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Phoenix Creative Communication for Woodhill Estate


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The Woodhill Magazine focuses on the Woodhill Residential and Golf Estate. It is mailed on behalf of the Homeowners Association to residents and landowners. It is published in collaboration with several freelance companies and does not necessarily portray the opinions of these companies. Please send enquiries to | 012 998 0011

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CHAIRMAN “We have a wonderful living environment and I hope that you and your families will be enjoying our Estate to the fullest.”

The adjourned Annual General Meeting of the Homeowners Association was held on the 26th of August, 2013 and there were approximately 120 Homeowners in attendance, either in person or by proxy. Although attendance was slightly better than the scheduled meeting, it is nevertheless a bit disappointing. The proposed Memorandum of Incorporation and the Rules were approved in the meeting. This is an important development, as it means that the Estate has sound governance documents in place, which are designed to protect the interests of all Homeowners. Homeowners have already received copies of these documents and they are also available on request in electronic format from the Homeowners Association. The meeting also approved the normal levy rates which will be effective from the 1st of March, 2014. For both full title and sectional title Homeowners, the levy will increase by 18.5%. However, as the two Special Security levies terminate in August 2013 and December 2013 respectively, the net effect is that the total levies to be paid will decrease by 13%. A comparison of our levies with other top end Estates around the country confirms that our rates are very much in line. All of the current board members made themselves available for re-election and were appointed. In addition, we are pleased to welcome to the board, three new members, Mrs. Michelle Horn, Pierro Grobler and Nick Wentzel. In the forthcoming year, the board will have

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M A NAG E R “It’s a place where families are able to live in a safe and secure environment.”

many issues to deal with, but a number of key projects that stand out are the possible acquisition of the roads and the rezoning of our entrance gates, the retirement village project and the clubhouse upgrade project. Homeowners will be kept well appraised and involved. The mild winter we have experienced is all but over and it will not be too long before the golf course and gardens around the Estate shed their winter coats and take on their spring colours. We have a wonderful living environment and I hope that you and your families will be enjoying our Estate to the fullest in the months ahead. Regards Graham Damp

There still seems to be a misconception with regards to the enforcement of the Woodhill rules, and I thought it appropriate to compile this document in an effort to change this misconception and offer more information on this matter. The issue regarding the enforcement of rules is always raised by owners at General Meetings, but I would like to stress that the issues raised are not with the majority of the rules, but with three in particular, namely: • Speeding on the Estate. • Children in Golf Carts. • Vandalism. I would first like to bring these three rules into perspective and then I will handle the balance of the rules in a summarised fashion. • Speeding: The Board and management have tried to address this problem in many ways, but residents still do not adhere to the speed limit and I do not have the answers on how this problem can be solved.

it. It has also previously been suggested that the use of golf carts after 20h00 at night be banned, so as to stop vandalism on the golf course which is supposedly being caused by children at night on golf carts. There were however different views on this.

Metro are not willing to assist us. We have placed electronic boards at the gates requesting everybody to adhere to the speed limit, 40kph signs have been placed on all the Woodhill roads, speed humps were introduced and more are being planned. Speed cameras were introduced but had to be discontinued, electronic boards indicating current speed have been introduced on a trial basis, but this has still not deterred the residents who flagrantly ignore the request to slow down. During July 2013 just after the sign was erected, in Woodhill Drive, the highest speed recorded was 90kmh. We do not know who the person was, but he or she will know who they are when reading this article. Nobody can state that the HOA are not trying to address this problem but there is not much more that can be done without the help of the Tshwane Metro. • Children on golf carts: This is also a problem that has been there since the inception of the Estate and all the previous boards have not been able to resolve the problem due to the fact that there are many different views on this matter and we need to attempt to keep everybody happy. There are residents who feel that children should be allowed to ride around on golf carts, as they feel that this is why they reside at Woodhill. There are however others who do not share the same view and it is for this reason that the current Board have proposed to have this rule amended at the AGM. There might be a different view at the AGM, but whichever option is approved, the HOA will be enforcing

• Vandalism: This is also an ongoing problem at Woodhill and there are also many views on how the problem should be addressed. I concur that the Board has to decide on what action needs to be taken against perpetrators that are caught, and it was for this reason that it has now been decided to introduce the involvement of the SAPS into the rules. Vandalism is not only a Woodhill problem, it is worldwide, and is very difficult to police. It must be stressed however that anyone caught vandalising property will be dealt with accordingly. As far as other rules are concerned I would like to highlight these and indicate what measures are in place. • Security rules: These rules are broad but all security related breaches are dealt with and fines are issued to transgressors. A few examples are: walking through the booms and not the turnstiles, picking up unregistered domestics or gardeners outside of the Estate, disturbance of the peace and abuse of security personnel. • Streetscape rules: These rules are monitored daily and are addressed on a daily basis. Fines are also issued if transgressions are not rectified within a specified time. Examples: Keeping pavements neat and tidy, caravans, wendy houses, trailers, boats, cement balls or obstructions on pavements. • Environmental rules: As with streetscape rules, these are monitored daily and action is taken against transgressors. Examples: no rubble, refuse or grass cuttings may be dumped or discarded. Flora may not be damaged or removed: a resident removed grass recently in Glendower Drive on the Golf Course, and had to replace the grass at their

own cost. Keeping your garden clean and manicured: the HOA from time to time has to cut grass, especially on rental properties that do not maintain their garden, the costs of which get added to the owners levy account. Refuse bags and bins may only be placed on pavements for removal but have to be removed within 8 hours. Residents have been fined for failing to comply. No fishing in the dams: This is one of the proposed rule changes, but currently people are stopped from fishing in the dams if observed. • Architectural standards: This is monitored daily and any deviations are dealt with accordingly. Penalty levies are imposed where the building period has been exceeded. Plans are approved weekly by the Estate architect for additions to properties. These additions are monitored to ensure they do not deviate from the approved plan. Recently Woodhill was awarded a Judgement with costs where an owner deviated from the approved plan. The owner was compelled to demolish the structure. • Pets: This is also an ongoing problem and residents are fined when they collect their stray pet at the contractor’s gate. Owners are also fined if there are constant complaints about their dogs barking. This matter is then handed over to the SPCA. The SPCA visits the Estate on a regular basis to catch stray cats. One rule which is also difficult to police is residents failing to pick up their pets’ excrement in public areas. • Estate Agent rules: These rules are monitored and enforced and there is regular contact with the Chairperson of the Woodhill Agents Committee. • Contractor activities: These are monitored daily and fines are issued for any transgressions. A summary of fines are included in the monthly management report at the Directors meetings. Harold Jooste


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D I R E C TO R “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” It gives me great pleasure to be contributing to the first edition of the Woodhill Magazine. Many of you have no doubt spent part of the winter months pondering what is happening to the Estate’s publication. The good news is you no longer have to wonder. You hold in your hands a publication specifically designed to cater for the needs of the Woodhill residents. The content is tailored to support our focus and interests as an Estate and is uniquely designed to promote and capture the essence of the Woodhill brand and its personality. The new publication is in part the result of a lengthy review undertaken by the Directors of the HOA with the aim of ensuring that all of our marketing and communication activities underpin our drive towards remaining the ‘Estate of Choice’. Phoenix Creative Communication has spent a significant amount of time assessing the needs of the Estate from a communication

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perspective and has also given consideration to our demographic and how we can fulfil our brand promise to owners and residents through our magazine. I am sure you will agree that they are certainly off to a good start and I would like to congratulate them on their efforts. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Woodhill marketing and communications team for the contributions they have made and the assistance they have given Phoenix Creative in getting off to a positive start. One of our key focus points going forward will be establishing platforms that allow residents to interact with news and developments, in and around the Estate, in a manner that suits you. To facilitate this we will be utilising a number of digital media platforms. Some of these platforms have already gone live. In addition, some of our existing electronic platforms have undergone a rejuvenation process. We trust that you will be happy with the results

– there are more changes coming on this front and we hope this will contribute to you being more informed about developments on the Estate. As always the marketing and communications team welcomes your input, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback, after all, our communication mediums exist for your benefit and we need to know if it is meeting your expectations. On a final note, as we enter into the spring season, I would like to wish everyone the very best for the remainder of the year. Use the new season to get going on some of the projects you have been dreaming about during the winter months, instead of delaying it until the new year. As Mae West succinctly put it, ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’. So make the most of the opportunities the new season brings. Best Regards Annelize Wepener


D I R E C TO R S 22 00 11 34 Welcome to all of the new faces at Woodhill Estate Welcome to the newly appointed Board of Directors, we wish them all the success in the year to come. • Graham Damp - Chairman • Hans Muller - Vice Chairman • Max Mervitz - Finance Director • Annelize Wepener - Communication/Aesthetic/Marketing Director • Allen West - Legal Director • Ray Wilkinson - Director • Michelle Horn - Legal Director • Pierro Grobler - WCC Director • Nick Wentzel - Roads/Infrastructure Director • Coen Bester - Security Director


WELCOMES To all of the new Homeowners and Tenants, we wish you the most pleasant stay in our lovely Estate and hope to see you enjoying all of its facilities. Home Owner Hofman TM & Soares C Busacker S & I Van Lochem GW Steyn RS & JMK Van der Merwe Family Trust The Bronsclay Trust Clayton O’ Kelly JA & M Louw KA & SJ van der Westhuizen

Tenants John Loannov Dirk Louw Anton Bolotov Willem Olivier Philip Ackatia - Armah Samuel Muruya Monir Walters Alessandro Fiorito Monir Walters

Ming-Chuan Lin Terry Parker Ayman Ghanima Martin Vorster Martin Grunewald Ali Alkhudhairi Vital Kalumba Abdullah Almalki


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The Importance of Downloading the D6 Communicator The D6 Communicator is an internal, Woodhill designed and developed communication tool, which constantly enables us to be in touch, thus keeping you up to date with what’s happening on the Estate.

Easy step by step guidelines on how to install the Communicator: 1. Type in the following link http:/ downloads.php?id=7249

It’s vital that every resident on the Estate downloads the D6 communication tool. D6 Communicator automatically updates your computer, tablet and some smart phones, thereby bringing you all the latest news and calendar events directly. It also contains a photo gallery, contact list and a range of useful links and documents.

2. Select Mac or Windows depending on your computer.

It is vital that all residents download this easy to use communication tool. Getting started Installing the D6 Communicator is very simple. The first step you take is to download the installer from the D6 Communicator website: where you use the drop down menu to locate ‘Woodhill’. You can install the D6 Communicator on as many computers as you like. The D6 Communicator is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, as well as Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. There is also an application for iPhone and iPad, a Blackberry application, for smart phones and tablets. The Android and Blackberry (Z10 & Q10) application is still in development.

