE EXCHANGE/ 8JUL14.2.30PM/SYDNEY.N.S.W.’ with alongside violet ‘RETURN TO SENDER’, blue boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/APR 291915/II.M.D.’ and pencil mss ‘J?’; on the back clear strike in red cds of Sydney DLO on May 6, 1915. Central fold and small peripheral faults. - envelope to Germany franked by ½d and pair 1d Die II Roos (faults) tied machine cancel ‘SYDNEY/5/JY28—130P/N.S.W - 1914’, with (probably) British ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ and ‘UNDELIVERABLE/L.P.S.’ both in violet and blue double-boxed ‘UNDELIVERABLE/APR 15 1915/II. M. D.’ (initialled at right). Backstamp Sydney DLO of APR 22 1915 in red. Back flap sealed with ‘G. [crown] R.OFFICIALLY SEALED IN THE/RETURNED LETTER SECTION/LONDON POSTAL SERVICE.’ label. Tidily opened, small peripheral defects, vertical fold. - (Jul 1) damaged envelope registered to Ireland with 1st wmk ½d, 1d Die IIA pair and toned 3d Die I plus red ‘HAMBLEDON JUNC.’ registration label (possible unique usage), each tied Edmonton datestamps with another alongside, backstamps transit Brisbane registered in blue, London oval, ‘CLONES/20AU14’ arr. 1915 (15 Apr) use GB KGV ½d green PTPO Envelope (inscribed on reverse for The Angier Chemical Co Ltd) from London to Maitland (SA) showing upper left handstamped ‘Duty on this pamphlet has been forwarded to/the Deputy Postmaster General concerned’. Early Customs marking not seen by us previously. - use of 2½d blue, cancelled with ‘TINGOORA/22NO15/QUEENSLAND’ (B1) on cover from Swiss Consulate staff member to Switzerland, red on white rouletted ‘OPENED BY CENSOR’ label at left. - (Nov 16) cover to USA franked with KGV Single Wmk ½d + 1d red (2) tied by ‘THURSDAY ISLAND/QUEENSLAND’ datestamps, Hong Kong transit backstamp. 1916-35 Georgian Heads on Cover with 1d red perf ‘OS’ with blue Hobart machine cancel, 1d green perf ‘T’ on 1929 Registrar of Births wrapper, 1½d brown x3 (including deep red-brown shade), 2d red Die I pair on cover to USA (1922 4d rate), 2d red Die III on attractive P&O SS Balranald illustrated letter card, 2d red Die II pair on 1930 registered commercial papers cover, 3d Die II perf ‘OS’ (damaged) with 1½d red perf ‘OS’ on unclaimed registered Titles Office cover from Perth, 4d olive on 1931 registered commercial papers cover, several advertising covers. (10) 1919-30 Georgian Heads on Cover with ½d green x3, 1½d brown Die I x3, 1½d red Die II on French PPC with Port Said Paquebot cds, 2d orange on PPC of SS Largs Bay with Port Said Paquebot cds, 3d blue Die II on cover to USA, 3d Die II perf ‘OS’ with 1½d red perf ‘OS’ on unclaimed registered Titles Office cover from Perth, several advertising covers. (8) 1926 use of 3d & 4½d KGV (2-3oz rate) on registered cover from Brisbane to Dunedin, badly torn and repaired with multiple NZ Officially Sealed labels. - (Jan 18) late and very fine use rare Ballarat ‘BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION/ALWAYS ASK FOR/AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS’ slogan on cover (little soiled), Occleshaw latest use for this slogan 3 Mar 1925. 1931 (April) use of Kingsford Smith set of 3 plus 3d Air pair cancelled with light Brock’s Creek, NT, on air cover to Switzerland, endorsed “By Airmail/to Sydney”. [Rate = 9d+3d+4d for 2-3oz rate, overpaid by 1d.] - (Jul 21) apparently commercial cover Townsville to NZ bearing scarce solo franking of 6d Kingsford Smith accelerated via QANTAS Brisbane-Townsville air service, the uncommon etiquette alongside, the whole tied by Townsville machine cancel, further enhanced by ‘checkerboard’ air mail etiquette far left, Brisbane slogan backstamp. Attractive. 1931-32 long OHMS envelopes KGV official frankings with [1] SM wmk P13½x12½ perf ‘OS’, three with 1d green BW #81ba cat $20 each and four (one ordinary envelope) with 2d red BW #102ba cat $30 each; [2] CofA wmk optd ‘OS’, two with 1d green BW #82(OS) cat $80 each and one with 2d red BW #103(OS) cat $60. Most with machine/slogan cancels, peripheral and other imperfections, total cat $400. (10) 1932 use of 1d green KGV (faults) on long attractive illustrated cover for The Melbourne Technical Correspondence School, opened roughly at right, but still very desirable. 1933 (Jun 15) commercial cover (opened at left) Sydney to Germany bearing 6d Kookaburra pair, sent airmail via Australian and Karachi services, scarce early jusqu’a item to foreign destination [3d Foreign letter + 3d internal airmail + 6d Karachi service] 1935-41 D & J Fowler Ltd perfins on KGV 1d and QE 1d Dies I (2) and II on four colourful, different advertising postcards, three multicoloured. Attractive quartet. 1936 (Oct 19) use of 3d Air Mail on cover to Puerto Rico, minor toning. Unusual destination. 1937 use of 4d olive KGV x2 & 2/- roo x2 on air cover to USA via Hong Kong. - (Nov 25) airmail cover Sydney to US bearing 1d QE + KGV 5d + 3d NSW Sesqui and endorsed ‘Air Mail/via Hong Kong’ which has been scored-over and ‘4c due’ placed alongside together with N.S.W. square tax marking, US precancelled Postage due 2c pair affixed upon arrival. [Correct rate was 11d.] 1938 (Jan 26) Australia Day commemorative cover (unopened) by Robert Haslem (a derivative of his 1938 4d Koala FDC cachet) registered at Nar-Nar-Goon and with inscription ‘“Narnargoon” Means Koala or Native Bear’. Rare. - cover carried on Australia-New Guinea first flight, intended to then be forwarded to US. The Australian adhesives cancelled at Launceston but New Guinea stamp uncancelled and rare P.M.G.’s dept label ‘It is regretted that the provisions of the/Postal Convention do not permit of the/desired indirect routing of this article.’. Fine. 1938-65 Collection KGVI & QEII-era pre-decimal covers with single frankings only, few PPCs and private social but appear majority commercial and mostly to overseas destinations including airmails, printed matter, advertising types. More useful frankings include five of the six 2/3d values, many 2/- incl both Olympic Propaganda, couple AAT incl 1957 2/-. Many slogan/meter cancellations. Mainly fine, on cover catalogue c$1,500. (111)





