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My Experience at Phoenix Academy

tgen Annika Tie

I am an Au Pair and studied in the Open Cambridge course at Phoenix Academy for four weeks. I chose Australia, because the variety of the landscapes inspired me, just as the people’s kindness. I became an Au Pair, because it is a great opportunity to life in a foreign country and learn a lot about the lifestyle. Moreover I like children and I can combine working and holiday with the certainest of having a home. I most enjoy the combination of working with kids and meeting new friends in an amazing country! As an Au Pair I’m lucky to have regular work times. I make my to kids ready for school in the morning and take them there. Then I have free time for light housework and of course for going to the beach, meeting my friends or going shopping. In the afternoon I pick the kids up from school and walk home with them. At home we have time for the afternoon tea and of course for playing! I often take them to the park, where they can meet their friends. In the evening I cook diner for the kids, before their mum arrives. If I don’t have to babysit during the night I have free time, to talk to my host mum. The weekends are mostly mine, there I meet my friends and we are heading of to different places like the “Caversham Wildlife Park”. The best thing is to meet all the new people and get in closer contact with the other Au Pairs/Demi Pairs. Moreover it is a good beginning to adapt yourself more quickly to the new language. I definitely love the Australian people because they are mostly all friendly and help you in every situation. Furthermore the lifestyle is not that stressful. And of course I love having the beach right next to my house with wonderful sunshine. It was really important for me to spent a lot of time with my host family, so that we get to know each other. Sometimes it was difficult for me because I haven’t seen my host mum a lot at the beginning, but after our short trip down south everything was perfect! In addition it is really important for me to stay in contact with my new friends, as it is really important to have some time without the family, for you and the family! Perth is a fantastic city, because it is right next to the beach and has lots of nice places to go out. I do really enjoy being an Au Pair over here and would recommend it to everyone who loves children and wants to see something different! Writen by: Annika Tietgen | Nationality: Gernan Course studied at Phoenix Academy: Open Cambridge, Au Pair

Phoenix Academy Student Testimonial_Annika (Germany)  
Phoenix Academy Student Testimonial_Annika (Germany)  

Phoenix Academy Student Testimonial from Annika from Germany. Open Cambridge and Au Pair Student.