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Volume 4 Issue 1

What’s New & What’s Coming! By: Phoebe Fure

Page 1 - What’s New &

What’s Coming!

Page 2 - Internship Vs.

Projects Class

Page 2 - Tools of the Trade Page 3 - Joining GIG!

What’s New:

Drawing class

New printer in lab - Sharp MX-3110N Copier

New chalkboard wall in the lab room

New iClick club

What’s Coming:

Page 4 - Tips for Surviving

Web Programming

New computer lab

New laptop rental program with rent-to-own option

Adobe CS6


Internship Vs. Projects Class By: Aly Rivers

There are many differences between doing an internship and taking the projects class. The question is, which one is more beneficial? An internship is always a good idea, and it is best to do it in the summer before you graduate so that you can put it on your resume. In an internship, you will gain experience that could result in a job offer. A problem associated with an

Tools of the Trade

internship is the matter of finding one in your area, which may be discouraging but keep looking! The projects class enables you to gain experience and knowledge by doing multiple projects that will look great in a portfolio. An obvious downfall is that you do not get on-the-job experience and the connections through an internship. Both are very beneficial. However, an internship would be best, but take the projects class if possible so that you can add more items to your portfolio.

The most widely used software in the industry is the Adobe Creative By: Elisha Eastlick Suite. Visit for The most important tool more software packages and prices for the graphic design industry is and see the discounts that are creativity, but this is for those who eligible for students. need something more tangible. You Last is the “Wacom Tablet.� It will need a computer that at least consists of a tablet and pressuremeets the minimal requirements of sensitive pen that allows you to the software you use, and allows for sketch and edit your work in a more software upgrades to adapt with the precise manner than you could with constantly changing industry. You your mouse. must remember that the software Look up all these programs and and equipment you purchase can more to fit your own personal design be considerable investments in your needs. career.


Joining GIG!

Why is it important to take part in the projects? There are many By: Aly Rivers reasons why joining GIG and working on the projects can help you. First, it provides practice. Working on the projects will help you become and stay familiar with the programs as well as build your creativity. Another benefit is that you can make some great contacts. The clients who request projects may be great Are you unsure if joining the contacts for the future. However, Graphics Innovation Group (GIG) is the most important reason to join for you? Maybe I can help! I was unsure if joining in my first semester is gaining experience. This is very important because many employers of the program was a good idea want you to have experience, which but I am glad I did. Let me explain. can be difficult if you did not do an When Katie first spoke to the new internship. Even if the employer program students about joining is not looking for experience, you GIG, I thought, “Why? What is the big deal, and how is it going to help may have an advantage over other applicants from being in GIG. me?� I soon learned that with GIG this I could take part in something that allows me to get more practice and work on creative and exciting projects. First, what is GIG? It is a group that allows the Graphic Design students to work on projects from the campus and community. The projects range from simple logos to web sites and display cases. GIG meets twice a month for an hour to discuss current and future projects, as well as planning fundraising events.


Tips for Surviving Web Programming By: Phoebe Fure

• Attend Class. Skipping class makes it very difficult to keep up with everyone else.

• Study With a Group. Gaining input and advice can be a big help.

• Ask Questions. The teachers are very willing to help you by answering questions.

• Get Individual Help. One-onone attention can really help resolve your major problems.

• Do the Work. You cannot learn unless you apply what you are taught.

• Be Prepared. Obtain all the software (Notepad ++ free) you need to do work at home.

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Graphic and Web Design Newsletter