$80 $100 $225 $60 $200

$225 $135 $300 $135 $120 $300

$90 $75 $135 $200 $90 $100 $150 $125 $170


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ex 1684

ex 1686


ex 1685

ex 1687


Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1670P *F





1672P *F











1676P *F


1677P *F


1678P *F





1680P *F







1939 (May) use of 5d KGV & 1/- Lyrebird x3 on double-weight air cover to France and then surface to Holland. Addressed to Bulb Growers in Sassenheim. - use of 3d blue KGVI & 9d Roo vertical pair [3L18,24] (unit 18 with prominent broken shading lines above ‘I’ of ‘ALIA’ etc) on air cover to France. 1940 (Dec 4) use on 5d Ram pair & 5/- Robes on censored Clipper cover from Melbourne to London, endorsed “Per AUSTRALIA-N.Z.-U.K. AIR MAIL”. 1940(C.) underpaid letter to Holland, octagonal ‘T/16⅔C’ on face, violet boxed ‘INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID LETTER/...’ handstamp on back asks the addressee to return the envelope to the sender so that they will have the correct postal rates. 1942 (Feb 24) scarce use of 5½d on 5d Merino solo franking tied by Cremorne cds to registered censored cover to Northern Ireland, Cremorne provisional registration label, Sydney Censor, backstamped Cremorne, Sydney. - (Apr 7) airmail cover at very scarce concessional 5d airmail rate from Abbotsford to Lt Cpl W.J. Chung, a member of Gull Force, Ambon Island, NEI, with ‘ARMY POSTAL SERVICE/DELIVERY IMPRACTICABLE/RETURN TO SENDER’ handstamp, R.T.S. label reverse. [Chung was taken prisoner and later died interned.] 1943 use of 2½d pair on cover to New Caledonia, twice censored with black on green New Caledonia tape over red on white Melbourne tape, Melbourne censor tape tied by boxed ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR/?86....’ and New Caledonia tape tied by triple-circle ‘CENSURE ALLIEE/8/NOUVELLE CALEDONIE’. - (Feb 3) use of 3½d Surcharge on Union Bank of Australia, Perth cover to Crocker First National Bank of San Francisco with red ‘DUPLICATE’ handstamp, boxed violet ‘PASSED BY/CENSOR 1’ (#H5-2) on face. Violet straight-line ‘SUPPOSED TO CONTAIN MATTER/SUBJECT TO THE PROVISIONS OF/EXECUTIVE ORDER 8389 AS AMENDED’ applied by US PO. [EO 8389 restricted funds being transferred to German-occupied countries.] 1943(C.) use of 2½d red KGVI on cover from Melbourne to Australian Ore & Metal, London. The stamp is uncancelled since it was sent via diplomatic courier, violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/24 1’ and ‘?r (OVERSEAS)/WAR OFFICE’ both on face. Envelope was placed in the mail at London and registered. 1944 (Mar 8) cover from US to “Message of the British Commonwealth, Sydney”, showing very scarce ‘PASPRESS’ label tied both sides by ‘AUSTRALIAN PUBLICITY CENSORSHIP/[Coat of Arms]/PASSED’ handstamp. 1946 neat cover with 2/- roo marginal pair to USA.

1948 use of Robes £1 Thick and 5/- Thin (rare on cover) etc on 1948 large (335x150mm approx) airmail cover to UK, unsurprisingly some blemishes incurred, a rare franking. [28/6d: 1/6d ½oz airmail x19 (ie for 9-9½ozs)]

1950s Collection of 8 registered letters with their 8 ‘AR’ cards. All from Narrogin and all stamps perf ‘W/A’. (16) 1956 Olympic Torch Route WCS registered airmail cover with 2/- Olympics cancelled at Darwin and addressed to Cairns and then, as unclaimed, return to Gower at Largs North. On annotated page. 1684P * A/B 1966-2000 Covers accumulation mostly airmail to overseas destinations with GB majority and including several better single frankings noting 25c Scarlet Robin in 1966 to Scotland, 13c Avocet on 1968 ppc to Prague, 15c Blue Gum on 1969 ppc to Scotland, several solo 15c, 18c, 25c and 35c frankings. Terrific usage assembly, remarkably good values at estimate. (1,000+) A2001-10 International Post Covers Collection mostly normal letter rate airmails, lots of commercial (competition entries, 1685P * etc) many to Netherlands (Slender You and Surplus Sales), also quantity to USA (eg American Express), UK (eg IPC Media). Picture postcards from holidaymakers, social letters. (400+) AUSTRALIA | Flight Covers - Commercial A/B 1930s & 1940s Collection KGVI-era airmail covers mainly commercial and social, majority overseas destinations, some 1686P * censored incl military, mostly to GB, also Aden, USA, Germany, Switzerland, etc. More useful frankings include 1937 use of 1/6d Hermes, 9d and 2/- Die I and redrawn Die II Roo CofA wmk, several KGVI 3d blue Die 1A, other P13½x14 (and v.v.) definitives with a number 1/- Lyrebird BW #208. Good variety, min cat $800. (28) A/B 1930s Collection KGV-era airmail covers, majority overseas destinations mostly GB, also USA, Germany, etc, couple first 1687P * flights, More useful frankings include 1931 6d Airmail BW #144 on four covers, KGV values to 4d, odd Roo, many 1934 1/6d Hermes no wmk. Condition varies, mainly fine, min cat $1,300. (30) 1688P * A1931 registered airmail cover Perth to Greece via Karachi bearing 2/8d franking including scarce Kangaroo SM wmk 2/-, Greek Currency control labels at right, backstamped Perth and Athens. Attractive cover for exhibit. [2/8d: 5d second weight step Foreign letter + 6d per ½oz Karachi airmail service x4 + 3d registration] 1689P * A 1934 (Dec 17) commercial airmail cover inscribed and with indicia ‘AUSTRALIAN JAMBOREE FRANKSTON/VICTORIA 1935’ Melbourne to France, attractive franking for 1/9d ½oz airmail rate, further enhanced by fine and early strike of ‘Santa Claus’ Christmas slogan, backstamped Paris.

