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Monster  Energy  Advert  

Production  Schedule  



27th  February  

  Budget  –  Monster  Energy  Advert Production  Equipment



Cannon  EOS  550D

£52.00  per  day



£10  per  day



£6  per  day


Monster  Energy








  English  Breakfast





Final  cut  Pro  &  MacBookPro

£206.00  per  week


Adobe  After  Effects

£600  to  own






£200  per  day


Camera  man

£180  per  day




Sunglasses  &  Jacket Claws  and  mask

Post  Production  Equipment

Reporters  fee Rights  to  ARCHIVE  footage

Contingency  fund  @  10%  of   budget


Total  Budget



Location  Recce:  Monster  Energy   Title   Monster  Energy  Advert   Production  Schedule   Location  Recce   Title:     Date  

27th  February  

                  This   is   an   image   of   the   outside   area   of   Dial   Arch   (Woolwich).   This   location   is   very   accessible   to   most   people   as   many   buses/DLR   travel   through   Woolwich.  They’re   aren’t   many   health   risks;   the   only   risks   are   minor   which   is   tripping   over   the   benches,   grass   or   the   decorated   canons.  There   are   some   potential  filming  issues,  such  as,  it  may  possibly  rain,  the  camera  may  run  out   of   battery   and   the   camera’s   memory   may   fill.   However,   there   is   a   bar   on   the   inside  that  may  help  us  provide  with  electricity  so  we  can  charge  up  the  camera   and   the   laptop   that   stores   the   files   from   the   camera.   The   advert   will   only   be   filmed  in  one  place  only  –  The  Dial  Arch  in  Woolwich.  

Updated:  22/03/13  




“MONSTER ENERGY” PANNING SHOT: EXT. LOCATION #1 - DAY RYAN Ryan enters, sits down, opens a can of monster, takes a sip and puts it on the table; A subtle shake from the can happens shortly after JULIETTE ENTERS Excuse me sir, would you like any thing to eat RYAN I’m fine for the moment, thanks (Ryan looks up and sees Juliette’s face) Oh actually, errr, I wouldn’t mind a ummm, an English breakfast would be nice (Juliette looks at the monster energy and looks shocked and reluctantly walks out of the scene the male pulls a confused and baffled facial expression and continues to read his newspaper the monster begins to shake again; a hand begins to come out the can) ENTER JULIETTER HOLDING AN ENGLISH BREAKFAST JUILETTE Would you like me to clear your rubbish (whilst putting her hand on the monster can) (a shot of the monster hiding by the can and the females hand is filmed whilst the female and male talk) RYAN no I’m fine thank-you, I’m still drinking it (JULIETTE shows a scared attitude to what may happen, the monster knells on the table and transforms into a human size, the monsters head appears in front of the text of the news paper, RYAN jumps off his seat and screams like a girl and runs off, the monster puts the males coat on and sun glasses, sits in the males seat and begins to drink the drink)

EXT. LOCATION 2 – DAY ENTER RYAN (CONTINUES RUNNING) (RYAN stops running, and day dreams of stealing his monster back (the male and the monster were fighting on the canon and the monster falls off the male wakes up from his day dream and runs back to get his monster energy) (The monster finishes the drink and slams it down the male looks angry and hits the monster on the head the monster reluctantly gets up and burps in the males face, the male goes flying the monster sits back down, picks up the newspaper, puts his sunglasses on his head) ENTER JULIETTE Would you like me to clear your table? MONSTER Be me guest, sugar (The female looks at him, looks shocked, and walks away, the monster looks at the camera, smiles and chuckles, the monster turns back at the newspaper, which is brought out of focus introducing the brand, the logo and the slogan) End

Shot  List  


                           Close  up  –  Male  opens  a  can  of  Monster   Shot  F                                                        S                        Shot  five    

    Shot  One  

            Long  Shot  –  Panning  Shot  of  Dial  Arch  

                           Medium  Shot  –  Male  opening  a  can  and  drinking   monster     S                    Shot  six    


                                               Shot  Two                  

                               Medium  long  shot  –  Male  sitting  down  

                                     Shot  Three    


                             Medium  Long  Shot  –  Male  opening  a  can  of  monster  

                               Shot  Four    


           Medium  Close  up  -­‐  Male  reading  newspaper                                                    Shot  Seven                              Animation  –  medium  close  up                                                    Shot  Eight    

                                                 Medium  Close  up  –  Female  walking  towards   male  

Shot  Nine        

Medium  close  up  –  Female  talking  to  male       Shot  ten    

Shot   twelve                


Female  Flicks  hair  


  Closeup  –  Male  looks  at  female     Shot  Eleven    


    Extreme  Close  up  –  Female  smiles  at  male                    


Shot  Thirteen     Animation  –  Medium  Close  up       Shot  Fifteen  

         Medium  Long  Shot  –  Monster  turns  to   human                                                                                                              Shot  sixteen    



Medium  shot  –  Female  clears  table                                                Shot  seventeen                                                              Shot  eighteen    


  Close  up  –  Male  looking  shocked/scared    

Medium  close  up  on  human  monster       Long  Shot  –  Monster  and  male  fighting  



  Shot  Twenty-­‐One    

Shot  nineteen  



  Close  up  –  male  thinks  about  getting  the   monster         Shot  Twenty  


    Medium  Close  up  –  Male  and  monster   fighting     Shot  Twenty  two    


                       Medium  Close  up  –  fight  scene                                               Shot  Twenty  –  Four  


Close  up  –  male  fighting  towards  the  camera      Shot  twenty  –  Five  


           Medium  Long  Shot  –  Monster  falling  from   cannon       Shot  Twenty  –  Six    

  Medium  Shot  –  Monster  drinking  males   monster  energy  –  Male  sees  and   looks  angry    



  Shot  Twenty  –  Seven    

  Close  up  –  Monster  growing  at  male  and   male  looks  scared     Shot  Twenty-­‐eight    

  Extreme  long  shot  –  males  runs  away     Shot  Twenty-­‐Nine    



Monster  title  with  voice  over  (no  one  has   defeated  the  monster,  but  can   you?)     Shot  Thirty    


             Close  up  –  monster  replies  to  the  female                                                  Shot  Thirty-­‐two    

       Medium  long  shot  –  female  talks  to   monster             Shot  Thirty-­‐one  


                         Image  of  monster  appears  


               Medium  Close  up  –  Female  gives  the  monster   a  dirty  look                    Shot  Thirty-­‐three    


EDL  –  Going  to  be  uploaded  on  18th  –  19th   June  2013