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TERRA PLANA (Flat Earth) Description A live collaboration of movement, image, voice and sound. A ride trough several atmospheres, a world of hearing and symbols. A visual navigation of places, conditions and meetings, where chorographic gestures, images and sounds mix together.... In this project the idea of communication was a central one, but not in a direct way. I decided to create several parallel worlds, based on "links" that were created by chance, things that I found and people I had met: With words by André Gide after Oscar Wilde (from a found book) and these words were pre-recorded by an actress and is part of the performance's body. Only the last text is spoken live. Other words were generated during the piece's process - prerecorded text - Docudrama - along with a pre-recorded image of a landscape and an adult, naked and playing with a doll whilst seated on a chair. There is also live text where the performer says to the audience: "I am not in good shape and cannot continue this piece, I will be finished by now - my collaborators will continue the piece. - and he introduces several artists from Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, New York that state: "I don't belong to this piece". They are projected on a mobile screen that is moved from place to place by the actress hidden behind it - she reveals herself only at the end. There are 4 monitors and a metallic structure that supports them so they can assume several combinations in the space the structure has 3 levels that correspond to the scheme Head/Torso/Limbs of the human body. These monitors present faces/ eyes that have no voice (pre-recorded); faces / eyes from the audience (live); parts of the performer's body (live/ pre-recorded), a bleeding mouth (pre-recorded); and also a film sample – a sequence of a boy falling onto a train track loop in cannon. Throughout the performance a fax machine spews forth random letters and images of insects continuously. A mobile mini-video projector was used to project the face of the performer's mother on a canvas suspended in his arm. The video projector was used to bring in the collaborators (as images, body representations) into the space of the performance; to bring the performer on the stage into a different landscape (not the stage but an outdoor space), and to amplify the sample of the movie loop. Technology was used to extend some creative ideas related with communication/ space/ geography/ culture/ presence/ distribution/ access. It was also used as an altar so as to replace religion. Sample film: "Anikibóbó" by Manuel de Oliveira /Sample music: "study n.10” Chopin. Technology used: Amiga; Sony MiniDisc; Ibanez digital delay; FAX samsung; 2 x Live Sony Camera; 4 x Tv monitors; 4 x VCR's.

Collaborators 1. Laurent Simões (Video), 2. Rui Leitão (Sound-Music), 3. Catarina Campino (Set-Design), 4. Olga Mesa (Video – Madrid), 5. Lidia Martinez (Video – France), 6. Fernando Maneca (Video – New York), 7. Manuela Pedroso (Actress / Performer), 8. Pedro Machado (Sound / Light operation), 9. Margarida Pinto Coelho + Manuela Cipriano (Live Camera), 10. Cristina Piedade (Lighting Design),11. Ezequiel Santos (Dramartugy) Items held by the DPA (Digital Performance Archive): Video :Terra Plana; [video] ; Paulo Henrique , 1993 - VHS video : 61mins - Video collection of Paulo Henrique’s works (Terra Plana includes two versions). V00026/HEN Printed matter :Terra Plana [paper] ; Paulo Henrique , 1995 .- paper printout .- Contains a diagram relating visual projections to the choreography and a list of production team details. - P00086/HEN Terra Plana [paper] ; Paulo Henrique , 1995 .- paper printout .- Contains a diagram relating to TV/Video set-up on and around the stage. P00086/HEN Terra Plana [paper] ; Paulo Henrique , 1995 .-paper printout .- Contains details of off-stage audio-visual direction. - P00086/HEN Terra Plana [paper] ; Paulo Henrique , 1995 .-postcard .- Postcard contains brief performance details. - P00086/HEN 5 Anos de Movimentos [paper] ; RE.AL , 1995 .-postcard : col. .- Postcard contains brief performance details of ‘Terra Plana’ by Paulo Henrique. P00086/HEN Terra Plana [graphic] ; Paulo Henrique , 1995 .- photograph : col. .- Photograph taken for the promotion of Toothless. - P00086/HEN Contaminações [paper] ; 04 Numero Magazine Winter 1999.- paper booklet programme : col. 132 pages .- Contains interview with Paulo Henrique by Antonio Lopes Ribeiro, ‘Poetry versus Technology’ (Portuguese and English)

Terra Plana (Flat Earth) description  

Description / Concept for "Terra Plana" by Paulo Henriaque

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