1682 1683


Page 139 $80 $200 $135 $60 $150 $250 $100

$60 $60 $150 $70

$800 $350 $60

$400 $180

$200 $300 $360 $250

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1690P

1935 (Nov 19) airmail cover (small flap fault) Goulburn to London bearing 1/6d Hermes underpaying ½-1oz. airmail and taxed 3/-, three various Aust-UK tax markings, reverse bearing strip of GB 1/- Postage Dues tied by London cds (Dec 3). [Carried by Imperial Airways IW394, delayed by weather for one day at Gaza.] 1691P * A- (Dec 3) airmail cover (roughly opened) to passenger aboard President Wilson, addressed c/o Nippon Yusen Kaisha at Yokohama, bearing KGV 5d x2 tied by Air Mail Sydney cds and paying 10d ½oz. rate via Aust-UK airmail service, shipping line Yokohama datestamps front and reverse. Rare and early airmail to Japan. A 1936 (Dec 4) airmail cover Melbourne to Sweden bearing uncommon franking including SA Centenary 3d and 1/-, paying 1692P * 1/9d ½oz airmail via UK, where air service terminated. Attractive jusqu’a airmail item. A 1937 (Jan 22) 3/6d rate (3/5d double weight + 1d Late Fee) airmail cover Melbourne to Germany bearing late commercial 1693 *F franking of Kangaroo 3rd wmk 2/- maroon (sender J.C. Williamson Ltd maintained in-house stock of stamps) and 1/6d Hermes tied by Late Fee Melbourne cds, airmail service terminated in UK (bold ‘X’ through Air Mail label). 2/- rare on cover. A - covers (2) from same correspondence Melbourne to Germany at ‘via Italy’ airmail rates of 1/9d (½oz) and and 3/5d (½1694 * 1oz) latter Jusqu’a and a particularly scarce rate, attractive frankings. 1695P *F A 1938 (Aug 8) use of 5d KGV on air cover from Sydney to London. GB 1d applied and then redirected to “SS Orcades c/General Steam Navigation, Hamburg”. [The Orcades was on the GB-Australia route so its presence at Hamburg is puzzling.] A1939 (Feb 27) airmail cover Melbourne to Trinidad bearing KGV 5d for all-up airmail service, rare to this destination, small 1696P *F opening fault not unduly detracting. A 1940 use of 1d, 9d & 5/- Robes on air cover (via San Francisco) to “Aliens Department”, London from Internee at Hay 1697 *F Internment Camp 8, violet ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/S.51’ on face. [At this stage Internees were not given reduced postal rates.] 1698P * A1941 (Feb 21) censored airmail cover Brisbane to US via Pan Am FAM 19 Clipper service, franked for uncommon 7/11d rate (4/- 1st ½oz, 3/11d additional ½oz), carried on Flight 16 departing Auckland 1 Mar, which developed engine trouble between Noumea and Canton Is, necessitating return to Noumea, where flight was delayed a further day. Scarce wartime service interrupted mail item. A- (Apr 2) commercial airmail cover Sydney to US bearing Robes 10/- Thick paper, etc, ‘CALIFORNIA/CLIPPER’ 1699P * handstamp, Sydney Censor tape and handstamp, central crease clear of stamps, attractive and scarce franking. [11/10d: 4/- 1st oz + 3/11d per additional ½ozs x2] A 1945 registered Rockhampton cover to Australian Base Post Office London, with 2½d & 3½d x2 Gloucesters & 5/- Robes, 1700 *F backstamps include R.A.A.F. Base P.O./Brisbane and R.A.A.F. Base P.O. London arrival cds in violet (not recorded by Proud but similar to D8). 1701P * A1946 (Aug 30) airmail cover Melbourne to Argentina bearing Robes 5/- and 6d Kookaburra tied by Melbourne machine cancel, a very scarce rate. [5/6d ½oz full airmail service to destination via US] A 1953 philatelically inspired registered air packet to Chicago. With 9 different stamps (1d, 3d & 6d Engraved (6d Cat $2,500 1702P *F on cover), 1/- Vic Centenary (cat $300 on cover), 2/- Roo, 9d NSW Sesquicentenary, 2½d surcharge & 5½d & 1/6d Federation) making a total of 6/9d (triple weight + registration). A very cheap way to get some of these stamps on cover. A1959 air mail envelope of HMAS Albatross franked 1959 QEII 4d Type BW #353B with indistinct NSW cds August 12, 1959 1703P * (probably ‘RANAS NOWRA’) alongside violet ‘NAVAL SERVICE’ handstamp. Some peripheral faults, good example of special rate. 1704P *F A1962 commercial cover (282x225mm) originating in Brisbane sent via Lae to Western Pacific High Commission, Honiara, British Solomon Is. by T.A.A. Air Express Cargo (colourful label affixed), with typewritten ‘THIS ENVELOPE MUST CATCH/ THE PLANE LEAVING LAE/TOMORROW, 15/5/62/FOR HONIARA’. Scarce and expeditious example of document transmission by alternative means to Post Office service. AUSTRALIA | Flight Covers - Commercial Inwards AEritrea 1953 (July 15) merchant’s registered air cover to NSW with 25c x2 & 65c block of 4 Birthday plus 50c Federation 1705P *F pair tied by Italian-type ‘ASMARA CENTRO/RACCOMANDATE’ cds, flimsy black/lemon registration label glued on, minor blemishes. [The Federation of Ethiopia & Eritrea was formalised 15/9/1952.] AUSTRALIA | First Flight Covers B 1924 Adelaide - Sydney (June 2) with KGV single watermark 1½d green x2 and 2d scarlet tied double-circle cds 1706 * ‘ADELAIDE/0/JU2/1115AM/24/STH-4-A’ and backstamp Sydney machine cancel of June 4. Light soiling and slight peripheral damage, very scarce HL White cover. 1707P * A 1927 Cloncurry - Normanton with the specially inscribed vignette, AAMC 106,107a, signed “Hudson Fysh/PILOT”. From Fysh’s personal collection, this may be the only cover he signed. A/B 1929-64 Group 1929 (Apr 21) Charleville-Brisbane AAMC #133 Davis cover, 1929 (June 2) Adelaide-Perth AAMC #136, 1708P * 1931 (Apr 23) creased Australia- England AAMC #188, then light duplication to 1964 (July 16) Melbourne-Sydney AAMC #1522. (17) B 1932 England - Australia (Jan 7) delayed Christmas flight Cat $125 each and comprising [1] two ANA Greetings 1709P * envelopes one registered to Brisbane with 1/7d KGV frankings including 1929 PUC ½d, 1d, 2½d Brisbane arrival backstamp Jan 21 (not in AAMC), one to Port Adelaide franked 1/4d including KGV 5d strip of 3; [2] late use (by AgentGeneral for Tasmania in London) of a special envelope (torn corner) prepared for Nov 19 ANA Australia - England flight (AAMC #222), to Tasmania, Hobart machine arr Jan 23; [3] plain registered JH Smyth Ltd envelope to Sydney 1/7d franking various KGV stamps, slightly foxed. (4) *


ex 1708 ex 1709

$150 $400 $200 $360 $180 $60 $160 $350

$250 $400 $170 $250 $110 $70



$160 $250 $100


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ex 1710

ex 1711

ex 1712

ex 1714

ex 1713

ex 1715

ex 1716 1717


ex 1720 1719

ex 1721 ex 1722

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1710P



1711P *F























1719P *F 1720P *





1722P *F





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1932 Brisbane - Camooweal (Feb 17 - Apr 8) twelve registered AN Deane covers addressed to him at Magill in South Australia variously inscribed and flown on sectors of the Brisbane - Camooweal (including Normanton) and Brisbane Sydney services; none are first flights, all franked 8d including Kingsford Smith 6d violet BW #143 x 11 (cat $90 on cover) and 6d Air Mail Service BW #144 (cat $100 on cover). Plus two 1934 registereds also not first flights addressed to him in Renmark from Mt Coolon - Rockhampton service (June 7) and Camooweal from Daly Waters - Brisbane service (June 15) both 9d frankings with 1929 3d Air Mail and 1931 6d Air Mail Service (latter Cat $100 on cover). Some small imperfections and cleanable soiling, very attractive group. (14) 1933-34 Ulm Flights [1] 1933 (Dec 12) Auckland - Invercargill on illustrated cover; [2] 1934 (Feb 24) New Zealand Australia on blue on manilla cover; [3] 1934 (Apr 10) Australia - New Zealand - Australia signed black on white cover, addressed to AA Rosenblum; [4] 1934 (Jul 23) Australia - Papua - Australia signed cover. 1934 New Zealand - Australia (Feb 17) three envelopes prepared for the ‘Faith in Australia’ flight only two of which made it AAMC #360, Cat $150. All three franked optd 7d sky blue SG #554 (cat from £84 each on cover), the last lightly foxed on a KGV 1d red postal stationery envelope hand-stamped unboxed ‘TOO LATE’. One additionally franked Australia KGV 1d green pair for return to NZ. (3) 1934 Adelaide - Cowell (Feb 23) MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Co AMC #362 plus three intermediates AAMC #363a, cat from $100 each and comprising Port Pirie - Adelaide and Port Pirie - Whyalla these two as well as AAMC #362 by and to Ernie Crome, the third Whyalla - Port Pirie for a Mr R. Simpson slightly disfigured by PO’s blue crayon pointing out the ‘return to sender’ instruction. All franked 5d each including 3d Air Mail Type A, the last appears to be booklet issue BW #136 (cat $125 on cover). (4) 1935 Australia - New Zealand - Australia (April 10-14) 26 covers of which 13 are boomerang types AAMC #369-71, Cat $1,300. Eleven one way originate Australia, and of the two prepared for the return flight only one made it, the other (for ‘The Bank of Adelaide’ neatly handstamped in reddish ‘Too Late’). All four envelope designs seen plus a long type for CTP Ulm himself which he, GU Allan and R Boulton signed. Also noted is one addressed to A. Rosenblum with the same three signatures. Many exotic, not to say esoteric, frankings including New Zealand 3d Chocolate SG #548 x6, 4d purple SG #549 x4, 7d Air Mail SG #550 x5 plus various KGV; Australia with odd pre-Commonwealth, lots of 3d Air Mail unchecked, Kingsford Smith 6d Air Mail Service x12 including one ‘OS’ opt BW #144(OS) Cat $250 on cover. Condition varies. (26) 1934-35 New Zealand - Australia selection in mixed condition in range AAMC #389a-503, and comprising [1] 1934 (July 2) to Hobart, destination could be added to AAMC #389a description; [2] two 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee attempt AAMC #499 one plain with contents (reasonable condition), the other addressed to England and additionally franked in Wellington (central fold, soiling, and other faults), Cat $175 each; [3] three 1935 illustrated envelopes intended for the return KGV Silver Jubilee flight but forwarded to Australia by sea AAMC #503 (one to Queensland NZAC #117c, two to England NZAC #117d), all franked various 1935 Air and Silver Jubilee values SG #570-75 and others. (6) 1934 New Guinea - Papua - Australia [1] part of OHMS canvas bag to Melbourne cancelled with ‘LAE/30JL34/NEW GUINEA’; [2] red airmail parcel tag from Brisbane to Melbourne, dated on back “1st Aug 1934”. Unusual. 1934 MacRobertson Air Race England - Australia (Oct 20) AAMC #434, Cat $100; an American-style envelope handstamp addressed to Col Roscoe Turner, Centenary Council, MELBOURNE (the London address crossed out), in addition handstamped Carried by us in MacRobertson . . ., unofficially flown in Boeing 247-D Warner Bros Comet NR-257Y, firstly franked in England with KGV ½d green cancelled on October 11 in London. In Australia KGV 1d green tied ‘MELBOURNE/1’ cds on October 29. Bend SW corner, otherwise excellent condition. - England - Australia (Oct 20) AAMC #438, Cat $150; a pre-printed light-weight envelope addressed to and signed by CE Kay (the address pencil altered with ‘Sydney’ added), unofficially flown in DH Dragon Rapide Tainui ZK-ACO, firstly franked in England with KGV 1½d brown cancelled on October 19 at Mildenhall. In Australia KGV 1d green tied cds ‘SYDNEY/8NO34/84’. 1934 Italy - Bourke (NSW) registered cover on first regular UK to Australia flight, AAMC #469a. 1934 England - Australia six folded but remarkable serially numbered souvenir envelopes of Imperial/Qantas Airways dispatched from Egypt on Dec 9 and postmarked with ABU SUWER bi-lingual cds, all inscribed Cairo - Brisbane from Flt. Lieut. R.R. Greenlaw, No 4 Flying Training School, ABU SUEIR, EGYPT, Cairo transit backstamps, various Australia arrival backstamps. Each is addressed to a notable person who has signed the envelope upon receipt - they are, in serial number order, The Lord Mayor of Melbourne (A.S. Wales ?), The Secretary of the Air Board Mr JE Murphy, Vice-Admiral Sir G.F. Hyde at Department of Defense, the Governor of Queensland Colonel The Rt Hon Sir Leslie O. Wilson, the Governor of Victoria Captain the Lord Huntingfield, the Minister of State for Defense Senator the Rt Hon Sir George F. Pearce. Each contains an authenticating statement regarding the signatures. All are AAMC #469f each cat from $125. (6) 1935 Melbourne - Sydney - Melbourne (Oct 7) including intermediates, ten covers AAMC #536-537a, Cat $420+. Five flimsy ‘Pioneer Airmail Envelope’ types addressed to Col W.H. Berry and one to Nelson Eustis. Several to/from Tasmania including King Island, one with cachet of Queensland Air Mail Society, various mainly more common frankings. Some spots and other small faults. (10) 1937 McKay Aerial Reconnaisance Expedition AAMC #758, registered cover, 1½d Canberra, 1½d Sturt & 1d & 3d Kingsford Smith cancelled with ‘ALICE SPRINGS/23JL37/N.T.’ to Sydney, signed by “Lt. Bennett”, navigator, on annotated page. A rare item, only 57 covers carried.

