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Pepper Spray Guns - Mace Pepper Gun Review Pepper Spray Guns are important addition to methods that are now available to use Pepper Spray for Self Defense. The Mace Pepper Gun is considered one of the best on the market.

1. Mace has been a major supplier of Pepper Spray for many years. It has an excellent record for quality and advancement in development of Non-lethal Self Defense Products. 2. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun appears to be and is sized very much like a small regular pistol. When an attacker sees the Gun it could make an attacker think twice about attacking. At that size it is still small enough to carry in a purse or pocket.

3. The gun holds a cartridge that will shoot 7 blasts up to 25 feet. It uses a new technology called Bag-n-a-can technology. That is a good distance away to be able to shoot the pepper spray with accuracy. 4. It is easy to load and has a safety switch. A holster is also available for this Spray Gun. 5, A Water Test Cartridge is included with the Pepper Gun. The opportunity to practice using the Water Test Cartridge is a big plus especially for people who have not used any kind of weapon before.

6. A LED light is included to provide light you to see the attacker better, improve your accuracy and even could blind or disturb him. 7, Finally you have a choice of four colors. I think the Blue/Black or the Silver ones as they would probably look more like a real gun but that is up to the owner.

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Pepper spray guns- Mace Pepper gun review  
Pepper spray guns- Mace Pepper gun review