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3. Click “save” first and then once it has downloaded click “run”. 4. Follow the steps by clicking “next” until you get to the step which says “install” and then “finish”. The Communicator will then pop up with the registration screen. 5. You will be asked to put in a password in order to access the information – click on the “Click here to request a password”. You will be taken to a page where you will type in your email address and then it requires a password. It will be emailed to you. Once you have received the password type this and your email address into the registration section in the Communicator. Always up-to-date News and relevant information will regularly be posted on the D6 Communicator by the communications team. It will automatically update as new information is added. There’s nothing further you need to do. Get only the news you want You can select which news and calendar information you’d like to receive. To do this, all you have to do is to click on the Personalise

tab and select the relevant channels from the list provided. How will the D6 Communicator affect your computer or tablet/ smartphone? Being a lightweight application the D6 Communicator should have no noticeable impact on your device. In some instances you might need to change your anti-virus or firewall settings to allow the D6 Communicator to run. If you are on a company network you might need to ask your network administrator to assist you. Over 250 000 people in South Africa, including Woodhill College, are already successfully using the D6 Communicator, both at home and at work. Bandwidth The D6 Communicator typically uses about 30Mb of data per month. This will fluctuate a little from month to month depending on how often we update the content, but it should never be excessive. Privacy Any personal information shared with the D6 Communicator (including your registration details) is absolutely private, and will only be used by the HOA. It may not be sold or shared with any third party. The D6 Communicator servers are Thawte certified to ensure no unauthorised access to your details. Regards

F rom the



We have had numerous enquiries from residents with regards to service providers being used on the Estate. The HOA has now compiled a register of preferred service providers and residents can contact the HOA offices for their details. This allows residents the peace of mind that the suppliers have both creditable security clearance and contactable references. Courier companies and deliveries The Security control room periodically receives calls from residents who are expecting courier deliveries and enquiries on whether the courier company has been to the Estate. On many occasions the courier company is not certain of the address to which the delivery is to be made and security have turned them away at the entrance gates. This is not only

frustrating for the resident concerned, but also for the courier company who has to return to the Estate at a later stage. The HOA has therefore tried to streamline this process in the following way: Most of the companies delivering to Woodhill on a daily basis, deliver to a number of different properties on the Estate. The procedure regarding contacting the resident to inform them when a delivery arrives will remain unchanged, but in cases where there is uncertainty with regards to an address, the duty manager will try and establish the correct address, and if need be the courier company will be contacted telephonically to try and establish this information. In the case where the courier company has an address but is not certain where the address is on the Estate, a security reaction officer will escort the delivery to the particular address. With the approach of Spring, many residents may order trees, shrubs or lawn dressing for delivery. The HOA requests that residents should inform the HOA Operations Manager on 071 607 6290, if such a delivery is expected,

so that the necessary arrangements can be made with the dedicated personnel to assist with the delivery. On the HOA’s weekly inspections around the Estate, which includes gardens and buildings, refuse has been observed on pavements. Renovations are also being conducted at various properties around the Estate and the HOA would like to bring the following Rules to your attention: When there are materials that have been offloaded by a supplier on, or partly encroaching on the pavement or roadway, the materials must be moved onto the property site by the contractor as soon as possible. No material must be allowed to remain on the roadway or pavement and it is the contractor and owner’s responsibility to clear the roadway of all such materials. The site is to be kept as free of building rubble as possible. Regards Werner Pretorius


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D I R E C TO R An agent is a person who performs acts on behalf of another person and places the latter in a legal relationship with third parties. It is a personal contract and the relationship is a fiduciary one. It is for this reason that an agent must not conflict his/her interest with his/her duty and assume the position of a contracting party. Thus he/she cannot purchase the land of his/her principal even at a sale by public auction, unless the principal confirms or ratifies the purchase (Hargreaves v Anderson, 1915 A.D. 519; Osry v Hirsch Laubser & Co. Ltd., 1922 C.P.D. 531). The Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937 (the “DRA”) does not permit the registration in favour of an agent of either transfers or servitudes (section 16, by implication) or bonds (section 54). MandatEs Generally all persons, provided they have capacity, can enter into the contract of agency. The following is a list of points affecting different mandates: • Executor and Trustee. Both a trustee and an executor can grant a power, special or general, but not an irrevocable power (Stowe v Royal Insurance Co., 5 E.D.C. (37)). In Alexander and Others v Opperman, 1952 (1) S.A. 609 (O),) it was held that where a trustee had delegated the exercise of his powers to a committee for a definite period he was at liberty to revoke the authority so granted before the expiry of such period. It is accepted that this applies to executors and trustees both testamentary and dative. An executor cannot, however, appoint an agent before the issue of letters of appointment to him (Stowe v Royal Insurance Co., 5 E.D.C. 37). The power must be granted in the capacity as executor or trustee and not in a personal capacity.

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Agency and Powers of Attorney • Trustee in Insolvency. A trustee can grant a general power of attorney although this seems to have been questioned (Allan v Erlank’s Trustee, 1908 T.S. 1187). This would also be the position in regard to all types of insolvency, including the liquidation of a company.

• Juristic Persons. These must act through their officials having power to act in terms of the constitution. They may also, where their constitution permits, grant powers of attorney to officials or others to act as their agents.

• An Insolvent. He/she can grant a power only in so far as the Insolvency laws allow him/her (see Hamed v African Mutual Trust, 1930 A.D. 335).

• Partnerships. Regulation 34(2) of the DRA allows one partner to affix the firm’s signature in dealing with firm property so long as the firm consists of the same partners. In other cases, all partners must sign.

• Lunatic. This depends on his/her state of mind at the time of granting the power (Pheasant v Warne, 1922 A.D. 481). Since there is no status of insanity, the grantee of a power of attorney where the grantor was insane is entitled to continue to act under it but should, of course, exercise care perhaps slightly higher in degree than ordinarily.

Agents Any person of sufficient understanding can act as an agent, but an agent is liable only in so far as he/she him/herself has capacity. There can be joint agents but all must sign documents.

• Person not in Existence. Under the common law an agent cannot act for a person not yet in existence (McCullogh v Fernwood Ests. Ltd., 1920 A.D. 204 at p. 207; Peak Lode Gold Mining Co. Ltd. v Union Government, 1932 T.P.D. 48 at pp. 50 51; Semer v Retief & Berman, 1948 (1) S.A 182 (C). • Guardian of a Minor. It is accepted that a guardian can grant power on behalf of the minor (see Ex parte Bullard et Uxor, 1937 T.P.D. 297), but the agent would have no greater powers than the guardian and would have to comply with any formalities regarding the alienation of the minor’s property. • Minor. A minor can grant a power with his guardian’s consent but this would be valueless as the guardian must act on behalf of the minor except in regard to antenuptial contracts, when he assists.

• Minors. Minors can act as agents but the consent of the parent or guardian is required to the minor entering into the contract. • Woman Married in Community. A Woman married in community of property can act as an agent. • Lunatics. They can act in so far as they understand the transaction (Pienaar v Pienaar’s Curator, 1930 O.P.D. 171, at p. 174), since there is no status of insanity. • Insolvent. If it does not amount to trading, there seems to be no reason against an insolvent acting as an agent (see McKenzie v Flight, 1922 T.P.D. 407). In this case a sub agent’s Estate was sequestrated and he obtained his trustee’s consent to trade. It was held that the insolvency did not affect his agency and having obtained the leave

of his trustee to trade, he was entitled to earn his commission for himself. If the contract of agency amounts to trading, he must obtain the written consent from his trustee (section 23(3) of Act 24 of 1936). • Juristic Persons. It is the practice to allow these to act as agents but a nominee would have to be appointed. The constitution must give the body power to act as an agent. • Partnership. A partnership is not a legal persona and cannot be itself appointed. The partners can be but the agency would lapse on dissolution of the partnership unless the power clearly indicates that the partners as individuals are also appointed. Proof of Agency Agency is generally proved by a power of attorney either special or general. The Registrar has power under section 4(1)(a) to call for proof of agency and under regulation 65(1) the original power of attorney must be filed. Original powers need not be filed where a copy is issued by another Registrar (regulation 65(6) or by a Registrar or a Master of the High Court, (regulation 65(10)). With regard to notarial deeds, it is still accepted, although the Act makes no distinction, that the Registrar cannot query the authority of any agent appearing before a notary, as this is the responsibility of the notary (Transvaal Land Co. v Registrar of Deeds, 1909 T.S. 759; Ex parte Bullard et Uxor, 1937 T.P.D. 297) except in cases where the principal has exceeded his/her authority, for example where a guardian has granted a long lease without the sanction of the Court (Breytenbach v Frankel and Another, 1913 A.D. 390). The power of attorney itself is filed in the notaries’ protocol. Registration of Powers of Attorney and the Formalities: Section 3(u) makes provision for registration of three types of powers: • General powers of attorney.

• Powers of attorney to carry out a series of transactions, for example where A appoints B to sell erven in a township and transfer them. • Copies of the two above issued for use in a registry by another Registrar under regulation 65(6) to (9). Special powers of attorney which lapse on the completion of a single act, for example, powers of attorney to transfer, are not registered. The following are formalities regarding powers of attorney: • Preparation Clause: Must be prepared by a conveyancer, alternatively by a notary or attorney and countersigned by a conveyancer (regulation 44). • Names and Identification. Full names must be given (regulation 24(1)) and no alias is permitted (regulation 24(2)). Status and identity must, where necessary, be disclosed (section 17(1) and regulations 18 and 24(1) of the DRA. • Execution. The grantor signs his/her usual signature at the bottom of the right hand side of the last page. The following have been held to constitute a signature: mark (Re le Roux, 3 S.C. 56). If the person is blind or deaf or dumb then precautions such as a certificate by a notary or a commissioner of oaths should be observed. Where there is doubt as to the validity of the signature, a Registrar can ask the Court for confirmation (In re C. Morck, 22 N.L.R. 258). The date and place of execution must be disclosed, the latter defined sufficiently to indicate that no authentication is required (regulation 65(2)), that is that the contract was not executed outside the Republic of South Africa.

the peace, notary public or Commissioner of Oaths. (It is difficult to understand why the first three categories are mentioned since they are all commissioners of oaths ex officio). Powers of attorney executed outside the Republic merely have to be authenticated in accordance with the rules of authentication and additional witnesses are unnecessary. This section is directory only (Sutter v Scheepers, 1932 A.D. 165 at p. 174), but the Registrar is entitled to refuse to act on a power which ex facie the document does not meet the requirements of the section. Generally all witnesses are presumed competent until the contrary is proved (Ramsamy v de Chazal, 35 N.L.R. 171 at p. 175). The following are incompetent witnesses to a power of attorney: • The Agent • A person deriving a benefit. Thus where witnesses were holders of a bond cancelled simultaneously with transfer the power of attorney to pass transfer was held not to have been validly witnessed (Ex parte Gordon, 1927 C.P.D. 314). It is accepted that a person who receives an indirect benefit only, for example the preparing conveyancer or a partner of the agent can attest. The benefit must be apparent from the document itself. Allen West

• Witnesses. Section 95(1) provides that powers of attorney executed in the Republic shall be attested either by two witnesses of more than fourteen years of age who are competent to give evidence in a Court of law, or by a magistrate, justice of


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Meet our Woodhill Front Office Olivia Moholola – Country Club

When walking through the entrance at the clubhouse, you are immediately greeted by Olivia’s big and beautiful smile and warm personality. When asked why she enjoys working at Woodhill, she immediately and enthusiastically answered that she loves interacting with the members, home owners, residents and visitors. She also personally knows many of the families at Woodhill and they have become an integrated part of her life. Olivia is a people person and finds the atmosphere of the

Estate and specifically the club house, warm and embracing. She has been working on the Estate for nine years already. She is proud that she started her career as a waitress, then became a floor manager, lady locker room attendant and is now currently a receptionist. Olivia is the receptionist for the WCC. She also is the Brand Manager’s right hand lady; assisting with corporate golf days, events and various functions held at the Estate. She also assists with general office tasks and loves interacting with the children on the Estate and is great when dealing with them. Her role model is Sarita, who is not only her mentor in business aspects but also as mother, friend and manager. Olivia has a son who is about to turn ten-years old. She expresses that she would do absolutely anything for her son Thabiso and that he is her life! She aspires for him to have a bright and successful future and describes him as being incredibly kind and

really great with people. Thabiso loves visiting his mom at the Estate and in their free time, they enjoy going to the movies and catching the latest blockbuster. Olivia is an absolute car enthusiast, her favourite brand being BMW! She is up-to-date on all of the latest news and trends in the motor industry. If you want any advice on cars, she is the right person to go to. Her current dream car is the BMW 7 series. Olivia describes herself as a social butterfly. She has many friends and loves being around people. As with her son, she highly enjoys watching movies. Olivia is also passionate about fashion and is always the most stylish employee down at the clubhouse. She is a real fashionista and constantly follows the latest trends and styles in the fashion world. At any given time, Olivia is always incredibly wellpresented sporting only the trendiest fashion and accessories.