1940 (Jan 22) KNILM Bali Crash survivor (AAMC 888) which originated in Mass, US, on Dec 29 1939, intended for TransAtlantic route but showing handstamped ‘Insufficiently Prepaid For/Trans-Atlantic Air Mail Service’, and sent westbound, meeting up with ill fated KNILM service departing Batavia Jan 21 1940 for Sydney, very fine strike of handstruck ‘RECOVERED FROM/LOST FLYING BOAT’, trauma consist with misadventure. Very few covers from this incident emanating from US exist.

$200 $160




$80 $70


$80 $100


$100 $320


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ex 1724

ex 1728


1730 1731




ex 1736

ex 1735

ex 1737



Page 145

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1724P

1940 New Zealand - Australia (Apr 27 - May2) and return flying boat service AAMC #899-900, Cat $200. The inward a plain envelope (small nick at top) with ‘FIVE PENCE’ on 3d SG #551 tied Auckland machine slogan, Sydney backstamp; return TEAL illustrated envelope (couple spots) with ½d orange Roo Ash imprint pair and 4d Koala tied Sydney May 1 machine slogan. (2) 1725P * B 1954 ‘Belfast’ Singapore Crash AAMC #1337, envelope Sydney - Singapore, recovered, red boxed ‘SALVAGED MAIL/ AIRCRAFT CRASH/SINGAPORE 13.3.1954’ and naturally, water stained. C 1954 ‘Belfast’ Singapore Crash Cover with 2/- Royal Visit from Adelaide, AAMC #1337, red boxed ‘SALVAGED MAIL/ 1726P *G AIRCRAFT CRASH/SINGAPORE 13.3.1954’ (B1) on face, damaged in crash. AUSTRALIA | Military & Censor Mail A/B 1960s & 70s covers (some very large) and small pieces in mixed condition from the Vietnam war and Malayan emergency 1727P * periods with some philatelically inspired. Range of markings include Concession, Duty Free, FPO pmks and franked with a variety of Australian stamps including Navigators, 1972 National Development etc (10) AUSTRALIA | Military - World War I Period B 1914-15 Egypt Infantry Brigade 1914 (24 Dec) front with Egypt 1m (5) tied 1st Aust Div Field PO datestamps and 1728P *F Brisbane censor handstamp, 1915 (10 Jan) unusual Adelaide YMCA OAS envelope with 5m tied by 3rd Aust Inf Bde cds. (2) 1729 * A 1914-18 Postcards & Photos selection of mainly Australian related items. Noted 1914 French PPC of Service at an Australian Camp; HMAS Australia PPC, Indian Camel Corps photo; Convoy ship with hand-drawn sails that were erected to get air into the holds for the horses; Hospital patients in Malta; Consecrating the Colours PPC at the MCG in Melbourne?. (16) A 1915 Egypt (22 Jul) PPC to Pinnaroo, SA, showing fine cogwheel ‘27th. BATTALION A.I.F./7TH. INF. BGDE.’ cachet 1730P *F (Emery CA39) and maritime style ‘A.I.F./Passed by Censor....’ (CM15), poor Interbase Cairo cds. A 1915 Egypt Hospitals PPC to Adelaide showing unusually fine double oval ‘FIRST AUSTRALIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL’ 1731P *F cachet (Emery CA 41) 1732P *F A- (14 Sep) PPC to Melbourne showing cirular ‘FIRST AUSTRALIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL/FRANKED’ cachet (Emery CA 40). C 1915 Returned Mail OHMS Returned Letter envelope handstamped for Returned Letter Office, Base Records, Melbourne, 1733P *G addressed to Glenroy (Vic), opened and resealed twice with selvedge, and redirected to Glenroy, SA. A/B 1915-16 Egypt 1915 (Oct) - 1916 (Mar) PPCs (latter with pencil message and address rubbed out) showing fair circular 1734P *F ‘AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE/NO STAMPS AVAILABLE/1 A.A.P.C.’ (tear), ‘AIF/ON ACTIVE SERVICE/FRANKED’ or ‘8TH TRAINING BATTALION’, ‘PASSED BY CENSOR’ (Emery CA18, CA34, CA102 + CM18) (3) 1735P *F A/A- 1915-18 Egypt PPCs all OAS, [1] ‘A.I.F.INTER, BASE[ P.O.]/11-JA-16/CAIRO’ (B2) to Adelaide; [2] ‘A.I.F.INTER, BASE P.O./30-AU-15/CAIRO’ (B1) to Hobart; [3] double-circle ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/B/1OC/18/T.M.1’ to Tasmania, black triangle ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown]/NO 3668; [4] ‘AUSTRALIAN BASE/27-V-16/DETAILS P.O.’ (C1 - Zeitoun) to Genelg, SA. A/B 1915-19 Western Front 1916-18 group to Australia or AIF London with Army POs S1-S105, also SA1, R13 and R14 cds, 1736P *G one registered with generic blue label. (27) A/C 1916 A.I.F. Inter Base P.O. [1] 8-MR-16 on PPC to Payneham SA, fine boxed ‘A.I.F./PASSED BY CENSOR’ on face; [2] 1737P * 17-JA-16 on faulty cover to Hindmarsh, SA, light triple-oval ‘9TH LIGHT HORSE RGT./16JANV1916/A.I.F.’ (sic French JANV[IER]) on face; [3] 20-MR-16 on ‘REPLY LETTER CARD’ to Adelaide, contents include description of Xmas on Lemnos, red triangle ‘PASSED BY CENSOR/[crown]/NO 3272’. 1738P D A - use of rare Australian Imperial Force Parcel Post label (little creased) bearing G.B. 4d and 1/- tied by ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/+/5 OC/16/T.X’ double-circle, in use at Salisbury Plain, Hampshire, Proud Not Seen. 1739P *F B 1916 British Forces in Bushire I.E.F. “D” registered cover (slightly reduced) from Capt E.W. Reynolds, 96th Infantry, to Mrs Reynolds at Double Bay, Sydney, bearing India 2a 6p (2) tied by fine “BUSHIRE/REG/18AP/16” datestamp, Bushire blue and black registration label, Registered Sydney and Edgecliff backstamps. Rare origin/destination. A/B 1916 Egypt two OAS covers, one to Midland Junction WA and the other to Hindmarsh SA, both with poor red ‘MILITARY 1740 *F RECREATION/FREE/E’ handstamp. 1741P *F A/B 1916 Stampless OAS Cover [1] unframed violet ‘A.I.F./PASSED BY CENSOR’ (A1) applied in Egypt; [2] red oval ‘MILITARY RECREATION/FREE/..../E’ (C1), applied at YMCA, Cairo. A/B 1916-17 France [1] Field Service Post Card to Adelaide; [2] Field Service Post Card cancelled with double-circle ‘FIELD 1742P *F POST OFFICE/B/14JU/17/d.60’ (B1 - Western Front) to Murray Bridge SA; [3] poor ‘4th AUST.INF./BGDE/25-II-16/ FIELD/P.O.’ on OAS cover to Orkney, Scotland, magenta ‘PASSED BY [CENSOR]/[crown]/NO 3188’ on face. B/C 1916-18 inbound to NSW, all part of the same Sykes correspondence from various theatres with majority appearing to be 1743P * Egypt. Condition varies poor to fair only, many have original correspondence, range of mainly British postal/censor markings with a number more useful seen eg ‘10.X’ and ‘11.X’ (Canadian), ‘2.Y’ (Mounted Brigade). Includes a couple later (WWII period) oddments. (20) *


