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Promotional Ideas for 2011 Idea #1 You create 3 oversized 6-sided rolling dice with various discount options that sales reps carry with them when they go to the dry cleaners. 3 sides of the dice would say 5% off, 2 sides would say 15% off, and one side would say 25% off. When the customer makes a purchase of $150 or more, they are allowed to roll 2 dice in order to attempt a discount. They roll two dice at the same time. After they are rolled, if the dice land face-up matching, the customer receives the discount. The multiple 5% and 15% will give the customer the impression that his chances are pretty good, but in reality… • 63% chance of not receiving any discount • 25% chance of receiving 5% off • 10% chance of receiving 15% off • 2% chance of receiving 25% off If the customer makes a purchase of $300 or more, they get to roll 3 dice instead of 2. They still only have to match up 2 of the dice to receive a discount, so this ups the incentive to spend more money all at once, because your chance of getting a large discount is much higher. Promotion requires: dice and communication to dry cleaners announcing promotion Idea #2 Since some of the most frequent challenges in the dry cleaning business are the high gas and energy bills as a result of the machinery used to press clothing, we can customize a promotion to address this challenge. CEI can leverage its tagline “We’ve Got You Covered” and create a loyalty program that will offers to cover a business’ electric bill for XX amount of time given XX amount brand loyalty. Hence, “We’ve got you covered” with a new meaning. There are a couple ways customers can achieve the award. Punch cards can be used because it is simple and makes it easy on the customer as well as the sales rep. For every XXX purchase they make, you get a punch. You have to reach 10 punches before Covers will pay your electric bill for a month. If you complete 5 punch cards, we’ll pay it for 6 months.

Idea #3 With the New Year coming up, and the obvious connection to the words “clean” and “fresh” within the dry cleaning business, CEI could raffle off brand new dry cleaning presses around New Year’s so the dry cleaners can “Start Fresh” in 2011. For every $50 purchase, customers earn a raffle ticket. They are allowed to submit however many they earn before the decided deadline. In theory, this would increase the frequency customers purchase CEI. You can also use the raffle ticket as a way to gather contact information/emails of customers. Idea #4 Spring Cleaning Promotion- During National Cleaning Week, the last week of March, cleaners will receive 25% off of every purchase that they spend $150 or more on. Direct mailer will target the cleaners starting in the end of February/beginning of March to remind them about the discount. Idea #5 “Dream Rewards” initiative Design a program filled with awards that a participant could only dream of owning and rarely has the opportunity to purchase like jewelry, travel, a 50” plasma TV. Research shows that people work harder for things they want versus what they need. Each month the goal is adjusted based on the previous year. If the goal is reached or exceeded reward points are recorded on the owner’s account which could them be redeemed for travel, merchandise and gift cards. The second part of the program focuses on the independent distributors. For a month at time, your sales reps are encouraged to enter qualifying invoices (those that included select high margin products) online through the Covers website. Each day one or several awards are given to sales reps that have entered their qualifying invoices. It might be a watch, other days it might be 20 iPods. Each day by noon, the winners were announced via a Covers eblast. Present a list of prizes in anticipation of the campaign so sales reps can start “dreaming” Although your sales reps may know which awards are going to be given away during the month, they did not know on any particular day what will be awarded or how many awards will be given out. Every once in awhile a big award would be announced to build the excitement even further. To roll out the program, communication is sent to all customers and sales reps to explain the sales promotion with detailed information/images of the prizes.

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If the customer makes a purchase of $300 or more, they get to roll 3 dice instead of 2. They still only have to match up 2 of the dice to re...

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