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14-17 October 2010 11am-6pm daily Old Truman Brewery 15 Hanbury Street E1 6QR (Aldgate East tube) Introducing emerging photographers each with their own independent exhibition.

Old Truman Brewery 020 7770 6003 F Block, 15 Hanbury Street, E1 6QL Aldgate East tube Open daily 11am-6pm 14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Sarah Wilson 'Isolation - UNTITLED FILM STILLS' Places of isolation, pleasure and ways of wondering. Exploring living in a day and age that is geared around technology, status, fickle ties and bonds. People appear as if they live to work, work to survive and survive to relax, causing strain within, therefore resorting to isolation in order to appear invisible and escape into their own world. There is no forced correlation within this body of work, I want the viewer to look at the juxtaposed images, observe, and respond to them in their own way, with their own ideas of isolation, city life, retreat and restraint in mind.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Andrew Meredith 'Excursions' Spanning two years of travel across the Americas and the Caribbean, Excursions by Andrew Meredith is a photographic essay that sets the beauty of nature alongside the rawness of everyday urban and rural life.

The story began in 2008 with a meandering, unplanned road trip across Chile and Argentina. This freewheeling approach continued into the journey’s second part the following year, which saw Meredith explore Mexico, the United States and Cuba. Often shot on the hoof, Meredith captures the sheer scale of life, whether manifested in a colossal mountain range or a sprawling cityscape, with an honesty

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Andy Spain Andy Spain is showing a selection of his fine art architectural photography prints of iconic buidings around London including the Trellick Tower and Brunswick centre as part of the Photomonth Photolounge at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Graeme Vaughan 'urban notebooks' I am a photographer; I go to unfamiliar places and follow people. This work is an investigation into the public realm of cities. As I follow people around I am pursuing the meanings of place created through their everyday spatial practices. My study is made through the movement of people who live in and use the cities I visit. Those people become my guides, and the photographs present a collection of fragments, each one extracted from its moment in the course of someone else's life.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Duncan Godfrey Chris Burrows 'Circumferentia' Circumferentia, the Latin for an enclosing boundary of a curved geometric figure, is the title of my latest body of work. Using modern architecture, urban environments and decaying surfaces as

source material, it explores the concepts of pattern, form and structure. By applying specific photographic techniques including symmetry, I create images that often give only the slightest hint of the original subject, or none at all. For examples please visit

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Annalisa Brambilla 'Nook, The Dog and Other Stories' This work is a travelogue, a diary of a trip around a country. The camera is the companion with whom to share the experience, the place to turn and say ‘ehy did you see that?’ These pictures are the results of a visual dialogue with Thailand.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Kerry Clark, Gemma Donovan Through mimicking the poses of medical photographs, of abnormality and illness Kerry’s photographs investigate a relationship with the audience that explores ideas of voyeurism, spectacle and empathy. In creating this work she asks the audience to re evaluate their very understanding of the ability to empathise with others suffering. Gemma’s prints deal with notions of the uncanny, the male gaze, the fragility of flesh, masquerade, paranormal phenomena, body/soul, identity, to-be-looked-at-ness, and the motif of women as monstrous and mad. Through Gemma’s theatrical self portraits she highlights the body’s fragility and vulnerability, and the unique relationship between flesh and the soul.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Future 'IdeasTap Photographic Award exhibition: Future' This is a selection of work from the IdeasTap Photographic Award in association with Magnum Photos. Nine young photographers won the chance to be mentored by Magnum photographers and develop photo essays.

Three finalists are now competing for the overall prize including a paid internship with Magnum Photos, a trip to New York and £5,000. The winner will be announced spring 2011. For more details of next years competition and funding opportunities for 16-30 year old photographers visit

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Jon Cardwell Numerous photographers showing their work

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Miss Aniela ‘Abandoned’ is a collection of images taken in derelict buildings. In the images, the artist juxtaposes and parallels the human element with these fascinating architectural palimpsests of history. With self-portraits and other subjects, the series explores the relationship between the human figure and urban landscape, with a focus on the defunct UK mental asylum. In this artist's world, shooting in abandoned places is not just a technical element of a shoot. Shooting in abandoned places is a world, a culture, a niche, and a series, all on its own. The artist also has her self-published Blurb book 'Abandoned' available.