1742 1741

ex 1743

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ex 1749

ex 1750 ex 1752



ex 1755 ex 1756

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ex 1760

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1916-19 Egypt [1] 1916 OAS PPC from Tel-el-Kebr to Hawthorn, Vic, poor red Military recreation Free E handstamp on face; [2] 1918 Egyptian 3m Postal Card from Cairo to Maj Simpson at the Australian Hospital Port Said; [3] 1919 use of stampless PPC of Egyptian Woman to Tasmania, cancelled with double-circle ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/X/19FE/91/T.M.1’ (date error). 1745P *F A1917 use of NZ Salvation Army OAS cover to Melbourne, cancelled with ‘ARMY POS[T OFFICE]/A/2AP/17/S.W.4’ (B2 France), magenta oval ‘PASSED FIELD CENSOR/[crown]/1934’ (A1) on face. A/C 1917-19 Re-Directed Mail covers showing Undeliverable or Not Traceable handstamp and returned, 1919 from WA to 1746P * AAMC showing rare ‘Redirected by Army Base Post Office’ label, plus 1 piece, mixed condition. (4) 1747 D A/B 1917-21 WWI-Related Slogan Postmarks collection of generally large pieces on pages. Nice group with many near complete strikes, all Krags, a few catalogued flaws noted on several stamps, also one piece has the 1½d brown additionally cancelled with a nice SA numeral ‘81’. (27) A1921? use of OHMS ‘PACKET POST/WAR MEDAL’ ‘BASE RECORDS, MELBOURNE’ envelope to Adelaide, type V2 1748P * ‘Bulk Regn. Melb’ registration label, poor ‘Registered/2/Paid Melbourne’ cds, on reverse ‘[Opene]d by authority of the/ [Po]stmaster General.’ handstamp. 1749P *F A/A- Honour Envelopes three, all from Egypt?, to South Australia (one with ‘COIN OR ARTICLES OF VALUE...’ admonition). AUSTRALIA | Military - World War II Period A/B 1940-45 Inwards Censored Covers mainly to Australia, including 1940 from Canada; 1940 air mail from Italy x2; 1941 1750P * from Switzerland; 1942 from USA double censored; 1941 air from USA double censored. (15) 1940s Selection of WWII-era and a few postwar covers with printed or handstamped inscriptions for various Military 1751 **/U A/B departments, including 1942 Dept of Defence cover with ‘Call up’ notification enclosed, etc, apparently all different, odd fault, mostly good, an interesting lot. (58) 1752P *U A/B 1940s-80s PMG Post Offices Selection of Army/RAAF/Naval P.O.’s on covers/stationery, WWII and postwar, all States (and A.C.T.) represented, apparently without duplication amongst datestamps, range of concessional postage markings, etc. Some faults, mostly reasonable strikes. (115) A 1941 (Apr 2) POW stock postcard Sydney to US bearing solo franking of Kangaroo CofA wmk 2/- for Clipper airmail service 1753P * postcard via NZ. Attractive combination of rare rate and solo franking. A 1942(C) ‘PRISONER of WAR POST’ inscribed Air Mail envelope, with provision for Rank, Name, Australian POW No, 1754P *** Camp, etc, fine unused, very scarce. 1755P * B 1942-43 with one exception appears to be from a very mixed condition single correspondence Dvr AR Riley of the AIF to WRAN M. Cilin variously at OTC, Flinders Naval Depot in Melbourne, HMAS Penguin at Sydney, later demobilised, married to a Bill Brodie and at County Council in Sydney. Letter Cards, censor handstamps, variety of frankings including Negri Sembilan, KGVI 3d blue (x3 on one envelope). (18) A/B 1943-45 selection of illustrated patriotic covers, some seldom seen, including designs for RAAF, RAN, Merchant Navy, 1756P * Nursing, AWAS, etc, four censored, one with security obliteration, odd fault. (8) B 1944 Japanese POW envelope from Warrant Officer Edwin Soden, Osaka Camp, to his wife in Bondi, showing ‘Unknown’ 1757P * and ‘No trace/6200167 WO II Ex/Middx’ on front together with Sydney D.L.O. double-circle, ‘BONDI BEACH/ 18JA45/N.S.W’ backstamp, Melbourne Censor. 1758P * B 1944 POW (Mar-Apr) use of German ‘Kriegsgefangenenpost’ lettersheets from Lt J.P. Crooks to his parents in Launceston, sent airmail via North America, later item with unusual stitched-in photograph presumably of Camp scene (censored on reverse), German and Tasmanian censor handstamps, some faults, the use of Hitler head stamps to Australia rare. A/B 1944-45 New Guinea registered selection from Bougainville, comprising FPO datestamp nos. 12, 13, 14, 158, 169 and 1759P *U 161, in use at Motupena Point, Toko, and Torokina, variety of handstamped registration details and Censors (in violet, black, red, green), generally good strikes, odd fault. (6) Air Force Mail RAAF Postal Concession markings apparently all different selection, mostly 1940s, excellent variety of 1760P *F/G A/B types, some less often seen (including Townsville ‘undulating’), noted Lady Gowrie labels (2) on reverse of one, Brisbane 1943 with ‘R’ clearly omitted (‘A.A.F.’), superb strike of rectangular-framed ‘ON ACTIVE SERVICE’ type applied at London (lengthy letter enclosed), etc, some with faults, generally good. Worthy of expansion. (42) 1761P * B Cyprus three censored envelopes to same addressee in Kyrenia, Cyprus each with double censor reseals, Egypt censor handstamps and one with Cyprus in addition. Common adhesives (two damaged). (3) Egypt Selection mostly with Egyptian or Australian stamp frankings, a few stampless, originating at Cairo, Ikingi Meryut, 1762P *F/G A/B Alexandria, Almirya, Burg el Arab, Mersa Matruh, El Alamein, Kantara, Tel el Kebir, Suez, etc, typically mixed quality for covers, generally fine strikes of datestamps with no duplication amongst cancellations, good range of censor handstamps. (21) AEngland use of 4d Koala on cover to Longerenong College, Victoria, boxed ‘ON ACTI[VE SERVI]CE/ROYAL 1763P *F AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE/CONCESSION POSTAL RATE’ (A2) & ‘R.A.A.F./BASE.P.O.NO4/23AP42/ENGLAND’ (B1) both on face but not cancelling stamp, triple-oval ‘Docum[?]g/23APR1942/No1 SIGNAL SCHOOL’ (A2) sealing flap.

