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Phoebe imogen Mendel

Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.


- Louis Kahn

About me

I am a travler and life is my journey My first journey started when I was one year old on behalf of my mother. She is a passionate, open minded woman, who wanted to raise her daughter to be an independent, strong person with a wide perspective of the world. It was a trip to Guildford, England to visit my Grandfather. At the age of nine we traveled to Singapore, to see my Grandmother. I also got to see and experience Indonesia and Malaysia., the US as well as a lot of different countries in Europe. At a young age I was learning to embrace and love different cultures. I grew up with family members from all over the world, living all over the world and these travels during my early years have positively affected me to this day, making me intrinsically inquisitive and open to learning new things, exploring new places getting to know new people. I experimented early on with designing my own clothes and testing new drawing techniques . At eighteen life had the next important journey waiting for me. I had finished school and faced the question “what do you want to do with your life?�. I was curious but also nervous as to where my journey was going to lead me. After spending some time reflecting on who I am as a person and what I want to achieve in life I decided to study Interior Design at Florence Design Academy. I called a country home that, till then, I had only been on holiday in before. I didn’t know anyone and barely spoke the national language - but that is where adventure begins! This journey taught me to be independent, fearless, open-minded and confident. It allowed me to meet inspiring people from India, Armenia, Zimbabwe and Egypt who introduced me to their diverse cultures and led to an even greater love for the various cultures of this world. After one year I decided to continue my studies in Germany as research showed me that the depth of studies and the courses available were much broader allowing me to investigate many more areas of interior design. I have now been studying Interior Design at the Hochschule since 2015. I have worked on many different projects land in addition, my University has taught me how to work in a workshop, handle various computer programmes and improved my sketching. I have understood, that there is no better time to learn and experience new things, than now. In addition to my studies I have seized the opportunities student life offers and have taken my boat driving license, started air acrobatics, and am teaching myself calligraphy. I am no longer afraid of my next journey, far rather I am excited to see where life is going to take me next and curious about all the things there are to learn and achieve in life. Hoping that one day, my dream of positively affecting people with my designs will one day become true.





1. Ginnish Sauna 2. Floating Lights 3. Perspektivenwechsel

4. Silvan elf costume 5. Levels - Retaildesign 6. The Loungers

7. Eagle - Bed & Bike 8. House Nukeana

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Ginnish Sauna This Project is a Showroom for Muscatl Gin by “ A witch a dragon & me.”The focus of this Project is the Ginnish Sauna. A given path leads the visitor through the Showroom and presents the Gin in this way.



the GINNISH Sauna


Enviromental Analysis

Site plan 9

Ginnish Sauna

Color Scheme


Floorplan 1:100


Ginnish Sauna

The center of this project is the Ginnish Sauna. A given tour leads the visitor through various building complexes and into the courtyard. The tour begins in the entrance area, from there it leads to the changing rooms and showers. The tour includes sauna infusions, and ice pools to cool down in the yard. The tour ends in a Bar, where you can enjoy a Gin and Tonic and have a look at the products in the Showroomarea.

The different coloured tiles are at the center of our project. It creates a kind of zoning, as each building complex is assigned a different colour. The inspiration for our colour scheme was provided by the branding of Muscatel Gins, in which blue and yellow dominate. In combination with grey and a delicate pink, we created a harmonious colour scheme which is expressed by our cement mosaic tiles.

Sections 1:50


Floating Lights One of my initial projects was a floating light, which turned Rheinbank at the Zollhafen Mainz into a real happening. The elements fire and water merge in this production and form a harmonious event.

Floating Lights

Concept There is no fire on the water? Yes, there is! My intention was to create the illusion of floating fire over the water, a harmonious synthesis of the opposing elements fire and water with this lamp. The illusion is supported by the reflection on the water surface. If you light up the match in the middle, a chain reaction starts and the matches slowly burn and light up the matches next to each other.

Implementation As a base plate I chose a black MDF board, as it floats on the water and camouflages itself in the dark water. 700 holes, arranged spirally, were milled into this base plate with a CNC milling machine. It was important that the holes were close together so as to allow the matches to light up each other in a chain reaction. Last but not least, each hole was spiked with a 13cm high match.


Floating Lights

Elevation 1:100

Floating baseplate, Floorplan 1:100



Floating Lights


Perspektivenwechsel The project “Change in perspective� tries to share the daily experiences and challenges disabled people face in a sensitive way. Focus is placed on pieces from outside artists and tries to teach us to understand their point of view. Each of the five different rooms approaches a different handicap.


Please press the play button to view the video.


Hallucination Hallucinations are perception disorders of our five senses. Deformed walls and line-structures imitate the impression of a visual hallucination.



Paraplegia To make the physical constraint of a paraplegic person tangible, a glass plate obstructs the way onto the staircase. The visitor can only appreciate the pictures hanging along the stairway from a distance.