Onica Ramasodi – Home Owners Association Onica was born in Mamelodi and matriculated at Mamelodi High School in 1997. In 1998 she obtained a secretarial certificate through CAN Training School and started working at Clicks as a cosmetics consultant. She then became a Trainee Manager from 1999 till 2005 and joined the Woodhill family in 2006 as a receptionist and marketing assistant. Onica gained great experience by working closely with Woodhill’s Marketing Manager, as well as from various events, customer relation and corporate golf day experiences. She uses all of her valuable experience on a daily basis, even when organising private functions. Currently Onica is the Receptionist at the Home Owners Association. Onica also assists the Estate Manager and Communications Department on a daily basis with various tasks. When asked why she loves working at Woodhill, she proudly said, “It gives me

10 W


pleasure working for the Estate of Choice, as Woodhill is regarded as one of the most beautiful Estates in Gauteng.” Onica truly has one remarkable and unique sense of humour and often has employees in roars of laughter! If one is having a bad day, they can always rely on her to cheer them up and for some much needed comic relief. She is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone, especially those close to her. Onica has a son who is 5-years-old and really is the pride and joy of her life. When she mentions his name, her face immediately lights up and you can see her pride. Her son’s name is Sean , which means ‘’God is gracious.’’ When asked how she keeps in such good shape, she jokingly replies, ‘’I am constantly running after my little rascal. He is also extremely intelligent and is top of his class.’’

Onica has various hobbies with one being an association called ‘’Young Mothers’’. Young Mothers provides help and information on how to raise their children. They also organise educational tours for their children and offer support for young mothers. Onica loves surrounding herself with friends and family and has strong family values. She also follows the latest trends, news and happenings from around the world and is an avid reader.


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COMPLETION Other products available: Lighting • Cupboards • Bathrooms 12 W

Appliances • Doors & Windows • Flooring • Architectural Mouldings


Pretoria 288 Charles Street, Brooklyn, 0181

Johannesburg 44c Old KilCullen Road, Bryanston, Sandton.

Cape Town 4 Beachwood Industrial Centre, Beachwood Road, Woodstock

012 433 0400 • 011 887 7010 • 021 448 6303 • Email: • Website: HOA COMMUNICATION

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Our beautiful Woodhill Estate is always bustling with some sort of exciting events. These offer the perfect opportunity to relish a fun day out with family and friends. Please contact Sarita for more information.

25 October: Monthly Lucky Draw 9 November: Annual Charity Fundraising Golf Day

14 November: Barnyard Charity Fundraising 28 & 29 November: 29 November: Christmas Market Last Monthly Lucky Draw and Charity Cheque Hand Over. 29 November: Residents Kiddies Christmas Tree




D R AW 3 0 AU G U S T It’s wonderful to note that more than 150 home owners, residents and members attended the highlight of the month at the club house; the monthly Lucky Draw. Giggles the clown entertained the kids with face painting and balloon sculpturing and the candy store from Laughing Ladybirds was a huge hit. Patio Warehouse was the sponsor of the evening and displayed their beautiful, outdoor furniture outside the club house. More fun was enjoyed with Andrew amusing the crowds with live entertainment till late into the evening. The 1st draw for the amount of R18 000-00 was for member, JC Watson who was not present. The money rolls over to the next draw.

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Moms, Dads, Kids and tail-wagging dogs arrived bright and early at the clubhouse entrance, all dressed in a dash and shade of pink. Pink families and friends made their way through the Fun Walk route and after completion enjoyed a well-deserved and delicious chocolate medal. It would be wonderful to see more people enjoying the Fun Walk next time around.


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Childrens Themed Parties


“We will take the stress out of your party”. Whether you need just a few items, or would like Woodhill to plan the entire event, it is guaranteed to be a special day for your little one. Whatever you need, whether it be tables and chairs, jumping castles, décor, entertainment or catering, it will be a funfilled day for everyone. From birthdays, to stork teas, pamper parties and kitchen teas. Woodhill will assist in making any occasion a wonderful one.

The Woodhill Country Club invites all residents to make use of the venue and facilities to host their functions in a great environment and close to home. Our professional and helpful team will eliminate the hassle of entertaining and planning an event. DID YOU KNOW? • No venue hire for immediate family • Different venue options available for big or small functions • A R60 per person, service and set-up fee is applicable which includes: - Tables - Chairs - Black Table Cloths - Black Chair Covers - Cutlery and Crockery - 1 x Waiter per 20 people

Lizette van der Merwe PCO and Function Coordinator invites you to meet with her at the club, plan your event and make your next booking. 012 998 0011 x235 Email: or

*Any extra décor will be charged additionally.

Events and Functions The venue can be used to host birthdays for all ages, cocktails, high teas, themed parties, christenings, church service set-up, Sunday lunches, formal dinners, braai’s & spits and funeral teas. Residents, who would like to host their company or corporate functions at the club,

qualify for discounted rates. Our food and beverage team, together with the Events Coordinator and PCO, will ensure professional catering and that functions are well coordinated and run smoothly. We offer a one stop shop for all function requirements, ranging from catering, décor hire, entertainment, photographers, florists and much more. Woodhill Country Club Owners Social Evenings.



These events will include activities such as themed dinner events for example: - Monthly Lucky Draws - Charity Walks - Easter - Holiday Clubs

18 W


Wow Wow Wow...


Take away pizza from 1 September. Order and collect at the Clubhouse.

Join Woodhill’s annual Barnyard Charity Event




SAVE THE DATE and BOOK A TABLE 14 November 2013 Whether you’re a 80s or 90s fan, you are bound to get rocked! Experience old school nostalgia, dance till you drop and sing out loud and proud for the decade you love the most! Eighties and Nineties pop culture is rampant in our lives today, but when it comes to music which decade was the best? Eighties music was defined by big hair bands, heavy metal and new wave music. There were many great music figures that were born out of this decade such as Tina Turner, Madonna, Dire Straits, Michael Jackson (who released “Thriller” in 1982) and Bruce Springsteen who released Born in the USA in 1985 which became one of the best-selling albums of all time. MTV became the world’s first music channel and popularised music videos

with pop groups like Eurythmics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Alphaville, The Human League and Tears for Fears. Rock groups also made their mark in the eighties, think Bon Jovi, Journey, INXS, Guns N’ Roses and Toto. The nineties saw the emergence of hip hop music with artists like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer and the reggae giant UB40 who continued their dominance throughout the decade. Grunge and alternative music gave us 90s bands Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Counting Crows, Oasis, REM and Crash Test Dummies.

The 90s also focused on pop music with artists like Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Robbie Williams and the Backstreet Boys. Some of the greatest female icons emerged in the 90s including Alanis Morissette, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Shania Twain. The challenge is on, may the best decade win! 80s vs. 90s is a hip, fun and trendy show that features the best of 2 decades colliding into one awesome show.

More details to follow. Contact the Sarita for more information.

19 W



Illustration by Kurt Levendal

Champagne and Celebrations for Valerie Ehlers 80th Birthday Valerie and her husband Leon are home owners at Woodhill and have been living on their favourite Estate for the past 10 years. Her son worked for the developers when the Estate started flourishing and suggested that they purchase a stand on the Estate. He saw the beauty and value of Woodhill and wanted his parents to live and retire at this magical place. Valerie’s husband designed the plans for their dream house, which they called their perfect home for many happy years.

20 W


Valerie loves Woodhill for an array of reasons. She explains she has the friendliest and most caring neighbours and that she has made some really great friends while living on the Estate. When Valerie recently turned eighty-years-old, her friends threw her a surprise breakfast, which she greatly enjoyed. The Woodhill Ladies Committee also joined in on her birthday festivities and treated her to champagne at the clubhouse, marking the special occasion.

Many residents will recognise Valerie as she walks her beloved dog Donna twice a day on the Estate. Valerie also admits that Donna has to be the most loved and spoiled dog in the whole of Pretoria. Valerie sets a great example as she is one of the only residents who picks up her dog’s indiscretions when taking her for a walk. When asked why she adheres to this rule, she jokingly replies, ‘’I can’t bear the thought of a golfer hitting a shit shot!’’

New homes, renovations, additions and alterations. After 22, years we still maintain our high levels of professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction FAMILY AND COMMUNITY


Jose – 082 495 2431 | Miguel – 082 497 3252| Email – | Web – W


Bespoke Parties for all occasions. Ladybird Parties Bespoke Parties  for  Laughing all  Occasions   is so excited about being able to offer Themed Parties to the Woodhill Estate. Laughing  Ladybird  Parties  is  so  echildren xcited  of about   being   able  to  offer  Themed  Par

children of     Woodhill  Estate  during  the  holiday  programme.     Every  party  is  a  different  unisex  theme:   Includes  party  packs,  bubbles,  games,  a  craft  activity  and  a  jumping  castle     Costs:  R100  per  child       Time:  10h00  -­‐12h00  

Every party is a different unisex theme: Includes party packs, bubbles, games, a craft activity and a jumping castle.