ex 1761

ex 1762


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ex 1765

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ex 1769

ex 1773

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ex 1776

ex 1777

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ex 1783




ex 1790


ex 1791

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1764



1765P *F/G A/B 1766















1771P *F/G A/B 1772P *F/G A/B

1773P *F/G A/B 1774






1776P *F/G A/B 1777P *F/G A/B 1778



1779P *F/G A/B 1780P *F/G A/B 1781P *F/G A/B 1782



1783P *F








1786P *F


1787P *F




1789P *F


1790P *F/G A/B 1791P *F/G A/B

Page 149

- Xmas card produced by 10 Squadron RAAF in Great Britain, mailed to Melton SA on 17OCT44, blue boxed ‘WRITTEN BY MEMBER OF/RAAF ON ACTIVE SERVICE’ on face of cover. H.M. Transport 1940-42 selection with straight-line ‘H.M. TRANSPORT’ handstamped types (6, apparently different), circular type, and Naval cover with multiple strikes of date only (‘29DEC1942’) tying stamp, mostly censored, odd usual fault. (8) Labuan 1945 (Jul) covers (roughly opened) from Australian Serviceman to same addressee in Sydney with scarce ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/037’ datestamp, in use at Labuan, one very good strike, others fair only. (3) Middle East impressive range of censor covers to Australia from varying locations including: Egypt, Palestine and Tobruk, good quality items on display sheets. (20) - Australian Forces in Lebanon and Syria selection with good variety of locations (lightly penciled on reverse), cancellations and censor markings, some mixed condition. (16) - 1941-42 selection of unclaimed covers (7, one a front) to various M.E. destinations, variety of ‘NOT WITH . . .’ and other relevant handstamps, one rare framed ‘TRANSFERED/TO/AUS. CON. DEP/KFAR VITKIN’ (Palestine – now in Israel). Typically for this material the odd fault, generally attractive and full of character, four with censor markings. (8) Naval Mail 1942-56 selection comprising ‘NAVY POST OFFICE/Nº 1’ (Darwin 1942 – in blue), and ‘R.A.N. POST OFFICE’ nos. 2 (Dreger Harbour, Finschhafen 1947), 3 (Manus 1956), and 4 (Morotai 1945), some faults although very scarce. (4) Netherlands Indies Australian Forces scarce registered selection comprising ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O./28’, ‘AUST F.P.O./170’, ‘AUST ARMY P.O.’ 197, 240 (rare), 510, 514, and ‘AIR FORCE POST OFFICE No 251’, quality of covers and cancellations generally good, four items censored. (7) New Guinea Lae/Markham Valley/Nadzab areas (details lightly penciled on reverse) registered selection comprising ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O.’ 12, 27, 28, ‘ARMY POST OFFICE/059’, ‘FIELD POST OFFICE/069’, ‘FIELD P.O.’ 081, 096 (superb Stationery Registered Letter), 098, ‘AUST F.P.O.’ 158, 174, ‘A.F.P.O./202’, and Base PO No 7/C, generally good quality for covers/ cancellations, variety of censor handstamps. (12) - Aitape area selection with different Army (5) and Air Force PO cancels, includes nice ‘N.S.A.’ Air Mail Letter Card (rarely seen stampless), various censor handstamps, generally good quality for covers/cancels. (6) - Buna/Dobodura area registered selection comprising ‘A.I.F. FIELD P.O.’ 7 and 52 (both manuscript registration details) ‘FIELD P.O./081’, ‘AUST ARMY P.O.’ 221 and 222, typically mixed condition for this much-handled scarce material, four various censor handstamps. (5) - 1944 (Jun-Oct) series of covers embellished with cartoon characters and the like by J.G. Brooks when stationed at Labu, to his wife in Cairns, including Ginger Meggs, Dagwood, Popeye, Donald Duck, etc, a few allocated cancellations, censored, generally good, appealing lot. [JG Brooks was a noted naturalist and a Chairman of the North Queensland Museum.] (35) New South Wales Selection of Field POs, different numbers/allocations, many scarcer, mostly censored, some mixed condition (21, one registered). - Military, RAAF and Naval POs selection, some postwar, all different, various concessional rate handstamps, censors, etc, odd fault, generally good. (c.75) Northern Territory Aust F.P.O.:Selection with ‘163’ (3), two registered (one with ‘072’ registration label), ‘189’ (4, two registered), usages at Berry Springs, Darwin and Commalie (defective although not recorded by Williams and unseen by Proud), and ‘190’ (3, one registered), generally very good strikes of cancellations. (10) - Military/Air Force/Navy Field and other POs collection of different datestamps/allocations (per Proud – details lightly pencilled on reverse), many scarce/rare including rubber types (19), wide variety of censor and other handstamps (a few tapes), typical mixed condition, generally good. Useful lot for expansion. (71) Palestine 1941 Army Signals selection of official covers (5, one a front) with various framed ‘ARMY SIGNALS’ Unit datestamps, censored, two with handstamped ‘SECRET’ (framed and unframed). Scarce material. Ex Collas. Papua Milne Bay/Port Moresby areas 1942-45 Army and Air Force selection of different datestamps, including usages (lightly penciled on reverse) at Gurney Air Strip, Ward’s Field, and Fall River, generally good quality for covers/ cancellations, wide variety of censor handstamps. Comprehensive group. (23) - Port Moresby 1943-45 registered selection comprising ‘FIELD P.O.’ 081, 0138, 0139, ‘AUST F.P.O.’ 182, ‘AUST ARMY P.O.’ 213, 214, ‘A.F.P.O./No 74’ (nice red registration label), and ‘AIR FORCE P.O./No 74’ (handstamped registration details), generally good quality covers/cancellations, variety of censor handstamps. (8) Postagram 1945-47 RAAF covers endorsed or handstamped ‘POSTAGRAM’ (3 types), two from Pt Moresby (AF.P.O. 74), one Qld-SA, another Vic-NSW, odd fault, scarce. (4) POW - Thailand 1944 (Jun 19) Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 16/1/45” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/398’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. - 1944 (Jul 17) Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 24/8/45”, violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/44’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. - 1944 (Aug 14) Australian POW stampless card from Melbourne with partial St Kilda Rail cds to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 24/8/45” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/376’ and Japanese censor ‘Inspected/Ishigura’. - 1944 (Nov 1) Outward Australian POW stampless card (13.5x8.2cm) from Melbourne to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand - notation reads “Received 24/8/45” with violet diamond ‘3/PASSED/BY/CENSOR/122’ but without Japanese censor markings (after surrender). - 1945 (Jun 20) Outward Australian POW card (13.5x8.2cm) missing stamp but with printed ‘4d STAMP’, partial ‘SHIP MAIL ROOM/MELBOURNE’ cancellation, printed Air Mail cachet, to Maj John de Crespigny at Camp #4 Thailand. Melbourne censor #195. Printed redirection sticker in black to St Kilda dated 10 November 1945. - 1945 (Jun 28) two different design outward Australian POW cards (13.5x8.2cm) to de Crespigny from Melbourne (stamps removed); one addressed to him at Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion, Japan, printed Australian Prisoner of War, c/o Japanese Red Cross, Tokyo, Japan (some minor faults); the other to POW camp Thailand which has printed air mail etiquette, both with partial Australian censor marks - both redirection sticker in black to St Kilda dated 15 November 1945. POW Mail Internment Camp No 7 (Hay, NSW) 1940-41 selection with various handstamped markings, some scarce, including unusual application to reverse of cover to USA, another to Mooragh Detention Camp, Isle of Man (punched postal card), odd fault. (5) - Internment Camp 13 (Murchison, Victoria) 1944-47 selection comprising 1944 stampless with different handstamps (3), covers (2, one front - tear) with ‘Pay Office’ or ‘Cash Office’ handstamps, these with ‘MIL.P.O. MURCHISON’ cds, and 1947 inwards with mss. ‘Left unit’. (4)

