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Headteacher: Mr James Tibbles

Phoenix Community Primary School Belmont Road Ashford Kent TN24 9LS

Tel: 01233 622510 | Fax: 01233 739236 Email: Web: Twitter: @Phoenix_Ashford Friday 18th September 2015

I’d like to start this week’s newsletter with a thank you to all those parents who attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions this week. I’m really pleased that so many of you made the effort and those who attended said that they found the sessions interesting and useful. We will be holding these sessions each term in order to let you know about changes going on in school and, more importantly, they also give us the opportunity to listen to you and answer any questions you may have about your children’s learning and how best to support them. It should come as no surprise that the most important aspect about your child’s education is the amount of support they receive at home. Children who are supported at home do much better than children where there is little support. This does not mean providing extra tuition, it is all about taking an interest in your children’s education, completing family learning activities with them and, at a most basic level, making sure that they are ready for school by ensuring they have a good night’s sleep and a decent breakfast (and no, Rice Krispie squares do not count!) James Tibbles BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING The children have really engaged with our new house points system and behaviour across the school is outstanding. Our house captains were announced in assembly last week and today they received their ‘House Captain’ badges. They are: Jessie, Aiden, Macie, Lopsang, Lanna, Tyler, Rhiannah and AJ. 385


Farah Falcons Simmons (Blue) Scorpions (Green)

446 337

Murray Mammoths (Purple)

Ennis Emus (Red)

CHRISTMAS PANTOMINE We have now sold our allocation of tickets but we will try and get a few more tickets for those of you on the waiting list. If you have not yet paid, then I’m sorry to say you don’t have a ticket guaranteed.

ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY It is vitally important that children are in school ready to learn by 8.50am – especially as we start every day with Reading and this is the most important skill that any child can learn.

Penguins Pelicans Parrots Robins Ravens Flamingoes Eagles

Attendance 100% 96.7% 98.6% 99.0% 97.7% 99.6% 93.1%

No. of Lates 0 11 0 13 2 7 13

As always, if you are concerned or having difficulties then please do speak to us. FAMILY LEARNING Starting today, all children have been given a homelearning book and the teachers will be setting weekly ‘family learning’ activities. These are activities that you can complete with your children to support the learning that is going on in the classroom. It would also be great to share your child’s learning on Twitter, so please feel free to tweet any learning activities using #phoenixfamilylearning.

CLIC SARGENT Preparations continue for our charity hike up Mount Snowdon during the October half-term, we now have an extra member of staff joining us in Mrs Davis. This means that there will be fifteen of us in total. We are hoping to be in the Kentish Express next week! We have been busy raising money and seeking donations and are really pleased to say that we are already a third of the way towards our target of £1000. We’ve even talked about increasing the amount we hope to raise to £1500!

 STARS OF THE WEEK  Well done to all of our children who have been nominated as Star of the Week: Pelicans  Luke H – for a brilliant start to the year and a fantastic attitude towards learning. Miss Leavey Parrots  James S – for superb labelling and writing of a caption for English. Mrs Hills  Kai S – for amazing manners and an excellent effort with all his writing this week. Miss Holmes Robins  Oliver H-R – for completing an amazing piece of writing in English about a crocodile’s appearance this week. Miss Williams Ravens  Ruth J – for her fantastic work in English this week, using conjunctions and adjectives to write a descriptive paragraph about the Nile crocodile. Miss


A big thank you to everyone who has donated. Mr King will be bringing in collection pots next week. If you have any spare change then it would be greatly appreciated, all donations count, no matter how small.

Flamingoes  Lucy F – for a great effort and contribution to both English and Maths lessons all week. Mrs Foreman Eagles  Aidan S – for an excellent effort in Maths this week.

You can donate via the school office or through our JustGiving page:

 Tyler H – for making an outstanding start to working in Mrs Godfrey’s group. He has produced some excellent writing. Mrs Godfrey

Not to be outdone, Mrs Geering and Mr Garvey are running a half-marathon for CLIC Sargent on the 27th September. We’ll keep you updated with how much they raise. SCHOOL DINNERS Our School Dinners are provided by The Contract Dining Company and are available for only £2.10 per day which is very good value for money considering the quality of the food on offer.

“It’s the best school dinners ever”

Mr Garvey

OWLS CLUB This term we are trialling our very own after-school club which will run until 5.30pm. We have put this in place for our working parents who can find childcare a struggle. The average cost of after-school provision around Ashford is between £7 and £8. In order to make this accessible to all, we are charging just £5 a session. The Owls Club is run by Mrs Brisley and Mrs McGrath (our own two old, wise ladies!) and the children who are attending have said that they are really enjoying it.

Aaliyah, Year 6

If you are interested then pleased speak to Sharon or Di in the school office.

Donovan, Year 2

PE KITS We are having a big emphasis on PE kits in school this term. Children do need to be wearing the appropriate kit. If children do not have their PE kit in school on their PE days, then the school office will contact parents to ask them to bring PE kit up to the school.

"Yummy!” Remember that all Key Stage 1 children are entitled to free school meals. BREAKFAST CLUB Phoenix School operates a breakfast club from 7.45am to 8.45am. The school uses some of its Pupil Premium Funding to subsidise Breakfast Club and therefore we charge parents just £1 a day. This is incredibly good value when you consider that this includes the cost of staffing as well as the food. Registration forms can be collected from Mrs Davis or Mrs Penfold at the school office.

SWAP SHOP AT SURE START CENTRE Sure Steps are hosting a Swap Shop on Monday between 2pm and 3.30pm as they have so many items they would like to ensure they are well recycled and used by local families They have a lot of good-quality donated clothes and toys across the age range. Families just need to bring along carrier bags to fill for FREE (but donations always welcomed).