22 W


Programme:         23  September:                                 24  September:    

Contact Kristine Superheroes   Party  (on: Yes,   girls  are  superheroes  too)  Paint  and  decorate  your  own  Superhero  mask   Mad  Hatter’s  Tea  Party  (come  with  a  hat  you’ve  made  or  bo

Exclusive to Woodhill Residents

• Qualified Teachers • Daily Programme • Weekly Themes • Bilingual Playgroup • Established in 1997

EXTRA ACTIVITIES • Monkeynastix • Playball • Music • Puppet show every term • Occupational therapist and speech therapist available Time: 08h00 – 14h00 Address: 65 GLENDOWER AVENUE Call Ellen or come visit our playroom – We would love to welcome you at our playgroup Tel: 082 454 3051 TODDLERS 1 – 5 YEARS FAMILY AND COMMUNITY

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MELEX ELECTRO VEHICLES Perfect for Golf and Leisure, Estates, Agriculture, Hospitality, Industrial, Impaired Mobility, Campus and Security, and Eco-friendly commuting










ROCKY: 071 609 4245 GERALD: 082 823 7317

We offer the following:

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Mom and Dad give my artwork to Sarita and I could be published in the December Woodhill Magazine. Closing date: 31 October 2013 WIN 2 Movie Tickets


25 W









PROPERTY INFO: Bedrooms: Main bedroom (en suite bathroom) upstairs with adjoining lounge area and study, Fireplace in main bedroom, 2 Double bedrooms (full en suite bathrooms) in separate wing, with lounge area

Price: R8,500,000 Full Ownership Building Size: 800m2 Zebula Levy:  R3,500 per month (excluding electricity and insurance) Municipal rates: R1,780 per month   Exterior: Plaster under Thatch Interior: Cement/Coprox flooring

Guest Cottage: Open plan, Bedroom, Kitchen, Lounge with Bathroom with in and outside Outside Flat: Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom ideal for staff Additional: 3 Garages, Storeroom, Covered Patio with braai and serving area, Swimming Pool. Extras: Game drive vehicle, Generator, Airconditioned, Gas/electric stove (Smeg), Each bedroom has patio, Outside braai/boma, Pizza Oven, Alarm system

Fully Furnished and Equipped All The living k areas lead out onto patio’s itchen  

The Kitchen

Bathrooms: Main Bathroom: separate toilet, shower opening to the outside and bath        Bathrooms fitted with bath and shower, Guest Toilet   Living Area: Large open plan design                     Large Kitchen, scullery, and washing/ironing room Dining Room Central Fireplace       Lounge

Aerial View of Property

Downstairs Bedroom 1 Guest Co]age  


Downstairs Bedroom  1  

Outside Flat  

Downstairs Bedroom  2  

Generator and  water     tanks   Main  bedroom   and  lounge  area  

Main Lounge

Main unge  

Wing with  2  bedrooms,   and  lounge  area  

Main Bedroom


Main bathroom   Dining  area  


26 W

Main Bathroom

Main pa,o  

Braai area  

Swimming Pool  

Covered Patio

Downstairs Bedroom 2

Guest Co]age  

Guest Cottage

Covered Pa,o  

Pieter Uys 0829900226 Fax 086 516 8683

Irma Uys 0829900346

Postal address: 27 Combretum Avenue, Welgedacht Bellville, 7530


S P R I NG A F R I CA Spring has to be the best season. In many parts of South Africa the rain washes away the remaining cold of winter with the air warming up, as well as bursting with the sweetest scents of blossoming flowers. With spring right around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explore three destinations that really come alive with specific and unique beauty. Enjoy spring and adventure with these locations across our lovely country.

Namaqualand Flower Extravaganza The magnificent area of Namaqualand is known for its spring flowers throughout the world. During the winter months the terrain is quite dry but as soon as the earth is replenished with water, the landscape is inundated with so many flowers that it looks just like a carpet of exquisitely, coloured petals. Hundreds of different species of flowers create an incredibly eclectic mix of splendour. The end of August and September are the best times to travel to Namaqualand with an enjoyable drive through characteristic towns and an everchanging terrain. Two great places to visit are the Goegap Nature Reserve near Springbok and Skilpad Wildflower Reserve at Kamieskroon. Namaqualand and namely Sutherland is also known for its sparkling, African skies and stargazing. Just 1km outside of Sutherland you can find the Sterland Caravan Park, where the Sterland Show will delight you with a celestial show.

Bela Bela; sun, fun and wildlife Bela Bela has become a popular tourist destination over the years and it’s a great place to experience in the spring time. It’s a short drive from Gauteng; only about an hour, which is perfect for families not wanting to travel far. The weather is great as it can get relatively hot in summer, so spring is just right. One of the main attractions is the natural hot springs, as well as Warmbaths, which cater for children and adults. There are numerous warm pools and slides that provide endless hours of fun in the not-too harsh spring sun. The area of Bela Bela also boasts a world renowned hydro and many luxurious spas, where one can completely unwind and relax in a tranquil environment. If looking for a bush and Big 5 experience; Bela Bela is perfect. The Zebula Golf Estate and Spa located in Bela Bela is the perfect amalgamation of enjoyable activities. It offers various wildlife activities, including safaris and elephant back adventures, as well as a top class spa. Did we mention the 72 par, Peter Matkovich designer golf course surrounded by the lush, African

bush? Spring is a great time to experience the bushveld, as it comes alive with vegetation and the previously dry waterholes fill up and more wildlife can be seen.


27 W

The Cape Peninsula; majestic Mother Nature The Cape Peninsula can be a gorgeous but tempestuous place in the winter months. Although it has its unique attributes and attractions in winter, spring really is a wonderful time to visit the Cape Peninsula. Because rainfall happens predominantly in winter, you will find little to no rain during your visit and warm, balmy weather. For the more active explorers, the Table Mountain Nature Reserve and area around Cape

28 W


Point provides spectacular hikes with some of the most sought-after views of the big, blue ocean. One of the most popular hiking trails is the Shipwreck trail, where one can bask in the traditional fauna and flora and visit the beach where the Thomas T Tucker shipwreck is located. The unspoilt nature provides a magnificent playground and if going in early spring, one might even have the chance of sighting magnificent, Southern

Right Whales, as this is the time they come to the area to mate. Boulders Beach is home to a colony of 3 000 African Penguins; an amazing experience for children. Our country shines and awes no matter what the season but with the special season of spring just around the corner and with the September school holidays, these are just a few great destinations to enjoy and explore. Enjoy the adventure.


29 W



Golfing Greetings All Winter? What winter? This year we have been really fortunate with such warm conditions for playing golf and I can tell because we still have 36 out of 40 beanies still in stock! The golf course has stayed green throughout the months and although the greens roll fast and true, a good putt is always rewarded at Woodhill. Woodhill Country Club proudly hosted the inaugural Gauteng North PGA Championship on the 5th and 6th of August. Day one was a Pro-am where we invited corporates to join the Pro’s from our region on the golf course and, as one expects, the day was full of fun as the field of 54 teed off on a tough test.

The Pro-am ended with a Prize giving dinner where the team winners were rewarded for their efforts with a bottle or two of delicious Ernie Els wine and some lovely prizes from Taylormade Golf. Day 2 saw the Pro’s battle it out for the R20 000.00 prize money on offer and I am proud to mention that the Woodhill Pro’s finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, namely myself 71, 68, Morne Botha 73, 69 and Johan Van Vuuren 72, 71.

The Castle Light Challenge is gaining momentum and this monthly competition allows both first and second place winners on the day to play in the Shoot Out finals in November. Remember this is for members only and make sure you buy a few Castle Lights after your game to refresh your memories of your great shots. Our main prize for the lucky winner is soon to be announced so watch this space!

The 3rd Winter Club Champs proudly sponsored by Afri Group was held on Saturday the 17th of August. We gladly thank our loyal sponsors Henk Du Toit and his son Hein from Afri Group for making the event possible.

See you soon on the course! Yours in Golf, Paul Marks

It’s not a golf car. It’s a Available in 2- to 8-Seater Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles

Precedent 2-Seater Features • • • • • • •

Rustproof, aluminium chassis 360’ Wraparound bumper Full molded-in body panels Monsoon top with build in drain spout Ergo Seats for better comfort Flexible cup holders for range of cup sizes Low motor braking speed

• • • • • •

Hill descent assist Increased regenerative braking Peace of mind with mechanical brakes Speed programmability New – Dash compartment design Exclusive charging system

CSE offers New and Pre-owned or Refurbish Carts plus Parts and Accessories. For more information contact CSE Isando:: Sales and Information: Tel: 011 922 2000 E-mail: Tel: 011 922 2346/8 30 SPORTS AND LEISUREServices and Repairs: Durban: 031 705 3390 | CT: 021 380 2600 | PE: 041 484 6240 | George: 044 878 1606 W

AM SY Contact Details: 0861 742 672

Suppliers Of: Stainless Steel Gas & Charcoal Drop In Braais Stainless Steel Gas Mobile Braais Flueless Gas & Bio Fuel Fireplaces Gas & Bio Fuel Grates Outdoor Gas Firepits Stainless Steel Gas Cages Tool/Storage Chests


31 W

F RO M T H E T E E TO THE GREEN C LU B M A NAG E R As many of you can see from the condition and happenings on the golf course, our green keeper and his staff are progressing well with the annual spring treatments. Once the rains come, a dramatic change will take place as the dreary colours of winter are replaced with nature’s vibrant, summer tones. We are confident that the course will once again compliment all of the stunning homes and gardens of this beautiful Estate of ours and we will continue to be the envy of other Estates. As you may or may not know, after lengthy deliberation and a feasibility study, WCC has decided to take the banqueting and conferencing functions in-house, to leave

our catering partners to focus on their core business of delivering food and beverage services. This was done from the 1st of June this year and albeit that June and July were slow, we have shown more and more success and our bookings for conferencing and banqueting have escalated dramatically; the future in this regard is looking very promising. Our current caterers, Kingdom Caterers, have informed us that they will not be renewing their contract, which comes to an end in the middle of November. WCC, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, are busy with the process of assessing potential new catering business partners for the new model. We have some very good applicants and we are confident that our new partners will have the necessary attributes and skills to attract more of the Homeowners into making more frequent

use of our facilities. Our new lounge furniture has arrived and our new bar chairs will be in place shortly. As we move towards the warmer temperatures and the end of the year, our bookings for golf and functions look very good and we anticipate an increase in “traffic” through the golf course and our clubhouse. We invite the Homeowners to come down and make use of our facilities, even if it’s just to sit serenely on the patio and admire the beautiful view of the Estate, or maybe to have a sun-downer or light snack. Put us to the test! We would love to have you use the facilities more often and provide us with feedback on Golf Course  Report  for  the  Woodhill  Magazine   what you would like us to do for you. We look Winters  in  Gauteng  are  never  mild  and  for  us  on  the  golf  course  is  it  definitely  not  our  favorite  time   to to  meeting all atlayers   theof   Club. the   forward year,   as   we   need   wrap   up   and  you wear   several   clothing   when   we   go   out   onto   the   go

course at  6h00  am  in  the  mornings  and  even  earlier  over  weekends.  Unlike  other  winters,  this  one  w not   as   cold   and   we   did   not   record   temps   as   low   as   we   did   in   the   past.   The   lowest   temps   that   we recorded  were  1,5  degree  Celsius,  even  though  we  had  quite  heavy  frost  on  a  couple  of  days.  Temps  a quickly   rising   and   we   even   received   some   rain   which   is   very   early   for   this   time   of   the   year.   I   thi everyone   should   be   excited   that   the   weather   is   changing   for   the   better,   especially   if   one   takes   in consideration  that  we  still  received  snow  on  the  6th  of  August  last  year.  