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$400 $120 $160 $1,200 $900 $180 $260 $220 $135 $80 $100 $100 $100 $80

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ex 1793

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ex 1795

ex 1798

ex 1799





ex 1814


ex 1819










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- Internment Camps Dhurringile/Tatura (Victoria) selection with ‘APPROVED FOR TRANSMISSION BY CAMP COMMANDANT DHURR’ handstamp, Tatura Camp 1 (3, one inwards), Camp 2 (4, one inwards), Camp 3 (2), and Camp 4, last with three very fine strikes (one reverse) of rare ‘MIL.PO. TATURA No4’ cds, odd fault, generally fine. Nice group. (11) 1793P *F/G A/B Queensland range with numbers/allocations (per Proud), details lightly pencilled on reverse, several noted as ‘not seen’ by Proud, the desirable rubber datestamp types (25) include at least one unrecorded, stated to contain no duplication, condition generally good as is quality of strikes. Excellent lot. (130) - Selection of Military mail transmitted through regular POs, wide range 1940s (one 1955) from mostly different Offices, 1794P *F/G A/B many censored (some additionally with tape), variety of concessional rate and other interesting handstamps (noteworthy framed ‘12/15 GARRISON BATTALION’), odd fault, generally good. (39) RAAF Flying Training Schools 1940-41 selection comprising F.T.S. Nos. 1 (Point Cook – faults), 3 (Essendon), 4 1795P *F/G A/B (Mascot), 6 (Tamworth - 2 types – one a front), No.1 Air Observers School (Cootamundra – missent Roberts NSW rather than to Robertstown SA), also front from RAAF Station (Richmond). Scarce group. (7) RAAF PO London 1940s (few 1950s) selection including 1943 with extensive letter enclosed ‘AUSPOST./MIDDLE EAST.’ 1796 *F/G A/B Handstamps, range of censor markings/tapes, concessional handstamps and airmail rates, one taxed, some mixed condition, generally good. (24) 1797 *F/G A/B USA Forces in Australia Army and Navy selection from various POs, nine with Australia frankings, censor handstamps, security cancels, etc, odd fault, generally good. (19) USA POs in New Guinea 1943-45 selection mostly with Australia frankings and to Australia, one to USA taxed with USA 1798 *F/G A/B Postage dues, odd fault, generally good. (15) Victoria Military/RAAF/Navy POs selection, largely wartime, all different cancellations, various censor and/or concessional 1799P *F/G A/B rate handstamps, odd fault, generally good. (57) AUSTRALIA | Military Postmarks 1800 * A C1 Aust Field P.O. ‘AUST FIELD P.O./7NO45/251’ (Changi, Singapore) cds struck in violet on 2 stampless covers (the 2nd dated 1NO45) to Victoria. Proud’s extremely high rating of 1,000 points. [The few known strikes are poor and all come from this correspondence. The writer was part of a small force sent to Singapore to help repatriate POWs back to Australia.] (2) AUSTRALIA | Postmarks 1801 D A/B 1910s-1980s Postmark Collection: on leaves of miscellaneous cancellations on piece and stamp, includes Paquebot, military, TPO, relief used in PNG etc, noted 1970 Mail Office HMAS Hobart, Peace & Mitchell sets in blocks of 4 used in Rabaul, roos to 1/- and 1/4d KGV also seen. (100+) AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES | Collections and Accumulations 1802 ** A 1960s to 2000s PNG, Norfolk Island, Cocos Keeling Islands, Nauru, Christmas Island & AAT issues sorted in glassines, labelled and priced ready for resale! With retail value in excess of $1,700 this would be ideal for market trader or eBayer. Great buying at estimate. (1,000s) 1803 Australian Islands 800g on small single paper from AAT, Cocos, Xmas Island & Norfolk Island. Rarely offered. AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY 1804 ** A 1972 Cook Circumnavigation set of 2 in complete sheets, SG #21-2, Cat £450. AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY | Postal History A 1954 (Feb 15) possibly commercial registered cover from Mawson to USA franked at correct 2/9d for registered airmail 1805 *F rate. 1806P *F A 1961 (Apr 13) commercial airmail cover to Indonesia bearing 1/- Map tied by Macquarie cds, rare correct rate and franking. CHRISTMAS ISLAND | Postal History A 1986 (Nov 18) superb early strike of short-lived Philatelic Bureau meter cancel on Govt Offices commercial cover to 1807 * Sydney [Saw little use between 1986-91, Hawkins & Stambaugh “extremely rare, value unknown”.] NAURU 1808 * A1916-23 ‘NAURU’ At Base 5d yellow-brown BLC strip of 3 with ‘H16’ control number, some gum toning. 1809 ** A - 6d purple BLC pair with ‘I.16’ control number. 1810P * A B1 1916-23 Seahorses Waterlow 10/- indigo-blue optd ‘SPECIMEN’, SG #18s, Cat £1,000, very lightly hinged. 1811P * A B1 1916-23 Seahorses DLR Printing 2/6d sepia-brown with double ovpt, one albino ovptd ‘SPECIMEN’, SG #19a as nonspecimen. 1812 * A B1 - 5/- bright carmine, SG #22, Cat £100. 1813P * A A1 - 10/- pale blue, SG #23, Cat £250. A lovely stamp. 1814P U AA 1937-48 Ships White Paper ½d to 10/- and ½d P14 (#26Bc), very fine used, SG #26B-39B, Cat £235. (15) 1815 ** A A1 1935 Silver Jubilee 2d Imperf At Left in strip of 12 MUH. Very rare as only 10 can exist. Ceremuga certificate. A hinged strip of 3 with gum bends realised $4,100+. 1816 ** A 1979 Rowland Hill Imperforate set in vertical strips of 3, SG #204-6a. (9) 1817 ** A - M/S, SG #207a. NEW GUINEA | ‘G.R.I.’ Overprints 1818P * A- B1 1915 1d on 2d on 10pf Marshall Islands with short 1, SG #63c, soiled perfs in TLC, a rare stamp. NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints | Collections and Accumulations 1819P **/* A/A- KGV Single Wmk Mainly Mint Selection ½d green dot before right 2 single & pair, barb on fraction bar & large multi single; 1d red “used” abc strip of 3, rusted TRC; 4d orange [1R57], [2L38] and unplated spot on D, mint singles x4, 5d brown used; 1d violet; 2d orange used singles x2 (worn words of value & long compartment line above top frame); set of 5 1921-22 new colours. (25) NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints 1820 **/* A A1 1915-16 KGV Single Wmk ½d green part pane of 20 [4R31-34,37,40,43-46,49-51,55-58] with four abc strips and eight wattles [34], barb on fraction bar at right [40] & white spot before 2 in RVT [55] on annotated page, five units mtd. 1821P F A B1 - ½d green (ac) horizontal pair, transfer error. 1822P * A- A1 - ½d bright green (acccbc) strip of 6, transfer error, perf separation between 2nd & 3rd and 3rd & 4th units protected with small hinges, light vertical crease on 1st unit. 1823P * A C1 - 1d carmine-red Die II (c), SG #67c. 1824P **/* A C1 - 1d carmine-red Die II abc strip of 3, SG #67c, top unit mtd. 1825P * A B1 - 4d yellow-orange (b), SG #70 with weeping 4 [2L18] (BW #110(2)f). 1826P * A- B1 - 4d yellow-orange with line through FOUR PENCE [2R12], SG #70c, mild gum disturbance. 1827P * A C1 - 4d yellow-orange with line through FOUR PENCE [2R12], SG #70c. 1828P **/* A B2 1915-16 Kangaroos 1st Wmk 2½d strip of 6 with (acccbc) transfer error, SG #74, one unit hinged. 1829P ** A- B2 - 3d yellow-olive Die I (b), SG #76, gum on top perfs lightly toned.

