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DOC.10 by Paulo Henrique (performance / video / dance / word / sound) A two part multimedia piece containing live performance and related video images. This piece is a development of ideas and themes that have formed part of my previous works. "DOC.10", is a stage dance multimedia performance production, that discusses the idea of translation in a increasing multi-cultural world. Utilising a hybrid form created by mixing bodily movement, video, written language and verbal landscapes. The work engages with the different ways we render from one 'language' into another, such as the spoken word into language of movement (body and/or video). Examining how the original meaning comes subverted through the act of translation. It is the point of collision where the foreign meets the indigenous. The body movement was inspired from the painted tiles on the wall of a Baroque house. At this time the out-side world was transported to the inside by "paintings/ painted images". Now the outside world is brought in by "moving image" on television/screen. In "Doc.10" we have a first introduction with video - visual and spoken words in English and images of the performer in outside, doubled. The images have a "painting" feeling, along with the sound that has a "radio / TV" like feeling too. On a second moment , the performer comes into action, she paints a canvas in red colour, followed with fluid and acute gestures and movements inspired / translated from the painted tiles of the wall. Some of the text used is an adaptation of Andre Gide (French) after Oscar Wilde (English). These texts were transcribed by Gide from conversations with Wilde. Words are also than projected in French adding thought to vision and meaning. Original movement and performance acts material exist along with video imagery from multimedia pieces by Paulo Henrique re-made & remixed for DOC.10 >> places / words / movements / images gain a new dimension subverting the originals. The screen as a canvas, as the writing support of the times, the body & images as a link between those places and times. A Dance, performance and multimedia production. A visual and sound experience,where the body intersects with the video time line imagery. "Doc.10" Presented: .BOX NOVA / CCB, Lisbon, Jan. 2007 .Teatro Miguel Franco, Leiria, April 2007, .Ballleteatro do Porto, Nov. 2007 .Teatro Circo de Braga, June 2009, .Teatro Jose Lucio da Silva, October 2010 Video-promo 'DOC.10' Premiered in 2006 at International Dance Festival of Casablanca Pre-view: "Doc.10" Teatro Circo de Braga, 27th June 2009 (portuguese) Duration: 60' Performers: 3 performers Materials: 1 video projector + 1 DVD player + 1 microphone + 1 chair + 1 canvas by 80cm X 50cm. Conditions: minimum stage space 4m x 4m + white backdrop. Basic sound system, basic lighting. The time-line of the piece is video, audio and body oriented. "DOC.10" by Paulo Henrique / Co-Production with Arte Total Year of Production: 2006/2007


Duration: 60' Performers: 3 performers Materials: 1 video projector + 1 DVD player + 1 microphone + 1 chair + 1 canvas by 80cm X 50cm. Condi...

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