Regards Mark Bruyns

On Monday   the   12th   of   August   will   we   start   with   our   spring   treatment   when   we   start   to   scarify   all   rou areas   as   well   as   greens   and   tee   surrounds.   Top   dressing   of   greens   surrounds   will   follow   soon   aft scarifying   has   taken   place.   We   might   only   do   some   of   the   fairways   due   to   budget   restrictions   and   w concentrate   on   the   ones   that   are   like   most   of   the   green   surrounds,   infected   with   Kikuyu   patch.     This   is fungus  that  attacks  the  Kikuyu  grass  every  year  during  winter  months  and  becomes  more  visible  as  t season   progresses   towards   spring.     The   disease   was   first   noticed   about   6   years   ago   and   has   sin become  a  huge  headache  for  us  on  the  golf  course.    We  are  not  the  only  course  that  struggles  with  it,   there   are   other   courses   that   have   the   same   problem.     The   only   problem   with   the   disease   is   that   there no   cure   for   it   that   causes   it   to   just   come   back   stronger   every   year.     There   are   suppliers   working   o chemicals   to   try   and   cure   the   disease   and   we   have   also   used   some   of   these   products,   without   a success.  

GREENSKEEPER Winters in Gauteng are never mild and for us on the golf course, it is definitely not our favorite time of the year. We need to wrap up warm and wear several layers of clothing when we go out onto the golf course at 6h00 am in the mornings and even earlier sometimes over the weekends. Unlike other winters, this one was not as cold as we anticipated. The lowest temperatures recorded were 1,5 degree Celsius, even though we had quite heavy frost on a couple of days. Temperatures are quickly rising and we even received some refreshing rain, which is fairly early for this time of the year. On Monday the 12th of August our spring treatment started. We scarify all rough areas, greens and tee surrounds followed by Top dressing of green surrounds. We only enhanced some of the fairways due to budget restrictions but concentrated on the ones, that were like most of the green surrounds, infected with Kikuyu patch. Kikuyu patch is

32 W


a fungus that attacks the Kikuyu grass every year during the winter months and becomes more visible as the season progresses towards spring. The disease was first noticed about 6 years ago and has since become a huge headache for us on the golf course. The main problem with the disease is that there is no cure for what causes it and it just comes back stronger every year. There are suppliers working on chemicals to try and cure the disease and we have also used some of these products, without any success. In years that have past we have learnt that the only way to get the grass to recover is by top dressing the patch with a mixture of topsoil and kraalmanure and the application of a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen. This normally helps the plant to recover quickly, as it grows vigorously, but it never cures it and next year we will be faced with the same challenge, until such time that someone can supply us with a suitable fungicide. Hollowing of the greens took place from the 9th to the 12th September. This

process enabled us to reduce compaction, get gasses from organic build up to release out of the soil, de-thatching and introducing of new growing medium to the soil profile, that also helps with the de-thatching of the putting surface. Taking care of compaction also helps us to get water to infiltrate successfully into the root zone of the plant. Spring treatment is always a dusty exercise, especially at this time of the year when we haven’t received proper rains. We ask all golfers and Homeowners to please bear with us, as all of this will be worthwhile once the course is in the optimum condition, during summer months. For those of you that are golfers, happy golfing and to the rest of you, happy gardening.

In  years  that  have  past  we  have  learnt  that  the  only  way  to  get  the  disease  to  recover,  is  by  top  dressi the   patch   with   a   mixture   of   topsoil   and   kraalmanure   and   the   application   of   a   fertilizer   that   is   high   nitrogen.     This   normally   helps   the   plant   to   recover   quickly   as   it   grow   vigorously,   but   it   never   cures from  the  disease  and  next  year  we  will  be  faced  with  the  same  challenge  until  such  time  that  someo can  supply  us  with  a  suitable  fungicide.  

Regards Frikkie.

RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY WANTED Please do not hesitate to call me for any property related requirements

Ana Scott

083 501 4440


33 W


LADIES CAPTAIN The Ladies Thursday League did well this year. Finishing in 2nd place was the Woodhill 1st Team and in 4th place, our Woodhill 2nd team. Pretoria Country Club played very well, so congratulations to PCC on their Win in the Ladies Thursday League this year. Playing golf to support cancer awareness in the Sanlam Cancer Challenge is very rewarding and our winners thoroughly enjoyed the experience of giving back. A Division - Ronel Van Deemter B Division - Hanalie Van Niekerk C Division - Vanessa Nigrini On 23 May, the Woodhill Ladies Open was held, which was another huge success! Thank you to our Sponsor Waylynn Van Der Westhuizen and his staff at Rochester Parkview. With a full field of 116 players our “Captain of the Seas” theme was well received with everyone dressing up. The prize giving party was held outside, with lots of fun and enthusiasm.

On Mandela Day, we played in the Wespoort Golf day, which was held at Woodhill and being one of the charities that we support each year, it was good to give back! Champion of Champs was held on 21 July and we were proud to hear that we had a winner at Woodhill. Well Done Vanessa Nigrini for winning the C Division. Off to Thabazimbi we went to try and win back our beloved Mavis (Slettie). We are very sad to report that we lost by only 3 points. However, we brought back the ‘Tina Van Wyk’ trophy for our Woodhill win in the Night Golf. The night golf was so much fun. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. Next year Mavis (Slettie) is coming home! Seniors championships where held in August and our past Captain, Karen Van Huyssteen won in the Stableford points division for ages 50-60. Well Done Karen! Mercedes Benz Woodhill Ladies Open Women’s Day was held on 15 August. Having such an amazing Sponsorship from Mercedes

CLUB ANNOUNCMENTS ITP TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT Congratulations to Zander Lombard and Philip Kruze who have been included in the Premier IPT Team for 2013 and who will be representing GNGU at the Rustenburg Golf Club from the 22nd to the 27th of September.

Benz Menlyn made it a fantastic day. We had a brand new C Class on offer for a hole-in-one on the 12th hole. Thank you to the team at Mercedes Benz Menlyn, we are very proud to be associated with you. Woodhill CC Winter Club Champs was played on Saturday the 17th of August, with our ladies doing really well. B Division winner - Helena Howard B Division runner up - Mariette Botha C Division winner - Wilize Gronum C Division runner up - Mari Botha Well done Ladies. So yes, I was not joking when I said we have been very busy! We still have some more events coming up. So keep those golf clubs ready. Date to be confirmed - Ladies vs Caddies Date to be confirmed - Ladies Road Trip 9 November - Charity Golf Day 14 November - Barnyard Charity Event Happy Golfing.... till next time! Erica Van Wyk

At Your Service! At Your Service!

Old Mutual International Pairs SA NATIONAL FINAL 2013 We are now pleased to inform you that players from our club were successful and have received their invitation to the National Finals to contest in The Club Championship Series of the Old Mutual International Pairs SA tournament. Well done to Peet Diedericks and Marthinus Koegelenberg

34 W

Zander Lombard

Reinette Ballot Reinette Ballot 083 898 3356 3356 083 898

Sales Rentals Sales & Rentals


35 W





T habazimbi 2013

36 W


2 3 M AY




Corporate Shuttle was established in 2000 and is committed to reliable and safe We proudly 24 hour Corporate Shuttle was service. established in 2000 offer and isa committed service available 365 daysoffer a year. to reliable and and safeare service. We proudly a 24 hour service and are available 365 days a year.

Mobile 082 450 6088 • Office 0861 50 60 88

Winner, C Division Vanessa Nigiri with GNGU Vice President Dot van Ryneveld.

Fax 086 276 2433 • Email Mobile 082 450 6088 • Office 0861 50 60 88 Fax 086 276 2433 • Email

Francois Smit • 083 263 3754 • • Tel: 0

Louis Bekker won the B division of the GNGU Champion of Champions.




37 W

Francois Smit • 083 263 3754 • • Tel: 012 800 1031 • Fax 086 696 7641


O P E N 15 AUGUST This year’s Women’s Day was a very special celebration, which was held at Woodhill for the Estate’s ladies to enjoy. We had 120 ladies attend the event, which sported a fun ladies tea party theme. Each lady brought a tea cup, which was put into a box and placed on tables in the venue. Each lady then selected someone else’s cup, used it for the event and then took it home with them as a remembrance of the day. The celebrations were kicked off with a round of golf, with the course decorated in our spirited, ladies pink flags and cups, which were supplied by our amazing green keeper Frikkie. Up for grabs was a spectacular Mercedes Benz C Class for a hole in one on the 12th hole, which was sponsored by Mercedes Benz Menlyn. A special thanks to Kathy Fitzhenry from Mercedes Benz for making this day even more exceptional for all the ladies involved. The venue and tables were tastefully decorated and lined with decedent cakes and colourful flowers by Lizette Van Der Merwe. The food was delicious and the atmosphere electric with our two visiting US PGA Pro’s; Paulina Creamer and Monet Gilbus, who visited us at Woodhill and held a special Golf Clinic for all of the ladies. They were amazing and we had a wonderful time with them! So, once again, Woodhill celebrated Women’s Day in absolute style! Thank you to all of the people who helped make this day one to remember! Erica Van Wyk Woodhill Ladies Captain

38 W



39 W


C H A R I T Y G O L F D AY 9 N OV E M B E R 2 0 1 3 R aising F U N D S for C harity

230 Holes in one day Hole Sponsoring Opportunities

Contact Sarita – 012 998 0011 – Woodhill Country Club will be hosting our 11th Annual Christmas Charity Golf Day on Saturday, 9th November 2013. The aim of this successful event is to raise funds, which will be donated to charities in Pretoria. This is an opportunity to give something meaningful to the less fortunate. For Woodhill, members, residents, management, corporate members and sponsors, let’s make the 2013 festive season something special!

A prize giving ceremony, dinner, entertainment and a fun filled evening with live music will follow the event.


Contact: Trade enquiries welcome. Paul: +27 82 903 1333

SPECIAL OFFER of R350 for Woodhill Residents only! Normally R399 delivered to your door. Innovative and easy to use, Girafacile’s beach umbrella has a 220cm canopy with reinforced spokes, a screw-in pole and UV protective covering.

How it works: Light Blue

Dark Blue


Acid Green

40 W


1. 2. 3.


YO U N G G O L F E R S Here at Woodhill, we take great pride in the accolades and achievements of our younger golf players on the Estate. As a fierce golfing community, and with our own awarded golf course, we would like to congratulate our own golfing superstars on their victories.

Catherine Lau Crowned Rose Bowl Champion Woodhill’s 12-year-old Catherine Lau’s story of victory is a triumphant one. She battled her way through wet and windy conditions at the Selborne Golf Club, to emerge victorious in the SA Nomads Rose Bowl 54-Hole Girls Championship. Earlier rounds of 69 and 76 left Lau in a tie for third with Centurion’s Magda Kruger, one shot behind Ji Sun Kang from Atlantic Beach and two shots adrift of overnight leader and defending champion Kelly Erasmus. Lau had set the clubhouse target at five-over-par 221 with her final round 76. She had an anxious wait in the clubhouse to see if one of the other three leading players would match or beat her score. The Woodhill golfer was sure that she had spoiled her chances after bogeys at holes 10, 14, 15, 16 and a double at 17. However it became apparent that Lau was still in the chase for the title when the other contenders faced the same difficulties in regards to the challenging weather conditions.