$450 $650 $180 $180 $110 $100 $110 $250



$450 $80 $135 $90 $180 $150 $225 $300 $900 $1,400 $90 $300 $160 $4,200 $270 $200 $500

$225 $90 $180 $420 $270 $1,200 $135 $550 $700 $575 $110

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012 1830P 1831P 1832P 1833P 1834P 1835P 1836

V ** F/G * * * **/*

A B1 A A1 A/AA B2 A- C1 A C1 A/A-

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- 9d violet (abc) strip [2L40,46,52] with violet-black ink, non-contemporary cancel. - 1/- green pair (aa), SG #81, curious light vertical band in right hand stamp. - 1/- emerald & 2nd wmk 1/- emerald, SG #81,90. - 10/- grey & pink (b), SG #84 - £1 brown & ultramarine (a), SG #85 (retail $850), very small spot on face. - £1 brown & ultramarine (c), SG #85 (retail $850). 1915-16 Kangaroos 2nd Wmk 9d & 1/- both in vertical (abc) strips, each with one unit mounted, bottom unit of 9d has light horizontal crease & top unit of 1/- has 3 tone perf tips. 1837P * A- A2 - 5/- grey & yellow (a), SG #92, one toned perf & slightly truncated TLC. 1838P * A- 5/- (abc) strip of 3 with purple-black overprint, SG #92, slight abrasion to TRC of top unit and light ink smudge on 2nd & 3rd units, gum faults. 1839P * A A2 - 5/- grey & yellow (a), SG #92, woolly perfs. 1840P * A B1 1915-16 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk 2/- brown wmk inverted (b), SG #97w, MVLH. 1841P F A C1 - £1 brown & blue (a), SG #99, retail $675, light Madang CDS. 1842P V A B1 - £1 brown & blue (b), SG #99, light 1917 Rabaul cancel 1843P F A 1918 ‘One Penny’ Surcharges 1d on 5d & 1d on 1/-, SG #100-1. (2) 1844P * A C1 1918-23 KGV Single Wmk 1d red with rare dot on Y (BW #71(2)l), SG #103. 1845P * A B1 - 1d red Die II, SG #103b. 1846 * A B1 - 1d red merged Die II [II/26], SG #103b. 1847P ** A A1 - 1d red Die II, SG #103b. 1848P * A B1 - 1d red Die II, SG #103b (retail $195). BPA certificate. 1849 * A- A1 - 1d red Die II-I pair, SG #103b, bubbly gum on Die II unit. 1850P * A B1 - 4d yellow-orange, SG #104 with white scratch behind emu [2R29] (BW #110(2)l). 1851 */U A - 5d brown mint varieties; notch in right frame at top [R17]; white flaw between base of RVT and right frame [L52] plus used copy; broken shading line above A of POSTAGE [R19]; broken shading line between emu’s foot and right frame [R58] plus used copy; retouched NE corner - State IV [R59] (BW #123uc), on annotated page. (7) 1852 ** A/A- 1918-23 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk 2d grey Die IIA forme of 30 [3R31-60] with many varieties including undescribed 2nd state prominent white flaws above & below P of PENCE [3R48] & 2nd state retouched 1st A of AUSTRALIA [3R54].Rare unmounted block with only a couple of minor faults. 1853 * A B1 - 6d greyish ultramarine Die II pair, SG #110a Retail $150. 1854P ** A B1 - 5/- grey & black, SG #116. 1855 * A B1 - 5/- grey & black, SG #116, with large gap in inner right frame opposite Cape York, very minor toning to a few perfs. 1856P * A B1 - 5/- grey & black, SG #116, with short Spencer’s Gulf. 1857 ** A B1 1918-23 KGV Large Multi Wmk ½d green with Wmk Inverted, SG #119a. 1858 * A A1 1918-23 KGV New Colours 4d violet with weeping 4 (ACSC #112(2)f, Cat $100). NEW GUINEA | ‘N.W./PACIFIC/ISLANDS’ Overprints | Official Stamps 1859 F A- C1 1919-23 Kangaroos 3rd Wmk Perf ‘OS’ 3d olive Die I, SG #O8, poor 1925 Talsea, 2 small cuts caused by postmark. 1860 ** AA 1918-23 KGV Single Wmk 2d orange pair perf ‘OS’, right unit showing traces of orange colour outside design, SG #O18, Cat £240. 1861P V A C1 1919-23 KGV Rough Paper Perf ‘OS’ 1d deep rosine, SG #O16. Rare. 1862 V A B2 1919-23 KGV New Colours Perf ‘OS’ 4d violet, SG #O20, couple of shortish perfs. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues 1863P * A B1 1925-30 Huts £1 olive-green, Panelli forgery. Scarce. 1864P * A A1 1932-34 Undated Bird set of 15, SG #177-89 retail $325. MVLH. 1865P * A 1932-34 Undated Bird Airs complete set of 16, SG #190-203 (retail $375). 1866 V A - 2/- dull lake pair, SG #200, Cat £96+, cancelled with ‘WAU/19OCT35-818AM/NEW GUINEA’. 1867P F A A1 1935 Bulolo Airs £2 bright violet SG #204. 1868P * A A1 - £2 bright violet, SG #204. 1869P V A - £2 violet & £5 green, SG #204-5, Cat £590, fine. 1870P * A B1 1939 Bulolo Airs £1 yellow-green Panelli forgery. Scarce. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues | Official Stamps 1871 * A 1925 Huts set of 9, SG #O22-30. 1872P * A B1 1931 Dated Birds complete set of 11, SG #O31-41. 1873P * A 1932 Undated Birds complete set of 13, SG #O42-54, Cat £250. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues | Stamps on Cover 1874 * A 1931 Dated Birds Overprinted OS 3d blue SG #O34 attractively tied to OHMS envelope by s/ring ‘MADANG/14AU31/ NEW GUINEA’ cds with another alongside, to Talasea with arrival cds August 29. Backstamps same. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues | Postal History A1937 airmailed commercial cover (opened at left) Wau to Holland bearing scarce franking of Undated Bird Air Mail 1d and 1875 *F 1/- pairs SG #191 and #199, overpaying by 1d the 2/1d ½oz rate via France (where backstamped). A1938 (26 May) airmailed cover (small opening tears) Perth to Port Moresby per inaugural airmail to Papua, overweight and 1876P *F underfranked at 6d, showing ‘TAX’ (violet) and mss. “10d” and bearing Undated Bird 3d and Air 5d and 2d affixed at Rabaul to pay tax. Extremely rare adaptation of regular stamps for Postage Due purposes. A - (30 May) cover carried on 1st Official airmail to New Guinea bearing Australia 6d and 1/6d cancelled at Sydney, and 1877 *F uncancelled New Guinea 5d, intended for Scotland and endorsed “Via English Air mail”, reverse with PMGs Dept label inscribed ‘It is regretted that the provisions of the/Postal Convention do not permit of the/desired indirect routing of this article. 1878 *F A- long OHMS registered cover to Port Moresby with 1d green x2 & 2d vermilion x3 Undated Birds all overprintd ‘OS’, tied by Rabaul cds 30 SEP 38 with Rabaul Registration handstamp at lower left, nice Official mail. NEW GUINEA | Mandated Territory Issues | Flight Covers - Commercial A 1938 (Jul 14) commercial airmail cover from Dr F.E. Polak to Holland, bearing Undated Bird ovpt 1/- and 9d tied by Rabaul 1879 * cds, correct 1/9d ½oz airmail rate.

$225 $140 $70 $200 $550 $600 $160 $70 $225 $110 $100 $480 $550 $270 $225 $160 $90 $270 $160 $150 $110 $90 $900 $100 $135 $70 $120 $180 $120 $80 $160 $350 $90 $240 $280 $280 $90 $135 $320 $400 $200 $80 $175 $300 $100 $210 $550

$180 $175 $150

Phoenix Auctions - Saturday 4th February 2012

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