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The Destroyer Is Pretty Sure The Marriage Counselor Likes Him Best The Destroyer asks questions when his spouse goes to the bathroom to gain insider knowledge. He barely listens, but watches the dance of body language and raises his eyebrows to silhouette his best feature. The Destroyer does not care if the counselor is a man or a woman, just that they are stuck in a job that barely pays the rent. He uses the words that trigger his wife ‘accidentally’ and looks confused when taking his lumps. The battlefield is their family and their kids are casualties for the taking. The Destroyer acts hurt when his invitation for coffee is mistaken for a flirt. He ends up blowing in his cup and the counselor’s ear in nearly the same breath. Separation is won with lips locked and his signature mirrors a distressed EKG. The Destroyer looms large in the mirror. Years of winning leads to years of loneliness.