Erasmus from Durbanville dropped out of contention after a triple bogey at the ninth, but Kruger and Kang tuned in level par and could still challenge for glory. Kruger then fell out of the title with a double bogey at 13 and three successive bogeys at 14, 15 and 16. Victory was handed to Lau when she dropped two shots at the closing parfour 18. Lau’s podium victory has been coming for a few years now although the Woodhill golfer was more surprised than anyone to win the prestigious junior title. Over the years, Lau has mainly played in Little Kids Golf tournaments winning both the US Kids World Championships at the age of eight and for the last two years, she placed fourth in the World Championships. This year, Lau finished third at the HSBC China Junior Open in January, was crowned the Woodhill Junior Club Champion and came second in the Pecanwood College High School Championship in February. Lau also

won best net in the Woodhill Ladies Club Championship at her home course and placed second in the gross competition.

De Lange Snatches Victory at Kempton Park Keegan de Lange claimed the second of four Nomads-sponsored SA Junior National Order of Merit events when he held off local favourite Jason Froneman and in-form Thriston Lawrence for a one-shot victory at Kempton Park Golf Club.

Zander Lombard Wins in Namibia The 54-hole Bank Windhoek Namibia Open, played at the Windhoek Golf and Country Club, was a curtain-raiser for the South African team to prepare for the annual Africa Zone V1 Golf Championship team event. Woodhill’s Zander Lombard, the country’s second ranked player, edged out countryman Louis Taylor in a play-off to lift the overall title, while Taylor and compatriots Gerlou Roux, Tertius van der Berg and Andrew Light all won individual prizes. Lombard and Taylor both came from behind in the final round to tie at 211 in regulation play.

Taylor had the chance to win the event at the first extra hole but rushed a six-foot putt past the hole. Lombard was victorious when his approach shot at the 18th hole pitched 10feet behind the pin and spun back to a couple of inches. Taylor, the third ranked player in the South African Golf Association rankings, won overall Runner-up Gross Division on 211. Roux won the A-Division Runner up net on 218, Van den Berg the A-Division RunnerUp Gross on 212 and Light, the A-Division Winner Gross on 212.


41 W



with Gert Scheepers: WOODHILL COUNTRY CLUB

Our Woodhill Golf Course has received praises and accolades from a handful of accountable individuals. However, many of our residents that either don’t play golf, or may play golf on other courses, might not know our course very well. Here is an interview that was conducted with Gert Scheepers, the General Manager of the ICC, which provides some insight into the playability, challenges and unique attributes one can look forward to when taking on the course.

1. Q: What do you think is the best attribute of the golf course? A: Its best attributes are the location, natural water resources and the panoramic view of Pretoria at the par 3, 7th tee box. 2. Q: What makes it unique, with regards to other courses that you have played? A: It’s unique as it’s one of the only golf courses that looks superb well into winter. 3. Q: What do you appreciate about the design of the golf course? A: I think the Woodhill course rewards good golf shots and punishes the bad shots, however, a good shot can still be punished by an obstacle making it even more exciting. 4. Q: How would you best describe its aesthetic surroundings? A: The natural water resources contribute to making it a visually appealing and characteristic golf course. 5. Q: In terms of difficulty, how would you rate the golf course and what level of player is it best suited for? A: The course offers something for all levels of play, however,

42 W


I don’t feel that the lower handicaps are always challenged enough by the course. 6. Q: In your opinion, which hole is the most challenging and why? Please also make reference to challenging fairways, greens and bunkers etc. A: The 5th Hole is the most challenging because of the blind shot into the green. If you are behind the little rise and if you are a high handicap player, even if you hit a good shot, you simply don’t have enough loft in your bag to clear the little hill and reach the green, let alone shape it around it. Most of the time I normally layup. 7. Q: What was your favourite hole to play and why? A: The 7th hole. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but this is normally where the 1st nine really takes off. 8. Q: What is the course better for, short game or long game? A: Long game. 9. Q: What was your selection of golf clubs for this particular course and why? A: A driver 3 wood off the tee and 7 iron approach shot.

10. Q: What is the course like in terms of hazards? A: I think there could be a bunker added on par 4 next to the cluster of trees for the long hitters, and a trap in front of the 5th green for the lower handicaps to make them think twice about the shot. 11. Q: What would you class as a good score for the course? A: I would say 3 below handicap. 12. Q: How can you best describe your experience at the Woodhill Golf Course? A: It is a golf course that I always look forward to playing and am proud to take my friends or business associates to experience it too. Thank you Gert Scheepers for your valuable contribution and on going support of the Woodhill Estate Golfing fraternity.


43 W


O N T H E ESTATE Johan Prinsloo

From the Garden Side of Woodhill As the main landscaper for Woodhill Estate, our goal is to upgrade the standards of the gardens and get them looking beautiful. At the moment we are focusing on removing all of the older plants that have started to look a bit wilted and replace them with plants that already exist in the gardens for various reasons. Also, as you might have noticed, some of the gardens within the Estate’s landscaping have been improved by adding bursts of colour and for this we used attractive plants such as Gazanias and Crassulas. If you use several plants of the same species it often gives a unified look to a garden, as opposed to using different species, which can make a garden look a tad disorganised. Using natural stone or bark chips will add character to any garden and will make it that much more visually appealing. Using compost and fertiliser regularly enhances the plants growth and it’s sure to flourish. Top Gardner’s Tip - Ensure that all the weeds are taken out of the grass areas, most of

44 W


the weeds are darker than the grass during winter so they are easier to spot. There are two ways to remove them, either by hand or by using a weed killer called ‘Super Lawn Weeder’. Then just after winter when all the weeds have been removed, put ‘Lawn Dressing’, a mixture of soil and compost, on the grass.

We are known for golf course sand but most clients are not aware of the variety of products we offer.

We Supply To Golf Courses: • Usga Silica • Bunker Sand • Drainage Stone • Intermediate Layer • Peat Mix • Ceramic Mix • And Various Mixes To Specifications • Divot Mix • Green Coloured Sand

We Supply To Leisure Markets: Synthetic Turf • Bowling Green Mix • Special Screened Silica Volleyball Courts • Volleyball Court Sand Schools/Pre-School • Long Jump Pit Sand • Playpen Sand

We Supply To The Filter Market: • Swimming Pool Filter • Aquariums Sand • Water Filtration Sand

We Supply To Equestrian Market • Lawn Dressing • Washed River Sand • Various Grades Of Silica

Nurseries/Landscapers • Screened Topsoil Sport Stadiums • Decorative Dump Rock • Decorative Stone • Seedling Mixes • Tree Planting Mix • Course Landscaping Mix • Peat Moss In Bales • Mushroom Compost • Various Mixes


079 879 0622 011 964 2997

FAX: 086 686 4849 E-MAIL:


45 W


For the avid flower enthusiast, a bouquet of freshly cut, aromatic flowers is always welcomed. For special occasions, flowers have been given for years and each flower in its own magnificent right has a particular meaning. Flowers offer an aesthetic pleasure for the eyes and a sensation for the nose. Their allure is further enhanced by their frail demeanour which only lasts a few days. In recent years, flowers have become increasingly expensive but nothing comes close to these three flowers, the most expensive in the world.

1. The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

2. The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

3. Kadupul Flower

The elegant orchid has made a comeback with many people opting to purchase this beautiful flower as a gift. However, the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid is the rarest orchid in the world with a price tag of R40 000 a flower to boot! This species of orchid can only be found in a desolate, fenced off area in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia and best the special occasion falls between April and May as this is the only time of year that they bloom.

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, astoundingly enough is even more expensive then the last flower. This species of Orchid is completely man-made but really is an amazing sight. The orchid was created during the eight years of research conducted by the Shenzhen Nongke Group in China in agricultural science. This magnificent, Frankenstein flower was sold at an auction for a whopping R2 million. The elusive Shenzhen Nongke Orchid remains the most expensive flower ever sold.

Although the Kadupul Flower has never been sold for a specified amount of money, it makes the top of our list because it really is priceless. No amount of money could ever buy this extraordinary bloom as it is so rare and so fragile that it lives for only a few hours, and then dies. Found in Sri Lanka, even the locals seldom see this delicate flower bloom. The Kadupul Flower blossoms just before midnight and dies before dawn and no one has ever been able to remove the flower.




The finest in adjustable and fixed awnings.

WE ALSO INSTALL • Control your environment with light or shade with adjustable awnings • All window and door awnings • Deluxe canvas drop blinds • Retractable blinds

46 W



Tel: 086 1732 677 Email: | Website:

• Available with engineered PVC or aluminium brackets • Clear, bronze and aluminium boards • Quick and easy assembly and installation • Easy, economic solution for protection from sun, rain, hail etc.

Easy to install DIY system

Vaulted Patio Awnings

Tel: 086 1732 677 E-mail: | Website:








The Woodhill Estate has become a home and playground for various bird species and many of our residents have become passionate about their sightings. There have been 141 different bird species sighted on the Estate to date. Many birds take an epic journey around the world to search for a climate suited to their needs but what makes them take such an extensive trip? There are many differing factors that influence this grand migration. Migration relates to the seasonal movement from a breeding area to a non-breeding one, and it is essential for the survival of the species. Just some of the prominent factors that influence a bird’s instinct to migrate are: • The angle of the sun’s rays • Extreme weather conditions • Length of a day • Shortages of resources • Competition Many birds that take extremely long journeys need to build up fat reserves. Certain birds will even double their body weight for their

It’s getting to that enjoyable time of the year, when birding enthusiasts can expect the familiar return of migratory bird species to the Estate. migration. To try and contemplate the lengths of these journeys, a migration distance of around 10 000km is not unusual. The longest roundtrip is when the Artic Tern flies a staggering 50 000km. Most migrating birds fly at an altitude of around less than 3000 feet but some pilots have reported seeing birds flying as high as 26 000 feet. Woodhill boasts a fertile and consistent food supply that is attractive to returning bird species of the area. It additionally offers extensive vegetation and trees, which are important for nesting sites. The most recent sighting on the Estate was the Greater Honeyguide. Honeyguides are small to medium arboreal birds described as having brownish and greenish plumage, with distinct white outer-tail markings. The majority of Greater Honeyguides are yearlong residents with only some minimal local movement recorded. Keep an eye open for the Greater Honeyguide, as well as the various other bird species that will be returning home.

Hello Woodhill Birders. On 6 August I first heard, and then saw, a greater Honeyguide at our home in Woodhill Greens. Unfortunately I did not manage to get a photograph of it. I added it to our bird list, we now stand at 141 species. If residents report new sightings I would very much like to hear from them so as to keep our list up to date. Kind regards, Connie Marais We would love to showcase the wonderfull bird population in this feature. Please email updates and photographs to: or

48 W


Another visitor to our Estate is the Malacite Kingfisher


INGE NOWITZ 083 380 6414 YOLANDA PELSER 072 797 2019


R2 790 000

FULL TITLE TOWN HOUSE ! This home offers 3 bedrooms with 2,5 bathrooms and study. 3 spacious living areas with a gas fireplace. Lovely kitchen with separate scullery. Under cover patio with built in braai and low maintenance garden. Double garages and staff quarters.


