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Photograms A photogram is an image made without the use of a camera, they are made from a sensitive material such as photographic paper; in order to make a photogram, you have to be in a room that is completely blacked out, this is often referred to as a dark room. To make a photogram you have to place a sheet of photographic paper (facing the shiny side so it’s looking up towards you). You then place various objects on top of the paper, if you want something interesting, then it’s best to place objects with a funky shape. When you have finished placing the objects on top of the paper, you then expose the paper to light for a maximum of four seconds. After this step is finished, you take the paper and place it into a chemical called Dektol, this is known as the developers tray, you place your paper in the tray for a duration of one minute. After the minute is up, you put the paper into a different tray which is known as a stop bath; your paper will stay in the tray for 30 seconds. You then put your paper in the final tray called the fixer, the paper will stay in the tray for 5 minutes which is then taken out and hung on a line to dry. Here are examples of the two photograms that I did: IMAGE TO BE UPLOADED IMAGE TO BE UPLOADED The things that went well with my photogram was that it was very easy to see the shapes in the image. There were lots of different shapes, I personally liked the zip that are on both of my photograms as it brought a funky feel to the image. The things I didn’t like about my image was that on some parts of the photogram, some of the objects didn’t respond well on the photogram, for example, I put an orange net onto the paper, it ended up as a white space at the end of the process. If I was to do another photogram, I would put slightly more interesting objects (I think my photograms were interesting, however, I would like them to be even more fascinating). The objects I would like to try next would be light bulbs, jewelry, a mascara brush, a comb and some plants such as leaves. The lessons I learnt through the experience of completing a photogram was learning how to make one and what objects do and don’t have a nice effect on the image at the end. Here are some Photograms that have been made by other people:

A photogram  by  Peter  Bargh    

By anonymous  

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