The silence inside the sound- absorbing cupola helps to understand how deaf people feel. The visitor can take a seat on a bench in the middle which is made out of nets to reduce most of the sounds. The cupola comes down from the ceiling and as soon as it is closed completely, all sounds from the surroundings disappear.

The process of becoming bl different ways. Generally it of the field of vision that re routines.To confront the vis installation never shows the only small parts of it. Only b the viewer gain a new pers idea of what the entire pict


lind can pass in many is a distinct constraint equires a change to daily sitor with that feeling, the e whole piece of art but by physically moving can spetctve and then get an ture is.


Autism This room helps to understand how an autistic person discerns their daily life and what fears they face. Cubes hanging down from the ceiling in the grid of a city map restrict our field of view and let the visitor experience the fear of contacts. Furthermore, disturbance is caused by moving numbers that are projected on the walls, as well as loud noises. The numbers refer to the really rational thinking, while the loud noises allow us to experience the effort it takes autistic people to function in daily life because their senses are much stronger than those of other people.


Silvan elf Studying in Mainz - the city of Carneval, also known as “Fasnacht�, I designed my own costume. My aim was to create a top with the illusion of leaves growing up my torso.

Silvan elf


Silvan elf


Levels This retail design focuses on different levels, which serve as exhibition space. Depending on which level you are standing on, you can overlook the entire store, or focus on a small section.





Levels - Retaildesign

Inspiration The design of the store is inspired by a pattern, which consists of several crosses. This pattern can be seen in the floor plan. The individual crosses form one level and create an interactive exhibition space in the overall picture. On the walls, the pattern offers, in the form of a relief, exhibition space for accessories and shoes.

Concept Boohoo a shop for fashionistas, selling fashion for the modern woman of today. Through the various levels, each item of clothing receives its individual niche, in which it can be perfectly staged. In addition, the levels create an interesting spatial experience. From some places in the shop you can overlook the entire store, from others you can only view a small section.This invites you to explore and discover the entire store, and its merchandise.



Levels - Retaildesign


The Lou

A series of two Chaise Lounge Outdoor Loung of these chairs the same cross level retail desi of the designs design strategi



o chairs, the e and the ger. The designs are based on s pattern as the ign. The aim was to learn ies in 3DsMax.



The Loungers

Chaise Lounge Inspired by the shape of a cross and the design strategy “Freifrom”, this chaise lounge was created in 3DsMax. The substructure of golden steel tubes in conjunction with the upholstered fabric seat makes the furniture appear modern yet timeless. The steel tubes are precisely adapted to the ergonomic seat to ensure maximum comfort.

Outdoor Lounger This furniture was inspired by the design strategy “Schnittebenen” and the shape of a cross. The wafflestruckture gives the simple Lounger a new dimension. The plastic material used is ideal for outdoor use. It is weather resistant, stable, easy to clean and its transparent nature gives the piece of furniture a minimalistic feel and allows the surrounding features to not be hidden from view.


Eagle Eagle - Bed & Bike is a hostel for cyclists in the Black Forest. The aim of this project was to learn about the construction of buildings whilst also not losing sight of design.

Floorplan 1:100

Since cyclists tend to be nature lovers, our intention was to create a building that clings to the mountain. That is why the floor plans of the two complexes are reminiscent of mountain ranges and correspond by the same forms of entrance areas. It was our intention to intervene as little as possible in the structure of the mountain. The two buildings were born from the idea that the sleeping areas and living area are separated 41

from one another. In addition, the path between the two buildings invites you to take a short breath of fresh air on a warm summer evening before bedtime. It was important to us to grant each guest ample view of nature, which is why each bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling window front. The washrooms are separated from the sleeping compartment by a few steps down the building.

Eagle - Bed&Bike

40 42

25 43

Eagle - Bed&Bike


House Nukeana House Nukeana emerged from the task of designing a house, which is based on the architect Tadao Ando. The result is a house, which is mainly conceived from the idea of ​​mountaineering.


Floorplan 1:100

House Nukeana

I don’t believe architecture has to speak too much. It should remain silent and let nature in the guise of sunlight and wind. - Tadao Ando

The house Nukleana is located on a hillside in the village Kaub am Rhein. It extends over two building levels. The visitor is picked up by a circular wall and directed into the building. From there, a stairwell staged by light and shadow celebrates the climb of mountains. Once at the bottom, the visitor is greeted by a light-filled room. If you cross this room you enter a typical Tadao Ando courtyard. Because of the courtyard, the lightslits and the directed way to the house, the building enters an intense relationship between inside, outside and nature.



Sectioning B 1:100

Frontal Elevation 1:100


Haus Nukeana

Perspective courtyard

Perspecitve Stairs




All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space. - Philip Johnson

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Phoebe Imogen Mendel - Interior Design Portfolio  
Phoebe Imogen Mendel - Interior Design Portfolio