R7 400 000


Spacious & luxurious home on the fairways with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, open plan living areas, lovely entertainment area with swimming pool. 3 garages and staff quarters.

Name Surname 082 123 4567


R2 900 000

CHATEAU IN WOODHILL ! Beautiful full title town house with excellent finishes. Open plan dining, lounge and family area with lovely wood and granite kitchen and breakfast nook and scullery. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study area. Double garages and neat garden.


R5 900 000

EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME ! Beautiful and spacious 4 bedroom home with 3,5 bathrooms and study. Formal lounge, dining room, 2 TV lounges, bar with stunning patio and swimming pool. Under tile heating, air con. 3 Garages & Sq.


R4 200 000

HOME WITH FLATLET ! Beautiful Tuscan style home with 3 bedrooms, 2, 5 bathrooms and separate 2 bedroom self-contained flat-let. Spacious entertainment area with under cover patio and built in braai. Lovely garden with pool. 2 Garages & Staff quarters.


R7 900 000

TUSCAN MASTERPIECE ! Beautiful Tuscan designed house with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 5 living areas, home theatre, walk-in-cold room, authentic wine cellar. Beautiful cherry wood kitchen, home , gym, movie theatre room, 4 garages and so much more…


R4 850 000

FAMILY HOME ! Perfectly positioned home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and study. Lovely entertainment area with bar, heated swimming pool and low maintenance garden. Staff quarters and 3 garages.


R7 990 000

ITALIAN STYLE HOME ON THE FAIRWAY ! This exquisite home has a double volume entrance with 4 spacious bedrooms each with en-suite bathrooms. Impressive kitchen, gas stove, scullery, laundry, study, lounge, wine cellar. Covered patio with built-in-braai overlooking pool and landscaped garden.

Franchise opportunities available. Contact Valerie Kritzinger 082 568 7060/ valerie.kritzinger@leapf

Web ref: 12345

Web ref: 12345

PROVIDING A PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DECORATING SERVICE - Hourly consultations - Preparing colour schemes, layout and furniture arrangements - Manufacture, supply and installation of curtains, blinds, upholstery and furniture - Agents for several ranges of local and imported fabrics, furniture and accessories - Paint work and various paint techniques - Wall coverings, flooring and carpeting - Lamps and accessories

Complete turnkey projects

living in style

BIRDING 49 Cerita Nagy | c: + 27 79 669 3432 | |


50 W



C A L E N DA R Hatfield Market Dates: Every Sunday 9am-5pm Place: Hatfield Plaza, Burnett Street, Hatfield, Pretoria Details: 011 422 4488 Hatfield Market is the perfect, little adventure for a Sunday shop. The trendy market offers jewellery, arts, crafts and furniture. Indulge in the eclectic mix of food on offer, while enjoying entertainment from local entertainers. Ludwig’s Spring Rose Festival Dates: 4 October - 13 October Place: Ludwig Rose Farm Website: October is the month of the rose at the Ludwig Rose Farm. A short drive from Pretoria, the farm will come alive with colours and scents. The Rose n’ Roots Theatre will keep you clued up on all things rose, while the Rose Cocktail bar refreshes and the Blue Train Tractor offers timeless fun.


Come dine at Col’Cacchio pizzeria Parkview and experience Italian-inspired food at its best. We offer an impressive variety of thin-based gourmet pizzas, crisp salads and freshly prepared pastas teamed with great service. COL’CACCHIO PIZZERIA PARKVIEW 012 992 6050 SHOP G55 PARKVIEW SHOPPING CENTRE, GARSFONTEIN RD.

The Diamond Express Dates: 6 October, other dates available on website Place: Hermanstad Railway Station Events, Hermandstad Website: Enjoy this wonderful day out with your family by taking the train to the characteristic mining town of Cullinan. Take a short tour of the mine or simply browse the many museums and craft shops, or enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the many restaurants. Nataniel - Moodswing Dates: 7 October - 11 October Place: Atterbury Theatre Website: Nataniel’s latest stage production ‘Moodswing’ celebrates his passion and love for various musical genres. He performs original songs, as well as his fantasy songs and stories in both English and Afrikaans; a true Nataniel extravaganza. Zoo Day for Senior Citizens Date: 5 November Place: Pretoria Zoo Website: The Pretoria National Zoo will be opening its doors to senior citizens over the age of 60 for a day of adventure. Senior Citizens will have free access to the Zoo, Aquarium and Reptile Park, with complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits in the morning and a special lunch at the Zoo’s Flamingo Restaurant.

CROWN CARPET & CROWN CROWN UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS CARPET & CROWN UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS WE SPECIALISE IN THE FOLLOWING: •WE Domestic and office cleaning of synthetics, woolen Kelims, SPECIALISE IN THE FOLLOWING: & Chinese •Flokaties, DomesticKarakuls, and officePersians, cleaning Nouwens of synthetics, woolencarpets, Kelims, Interiors of cars and caravans • Master Guardcarpets, Flokaties, Karakuls, Persians, Nouwens & Chinese • Moth-proofi • Flood damage extraction Interiors of carsngand caravans • Master Guard • Moth-proofing • Flood damage extraction

Phone: Mike Roupell Tel: 012 993 2854 / 083 442 5818 Phone: Mike Roupell Tel: 012 993 2854 / 083personnel 442 5818 Owner supervised • 25 years Experience • same Owner supervised • 25 years Experience • same personnel

The Persian The Persian


Cleaning done by hand We collect andby deliver Cleaning done hand We collect and deliver Quotes & Bookings Tel: 012 993 2854 • Quotes Fax: 012 1839 • Cell: 083 442 5818 & 993 Bookings

51 We also specialise in the cleaning of fitted carpets and upholstery W ENTERTAINMENT Tel: 012 993 2854 • Fax: 012 993 1839 • Cell: 083 442 5818 We also specialise in the cleaning of fitted carpets and upholstery

R I T ROVO Be Serenaded By Song and Food at Ritrovo Italian Restaurant

Italian food has become the cornerstone of any amazing meal, with foodies the world over screaming its praises. From the ever loved pizza, to an amazing plate of pasta, it has something to offer even the most discerning of palates. This leads me to the importance of discovering a true, Italian restaurant with an ambience to boot, and the general consensus in Pretoria, is that Ritrovo is most definitely this - a completely authentic, Italian restaurant of the highest regard with a loyal clientele. Owned by a passionate father and son duo, Ritrovo really does offer an enthralling journey for the senses and a delight for the avid lover of fine, Italian food. Ritrovo offers superb dining with an emphasis on fresh produce; they bake their own bread and make their own olive oil. Ritrovo has not only taken the aesthetic offering of setting into regard with it being beautiful, but different provisions have been made for individuals and groups dining there. They offer a more casual, deli type setting, formal dining room and private, function room, which are all tastefully decorated with an elegant ambience. The wine cellar is particularly lovely and exudes a magical atmosphere illuminated by soft, candle light and surrounded by the scent of fine wines. Ritrovo’s extensive menu offers

52 W


all the mother country has to offer. The head chef and owner Fortunato, a flamboyant and burly man, with the tendency of serenading his guests with tenor soprano-style songs, is sure to make the experience unique and attention to detail is present with his articulate description of the specials. At this stage, your mouth starts watering. Just some of the tantalising specials were lamb kidneys, grilled oysters and poached scallops in a basil sauce. For mains, a sure win is the Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare, which is a fresh and delicious seafood pasta in a tomato and white wine sauce. There are numerous fish and meat dishes so no matter what your taste buds are craving, Ritrovo will have something for you and it is sure to be just perfect. Ritrovo also has the most delectable selection for anyone with a sweet palate. Ritrovo’s signature

chocolate fondant is an indulgent, death by chocolate creation, freshly prepared while you wait and has a hot, dark Belgium chocolate centre that oozes this sweet substance onto anticipating spoons. A warm, elegant and varied environment with serenading sopranos, freshly prepared and top class cuisine with an award winning wine list paints the picture at Ritrovo. The staff are professional and knowledgeable on all dishes and with Fortunanto adding that extra dazzle, this restaurant is deserving of all of its impressive accolades over the years. Contact Details: 012 460 5173


53 W

54 W

55 W


An Escape For the Mind, Body and Soul at Hoogland Health Hydro

H ennopsriver Valley

Located in a magnificent valley where the tranquil mountains enclose you in, where buck and zebras graze peacefully and where the air is filled with sweet silence, the Hoogland Health Hydro awaits someone looking for something more. Our cities are inundated with plush spas where one can relax and unwind from daily stresses and although Hoogland may offer all that a spa does, it goes way beyond expectations. Hoogland has provided three generations of healing. It was established in 1976 by the Kruger family and is still being run by 3rd generation Krugers, proving that healing is in their blood. The Hoogland Health Hydro has positioned itself as more than just a spa, as it looks at holistic treatments and therapies that not only replenish the body but the soul and mind too. Hoogland’s ethos of ‘Relax, Revitalise and Energise’ is achieved through integrated wellness in a complimentary environment. Their combined concept is compiled of a variety of specified treatments, therapies, a nourishing and healthy buffet,

56 W


with fresh fruit, vegetables and water available throughout the day and night, and an array of world class facilities and activities.

throughout the day. It’s evident that the staff is passionate and the experience is always a positive and interesting one.

The difference comes with the offering at Hoogland. They have onsite, professional, medical practitioners, a nutritionist, a therapist, a biokineticist, a physiotherapist and a life coach. Each and every individual at Hoogland fits with Hoogland’s ethos and they are only too happy to assist with anything a visitor may need. Every aspect of a healing, rejuvenating or relaxing journey is available with the guidance of their professionals.

Their rooms are modestly decorated with a comfortable double bed, ample closet space and a lovely balcony overlooking the clearing and green space below. Hoogland is a relatively large establishment with many varying facets, so an orientation and tour of the establishment is offered to all visitors so that they can really enjoy Hoogland to its full capacity.

