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From Now On (De Agora Em Diante) Description: The human body as a matter of experimentation, focusing on the communication between the organic and non-material body. The performer disfigures and segments his body on three TV monitors, monstrously enlarging his face. The phrase: "There is no seduction, no objects of desire" is projected on the screen turning thought into vision. A live camera takes the image of the performer and projects it out of focus on the back drop as if it were the shadow of a ghost.... These images have a small time delay. The same camera captures the image of the performer and splits it into 3 monitors across the space. The image in the monitors are initially in high contrast on black & white, and red & white towards the end. The body's image is double: one image would be the surface outline of the body and the other image is the body itself; each image has a different time delay from it's counterpart, creating an afterimage. The monitors are connected to a scanner, the performer scans his skin hair, ear, belly and traces a few scars on his body. The scans are divided between the space/monitors. In this process some words which have been stuck onto the body are also scanned - history, memory, promise - thus materializing in a visual way the inner state of the body. In a final moment the performer washes his body with a towel using hot water that has been heating in a pot since the performance started. Next to the hot water is a body of a fish. The water is poured into a big white towel on the floor and the performer washes his body with small white towels. After this ritual he takes a sample of his own blood with the syringe, creating an interface between the inside and outside of the body. The blood is first put in his mouth and afterwards in a circular pyramid of salt. The blood cells are projected on the big towel on the floor and the space that the performer had inhabited before. Technology is used in a ritualistic/ symbolic way, turning the body into a shadow and splitting him from himself and into the space (promise). Colour adds a dramatic function along with the lighting and sound design. Some other elements in the piece are natural elements such as water, scented liquid, wood, sea salt, the performer's blood and a fish. The salt recalls that both the fish and the human blood are connected by having the same percentage of minerals (memory), building a bridge between the far past and the unknown future (history). Technology brings a very precise structure and immersive environment.

Collaborators: Laurent Simões - Video, Rui Leitão - Sound, Catarina Campino - Set Design, Margarida Pinto Coelho - Video mixing, Luis Felix & Cristina Piedade - Light Design, Pedro Sá Correia - Costumes Sample music: Dvorak, Bob Ostertag Duration: 1 hour Production: Forum Danca, Dancas na Cidade Festival. Set: 3 x tv monitors; 1 x lens; 1 x Camera; 1 x video projector; 1 x seringe; 1 x fish; 1 x sea salt; 3 x white towels; 1 x glass bowl; 1 x heating element; 1 x wooden board Technology: Macintosh, Amiga, Sony MiniDisc, Digital AV mixer WJ-AVE70, Digital video adaptor XV-D300, DAT, Sony scanner XV-T600


The human body as a matter of experimentation, focusing on the communication between the organic and non-material body. The performer disfig...