47.2 - Spring 2018

Page 157

he could provide anything I desired. The next morning, around 11, he pulled up to the Fun House in his black-tinted Escalade to take me shopping. He bought me Coach bags (plural!), perfumes (again, plural!), Victoria’s Secret bras and panties, a charm bracelet, and two dozen slinky sundresses. After leaving Briarwood Mall, he took me to dinner at Ann Arbor’s famous Gandy Dancer, where we held hands across the table and played footsie underneath. When he ordered champagne for the table, the waiter brought it without asking me for ID. We both smiled at our secret, that I was under 21, his goal toof glinting in the candlelight. And when I told him how much I really loved the champagne, he phoned Al and had him deliver a case to The House. ****** I didn’t want Brian to rape me, but I did want him to be, like, rape-y. Like, if he had morning wood while I was asleep, he could squirt on KY and take it. The craziest place I’d ever done it was in church when I was 15 and dating a guy whose dad was a pastor. Louis and I were only allowed to see each other at church, so we’d sneak off to the choir room where I’d suck him on the piano. My mom made twenty-seven thousand dollars a year. My financial aid would be late that semester because mom had sent in the paperwork late. Because she hadn’t filed taxes the year before. Because she hadn’t had the $99 it cost to file. SPRING 2018


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