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E M I LY JUNE 2010

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Everything I want for the summer

Dress - Watch - Dress - Ring - Miss Selfridge Top - Wellies - Sunglasses - Toms - Nail Varnish - Bikini - 5

GWEN STEFANI Gwen Stefani started her singing career nearly 25 years ago when she formed No Doubt since then she has become a successful solo artist and fashion designer. The first album I ever bought was Gwen Stefani’s Love. Angle. Music. Baby. I was 12 years old and went into the supermarket, as soon as I saw the slightly surreal album cover I loved it, I had heard of Gwen Stefani from No Doubt but never heard any of her solo songs, I was feeling slightly rebellious spending my pocket money on an album that looked a bit strange. As soon as I put the CD into my Walkman and heard What You Waiting For?’s Japanese-y sound, I knew I would like all the songs on the album. Nearly all the songs on the Album have Japan influences or elements; coincidently I was going through a phase where I was obsessed with everything Japanese, so her album was just brilliant in my eyes. A few years later I had overplayed her album and couldn’t listen to anymore of her songs, so when her second album The Sweet Escape came out I wasn’t interested at all. But I was listening to a lot of No Doubt still and when they did their comeback tour in 2009, I suddenly got back into Gwen Stefani and now love all her songs old and new. No doubt started recording there new album in May, so I am eagerly waiting until its released.


Blog it Polly is a Nineteen year old textile design student from London, she updates her blog nearly every day with things she LOVES, I enjoy reading her musings and little comments about things she done or wants to do. She post things shes made or stuff shes bought recently. Nirrimi is a amazingly talented sixteen year old photographer from Australia, she has become very popular recently and has already photographed Diesels new campaign Be Stupid. “I’m a seventeen year old who is loud through images, who wants to be a part of the future of photographic and youth culture. I am daughter to an aboriginal artist and a Swedish-Australian hippie and am originally from Townsville, North Queensland -where it is always summer. I started taking pictures of my sister at age thirteen and never stopped.” She is defiantly one to watch as she has many exciting projects lined up.





Glow PHOTOGRAPHY Phoebe Holworthy MODEL Emily Holworthy

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Lomography Fisheye 2 35mm Camera I got this camera as a present from my sister (who is a lomography enthusiast) I loved it becuase it looked quirky and I hadn’t used film cameras much, as soon as I got my first roll developed I become even more besotted with lomographyand fisheyes. The camera takes standard 35mm film which is very cheap, and the camera runs on 1 single AA battery. It lasts much, much longer than it does with a digital camera so actually taking photos costs very little. The instructions for putting the film in and winding it on are simple enough, with written directions and a numbered line drawing. It’s very simple, and nothing to worry about. The fisheye2 comes with a glossy booklet filled with photos, and it’s a cute little addition. I can imagine the little booklets being sold individually. It also comes with a huge poster, which gives you hints and clues as to how to take weird and wonderful photos. Assuming you don’t want to add a colour flash, you can still take a surprisingly wide variety of photos. Streaky, reversed, multiple exposure... and there are instructions for each style. Once you’ve wound the film in, you can alternate between “Night”, “Day” and “Bulb” setting, you can chnage the exposure length, and you can decide whether you want an internal or external flash. Experimenting is fun, and cheap, and the wonderful thing about fisheye photography is no photo is a failure. You can take photos from a distance or right up close, and the closer you are, the more the photo distorts. The photo quality is really good, and it definitely isn’t a toy. Fisheye lenses for digital cameras cost upwards of £500, so this is a much cheaper, less intimidating alternative, and it will enable you to cover your fridge and walls in fab 180 degree shots.


Lulu’s Boutique Lulu’s is a boutique offering jewellery, handbags and bed linen from designers such as Lulu Guinness and Cath Kidston. They have two shops located in Lymington and Salisbury. The shops are heaven if you love pretty things and gorgeous prints and the windows displays are always fabulous and inviting. Whenever I do a bit of shopping in Lymington, I always pop into Lulu’s and buy something, especially if I’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up. The white interior makes the all colourful products seem so exiting; I can’t tell you how many brightly coloured bowls and oven gloves I have got from them. Telephone: 01590 699974

Snog Frozen Yogurt I went up to London a few months ago, I was walking down South Ken highstreet when this bright pink shop caught my eye at first I was very confused as it said Snog on the front of the shop, my first thought that it was some sort of kissing booth until my brother pointed out that it was a frozen yogurt shop. He told me he’d been there before and it was really good, so we went in and I got a Natural snog with chocolate brownies and strawberries. It was really yummy and decided to walk across Hyde park but if was a freezing day and ended up shivering, its true i’ll never forget my first snog...


Perfect for...

Tea Party


80’s themed


Come Closer and See, See Into The Trees PHOTOGRAPHY Phoebe Holworthy






Christopher Kane Girls Spring 2010 Collection

Christopher Kane is a Glasgow-born London-based fashion designer, who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2006. Gingham fabric was first produced in the 17th century in England and shipped to the colonies. It was originally striped, but gradually came to be a checkered fabric. A popular color combination for gingham was blue and white. There is some disagreement about where the word gingham came from. Some argue that it is from the Italian “ging-gang,” while others cite the Malaysian word “genggang.” Still others argue that it stems from an Indonesian word. What all the possible roots have in common is that they all mean “striped.”




Magazine made by Phoebe Holworthy June 2010 for Btec Media Final Major Project

Emily Magazine  
Emily Magazine  

A magazine I made for my Final Major project on my Media Btec National course