47.2 - Spring 2018

Page 199

The gut says stagger but the heart holds out for more grace than that. A series of stories as told by the color wheel. A survey of shapes too familiar to be true. Maybe Jesus was just another dude on a board. It’s convenient to forget the part of your body you promised to suffering, whose hairline gives you away, whose story is significantly boring. Is it boring to have decided to be alive if you’ve said so x number of times? Ink times surface area is the equation you’re looking for. The water doesn’t care how queer you are before you step into it but there is that little internal survey and the subsequent series of doors. Hinges are easier to undo at certain angles & it’s not a full on your back scenario. I mean the slope of the ground is about right. I mean you’d lose the better part of the dying light, etcetera. I mean when I die I won’t need my skin anymore please oh please make me that noise the crickets make loud enough to cover any human sound and sink the rest of me in the sludge. SPRING 2018


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