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Getting People to Follow You on Twitter

Twitter is a fun and powerful social tool for building relationships with colleagues, friends, and potential customers. Many businesses today are using Twitter to reach new audiences and keep their current customers happy. The challenge is only how to reach new friends and encourage them to follow your Twitter feed.

Experienced Twitterers know these 5 important tips for getting more followers: Be Real. This might sound strange but a lot of accounts on Twitter are filled with spambots and people pretending to be someone they are not. Make sure if you get an account you build a profile around who you really are. You are always more successful when you act as your true self.

Be Resourceful. Don't just tell people about your day and what you ate for breakfast but also include resources for people that follow you. If you are a fitness buff then help your friends by sharing a tip that works for you or a link to a great article or video you just watched. Being a place that your friends can find resources is a great way for your current followers to share you with their friends.

Treat Everyone as a Friend. If you treat people like followers you will have a lot less of them. Treat everyone like they are your friends offline and they will become your friends online too. A real friend is someone people want to connect with and also someone they want to introduce to others.

Make Conversation. Don't just retweet other peoples tweets or send out lots of links, have conversations with people. The best way to do this is by spending a few minutes every day talking with people on Twitter. Or just buy real twitter followers I watch my incoming feed and then respond to questions, comments, and conversations.

Use Search. Twitter has a remarkable search tool which is almost completely real-time (live). Using the search tool I look for people asking questions in a niche (field) I am an expert in. Then I begin responding to their questions. Instantly if I can answer their questions I become a friend and expert in their eyes. It is a fantastic way to build friendships and a large audience on Twitter.

Getting people to follow you on Twitter  
Getting people to follow you on Twitter