The road to Hoogland and the surrounding nature provides an enthralling journey to the remote establishment and one instantly notes the excellent service provided by the more then capable staff. All packages at Hoogland include accommodation, daily activities and all meals. Daily activities range from meditation, nature walks through the incredible hills, the drawing of expressive Mandalas, yoga, personal training and relaxation classes

The establishment is made up of the hotel, which houses the accommodation, the eating area, which has spectacular views of the landscape, which is predominantly made up of traditional bush with fauna and flora, relaxation areas such as the fireplace and the treatment and therapy areas. Meals at Hoogland are carefully created to offer healthy and balanced meals that are both wholesome and delicious. Fresh salads,

rich soups and their own baked Hoogland bread are a just a few delicious indulgences one can enjoy. The dining room is also home to an interesting concept dubbed the ‘Silent Table’. This is a table where an individual or group are able to sit in complete silence and really enjoy their food and the replenishment it provides. The Hydro Therapy Cycle at Hoogland, which makes use of all of their varied leisure offerings, takes the entire body and mind into consideration. It aims to detox, rejuvenate and hydrate skin, boost immunity, assist with the respiratory system, relieve stress, improve blood circulation and relax muscles. The Hoogland Hydro Therapy Cycle begins with the dynamic phase of exercise, which includes all activities offered including swimming in their outside or inside heated pools. The next phase, the tonic and massage phase makes use of the jet pools, jacuzzis, both inside and outside in the forest, the sitzbaths and of course any amazing massages by one of their therapists. Then we come to the heat phase, the pyro phase where one can explore the steam cabinet, steam room or sauna. The next phase, the cold and crio phase, combats the heat and this can be done within the cold pool, with cold showers or wet walks. The last phase is rest, the homeostasis phase, where one needs to completely rest in order for the body to gain balance once more. This innovative Hydro Therapy Cycle really does wonders for your body and your state of mind and is recommended for all visitors to experience at Hoogland. For the complete relaxation part at Hoogland, they offer an array of therapeutic and magical massages, including hot stone, aromatherapy, wood and

LASER & BEAUTY SPA Get a jump start on summer, with the new Pain-Free, Hair-FreeTM laser hair removal treatment now available with the “Soprano Ice.” It’s the fast, easy and comfortable way to eliminate any unwanted body hair. Now available, right on your doorstep in Woodhill Golf Estate.


THE WORLD’S FIRST PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL LASER The Soprano Ice is a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair reduction. It’s the world’s first laser hair reduction system that is VIRTUALLY PAINLESS. Virtually painless Fast treatment Safe and effective on ALL skin types Treat any body area





Nadia Deen +27 82 672 7545 / +27 12 003 2042 10 Les Maisons, Rossmund St, Woodhill Golf Estate

57 W

bamboo, Shiatsu and Calabash massages. Hoogland also offers TheraVine treatments which use a grape based product made from natural elements and essential oils. With this unbelievable product Hoogland’s talented therapists offer facials, specialised body treatments and body wraps. The elements of relaxing and pampering spa treatments are most definitely present at Hoogland, with a great product and professionalism making the experience that much better. However, that is only a part of the entire, innovative offering. As they state, they are so much more than just a spa and this is completely true. From the hidden labyrinths around the forest with chimes, to the extensive activity options, medical staff and delicious food, one just needs to arrive, relax, clear the mind and enjoy an enthralling journey of the soul and body. Contact details: 012 380 4000 / 079 872 2058








R7 900 000.00


REF: 5798/RP

REF: 6003/RP

This stylish home is located in one of the most sought after street in the Estate with superior furnishes, 3 living areas opening onto undercover patio overlooking the fairway with lovely Northern views.

Elegant 6 Bedroom family home on a 1563m2 stand Perfectly positioned on the fairway with open living areas and large flowing entertainment areas.









ENQ: RONELLE – 082 772 5158 - 0123487777 /

58 W



TRUE PEACE OF MIND INSURANCE COVER As a resident of Woodhill you will always benefit from: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Up to 40% cheaper than conventional insurance policies. Widest range of cover tailored to suit your insurance requirements. Least exclusions compared to most insurance policies on the market. Efficient dedicated consultants offering personal service no call centres. AFI is one of a limited number of insurance companies with a low claims rejection rate. Less than 1% of claims are rejected. No basic excesses. No driver restrictions. Only manufacturer approved repairers and parts are used following an accident. Vehicles insured for retail value and NOT market value. 24/7/365 Emergency service INCLUDED. A determined and efficient legal and recovery team to assist you recover your excesses following an accident. Our services are governed by strict service charters.

Contact us:

Herman Steyn

Business Development Consultant Tel: 012 452 7121 I Cell: 083 389 6935 Email:

MOTOR, HOUSEHOLD & BUSINESS INSURANCE An authorised financial services provider. Licence number 30414. Terms & conditions apply.


59 W


Take a Walk and Drive on the Wild Side

Quality, family time is priceless. In the modern world we live in, time and unique experiences are sought-after commodities. Parents search for one of those magical outings, which will really leave an impression in their children’s minds and hearts. The Lion Park encompasses exactly this; one of the most amazing and unique experiences that both children and adults can relish. Just a short drive from Gauteng, the Lion Park offers an authentic African, wildlife experience, where one can really get up close and personal with an array of wild animals. One of the main attractions; Cub World, offers a once in a lifetime encounter with lion cubs. Passionate volunteers from around the globe and staff supervise this unbelievable experience and guide children on how to interact with these

60 W


lovely creatures. There are also wild dog and cheetah cub enclosures, as well as a resident baby giraffe, which is always curious about visitors. The Lion Park is home to an array of buck, as well as giraffes, that are friendly and can be seen roaming through the areas of the park. Visitors have the chance to feel what the tongue of a giraffe feels like, while stroking and feeding them their treats on a raised platform. Onto the main attraction of the Lion Park; the carnivore and predator camp. The park offers visitors the opportunity to come into close contact with over 80 lions, including the endangered White Lion. One of the Lion Park’s male White Lions was used in the awarded documentary “White Lion”. Other magnificent predators include

leopards, black leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals and spotted hyenas. Even more amazing, the Lion Park offers a cheetah walk; a one hour side-by-side walk with this graceful creature. Their resident cheetah Shitana is calm and friendly; just try to keep up with the world’s fastest land animal. The Lion Park has, for a long time, offered self-drives through the park with access to all it has to offer. For the more educational experience, guided game drives are also available, with its recent guided night drive presenting an enthralling journey experiencing the animals and namely the lions when they are most active. Enjoy a comprehensive game drive under the velvet, African sky and watch the lions in action, while they kick up the dust and all try to dominate a piece of meat during feeding time.


61 W

For those wanting to extend the experience a little longer, the Lion Park offers traditional and characteristic tented camps, which are tastefully decorated with a great outside patio and dining area. What a great adventure; tented camps close to home, with the sound

of lion’s roaring while you relax under the stars and contemplate the African day you have appreciated with your family. Voted by Newsweek as one of the top 100 tourist destinations in the world, there is no greater place for wildlife in Gauteng. Contact details: (087) 150 0100 (011) 691 9905 -11

Function Hiring & Wedding Planning

Hiring of Décor • Flower Arrangements Linen • Cutlery • Candles • Set-up Co-ordinating

Contact Lizelle van den Berg 62 ENTERTAINMENT 012 991 7214 • 083 453 6624 • • 961 Zeerust Street, Faerie Glen, Pretoria W


TEL: 011 955 4493




63 W

R5 150 000


GOLF COURSE LUXURY Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Garages 2 WEB 300183 The natural elegance of this home is reflected in the quality-built house nestled on the fairways. All the bedrooms are north facing and open onto a balcony with lovely and peaceful views. Living areas open onto a covered patio overlooking the sparkling pool and boma. Kitchen has solid oak wooden cupboards. Garages have direct access into the property.


R2 790 000

TIMELESS SOPHISTICATION CLUSTER Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 WEB 300033 This exquisite full title cluster offers the luxury of space and lends itself to a relaxed style of living. The home offers a study. The formal lounge has a gas fireplace and all three living areas open onto an enclosed patio with a built-in braai. The lovely kitchen offers ample cupboards, a pantry and a separate scullery. SQ can be used as 4th bedroom (en-suite).

R2 750 000


IMMACULATE Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 WEB 298213 An immaculate north-facing home! This lovely home offers 4 bedrooms of which the main bedroom and en-suite bathroom is situated on ground level, with a further three bedrooms, study and TV lounge upstairs. Beautiful north facing living areas open onto a covered patio overlooking the dams and walkways of Woodlands. Double garages.









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R2 990 000

JUST MOVE IN WEB 29368 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 Beautiful duet. Pool. SQ. KAREN 082 780 1878 ENTERTAINMENT

64 W


R4 320 000

MODERN VILLA WEB 298004 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 4 Garages 4 Flatlet. Pool. Big entertainment room BIRGITTA 082 373 0353


R1 560 000

HOUSE WITH FLAT WEB 299476 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 MARTHIE AND MARGUERITE 082 334 5503 AND 083 460 7337


ABSOLUTE ELEGANCE WEB 291748 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 5 Garages 2 2 Flats. Pool. Entertainment area. TEAGUE 084 012 1980


INVESTMENT The psychology of property pricing Sellers naturally want the best price they can get for their property, and often ask for unrealistic prices in the hope that they will get as close to the mark as possible. However, they may be doing themselves a grave injustice. Rosa Willers, a Property Consultant for Seeff, has been involved in marketing and selling high-end residential real estate for a number of years. She has some insight into the psychology of pricing and the perception of property value and with the use of William Poundstone’s book, delves deeper into this subject. William Poundstone, the author of a book titled Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value, investigates the hidden psychology of property value. The author takes you on

a detailed journey of research into the behavioural decision theory. It is a place where psychology and economics interact and he demonstrates how pricing of everything, and anything, directly affects the relative value we ascribe to it. The thesis of this research is that we really do not ever understand the absolute pricing of anything, real estate included, but only the relative price of goods, a service, or product, or home, relative to other comparables. The book has two chapters on real estate and poses an interesting question to ask your real estate agent, assuming that he or she is impeccably honest. What would you price my home at, if it was your own?

What is the realistic pricing in any given market? This is always relative to other similar properties, and if the property is truly unique, which is quite often not the case, the comparison offers value for money. The two measures of pricing realism for residential properties are (1) the average time on the market; and (2) the percentage of properties sold at less than their asking price. For the four quarters up until the first quarter of 2013, the average estimated time that homes for sale spend on the market, as measured by FNB, for the lower and middle income segment, was nationally 13.6 weeks and 14.5 weeks respectively.

65 W

The upper income and high net worth segments recorded 17.8 weeks and 19.6 weeks respectively. The percentage of properties sold at less than their asking price across these four categories is currently on 84%. These figures indicate rampant overpricing of a low level of price realism, which is more pronounced at the higher price end of the spectrum.

short, list your home at the market value, that the market is willing to pay for a property in your area, and you will not only get the best price but also in the shortest possible time. Rosa Willers Chairperson of Woodhill Approved Agents

What matters most is not the absolute price of anything but only the relative pric, and the pricing of anything directly affects the value we associate with it. Overpriced properties make other similar properties seem like excellent value and therefore help estate agents sell the other property. Properties that have been significantly discounted relative to their original asking price also create a sense of value at the revised pricing, which often results in a sale. Does time on the market affect the Selling Price of my home? Yes, it does – in







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Gerald de Bruin (HOA Administrative Officer) Ext. 227 | 086 568 3145 SECURITY 24 Hours Emergency & Security Shift Manager 073 791 1775 Andre Langerveld (FSS Contract Manager) Ext. 203 | 071 851 1221 FSS Secretary Ext. 202 Security Gate (Garsfontein Rd) 012 998 6020 Security Gate (ST Bernard Rd ) 012 998 4793 Control Room Security Ext. 229 | 012 993 1236 IMPORTANT NUMBERS Woodhill College 012 998 1774 Pretoria East Hospital 012 422 2300 Mid City 012 452 6700

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