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After Facebook, Twitter is probably the most famous and commonly used social networking site on the internet. This can be judged by the fact that many celebrities have their own twitter accounts that they are constantly updating by posting Tweets.

What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking website that allows you to post tweets that are not more than 140 characters. A wonderful micro blogging tool, Twitter allows you to post whatever you want through your mobile or computer on your Twitter account. These posts can be seen by people who are your followers. To enjoy Twitter to the fullest, you have to have many followers. However, getting a considerable follower base on Twitter may be harder than other social networking sites. So to help you get followers and enjoy Twitter here are some things that you can do to get a large number of followers on your Twitter account.

The best thing to do to get followers on Twitter is to follow people that share the same likes and interests as you. The reason is that when you share something that is pertinent to their likes and dislikes they are most likely to reply to your tweets. If your Twitter account is for a blog or a website then you can easily target those people that have the same interests that relate to your blog and website. This will also direct traffic to your website.

Getting a huge follower base for your Twitter account will not be easy if you don't interact with people who you are following and also who are following you. The reason is that people will like to follow you only if you are interesting and are an active user. Also following people everyday without talking to them will make you seem a spammer and not an authentic Twitter account. So keep interacting with them on a regular basis.

To gain more followers on Twitter it is important that you have posts that are not only interesting but also engaging. This will help you to get followers who will always wait for your interesting and creative posts. In short keep your followers interested. If you are operating a Twitter account for a website or a blog then you can also post the new items and updates of your website on Twitter to attract traffic and followers. Also tweet about the shared likes and dislikes and common interests with your followers to maintain your follower base.

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How to accumulate followers on Twitter  
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