Below is an article which first appeared on the BBC website on how parents can best support their children’s education: How many hours sleep should your child be getting and why is it so important? Why does sleep matter? Experts acknowledge that sleep plays a significant role in brain development, and it is therefore important for children to get enough sleep as their bodies grow and mature. Sleep is crucial for teenagers - it is while they are snoozing at night that they release a hormone that is essential for the growth spurt during puberty. As well as the role it plays in brain development, sleep also plays an important role in our brain’s day-to-day ability to function. Lack of sleep makes it much harder for us to concentrate, and we become forgetful, irritable and prone to being clumsy and making mistakes. Furthermore, scientific evidence shows that the right amount of night-time sleep is just as important for children’s development as healthy eating and regular exercise. How much sleep does my primary school child need? Sleep requirements differ from individual to individual, but in general a younger child needs more sleep than an older one. Between the ages of five and 11, your child will need 10-12 hours of sleep a night. A bedtime routine is the best way to ensure that your child gets enough sleep. Devise a routine that lasts 30-40 minutes, and includes a bath and the chance to read a story (or stories) together. Try not to change your routine – don’t change it at all during the week, and if you want your child to have a slightly later bedtime at the weekend, then only change it by maybe an hour . Bedtime is a chance to spend some quality time together, and if it’s a time both you and your child enjoy, your son or daughter will settle down in bed and drop off to sleep more easily. At stressful times, such as when your child starts in Reception, and at the start of each new school year, your child will probably get more tired than usual and will need more sleep. In the summer, because of the light evenings, it may be tempting to keep children up later – but try to keep to scheduled bedtimes, and invest in curtains with a blackout lining so the room is dark. Towards the end of primary school, your son or daughter may start to stay up later in the evening, maybe chatting to friends online, playing games on a console or watching TV. They will find it difficult to get up in the morning and will be tired or irritable during the day if they don’t get enough sleep. Limit your child’s use of the internet, games consoles and TV in the hour before they go to bed – and ideally don’t allow your son or daughter to have a computer, console or a TV set in their bedroom.


Tuesday 22nd Sep

Wednesday 23rd Sep

Thursday 24th Sep

Clubs start

Friday 25th Sep European Day of Languages

12.30pm Year 3 Swim

1.30pm Yr 1 parents invited to class

1.30pm Yr 2 parents invited to class Monday 28th Sep

Tuesday 29th Sep

Music lessons start

Wednesday 30th Sep

Thursday 1st Oct

Friday 2nd Oct

9.30am Year 6 trip to Marlowe Theatre

Kentish Express in to photograph Year R 12.30pm Year 5 trip to Marlowe Theatre

1.30pm Year 6 PGL Trip

Wednesday 7th Oct

Thursday 8th Oct

Friday 9th Oct

School Nurse in for Year R and Year 6

2.30pm Year 3 and 4 Handball Competition

12.30pm Year 3 Swim

Monday 5th Oct

Tuesday 6th Oct

12.30pm Year 3 Swim 4pm Year 5/6 Cross Country Event

3pm Walk in Wednesday

AFTER-SCHOOL CLUBS These will start next week, you should receive a letter confirming that your child has a place at their chosen club which you will need to return. We hope you found the new online system of booking clubs easy to use. MUSIC LESSONS Unfortunately, because we have not yet heard back from all of our parents about music lessons, we are unable to start these next week. If you have not yet returned your completed yellow agreement form (including an email address so the music teacher can contact you) then please do so as soon as possible. Music lessons will now start on Monday 28th September. EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES On Friday 25th September we will be celebrating European Day of Languages. The children will have the opportunity to learn some words and phrases from European Languages, as well as take part in some scavenger hunts and try some new foods. We hope it will be a fun and informative day for the children, so please ask them to tell you something they have learnt! YEAR 5 AND 6 TRIP TO THE MARLOWE THEATRE In a couple of weeks’ time, Year 5 and 6 will be visiting the Marlowe Theatre to watch a show based upon the incredibly popular Horrible Histories books. You should have already received a letter about this. KENTISH EXPRESS IN TO PHOTOGRAPH YEAR R A photographer from the Kentish Express will be coming in to take a class photo of our new Penguins class. This will be published in the local newspaper. If you would not like your child to appear in this photo then please let the school office know as soon as possible.

YEAR 5 AND 6 CROSS COUNTRY EVENT On Tuesday 6th October, Mrs Foreman and Mr Tibbles will be taking some of our Year 5 and 6 children to compete in a cross-country event at Godington House. This events starts at 4pm and we aim to finish at 5pm. This will mean we will be back at school between 5.15pm and 5.30pm. There will be a Year 3 and 4 cross-country competition the following week on Tuesday 13th October. SCHOOL NURSE IN FOR YEAR R AND YEAR 6 The school nursing service will be in on Wednesday 7th October to carry out Height & Weight checks. You will receive this information in the post following the check and this information will not be shared with anyone else in the school. This is a national programme and you should be receiving a letter from the School Nursing Service with more information soon. WALK IN WEDNESDAY There is another opportunity coming up for you to take a look at your children’s books on Wednesday 7th October. Doors are opened to parents at 3pm but this is not designed to be a parents evening as we have a staff meeting at 3.30pm. YEAR 3 AND 4 HANDBALL COMPETITION On Wednesday 8th October, Mr Cotter will be taking some of our Year 3 and 4 children to Highworth to take part in a Handball Competition against other Ashford Primary Schools. There will be more information closer to the event.

Newsletter (18th September 2015)