14 Oct - 16 Oct Photolounge Paula Smith

'Because I’m a Londoner' Inspired by London, Paula Smith exhibits recent photography capturing the city’s people and places in an instinctive observational style, aiming to evoke feelings about this great city we live in. From Soho sleaze to Brick Lane cool she provides a fresh take on familiar landmarks.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge John Matthews 'Tales of a Flaneur' I am a cultural migrant who finds peace and a sense of home in liminal, transitional spaces. The past forever manifests itself in the present. I slip from moment to moment; unsure of the time, but always knowing the place. Where will I find home again?

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge MIKI TAKAHIRA 'In the room, beside the world' In the room, something has been occurring at any time when I am alone, with someone, or one of a group. It's not such a big thing but happening slightly and continuously. It appears conspicuously when the gap between me and objects changes imperceptibly. If I notice it and do something (as for me, photographing), I could get a minute improvement.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Kaitlyn Elphinstone Images presented investigate the complex human relationship with our surrounding environment. The Images question our expectations of the natural world while observing our collective desire to control, order, preserve and make sense of our natural environment. Interests lie in the art making process, functionality, materiality, order, disorder and idealizations.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Steve Schofield My practice is concerned with the hyper-real. I reflect the desire of my sitters to create a utopian existence based on their professions, lifestyles, obsessions and hobbies. By photographing people in their workplaces or own homes and personal spaces in Britain, I have sought to show how like-minded people establish a fictional existence to escape the everyday.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Alex Rankin 'In-between Worlds' The work is part of an ongoing series that seeks to explore neglected and abandoned areas of the city and capture the aesthetic and emotional aspects of these spaces. Using an abstract perspective, my aim is to highlight the visual and structural peculiarities of these spaces and in doing so, attempt to communicate some emotional aspect of the space to the viewer.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge DAVID HANDLEY

'Farm Kids' A series of photographs taken in South Africa of children on a farm. The images are of local kids, many of whom were from townships and although from poor backgrounds were incredibly polite and a real joy to be around. The shoot was commissioned by Junior magazine and the set of photos recently won David the title of 'Sony World Fashion Photographer 2010'.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Melissa Apples. 'Walking Away' A collection of images representing secularity and various issues surrounding the matter.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Suelan 'Erotica V Street-art – Which is sexier?' Suelan loves erotica and thinks that it really isn’t appreciated as art – human art. Her generation actively supports street-art aka graffiti and it is very in right now and has been transitioned from ‘illegal’ to ‘appreciated’ and even highly sought after. With this collection of images, she aims to compete with or mock the trend.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge

Alex Grace 'Identity' This project explores Gender Identity and the expression of this identity through image within today's society.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge dilan bozyel ( space12 ) 'my daddy doesn't love me' In the east of Turkey, dads give big and heavy responsibilities to their children.For the daughters,their husbands are chosen by their dads when they were borned. And for the sons, dads give the bigest responsibility to them; they should save their family.Dads sometimes give a gun to their sons to protect theirself and their families. It causes too many death, family wars and sorrows. These children don't live their puerility (childhood). This photo serie that called "My Daddy Doesn't Love Me" want to focus on this problem. The children live in the same problem.The girl is 7years old and the boy is 9years old.

14 Oct - 17 Oct Photolounge Paulo Henrique Samples (Contract with the Skin) Video Stills & Video screen of samples from "Contract with the Skin", a multimedia based movement project where the concept developed from the cell nucleus. Approached in allegorical and symbolic terms, allowing distinct readings, thus transforming the notions that are stereotypically understood to be society's unwritten "contract with the skin".


Open daily11am-6pm Photolounge Photolounge FBlock, 15 Hanbury Street, E1 6QL 14 Oct -17 Oct 14 Oct -17 Oct 020 7770 6003 Introducing emergin...

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